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Of Shelby And The State’s
Fertile Farming Section,
Modern Job Department,
1925 Census_8,854
Where Industry Joins With
Ciimate In A Call For You, .
“Covers Cleveland Completely.” SHELBY, N. C. MONDAY, MARCH 29, 1926. Published Monday, Wednesday and Friday Afternoons. ? By mail, per yea? (in advance) $2.50
_ - ___'_t by carrier, per year (in advance) $.'1.00
Will be Opened on April 22nd
l or Modern Water Station on
Hendrick Farm.
Bids will be received up to 8 p.
April 22nd on the modern pump >
.id water station to be erected on the,
■.ridriek farm west of,, .Shelby, for!
it the town issued
i?200,00(> in ;
bonds last fall. Plans have final,y|
, ■ i completed after months of work j
i delay because of inability to get ;
iic. iruble site at a reasonable price.j
. w that the site has been secured,;
, engineers J. B, McCrary company j
Atlanta, Ga., have completed pl.'.i s !
yd bids are being asked from contra*- j
:.r», the principal items being one'
'.diary pump station, one two ni'l.l
•i gallon filter, one six million gal-j
raw water storage, one two him-1
> ed thousand gallon dear-water!
lag*-, one thirty thousand gallon 1
ash water tank, one 1*00 gallon per!
■ • te gasoline engine driven service :
ur p. one seven hundred arid C'fty!
i Ion per minute electr ic motor j
dveij pump, two seven hundred and
y gallon per minute electric mo- i
,r driven raw water pumps, 1.1501
i . t (, ftwelve inch cast iron pipe 8-100 i
ii of 16 inch cast iron pipe, nine j
he hydrants, two 12 inch valves, six j
’> inch valves, ten. tons of special]
cc oo gs, etc.
’(.he present pump station will of
course have to be kept in operator!',
until the new plant is completed. The:
< til station will be abandoned, but ‘he.
i ; line,; which bring the water
rti the present station will be taVn !
it!) ami put to some use after the new
-'.avion i- in operation. Advertise-:
wonts are being put in The Star, the i
Charlotte Observer and the Manut’ac-1
t rers Record in the hope to get hut-uv j
l id lt-rs and the lowest possible price.,
quality and workmanship considered, i
\ etc run of Civil War Leaves 105
Descendants. Was 80 Years
Of Age. Buried Sunday.
dr. \Ym. Bumgardner, one of the]
■ : respected citizens of No. 11 town |
-hip died Saturday morning at
■ t !■ ck at his home at Casar where he
id been ill with heart trouble. Mr.
B , gardner leaves perhaps, tliu
largest number of descendants of .nv
1 '.on that has died recently in- the
e ;ty. With 11 children. 80 grand
( l iter and 67 great grandchildren,
the. total number of descendants reach
165. Mr. Bumgardner was a man of
. h standing in his community and
funeral Sunday was largely at
’ ' <ic <1 by friends and relatives in
iKih and adjoining counties. He was
Sit. vears, four months and ten days!
He joined Captain Mull’s company
" : h the 17-yCar-old hoys and serv ed
. r two years in the Civil war. Six';
vi'srs ago he was married to Miss
A'.-an Newton, a sister of the late
J. A Newton who whs the father of
■i. * Newton, superintendent o)
■ int.v schools. She survives with
the following children: Mrs. Joe
Gi fford of Hollis; Mrs. S. A. Navy
t Shelhv: Mrs. M. C Newton ..f
• litrryville; John Bumgardner of
ton; Ben Bumgardner of Belmont:
■Mi Andy Proctor of Lawndale; Mrs
1 Peter Hoyle of R-6, Shelby; Mrs.
J Conner of R-6, Shelby; Mrs. F.d]
Pafnscy of Cherryville; Mrs. C. A.
1' ortnian of Casar and Mrs. J. O.
L' :>.-t of Shelby.
Mr. Bumgardner was a member oi
;h: Bapfist church for 62 years. lie
v • buried at Casar Sunday, the f»
ral services being conducted -by Rev.
