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    Mayor Tak’ng No
Part In Changing
Of Town’s Charter
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course, to any other man.
“Wlvi'e I do not believe there t
finy immediate and urgent deman
to change the charter, and believ
furthermore that changes should
not be hastily. I do think that th
‘town cf Shelby' in the charted
should be made to read ‘city oi
Shelby* as it looks n little unesua1
for a town to be sel'ing $100.00'
worth of bonds; some of the bom
buyers mry be curious to know just
hew large a “town’ Is," Mr. Dorsey
Charter B:I! May Not
Get By Leg:r!a':ure
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I suppose it moots with the apnrov
nl of the citizens forwarding mo the
first charter change bi'l. Unless t
hear something more, or objections
I suppose I will try to get the last
bill made into a law revising U
Charter. But that, you unde-:,land
depends entirely upon whether o
not the legislature has time to do
anything about Ideal hills after the*
get through with State measures.’'
Mull Measures.
Representative Mull lias been
rather successful with the bills lie
has introduced at the present term,
not only with State measures he
sponsored but also with local bills
His bill amending the law for
better prohibiten enforcement in
Cleveland county has already been
ratified. This bill provide that of
ficers receive n $5 foe for all ar
rests in cbnnecUon with the viola
tion of the prohibition laws.
Another Mull bill which has al
ready been ratified is that :so
amending the law about the solici
tor of county court that it removes
the county from any liability in
paying the fees of the ; oltcitor in
case the defendant does not. or can
not. In other words the law now
Is that the recorder s court solici
tor does not get his $3.50 fee for
conviction unless the defendant
pays it. Which is to say that in
cases where the convicted defend
ant is sent to jail or the gang and
does not pay the coats the count?
will not have to pay the fee out of
the county treasury us heretofore.
No. 4 Township.
Two recent bills introduced by
Mr. Mull were to combine the Grov
er and Kim s Mountain highway
commissions and to permit prison
er* of this county to be worked up
on the roads of other counties.
Neither of these bills may be rati
fied. however, due to the fact that
the legislature’ may adjourn before
they are reached for final passage
on the calendar. There are at p
ent three road commlsstonsNin No.
4 Township. Mr. Mull explained,
one at Kings Mountain, one at
Grover, and one at • East Kings
Mountain. To facilitate read work
the bill was introduced to combine
the Kings Mountain and Grover
Two Bl'N Boat
Both of the Kings Mountain
bills introduced by Representative
Mull were reported unfavorably by
the committees. These bills had to
do with proposed bonds tin the town
of Kings Mountain.
•‘The legislature, in nry opinion,
will adjourn in just about 10 days,
Mr Mull said.
Train H is C^r At
Forest City Saturdry
Forest City, March p—W
Brady, aged 21, was injured here
this morning about 6:20 when the
ear he was driving to work was
struck by p: senger train No. 113
»t Harrtll street ere mg. Mr
Brady was taken to the Rutherford
hospital and later reports indicate
that his injuries are not serious.
It Is thought that Brady drove on
the crossing before noticing the
approach of the train. Some
thohught he had triad to beat the
train across the crossing. His car,
• sedan, was completely demolished
Two Plays To Ee
Given At ft"oriRh
(Special to The Star.)
Ctyliar.—The public is cordially in
▼ited to attend two plays which
will be given at the Mvriah consol
idated school Thursday evenin’'.
March 14 at 7:15. These, plays:
“Fun on the Podunk Limi d" and
,“/n Obstinate Family,” aboard in
wit and good humor and rive
promise of an evening of pleasant
Come and laugh your cares away.
Jn case ol rain, plays.-will be post
poned until the following Tuesdev
A small admission charge will be
Whte Hou°e BdNt
Pleasing To Hoover
Washington.—President Hoover
does not like the bed he found in
the White House. After a four
pight trial of the presidential bed.
• part of the government's perma
nent White House equipment, Mr
Hoover had his personal bed
moved down from his S. Street
home, at 6 set up in his own r’« >m
at the weeutive mansion.
f evere IToral Code or Conscience—Which?
