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    VOL. XXXV, No. r, 1
SHELBY, N. C. WEDNESD'Y. MAH. 1.‘5, 192!)
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The Markets.
Shelby, spot cotton __ ;!0c
Cotton Seed, bu. _"0!je
Occasional Showers.
Today's North Carolina Weather
Bcport: Occasional rain tonight
•nd Thursday. Mild temperature.
Asa Candler Dead,
i Asa G. Candler, Atlanta capital
ist and founder of the Coca Cola
company, died in an Atlanta hos
pital yesterday afternoon following
a lengthy illness. The 78-year-old
soft drink magnate, one of the
richest men in the south, was wide
ly known for his benefactions.
Central Church
Training School
Opens On Sunday
Annual Training School For Sun
day School Leaders Begins
Here Sunday.
The sixth annual Cleveland
county standard training school for
Sunday school teachers and leaders
will open Sunday evening at the
Central Methodist church here and
will continue through Friday,
March 22.
Among the Instructors who will
conduct classes for Sunday school
leaders are Dr, James Cannon. III.
Mr. L. F. Tuttle, Miss Freddie
Henry, Miss Corinnc Little, and
Mr. Paul F. Evans. Courses in spe
cial Sunday school lines will be
given along with general courses,
and administration and organiza
tion courses for Sunday schools.
The opening session will be at
1:15 Sunday evening, and each
evening thereafter through Friday
the session will open at 7:30 o'clock.
At 11 o'clock on Sunday, March 24,
the certificates and awards will be
given by the pastors in charge.
Expect Good Attendance.
4 good attendance is expected
this year as 111 persons enrolled last
year and 101 attended the school
regularly and earned credit, these
credit students corning from 13
Sunday schools as follows: Central.
36: Polkville, 29: LaFayette street,
seven: Palm Tree, five: St. Paul,
five; Fallston, five; West End. Gas
tonia, five: Kadesh, three; Besse
mer City, three;' Casar, one; Sul
phur Springs, one; Cherryville cir
cuit and the district, one each.
Officers of the training school
are: William Linebergcr. president;
J. H. Grigg and Claude Grigg. vice
presidents;-"Mrs. J. W. Harbison,
secretary; Miss Verta Hamrick,
The school is open to all church
workers and prospective workers
over 17 years of age regardless of
denominational adherence.
Building and Loan
Group Here Names
Officers At' Meet
Shelby And Cleveland B. & L.
Reelect Old Officers. Name
New Director.
The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Shelby and
Cleveland county building and loan
association was held Tuesday. The
report of the treasurer was very
gratifying and indicated a prosper
ous financial condition. An un
usual boost for the association is
that it has been in operation for 19
years and has never lest a dollar,
nor taken in any property for
The old officers were reelected as
follows: A. C. Miller, president; R.
T. LeGrand, vice-president; John
P. Mull, treasurer. Mr. George P.
Webb was added to the board of di
School Text-Books
Adopted At Meet
Held Here Tuesday
At a meeting held in Shelby yes
terday the text-books to be used In
the high schools of Cleveland coun
ty for the next five years were
adopted by the county text-book
committee. Due to the fact that
the committee had to follow the
approved list of the state commis
sion sevetal changes were neces
sary, but where possible books now
in use were retained. The entire
list of the books adopted will be
published in Friday's Star.
Formal Opening Of~
Hotel Charles On
The formal opening banquet and
dance of the new Hotel Charles will
be held Friday evening and night
of this week, it is announced by
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brabble. The
big banquet will be staged at 7:30
and will be followed shortly there
after by the dance.
A card issued today by the hotel
management reads:
‘‘We are now making reservations
for the banquet and dance Friday
Those wishing to attend please
phone in your reservation at once
Those wishing to attend the dance
after the banquet, please apply for
card at hotel:”
Schools Close Here
May 4, Or A Month
Earlier Than Usual
i School Board At Called Meeting
Sets Closing Date Due To
Depleted Treasury.
The city schools of Shelby will
close on Saturday May 4, at the
end of the eighth school month,
due to a depleted treasury and the
defeat several months ago of a
special school tax election which
would have provided enough funds
to complete the regular year of nine
I months.