Cold. Grandsons served a« pall
Is rers; grand-daughters as flower
h* rers. A great crowd of people at
tended the services, many preset 1
'"m Shelby and adjoining couwies
v^cunfv Chamo Games
Start This Friday
I'' '(lay the high schools of Cnve
■t'"1 county will begin their annual
ball series for the championship
" the county, it is announced by Mr,;
h V Irvin, Kings Mountain school
'‘radically all of the first games j
understood, will be played in
s ' Iby, The first game, on this I*'ri- j
'’/■> will be in Shelby between Kings
Mountain and Lattimore, The next
w b he here Tuesday. April fi, be-j
:v,ei) Piedmont and Kings Mountain,j
1,1 Kings Mountain and Boiling
borings will play here Friday, April J
1'he games between Shelby and
K:l’gs Mountain will be arranged lat
or ■ ' '•; ' :• '
he winner of the county title gets
the Muii Basei)all cup, annual tok
°f the champion Jut
Photo Of Charlie Ross Here
For J. F. Gafiney’s Inspection
The positive identification of .Jul
ius <’. Dellinger, acred Denver, Lin
coln county carpenter, as the kidnap
ped millionaire boy of the seventies,
Charlie litis , depends now on a miss
ms thread.
Saturday J. F. Gaffney, aged Shel
by resident, who remerrib ts DeHing
er a a ch i ! who appeared nr.d
disappeared mysteriously in Gaf
fney alter the Ross kidnapping, ex
amined a photo i f Ross made just
before he was kidnapped and scur
ried '-.s' memory back over the years
to s ;• f there was anv likeness be
tween' the hule “Coley”. M.diale,
now khowtr as Delling u\ and the
kidnapped hoy. The photo was sent
hen from Nashville and is a perfect
likeness, 61(11 r folks say. of Roc;.
"T 'is picture resembles Del’inner,
or Mi Hah-, when he was a little hoy
living over my father's drug store in
Gaf icv—.and it resembles him gty;” Mr. Gaffney added after
the inspection. “However, that’s no
more than I have known for 50
years. When the McHale’s brought
the bey to Gaffney in ’73 he so much
resembled the posters anil circulars
carrying the photo of Charlie Ross
that my father and myself planned
to carry him to I’hiladelph.a for
identificat'on. Then MeHale spirited
him away.
“Naturally, after 50 years, it is
hard for me to recall exact features
and appearances of the youngster I
knew so well a half century ago, but
by what recollections I have of the ]
buy lie very much resembled this!
photo. lie had long, curly hair and
a rounded an attractive face,” Mr.
Gaffney added.
The thread yet missing—-the one
that w ll decide and make Dellinger
Charlie Ross, or forever leave him
wondering as to his parentage—is
•nought to be a photo in the poses
sipn of Mr. Gaffney’s sister, Mrs.
Iren Gibson, of Cuthbert. Ga. Mr.
Gaffney says that while the Me Hales
lived in Gaffney that he and his
sisters were very.fond of the attrac
tive little boy, who evidently saw
life hard with the mysterious man
and woman, and that a short time
after their arrival there a photo was
made of the boy As it was made only
a short time after his abduction it
should, if he is Charlie Ross, closely
resemble the m.ssing boy advertised
on the posters. Wires were forward
ed to Mrs. Gibson asking if she could
possibly locate the old photo and
send it here for comparison with the
Ross photograph. The revelation
brought by the comparison would
undoubtedly decide the matter defin-:
And that’s the chance Dell.ngor
has of establishing his identity. A
photo of a child friend will likely re
main among family possessions for
50 years intact, Mrs. Gibson in a
letter to Dellinger says she remem
bers the photo and is making a
search for it.
Dellinger, who has a remarkable
memory and can without consulting
data recall hundreds of addresses
and dates, says he remembers clear
ly the taking of the photo. He de
scribes the clothes he wore and tells
how he had his leg crossed and how
large his big toe, being barefooted,
locked. sticking out from under his
1 .-wwv
Locally, it is thought, that a photo
of Walter Russ, brother of Charlie in
Philadelphia, might show some re
semblance between him and Delling
In the photo Charlie Ross appar
ently lias light, flaxen curls. Mr.
Gaffrcy recalls that the McHale
child had long curly hair, but he
cannot lie positive by bis memory
„ver a stretch of 50 years to say de
finitely if the boy had dark or light
Newspapermen here who have in*
tef viewed Dellinger feel that there is
something about the boyish face of
Ross that still can he seen on the
face of the ageing Lincoln county
carpenter. That feeling may be
brought about s u b-c o nsciousl y
through the connection of the story.
It'- apparent from looking at the
nhoto arid the man that they could
lie the one and the same, but so far
;:i the stretch between the ages that
it is not- enough apparent to defin
itely say thev are the same. Tomor
row several photos will be compared
with Dellinger himself.
