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Kct.i Items Phoned to Miss Roberts Wilt Be Appreciated
Circles. '
id*? 3:30. p. m.—The Lucy
tj -Hpyle circle will meet nt the
' ^church, iflcstesses: Mesdames Fred
• ClUahen and Carlos Grtgg.
. V Monday 7:30 p.’ m —The Business
.‘.-^yctnan's circle will meet nt the
'’•'“iltoh. Hostesses: Mc.tdames Rob
*, Wilson .and Winlred Dorsey.
■t^llldn&ay 3 p. m.- The Fannie
HoCk circle will meet with Mrs. Vul
i Thomason on South DeKalb St
1; Monday 3 p. m—Ann Jvidson
* circle will meet with Mrs. J IV
^jfdlan on N. Lafayette, street
•*“ hienday S'P. tn.—Attle Bostic cir
cle yylll meet with Mr. and Mrs.
*" Sam Turner on S. LnFnyettr St.
Monday 3:30 p. m -Mery Archer
circle meets with Mrs. .! L Lnrlcry
on W. Warren street
F.-T. A.
.< The Parent-Teachers association
of the Marlon school held their
regular monthly meeting nt the
L- school building Wednesday after
•'noon at 3:30 o'clock
,, Mrs. J. W. Doggett. the president.
■ presided. The program was opened
- with two choruses by the primary
- grades, after which Mr. -j C. New -
; ton made a talk on the present,
; school tax situation, giving a very
,(clear eaplnation of it, alter which
lithe association voted to endorse
ilng he had said,
round table discussion follow*
JJr MW. Ceph Blanton and
sc hoed problems were dis
Luey’ Hamrick's grade was
awarded the prize of one dollar for
the greatest number of motlrers
There were seventy-five or more
of the parents present. The meet
ing adjourned to meet tli second
Wednesday In February.
The Garden club will liave their
regular monthly meeting at the
club loom Tuesday afternoon at 3
Church Circles.
The circles of the Woman's Aux
il:a y will meet as follows:
Monday 3:30 p. in.—Circle No. 1
will meet with Mrs. 8. O. Andrews
at her home oil S. Washington St
Monday 3:30 p. in.- Circle No. t!
" ill meet with Mrs F. O. Gee, S.
Washington street
Monday 3:30 p. in.-Circle No. il
v ill meet with Mrs. Hoy Ttddy
Gldney street.
Monday 7:30 p. m. Business
Woman's circle will meet at Hit'
Wednesday afternoon January 1!
at 5:30 o'clock in the Lutherat
parsonage, Claremont, Mr. Paul F
Stanley and Miss Johnnie Carpen
ter were happily married. Ke\ R
B. Sigmon officiated.
Mrs. Stanley is the attractive
daughter of Mr J. F. Carpenter oi
Cherryvflie, Mr. Stanley is the soi
of Mr. John G. Stamey of this city
He is a member of Shelby’s poller
f department. These splendid young '
people have the best wishes ol their
many friends.
Afternoon Division
No. 2 Meets.
Mesdames D. Z. Newton. Clyde
. Short and George Vaughn were
joint hostesses to the members of j
division No. 2 of the Worn air's club
; and a number of invited guests, j
i yesterday .afternoon at 3:30 o'clock |
t at the Woman’s club room,
j Mrs. J. W Doggett, the vice-,
chairman, presided over the meet- i
! ing. The roll call and minutes of j
the previous meeting were read by |
the secretary. Miss Ollic Hamrick. I
Mrs. ft. O. Hamrick had charge!
of the following most entertaining i
program. The subject ior the aft-J
ernoon wr.s "The Stage." Mrs. Her- j
ry Speck told in r. very interesting
| manner sketches fior.i "Memories j
of My Life,” by Sarah Bernhardt, j
Miss Mary Helen Latfimore next
beautifully rendered "Hungarian j
Rhapsody No. 14" by List/,. This
was followed by an autobiography
of Joseph Jefferson by Mrs. Mial,
i Tiddy. Miss Virginia Hamrick gave |
a clever musical reading. "The j
Eskimo," Miss Lattimore playing I
her accompaniment. Mrs J. P.:
Roberts read a biography of Edward ,
Hugh Sothern. The program was1
closed with two lovely \ooal .selec
tions by Mls.s Nina Holt White,
, "Now Sleeps the Crtmscn Petals,”
and "Tiptoe."
The hostesses served delicious
salad, sandwiches, date sticks and
Russian tea.
The invited guests included: :
Mesdaines Oscar Palmer, J. H. Car
roll. Bloom Kendall. Misses Mary
Helen Lattimore, Virginia Hamrick,
Nina Holt White. Augusta Alexan
, dcr and Mayme Roberts.
Mrs. I.rhintl Weds
Charlotte Man.
