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    Perfect Baby
Marilyn Campbell, lfi-niontho-1
daughter of Mr. 'aM Mrs. llaroii
Campbell. Youngstown. Ohio, claims
honors as the p* rfect 1 iby, having
reeentlyvscored !•"*» points.
The Power of Duplication.
\ striking; advertisement t. i
cent issue of a well known magazine
commands attention. The ad about
a look. It goes on to say mat if ,!v
one volume of that la.ok were pronuii
ed the cost would run into out. thou,
sands of dollars. By the power <vj
pl'cation, by mean- of printing:, th ■
expense, is reduced in proportion to
the number of copies obtainable ; iu
the rate of potential sales.
These facts bear a direct reta'Jcu
(it the power of advertising; v. hi. h *
on rely the multiplying of the adver
turng; which is merely the 'multiply
irg of the advertiser'- effort and ac
complishment, and which, when dene
H accordance with the rules of the
g ime unquestionably reduces the price
of the commodity to the consumer. ■
Advertising is the §arae ‘power
duplication*’ in salesmanship; tin 1
again it is the printing press that dew
the trick.—Lancaster New
It may sound ungallant. bvit— or—
(in beautiful women ever run for f
If so, I will give you a
chance to make big
money by cutting up 25
acres of beautiful level
land into lots, situated
east side Delia lb St., in
the Miller section. This
land is beautifully situ
ated, fine views, near
sewage, light and water
lines. A ram.opportun
ity for a wide awake
purchaser. Terms liber
al. A. C. Miller. 2t-14e
GhtlS Tome
Makes the Body Strong.
Makes the Blood Rich, coc
Renew Yo nr H
by Purifier..! :c .
Ary physician v: i y 1
“Perfect Purificatio.. of ...
is Nature's FoUniiati* -i ■■£ Pc-rfer1
Health.” Why act rid your.-ei!: c.
chronic raiments that are urcitr wr
ing your vitality? Purify rur a
tiro system by t. i.i”;* .',,-rcug..
course of Calotabs,—on: o ■ : vi o s
week for several week' - a. ’ v ' >v
Nature retvards you with hr.rth.
Calotahs arc; the •.! ■ . f
system purifiers. Gy 7iirtily pa.-k
sge, containing full i.o-e'-t':. . Onl;
oo eta. At any dru store. ' 4 -,v.>
Treat Colds Externally
For sore throat, bronchitis or deep
chest colds, rub Vicks VapoRub briskly
over throat and chest and cover with
»arm flannel.
Vicks acts in two ways—both direct:
(tbtnrbtii like a liniment and inlialtd as
a vapor. A quick relief for the cold
troubles of all the family.
Vaf»o Rus
t 1 armors usually recant silage as n
(lain necessity. hnf tow of (horn real
'* ’’ 'ahialilc it win'll properly
combined with other feeds in fllUen.
■UK si cits.
Indiana experiment station gn ve
interesting facts about silage In
lli:s '•oniioc'timi as part iif their Inter
mitioual show exhibit. They compared
11,0 ''cpnoiny ami ofihsoncj of a stand
Hf'I ration with and without silage.
Tl.’- food required to fatten a ear
load of jti two-year old steers amount
*■.'> intis of cottonseed meal, •!.'!
' ■ of silage, 752 bushels of corn,
atel t!\>t tons of clover Itav.
The land required 10 grow this feed
'.as 1.1 acres of corn "rain, 5.4 acres
"f silage corn. am! two am! a half
‘"Tcs of clover hay. This was a total
acreage of ‘si;? acres. Without silage,
if ' • -S acres of farm-grown feed,
made-up of It) acres of corn grain ami
IJHit*. cUT'i -S i tf <■ J f»\ %*
l ead to not •• each pound of gain
amou:: < d to pounds coni. 1.,'i
P<t:<t. ehi'.er hay. 1 ’ pounds of eot
loti ee,! me.ti; -ir*(i aJ.5 pcmmis of
silage. I!i(• profit was reckoned along
''i'li hog - foil ,w,t;g the steers, l-'or
the ear loi Using .-dingo tils' .profit Was
tsm'i for ilieCar lot 1. si no silage
the profit was fgfj'V .
<■ meal. i. . reuses the finish
and selling of -p ,-.-s while tip.
