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i Council Of Farm Women Agree
To Demand Feeds In Cot
ion Sacks,
Rock Hill, S. C—Declaring that i
the people of the South should use |
cotton products whenever andj
wherever they can be used to1
economic advantage, the York j
county council of farm women at j
t a meeting held here unanimously i
passed resolutions requesting the ■
housewives of York county and of
the entire South to demand that
their flour, sugar and feeds shall i
come in cotton sacks and that they !
refuse to accept same in any other :
* The grocers of York county and \
of the entire South are requested ,
in the resolutions to lend their full'
support to the movement. The1
numbers of the council are plan- 1
ning an exhibit of useful articles
made from cotton sacks at their
next meeting.
The resolutions adopted by the
council as made public by Miss
Lena Sturgis, the secretary, fol
low :
N “The prosperity of the South is
largely determined by the price;
secured each year for its cotton.
Tire price secured depends very
largely upon the demand for cot
ton products. It is, therefore, we
feel; encumbent upon all in the
South to use cotton products when
ever and wherever they can be
used to economic advantage. It is
our belief that it is certainly to
the economic advantage of the
housewives of the South to pur
chase their flour, sugar and feeds
* in cotton sacks, because of the
many very valuable uses to which
these sacks can be put after they
are emptied. In addition, we are
helping create a market for our
own product when we buy our
flour, etc., in them.”
t Therefore, Ee It Resolved, that
we request the housewives of York
county and of the entire South to
demand that their flour, sugar and
feeds shall come in cotton sacks
and that they refuse to accept
same in any .other container."
“Be It Further Resolved, that
we request the grocers of York
county and the entire South to
lend their full support to this
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting, of the stockholders
of the Cleveland Building and Loan
association will be held in the di
rector’s room of the Cleveland
Bank and Trust Co. at 4 p. m. on
Thursday, February 21st for the
election of directors and the trans
action of any other business that
might come up. This January 30,
J. L. BUTTLE. Sec.-Treaa.
Having this day qualified as Ad
ministrators of the estate of Joseph
Palmer, all persons holding claims
r gainst said estate are hereby no
tified to file the same with the un
. dersigned properly proven on or be
r lore the 8th day of January, 1930,
or this notice will be pleaded in
bar of -ny right of recovery there
on. All .persons indebted to said
estate will please make immediate
payment to the undersigned.
This the 7th day of January,
L. C. PALMER, Lawndale,
N. C„ R-l,
Shelby, N. C.. R-5.
Administrators of Joseph Palmer's
B. T. rails, Attorney.
|North Carolina, Cleveland County
in Superior Court.
The First State Bank, Chase City
Virginia, Plaintiff
vs. /
H. H. Lackey and Mary Lee Lackey
By virtue of an execution direct
ed to the undersigned from the su
perior court for Cleveland county,
N. C., in the above entitled action,
I will, on Monday at 12 in., March
li, 1929, at the court house door of
said county. sell to the highest
bidder for cash to satisfy said ex
4 ecution, all the right, title and in
terest which the said H. H. Lackey
end Mary Lee Lackey, the defend
ants have in the following describ
ed real estate, to wit:
Lying in No. 9 township. Cleve
land'county, N. C., and being a part
* of the dower of Effie Laekey. widow
of Robert Lackey, deceased, and
being Joined by the lands of H.
Gantt, H. S. Cline and others. Be
ginning on a stone. Henry Gantt's
comer, and runs thence with his
line, south 58 west- 321,- pqles to a
stone in the old line, near a small
bridge: thence with the old line
routh 33west 65 S. poles to a pine
in said line, Lee Gantt’s corner:
thence with his line south 23’i
east 54ti poles to a pine, Gantt's
corner: thence with Cline’s line
* north 65 1-2 east 42 1-5 poles to a
black locust: hence with Clines line
4 south 32’i east 2i 5-6 poles to a
stone, Cline’s corner; thence with
his line north 65'2 cast 54 «-3 poles
to a stone. Gantt's corner; thence
" with Henry Gantt's line north 31’i
west 117 poles to the beginning,
containing 54 7-16 acres, more or
less—except from the above has
£een sold 14’j acves, which is de-!
v scribed in book rf deeds In ollice
of register of deeds, 3-R, page 274.
