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Authority On Colored Rare Praises
Work Of leaders During
Last Dceadc.
The negro is on the march.
Such is the declaration made by
Will W. Alexander, director of the
commission on interracial coopera
tion, made in a current issue oi
Christian Herald, non-denomtna
tional Protestant weekly magazine.
Emancipation has trone forward
in every field of endeavor, Mr. Al
exander points out. From 1918 to
1928, eight southern states spent
more than $30,000,000 upon new
construction for negro common
schools. In the ten years the
school terms in Tennessee have al
most doubled. Dr. N. C. Newbold,
of the North Carolina State de
partment of education, is responsi
ble for the statement that "great
er sums arc now being spent from
public taxes on common schools for
negroes than was spent on all
common schools in the south two
decades ago."
To'quote Mr. Alexander: “In cdu
cation, medicine, journalism, the
ministry, •science. and engineering,
there arc increasing numbers of
negroes who have demonstrated
their ability to meet the standards
and do work creditable to any oth
er men."
Credit, is given to such white
leaders as Dr. James H. Dillard,
Julius Rrsenwald, and John D.
Rockefeller, Jr. But "the finest per
sonal contributions are by negroes.
For the progress made they them
selves deserve more credit than the
white philanthropists or friends
who have helped.
“Emancipation is not finished.
There are still many negro chil
dren without adequate schools.
There are still white people who do
not b':’*eve, and there are negroes
not yet awakened There arc dif
ficult adjustments to be made ih
the lutur,#. But emancipation goes
on. Progress lias been made—de
termined men and women are still
, ,ving then lives in this effort to
emancipate colored people and
white people from the slavery of
ignorance, poverty, fear. and
Notice is hereby given that I have
this dav qualified as executor of
the will of Mrs. M. A. Origg. late of
Cleveland county. N. C All per
sons having claims- against said
estate are hereby notified to pres
ent them to me properly proven for
payment on or before February 9,
1930. or this notice will be pleaded
in bar of their recovery. All per
sons Indebted to said estate will
make Immediate payment to the
undersigned. This February 9, 1929.
DAVID A. BEAM. Executor of
the will of Mrs. M.' A. Grigg,
Rvburn & Hoey. Attys.
* W,
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I “Say
A '
' Did The Watch Cause Ghosts
To Haunt The Albemarle Man?
(Charles McSwain In Stanly News
While in an Albemarle man's
office on a matter of business a
few days ago I noticed that my
watch had stopped. Desiring to
know' the time, I asked him If he
would look at his watch and tell
The words were scarcely out of
my mouth, before I noticed that
the expression on his face had
changed. lie had turned a sickly
pallor, and his eyes glared fierce
ly. Thinking that he had prob
ably suffered an attack of heart
trouble, I was somewhat alarmed
and. springing to my feet, said:
“What's the matter?”
"You know what's the matter,
he gasped, piercingly, "Who told
Getting a hold on myself, l re
"You talk like a crazy man to
me; I don't know wieit's the mat
ter, and nobody has told me any
thing? What do you mean?"
He motioned me back to my seat
and said something about that he
imagined someone had been blab
bing to me when I asked him to
look at his watch and tell me the
time. Said he had never carried a
watch since he was twenty-three
years old and never expected to
carry one any more.
Continuing, the man said that lie
didn't mind telling me about It,
providing I would never mention
his name in connection with the
affair. I promised, and he began
talking In subtance, his story
was ns follows:
When' this Albemarle man was
twenty-three years of age, lie was
courting a girl who lived with her
father in a certain section of the
country. The girl was accomplish
ed and exceptionally handsome and
the man loved her. And that's
where the trouble started.
Her father, a middle aged man
was exceedingly eccentric, being
something. of a philosopher and
student of the cccult. From the
first, he didn't like the Albemarle
man. and contrived several schem
es to break up the courtship, all
of which were failures. However,
he did succeed In persuading his
daughter to wait on the theory
that he was too old for her to mar
ry and leave him.
