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Sanders Fears For
Tobacco Because of
Black Shank Root
Sanders Greatly Concerned Over
lie-Appearance Os Tobacco Disease
He And Farm Group Go
To Other Counties To
Study Methods Os Con
trol. Report Os Their
Findings Presented.
Black Sbmk, a tobacco plant
disease reseiWSing “sore skin”
but mucn mor<? destructive, a
bout on a par with blue mold,
has again made its appearance in
Person County, according to
Farm Agent H. K. Sanders, who
says that farms that are suffering
are located chiefly in Bushy
Fork and Olive Hill townships.
Blade Shank, according to
Sariders, was first noticed here
about three years ago, but
through sucessful eradication
programs it was eliminated 'at
that time. Chief danger is that
it may spread and do serious
damage to crops in 1944 and
The dkease first appeared in
North Carolina about fifteen
yeans ago on farms in Forsyth
arid Rockingham counties, but
farmers there have learned to
control it, particularly through
elimination of the practice of
watering beds and fields with
creek water that flows through
infected farms.
Sanders said today that the
new appearance of Black Shank
was first noted in Person County
three weeks ago on two farms
and has since spread to sixteen.
Sanders fears that at lead half
of the tobacco crops in Person
County in infected areas will be
destroyed next year unless pro
per eradication programs are
Black Shank, says Sanders, is
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Some Stamps, Book
Three, Soon Usable
Ms. L. Sanders McWhorter Issues
Statement Concern’ng Book 111
Had Long Illness. Rites
Held Monday Afternoon
At Methodist Church.
Miss Susie Louise Guill, 21, of
Longhurst, ill for the part eight
months, died at her home here
Sunday morning. She was a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
uel Guill, who survive, as do
four brothers and three sisters.
Funeral was held Monday af
ternoon at 5:30 o’clock at Long
hurst Methodist church by the
Revs. W. T. Medlin, Jr., and R.
W. Hiovis, with interment fallow
ing in Burchwood cemetery.
Brothers are Frank and Ever
ett, both of Longhurst, Bernard,
of Nathalie Va., and Harry, of
Norfolk, Va. Sisters are Mrs. F.
C. Sharpe, Greensboro, Mrs.
Jack Morrison and Miss Clara
Guill, btoh of Longhurst.
bate neuis Bulletins
| double-header blackout lasts about an hour
Roxboro last night experienced an air raid alarm anti black
out lasting about an hour. Some citizens appeared to be con
fused by multiplicity of signals. They were not aware that the
affair was a double-header, as if planes had staged a raid and
returned for another before the giving of all clear. Officials
here seemed generally, pleased with the demonstration. The
alarm came completely without warning.
The South Seas grass skirt sent by Lieut. Bill Davenport
(of Guadalcanal and Jap flag fame) is now being displayed in
i the Times’ office window. Miss Taylor, as yet, has made no
v promises about a modeling demonstration.
: - >
Person County Times
Puts Hat In Ring
- L. Y.
State Senator Lynton Yates
Ballentine, of Wake County, to
day announced that he will seek
office of Lieutenant Governor
next year. He is the second
candidate to so announce.
Can Sell Bonds
J. Bryan Boswell, postmaster
at Woddsdale today announced
that the Post Office there, by
order of the Third Assistant
Postmaster General, has been
authorized to sell and is now
acting as a selling agent for Uni
ted States War Bonds and
Points Out That Some
Stamps In New Book
Will Be Use On And Af
ter September 12th.
Mrs. L. Sanders McWhorter,
comunity service chairman of
the Person OPA, Roxboro, today
issued the following statement
about Stamp values in War Ra
tion Book 111, some of which be
come effective and in me on and
after Sunday, September 12:
At 12:01-a. m. Sunday, Sep
tember 12, 1943, the brown
“point stamps” in War Ration
Book 111 Will be used for ration
ing meats, fats, oils, canned fish,
cheese, canned milk, and all
other commodities now rationed
with the red stamps in War Ra
tion Book 11.
The order in which the stamps
will become valid and their ex
piration dates are shown below:
Stamp A (all 16 points) valid
September 12, expires October 2;
B (all sixteen points) valid Sep
tember 19, expires October 2;
C (all 16 points) valid Septem
ber 26, expires October 30; D
(all 16 points) valid October 3,
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Clubs To Hold
Joint Session
Monday Night
Kiwanis and Rotary, Roxboro
civic clubs, on Monday night
at six-thirty o’clock at Hotel
Roxboro will hold a joint ses
sion for purpose of discussing
plans for participation in the
Third War Loan drive which
begins on Thursday, Septem
ber 9.