This the 4th. day of Feb. 1929.
H. A. LOGAN, Sheriff ->f
Clevelv^ County, N. C.
Newton A Newton, Attys.
Securities Company
Starts At Asheville
lias Authorized Capital Of Three
And A Half Million':—Affiliated
With Central Bank.
(Special to The Star.)
Asheville—Plans of the new Cen
tral Securities company of Ashe
ville, Inc., which were announced
here th.3 week, disclose the fact
that this new finance -and holding
company promises to be a most im
portant force in the further in
dustrial and commercial develop
ment of all Western North Caro
The Central Securities company,
with an authorized capital of $3,
500,000, s tarts business as" one of
the largest finance 'companies in
the Southern states. It was organ
ized by Wallace B. Davis and as
sociates, and is affiliated w-ith the
Central Bank and Trust company
of Asheville. Up to Saturday night,
over $703 030 of the company's cap
ital steel; had been subscribed,
largely by present stock-holders
of the Central Bank. Public sale of
Central Securities 7 per cent ^jrfnu
lative preferred stock and common
"B'’ stock was begun this week.
Central Securities company plans
principally to purchase Western
North Carolina industrial and mun
icipal bonds, and a limiljpd amount
of stock in banks, lnsifrance and
surety companies. Many forms of
cooperation will be extended to
present banks and financed or pur
chased by the company; neither
will real estate bond issues be ori
ginated, although real estate mort
gage bonds may eventually be han
dled as wholesale selling agent
when guaranteed by responsible
surety companies. An intensive
marketing campaign for securities
which will be handled by the com
pany is soon to be instituted in the
middlewest, where branch offices
will eventually be opened.
Wallace B. Davis, who is presi
dent of the Central Bank jyid Trust
company as well as the affiliated
Central Securities company, stated
that the new company was primari
ly designed to further the basic
commerce and industries of this
section. “We expect to provide a
financial service large enough, and
broadly useful enough to claim a
vital part in the progress of all
Western North Carolina,” said Mr.
Davis. “Wc are highly optimistic
of the success of the new company
It shall be my purpose, and the
purpose of my associates, to devote
our bes: talent and effort to its
management to the end that we
may equal the remarkable success
that has been achieved by other
companies similar to ours. An in
vestigation of the earnings of such
companies as the Bancitaly com
pany. the National City company,
the Citizens and Southern com
pany and the Hibernia Securities
company has established the fact
that their, earnings represent a
larger return on capital than do
the earnings cf the banks control
ling them.”
Washington.—Less than half of
the 5.032 farmers in North Caro
lina replying to a questionnaire of
the National Fertilizer association
were readers of daily newspapers,
according to a summary given out.
The percentage for the nation was
69 per cent while it was only 49 p<jr
cent in North Carolina.
Ninety per cent of the farmers
interviewed in Michigan and Ohio
read newspapers, but the total for
the two states was less than for
North Carolina. More replies' were
received from North Carolina than
any other state.
The percentage of farmers inter
viewed reading weekly newspapers
in North Carolina ^as 46 per cent.
Is This True Here?
There are some people in this
Who think they know it all.
But they never buy here, Oh no;
They say the town’s too small.
They shop, and shop, and shop,
And on clerks have no pity.
But when they have a cent to
They go to some big city.
But human nature’s much the same
No matter where you go.
And while our dear friend here
Thinks our town so very slow
In Kansas City her sister,
Or cousin, to say the least,
Can’t find a thing to suit her
So she goes further east.
In Chicago, that great city
That is ruled by men from Cork,
Her sister’s sister fails to find
Anything this side of New York.