This was definitely announced
here late yesterday afternoon by the
city school board after a special
called meeting.
Money Runs Out.
The announcement of the early
closing is made reluctantly by the
board, it is stated in a resolution
adopted at the called meeting, but
the move is described as one of
necessity as the funds on hand will
barely complete the eight months.
Subscription Term.
In the resolution adopted by the
board there is a hint of the fact
that the high school and perhaps
the other schools may be operated
on lor the other month provided
citizens subscribe enough to do so.
However the board makes it plain
that the schools cannot run any
i longer than eight months upon
public tax money. In the matter of
the subscription term The Star
learns that Supt. I. C. Griffin will
this week go before the various
Parent-Teacher organizations in the
city and explain just how much
money it will take to continue each
school for the other month, thus
giving parents who want their chil
dren to complete the required year's
work an opportunity for them to
keep the schools open for the ninth
Children in the elementary schools
may possibly pass enough work
during the eight months to ad
vance in their grades, but the task
is a harder one for the high school
grades, and for that reason general
presumption is that local citizens
will at least make an effort to carry
on the high school for the other
In the resolution adopted by the
board it is stated that it costs $14,
500 to operate the entire, school
system each month.
How Over Budget.
The resolution, also, explains in
part why school expenses this year
ran over the anticipated budget.
Immediately after the disastrous
hotel fire a year or so ago local
citizens became a little more par
ticular about fire escapes for the
school building and to their fears
was added the State Fire Insurance
commissioner's order that escapes
be placed in all the buildings.
While this work was in progress
repairs at one or two of the build
ings were deemed necessary and
thus the expenses for the year were
increased when not anticipated at
the time of the budget. Meantime
tax valuations had not increased
as had been reasonably expected
and at the same time the county
commissioners lessened the budget
of the district.
Teachers’ Pay.
One paragraph of the resolution
orders that all teachers be paid in
full for eight-ninths of the school
year upon a salary basis of a nine
months year.
Board Statement.
The resolution, or statement ot
the school board, as presented to
The Star follows:
Whereas the anticipated revenue
for the school year 1928-29 as set
up in the budget and determined
by the auditor is approximately
$115,749.92. and whereas the cost
of operation of the public schools
is approximately $14,500 per month,
therefore be it resolved,
1. That the board of trustees of
the Special Shelby Charter district
No. 33. in called session on March
12, 1929 do hereby give notice to
all teachers and patrons of the
public schools that the schools will
close so far as maintenance by pub
lic taxes is concerned on Saturday,
May 4. 1929, at the end of the
eighth school month.
2. That the superintendent is
hereby authorized to use the public
school buildings for any additional
school term that may be provided
by subscription, or otherwise.
3. That the school treasurer is
hereby authorized and directed to
make final settlement in full with
all teachers at the end of the eighth
month for eight-ninths of the full
year's salary on a nine months
4. That the board of trustees
wishes to state that it takes this
<Continued on page (twelve.)
Davidson College
Glee Club Coming
Here Next Monday
! Shelby Bov Among College Musi
cians To Perform At School
Monday Night.
Davidson College Glee club which
appears in the high school audi
torium here Monday night. March
18 will present an entirely new and
unique program from any given
here in recent years. There will be
a number of solos, both vocal and
instrumental. Also there is fea
tured a violin duct.
New choruses have been added to
the program in which the club ap
pears on the stage at five differ
ent times. Among the parts fea
I turing the program is a saxophone
solo by Mr. A. J. Thompson of
Badin. Mr. Thompson lias been
with the club three years, playing
first alto sax in the jazz orchestra
for that period. Mr. E B. Peter
son will sing a tenor solo as an
other feature, while Messrs. R. B
and C. C. Orr entertain with a
violin duet.
Along with the Glee club travels |
a string trio playing strictly class
ical music. This trio is composed
of R. B. Orr. playing the violin.
C. E. Brown on the cello and P. B.
Fry, the president of the ciub, at
the piano. This group of young
musicians were received with much
favor on previous engagements of
the club.