Meantime, the arrival of the old
tintype from Georgia is awaited. If
’lt ncvi r comes Dellinger's query of
40 years "Who am I?—may continue!
to ring in Ids ears. Other develop
ments that will check up on the simi
larity of the stories may come up
however as from queries coming to
Shelbv thousands have again become
interested in the Ross mystery and
the likelihood of its clearance.
A photo of Charlie Ross from lus
original photograph was brought to
The Star office Saturday by Mac
Cuokv ot basuiut
The boy who lias been lost 50 years.
With Only a Little Over $6,000 Sub
scribed Future of Organization
To He Decided.
This week will decide definitely, it
is said, as to the Hkelihoov
o' a chamber of commerce for
The decision is expected to be made
following a mass meeting to be held
thi: week.
Announcement was made Saturday
by J. D. Lineberger president of (lie
Kiwanis club, that 6,160 had been sub
scribed so far for the support of the
booster organization. This total is the
result of a three-day campaign by
sereval prominent business men who
feel the need of such an organization
advancing the interests of the city.
However, the general response to the
drive, which was staged by men who
gave their time freely, was not all
i! at was expected.
At the mass meeting to which all
subscribers are urged to attend along
with others interested in the future of
the town a decision will be made as
to whether further campaigning will
be necessary, ot the matter dropped.
Some 160 people, it is announced, have
so far subscribed in the drive.
Shelby Highs Lose
Game to Gaffney
Playing here Friday afternoon the
Shelby Highs dropped an unusually
p< od high school game to <he Gaffney
Highs 1 and 0. The brand of baseball
c shouted was above the usual run of
high school performance, especially
ft r ro early in the season.
“Dutch'’ Whisnant, twirling ft r
Shelby, and the Gaffney hurler is re
ality deserved shutouts, however,
poor base-running anti nonchalant sup
port at times by his teammates pre
vented Whisnant from registering a
victory. Gaffney presented a well-bal
anced team and performer welt behind
their steady working p"rtsider. The
fielding of Harris and hitting and
fielding of Cline Owens Lee wore
features of the game along with the
work of the two mounds men.
The local Highs already appear to
a considerably better advantage than
in their opening game ai d are grad
ually taking on a better offensive
with the experience of several game .
Fans are still definite in saying th s
years team looks better at the - sea
son’s outset than did last year’s state
champions. In the hitting department
and on the liases they sdem slightly
fuddled at times this being accounted
for through their lack of experience.
Shelby Boys On
Carolina Outfit
It is of local interest t > note that
several Shelby boys are considered
pood prospects for the Carolina fresh
man baseball team. Dispatches from
Chapel Hill are to the effect that
Fred Beam, former all-around Shel
bv High star, seems to be the cream
of the candidates for Coach Lowe’s
freshman team.
Steve Ftirelies, Shelby football sfar,
is making a bid for the first base
position against Foard of Charlotte.
Max Dixon is a likelv candidate for
the second base berth. Referring to
Beam the dispatch says: ‘“Beam, form
er all-state catcher from Shelby
High, looks like the class of the re
At North Carolina State. George
Didmon, another Shelby High per
former, is being given a try-out and
from pre-seimon dope appears to have
I.r. dorse Branham's Work \s State
< hairman. Allegiance Reaffirmed
to Principles of Party
( leveland County Republicans, a
hundred or more strong, hold :i
county convention at the Court House
! in Shelby Saturday, re-elected a
cl.- '•mar, delegates u> the state
| in motion to be held ai Durham in
| Ap'd. and adopted reaolutions of on
I dorsentent of the Republican admit)
' istration.
it was an harmonious gathering.
! M. Clay Cox, former chairman, was
're-elected and presided.
The following were chosen delegates
j t > the state convention, which meets
i ihe eighth of April at Durham:
.1. H. Quinn, F. B. Hamrick, IF : ’.ry
Co\. S. S. Weir, P ,P. Richards, ,1. K.