And there are yet other sisters,
Many more than three,
Can’t find a thing to suit them
So they go across the sea.
In London and Paris.
Where still other sisters dwel„
I don’t know where they go,
But I hope they go to h-.
A biologist has decided that the
ape is not man's ancestor, and that
ought to be comfofrting to the ape.
—Indianapolis News.
Stop and coifcider the
fact that man comes into
this world with nothing
on him, but he isn’t here
very long until everybody
He grows up, walks
down the street, sees
something lying on the
sidewalk, picks it up and
finds that it is a locket
that contains a girl’s
evening party dress!
No gas has anything on
SINCLAIR for steep
climbing and long runs;
and If you have. yOPAL
INE OIL in your crank
case the lubrication is
bound to be perfect; our
service disturbs compe
tition; free air (hot and
Oil Co.
Investigator Finds Cities Where
Ministers And Justices Com
mercialise Weddings.
New York.—The Russel Sage
foundation reported that a study
of marriage law administration in
30 states has revealed the exist
ence o^ 57 “mbrriage market towns"
in 39 states.
The report states that these
towns constitute the most conspic
uous, though not the most serious,
result of "the general neglect of
ma--'age laws in this country,”
^The communities styled mar
rirge market towns are these that
have more than twice as large
a ni. .: ige rate as th it ot their
state, or which draw more than
half their marriage candidates
from outside license districts.
"We are so little Inclined to ad
vertise these places,” says the
foundation "that we are suppress
ing their names throughout this
report. ‘
Kept Out Of Papers.
In one marriage market town
the report says that social work
ers were told by the Justice of the
peace th t his regular fee was $3
out lf„the principals wanted their
marriage kept out of the papers he
charged $3 extra.
In this town runners for the Jus
tices were found who went so far
ui soliciting business as to board
moving automobiles If they thought
the occupants looked as though
they might get married If properly
approached. |
In another town two Justices of
the peace advertised in street cars
running 1 om a nearby city, dis
playing cai cards reading ••sweet
heart; be ready at 4 o'clock we ll
go to for lust p short riue, and
justices a'd -will tie ihe knot.’’
Ministers Profiin*.
In a third town ministers rathei
tlian Justices were ound to be
profiting by the business, splitting
of fees with taxi drivers who
brought th"m couples to marry
having been charged against sev
In one marriage market town
the chamber of commerce stroke In
Its printed circulars of the town's
advantages for weddings.
The report includes a study of
exploiting of marriages, which It
says is by no means limited to mar
riage market towns. In one city
where license applications may be
received by any notary public n
Jeweler had himself 'appointed a
notary and then advertt; ing free
marriages for all who bought rings
in his store. Other means of ex
ploiting mnniage were listed at
(i s at public expositions, or
floats hi street parades, in fcrrh
wheels, in airplanes, theatres, swim
mlng tan s and at midnight or
June 1 to win prir-s offered by
; merchants for the first Juno bride
Seldom Illegal*
I The foundation says that ex
ploh: n of marriage is rally'll*
N'yal and sur <;,(* that only pub
I lie opinion can stop the "imseem
| ly procedures" which the report
says destroy the solemnity of the
marriage vows and tem! to elimin
: ate a con; 'lenttods attitude among
| the officiating Justices,
Having qualified as Executor of
he Estate of S. E. Dixon, deceased,
.tc of Cleveland county. N. C.. this
i to notify all persons having
'aims against tie estate of said
deceased to exhibit them to tiie
. ndcrslgnea at his office In se^py
N. C.. on or belor* the *th flu t*
January 1930, or thla notice w\U a
! pleaded in bar of their recovery.
All persons Indebted to aald esute
will pleaae make Immediate iwv
This the 291 day of January
' 5929. *
J. H. QUINN. Executor of
8. E. Dixon, deceased.
Having this day qualified m me
et i tors of the estate of J. Q lUm
(ion, deceased, this Is to notify *11
oartles having claims against toe
aid estate to present them to us at
, Urover, N. C. properly proven on
or before the 30th day of January,
1030 or this notice will be pleaded In
bar of any recovery thereof All
perties owing the said estate are
asked to make Immediate settle
r.ient ^o the undersigned. This
January 30. 1929.