Cage, ti.-ed in file rath a cheapens the
eest nf production. Le s lami i; ,-e
q hired to p; .'litti’e f. . d for a car lot
of steers when silage is fed.
Early Diagnosis of Hog
Cholera Very Important
h-ai'ty diagnosis is one c.f the most
important .steps in the control of hog
cholera, winch lias developed on many I
farms in Minnesota this year., lie-. ]
spniisihjlity nf a jti'itrn-r diagnosis and ,
the inetlmd of procedure to follow,
lie with the veterinarian, who should ■
he ealjpd as soon as the pigs appear !
to he sick. 1
Kniphasizing the importance of «
‘■oriv.'i diagnosis. Hr. H. |[.. K-ern of the 'division of veterinary
utetlicirle, rniversity of Minnesota, says
that if hog cholera serum were to be
i!se<i on swine suffering from some
disease other than cholera results
would he discouraging.
"In outbreaks of cholera anti
j cholera serum cannot be used too
soon.'' he says. "Serum Is not a cure,
j hut It may lie given in large doses to
j sv.ine In the early stages of the dis
I order. liven if only a few hog; are
J saved, the serum wiM pay for itself."
Cattle Need Protein to
Make Profitable Gains
A certain amount of protein Is ab
solutely essential in cattle-feeding op
erations. Where alfalfa or clover hay
is the sole roughage it is not neces
sary to use any protein feed, hut
where alfalfa or clover is fed in con
nection with other roughages, the ad
dition of one pound of cottonseed
meal per head per day will reduce the
cost of gains'materially.
If no alfalfa or other leguminous
hay is fed. two pounds of cottonseed
meal pei' head per day will produce
gains considerably cheaper than In
the cases where none is fed, accord
ing to Dr. <\ \V. Met'ampbell, liend of
. animal husbandry Work at the Kansas
Slate Agricultural College.
: Proper Feed Will Make
Vigorous Litter of Pigs
The greater the number of pigs
raised pet smv the less the cost per
i'ig. 'li e tinhorn pig ix Dullt unite
! largely of protein, heme the neees
sif. of feeding pit t ty of protein to
] the row from breeding to farrowing
; time in order that.she may produce a
| large strong, thrifty, vigorous litter.
• say live situ k authorities at the Kan
! sis State Agricultural college. The
| brood sow should have either one half
! pound of tankage, one pound of lin
sooii oil meal, one pount] of soy heuns
or one gallon of .skint milk or butter
milk per day to furnish tlie needed
protein, they advise.
Live Stock Hints
Young animals make the Utist us**
of let'll.
• • •
The most effective method of rid
dins cattle of lice is »>y dipping.
* * *
Do not feed moldy' hay to horses if
you wish to avoid serious ailments.
A beef row carries more fat under
her hide than a dairy cow, and fat is
a most excellent nonconductor of heat.
• • *
Two severe taxes on pic growth are
worms and lice. Cleanliness aids
mightily in combating both.
• *
llog cholera ordinarily causes iarg®
losses to fanners during the full and
winter months. Vaccination is a stjre
preventive but must be done before
the hogs get sick.
. * * ♦
Too many pigs should not lie nut tie
gether. liven though none may be
hurt, & large number bunch up and be
come so warn) that colds result from
going out into the winter weather.
A normal man is one who feels very
complacent when he opens a stubborn
fruit jar for his wife. _ _
IlinHu l’r.nre Has Many Followers
in Lo Angeles Who Await His
I i Argcles. Prince Jedda Kri.-h
•mmurti, the y )img Hindu said to
ha't been announced as the “New Mes
s : h” and over whom London has been
:oj'< rfed agog, is well-known in C.v
1 r, 'i.ia, where he has spent consider
able time, it was learned today.
! he young Hindu claimed by one
'•>. .-inch of the Theosophieal movemnr.
til • ■ been reincarnated as Jems
1 ■ < hrts'tntas, lived for sometime in
Southern California at Ajai, ima/
V entuva, and is well known to mem
he's of the Theosophieal society in
Lbs Angeles.
According to dispatches from Lon
Ki i 1 : amurti i •• scheduled to ar
1 cor there ,r> ^uiie. tile announcement
"i av.ii'o he n made by Lady Emily Lui
yro • wi’c cf the eminent architect,
f ir Edward Lutyens.
