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    Star’s Dictionary Offer
To Public Still Holds Good
For A Year’s Subscription And G5c '
You Can Get The Star And >|
Webster’s Dictionary.
A year’s subscription to The Star
and 65c will not only secure the
paper for a year, but a large 1,200
page Webster Home, Office and
school dictionary. In 1026. The
star distributed 200 of these dic
tionaries and they pleased all who
took advantage of the remarkable
offer. The star has been asked to
repeat it, and thus secured a limlt
!d number for 1929 distribution.
Those who receive the paper by
t Star carrier in Shelby or suburbs
on (Che afternoon of publication
Jay, may receive the dlctionry for
J5c added to the subscription price
if $8.
Those who receive the paper by
mall, may receive the Webster dic
tionary for 65c and the mail rate
Of |2.50. These offers apply to re
newal as well as new subscriptions.
Retail price of the dictionary
alone is $3.50, but by buying them
In quantities of several hundred at
a time. The Star is able to make
this remarkable offer.
The dictionary is self-pronounc
ing, beautifully Illustrated and ift
addition to the definition of words
contains such information as origin
and history of dictionaries, princl
* pies of grammar, dictionary of ra
dio terms, list of latest words, dic
tionary or commercial and legal
terms, glossary of aviation terms
nicknames of famous people, most
common abbreviations, manner of
forecasting weather, religions of
the world, longest rivers of world,
heavyweight championships, great
steamship disasters. Declaration oi
Independence, heights and weights
of children, leading occupations in
U. S„ postal information, Ameri
can hall of fame, U. S. census of
1926, World war chronology, sur
render dates. American efforts in
World war. regular armies of world,
facts about the earth, origin of Red
Cross, Boy Scout movement, wed
ding anniversaries.
More Books Donated
To Boiling Springs
Rev. W. G. Camp, his mother, and
his sister have contributed 10 books
through The Star to the Boiling
Springs library drive. i
Brother Of XV. Whisnant Of
Shelby And Prominent Dentist
Of Rutherford County,
Punerai services for Dr. A. ,7
(Jack i Whisnant were held at
Kutherfordton Saturday afternoon
at 2 o’clock at the First Methodist
church with the pastor, Dr. VV. Ft.
Ware, in charge.
Dr. Whisnant was born Feb. 29,
1868, and* died Friday night after an
extended illness of heart trouble.
He leaves Ills widow and four chil
dren. Cieo. Crawford Whisnant, age
21; William F„ 17; Ethel .Fane, 11,
and Lucy Bell, 10; also three broth
ers. Dr. J. F. Whisnant, prominent
dentist of Henrietta; W. C. Whi.s
nant, Shelby, and P. C. Whisnant,
near Hollis.
Dr. Whisnant was born In Feb
ruary. married in February and died
in February. His father, the late
Absalom Whisnant, was born an
Christmas Day and died on Christ
mas Day.
Dr. Whisnant was an active mem
ber of the Methodist church and
was honest and industrious. He
know .dentistry as few men know it.
He was well known in both Ruther
ford and Cleveland counties. Mrs.
Whisnant is the\ daughter of Hon.
Geo. Biggerslaff. tTpFesentaftve in
tlie legislature from* Rutiierford
county. Western .Star Lodge No. 21,
A. F. and A, M., of Kutherfordton,
had charge of burial services.
right Over Air.
Pendleton s. announced this att
ention that the Sharkey-Stribling j
fight will be broadcast from the;
store Wednesday night. This will!
be good news to local fight fans. |
It appears the matter of whether;
The cnco inU r will be put on the j
air was only definitely decided to-;
day. When The Star notified Mr.
Pendleton of the event he Immed
iately ain' t the announcement that
he would certainly be on the job
for the benefit of his patrons.
Star Advertising Pays
Recovering Fast
The easy manner in whioh A1
Lassman, at Miami Beach
handles this heavy medicine
ball shows that the famou
N. Y. U. tackle has regained
all the strength and vigor that
were his before he was serious
ly injured in the Carnegie-Tech
game last fall.