J. h. and E. B. HERNDON.
Executors of the Estate of J.
G. Herndon, deceased. pd.
-iSED nn more than a quarter of a century's close
relation with the progress of Asheville and Western
North Carolina, we believe present conditions and nor
mal expectancies demand an adequate financial machin
, ery, wisely adapted and geared to the diversified needs
of this territory and administered in that spirit of con
servatism and faithful purpose which is beneficial alike
to private enterprise and public welfare. The Central
Securities Company of Asheville, Inc., is a carefully
designed structure, empowered by* charter with broad
functions. +hat we have provided to accommodate the
commercial and industrial economy of this entire sec
tion. \
Central Bank ft Trust Company
Central Securities Company at Asheville, Ine.
Central securities
Authorized Capital $3,500,000.00
Affiliated with Central Bank & Trust Co.
The central securities company of Asheville, Inc.,
has been duly chartered under the laws of Delaware and legally domes
ticated in North Carolina. The general purpose of this Company is
to conduct a business dealing in stocks, bonds, debentures, securities
and mortgage loans. Broadly speaking, it will serve as a finance and
holding comoany, through which to provide capital for worthy and conservative busi
ness and industrial uses. Its management is' identical with that of the Central Bank
& Trust Company. Its outlook is based upon the growing opportunities and increas
ing wealth of Asheville, Western North Carolina and the entire Southeast.
C. W. Brown 'havrman of the Board
B. w. Barnard
Russell C. Davis
Clarence Rankin
Curtis Bynum
Wm. D. Harris
E. C. Sawyer
Canie N. Brown
S. A. Hubbard
L/H. «l. A. Oini/liAiA
S. G. Bernard
D. Ralph Millard
Chas. A. Taylor
Wallace B. Davis
, Dr. P. R. Moale
Chas. Fpench Toms
Chas. S. Waltuis
k Gwiroe H. Wrioht
Wallace B. Davis
Russel- C. Davis
| Vic* Preiident
Clarence Rankin
Viet President
S. A. Hubbard
Viet President
WM. D. Harris
Secretar tmd Treasurer
f J. C. Alexander
Asst. Secretary and Treasurer
Capital Structure
10.000 Shares Common “A” Slock without nominal or par value and with sola «dh|
' 20,000 Shares Common “B” Stock without nominal or par valne and of equal participa
tion in assets and earnings with Common “A” Stock.
20.000 Shares 7% Cumulative Preferred Stock of $100 par value, having priority over
both classes of Common Stock as to assets and dividends; dividends payable semi
annually, and the whole or part of the issue callable at 110% and accrued divi
dend. ' \
NOTE Common “A” Stock-has been alluttedto the stockholders of Central Bank
A Trust Company and will be' issued at the samepflce as “B” No Stock of any class
will be exchanged for promotional service or charges. Organization expenses are lim
ited to essential and necessary items such as legal fees, stationery, printing, and other
out-of-nocket costs.
All Shares exempt from North Carolina ad valorem taxes
md entitled to specific e-emp^on- from present State and
\ Federal income taxes. __ ...
Subscription to Capital Stock
ORDERS will be received by the undersitmed for Common “B" Stock end 7#<• Cumn*
lative Preferred Stock of Central Securities Company of Asheville, Inc.,
as above described, subject to prior sale.
Prices: Common “B” per Share $50
*l*?i Preferred per Share ,$100
This offer is made subject to the anproval by Counsel ’of all legal matters
in connection with the formation of the Company. The ripbt is reserved to
reject any and all subscriptions, in whole or in part. to allot less than the
amount applied for and to close the subscription books at any time without
Prospectus and Farther Information on Request
Central Rank & Trust Company
> Asheville, Noitu Carolina

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