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All Paving Assessments Not Paid
By MARCH 1ST Will Be Advertised
As Soon Thereafter As 1/st Can Be
Take Due Notice of This Warning.
I phyuis HAVER
Fkthejf Rcture
with Dorothy
Ralph Forbes
Anna Q. Nilsson
Lowell Sherman
A Charles J. Bradin
Production '
A Hert fatioaol Picture ^
See society at its gayest! See the daring riding in a big
fox hunt! See a smashing auto crash!
See the most sensational horse-race ever filmed!
And s^e what happens when a beautiful girl gambles
her heart on a horse that couldn’t win!
Personal And Local
Mrs. Cora Lattimore of Gastonia!
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Lattimore.
Mesdames William Hoffman and
Barnett Llneberger of Llncolnton
attended the bridge party given by
Mesdames Ed Post and Jack Palm
er, Prlday afternoon.
Miss Nina Holt White spent the
week-end at her home at David
Miss Elizabeth Roberts visited
Misses Laura Burton Miller and
Sue Andrews in Charlotte, over
the week-end.
Judge J. L. Webb returned from
Athens, Oa.. Saturday and was ac
companied home by his sister, Mrs.
J. A. Darwin and tomorrow Judge
and Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Darwin
leave for Raleigh to visit Governor
and Mrs. Gardner. Mesdames Webb
and Darwin will be honor guests
Wednesday afternoon from 5 to 8
o'clock when Mrs. Gardner will en
tertain, "The Social Service Con
Governor and Mrs. Oardner will
give a dinner Wednesday evening,
honoring Judge and Mrs. Webb on
their 51st wedding anniversary.
Judge ?v.d Mrs. Webb and Mrs.
Darwin will remain in Raleigh
while Governor and Mrs. Gardner
attend the Inauguration in Wash
ington, where they will be accord
ed many honors.
Miss Charlie Mae Iau’hrid-e
leaves Thursday for Washington
to attend the inauguration and will
spend a month with her sister
M»ss Virginia Laughridge.
Some little girl left her big doll
on the porch at the Methodist par
sonage some time ago and Mrs.
Boyer is keeping it until it is called
Mr. and Mrs. Lefter Lowing and
little daughter, Mary Lou, of Kan
napolis, spent the week-end with
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J.
Borders and other relatives.
Miss Ethel Elmore left Friday for
Winston-Salem for a month’s visit
with friends.
Miss Pauline Hopper, cashier of
the Charlotte Morris Plan bank 1
spent the week-end visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Major Hop
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Beason,
Misses Williams and Gladys Wham i
of Spartanburg visited Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Beason yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Reid Mlsenheimer
visited Mrs. J. & Misenheimer in
Albemarle over the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Patterson
moved last week to the brick bun
galow beyond Cleveland Springs
and Messrs. Patterson and Edwards
are building a hot house out there
where they will grow their own
Mrs. J. O. Nolan of Kannapolis,
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Nolan, coming especially
to attend the reception given by
Mrs. Nolan and Miss Kathleen
Nolan Saturday afternoon.
Miss Margaret Cornwell spent last
week-end with her uncle, Dr. Chas.
Gold and Mrs. Gold at Rutherford
Miss Lura Smith spent the week
end with Miss Clara Herd at her
home at Waco.
Dr. Zeno Wall left this morning
for Raleigh where he will conduct
evangelistic services, morning and
evening, at Meredith college, for a
Mr. R. E. Campbell returned Fri
day from a visit to Sarasota, Fla.
Mrs. Campbell and daughters,
Misses Helen and Elizabeth, re
mained for another month in Flor
Mr. Ralph Ware of Rings Moun
tain was a Shelby visitor yesterday.
Mr. Pink Irvin and family were
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bax
ter Kirkpatrick yesterday.
Mr. Max Ammons of Mars Hill
spent Saturday and Sunday in the
city with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Hulick and
family spent the week-end in Tay
lorsville. with Mrs. Hulick’s mother.
Mrs. J. M. Matheson. Mrs. E. E.
Hulick who had been spending a
week here, accompanied them as
far as her home at Charlotte.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hoey and
Mr| C. R. Hoey spent yesterday In
The friends of Mrs Charlie
Wells regret to learn that she Is
quit* sick at her home on N. Wash
ington stmt.
Mrs. Joe Hill and daughter. Miss
Mary audio* Hill of Concord, and
Mrs. Russell Poole and voung son.