Then without warning the old
fellow seemed to grow reconciled
to the state of affairs and told
the man to visit his daughter as
often as he wished. Christmas
came and the old man presented
toe Albemarle man with a watch,
one that he had used for years. A
relative had sent It to him from
India, years ago.
"I accepted the watch, natural
ly," said the Albemarle man,
"thinking that the old fellow' had
taken a real liking to me."
A few weeks later, the old man
was taken seriously ill and died
shortly thereafter. The girl liv
ed on at the home place with an
old negro servant who had been
j in the family for years. The Al
, bemarle man continued his visits.
He and the girl were planning to
be married in May.
Automobiles and buggies were
not so plentiful in those days, so
the Albemarle man walked when
he went to see his sweetheart. It
happened that the trail split an
old cemetery wide open, that he
had to go through In order to
reach the girl's home. Well, one
dank, dark night when he was re
turning home after spending a
pleasant evening with his sweet
heart. something occurred at. the
Just as the Albemarle man ap
proached the old cemetery, he saw
an object that appeared to be an
old man. sitting atop cne of the
grave markers. It looked at him
out of two great fircy eyes while
little shatts of blue blazes shot
forth from all parts of Its body.
Straightway, the Albemarle cit
izen dashed off on a run, leaving
the cemetery behind. As he ran.
he looked back over his shoulder,
and the Thing was following him.
From time to time It would reach
forth two blazing shafts of fire
that resembled arms, trying to
catch him. *
The Albemarle man ran until he
was almost dead, but he remem
bered that there was a small
stream only a short distance on
ahead, and so got his second wind,
and didn't die. The Thing made
another grab for him lust as he
was getting ready to jump the
brook, scorching his clothes, Bui
the minute the Albemarle man
was on the other side of the water
the Thing changed from a bright,
burning fire to a dim, bluish col
or, and then disappeared complete
Further on down the trail, it be
gan raining. Rained as though a
second deluge was in progress.
The Albemarle man was wet to the
skin, and the Weather being cold,
he was chilled to the bone.
Looking ahead, he suddenly ob
served a woman walking down the
trail, carrying an umbrella.
"I suppose I was somewhat
dazed anyway,” lie said, "and the
first thought that entered my
‘ Accordingly I hurried up and
head was to overtake the woman
and walk under that umbrella.”
stepped under, saying, "Madam,
may I carry your umbrella?”
The Albemarle man declares the
moment he looked at the woman
after taking hold of the umbrel
la, he was greatly nauseated, be
cause she had no head, and her
neck was dripping blood.
Hence, another race ensued. The
man was successful again, how
ever, due to the fact that there
was another brook to cross. A
ghost cannot cross a stream of
water. Just why this is so, I don't
know, but all authorities are in
agreement that it is true. The
man who related this story said it
was a fact.
Well, according to the Albemarle
man, he had several other similar
experiences at the old cemetery
and with the headless woman. But
he never mentioned it to his sweet
It so happened, however, that
on one occasion when he went to
see his girl that she didn't have
a fire in the parlor. Neither was
she dressed for receiving company.
So while he was waiting the old
negro came in and started to kin
dle a fire. And as luck would have
it. the Albemarle man took the old
darky into his confidence and told
her all about the Things he had
been seeing.
"Didn't de ole boss gib you his
watch dat he got frum Indy 'fore
he died?" asked the old negro, af
ter the man had finished.
"Why yes" answered the Albe
marle man “but what's that got
to do with all these ghosts I've
been seeing?"
“Jes dis," replied the old negro,
rolling the white of his eyes, “you
got rid of dat watch and you ain't
gwine be pestered wtd no mo'
The Albemarle man declares
that he droped the watch in the
well at his sweetheart's home that
night, just as he wa^ leaving the
house. He was never bothered
with any more ghosts. To the con
trary, Cupid was with him, for he
and his sweetheart were married
shortly thereafter. They are still
married, tut he never carries a
In fact, you had better never
mention watch to this man.
