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Copeland’s Health Talk
Middle-Life Danger
(I'nltfed States Senator And Former Hesltb Commissioner of N».-v i’ork.)
This is a beautiful morning. As I write, my train is on the way.j
from Detroit to Dexter, where I was born. To me. Michigan is a j
wonderful and a beautiful state.
What remarkable changes have taken place since I first traveled
this route! Most remarkable ot all ir the im
proved public health and the lowered death rate
The old cemeteries we pass tell the story of
how the pioneers suffered. Malaria was more
fatal then than scarlet fever is today. Now we
rarely hear of a case of malaria, let alone a
death from it.
When my ancestors located in Michigan,
every last member of the family shook with the
ague. Fortunately, not all of them had the at
tack on the same day. It was the "off day' for
one ot two of them, when the rest were suffer
L ing from chill, fever and sweat. The groups
I alternated in personal service as they did in
‘ illness.
DB. COPELAND 11 was thought then that a miasm, poisons
air. was the cause of malaria. It was decades later that the mosquito
■was discovered to be the carrier of the disease.
Typhoid fever raged. Diphtheria
and smallpox were common afflic
tions. Child birth was associated
with a terrifying death rate for
mother and baby.
Go through these old cemeteries
and read the inscriptions on the
tombstones: You will be shocked
to find how many young mothers
and infant children gave their lives
to the unsanitary and unscientific
conditions of that early day.
If the babies did not die the day
of birth, a third of the survivors
died within a year. Indeed, the
average expectation of life was Mi
ls A Prescription For
Colds, Grippe, Flu,- Dengue,
Bilious Fever and Malaria,
ft is the most speedy remedy known
j, r WHEN
that you need g&a
and oil bear in
mind the fact that
this is headquarters
for all that is best in
that line, that here
you get Sinclair gas
and Opaline oil and
that here without ex
ception prices rule
lower than those for
similar gas and oi!
anywhere else. Hap
py New Yea* to
03 Co.
ly forty years. There were centen
arians, of course, but they were the
notable exceptions.
We have, every reason to thank
God and take courage. We are bet
ter off In a thousand ways than
were those brave, old pioneters.
But there Is much to learn from
their lives. They had qualities and
habits that are good for us to pos
They were not afraid of the out
of-doors. They walked a lot. They
exercised their muscles. They were
in athletic trim all the time
Our lives are too soft. We do
not use our muscles, even those
having to do with the chewing of
food. The food itself is robbed of
husk, covering and fibre. In con
sequence, the muscles of the intes
tinal walls have little to do. Con
stipation results.
We must not be too puffed up
over the improvements of modern
times. Great as they are, they
have not made life any safer be
tween the ages of thirty and sixty.
In that period disease is just as
fatal aa it was a hundred years ago.
That is the time of life when
strict attention should be given to
the rules of personal hygiene and
conduct. Fresh air, sunlight, mod
erate exercise, plenty of sleep,
simple food and temperate eating,
cleanliness of the body, lots of wa
ter to drink and a contented mind
_these are important at all ages.
but they are absolutely essential
between thirty and sixty.
Live a modified pioneer life during
these years and old age will be a
joy to you. You won’t be a de
crepit, toothless, rheumatic cripple
in advanced life, if you live as you
should between youth and old age.
Santa Claus
Doll And Bed
Dear Santa Claus:—I want you
to bring me a sleep doll and a doll
bed and a carriage and lots of
fruits and candy,
your friend,
Prances Davis, Shelby.
Remember Us AIL
Dear Santa:—Please remember
us second grade children with a
lots of nice gifts. We are all good
and hope you will leave us heaps.
Mary Lou Lail, Virgie Whi
taker, James McSwain, Mil
dred Connor, Pearl Whitaker.
A Doll
Dear Santa:—I am a little girl in
the second grade. I have been good.
Please bring me a doll and don’t
forget father and mother and don’t
forget the rest of the children. Will
close for this time, by by.
Pearl Whitaker, Shelby.
Cap Buster.