Russell. Jr., of Union, S. C.*, were
week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs
Mrs. J. H. Austell and two chil
dren, Miss Virginia and Roberts !
Austell o( Greenville, S. C.. visited
Mrs. S. F. Roberts over the week
Mesdamcs Russell Laughridge.
Geo. Johnson, Misses Sadie Laugh
ridge and Annie Snell went to Gas
tonia Thursday to see, 'The Sing
ing Fool." I
Misses Clara Oreen and Mabel
Wright spent Friday in Charlotte.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewis spent
the week-end in Greenville, S. C,
where they visited Mrs. Lewis' par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Po6ey.
Mrs. Madge Gale Wise and Miss
Ruth Harrlll were the week-end
visitors at Rock Hill, 8. C.
Roy McBrayer who was badly
bruised and had several teeth
knocked out in an automobile ac
cident, recently is recovering and
will be able to resume his work
here this week some time.
Mr. J. R. Crawford, head of the
Crawford-Chevrolet company, of
Shelby, spent Thursday and Friday
of last week in Oreensboro at
tending a meeting of the Chevrolet
dealers of the two Carolina*. Mr.
Crawford said about five hundred
agents from the two states were
present at the meeting, which was
designed to outline sales policies
lor the popular car.
Chester H. Bond, manager of the
Shelby store of the Montgomery
Ward company, made the an
nouncement Saturday that he ex
pects to remain indefinitely in
Shelby. He said at one time has an
ticipated being shifted to another
city, but it now appears he will be
come more or less permanently
identified with the Cleveland capi
tal. He announced two promotions
In his store. Norman Francis, has
been elevated to the post of floor
manager, and F. K. Trimmiere has
been made manager of the tire de
partment, at the same time Mr
Wm. Roach has been given charge
of the merchandise department.
These are local men Mr. Bond
considers have made good with
the company.
Mr. Evans Hartgrove of Char
lotte spent the week-ud with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hart
Mr. Heyward d^stell, formerly
with the Standard Oil Company
here, has accepted a position as
tobacco buyer, and left Saturday
for Jacksonville, Florida, where he
assumes his new. position today.
At The Theat es
“Gang War* ’advertised as • 'part
talkie,” featuring Olive Borden and
Jack Pickford. an F B O special, is j
the stellar vehicle at the Princess
today. This is a tremendously Im
pressive piece, made on an ela
borate scale, revealing the life in
the big time gang world. Olive
Borden has never been seen in a
role more littlng to her talents. The
theme cf the piece is the love of a
girl of the underworld for a man
she had the right to love.
That peach of an actress Phyllis
Haver is the star of the Webb pic
ture—“The Shady Lady”—showing
today. Phyllis Is the greatest vamp
of them all, and this Is an especial
ly good picture revealing that sort
of life.
Tomorrow "The Whip" tops the
bill. Dorothy Mackaill Is the star,
with three other notable players in
the cast—Ralph Forbes, Anna Q.1
Nilsson and Lowell Sherman. This*
Is described as a real old fashioned
melodrama in a modem setting.
This sort of play has lately become
very popular and this Is an espec
ially good one.
Cotton Market
<By John F. CUrt and Co.)
Cotton was quoted at noon today
on New York exchange:
March 30.11; May 30.19.
Moderate business In Worth St
last week but demand is broaden*
Ing. Manchester cables say. sales
Improved at close of the week. India
bidding more freely. Chinese de
mand shows gain. New Bedford
special says, mill operations selling
new high mark, mills running
111.6 per cent of single shift capa
city. New York Herald-Tribune.
Memphis says. Demand trading
low, grades in ample supply but
whiter grades have reached the
famine stage with short interest
large. Indications of a possible de
crease in acreage becoming visible
Plenty of moisture in the ground
and hibernated weevils probably
greatly thinned by sleet, snow and
freezing weather. Look for market
to work higher particularly after
March notices are out of the way
Poultry shipments have begun
throughout North Carolina and
growers are swapping cull hens for
ready cash at the car doors.
Terry Roberts Loses His Bout
To Georgian; Good Fight Card
Joe Singleton, Amateur Boxer, Goes
To Draw With Veteran
Ralph Hood.
Arthur Sides gave Shelby tire
best boxing program Saturday
night it can hope to see tor a long
time, and incidentally he uncov
ered a lithe, slashing young fellow
who gave the redoubtable Terry
Roberts all he was looking for. and
then some.