Star Advertising Pays
Out of Coma
Photo show's Noll. Kmcher,
17, of Deri hi, N. who was
unconscious for 230 hours,
after being injured in a bas
ketball game. Doctor;; say that
she, has a good chance for re
ooverv.-Plioto , by Interna
tiona! Newsreel.
B. G. Yarboro To Remodel Home.
Phillip Carpenter Buys Land
And Home. Personals.
(Special to The Star.
Toluca. ,Feb. 21.—Mr. and Mrs.
Johnny Pry, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny
Wllkcrson and family, some of the
road overseers, nave moved into the
house just vacated by Mr. Dennis
Sain on Dr. F. D. Edward’s place.
Mr. B. G. Yarboro lias let the con
tract to Houser and Beam to re
remodel and build more to his
Mr. Philip Carpenter has pur
chased several acres of land and
a house on it from Mr. D. C. Car
penter’s part of the John Cline
place where Mr. John Swink lived
for many years. Mr. Carpenter is
now living at Fallston but is ex
pected to move soon.
Mr. Flay Carpenter attended a
party last Saturday night of friends
in Shelby.
Mrs. T. J. Vickers and little son
Jacob of Shelby spent a few days
the past week with her rarents Mr.
and Mrs. J. N. Carpenter.
Mr. Efird Bingham has been real
sick for the past several days but
is a little better at this writing.
Also Mrs. Texle Bowles is sick with
tonsilitis. We hope for them a
speedy recovery.
Mrs. S. A. Sain was a dinner
guest of Mrs. T. J. Vickers of Shel
by on last Wednesday.
Messrs. S. T. Carpenter, Ambrose,
and Jake Hoyle, Charlie Burns and
others have been on a big fox hunt
in the eastern part of the state the
past week.
Mr. L. M. Williams of Catawba
county spent a few days the past
week visiting in Toluca and Knob
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Boyles visited
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burt
Sain last Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Self spent
last Sunday afternoon at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Bingham. |
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Young and i
family visited at the home of Mr.
Young's brother, Mr. George E.
Young of Lowell. Also visiting at
the home of Mrs. Young’s brother,
Mr. J. H. Hicks of Belmont on last
Having qualified as executor of
the last will and testament of J. J.
Kistler, late of Cleveland county,
North Carolina, all persons hold
ing claims against said estate are
hereby notified to present the same
properly proven before me at Shel
by, N. C., an or before the 15th day
of February, 1930, or this notice
will be pleaded in bar of any right
to recover thereon. All persons In
debted to the said estate will make
immediate payment to the under
This the 15th day of February,
of J. J. Kistler's will,
B. T. Falls, Attorney.
Having qualified as administrator
of the estate of P. P. Ivester, de
ceased, late of Cleveland county,
North Carolina, this is ro notify all
persons having claims against the
estate of said deceased ti_ exhibit
them to the undersigned at Shelby,
N. C.. on oi before the 14th, day of
January, 1930, or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make immediate pay
This 14th, day of January, 1929.
istrator of P. P. Ivester,
As administratrix of the estate of
J. E. Champion, deceased, I will of
fer for sale all the personal prop
erty belonging to said estate, con
sisting of one tractor, two mules,
farming implements of all kinds,
two wagons, etc., about 50 bushels
! of corn, and other things of value,
to the highest bidder for cash at 2
o'clock p. m. on Saturday, March 9,
1929, at the home place of the late
J. E. Champion, just west of Cleve
land Mills (the Peeler place) in
Cleveland county, N. C.
ministratrix. 3t
4- r.- . ,
As trustee in deed of assignment
made by Pat& Wellmon for the
benefit of his creditors, this is to
hereby notify Ail persons having
claims against said Paul Wellmon,
to file same properly itemized and
verified with me withfck sixty days
from date; and thisjB to further
notify all persons indebted to safd
Paul Wellmon to make immediate
payment to me of such indebted
CHAS. iC HOEY, Trustee.
Having qualified as executor of
the will of Eliza Hord, deceased,
late of Cleveland county, Nor. i
Carolina, this Is to notify all per
sons having claims against the es
tate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned at Shelby,
N. C., properly itemized and veri
fied, on or before the 25th day of
January, 1930, or this notice will be
pleaded In bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment.