Dear Santa:—I am a little boy.
I am ten years old. I want you to
bring me a cap buster, candy, ap
ples and anything nice that youj
have for me. Good bye.
James McSwain, Shelby.
Doll. Apples and Candy.
Dear Santa:—I am a lltle girl in
tb* lecond grade. I have been godd.
idease bring me a doll and some
apples and candy and don't forget
father and mother. Good bye.
Mildred Connor, Shelby R-8. j
Big DoIL
Dear Santa:—I am a little girl in j
the second grade. I have been good.
Please bring me a big doll and some
apples and candy and nuts. Please j
remember all the other girls and
boys. Love.
Mary Lou Lall, Shelby.
Doll And Carriage.
Dear Santa:—I am a little girl
in the second grade. I have been
good. Please bring me a big doll
and some apples and some nuts and
a big baby carrir^-e.
Virgie Whitaker. Shelby.
Tom Mix Suit.
Dear Santa:—I want a bicycle I
and fire crackers and fruits and
nuts and don't forget my little sis
ter. She wants a doll and doll bed.
piano, tricycle and don't forget the (
Royal Visitor!
Another Romanoff has come to
America This time it is Her
Royal Highness, the Grand
Duchess Marie, a cousin of the
late Czar She is shown above
as she arrived aboard the liner
poor little boys and girls who don’t
have no father and mother.
Your friend.
Junior Queen, Shelby.
And I wish you to bring me a Tom
Mix suit.
Doll And Tea Set.
Dear Santa Claus:—We are two
little girls, 8 and 6 years old. We
want you to bring us a tea set. a
I cooking sei., cancly, nuts, fruits;
Nell wants a by-Io baby doll.
Dorothy and Nell Cabaniss.
Shelbv, R-5.
Ring And Doll.
Dear Santa Claus:—I want you
to please bring me a ring and doll,
j I am a little girl two years old and
bring plenty of nuts and fruit.
Yours truly.
Year Hendrick, Shelby, R-8.
Dear Santa:—I am a little girl 8
years old and am going to school. I
want you to bring me a tricycle,
fruits, nuts and candies for Christ
mas. Don't forget any of the little
boys and girls.
Your little friend,
Margaret Moore, Shelby.
Pony And Kiddie Car
Dear Santa Claus:—! am a lit
tle boy five years old. Please bring
me a kiddy cart and a pony, nuts,
candy and plenty of fruit. Don't
forget my mother and daddy.
Your friend,
John Hendrick, Shelby.
Pink Hat.
Dear Santa:—I am a little girl 4
years old. My father and mother
are both dead and 1 hope you want
forget me. I want a pink hat and
a doll that crys and a little bed for
it, a rocking chair for myself and
lots of nuts, apples and candy.
Mildred French, Shelby.
Dear Santa Claus:—I would like
to have a baby doll, an umbrella
and a pair of gloves, apples,
oranges, nut'- and some candy. 1
DR. D. M.
Eyes Examined, Glasses
Fitted and Repaired.
Located next to Haines
Shoe Store.
(Down Stairs)
have a little sister that is two years
old and would like to nave a baby
doll and a red wagon lor Christ
Your friend,
Bernice Brooks. South Shelby
Doll And Carriage.
Dear Santa:—Please bring me a
big doll and carriage to roll her in
■and apples, nuts and oranges. Re
member the good aiTls and boys
and father and mother too. Good
Girthie Bowers, Shelby,
Sleeping Doll.
Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring
me a doll that opens and shuts its
eyes, a doll carriage, oranges, ap
ples, a box of raisins and tanger
Betsy Hall Roberts, Shelby.
Bed Room Slippers.
Dear Santa Claus:—Will you
please bring me a doll that will
cry? and a pair of bed room slip
pers, and don't forget my little sis
ter, Nancy Jean. She wants a baby
ddH and a picture book.
Martha Frances Roberts,
Kitchen Cabinet.
Dear Santa:—Please bring me a
doll, pair of gloves and a toy
kitchen cabinet. Plenty of fruit
and c.ui*-!v Remember ah my other
little ti lends.