Hie joint meeting is being
arranged by agreement of J. J.
Woody and W. Wallace Woods,
presidents of the respective
Guadalcanal Structure
With Palm Roof Over
Altar Described By Rox
boro Soldier.
Somewhere in the Guadalcanal
area is the “Chapel of the Wild
wood”, with an altar edged with
fern and roofed over with palm
leaves, according to Corp. Willie
A. Berry, of Roxboro, a member
of the congregation {worshiping
there. The Chapel, as Berry says,
is a simple structure, built by
the Chaplain and some of the
soldiers, with the help of natives,
but in its rude setting in the
woods it is nevertheless truly a
‘Tfouse of God.”
Cn Sundays, writes Berry,
they have impressive services,
with music furnished by a band
and by a v quartet which sings
Negro spirituals. Recently the
chapel was dedicated and a spe
cial communion was observed,
followed "'by the chaplain’s ser
mon and an appeal to come to
the altar in conversion. Climax
was a baptismal itual held in
a river near the church.
One of those who answered
the call to a rededication of life
and service was seated by Ber
ry, who describes the experience
as very moving. Berry, like
many of his fellows, is more
than ever convinced that the
spirit of the place and not a
building constitutes a church.
Natives who helped build the
“Chapel in the Wildwood,” inci
dentally, were presented with a
large Bible, gift of the Chaplain.
Person Officials
Look For Two
Missing Citizens
Officials of the Person Selec
tive Service Board today report
ed that they desire information
on two men, Nelson Berry Far
ror, of Fayetteville and Roxboro,
and Robert Mason, Roxboro.
Farror, a white man, whose
name was transferred to the
Board at Fayetteville, has failed
to report for induction. His last
known address was. General De
livery, Fayetteville. Mason, a
Negro listed as an employee of
McWhorter Lumber company,
with a Roxboro address, ordered
to appear for examination has
failed to do so.
Armstrong Has
Honor Here By
Harris Relatives
Charles Armstrong, Jr., of Sal
isbury, who recently returned
from an extended period of ser
vice in the Pacific area, was hon
ored here Tuesday-night with a
buffet garden supper at the home
of his grandfather, W. H. Harris,
Sr. Present for the occasion were
many of the members of the Har
ris • family, in addition to the
guest of honor and his parents.
Dolian Long At
Fort Bragg, Will
Miss Reunion
Dolian Long, popular Roxboro
clothier, accepted several weeks
ago for military service, left to
day for Fort Bragg, where he
will be assigned to duty. For the
first .time in many years he iwill
miss the annual Brooks and Long
family jeunion which Arill be
Sunday at the Kenneth Long
home, near Roxboro.
Reported Better
%/. <■
Pfc, W. E. Johnson
Slightly Wounded
In Pacific Action
Pfc. William Earl Johnson, a
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. John
son, Ivey street, Roxboro, has
been “slightly iwounded in action"
in the Southwest Pacific, accord
ing to a message received Tues
day by his parents. Particulars,
were not given in the War de
partment message, but the John
sons today received a letter
from their son saying that he is
in camp and is doing well.
He was wounded on July 30.
Johnson, who entered the
Army under selective service
two years ago last July, until re
cently was stationed in Fiji Is
lands, in the. South Pacific, His
wife is the former Miss Annie
Brooks Bailey, of Woodsdale, to
whom he was married two ears
ago this month. The Johnsons
have another son Pvt. Raymond
Johnson, in the service, now at
Camp. I iow :e Texas. .
Miss Nina Abbitt has returned
from a vacation spent at Bat’s
Cove in the Western part of the
Three Negroes Face
Felony Charges At
Next Court Term
Police Obtain Confessions That Cross
Up Bumpass And Wright In Theft Case
Addition Os Third Nurse
Will Make Enlargement
Expansion of the materity
clinic service sponsored here by
the Children’s Bureau founda
tion in cooperation with the tri
county health department is ex
pected to take place soon, accord
ing to Dr. W. P. Richardson, of
Chapel Hill, tri-unit head, who
today said that addition of a
third nurse to serve the clinic
will mean that the clinic service
will be available to all of Per
son County.
Date for arrival of the new
assistant has .however, not been
announced. At the present time
ouly specified areas in Person
are served by the maternity
staff in the field, although clinic
cusonltations are available to all
citizens who call at the Health
Department office, Roxboro.