(iournadontl Ni»™l)
Top-dressing small grain with
some quick-acting nitrogen mater
ial, such as nitrate of soda, has
proven to be a profitable farm prac
tice in North Carolina.
Expansion of tobacco acreage In
North Carolina this season will re
sult in disaster to the growers, be
lieve economists at State college.
Popular Young Man Succumbs To
Illness At The Age Of 42. Did
Wot Have An Enemy.
Willie McEnUre, one of the most
highly esteemed young men in the
Union community, died Saturday
morning at the home of his father
Mr. Tom McEnUre. following an
illness of three weeks. Mr. McEn
tire was 49 years of age and sin
gle. He had been sick with ®
strange malady and the best medi
cal attention was unable to pro
long his life.
Deceased remained close to honif
during the past few years. He had
a hast, of friends, however, and nol
an enemy in the world for he wat
friendly and kind and never hac
an unkind remark to make about
The funeral was conducted Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock by Rev
D. O. Washburn amid a larg»
crowd of sorrowing friends and
relatives. Serving as pall bearers
were Elbridge Weathers, Anderson
Green, Frank Grlgg, Cowan Powell
Q. H. Metcalfe, Willie Pryor. The
flower bearers who handled the
beautiful array of flowers were
Misses Lillian, Thelma and Evan
geline McEntire, Virglnnia Mauney,
Mary Grigg, Madge Mode, Maida
Wilson. Ray Withrow, Elsie Brad
ford and Mattie Turner.
Surviving are his father, Mr,
To m McEntire, four brothers,
Dewey, of Richmond, Bonnie, of
Roanoke, Ford of Applain, Ga., and
Avro of this county, three sisters,
Mrs. Bailey Mauney, Misses Bessie
and Effie McEntire who live at
Miami Fight May.
Come Over Wires
Indications now are that the
Sharkey-Stribling fight in Miami
Wednesday night will be broadcast
by radio, but if the radio does not
give the fight blow-by-blow a de
tailed report, similar to that given
by radio, will likely be secured here
by the Western Union. Plans now
are, if the fight is «ot broadcast, to
get the telegraph matinee in the
building occupied until recently by
the First National bank.
Try Star Wants Ads
Twice now. .in30 days..
production has had
to be increased
Power increased 24%—Above
70 miles an hour—Four hy
draulic shock absorbers—New
type double action four-wheel
brakes —Large, fine bodies —
Easier steering—Greater
Essex the Challenger sweeps aside the barriers of price class. It
challenges the performance, the style, the luxurious roomy com*
fort of any car at any price, on the basis that no other car gives
jyou ba$k so much for every dollar you put in.
A glance at its 76 advanced features
reveals at once why Essex excepts
no car in its challenge. For point
after point in fine car construction,
performance and detail, brings you
directly to costliest cars to find
With above 70 miles an hour top
speed, Essex the Challenger, in
thousands of demonstrations, is
proving the endurance and ability
to do 60 miles an hour all day long.
It is the finest, largest, roomiest,
most brilliantly performing Essex
ever built, and the price the low
est for which Essex ever sold—but
little above the lowest priced cars
on the market.
That is why the acceptance of
Essex the Challenger is the talk
of motordom. Join the van of
1,000,000 Super-Six owners who
are demonstrating its right and
ability to challenge the best that
inotordom offers.
Hear the radio program of the
“Hudson-Essex Challengers”
every Friday evening
AND up..affactory
Coach - * - $695
2- Pass. Coupe - 695
I'hacton - - - 695
Coupe - 725
(ttilk rumbl* <Mt)
Standard Sedan • $71S
Town Sedan • - 85#
Roadster - • 85#
Convertible Coupe 89$
Standard Equipment Include* 4 todmultc •fecJtntorfcrr.-«l«ttij
. > and oil pane*—radiator Autun-taddU lan.ft-aaulsii’eid
Wtfx,— rear vt<u> mirro*—el*flrolodi-e<mjrc!i on ki lM**
Barter *» doth-ali bright pom dtfwwhf H«nd
H. CLINE, Deala
A Splendid Opportunity to Select Small Needs for
Spring Sewing from Complete Stocks
Only the Beat Will Preserve
Your Complexion—Use Our New
‘Jaciel” Toiletries
The quality of Jaciel preparation*
have been built from the best, most
fined products on the market—each one
scented with the same delicate perfume.
