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$12.00 Waters $§ 95
$10.00 Sweaters $7 59
$7.50 Sweaters $5,75
$7.00 Sweaters $525
$6.00 Sweaters $459
$5.00 Sweaters $375
$4.50 Sweaters $335
$4.00 Sweaters $2.95
$3.75 Sweaters $2.75
$3.50 Sweaters $2.60
$3.00 Sweaters $2.25
$2.50 Sweaters $l.g5
$2.00 Sweaters $J.65
$5.00 pair of Freeman Shoes or $5.00
Hat with cash purchase of Suit or Over
coat amounting to $25.00 or more.
Nix & Lattimore
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers.
White Woman Diet
At Mulatto Home
Thomasville.—Mrs. Roxobel Gainey,
of Wallburg community was buried at
that place Sunday, her age being
years. Death released her spirit from
what was mortal on Friday night
while in the home of her daughter, who
is a mulatto, with a negro husband and
a number of children. The home of
this family with whom the aged Wo
man had lived for many years is said
to be in an almost unknown spot by
the average white person in the neigh
borhood, described as a wood hack of
a pasture, the entrance to the prem
ises being on apath with two gates
to be opened and shut by those pass
ing that way.
After an unfortunate circumstance
which practically ostracised the young
woman from her former associates,
she married Mr. Gainey, with whom
she lived until he died at the ago of
70 years. It was then that Mrs, Gainey
went to live with her daighter there
making her home until her body nes
tled in a casket was borne from thence
I to the hearse by'the hands of her col
ored neighbors, led by a colored preach
er, to a colored church where the fun
eral services were held by a colored
preacher, interment being made ac
cording to her request in the colored
cemetery thereby and again in ac
cordance with her last request, by the
side of a grandchild who died about
four year.-i ago.
Lincoln Cavalry on Range.
Lincoln Co. News.
Troop E Lincolnton’s cavalry unit,
goes on the rifle and pistol range each
Saturday. For two weeks the troopers
have been blazing away at the ‘mull's
eye' on Scrgt. Barinoau's place near
Lincolnton, Captain Lineberger stated
that he had mapped out a series of
practices for his men and that they
had made a creditable showing the
two previous Saturday’s.
Mellon told us bow much they
make. Now we are even more eager
to discover how they make it.—
Jackson Clarion-Ledger.
We are a patriotic people, always
filled- with zeal to save the country
from one another.—Woodstock (OnL)
Sentinel Review.
* Grove's
Chill Tonic
Old Standard Remedy for
Chills and Malaria,
The Women of the
ARE Value-wise!
Tremendous Success
Great $400,000.00
Alive with the Christmas
Spirit—Teeming with
Splendid Values in
i Christmas Drive
Proves it Abso
THE response to our prelim
inary presentation of Christ
mas values was unprece
dented. We are far, far ahead of
our anticipated sales and we know
that you thrifty Carolina women
are responsible—you recognize real
values and do not hesitate to grasp
the wonderful savings we offer. Wc
thank you.
Watch the Charlotte Papers
for the
Patterson Spring*
Hu Mild Flue Cum
Mr*. J. R. Wilson Falk FV»a H*H|
end Break* Ankle. Ret Supper
Net* Sixty I)«D*n.
(Special to The Star.)
Patterson Springs. Dec. X—The
box supper given at th* school build
ing last Saturday night proved a »w.
cess—over $60 was raised for the pU.
no fund.
Mrs. J. R. Wilson on falling from
tho porch mot with the misfortune
last Wednesday evening of breaking
her ankle. She was carried to the Shel
by Public hospital. She la now at
home doing nicely.
A mild form of "flu” is prevalent
in ttiia section. A number of families
have suffered from its effects recent
ly. .Tost now Mrs. R. J. He«| is con
fined to the bed with somethin* like
Mr. I. I1’. Kig ha sheen quite sick,
but, is very much improved.
Mr. A. I,. Neal and family Kara
also been “laid np” with abort the
same trouble as is so widely preva
lent in the community.