In I, .; Ang.tles.- the followers of the
young Hi.,do. who i ,’:j \ ear - of age
s’ut.d he r ouhl e<>me to America late
in June and p< it I v make his firs ap
ptcrarcc in America in I. .« Angelo.
At Ojai it v, 'if lr rued the young
Hindu has suitimer cottage where he
‘Va said to h. v: lived in the utmost
•'< 'tn'i m in.pmcrati n for his as.nun
the rub of th<- “New .Messiah”
lie left California hot November
r -ivMadras. India, to be present at the
■ 1 • ,.iphis. Jubilee celebrations, pre
sided over by Mr;. Annie Besatu, lead
or of the group which is promoting
his cause.
I.or. !e ; follow; "s of the prin a.
welt* found extremely Lr.rkwarci in
d’scuo'-ing his past. He is,.known as
ti e head f the “Order of the Star in
th East” they said.
At an cr.rly age he wrote a hook call
ed “At chc Feet of my Master.’ Since
boyhood he has been intensely train
ed through study and mediatation for
ti-e mantle of world teacher.
V* i.ile many claim the prince is a
“New Messiah,” others are sponsor-!
Anyway, it is nice to Pola Negri to
let Valentino know through the press
before taking him to the altar.
Her Mother-in-Law Knew
A Remedy
Mrs. Belle Thompson was in a
j very weak and run-down condition
I" "" I for four years. She
had great difficulty
in getting to sleep
at night and even
then did not sleep
soundly. She would
wake up again and
again. Besides this
her appetite was
poor. “My mother
in-law told me of
Lydia E. Plnkham’s
Vegetable Com
1 r 1 pound and Lydia E.
I Finkham’s Sanative Wash.” she writes.
“I took six bottles of the Vegetable
I Compound and I was hot the same
j woman at all. I could sleep and would
get uji in the morning singing and feel
! ing dnc. 1 am the mother of three
! children and always after the babies
; came I had to take treatments, but 1
I can truly say that this last time I have
\ only used the Sanative Wash. It does
me more good than the treatments. It
keeps me on my feet to care for my
l chlldreu and I do most of my work. I
' feel it my duty to let you. know how
both of the medicines have helped me.”
j —Mas. Bin r.E Tiio.ursoN, It. ”, Itoss
! ville. Georgia.
Are you or .ho Sunlit Hoad to Better
Health? If Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vege
j table Compound has helped others, why
: shouldn t it help you?
Retired Minister Tells How He ;
Keeps in Good Form With
the Assistance of
West Graham, Va.—Tho Rev. !
Lewis Evans, a well-known retired j
minister, now past 80, living here, j
has a high opinion of Black- !
Draught, which he says he has
taken when needed, for 25 years.
“For years I had been suffering
with my liver,” he says. “'Some
times tho pain would be very in
tense and my back would hurt all
tho time. Black-Draught was the
first thing I found that would give
me any relief.
“My liver has always been slug
gish. Sometimes it gives me a lot
of trouble. 1 have suffered a lot
with it—pains in my side and back,
and bad headache, caused from ex
treme biliousness.
“After I found Black-Draught, I
would begin to take it as soon as I
felt a spell coming on and it re
lieved the cause at once. I can
recommend it to anybody suffer
ing from liver trouble. A dose or
two now and then keeps me in good
Made from selected medicinal
roots and herbs, and containing no
dangerous mineral drugs, Black
Draught is nature’s own remedy
for a tired, lazy liver. NC-166
Legumes check soil crosin by fur
nishing a cover crop, by adding a
large amount of organic matter to
the soil and by holding the soil with
their heavy root systems, say agro
nomists of the Agricultural Exten
sion Service.
A probe is .something' used on a
tariff just before the whitewash is ap
Magnesium limestone under toba
cco will improve the yield and quali
ty of leaf this year, sn.v investiga
tors of the North Carolina Experi
ment Station.
Hatch the chicks in March and
April before hot weather comes, ad
vi*e poultry experts. The late hatch
ed chick is unhealthy and unprofit
able, say these Investigators.
Shelby to Charlotte—7, 9, 11, 1, 3, 5, 7:30.- Charlotte to Shelby
—8. 10. 13, 2, 4. 6.
Kings Mountain to Charlotte—7:30, 0:30, 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30,
8,3!). Direct connect ion made in Kings Mountain for Spartanburg
and Greenville in the morning—One hour layover in afternoons.