Face Powder, 49c and 98c Talcum, 19c
Cold and Vanishing
2 oz. jar, 29c
4 oz. jar, 49c
Rouge .49c
Solid\ Perfume ....49c
Single Compact.49c
A Complete Line for
Your Complexion Nee*
The daily use of your favorite
preparations insures the
youthful complexion that every
iwoman wants.
Sanitary Goods
Dre*» Shield*.. 23c and 29c
Sanitary Belts 19c, 23c, 49c
Girdle Hose Supporters,
23c and 49c
Sanitary Aprons,
23c and 49c
Sanitary Step-ins,
23c and 49c
Pcn>Co>Nip Sanitary
Napkins, 8 in a boa. 19c j
Spool Silk
JWUr*,ak anu
Peninet Hair Nets.8c
Carling Irons ,8c and 12c
Electric Curling Irons,
49c and 89c
Water Wavers 4c and 8c
Wire Hair Pins 4c and 8c
Bobbed Hair Pins. 8c
Barrettes.8c and 23c
Rubber Pants
For the Baby
Pore mm rubber, pants m
JdtaaSd large sues.
Buttons! Buttons!
Useful and Decorative
Pearl buttons
to trim tiny
dresses or to
fasten father’s
shirts—a range
of sires. Card
4c and 8c
Aywon Shaving Needs Help to
Make Shaving
a Pleasure
“Aywon" shaving requisites are
scientifically prepared from ingre
dients of tested purity. Safe for
the tenderest skin* Cooling, sooth
ing, refreshing,
Shaving Cream, tube. . .25c
Talcum for Men, can.. . 19c
After-Shaving Lotion.. . 25c
A Splendid Electric Iron
Convenient Household Size
At An^Economical Price
Here is a chance to re
place the iron you have been
using at a very small cost—
highly nickel-plated and
priced only,
Lunch Box
Good Size
With patent holder in cover
for Vacuum Bottle.
Dish Cloth
Of Yam
A *offc heary absorbent dish
doth (or only
Smart Handbags
At Our Customary Savings
Colors to harmonize with spring costumes—charming nov
elty frames—pouch and envelope shapes—all neatly lined and
fashioned of fine real and imitation leathers—this early
spring assortment presents a splendid opportunity to save on
your new handbag.
98c $1.98 $2.98 $4.98
Plain Colors and
Listerine Tooth Paste 19c
Colgate's Tooth Paste
Ipana Tooth Paste. 39c
Pepsodent Tooth Paste 39c
Children's Tooth
Brushes .. 23c
Penatox Tooth *
Brushes .. ,23c and 39c
Rubber Aprons
Gay solid colors and novelties
with frivolous ruffles.
A necessary part
of every working
man’s lunch outfit
and so useful on
picnics. Pint size.
Quart Sir* 1 fJ:
Mercerized Shoe Laces 4c
Tubular Shoe Laces . 4c
Heavy Work Laces__ 4c
Cork Insoles . 8c
Nu-Shine Polish _. 19c
Bostonian Shoe Cream 19c
let Oil Polish.i 12c
Jim’s Special
Work Suspenders
Cross-back suspenders in 38
and 42 inch lengths.
Fall grain cowhide
belts in plain and two
tone effects.
Our “Majestic**
Dress Suspenders
Fine quality web in fancy
patterns and plain colors; 38
and 42-inch, at—
Belts for Men
Excellent quality top grad*
cowhide belts. Lined am|
stitched. Three-tone . effects
and plain colors. Exceptionally
well made and sturdy belts rea
sonably priced at
Every Notion You Need
In Two Groups
All the little things that count have
been gathered into two useful groups at
4c and 8c—everything to help the home
dressmaker is included—as well as need
fuls for the whole family.
4c and 8c
Splendid Value
Hot Water Bottle
A qood quality hot water
bottle—and low-oriced.
Garters for Men
Wide web garters of silk
clastic with satin pad.
Star Want Ads Always Bring Results,

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