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SHELBY, N. C. WEDNESD’Y, FEB. 27,1929. Published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Afternoons
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The Markets.
Cotton, Shelby .___... 19>,$c
Cotton Seed, bu__70',fcc
Rain Thursday.
V/ Today's North Carolina Weather
Report: I’robably rain tonirffit and
Benny Mack Gets 20 Years.
Benny Mack, young puglist, of
Charlotte, Dn trial for the murder
of W. R. Moore, landscape artist,
seas found guilty today around
noon in the Mecklenburg superior
court and was given a 20 year sen
tence'in the state penitentiary by
Judge Stack.
Pass Compensation.
The state senate in Raleigh last
night passed the workmen’s com
pensation art after several amend
ments were added. The hill provides
for an industrial commission of
three to hear and act on all claims
by workmen. *
Eight Months
School Bill Is
Dead By Change
New Measure Provides For Six
Months Term And Equili
V xation Fee of $6,500,000.
Raieigh, Feb. 26.—Providing for
an equalization fund of $6,500,000, j
with retention of the six months
term and a reduction of ad valorem
taxes to a maximum of 28 cents,
v a substitute for the MacLean eight
month school bill was adopted in
the house at 12:07 this morning by
a vote of 59 to 58. Further con
sideration was expected to be de
layed as the house ordered the
substitute printed for the informa
tion of the members. The vote
came at the end of a four-hour
Representatives Hancock of Gran
ville, Harris of Person and Moss of
Nash sponsored the substitute for
the MacLean bill, which had passed
second reading Friday night by a
vote of almost two to *ne. The
original bill, according to its au
thor, Representative Angus D. Mac
w Lean of Beaufort, would require
an equalization fund of $10,000,000,
and would have limited the property
tax to 40 cents on the $100.
New Bill Provisions.
The substitute provides an equal
ization fund of $6,500,000 for the
first year of the biennium, and
$7,000,000 for the second year. For
this purpose, the budget commission
recommended $5,000,000 yearly for
the next two years, which wa* an
increase of $750,000 over the current
equalizing fund.
Under the provisions of the Han
"* cock-Moss-Hargett measure, the
state equalization board would be
empowered to make investigations
of the administration of the school
with a view to effecting economies.
* Local Militiamen
Get A Fine Rating
From U. S. Inspector
Company K, the Shelby unit of
the national guard, was given what
is termed in army inspection a per
fect rating at the annual inspection
last night by Capt. Page, U. S. A.
and Major Dempsey, of the inspec
tor-general's headquarters. It is the
best inspection rating yet accorded
the company and the young fellows
making up the outfit are Justified
in their elation.
Officers of the outfit are Peyton
McSwain, captain, and Mike H.
Austell and H. C. Long, lieutenants.
Among the many visitors who were
present for the inspection last
night were two former captains of
the local militia, Sheriff Hugh
Logan and Capt. J. Frank Jenkins.
Public Radios Here
To Broadcast Fight
Both the McCords, of the Shelby
Hardware company, and Montgom
ery Ward and company announced
this morning they would broadcast
the Sharkey-Stribling fight to
* The radios of both firms will be
heard at their respective stores, the
one to the north and one to the
south on LaFayette street. And in
addition to that Montgomery Ward
will put in an instrument at the
“Smokehouse,” Casey’s old place.
The fact was announced Monday
that Pendleton will also put the big
noise on the air.
Mr. McCarley Under
Operation In Atlanta
R. J. McCarley who operate the
cotton, grain and stock exchange
here for Outz and Slack, underwent
* an operation in Atlanta, Ga„ hos
pital yesterday. Mr. McCarley had
been in Atlanta for a week or two
undergoing treatment for an inter
i nal trouble from which he $»{d
been a 1«V •llMerer. i j
Poston To Be
Acting Police
Chief Here
Formal Resignation Turned In
Yesterday By Chief Richards,
Effective Friday.
Beginning- Friday, March 1, Po
liceman McBride Poston, veteran
officer of the Shelby force, will be
come acting chief of the local po
lice department succeeding the
present chief, A. L. Richards.
Verifying a report published by
The Star some days back. Chief
Richards Monday filed his formal
resignation with Mayor W. N. Dor
sey and it was accepted.
Shake-Up On.