This city has a representative on
the Davidson club in the person of
I. C. Griffin, jr. Young Griffin
made a rapid step to the position
of saxophonist in the jazz orches
tra. He is at present playing first
alto sax in place of Mr. Thompson,
who has held that position for the
past three years. His ability to
play has increased to some extent
and may be watched with interest
by the townspeople.
The personnel of the club inclu
des two North Carolina State high
school-prize medalists from the
music contest held last year in
Greensboro. N. C. A. G. Goard of
Lenoir was the first prize winner
in the violin contest, while G. P.
Pardington of Winston-Salem won
the baritone solo medal.
Recently a group 0f students from
the Davidscn club, together with
a similar group at North Carolina
State college, formed a National
Music Fraternity. This organiza
tion has as its purpose to promote
the interest and appreciation of
music. The fraternity will be
known as Mu Beta Psi. This or
ganization will aid the club in pre
senting better glee club and or
chestral numbers.
Hendrick Will Not
Be Candidate Again
Decided That Definitely Two Weeks
After lie Became An
Mr. Rochcl L. Hendrick, member
of the city board of aldermen from
ward two, announced definitely to
day that he would not be a candi
date to succeed himself.
“I made up my mind two weeks
after I took office near two years
ago that I wouldn’t be a candi
date again, and my mind has not
changed. I appreciate the cour
tesies and cooperation extended me
by citizens while I held the office,
and also the courtesies and friend
ship extended me by my fellow
members on the board, the mayor
and other officials with whom I
came in contact.
“After serving two years i am
enabled to appreciate hereafter the
work of the aldermen and of var
ious other city officials, a work I
did not fully realize heretofore. And
my time on the board I think has
made of me a better citizen and
one who will gladly cooperate in
the future with the aldermen and
mayor. If there is any one group
that I would praise to the highest
in making this statement, it is the
volunteer fire department. The
average citizen unless he has a fire
or has some contact with them docs
not realize just what these volun
teer fire-fighters mean to Shelby,”
he said.
Billiard Parlor In New Home.
Messrs. Robinson and Long are
now established in their new loca
tion in the Hotel Charles. This is
one of the best equiped pool rooms
in this section, and promises to be
popular. The partners announced
today the setting of their new'
home is about complete.
Cleeland County Cage Champion‘d.
I’icturcd above is the Shelby high basketball quint, winners this year, for the second consecutive time, of
the Rotary cup for the county championship, and semi-finalists in the Slate college tournament for high
schools which has just closed with Raleigh, the champions, defeating Shelby by only one point. The players,
reading right to left, front row are: Hamrick, guard; Farris, guard: Rippy, forward; Bridges, guard; Wall,
forward; Charles Swilier, assistant manger. Back row; Coach Casey Morris; Ralph fiadner. manager;
Eskridgr. renter; Cpt. Hold, forward; lluliek. guard; Coach Tlldcn Falls.
Bootleg Cases Worked Up By
Federal Sleuth To Be Aired
In U. S. Court Here Next Week
Numerous Cases Said To Have
Been Worked I'p Against Fill
ing Stations On Docket.
Some sly work on the part of an
"undercover man" of the Federal
prohibition forces is scheduled to
be revealed during the term of
United States court which convenes
here next week. Monday. March 18.
with Federal Judge E Yates Webb
According to general rumor
throughout the section weeks back,
a Federal sleuth has visited nu
merous filling stations in the section
and has preferred no one knows
how many bootlegging charges
against va.wus service stations in
this district of the Federal activi
On report current here now. and
which is credited to the Federal
detective who worked up the cases,
is that he did not fail to secure li
qiior at any filling station where
purchases were attempted from
Bessemer City to Bat Cave. Wheth
er or not purchases were attempted
at many stations along the route
covered is not known and will not
likely be known until the docket
for this district is brought to Shelby
next week from the deputy clerk's
headquarters at Charlotte. Where
all warrants and charges are filed
for the court here.
If the work of the "undercover
man" covered such a wide territory
it is not thought likely that all of
his victims are aware as yet that
they were the victims of a ruse
and they perhaps will not be noti
fied until rounded-up for trial next
week. All of which, however, is
presumption upon the part of local
citizens, as charges may already be
preferred in all cases since it is re
called that several Federal agents
have been in and about Shelby re
cently, or since the detective's re
ported stay in the section.
