North Carolina Newspapers

By Kenn Drum.
The eolyitm notes that T>. F. Grigt.
says that the auto dealer of the -t; ‘
n-hull) their next convention on
Shelby. Tai: it from u< if Pete kc j
buyinjr au i envies during i t- y. ■
it*-' hr has (iuriiiif th' pn-■ t month !C ,•
will hob -their • eriti* here, 1
Pete will be till of 'em.
The jingle of the UH o- T y' i ■
cream wagon will h>. denuded wit.h
joy again th:-- -unime' h\ >*«»•<
♦Iren with a ri--kh- t ; *.p. n: • r eve ■
it i.- derived fro,. .. -tory in the Fas’.
Irene of Th-. Star.
There is n paying with a bit of
OU it that or •‘-ha If of the world doe:
not know whir th other hid ' r ilotry
The state,in nt can: unilet—o. hi .. e •
and still be true. Otie-half of Shelby
seme times does net knob what t o
other half is up to. F’rinstartcCi flu
children who buy cream m-m T.-ny
little dream that hack at Tony’s boro.'
ip little Italian jrtrl whoso Itvelib- • ■]
depends on hew i :: r . eon> they t
Ant. to them perhar th P „
by their teacher at Alar"'•*<* '
rehool was just taken ; i;it - in' like having then . irs i id
bed before going to ,-dv s.
to the little Italian girl it meant r
colorful episode that - h • v ill likely
remember for the, ri main -.r of. her
. life.
A cross-sec.ion vi.■ ,v of tjv'.
in, tn r at the Lineberger budding re -1
any day 15 minutes before noon: Tv,
real estate dealer* talking to a pin
pact and another real ■ • dealer
i coping around the corn r. Two > r
t hree folks watching th ■ • liermomo
ter in frontof RiviereV v ifh still sn
othci “dirt dealer' looking on mat
wondering: if their temperature is. up
enough to sell them a • unite or Unto
lot Doe. Champion .helping a lady hark
her ear out from the curb- and a lit—
Do girl staring longingly'at the beads
iu WoolwortlT - window. A tig yellow
hits honking across the street ami a
colored delivery boy shooting by on
i Kates. C. R. Suttle hurrying back to
the bank after having a “dope" ana a
realty footer trailing him trying to
get an option. Other things to be seen:
more realty agent-.
Yes, they’re .alkifig Shelby on the
outside, meaning beyond the city lim
its near the home of Mike Border .
Ju Ige Yates Webb is the authority
for the statement that while goltingi
in Charlotte Saturday he heard move
folks discussing Shelby Hid the. *v'o- •
ings”—-some folk always think some
on* is always getting “done" in real
ty trading—up here.
The rare in this district for Super
ior court solicitor promise to be all
t'o> more interesting. But McBrayer,
young Shelby attorney and 'ex-service
man has tossed his Stetson into- the >•, (Note: the rosy
is the job), and when n man by the
name of Pat gel - into anything you
on count bn some spice. And add to
that i ogn.. of Erin, a luyid 6f Ivor
that borders on the Titian strain. On
well! V. hope we’re lucky enough t
vote for the one who happens to pro
secute us when we get u "hutch,”
but we hrpost we’ll hav< to roll high
dice to decide and by tha get in t»e
fort the present solicitor.
Dr. C. M. Peeler, a good dentist; make a good politician. “Doe"
ran speak to more people '.han a can
didate for the United States mate.
Passing through the crowds at t,!,e
court house this week his favorite
greeting was: "Hi there. Courting
this week are you" Anti some of ’em
were courting because they'd be, i,
courting another man's, wile.
Ward Arey, back from a jaunt over
the land of flowers, says that Flor'tbi
is not “busted” and is just now get
ting on a steady basis. We'!! eh V
okeh that statement, the “In, cd” port
f Florida ha returned back lo
vfainc and New York to make another
take with which to start life anew.
Speaking; of newsf Youngsters
out town cast tto more than a hasty
plane; at the headline in Th<« Star Celt
ic) tv at Charlie Ross, missing for a
.dl <■<• -tiry, was probably Fving near
Sic ii.. flat the old-timers orabbOd tip
1 .)■ paper and gobbled every tin-- of
, tory. In. thvir day the disuppear
of Charlie Ross was the great
t ' n:> stery of the ape. Back ‘'them
!: "• t! e world wasn’t so and—scu-e.
’ ; oi and kidnappings were
Some if 'em, who wont admit
tb. v’t;■ that old. say that every county
(very state in the union tried to
! Charlie Rosy in it- border - in
decade following the disappear*
a «< ^
>i«i you ever see it jewel that was
n : it Jewel ? .Ye, wo don’t mean nil
: i ation diaritond. Up in the prind
o. Superior court this week Clyde R.
j! )•; \va makinp ; n appeal for a
lit urging tha i he be piven anoth
( ' chance- and as is generally known
m i the the date Mr.Hoey’s urging*
, hard to pet around. .lodge Webb
11 plied to him saying that a change
in Iht particular case would hot be
consistent wit i law. “Well,
i u know sonic great writer oneb said”
•Ur, Hocy continued, "that consistency
time Is a:i evil when folks do
os i : anpe their minds and arc con*
■ in a belief anti refuse to be
t hanged.'