A coroner s jury at rvilenv, N. J,, will be called
upon to decide whether Alice White'ell died
from poison a victirn of her own inoral code or
< ’ 0 hi her lover, Harry liloehmcr, shown with
lier, npj'er left. I he modest Whiles'll home,
U| I’t'i i :;ht, was the scene of this fata! ro
mance ;ij,c!i has divided the town into two
factions of belief. According to Sheriff J. R,
Robinson below, right. Blochmer has con
fessed to Iniying poison which he gave the girl
when she told him she was an expeeiar.t
mother. Others hold that she was the victim
of her own conscience.
(International New«r*AH,
ruder ! ny clfeumsinncw revive the
;;o t'l CV.r 'lna in 'u .ry us tiic* de
mand. tor. Uirrl'u'n was n e dh'.b’e in
con co,t:ercr c l t!*c i i eonfinred use
cl pis -tfr I i i' h.' ' o'.pl in ol
to i in fhott’- • ;■ -v. :s rub t :r !1
no indo.wy in the l' i i n ; of mm
cite et her in or India at
pre- nt !'•>!• l't cl the c b on for the
peed : eve": V yr v; cvd''d to the fact
the! C-e x: X ". t en '>hi"t • it o!
i o' • vs abort one-tenf hi.. what
it V" ", rb'u't ten ye vs a \ rntt
c'lro'-i rvo’.v y r . . . . >* net ■ l
r'ecd un1''"; r new ov 1". f urd for
it ... . The ■ .ur.l; .< 1 Fieri: ’a rvo In
ersr.etly t'" ; it-rtien at these
cl Ncith Carolina without a mar
Kit ’nV'f ted.
\ 'T c to ’v ' k iv^ t,r,nip
Fir V v t : n, eve \v 11 kimvn in
t'-" ir " v e l -.vcle. i fv in t: ■ (’
e’n. s Merit"! h cenwny, of Mow
,Ic end : t' ei t'-.Vt dv e ".nfnnv
ha i n > in:-or s hi "e'"L T-n he ntl”
‘»i*'r r;"' • a’ I w u'd pro'or to sell
the ir In''; hr' ct'.'v! •'-! v lthou
re v.'-vierj the i”< v ’I in*ore t. end
went ' be p ■ ■> t'y w l’in* to do this
at r"h per eve,
Fii'd anot'v lo‘ ■ or lr in th"
V.': ' b""k i r n v v . "The e i
not c*'1. 'IVit t o v v!vc t’Ai? j1'
"i o in'r tv m f rf ro shc'i in
<hl y e : • ; n\ v,' or' 'Hie p’v
n Tvr-1 !'■•> r 1 -i fji i T11
! -v * -'s r h "s f-r v "t of a
mp: rid h t, ’ td\ if ev, rM*’
inn r;'P his are 1 ir ft pro -
ont f •• d . . . . NY d:• t>orl ’
p y ■ O pr - f><„ JV • o;- JJV.vy>
she in the C relir. fel'% ... ",
Cdf jr's ?’ ta: T’t i f m 'I n
ve i r b" T "- st-s-'f r r.ha*
il Is wo: *\ T'-is r-”« • rd •>
c’a 1 a- •• ’ I t; r* i ’ a ■ l> the
r:'vi ill of ra ric i e r*' Hr,, pu' •
'I ’ i-r ft m« t ni- (’• * b-'e of
• (. | ,, (• „t a ( - f* „ ||
h»:n- I—ck ” c in hi ry. a" " at ai
o'K r (!:'•' h > r* t r,'*.t of a r' .a a
o- •'> e ' •or- I' -t t' o ni v ro.ont
wc-’d re u‘t in 1:1 si:"-'is. s-”! la- !