McLaughlin. C. A. Brittian, A. It
McNeely and George W. DePries'
The same delegation will repre
sent the local Republicans at the con
gressional senatorial and judicial con
vent ions.
ri he following resolutions we. e
uenimously endorsed by the conven
tion :
Be it resolved by the Republicans
of Cleveland county. Nor'h Carolina
in county convention duly (ailed and
h.i-lo in the town of Shelby, on this
the 27th, day of March, 1026, as fol
low &:
.1 That we re-afTirm our allegi
ance to the time-honored and construe -
i tive principles of the great Republican
I :«rty which have made the United
States the most prosperous and most
progressive country on the globe to
2. That we most heartily indorse
•he administration of our great and
hccved president, Calvin Cooledge,
wi o has the universal confidence of
the American people as no other
President ever had it. The rich and
the poor, the humble and the hor.or
1 eh. the man at the plow ar.d the man
at the bar—ad are his friends and
he is theirs. We now and here place
! him in nomination to succeed himself
(Continued on page five.)
Ex-Service Men to
Meet On Wednesday
State Commander Stevens Will be
Speaker at Big Meeting in Court
Wednesday night of this week is
i planned as a big event with the1 ex
! service men and World War veterans
in Cleveland county.
The main events of the evening be
ing an address by Henry L. Stevens,
State Legion commander of War
saw, and a smoker, or banquet that
v.ill follow at the Legion club rooms
I in the First National building.
According to J. Horace Grigg,
| commander of the local Legion post,
j invitations have been sent to ex-ser
j vice men at Kings Mountain and
I Grover together with a general in
vitation all over the county and a
; big crowd of former doughboys and
j gob- is expected during the evening
| ar.d right. Although the local Legion
1 post is sponsoring the affair the in
j citation is open to all ex-service men
j whether or not members of the Legion.
The program opens at 7:30 in the
j evening at the court house and lion.
O. Max Gardner will introduce
Commander Stevens. Following the
address the ex-service men will go to
the club rooms where a general
friendly get-together will follow.
Kennedy Anounces
For Legislature
Mr. Horace Kennedy. well known
vourg member of ihe Shelby bar, in
todays Star announces his candidacy
for the house of representatives from
Cleveland subject to the will of Dem
ocratic voters in the June primary.
With Mr. Kennedys announcement
the race for legislature is now be
tween him and Judge B. T. Falls,
unless other candidates announce in
ihe coming weeks. Mr. Falls having
announced his candidacy for re-elec
tion some weeks ago.
The latest candidate. one of the
most promising younger lights of tho
local bar, is the son of Mr. and Mrs
J. H. Kennedy, of South Shelby and
received his education in Shelby
schools before entering on his law
couise. After completing his course
and receiving his license to practise
law Mr. Kennedy was for a time as
sociated with former Senator D. Z.
Newton and is now on the legal staff
of the well-known law firm of Ryburn
and Hoev.
One encouraging fact the new can
idate sees in the race is that a mem
ber of the legislature from this coun
ty )has never been reelected for 20
vears. Clyde R. Iloey, when he was
in legislature, was the last to serve
two terms,
t * r
50 Cents Increase Monthly
In * Phone Rates May 1st
Near Death
Miss lit-lle Dims, Rome, da., re
cently escaped death iri the lighting
l»ti*e<n the Druse tribesmen and
the French near Damascus. She tvus
cn route to Damascus when her
train was stopped by a Druse attack.
Many bullets passed through t the
train wounding the passenger*.' ,
Adtires Fence Behind Jail. Compli
ments Work Carried on Around
Court House and Square.
The formal report of the gland
jury for the spring term of Superior
court was highly complimentary to
general conditions of county institu
tions, speaking well of the handling
of the jail, chain-gang and county
home properties and inmates.
One recommendation of interest
was that of a high steel fence that
thould be erected to inelose the rear
of the handsome, new jail and pre
vent outsiders from communicating
with prisoners from that side.
Everything at the county home and
g-irg camp was reported to be sani
tary and the 23 inmates of the coun
ty home were reported to be well ear
eil for.
The county commissioners came in
for a share of the praise in regard to |
the present work of renovating anti
improving the appearance of the his
tory court square.
The report in full follows:
We, the grand jurors for the Maichi
term (11*26) of Cleveland county Su
perior court beg to submit the fol-!
lowing report:
We have examined all witnesses)
coming before us, and investigated all!
matters requiring cur attention that1
we know of.
We visited and examined the county
jail in a body and found building in
excellent condition. We found inter
ior sanitary and prisoners well prn
-vi led for. We recommend that a high
stttl fence be er a ted inclosing rear
of ail to prevent outsiders communi
cating with prisoners.