‘4 porently the barrister had scon d
. point on his honor.
The venerable jurist thumbed Ids
uro-o li|> reflectively fo ra second and
m i back “Yes. and Brother Hocy 1
all rh;t‘ some other writer declar
ed.. 'Consistency thou art a jewel.’.”
'ml by the sentence passed the do
le m hint had better be consistent in he-'
: ;t vii.r for two years or he will n n
ti ntly make little rocks out of hip
i< . :: No. 6 roads.
T'.i-fc P- runnier sometimes than the
iif ;.) of comedies* Monday the fanners
.! Cleveland-county received arour i
$;>,000 for chickens t hey sold Clarence
i s. On the same day a colored
hoy m Superior court received fou -
months for his ohick<%is. The farmer;)
I might this chicken from hinre, 'thy
eo loro I hoy took 'em from somebody
r ises home,
The world hasn’t completely gone
t-* the dogs as some woiihl have it.;
Proof may be found around at the I
t*t t cbyterian church where on lust I
Suettny afternoon the Presbyterian -
of -' Shelby gathered voluntarily an i j
matif their pledges towards tin'
church budget for the year. Officials
of the church announced that instead
of a canvass ns customary members!
of the church would be given a chance
ti, come "to the church during the aft
ernoon and make their subscription.
voluntarily and without urge.
Apparently the voluntary plan was
successful. Giving like that should he
worth several times as much as the.
donations by persuasion.
Somebody said to say: “SEE SHEE
The faculty and students of Union
school request the honor of your pres
< nee at the wedding of Jennie June o
Tom Thumb, in the Union church
Saturday night 7:JO March “7tli
1 Mfi.
No admission charged.
Wellmon May Run
For Sheriff’s Job
On the streets it is learned that
Elsie Wellmon mayy be a candidate
for the office of high Sheriff of
Cleveland county, lie was seen yes
terday by a Star representative and
admitted that lie was entertaining
such an ;dea. Mr. Wellmon who is a
popular farmer of No. (’>, says he has
i been urged by friends all over the
county to make the race and that he
has the matter under advisement.
At any rate hi* will make up his
mind within the next few days and
if he gets in the race he will make
his formal announcement the last of
thi; week or the first of next.
Wanted To Buy—
The Division of Markets, Raleigh, will load
a Poultry Car at the Seaboard Depot,
Hens.27 cents a pound
Roostere.... 15 cents a pound
Broilers .50 cents a pound
Ducks ... 25 cents a pound
South Sheihy Items
cf Recent Interest
(Special t<> The Star)
Mr. and Mrs. Carver Blanton, Mr.
and Mrs. .1. D. IVnningt; -pent Sun
day with Mr.-. Penningers parent.,
Rev. and Mi-. B. Wilson at Catawba,
this state.
Mr. Reid Thack to::, r ad- nt at the
Univers.ty of North Carolina, spent
the week end with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs Hunter Thsukston on
Broad street.
The Susanna Wesley < '!a s of La
Fayette Street Methodist church will
hold their business ' meeting with
Rev. Mrs. A. S. Raner at the par
son age, Thursday evening at sever
Miss Bertha Reinhardt arrived here
Sunday from Charlotte to be at the
bedside of her father. Mr. Frank
Reinhardt, who has been very die
He is omewhat letter according to
repot te Monday morning.
Mr. D. Wat on has accepted a po
sition with the- John M. Best Furhi
tui"* ( otnpany as outside saleaman.
Those receiving diplomas front the
Teachers Train ny rouive which wa
held at Cent; a.l Church last v.< k
were: Rev. A. S. Raper, J. R. W> Lie.
Missc: Corine Hl.trit m and Lucy
Short, *
The beautiful home Iwing built . by
Mr. Baxter Putnam near Zoar is
rapidly nearing completion, it w.l!
he one of the tines? homes in the
< ommun'ty, and will be ccupied in
about two weeks.
Mr. Lee Lowtrun. South Shelby
contractor began work this morning
on the new home of Mr. Pinkney H.
Me Murry on West Warren street.
The many friends of Mrs. Dave
Weaver will regret that -hr coptine:
very sick, at: her home.
Wheels Within Wheels
Professor William Lyon Phelps
was talking about a poor book that'
had been greatly overpri ced.
‘•Criticism'/' hr- -a d. “isn’t, always
unbiased. Wheels within wheels, you
know. It’s like toe good old story ofj
the prisoners in Germany.