This the 25th day of January,
Newton & Newton, Attys. »
Under and by virtue of the au
thority conferred by deed of trust
by Mrs. Ola Smith, (widow) to the
First National Bank ol Durham. N
C., trustee, dated May 1, 1928, and
recorded in oook 150, page 229.
Cleveland county registry, the First
National Bank of Durham, N. C.,1
trustee, will on
March 21, 1929, at 12 o'clock >1.
at the court house door in Cleve
land county, sell at public auction
for cash to the highest bidder the
following described property:
Beginning at a stake on the
south edge of Elm street, the north
east corner of lot No. 13 and runs
thence with the south edge of Elm
street south 55 east 70 feet to a1
stake in said street; cornet of the j
Gidney property; thence with the
Gianey property south 2.51 west
170 feet to an iron stake; thence
north 65.47 west 63.5 feet to an
iron stake; thence north 65.47 west
*3.5 feet to an iron stake in the
line of lot No. 13: thence with the
line of lot No. 13, north 3.15 east
188 feet to the place of beginning
Same being lot No. 14 the B. F.
Curtis development known as Sun
rise Terrace, a plat of which de
velopment is of record in the office
of the register of deeds of Cleve
land county, N. C. in book of plats
No. 1 at pagL 57, and being that
deeded t) Mrs. Ola Smith by Cif
recorded book 3-W %t page 4
in the oiflce of the register
deeds oi Cleveland county, Noi
Carolina reference to which d
and plat v> hereby made for furt
er identification and description.
This Mic is nade oa account
default la the payment of indebtc
ness secured by the sa:d deed
This 14th day of February, 192
DURHAM. Trustee.
W. S. Lockhart, Atty., Durham, N.
Nearly Forty Ambitious, Forward-looking Students Are
Now Enrolled In Day And Night Schools of
The Carolina Commercial College |
15-19 Woolworth Bldg. Shelby, N.C. j
They are enthusiastic, too, confident that they have made {
the right start toward Growth and Advancement.
“Shorthand is fascinating. I love it.’' — “Another perfect page is Touch
Typewriting. Never thought I could do it.” — “This is the first time I have ever
enjoyed going to school.” — “Yes, I understand everything we have had in Book
keeping—including the Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement and Balance
Sheet.” — “The work is more interesting every day.” — “This Business Englisl
is great stuff. Just what we need.” — “I can see big improvement in my Penman- V
ship already.” — “I’ll be able to sell bug gy whips in Detroit after I finish this
Salesmanship course.”
If not, look out! Soon you will Stag nate. Next, Deteriorate. Then, Stand I
Aside, while someone else—better prepa red—Steps Ahead.
Decide Now to Grow, Yourself. “The secret of success is to be prepared for
opportunity when it comes. I
Our superior, specialized training will guarantee your Growth in practical
knowledge and skill; prepare you in a short time for a better position and larger
Our rates are reasonable—lower th an rates in larger cities. And you pay by
the month, instead of six months in advance, elsewhere. t
I want to Grow in business knowledge and skill. Please let me know
your tuition rates, etc. ‘
St. or R. F. D. ______
5 City and State___
Thursday, February 28th, 11:00 A. M. NEAR MOORESBORO, N. C.
164 Acre Farm located on Highway No. 120 near Highway 20, with several good sand clay roads running through the farm. This farm has been subdivided into 6 small farms
and has three good house, with barn, and outbuildings. The entire farm is well watered, ha, a quantity of good t™W and the most fertile land .n^tsection i»f Uie coun
This wonderful property goes under the Auction Hammer on the above date for a division among the heirs. NO FIXED PRICE—NO STRINGS—YOUR PRICE IS OUR
LIBERAL TERMS TO BE ANNOUNCED ON DAY OF SALE. Everybody invited to attend this sale. Sale to be conducted at the the home place.
COLS. RUSH and NOLAN, Auctioneers.

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