-r v.r p"b'i'' ri t> -t" ’-n* r.tof
'■'•>■ rs for r d ”— in ■ ' I b
h-v c- nr— o' t’- h p- Cat t' o
far f* ri'fl !y Ih m wo H b'
„< |.v ,, n rps, a-ii
Mr* I.- \ m'n'-g h--e eve- al y.
T o 3l a e b't n rcMv d l>v a
• '• l «• ir~>a--~ to on- of t’ o m-n
win v i 1 le m A-e i*'t '■ f * -a In
0 r - i> m n n-; than others In this
■ lion.) ’
F ,|f1!?ran To F'»ht
r’ev/bevry In Shelby
It was announced today by Ar
thur Sides, _ local matchmaker tor
the American Legion. that Dave
Eddleman. of Charlotte, and Bus
Newberrj. of Spartanburg, will
face each other in tlie feature bout
01 the bo rne program to be held
Saturday night, March 23. Kid
Crosby, of Charlotte, will meet Bid
Joe Sinpletcn in the semi-finals, j
Newberry is one of the best draw
ing cards to at near in Charlotte in
several years. Tire program was to
have been this Saturday night but
has been postponed one week due
to an engagement Newberry has
booked lor this week. j
i I
Present Bac’is Meccan Government
One l eiieral guvei ..incut is standing ny an ;ner in t!ie present
relations between the United States and Mexico. President
Hcrl ert Hoover has thrown his support to the side of Presi
dent Portes <iil (right), whose administration is being threat
ened b\ a growing iipiising of insurrectionists throughout
Mexico According to present reports, the United Stateswill
Mirtush much needed inns and nuin.Vttons to the Federal forces
unoei license gianted I»y the Secretary o! State.
(lnU'inuttoimi N*w*ieei Ph"lu»
lentil Of His Sosn Took Jsy
Out Of Life As Pres'dent
r r drill Star Is \Y..'Ung For
Musa les. First Experience
III White Mouse.
Tl'e beat ltncv. n private citizen of
.he Un.'e.t States appeared before
.he nation as a writer three days
liter he retired from t lie White
House to ::o. i’l Massasoit street
Northampton, Mass.
The first of a series of artie’es on
lis carter and Iris life in the White
House by Calvin Coolidge appears
n the March number of the Cosmo
politan magazine, which went on
sale yesterday. Mr. Qoolidge is also
indcr contract to write articles lor
the Ladles Home Journal.
At 10 o'clock one Saturday morn
ng about six weeks ago. Ray Long,
'ditor of Cosmopolitan magazine
was ushered into President Cool
dge's office in Washington. Tiie
president handed him a sheaf of
"I've got something done." lie
said. “I don't know how good It is.
lut any ..ay it's here."
That “something" was Mr. Cool
idge's story of his years in the
White House. The outstanding pass
ige in the Installment that appears
m the Cosmopolitan is his descrip
;1mi of the death of his son. Cal
vin. jr. and the cost in heartaches
ot Jus years in the White House.
I "My own participation in the cam
I paign of 1924 was delayed." Mr.
■ Coolidjc writes, "by the death of
my sen, Calvin, which occurred on
the 7th cf July. Kc was a bay of
much promise, proficient in his
studies, with a scholary mind, who
had just turned 16.
i "He had a remarkable insight into
1 “The dav 1 became president he
had just stiffed to work in a to
breco field. When cne of Ills fellow
laborers said to him: 'If my father
was president. I would not work in
a tobacco field.' Calvin replied: ‘If
my father were your father you
i "After he was gone someone sent
us a letter he had written about
the same time to a young man who
had congratulated him on being
the first boy in the land. To this
he had replied that he had done
nothing and so did not merit the
! title, which should go 'to some troy
who had distinguished himself
through Iris own action.'
"We do not know w tat might
have happened to him under other
circumstances, but if I had npt
been president he would not have
raised a blister on his toe which
resulted i<i blood poisoning, play
; ing tennis hi the south grounds,
j "In his suffering he was asking
3. C. School Get*
She'by Youth Who
Had Escaped There
Vai Same IJoy Who Was Shot
While reeling In Re Idcnce ;
Here Weeks Back.