Although very little Information
is being formally given out at the
City Hall, rumors indicate that
there may be other changes in the
police department. This is further
indicated by the statement of May
or Dorsey in saying that "Begin
ning on the first, Policeman Poston
will be acting chief of the police
department.” By this statement it
cannot be told whether Poston, If
he proves a success as acting chief,
will eventually be made the regu
lar chief or not. It may be that
Poston will act as chief until the
end of the present administration
as the municipal election is not so
many weeks off.
Reports yesterday about the up
town section had it that other
changes in the force had already
been made, or would be made, but
these reports were not verified by
the mayor although he Indicated
that, such could happen.
.Just where Chief Richards plans
to locate he has not stated as yet,
but close friends of the officer who
leaves the force Friday stated sev
eral days back, when mention was
first made about his resignation,
that he was considering another
An Ex-Service Man.
The new acting chief, known to
the city as “Mac,” is the oldest
member of the city force from point
of service in the blue uniform al
though he is in years still a young
man. During the World war he
served overseas and had a good
service record. In addition to serv
ing on the police force here he has
been a member oFThe police force
at Kings Mountain, and at one time
years ago was a guard on the No.
6 gang. Since he has been advanc
ed to acting chief by Mayor Dor
sey it is recalled by friends that the
police head and the new sheriff,
who goes into office soon, should
be able to work together due to past
acquaintance when Poston served
under Chief Irvin Allen on the
Kings Mountain force.
Forest City Youth
Gets Sand Bagged
Says Strangers Beat Him After
Getting Gasoline And Be*
fusing To Pay.
Forest City. Feb. 26.—Adelaide
Peeler, 20-year-old son of John
Peeler of the Mount Pleasant com
munity, sand bagged Monday by
two unidentified men who refused
to pay him for some gasoline that
they had bought from him, return
ed to his home from the Ruther
ford hospital today after undergo
ing treatment.
Young Peeler, who is. a student
at the high school here and who
was captain of this year’s football
team, was found lying in the road
in an unconscious condition yester
day by a school bus driver. When
he was still in an unconscious con
dition yesterday afternoon he was
taken to the hospital.
No Fracture.
Examination revealed that he
had suffered no body injuries but
that he was severely bruised about,
the head where he was struck by
the sand bag. Young Peeler re
mained in a semi-conscious state
until this morning. Shortly before
noon he was able to give officers a I
connected and coherent account of
the affair.
Wljile waiting for the school bus,
two young men in a roadster stop
ped and inquired if they might
purchase a little gasoline from
him. Young Peeler went to the car
shed nearby and drew out a half
gallcn of gar which was put in the
strangers’ car.
They made preparations to leave
w knout paying him for it and one
of the men started the car. Feeier
reached Inside and cut off the
switch. As he did that* one of the
men struck .him with a knife, cut
ting his arm and his coat along
the arm and lapel.
Peeler hit him with his fists and
as he did this the other man struck
him over the head with the sand
bag. the men told Peeler they were
Georgians. Their car bore a Geor
gia .license plate. To date the po
lice have no clues that would lead
to the arrests of the assailants.
Retiring Chief
Police Chief A. L. Richards (above)
who resign* March 1 as head of the
Shelby police department, stated
today that he was not prepared as
yet to make a definite announce
ment as to his new position, but in
timated that he might remain in
Shelby, as he declared that he had
made scores of friends during his
20 months here and considered
Shelby the friendliest and most co
operative town he ever lived in.
Announcement as to what he plans
to do will likely be made in a few
days, he said, in expressing his ap
preciation of the many courtesies
extended him as chief by the clti
sens of the town.
Hammett, Famous
Track Star, Will
Become A Minister
Boiling Springs Athletic Director To
Enter Ministry He An
nounces There.
According to a report reaching
The Star, Coach H. G. Hammett,
athletic director at the Boiling
Springs college, is planning to en
ter the ministry, and will soon take
up studies with that aim.
Conch Hammett, former star ath
lete at Furman university in South
Carolina, has become a track star
of national fame since coming to
Boiling Springs by reason of track
records established by him in track
training events for the Olympic
games at New York.
Youth Being Held
At Kingr Mountain
On Car Theft Claim
Stole Car Mo That He Might Visit
Sick Mother In Greensboro,
He Says.
Kings Mountain.—Far away in
Burmingham. Hubert Williams, 22,
received word that his mother in
Greensboro was ill.