Robert Masten, of the United
States Army, a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Gilmer Masten, of Roxboro,
who has been stationed in Flori
da, is spending a few days here
with his parents before going to
Fort Monmouth, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Coy Day and
daughter and John Day, all of
Newport News, Va.. are spend
ing several days with members
pt their family here. "
Posthumous Silver Star
Award Made To Pfc. Fisher
Boys Work Hard In Mili
tary Atmosphere At
Davidson. Presbyterian
J. H. (Jack) Hughes, Jr., a
son of Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Hugh
es, of Roxboro, who has been a
Summer-School freshman at
Davidson College near Charlotte,
and is now at home for a brief
ten days vacation before starting
I in the Fall grind of his first reg
| ular college session, can tell
plenty about the working hard
ships of the new life of going to
college in war-times.
A pre-dental student. Jack
thinks he will be lucky if he
i gets two full years of college bc
| fore the Army gets him. On the
. campus, as ij i-, lie and the few
j civilian students there are all
| but surrounded by the Army,
{Several of the fraternities h.ow
iever, are managing to keep go
-1 ing, and Jack who is pledged
Phi Kappa Phi, says they keep
I up a semblance of social life dur
ing brief respites Lom really
grinding class-work.
Jack has an attractive room
mate from Jamaica, the West In
dies, and all that, but as a 1943
graduate of Roxboro. high school
j what he would really like to im
j press on friends who are still
{there is the fact that they had
j better learn wliat they can while
1 they are there because going to
i college, what with long hours at
! trig and chemistry and R. O. T.
1 C . is .to country club career.,
i ,
! Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Powell, of
| Roxboro, are announcing the
birth of a daughter, Nannie
Pearl on Friday, August 27.
Weight eight and one-half
Arrest Came Quickly For
Trio Accused Os Felony
Here Saturday Night.
Three Roxboro Negroes, two
men and a woman, charged with
robbery from the person, a
felony, and now being held in
Person jail in default of bonds
of S3OO cash, will face trial in
Person Recorders’ Court on Sep
tember 14, as the result of theft
of a pistol from Euliss- Strange,
50, night watchman for Roxboro
Cotton Mills.
The Negroes, ail said to have
previous criminal records are
Crawford Bumpass, 35, his wife,
Rosetta Bumpas?, 25, and George
(Gyp) Wright 30, who allegedly
accosted Strange Saturday night
about ten o’clock as he was mak
ing his rounds at the Roxboro
plant of the Mills near the Nor
folk and Western depot.
Chief of Police George C. Rob
inson, of Roxboro, who with
members of the department, ap
prehended the Negroes, said to
day that he has secured signed
confessions from the three, al
though Bumpass and his wife ac
cuse Wright of taking the weapon
from Strange and Wright, in
turn, accuses Crawford Bump
ass of being the one who actu
ally committed the robbery.
With Deputy Bob Whitt as
sisting, Rosetta Bumpass and
George Wright were taken into
custody about twenty minutes
after the robbery, when they
were discovered walking on the
highway near McWhorter’s Lum
ber plant near the City. Craw
ford Bumpass, with them at the
time, ran, but was later taken
about three o’clock Sunday
morning in the lumber yard,
where the pistol was also found.
Strange, a farmer,
as night watchman for about five
months, is reported to have said
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Gallant Action Praised By Captain
And Commanding General Os Youth
Silver Star
r ;M|l
- . iJmm
SffiiL . » ‘ aHH
Sam C. Fishrr, Jr.
Second posthumous honor
! come- to the late Pic. Sian C.
Fisher, Jr., to r,\hom the 5.1...
| Star is to be awarded, according
Ito a dispatch from Army rieau
! quarters in the Guadalcanal area.
Has Proof Thai Ke Has
Been To Holy S -nik hre
Os Our Lord.
O. Y. Clayton Jr., of t:.' Unit
ed States Array now in ■■Egypt. a
Roxboro young man, Whose vis
its tof places in the Holy Land
several months ago furni hed, an
{interesting feature story lor Tar
I Heel newspapers, this week
sent to his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
proof of his visit to the Holy
O. Y. Clayton. Sr., the visible
Sepulchre: it is a signed “Cer
tificate of Pilgrimage”, in Er.g
--| lish, with the signature of the
| Very Rcverand Archimandrite
! Kyriakos, guardian and superior
I of the Church cf the Holy Sep
‘ ulchre.