Roberts, a general favorite
throughout this section, lost the
decision in the 10-round main at
traction to Baxter Roper, of Col-1
umbus, Georgia. although It was
such a mlxup that the decision!
might have gone either way, or to'
no decision at all unless one had
been selected as the best wrestler.1
and Roper undoubtedly would have
wen then. j
A Slashing Fight.
The main bout, however, was
handicapped because the semi
final which preceded was far more
colorful than the average main
oout throughout this section. In
tne semi Big Joe Singleton. Shelby
high athlete, mixed It, roughly and
gladly, with Ralph Hood, veteran
Charlotte lighter, and at the end
of the six rounds Singleton’s husky
physique and nerve gave him a'
draw with the cagey ring experi
ence of Hood. The first half of the
slashing, toe-to-toe slugging un
doubtedly saw the lanky Shelby
boy with the ups, but In the final
rounds Hood seemed to have sited
Singleton up with the result that in
the final setto the Charlotte fighter
had 8tngleton In rather bad condi
tion when the gong sounded. As it
was the veteran fight critics about
the ringside saw enough In Single -
ton. who fought without pay to
hold his amateur athletic standing,
to realise that he has the proe
pecUT of a remarkable future. Had
Singleton possessed half the ring ex
perience of Hood the fight would
never have lasted the full six
rounds. Not more than once did
Big Joe use an uppercut and all
he used his left for was a jabbing
defense while he was fighting an
overhand game which Hood soon
learned *o cover up on. As It was a
few well timed upper cuts and a
little more work by the left might
have won the bout for the Shelby
lte. Nevertheless there Is no room
for complaint: the semi-final was
worth the entire price of the show.
What? Dynamite.
Sooner or later most of the fight
fans here shouts are going to get
the idea that this "Kayo” Foster,
from McAdenville. Is no other than
Joe Jemcs' Dynamite Dunn. In his
first fight here the long-limbed,
loose-jointed Foster stopped his
man In a hurry, and Saturday night
when J. D. McCullen, of the Ora
Mill, decided to mix it with Foster,
the bout ended In the third round
when Foster caught McCullen flush
on the chin, so flush that Mc
Cullen was still dreaming when the
referee raised up after counting
Logan "Babe” Carr, the pride of
the Cleveland Cloth village and a
local favorite, met just a bit too
much experience In hto bout with
Johnny Fisher, of Lowell. "Babe”
rushed and slugged with all of his
dare-devil nature, but Johnny just
Under an order of the Superior
Court of Cleveland county, N. C.
made in Special Proceeding entitl
ed, Alice Newton, et al. vs. Cohen
Horton and Edward Horton, min
ors, the undersigned commissioner
will offer for resale at the Court
House door in Shelby. N. C. at pub
lic auction, to the highest bidder at
12 M.. on Monday. March 11. 1929,
the following described tract of
land lying in No. 8 Township
Cleveland county, N. C. and known
as the-E. Plato Horton Home Place:
Beginning on a stone, Towery’a
comer, nd runs thence N. 55 W. 55
poles to a stake at the branch,
formerly a gum; thence down the
branch as it meanders N. 53 E. 19
poles to a maple; thence N. 30 W.
9 poles to a post oak; thence N.
88 E. 23 poles to a hickory; thence
N. 30 E. 52 poles to a rock pile;
thence S. 80 W. 71 poles to a chest
nut; thence S. 40 W. 41 1-6 poles
to a rock pile; thence S. 53 W.
33 3-4 poles to a stone in the road;
thence S. 43 E. 24 poles to a stone;
thence S. 14 E. 43 poles to a stone;
thence S. 61 W. 28 poles to a stone;
thence S. 45 W. 28 poles to a stone;
thence & 28 W. 42 poles to a stone;
thence 8. 3 W. 62 poles to the cen
ter of the river; thence down the
river as it meanders N. 60 E- 94
paries to the mouth of Powell's
branch; thence up the branch as it
meanders N- 15 E. 84 poles to a
white oak stump on the left hand
prong; thence N. 42 E. 42 poles to a
stump by the road; thence N. 21
E. 22 pries to the beginning, con
taining 128 acres, more or less.
Terms of sale one-third cash, bal
ance in one and two years from
date of sale.
Bid starts at $4725.00.
This the 23rd day of February.