C < mmittee visiting chain-gang re
port living and sleeping quarters in
good condition, prisoners well treat
Hcd well fed. We recommend that mess
hi II roof either be repaired or recov
<'<d. Also that ni>s- hall avl k*t h
en I t screened. Prisoners repoic trou
ble in getting physician in case of
s: ek ness.
A committee visited the county
hoi.-e and foiled Mr. ' ihaniss and his
wife on the job. We found 15 white
and eight colored 'innate.- who said
thev were well provided for in every
wav and received good tna'.ment
f"om keeper. The buildings au in fairj
condition and the grounds and yarns
well preserved, and cattle, mules
and hogs in fine condition.
We wish'to congratulate the county
commissioners on improvements be
ing made on court house grounds.
The court house is in fine condition,
b >th inside and out.
Child is Found Dead
In Its Mother’s Bed
Lilly May, two months-old child of
Mr. and Mrs. Mack White who live
between Polkville and Lawndale was,
found dead Ln its mother’s bed Mon
day morning? about 3 o’clock. Accord
ing to the father who was in Shelby,
the child had been in good health ex
cept it was fretful for a few days.
Cense of the death is unknown. The
child was found dead about 3 o’clock
when the mother awoke. Friends of
the White family sympathise with i
them in their bereavement. Funeral I
and interment will be at Oak drove
Ta. .1
^ fifty rents per monthincrease
"iil be made in tlu' telephone rate
charges by the Piedmont Teleph lie
ami Telegraph company May 1st, if
t1 e request of Mr. If. 1! Babingtbn,
a a linger, is granted by the mayor
and board and aldermen and approv
ed by the State Corporation Commis
*‘011. It i- understood t h a. when the
common battery telephone vsteni was
ins ill d here in TO IP th .■ rates were
ti:. d at the present schedule to no
obliged the number i f stations
r< r.ehed 1 OOti. after which it war
agreed that there should be an in-1
n. e e m fit v cents per month On
the | n . ent ra es. Mr. B ibmgton w;<
in Shelby las week and t ink the lual-j
t-i up with the city official*, show -!
it’tr l y affidavits t 'a! the number, of j
t. i-phone sub crihn hud reached
101i* and that in uceordaiu» with the
1010 agreement, the telephone eom
ai o.v Has i".iti",led to ill.’ increase - n
When City Attorney O. M. Mull
was asked about the matter by a re
presentative of The Star he stated
that the proposed increase was in ae- !
ccrt lance with the agreement made)
between the City Officials of that
year and the Piedmont Telephone |
company after a prolonged fight and
that he sees no ground on which the
town can protest the increase. Mr.
Balington says the same agreement
was made in Gaffney and the increase
of fifty cents per month rental be
comes effective there this spring, the
number of subscribers having passed j
the 1,000 mark.
'1 he new rates will be as follows,)
not only in the old corporate limits
but in the new, where 'he patrons
have been charged an increase based
oil their distance front the central
office. The new rates therefore, ap
plying to all patrons in the mile and
a half radius, means that patrons
living within the new corporate limits'
will not be charged the extra lino
Unlimited special line business sta
tions $i per month. .
Unlimited Duplex line business sta
tions $.'1.50.
Unlimited harmonic business sta
tions $3 per month.
Unlimited special line residence
stations 12.50 per month.
Unlimited Duplex line residence
stations $2 per month.
Unlimited harmonic line residence
stations $1.75 per month.
Four Divorces in
Court Last Week
Superior Court Adjourns After Short
Hun on Civil Calendar on Friday
The features, if there was sAich, on
the civil calendar of Superior court
last week was the granting of di-;
vorces to four couples, who decided
that single harness would hereafter j
bring more joy to their lives.
Divorces granted were as follows:
W. V. Roberson from Ellit* Ruber-!
son. ;
Grace Mauney from R N Mauney.
,i. A. Lavender from Grace Laveti
Shuford Mayhew from Lela Pow- ■
ell Mayhew.
It is noted from the record that :
three of the divorces were sought!
by the husbands. Only one plaintiff i
charged adultery while the others |
were granted on lengt ohf reparation j
and one being of minor age and with
out parental consent.
The session of court adjourned
Saturday although some minor mat
ters in connection wth the proceed
ings may be taken up this week. Fol
lowing the completion of the crim
inal docket practically all of the
week's term had been taken up and
a goodly portion of the civil calen
dar was continued through requests
of both plaintiffs- and defendants.
To Work 30 Days
For Suit B. V. D’s.