At the court house here yesterday
none of the county officers possess
ed definite information as to how
many filling stations in this county
had been visited and nabbed by the
| Federal detective, but at the sher
j ill's office it was the general opln
! ion that operators or hangers-on at
; tour or five filling stations in this
county would be tried.
No Padlocking.
• !
So far as is now known no f ill -
I ing stations in this county ha\e
; been padlocked on account of
j bootleg activities by Federal offi
! cers, but it is recalled that at the
j last term of Federal court here
tFederal Judge Webb ordered the
j stations of several convicted de
| rendants to be padlocked, and for
| that roason it is anticipated that
there may be some padlocking in
the county week after next, all of
which, of course, depends upon how
much cf the rumor about activities
of the 'undercover agent'' proves
to be actual fact.
But from somewhere sprung the
rumor that a Federal agent declar
ed that Highway 20 from Bessemer
City, through Gaston. Cleveland,
and Rutherford counties to Bat
Cave, was "a trail of liquor joints."
and tlie rumor, as rumors are, will
just not be downed, it seems, un
till the Federal court docket Itself
proves it false or true.
New Oil Firm Opens
With Ballentine As
Head Superior Firm
Joe C'abaniss Associated With Him
In Lubricating Distributing
A new firm, the Superior Oil
company, distributors of lubricat
ing oils, has opened in Shelby in
the Thompson building just across
the Southern tracks on West War
ren street. Mr. Ralph Ballentine.
is the head of the new firm and he
has associated with him Mr. Joe
Cabaniss, formerly with the Cleve
land Oil company.
The Superior company are whole
sale distributors of the Racolene
lubricating oils for cars and trac
tors. inci iding Pennsylvania, Re
public. and paraffine oils.
Mayor May Issue Booze Permit
To Shelby Citizens, Says Charter
Want a pint of good booze, and ^ yourself and your booze properly
protected by the city laws? Well, just file your application before the
The Shelby city charter, according to those who have studied it,
says you may have it and that the mayor is authorized to issue the
whiskey permit. -—
Believe it or not, but that's just
how much of an antique the pres
ent Shelby city charter is, except
by the way, that it actually reads;
“town'’ charter instead of "city."
The fact that there are several!
very musty and out-oi-date pro
visions in the present town charter
was pointed out by Mayor W. N
Dorsey in his statement that when
the charter is revised it should be
a thorough job with the entire
charter thoroughly modernized.
It is doubtful . if Mayor Dorsey
would exercise the privilege the
charter gives him in empowerin';
him to prescribe whiskey for eiti
zens whpn necessary, but nevcrtnc
lcss the charter says so
"The charter now in use," says
the mayor. "not only gives the
mayor the right to prescribe
whiskey, but it also states that he j
must see that horses arc not I
hitched about the streets along the 1
court square. while still another j
provision is that the mayor must;
preside over a court disposing of all ]
cases developing in Shelby. If the j
charter is to be changed and j
brought up to date, it seems to me ,
as if there are several things to
change beside the date of holding;
the municipal election and the
manner m which it should be held.
New Candidate For
Mayor May Announce
During Week, Report
The second candidate for
mayor of Sthrlhy In thr May
municipal election will likely
announce late this week or
rarly nest week, according to
Eeneral reports in political cir
cles here today.
Just who the new candidate
will be is a matter of specula
tion since the report hit, thr
streets yesterday, but those not
"on the Inside” of the latest
political move are of the opin
ion that the new candidate
will likely he Robert K. Carpen
ter, runner-up in the last mun
icipal election; or Paul Webb,
former mayor.
No Federal Jobs
For Hoovercrats
Hoover Will Not Name Them In
Guise Of Filling Democratic
Washington—No Sou'hern Hoo
vercrat will be given a lederal job
by President, Hoover under the
guise of filling a Democratic posi
The president made tins plain
alien the Texas national commit
teeman. R. B. Creager, presented the
name of former Governor Colquitt
for a place on the federal board o 1
mediation, which, under the law.
goes to a Democrat. Governor Col
quitt voted tor Hoover and the
president said if he goes on the
board, he must go as a Republican.