The document is in English,
• testifying that Clayton has “made
! therein his pious devotions on
( this, the eight day of July,
{1943, and ends . with a prayer for
the srfatv and wellbeing ot the
pilgrim that he may be protec
ted from all evil and danger,
but the S( a! of the Archmnndrite
is in Greek, as is the. lettering on
the coat cf arms used as a let
Miss Naomi Daniel, daughter
of the C .G. Daniels’, Roxboro.
has gone to Dunn to accept a
position there as a hospital lab
oratory technician.
School Opens With
W orthy Attendance
New Large Flag
Floats To Breeze
On Person Lawn
Now flying from the flagpole
on the Person County Court
House lawn is the new ten by
fifteen foot American flag re
cently ordered by County Com
missioners. Larger than any ban
ner hitherto flown from the
County standard, the flag has
hand-sewed stripes and stars and
is said to be of a size suited to
the height of the pole.
The flag (was first raised Mon
day in informal exercises by W.
L. King, Court House custodian
and jailor. W. Wallace Woods,
secretary of Roxboro Chamber of
Commerce, togethe wirth mem
bers of the City of Roxboro po
lice department, Court House of
ficials and others, watched the
Phone 4501
If you have any news items
or for advertising or com
mercial printing service.
Memorial Day Exercises
Held In Cemetery Where
Fisher Is Buried On
Posthumous awarding of the
Silver Star for “gallantry in ac
tion” to Pfc. Sam C. Fisher, Jr.,
21, of Nathalie, Va., and Rox
boro, killed in action on Guadal
canal on January 13, was an
nounced today by the War De
partment in a communique sent
to the Person County Times
from U. S. Army Headquarters
in the South Pacific.
The award, made by direction
of the President, carries a cita
tion signed by Lieut. Gen. Mil
lard F. Harmon, commanding U.
S. Army forces in the* South
Pacific area. Fisher, in the Army
about three years arid a Pearl
Harbor veteran, was the son of
Sam C. Fisher, of Roxboro, and
{ of the late Mrs. Myrtle Guthria
j Fisher, of Nathalie, where he
:lived for a number of years with
i his aunt. Miss Sajlie Fisher.
; The Fisher.', when informed
,by the Times of the receipt of
the Silver Star citation, said that
they had recently received from.
| Pvt. Willie Berry, of Roxboro,
'■who is also in Guadalcanal, a
description of the grave of their
Is - -: in the American cemetery
! there, where Memorial Day ex
ercises were held on April 20.
| Berry, who pictures the ceme
tery as a beautiful, well-kept
| spot, sent the description to Mrs.
j A, R. Davis, who in turn showed
j the letter to the Fishers, the
{father, stepmother and half
! brothers, and sisters who live
■ here.
Harmon's citation reads as fol
; low;:
j To Sam C. Fisher, Jr., Private
(First Class,. Infantry, United
States Army for grjlantry in ac
tion at Guadalcanal, the Silver
| Star (posthomous). During tho
| attack on an important hill Pri
i vale Fisher’s 1 machine gun posi
j lions were subjected on two sep
arate occasions to concentrated
enemy fire necessitating dis
| placement to new positions. In
j the final position, while firing in
j support of an advancing rifle
I company, he was killeU by ene
my fire. During the entire ac
! lion, up to the time of his death,
j Private Fisher remained con
jstantly with his gun, effectively
placed his fire on enemy posi
tions. and contributed immeasu
ably to the success of his com
pany's assault.”
Ft rther comment on the spirit
With which Fisher fought is con
tained in a letter to Mr. and Mrs.
Fisher, under date of June 19,
from Capt. Kenneth C. Robert
son, under whom he served.
Robertson writes:
“I want you to know that dur
nig combat he fought with a de
termination and bravery seldom
equaled on any battlefield. His
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Miss Billie Vogler has return
ed from a visit in Norfolk, Va.
Harris Introduces New- ,
bold At Final Series Os ’
County - Wide Teacher
Sessions. ;
Person Superintendent of
I Schools, R. B. Griffin, today re
ported that opening of schools
yesterday, which sent some
seven thousand Person and Rox
boro youngsters back to work,
went off without a hitch. Many
schools had special opening ex
ercises for the first session of a
school year operating under an
atoreviatdd nine month plan.
Pinal large gatherings for .
teachers were held Tuesday, with
Dr. N. C. Newbold, of Raleigh,,
as chief speaker at separate ses
sions for white and Negro teach*
ers. Introduction of Newbold
was by Lieut. Gov. R. I* Harris.
Invocation was by the Rev.-J.
B. Currin, Baptist minister. V v /,
Other speakers included Mrs.
Logan Umstead, who disctUwH
work of the Junior Red Craas,
Dr. W. P. Richardson. Why?
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