Mr. Wm. M. I.ewcry ba’ had ekk*
n«so in his family alio during the
laid fortnight.
Several from among os hate made
some trips seeking turkey during the
elo-inr days of Xas4; tfreek. t
Prof. M. 0. Latham visited rela
tives in York county, S. C.
Mr. C. F. McSwain viajt«d relatives
in Morganton Sunday.
Miss Grace King spent tire week
*nd in Rutherfordton with Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. CaTlabau.
Mrs. RdlMrvs Camp an«j children
spent their Tbanksgrvrog .haHdajrs
with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Putnam of
Rutherford “on.
The follow in* bare (heoorrd the
community by sharing the hospitality
of several homejj «round our vljkge
while the fresh uiyat and the 'feed”
repasts were at their best.
Mr. and Mr*. M. V. Hrertyw of
Spartanburg spent the week cud with
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. F. King.
Mr. J. B. King an<J epn of Gbar
lotte also spent Thanksgiving holi
day season with Mr. L. P. King.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ckllahan of
Ruth, this state, spent Thanksgiving
day with Mr. and Mrs. G. Ht Border*.
Mrs. Mike Borders of Cbarietre Is
visiting her daughter Mrs. Andrew
Thrift of this vicinity.
Mrs. WiMianJ Ttlppy of Earl is A
pleasant caller in the enajtnunity.
Another new residence is now being
erected in the heart of Patterson
Springs fot A. L. Neal. Mr. Dw. Grif
ilq of Shelby has the contract.
Lincoln Youth Killed
When Gun Discharges
Lincoln Times.
Cari Maliefij Horis, spu of Martin
Luther and Frances Reel Harrs Of Che
Arrow mill, was almost instaiyiry kill
ed by the accidental discharge of hi*
frnn while hunting: Saturday after p««n.
The fatal accident occurred about 3
o’clock on the lands of Mrs. J«bn Da.
'•is, two. miles west of LiacoiaVou,
where young: Honda and sovOral of his
friends had (feme ta hunt.
The gun was discharged while iu
the hands of the unfortunate youth,
though the exact manner ia which the
accident happened is not known as be
was alone at the time. The entire load
from the (fun struck tha boy ia th«
side of the face touring away tbe fleSb
and splintering the jaw bone. It the#
ranged down te the neck sweeping the
jugular rein,. He Hired within a fbw
minutes. Funeral services were con.
ducted Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock and interment was made at tbe
Ore Bank church.
Hovie was 18 yeats of afre and a
likeable young fellow with many good
traits of character. He was known
to many people in Linentnton, having
sold papers on the streets here sever
al years ago. He was A grandson of
Malachi Hovis, one of Line eta county’*
few remaining Confederate veteyans.
Back With the Ledger.
Gaffney Ledger.
G. D. Parris yesterday resumed
work in the mechanical department of
tbe Gaffney Ledger, haring returned
to this city from Gastonia, N. C.,
where he had been connected with the
Gaston Times for the past several
months. Mr. Parris moved his family
back to Gaffney yesterday. -He has
hundreds of friends throughout the
city arid county who will welcome him
back home. Mr. Parris was an employe
of the Ledger for practically 20 years,
until about a year ago,he derided he
could do better elsewhere, and moved
to Shelby, N. C., from where he later
went to Gastonia.
Wore $1,000 Liberty
Bonds for Apron
Youngstown, 6.,—Bonds and stock*
valued at about half a million dollars,
said to hare been stolen from Bentleys
Bank at Springboro, Pa., were found
in a city park here and have been re
covered by postal authorftips, it was
announced here today by Postmaster
Kdward: Westwood and Postal Inspec
tor Harry’ Tavinor.
That the men who found the money,
all foreigners, were not. fully aware
of the value of their find, was indi
cated when the foreman of one man,
who woj-ks in a steel plant, said that
last night he found the man wearing
two $1,000 liberty bonds for an apron.
Cross word puzzles increase our vo
cabulary of cro&s words.
Doe* It Pay
To Be Thrifty
(By Carl Anthony, 10th Crude.)