The president isn't looking for
trouble" with tlie senate, though he
may have much before he gets
through, and.lie has been told that
the senate would look askance at
such tactiis as naming Hoovercrats
to Democratic jobs. So Hoovercrats
will not become Republicans, so far
as President Hoover Is concerned.
While disposing of this question,
the president has also disposed of
Col. Horace Mann, the much-adver
tised mystery man, who was the Re
publican guardian angel for the
South. The Colonel will not dis
pense patronage and he will not re
organize the Republican party of
the South.
It occasioned no surprise when it
was learned that President Hoover
had politely kicked him over-board
and will do business with the ac
credited Republican organization in
each Southern state. Most of the
Republican politicians climbed
aboard the Hoover band wagon
early, so that no reorganization is
needed so far as President Hoover j
is concerned.
This leaves the Hoovercrats in
the South in an awkward position,
as they must accept the leadership
of the old timers if they go into
the Republican ranks, and they
can t be counted ns Democrats so
far as the Hoover administration
is concerned.
The administration is running
things strictly on a Republican
basis, although it is expected that
one or two Woodrow Wilson Demo
crats will be named to prominent
positions. One of these mentioned
is Cato Sells, who served as com
missioner of Indian affairs under
Wilson. This would be a gesture
toward these Southern Democrats
who voted for Hoover for idealistic
Shelby Merchants To
Ask City Board For
Old Rate On Lights
$38,000 Building
Shown By Permits
Residences Formed Majority Of
Ituilriiiig Here During
Month February.
Permits were issued during Feb
ruary for $38,669 worth of building
in Shelby, according to the month
ly report of Mr R A. Rudnsill. city
building inspector, ns filed in the
City Hall
Residences many of tliem rent
structures, made up the major part
of the month's building. Other than
repairs and remodelling permit was
issued for only one business dwel
ling during the month, that being
the brlek dry-cleaning plant of the
Woodson brottiers on South Wash
ington street
In bebruarv,
Permits covered the following In
addition to repair work.
Fred Wright, residence. Cleveland
Springs road. $4,000
Shelby Riding club, two-story
barn. Chestnut, street. $3,500.
I) H Cline, four brick veneer
residences, Suttlc extension. $1,000
and $1,700
Earl Eaker, residence. McBrayer
street. $3,000
Roy Propst, frame residence. N,
Morgan street. $1,500.
Carlos Grigg. two residences. Lee
street, $3 500 each
Forest Wnlker, frame residence.
J. H. Brackett, three Irame resi
dences. Martin street. $3,500 to $3,
000 each.
Harry and Charles Woodson,
brick dry-cleaning plant. South
Washington street. $4,000.
News Items About
“ Business Shelby”
ft oar It. Of Montgomery-Ward. Pro
moted. Robert* New Chevro
let Salesman.
Mr H E. Rit-hbourg. manager of
the A. and P., has again copped a
prize for salesmanship. It has not
been long since it was recorded
how he got a substantial check
front the A. and P. organization for
putting over a sales campaign. Now
comes another His friends are con
gratulating himself on Ills success.
Mr. William Roach, who for the
past ten months has been a mem
ber of the Montgomery-Ward
forces, has been promoted to be
assistant manager of the Rocky
Mount, store, which will open
March 30. This is a substantial
jump for this earnest veung man,
and his friends will be glad to hear
of his success.
Mr. Herman Roberts, formerly
with Whippet, has joined the sales
forces of the Crawford Chevrolet
company. At the same time the an
nouncement is made that Mr.
Claude Jones. formerly with the
Service garage, has been put in
charge of the service department
of this company. The changes were
effective the first of this week.
Mrs. Reid Misenhcimer has re
covered from a stubborn attack of
the flu, and is back in the office of
the Webb theatre, of which she is
Mr. M. L. Horn, one of the gen
eral managers of the Acorn Stores
chain, has returned to Shelby from
a hurried visit to New York, where
lie was called on account of the
death of his father.