News has been received here ol |
the wedding in Charlotte Mondayi
of Mrs. Annette DePriest-Leland j
to Mr. Harry Baber, the ceremony j
being performed by Dr. Luther Lit- |
tie of the First Baptist church, in
the Quern City. Mrs. LeLatuMs the i
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo W j
DePriest of Shelby and is pleas
antly known in Shelby. Mr Baber,!
, the groom Is manager of the
i _
Suits And O'Coats
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ing suits and overcoats! Big
price cuts also on work clothes,
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Sturdy Shoes
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Hoover Vacuum clerii-i r in
Charlotte The coup’e left afte:
the wedding for a honeyn o<n trip
to Mr. Haber's .home in Atlanta, Cla. I
Tax Relief
Aim Of Mull
(< on tin lied Irtini page one.)
say in Cleveland county, would en
large its force sufficiently to keep
up practically all the public roads
in the entire county. This same!
change should be applied to the
state. To get sufficient fluids to;
pay for state maintenance, I favor 1
a two cent raise in the gasoline!
tax. This would produce about i
five million dollars and by one j
sweep of the pen. the maintenance'
tax as levied by the townships and
road district < could be abolished. I
leaving it, necessary to levy only a
sufficient tax to pay Interest on '
bonds and retire them when due !
“By this method, land would not
have to pay the heavy road main-I
tenant e tax burden that it now has |
to carry. It would be paid by the1
automobillsts, many of them* from J
out of state, passing through over 1
our good roads. If a farmer did 1
not own a car and have to buy j
gasoline he would be exempt from
paying any road tux except for lo
cal bond interest.
l imit Teachers’ Pay.
Mr. Mull is deeply in another j
piece of legislation which he thinks '
would bring relief from high taxes
which arc so much decried all over
North Carolina. There is a sur
plus m the state treasury which
could be used to increase the state
school equalization fund. This
equalization fund last year was
about three and a quarter million
dollars. Mr. Mull would increase,
the equalization fund to approxi- j
mately five millions, said fund to j
be distributed to local tax district
schools where the school tax is a
burden on real estate.
Mr. Mull would not allow, how
ever, any of this school equaliza
tion fund to go to any school that
pays its teachers more than the
state salary schedule out of public
funds of any description. In oth
er words, Mr. Mull would have all
public schools pay their teachers
not more than their certificate
would rate them and tn accordance
with the salary schedule set by the
state department of education, oth- j
crwlse these schools would not get i
any of (he equalization money.
He is expected to run into op-!
position by school men who con-;
j tend there should be some differ
ence in salaries because there is
a difference in the cost of living
in the larger and smaller towns
and cities of the state.
I -
Shelby People At
Inauguration Today
Many Go By Automobile. List Of
Those On Southern
Scores of Shelby and Cleveland
county people are lft Raleigh today
attending the inaugural cere
monies of O. Max Gardner, the
county's first governor.
Due to the fact that many local
people Journeyed to Raleigh by
motor it is impossible for The Star
to present a complete list of home
folks attending the ceremonies.
However, the following is a partial
list of those going on the special
car over the Southern Thursday
evening: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R.
Hoey, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Anthony,!
Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Royster, D. W.
Royster, J. Frank Roberts, Mr. and
Mrs. Everett Houser, Mr. and Mrs.
Lee B. Weathers, George. Blanton,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hoey, Miss Iso
bel Hoey, Misses Minnie Eddins and
Mary Adelaide Roberts, Mrs. A. W.
McMurry, Mrs. Harry Woodson, A.
E. Cline. Kings Mountain; R. E.
Price and C. S. Royster, Ruther
fordton; Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Nash
and Otto Long.
| Seaboard Conductor
Passes In Hospital
Rutherfordton. Jan. 10.—Chesley
Meredith, 38, or EUenboro, a con
ductor on the Seaboard railroad for
many years, died at the state sana
torium after an extended illness.
Funeral s?rvi:\s were inlc. at
Hamlet. He haves a widiw and one
son. He was well-knovn here and
in Bladen county. Ins former home.
He was a member of tne Knlgr.t.
Templars of Chr.’•lotto and was a
member of the Order of Hallway
Conductors and the Brot hernood of
Railway Trainmen
Mrs. Camnitz Talks
To Rotary Meeting
l Mrs. Howard Camnitz was the
guest speaker at the meeting of
i the Shelby Rotary club today at
[the Piedmont rafe, giving an inter
esting and highly entertaining reci
taticn with the atmosphere of her
home state of Kentucky.
Among recently added members
jof the club are Solicitor P. C. Gard
iner. Judge Horace Kennedy, and
Messrs. Dean Duncan. Jimmy Blan
ton and David E. Honeycutt.
if STM w«n is
Sale Price
Your choice of any of our Boys’
50c socks are 39c during the sale.
^h'^htly Fleeced
Regular Price 89c to $1.00
A solid case we received just be
fore xmas. Good quality all sizes.
Saturday is Men’s Day here. Special val
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Closing Them Out
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