Marie Mauney, She'bv R-6.
Dutch Mill.
Dear SantaPlease bring me a
coaster wagon. Putcn mill and \
some candy, irult and mjts. Re- ;
member daddy. mama and rav !■
brothers and sisters.
Charles Mauney, Shelby R-5.
A Watch,
Dear Santa:—Please .bring me a
watch, apples, orange, bannanas.,
and candy and den t forget moth
er and daddy and my teacher, f
Miss Elhott.
With love.
Truman Smith, Shelby R-6.
Chicago —A kiss for Cinderella
or anyone else., seeking her big
Christmas moment beneath the
mistletoe, will be within the reach
of all this year, the mistletoe mer - '
chants announce.
A bumper crop is available lroru
the south, especially Alabama and
Texas, the florists said, resulting in '
a price drop which in turn has been
accompanied by an unusually heavy
To our customers that have purchased
Clothing or other merchandise on our
“Lay Away” System, it will be neces
sary for you to call and get your pack
age before, cr not later than Dec. 24th,
after which time, geods w'll be placed
back in stock and the paid on amount
forfeited to Gilmers, Inc.
Let Boat Bakery do the Work for You.
Strawberry, Caramel, Walnut, Cherry, Old Time
Don’t Overlook Your
FLAVORS: Cocoanut, Chocolate. Orange, Pineapole,
trawberry, Caramel, Walnut, Cherry, Old Time
Pound Cake, Old Time White Pourd Cake, and also
Commercial Plain Cake, bo'h in white and yel’ow.
We have all of the above flavors in 1 lb,, 21b„ and
4 lb. sizes, and the price is cheaper than you can
bake at home not including the work of baking the
cakes. ,
We have these cakes all ready for you now and
will bake some cakes to order.
We also have I he bread for your Christmas
dinner, that fine texture Pul’man Butter Flake
Bread, Fresh Rolls, all kinds and everything good
to eat in the baked goods.
Call and ree our line of cakes and bread.
Bost Bakery
PHONE 158. - SHELBY, N. C.
it was only a
young man s car
and her lineage was hon
orable. it’ long... her speed
ometer hail slopped work
ing at 30.0(10.. .but how she
ale up the miles from Newark, N. J., to
Anderson, S. C. . . . and how she waltzed
away from many a bigger and shinier ea
... and how confident and prom! her ow ner
was when he said to the S. S. M.*. . .‘‘sure,
fill her up with none but ‘Standard’ Gasoline
and give her a shot of ‘Standard* Motor Oil
. . . her digestion won't take kindly to any
otuer lution” . . .
„..we forgot to mention that ourbrigh
young man and his honorable little cai
were guided all along the way with a
“Standard” road map and with direc
tions furnished by the ‘‘Standard" Tour
ing Service .... 26 Broadway ... and this
service is yours, free, for the asking
■jr 5 If. stands f->r "~’inr,<iri|
.Service Man" . . . and then
again it stands for "Smiling
Standard Man” ... and. boy,
there's a whole army of them
just waiting and anxintt to
serve you anywhere you tee
the familiar “dtuttaurd'*
■ amp , . .
Ask anv Owner
More convincing than anything we C n say in favor of ;, e rev/ Durant *
Fours and Six ‘-go’s” is the complete satisfaction and enthusiasm of
Durant owners. An exacting public has placed its wholehearted
endorsement on this newline cf Durants. That was to be expected,
for in the Durant car is a combination which sets a new high mark in
motor car quietness, power, economy and beauty. These statements
are not merely claims; they are well-known facts. Durant owners sense
that indefinable quality of goodness that sets these cars so distinctly
apart in their price field. Aten who have owned other cars say the
Durant is by long odds superior to anything they have ever owned,
iw Have a Durant demonstration today and you will know how fine
a low-priced car can be. ^ iw
DURANT SIX “60" DE LUXE SEDAN-$935 / e. i>. Lansing
Davis-Bisfoop Motor Co.

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