J. C. NEWTON, Commissioner.
Newton & Newton, Attys. 2t-25c
Victory Smile
Jack Sharkey, the Boston Gob,
smiles confidently seated in a
corner of his training ring at
Miami Beach, Fla He feels
that he is fit and ready to give
Young Stribling a run for his
knew too much for the nervy little
Cleveland Cloth mill fighter.
"K. O.” Burrage. of Belmont,
was a shade the beter in his bout
with Crown Lind, of the Dover
Mill, but around the ringside It was
the general opinion that Lind,
minus ring experience, was the
niftiest looking youngster In the
ring during the night, and he cer
tainly made It plain that he wasn't
a bit backward about going In and
swapping blows with the other fel
low regardless of experience.
The “Stump” BrasweII-“Boots”
Hall bout failed to get on the
boards due to a finger injury suf
fered by Braswell.
Wrestling And—
The Roberts-Roper affair could
be staged here again with a record
crowd, provided the two huskies do
a bit more fighting. Saturday night
Roper wrestled seven of the 10
rounds away and Roberts clinched
about the same number off the
timekeeper's watch. When they
did mix It was a treat, but when
they clinched they remained to-'
gether longer than a young ahelk
out on his first necking party. In
actual fighting ability Roberts
seemed to be a shade better, but
the decision of the judges met with
the approval of fans In awarding
the bout to Roper.
Under and by virtue of the au
thority conferred by deed of trust
by B. R, Shuford and wife, Sallle
Shuford, to the First National Co.
of Durham, Inc., and Union Trust
Co. of Maryland, Trustees dated
July 1st, 1938, and recorded in Book
156, page 83, Cleveland county reg
istry, the First National Co. of
Durham, Inc., and Union Trust Co.
of Maryland, Trustees, will on
March 27th. 1829 At 12:00 O’clock
M. at the Court House door In
Cleveland county, sell at public auc
tion for cash to the highest bidder
the following described property:
Beginning at a stake in the West
edge of Wilson street, the South
east corner of the Lizzie Falls lot,
and runs thence North 62 1-2 West
139 feet to a stake in the Dr. Hard
lot; thence with the East line of
the Dr. Hord lot South 22 1-2 West
64 1-2 feet to a stake In the North
line of the Marvin Randle lot;
thence with said line of said lot
South 60 1-2 East 139 feet to the
West edge of Wilson street; thence
with said edge of said street
North 22 1-2 East 68 feet to the
place of beginning.
Same being a part of that lot
conveyed to B. R. Shuford and wife,
Sallle Shuford by deed recorded In
Book of Deeds 3-S at page 442 in
the office of the Register of Deeds
of Cleveland county. North Caro
lina, reference to which deed and
record is hereby had for further
identification and description.
This sale is made on account of
default In the payment of the in
debtedness secured by the said deed
of trust.
This the 21st day of February,
W. S. Lockhart, Attorney,
Durham, N. C. v
The engagement ring is
an important purchase
To assist you we've assembled diamond* of su
perlative worth, in a variety of modern setting* that
will make your choice of the^ right engagement ring
almost as great a pleasure as it* presentation! * M
Among our regular patrons are many whose first
purchase from us was the engagement solitaire.
We have Diamond Rings in a wide choice of de
signs and prices are particularly attractive. Let us
figure with you when interested In one.
Stupendous! Staggering! Chilling!
Enthralling! Mighty Thrill Epic
Of The Underworld
SPECIAL! Come Out Tonight And Hear
The Talkies. No Extra Charges.
We are doing this to let you know that our n^hit fe
now in operation. Watch for the All Talking Picture
March 4th.
Account* due The Paragon Fund*
ture Co., must be settled at an early
date in order to close the business.
The Paragon Furniture Co., sold its
stock of furniture to The Paragon De
partment store last August"'—hut did
not sell the accounts.
The time has come when we must
close the old Furniture Co.’s affairs
and we urge those who owe Accounts
to call at once and settle.
Office in Basement Paragon Depart*
ment Store. V
v r;v?.*'C'.r st'*'■
Beautiful Dresses
Beautifully Cleaned
Those who’ really appreciate |
craftsmanship in cleaning send
their dresses and coats to ns. The
i material is revived to its original
newness and the pleats are re-set
like new. ,
Won’t you phone us today?
White way
;> V ii '•
Cleaners - Dycn,
LaFayette St |05-!®>

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