The boy’s mother was low. He
had no method of making the long
trip home to his mother's bedside.
Hubert watched a lady in the
Alabama town park her car, and
enter a store. When she had dis
appeared he got in and drove away,
headed for Greensboro. His problem
was solved, It appeared.
Buf cars need gas. And gas costs
money. When he arrived at Kings
Mountain and tried to buy gas with
only 50 cents in his pocket, officers
became suspicious.
That is the story Hubert Williams
told after his arrest here for steal
ing a car belonging to R. M. Gar
row, of Atlanta. He readily admits
his guilt.
And while his mother continues
ill, presumably, Williams is being
held here for Alabama officers.
Little Hope For
French War Leader
Physicians See Little Hope For
Recovery Of 77-Year-Old
War Leader .
Paris, Feb. 26.—Marshal Ferdi
nand Foch tonight was said to be
slowly sinking from an illness with
lung, heart and kidney complica
tions, with apparently little hope of
His five physicians will consult
again tomorrow afternoon. Two of
them regard the case as virtually
hopeless. The three others said the
spirit of the game old fighter
might carry the battle along for
some time.
This Mst campaign of the for
mer generalissimo of the allied
armies began on January 14. The
77-year-old veteran made several
advances against the inroads of
disease, but none carried him to a
point of safety, although it was
hoped only a week ago that he
might soon be transferred to the
milder climate of southern France.
Reward Of$250
Is Oat Now For
Kid Hombackle
Governor Gardner Add* >100 To
>150 Reward Offered Locally.
No Clues.
The reward for the capture of
"Ki(J” Hornbuckle, wanted here on
charges of fatally injuring George
Scruggs, textile worker Sunday
week ago, now totals >250. it wa«
announced yesterday by the cd!y
police department.
Early in the week Governor Max
Gardner notified local authorities
that the state would add >100 to the
>150 reward already offered, and in*
formation about the increased to
ward has been broadcast to cities
and towns throughout the section.
One hundred dollars of the origi
nal reward Is offered by relatives
of the dead man, while the county
and city offered a >25 reward each.
Unless they have clues which
they do not care to make public
now, the police department seems
to have no trace of Hornbuckle,
who apparently left Shelby hurried
ly before Scruggs died on Tuesday
after he was struck on Sunday.
Rotary Play Will
Draw Good Crowd
Indications are. members ol the
club say, that the romantic play,
"Captain Applejack," to be given
here Thursday night under the aus
pices'of the Shelby Rotary club will
draw a large crowd. The play is an
Arabian night’s adventure and con
tains mystery, pirates, treasure, ro
mance and what-not.
The three-act performance is di
rected by Mias Richey, dramatics
instructor of Limestone college
Gaffney, and the cast is made up
of Limestone college girls and mem
bers of the Gaffney Rotary club.
The proceeds will be for the bene
fit of the charity fund of the two
service clube, and the program wi#
not start until 8:15 so that members'
of the Shelby Kiwanis club may at
tend after their weekly meeting.
.I k I.
Twenty-two Die In
Southern Tornado
Village Of Durham Completely
J Wrecked And Fourteen Are
Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 26—Torna
does making an early spring visit
to three states left a trail today of
22 dead, scores Injured, a wrecked
village and property damage ex
ceeding $500,000.
At Intervals of a few hours the
wind storms dipped down into
Northeast Texas, Northwest Mis
sissippi and Southeast Arkansas
yesterday, striking with greatest
fury at Duncan, Miss., where 14 of
the 450 population were killed and
the village left in wreckage.
Man Wed* Widow
Of Man He Shot
Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 26.—Fred
erick Ledbetter, of Antioih, who
was acquitted In Baltimore, Md„
January 20 for the murder of
Thomas Beatin, was married to the
widow of the man killed by Mag
istrate H. F. Baker, here Febru
ary 18, It was learned today.
The slaying occurred In Baltimore
when Beatin forced entrance into
Ledbetter’s rooms, where his wife
was visiting. Ledbetter was acquit
ted on a self-defense plea.
Mrs. Beatin quietly left Balti
more coming to Nashville and
married Ledbetter. She was ac
companied to Nashville by her
three-year-old son.
Rooting for Jack
Photographed together at
Migmi Beach, Fla., for the first
time since Tex Rickard’s death,
Mrs. Tex Rickard and her
daughter Maxine are strong for
Jack Dempsey who volun
teered his services to put over
the Sharkey'StriMing fight
which Tex had started.