T (tvs e.<r that every true red blood
ed AmerireM will (oil yotj that H pay*
(o Ut thrifty. Per hap* yoa have often
hfwd It said, “that It Isn't what ww
Aavva that eonnts“. In my mind th#
above statement la as true a* th*
ftoexU* is to the pole. A person can
make a hundred dollars a week and
still not hare any put aside for a rainy
day at the end of the month or year
if they are extravagant. The spend
thrift* perhaps any: “Take no thought
for tomorrow for what re shall eat
nor what ye shal> wear.” U’« true th*
Bible teaches us that. But let* go
back a little and consider everything.
Perchance you Hare noticed on a
bright summer day the li’tle ant how
busy ft was working from nun till sun
in order to get ahead a supply of food
for the winter weather. As Clod made
us only o littler low er than the Angela
Surely wr, a* his people luive enough
foresight and thought nlxmt ua to do
aa tho industrious little arrt and lay
op something for a rainy day. Hare
yen ever notat'd wasteful people? T
prermme that, yon have and on the oth.
er hand noticed saving prop'*. There
is as mnch difference in my estimation
between saving and extravagance ax
there Is between day and night. Th«
rtheifty person .has never beyn over?
estimated nor will they ever he in
their (ru» worth and value to Amer
ica and her cans**. A thrifty person
makes money and spends it too, hut
spends it wisely. Next beware of the
tight wads for enough of them would
force every business of its kfnd to he
slopped throughout the great worW
today. They hare money hut will not
spend if nor allow it to get Into ctr
eolalion. Take our bodies for nudaDee
can they he strong and the appetite
qoenched until some good wholesome
food is eaten? And so the same ap
plies to the tight wad.: if fhey have
money and will not let it get iuto dr*
eolation. What good will their money
he to their town or city? Until it is
'put into service it will he worth as
much to the town or city a« rt is worth
t* the tight wad himself, practically
' nothing.
Why can't we make this year a real
thrifty year? We can do it if we will.
Every hank and building and loan beyo
In Shelby in fact every institution of
that kind in tbs United States want#
to recognize you as a person of thrift.
Now lets not only talk thrift hut let's
practice thrift during the year of TJ4,
and show the world what wo can really
When you hear a person say their
wanting a home will you kindly do
them a favorand if they need any moo
ey that they can get it fro mthe build
ing and loans. And be will he able to
build his mvp home and h« mnch hap
pier than living in a rented luma.
And so we nee thrift develop** char
acter and promotes happiness. It is in
deed one of the greatest of all virtues.
New* of Holly
Springs School
(Special to The Star.)
The Holly Springs school completed
their first month November 28. New
the minds of pupils and teachers alike
art turning towards Christmas. As we
expect to have a tree and Christmas
program. Work is being pushed rap
idly forward In preparation for that
Several old Holly Springs students
are attending: high school this yekn
They are, Nettie McCraw. Mooreshoto,
Veroa L Martin and Tb errs man By
ars and Mhvsey Jolley, Boiling Springs
and Broadus Earls and Toy Summers,
Cl iff side. Each pupil is successfully
keeping up their grade.
Zinnie Earls, Wilma McCraw, Julia
Whelchei, Mayme Earl, Deveney *n9
Lonnie Summers and Emmit Byars
were on the sick list last week.
Miss Connie Scruggs spent Sunday
at Cliffside.
Master Ralph Harris spent one aft
ernoon last week in Gaffney.
Numbers of the students attended
the singings of Messrs Sam McCluny
and Bulo Earls last week.
Miss Lee Ellen Tate of Cliffside and
Miss Florence Green of Mooresboro
visited here Friday.