To Plan Vets Trip
At Meeting Monday
Shelby Clubs To See Thai Confed
erate Veterans Of County
Get To Reunion.
A meeting of representatives of
the several civic clubs of Shelby
will be held in the Woman’s club
rooms here next Monday morning
at 10 o clock for the purpose of ar
ranging transportation for the Con
federate veterans of Cleveland
county to the reunion in Charlotte
in June.
It is not known as yet whether
the veterans of the county will be
transported in one group or in pri
vate conveyances and the details
will likely be worked out at the
meeting. Clubs to be represented at
the meeting, which will be presid
ed over by Mrs. Fred Morgan,
president of the association of
Woman's club, will be the Wom
an’s club, the U D. C's. the Rotary
and Kiwanis clubs.
Commit Ire of Business Men To Ap
pear Before Called Meetlnf
Of Board.
A committee of five men. rep
resenting merchants and business
men of Shelby, will appear before
a special meeting of the city aider
men late thla week or neat week
and request that the light and pow
er rales of the city electrical dq;
part ment be calculated again as
they were up to November of 192*.
This action resulted at a mass
meeting of merchants and other
citizens held yesterday morning In
the auditorium of the court house.
The committee named was Messrs.
Elmer E. Scott. T. W. Hamrick,
Frank Hoey, W. D. Allen, and
Henry Massey, with Mr. Scott as
The committee as planned. In ap
pearing before the city fathers will
make complaint of increase in light
and power bills since the present
method of calculating the bills was
adopted, nnd will ask that since
the electric plant Is the property of
the town that the old method be
General Discussion.
The meet line resulted in a gen
eral and informal discussion of in
creasing light bills with numerous
merchants voicing their opinion
that they could hardly afford to
operate with the light bill so in
creasing. Mayor W. N. Dorsey and
City Clerk Fred Culbreth were in
vited to the meeting and it was ex
plained by them that the present
method of figuring the light and
power bills was adopted last No
vember so as to comply with the
method using by the Southern
Power company from which the
city gets its power. The plan now
used, they said. Is the same jilan
by which the city must pay for Its
power. At this juncture it was re
marked by some of the business
men present that they •would be
satisfied with the method of fig
uring provided the rate or scale
was so changed as to keep the to
tal light bills about where they
were prior to November.
The matter of deciding about the
rate or method of figuring the light
bills was one for the aldermen to
decide, Mayor Dorsey stated and
declared that he believed the al
dermen would be perfectly willing
to hear a committee and do what
was deemed advisable.
Following this statement'the com
mittee named above was appointed
to look into the rates and scale
used and make such requests as
they thought proper at the meet
ing with the aldermen.
College President
At Belwood Sunday
Dr. J. E Davis, president of
Boiling Springs junior'‘college, will
preach at the Belwood school house
next Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock,
It Is announced by Prof. C. A. Led
On Friday night of this week a
blackface minstrel show will be
held at the Belwood high school,
the minstrel including crap shoot
ing. ghost seeing experiences, and
other sidelines. The minstrel show
has been capably coached by Mr
Graham and Miss Elizabeth Span
Lock Negro Up On
Breaking In Charge
Weldon Borders, colored man who
lives in the Washington church sec
tion east of Shelby, was jailed here
Monday night by Deputies Buren
Dedmon and John Hord on a
breaking and entering charge pre
ferred by members of the family of
C. C. Borders, a brother of Weldon
Complaint is, it is said, that the
man was found in a room one night
in which a member of the family
was sleeping or occupying. The
hearing is scheduled for Saturday
in the county court.
Ellenboro Farmer*
Shoot At Two Bales
Forest City.—Winfred Hamrick.
Ellenboro Vocational Agricultural
student last year, with a record of
1 003 pounds of lint cotton, two
bales, produced on his one acre
school project leads the Ellenboro ,
students In yield per acre for the
past year.
Had Winfred selected two acres
instead of one and made the same
yield per acre lie would have been
eligible for one of the state prizes
in the Chilean Nitrate of 8oda cot
ton growing contest among voca
tional students in the state.

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