Stribling Carries
Fighting Hope Of
South In Big Bout
Georgian Faces Jack Sharker At
Miami At IS Tonight. Shar
key Favored.
W. L. (Young) Stribiing, veteran
boxer despite his youth, tonight
carries the lighting hopes of the
south thto tfie ring at Miami, where
B lithe young Georgian fights
ik Sharkey, the Boston gob, in a
round bout.
Sooth For Strib.
Among the sport critics and writ
ers Sharkey, considered one of the
outstanding heavyweights living, is
favored to win over the young
Southerner. but in and around
Shelby, as is the case all over the
south, ihe fans can see no winner
except')he Georgia boy and they
are yielding nothing until Sharkey
proves otherwise.
, Over Radio.
Hundreds of radio sets in and
about Shelby will be tuned in on
the big fight tonight. The broad
casting from Miami starts at 9:30
but the main bout does not open
until 10 o’clock. Bill Munday, the
Atlanta newspaperman, who broad
cast a portion of the Tech-Califor
nia grid game last fall, will share
in the announcing.
County Historical
Society To Be Formed
On March 29. there will be a call
ed meeting of all parties interested
in the formation of the Cleveland
Historical association, according to
Prof. W. E White, county historian
The purpose of the association is
to collect the most interesting his
tory pertaining to the county and
preserve it for the state historical
Mr. White has set March 29 as
the date for this meeting because
court week will be on and asks all
who are interested to meet here at
that time.
County Basketball Tourney To
Start In 'Ttn Can” Tonight
( _-- ___
Lattimore And Shelby Seem To Be
Picked To Win County
Cage Trophy.
The Cleveland county high school
basketball tournament opens in the
“tin can” here tonight with a dou
In the first game of the double
header the fast Lattimore quint
faces Casar, and in the second con
test Shelby and Fallston hook up.
On Thursday night Belwood plays
Folkville. and Piedmont will clash
with Grover. On Friday night the
two winning quints of the Wednes
day night double-header wtll play
the two winning quints of the
Thursday night double-header. Then
on Saturday night comes the title
battle between the two remaining
quints for the Rotary championship
Among cage fans the Lattimore
and Shelby quints are considered
the strongest In the tourney, al
though the recent showing of the
Fallston five In defeating Kings
Mountain indicates that the up
county boys may spring a surprise
tonight and defeat the Morris
^alls outfit. Too, as far as any
one knows now, some dark horse In
the tourney may come through to
the final tilt. Yet the dopsters say
that the odds point to Lattimore
and Shelby facing each other hi the
final game Saturday night. The
Shelby quint wont the champion
ship cup donated by the club last
The flat rate admission to all the
games will be 25 cents—a cheap
price for a double-header—tnsteod
of 15 cents as erroneously announc
ed in Monday's Star,
Using Home Of
Mystery Death
As Show Place
Will Charg* Exhibition Tax Oi
Renter Of Kin| Home
At Sharon.
York, Feb. 26.—Evidently the town
of Sharon as a town also wants
to cash In on the morbidly curious
who desire to see the King mystery
Mayor VV. S. Gibson and Coun
cilman O. M. Spurllng have notifted
C. E. McGuckln, who has rented
the house where Fay Wilson King
was found dead, to come to the
town clerk's office and pay an ex
hibition license
McGuckln says he isn't exhibiting
a thing.
He came here today to consult
Hart and Moss, prominent lawyers,
to obtain their services in fighting
the effort of the town fathers to
charge him a license.
He understood the mayor wanted
to charge him exhibition license of
two hundred dollars per day and
to close up altogether his rented
house on Sundays.
McGuckln said the mayor was
among those who passed along
Sharon street in front of the King
residence Sunday but that the
mayor did not come on his premises
and pay him two bits for coming
which he would have charged.
Counsel In Case
To Fight Change
In Venue Foir King
York Attorney Say* Shelby Man
Can Oct Fair Trial There.
Other Counties Read.
York.—’‘As I see it now we will
strenuously oppose any effort that
may be made to obtain change of
venue few Rate King,” said John
Alexander Marion, of state's coun
sel, commenting on staMtnents at
tributed to counsel for King to the
effect that their client could not
obtain fair trial in Yor* county be
cause of newspaper stories publish
ed concerning the mysterious death
of Faye King, with whose murder
her husban is charged.