Under and by virtue of the power of
sale in me conferred in a certain Deed
of Trust executed by M. A. Francis
and wife, Jessie May Francis, dated
November loth, 1021, to the SheTby
and Cleveland County Building and
Loan Association and recorded in the
office of the Register of. Deeds for
Cleveland County, N. C., in 1j©okTl7
at papa 22, and default having been,
made in the payment of the indebted
ness therein secured and having been
requested to sell said property I will
Monday January 5th, 1923
at 12 o’clock, noon or within*, legal
hours sell to the highest bidder lor
cash the following described real es
tate :
One house and lot in the town of
Earl, Cleveland county, N. C., and it
being Lot No. I and on the cast aide
of the C. C. and C. railroad; and it also
being on the north corner of the 10
acre lot, fronting 76 feet 8 1-4 inches
on Main street and running back 260
feet to a second street, and being that
same lot which was conveyed to M. A.
Francis and wife, J. May Francis by
J. J. Shuford and wife, E. J. Shuford
by deed dated October 30th. 1919 and
recorded in the office of the register
of deeds for Cleveland county, N. C.,
in deed Book G. G. G. at page 112,
said lot known as the J. J. Shuford
home place, adjoining lots of J. A.
Earl on the South and tV. C. Sur
ratt on the north and containing one
half acre, more or less.
This December 5th, 1924.
JNO. P. MULL, Trustee.
Say It With Music
IVnoe on earth must begin with Love and Peace in
the home.
There is no greater promoter of Home-Happiness
than MUSIC, and the music that can truly he called “the
Miwic of the Whole Family” is that furnished by the
Roistering Player Piano, VICTOR and EDISON phono
graphs. ' - T ' ... v.
Eycry Member Of The Family Can Be
Come An Acconfplished Musician
Don’t think every Phonograph you sec is a Vlctrola.
t^ok under the lid for the Victor trade mark, the Victor
Dug, "His Master’s Voice.” There has been quite a num
ber of people fooled in this section, they never know tlie
difference until their phonograph breaks down, and when
Qm! truth is known, they have nothing but a WILD-CAT
Phonograph with a COFFEE MILL MOTOR,
Come in and let us demonstrate the difference be
«genuine REGISTERING PIANO and a Real
W. A. Pendleton
Shelby, N. C.
■If ■■WBFg 1»——WWy
Tax Notice
I will be at the following places on the
dates specified for the purpose of collect
ing taxes for the year 1924. This the last
round that I will make and I wish to urge
&fl persons, who have not yet paid, to see
me on this round and settle.
No. 1 Township, Monday. December 8th, L. O. Davia
Store, 9 to 12 a. m.
No. 1 Township—Monday, December 8th, Summie
Btttfges Store, 1 to 4 p. m.
No. 2 Township—Tuesday, December 9th, Jolley’s
Store, 9 to 12 a. m.
No. 2 Township—Tuesday, December 9th, Boiling
Springs, 1 to 4 p. m.
No. 7 Township—Wednesday, December 10th,
Mooreaboro, 9 to 12 a. m.
No. 7 Township—Wednesday, December 10th, Latti
roore, 1 to 4 p. m.
No. 8. Township—Thursday, December 11th, Dc
Ught, 9 to 11 a. m.
No. 11 Township—Thursday, December 11th, Casar,
12 to 4 p. m.
No. 8 Township—Friday, December 12th, Polk
vOlc, 9 to 12 a. m.
No. 9 Township—Friday, December 12th, Lawndale,
1 te 4 p. ra.
No. 10 Township—Monday, December 15th, John T.
Warlick’s Store, 9 to 12 a. m.
No. 9 Township—Monday, December 15th, Dixon
Brothers Store, 1 to 4 p. m. c
No. 10 Township—'Tuesday, December 16th, Car
penter's Store, 9 to 12 a. m.
No. 9 Township—Tuesday, December 16th, Fallston,
1 to 4 p. m.
No. 5 Township—Wednesday, December 17th, waco,
1 to 4 p. m.
No. o Township—Thursday, December 18th, Earl,
9 to 12 a. m.
No. 4 Township—Thursday, December 18th, Grover,
1 to 4 p. m.
No. 4 Township—Friday, December 19th, East Kings
Mountain, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
No. 4 Township—Saturday, December 20th, Kings
Mountain Town Office 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
, Sheriff Cleveland County.

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