Shelby will be interested in knowing
that the price of a commodity ha«
moved up. “B. V'. Ps.”—excuse us,
men’s underwear—now cost 30 days
work. At least that’s what one suit
is costing Karl Hamilton, colored.
The story of the price advance is
unrsuul, the price being set by Re
corder Mull in county court after Soli
citor Burrus had established a case.
The underwear, property of a well
known Boiling Springs citizen, was
hanging on a clothes line there last
week. Earl Hamilton, the colored fel
low in question, passed by and was
struck by the texture of the garment,
ard the evidence had it that he took
up with the garment. A starch was
made for the missing clothing and
tracks like unto Hamilton’s were
frund near the clothes line. Officer
then searched Hamilton’s home, but
to no avail. Then they gave the negro
the once-over and on his person was
thr garment sought for. And so into
court- came Hamilton .
OUR COURT SQUARE Howitzer is Secured for Court
Square Ornament by Captain
I’cyton McSwain.
A German howitzer, 150 millimeter
Kut;. has been allotted to Shelby bv
A-tutant General Metz oT North Car
oldva through the effort of Cain.
Ceylon McSwain of the local militU
and will he sent here from a Nhnv
•lersey city to he placed on the court
square as an ornament. Captain Me
Suain had been in cominunk atop
vith General Metz at Raleigh for
some time and ■■finally--got this larird
K’.’n assigned to Shelby on conchtion'
ti. it tlu* town would pay the trnns
1 •rtation charges on it from New'
■ler.ey. Captain McSwain went to
Mayor Weathers and asked if the
lev n would pay the transportation
charges and the Mayo; guaranteed Gie'
liiight out of his own pocket it" the
aldermen do not concur with him :n
P" sing the freight bill as a town
warrant. Both are anxious to have it
h» rc as a war relic mounted on the
beautiful court square and Captain Me
Swain has been able through his in
Idm nee with the adjutant general’s of
fice to secure one of the largest guns
the war department has for distribu
No history has been- received on
ho-.v and where the particular gun
was captured from the German army,
hut is supposed when the gun is ship
ped that an interesting history will
accompany it and be placed in a
frame near the gun mount. The gun
weigh* about 4.000 pounds and is said
to be one of the largest assigned to
Ncrth Carolina.
Sheriff Logan and E. A. Wellmon An
nounced. Making Three in Race.
Others Are Talked.
Two more candidates make their
formal announcement for high sher
iff of Cleveland county, E. A, Well
mon and Hugh A. Logan who has held
th° office for two terms after filling
out the un-expired term of Sheriff
Lackey, resigned. Ed Dixon, of Bel
wood, entered the race last week. Lo
ire n and Wellmon are both strong
men with big personal following*.
B<vt-h are loyal Democrats and popu •
lar all over the county. While the race
promises to be an interesting one,
the candidates are all high-toned men
who have served the party and -he
public well. Whatever the results
might be, the men who must Ire de
fected are of such calibre that no
malice or envy will be harbored.
While a hotly contested fight is as
sured, the race will be free from bii>
terness and personal attacks.
Sheriff Logan has seen war serr
ice. filled the office well and seeks
re-election on hi.s record, while Mr.
Wellmon is a loyal party worker who
has been active in the past, but al
ways for his friends. Now he asks
for himself and leaves the matter with
the voters,
f. R. Doggett and Tom W. Lattf
niure have also been urged by friends
to make the race, hut Mr. Lattimore
positively declines all requests, while
Mr. Doggett is considering the mt'.t
It was stated in Mr. Dixon’s notice
of candidacy that he was the son of
( apt. Ed Dixon, This is a mistake. He
it the son of the late Henry Dixon
who lived for many years at the old
Dixon mill site on second Broaa
Real Estate Keeps
Moving in Shelby
With numerous sales reported ir»
the suburban sections during the past
week trading in the uptown sections
1 he latest business property sale
reported is that of the remaining
brick store building in the Beam Au
tomotive block. The building was pur
chased by Mr. Felix O. Gee from
Earl D. McLean.
The sale was handled by the W. G,
Harris realty firm.
Thieves Break in
Lackey Garage Here
Sometime Sunday night thieves en
iered the Lackey garage, Puick head
quarters for the Shelby territory, and
made away with a quantity of acces
sories, it is reported.
Among the articles taken was a sit
of balloon tires from a Ford co»m<
and a horn and motormeter from *
Entrance was made through a fr^'i
wtr.iow, it it snid.

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