"Tile accused can get a fair trial
before a York county Jury. I feel
sure," said Mr. Marion. "Futher
more, intelligent people of Lancas
ter. Chester and Fairfield counties
also read newspapers and I am cer
tain that jurors in those counties,
like jurors in York county, return
verdicts upon law and evidence
they hear in court, and their opin
ions previously formed by press ac
counts should not bias their ver
Shelby Autoist*
Race Crack Train
Across Southland
Here’s a story about a race from
Ehelby to New Orleans, between an
automobile and the Crescent Lim
ited, the crack flyer of the South
Two youns men, Dwight Houser
and Claude Woke Thompson, left
Shelby a certain Thursday after
noon. The hour of departure was
about three o'clock.
The next morning Mr. and Mrs.
Z. J. Thompson, parents of Claude
Hoke, left Shelby for the Gulf city
on the Orescent Limited. When Mr.
and Mrs. Thompson reached New
Orleans they found the boys al
ready there, and quite comfortable
after a rest from their strenuous
The auto party got to the city
Friday night, and Mr. and Mrs.
Thompson Saturday morning. In
other words, - the boys traveled
about as fast as the train, reach
ing their destination about as much
ahead of It as the elapsed time ze
tween the two parties leaving Shel
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson spent a
week hi New Orleans, enjoying the
Mardi Gras, and later went to
Texas and Oklahoma. They were
absent something over two weeks.
No Word Received
From Monazite Group
No information as to the success
of their congressional appeal has
been received here as yet from the
delegation which left Sunday for
Washington to ask the ways and
means committee to place a duty
on foreign monazite so that the
mineral might be mined here again
profitably. Those in the delegation
were H. Clay Cox, of Shelby, W. H.
Alexander, of Oaffney, and Fred
Hamrick, of Rutherfordton.
Since the delegation left the
state mining engineer at Raleigh
has announced that a monazite
tariff would do this section very
little good as mo6t of the monazite
now, used in this country comes
Iron. Florida and not from Brazil.
Search For Men Who
Cracked Safe Here
Is Fruitless So Far
Cotton Winner To
Be Announced Soon
The winner of The Star’s cot
ton guessing contest will be an
nounced this time next month,
as the llnal ginning report for
the season of 1928 will be an
nounced In March. Several
months bark The Star offered
a rash prize to the ci^zen of
the county guessing nearest the
total cotton production in the
county's biggest production year.
Those who guessed below 51,
000 bales should hold no hope
of being the winner.
Jackson County To
Inspect Church
Twenty-Five Pastors And Workers
Coming To Cleveland To In
Speet Churches.
(Special to The Star.t
8ylva, Feb. 24.—On Saturday
March 9. ‘a delegation of more thAn
twenty Baptist pastors and Sun
day-school superintendents and
workers of the Tuckaseegee Bap
tist association in Jackson county
Will leave for a short tour in Cleve
land‘county, observing churches
and Sunday schools.
Leaving Sylva Saturday morning,
the party will drive to Kings Moun
tain in Shelby. While In Shelby they
Will look over the new Sunday
school plant recently erected un
der the leadership of that princely
pn3tor, Dr. Zeno Wall. This is one
of the most modem working plants
In North Carolina and would be a
credit to any city many times the
size of Shelby.
A visit will then be made to Dou
ble Springs, a country church six
miles wctt of Shelby, where a real
country supper will be served in
the basement of the church. There
they will observe them in their
“Weekly Teachers' Meeting” from
6:30 to 7:45, then drive to Boiling
Springs Junior college and attend
the annual debate given by one of
tr*e literary societies.
The visitors will be entertained
Saturday night in the homes of the
Double Springs people and on Sun
day morning will observe them In
Sunday school and attend an Asso
ciation al Sunday School convention
in the afternoon which has been
scheduled for that church at two
o'clock.. After this meeting the
visitors will again turn their faces
back toward the beautiful Balsams
of Jackson county.
The Baptists of Cleveland coun
ty are looking forward with a pecu
liar Interest to the opportunity of
having this band of co-workers as
their guests and will dq all within
their power to make the visit
Sunday School Field Worker, A.
V. Washburn, who is planning this
tour is of the opinion that Sunday
school workers might profit as well
as farmers and school teachers, by
visiting and observing others more.
District Field Worker.