“Two brothers, Tom and Jack, were
raptured dp the western front and
sent to Germany. One Wrote home.
“Dear mother Here 1 am nt last
in the beaut ft/ German prison. 1
have a fine room, w th clean sheets,
good food, and cigars -Your loving
son Tom.
“P. S. -Jack wvts shot yesterday
for complaining.”
“The man who is a’rai.' of be
ing wrong onee in awhile will
stay right where he is.”
There is a touch of charm
and gracious courtesy about
a ceremony conducted by us
that is worthy of considera
Palmer’s Funeral
Funeral Director and
—RHONE «il —
Your Children
Know It
Ton mn? MfcfeMttfaliy hide n mean
disposition from your friends and
the public, but nt home where you
arc your natural self your pent-up ;
feelings find expression. Yet it is
at home, in the training of your
children that a perfect equilibrnm is
most needed. Y'our children mighty
soon know when you are out of
sorts and they have to suffer for
your own meanness. Indigestion in
its many forms causes a lot of need
less family troubles. All grouchi
ness is not caused by indigestion,
but the digestive disorders seldom
fail to bring ill tempers. Look out
for the symptoms—-dizziness, head
aches, heartburn, upset stomach, etc.,
and take a precautionary measure.
Yon can get quick relief and regu
late your digestion by an occasional
use of— „
Exactly what the name Implies. It neu
tralises the acidity, settles the stomach
and sets the system aright. 75c at your
druggist's or from
Astt-Fermont Company. Columbia. 8. C.
Tc Take You:.5 Measure For One Of The
Very Newest Suits Or Overcoats.
Kelly Clothing Co.
Royster Building. - Shelby, N. C.
“A Mixture Of Four Pounds Of Corn
With One Pound Of Cottonseed Meal
Contains The Same Nutritive Value
A3 Seven Pounds Of Oats.”
—G. S. Fraps, Chief Division of Chem
istry, Texas Experiment Station.
Cottonseed Meal
and cut your feed bill nearly in two
Of From 1000 to 1200 Lbs. Weight
1.—2 lbs. Cottonseed Meal; 10 lbs. corn
j 2.—111 Ihs. Cottonseed Meal; 6 lbs. com or sorghum >j
J grain; 7 lbs. oats. i
} IS.—2 lbs. Cottonseed Meal; 12 to 14 lbs. sorghum |
> heads. t
J 4.—1 lb. Cottonseed Meal; 12 lbs. com or sorghum |j
> grain.
1 Roughage for above rations may eonsist of 5 lbs. I
| Cottonseed Hulls and 6 lbs. hay, sorghutn fodder j
or rice straw.
For additional formula get our Cottonseed Meal
Feed Book.
Fart or all the oats in a ration can be replaced by Cotton
seed Meal and corn or sorghum pram.
Southern Cotton Oil Co.
Nitrate Of Soda
For Immediate or Future Shipment
LADD W. HAMRICK, Shelby, N. C.
( . .1. Hamrick & Hons. Boiling Springs. N. C. W. C.
Edwards. Be l wool N. C. M. L. Lutz, BeJwood, N C.
Ciiffsid Mil's, ( Tl aside, N. C. L. Herndon, Grover,
N. C. Martin & B>ers. Grover. N C. Fallston Roller
} Mill Co., Fallslon. N. C. Farmers Mercantile Co., Latti
more, N. C. Campbell Dept, Store, Lawndale. N. C.
Plonk Bros. & Co., sings Mountain, N. C. J. B Blanton.
Moore.-boro, N C. Jenkins Brothers, New House, N. C.
T. H. I.ow'erv & Co.. Patterson Springs. N. C. Campbell
Dept. Store, Shelbv. N. C. O. C. Dixon. Shelby, N. C.
(). E. Ford Co.. Shelby, N. ( . M. C. Whitworth, Waco,
N. C. Haynes Mi Ms. Avondale. N. C. Haynes Fertilizer
Works, Avondale. N. C.
Top Dress Cotton and Corn With NITRATE OF
SODA for Increased Yield.
W. R. GRACE & CO.,
Easter is almost here, and you will
want to come out in a New Suit. We are
showing a beautiful line in all the new
Greys and 1 ans, made in all the new mod
els. All made by the best manufacturers,
and models to suit any size man.
Priced at—
$25.00 $32.50 & $39.50
Our stock of Men’s and Young Men’s
New Felt Hats is complete, in beautiful
colors and combinations, roll and snap
brims. New* Greys and Browns.
Priced at—
$5.00 & $8.00
Don’t fail to see our line of Men’s Ox
fords made in the balloon and conserva
tive toes. Blacks, Dark Brown and Light
$5.00 T0 $9.50
We have just received a big shipment
of Young Mens Caps in beautiful spring
patterns at—
$1.50 T0 $3.00
Blanton-Wrigtit Clothing

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