A Soutli Carolina otflccr was in •
, ihelby Saturday afternoon to get j
Mgar Cox, young white boy of
3hclby, to return him to the South \
Carolina Industrial school, or re
formatory, from which the youth j
escaped last July, according to the j
officer. —v
The youth was caught by TVdlce-1
man Ed Dixon near the edge ofj
'own after a long chase He was
ent to the Industrial school, which
is at Florence, on a charge of at
tempt ing to break in a store.
The Cox boy is the same youth
who was shot in the body weeks
bark during the burglar scare by
Trssie Harrill. a neighbor of Reid
Misenheimer, one night when Har
•ill noticed the b*y peeping in the
inflow of the Misenheimer home,
lie wound was not a periods one. |
■id at that time it was not known
y officers here that he was wanted
,n South Carolina.
WiU S'mmcn* Run
For Offce Again?
Washington Star Contradicts Sen
ator’s Own Statement That
He Would.
(H E. C. Bryant in Charlotte
Washington, March 8. — The
Washington Star of today says that
Senator Simmons is not expected to
run for the senate next year. The
Star is In error, for Senator Sim
mons lias announced that he would
be a candidate to succeed himself.
The Star story reads: “The sen
ator in the states of the old south
whose terms expire in 1931 are:
Heflin, Alabama: Robinson, Ar
kansas; Harris, Georgia: Ransdell,
Louisiana; Harrison, Mississippi:
Glass. Virginia; Sheppard. Texas;
Tyson, Tennessee, and Simmons,
North Carolina, who is not expect
ed to run again."
This statement was made in con
nection with an interview'with Dr.
A. J. Barton, of the Southern Bap
tist convention, who, with Bishop
James Camion, organized and di
rected the Asheville anti-Smith
conference last summer.
Doubts Penalization.
Dr. Barton said tiiat he doubted
if the southern voters would try to
penalize those Democrats who voted
for Smith. He took a shot at John
j. Raskob. national Democratic
Discussing Ule cumins
over seats in congress, Dr. Barton
■‘Of course, the personal equation
will enter into any contests that
may develop. The southern people
ate conservative, however, and I
doubt that the people will be in
clined to penalize men with good
records just because they ran coun
ter to their convictions in the presi
dential campaign. I do not doubt
that some of the senators and rep
-esentatives will have opposition in
"931 that might not have develop
'’d had they taken a different
course, but I do not think the op
-Kxsition will be serious enough to
defeat them.”
Dr. Barton is chairman of the
-'xecutive committee of the Anti
Saloon League, and office secretary
of the home mission board of the
"Southern Baptist convention.
F^^it^ge Marre*
Young Couple *lere
I Curtis Irvin and Alpha McAbee,
young couple of this county, were
married at the court house here
Saturday morning by Squire T.
Cling Eskridge.
Appointed Notary.
Miss Melissa Kerr, secretary in
the insurance office of Charles
Hcey, has been commissioned a
notary public by the secretary of
state, according to Raleigh dis
i Aliy on mut ii» —
troubled waters of the Stewart
Rockfeller dispute seems to be of
the boiling variety. — Manchester
I Mr. Edison's friends have always
been distrcst by his taste for ill
i smelling cigars. Now we know'
! where he got the idea that weeds
! contain rubber.—The New Yorker.
Perhaps Oklahoma could get
along w ithout a governor. She can't
get along with one.—Toledo Blade.
me to make him well. I could not
■ When he went, the power and
glory of the presidency went with
i him.
"The ways of providence are oft
en beyond our understanding. It
seemed to me that the world had
need of the work that It was prob
able he could do.
•‘I do not know why such a price
was exacted for occupying the
White House.”
The first article describes Mr.
Coolidge's entrance into the White
House cn the death of President
Harding and some of his early ex
periences as president. In subse
quent chapters after reviewing his
years in the White House, he tells
of his boyhood and young man
hood. The work, saya Mr. Long, is
, really an autobiography.
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