Counterfeit Silver
Scattered Now In
Shelby, Report Says
Mr. C. H. Reinhardt, South Shel
by merchant, informed The Star
today that it would be v^ll for local
merchants and business men to be
on the alert for counterfeit money,
as such is being scattered now in
Saturday of last week and this
week Mr. Reinhardt says counter
feit silver was passed at his and
other stores. Counterfeit coins de
tected so far are 50-cent pieces and
I -- -- i- -
Recitation Contest
Is On Here Friday
County High School Girls Compete
For Annual Honor For
The Selma Webb Recitation con
test for high school girls of Cleve
land county will be held in the
Central school auditorium here Fri
day night bt this week.
Just how many girls for the var
ious high schools of the county will
enter has not been announced. The
contest ranks in popularity and age
with that of the Hoey oratorical
contest, which was held last week.
Essays for the Selma Webb essay
contest must be in by Friday night
of this week, so that they may be
turned over to the judges.
One Man Hearing Officers Suspect
Him Presents Well-Cheek
ed Alibi.
Loral officer* and special detec*
five* employed in the matter have
M yet failed to discover a single
definite clue as to the identity of
the person, or persons, who cracked
two safes In Shelby business hoases
last Friday night and got away
with more than $500 in cash and
papers valued at around $1,000 or
more to the owners.
Early m the week officers hint
ed that they Aad some strong sus
picions, but so far no arrests have
been made as has been erroneously
reported about th<* town.1
Tell* Of Time, f
One man, it was stated at the city
hall today, who heard that officers
might be suspicious about his
whereabouts on the night of the
robberies, came into the office of
Mayor Dorsey yesterday and ex
plained in seemingly perfect style
where he had been every hour aince
early Friday unUl Monday mom- p tl
ing. During the period he had been
in three cities in the state and his
alibi checked as to hotel rooms
and homes where he stopped, > it
was stated.
Special Officer.
A report today was that a spe
cial detective, employed by the rob
bed firms, McKnight wholesale
grocery and the Ideal ice company,
is now working upon the caae and already expressed his opinion
that the work was that of experi
enced professionals.
| Due to the fact that gloves were
worn in the safe drilling no finger
print clues were left.
Farmers To Plant
Thousand Acres
Pedigreed Seed
Coke Pedigreed Seed Company
Contract With Local Farmers
For Strain No. 2.
a contract was signed Here yes
terday with Cleveland county farm
ers to plant 1,000 acres of new
Cleveland Five Strain No. 2 seed
for the Coker Pedigreed Seed com
pany of HartsviUe. S. C. Seed Jtor
planting these 1,000 acres will be
shipped into the county at an early
date to be ready for the planting
season. When the cotton is hai
vested, the staple will be ginned on
a private gin in order to keep the
seed pure and unadulterated for
re-sale throughout the cotton belt.
During the periods of planting,
cultivating and harvesting, experts
from the Coker Pedigreed Seed
company will be here to supervise
the work. Those who signed the
contract to plant these seeds are
Blanton Brothers, Coleman and
Rhyne Doggett, Clyde and Coy Me
Swain, R. P. Weathers, Wynn Jones
and C. S. Young, landlords who
owns property east of Shelby on or
next Highway No. 20.
Messrs. Hoklns and Clybum, rep
resentatives of the Coker Pedigreed
Seed company who were here this
week from Hartsvtlle to close the
contract, say that a variety test
will also be conducted on the Blan
ton Bros, farm along Highway No.
20 west, the purpose of which is to
determine the\ best varieties of seed
for this soil and climate. These
tests will be properly placarded in
order that the public may study
the cotton during its growth and
Marriage Business
Active At Gaffney
The following couples from this
section secured marriage license last
week at Gaffney, South Carolina:
James Cromer and Lois Tess
near, both of Lattimore; H. G.
Carpenter and Gladys Masters,
both of Shelby; Robert Palmer Mc
Curry, of Cherryville, and Maude -
Rippy, of Shelby; Fred White of
Shelby, and Daisy Shepherd, of El
Approve Park Bill
At Kings Mountain
Washington.—The Bui winkle bill
to establish a national park to com
memorate the battle of Kings
in South Carolina was passed by
the house Monday and sent to the
senate. /
The measure would authorise
$225,000 for acquiring lands,
markers, making surveys and
pairing roads in the proposed

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