Morganton to Shelby 2 p. m. Shelby to Morganton 0 a. m.
D rect connection for Gastonia and Charlotte, Leaving Gas
ton it at K for Morganton.
Bessemer City to Charlotte—7:45, 0:15, n:ir„ 1:15, 315,
5:43, 8:45.
Gastonia to ( harlotte, leaves every hour on the hour, front 7 ,\.
M. to 8 P. M. Connection made there for Rock Hill. S. ('.;
Spar|anburg, Greenville, Cramerton, Lincolnton and Cherryville,
York and Clover, S. C.
(•as ton in to .Shelby—On the odd hours, making connections for
Rutherfordton, Hendersonville, Asheville and State ville and
Gastonia to Cherryviile—8:30, 12:10, 4:10. 8:10.
Cherryville to Gastonia- 7:15, 10, 2, 0 i*. }|.
Charlotte to Rock Hill 8, 10:30, 4:15.
Rock Hill to Charlotte -10:30, 1:30, 1:15,
I,u l,a\es Spartanburg C:15 1’. M. Connections at Kings
Mountain, (Tuirlotte.
Charlotte 2671, Gastonia 1051, Shelby .50 Sl.elhy to Rutherford,
ton— 8 A. 51. and 1 I’. M, Rutherfordton' to SI dbv--0:40 A M
& 2:15 P. M.
^ Shelby to As.- vi!’;.—10:00 A. M. 12, 2, 4, 0 V. M. Asheville to
Shelby -8, 9 & 11 A. Id. & 2, 4, P. M.
Shelby—7:20 A. M ,10 A. M„ 1 P. M„ 4:30 I1. M.
Lincolnton— 8:30, A, M.. 11 A. M„ 3:00 I’. M. 0:30 P. M.
Schedules Subject to Change.
Structural Steel
Beams, Channels, Angles, H Columns,
Plates, Bolts and Reinforcing Bars in
stock for all purposes.
Prompt delivery to your job.
J. Claude Weathers
Office Rooms 23 and 24, Lineberger Bldg.
Phones: Office 662, Residence 502.
Highest CASH prices paid for Poultry
and Eggs at the
Shelby, N. C.
Tested forWeamerWear
"this motor ear finish
stands up in hard service
PANELS painted with Dcvoc
Motor Car Finish are
placed upon the slowly turn
ing wheel of the “weather
machine." Artificial sun rays
beat upon it. Artificial rain
storms potiryjxm it. Artificial
frost.attacks it.
» f In a- few <3ay*.this machine
i coiiceatraieson Dewoc Motor
Car Finish all the weather
wear it would receive in
monthsof service on yourcar
before it is put into the can.
Devoe Motor Car Finish is
easy to apply and levels itself
without brush marks or laps.
It is guaranteed to give satis*
faction when applied accord
ing to directions. Practical
tests prove Dcvoc Quality..
l-j >G H! 2500 to
4000 feet
above mosquito belt but
low of cost
High in assay of summer
attractions but low in
summer heat
Dwellers at Wildacres will enjoy log fire-s on summer
evenings and will sleep under blankets. By all means
locate your home here, above the clouds, and away from
the centers of fashion and expense. Be among real
home folks who love the outdoors. Build a small v.\ ilstk:
home, join the ten recreational and cultural clubs, and
enjoy the Sunday night talks by men of international
note in the Forum of the Mt. Mitchell Association of
Arts and Sciences.
A u : h<*r i [
The Clansman
The liirth of a
The Leopard’s
Dr. Dixon founded
the Mt Mitchell
A s s o c i a t ion of
Arts and Science.!,
and the Wildatres
colony for artistic
summer homes at
small com. He has
given UP his suc
cessful career as
author and play
wright to devote
the rest of his life
to tills i:e*
t; u tonal institu
Offers all these rare privileges at no expense except the low cost
of a high site—averaging 10,500 square feet—at $750 to $2,000 until
April 15th, when prices will advance. The hotel section is limited. The
lots are going fast. Values far exceed present listings. Send in the
coupon today.
Streets, sewers, water and electricity guaranteed.
Join Dn Dixon***Send this-**^
v lfntrn li< '■ ut.V ■ uJ-'- V
District Manager
c o Wildacres Office
Shelby, N. C.

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