Copeland’s HEALTH TAI* 0 Hardened Arteries By ROYAL S. COPELAND, M. D. (United States Senator and former Health Commissioner of New York) I find in my mail a letter from a lady in Pennsylvania. She asks me three questions, about hardening of the arteries, sleeplessness and neuritis. I assume that this lady is suffering from all these symptoms. She may regard them as three separate and distinct ailments. As a mat ter of fact, all of them might be due to the same cause. „ UK. Cot txANO. Hardening of the arteries cannot be regarded as a disease. It is merely one of the symptoms >f a manner of living which has not been entirely proper. Carelesseness about the eating, neglect of the bowels, failure of elimination by the kid neys—these are other symptoms resulting from the manner of living which is responsible for the trouble with the arteries. If we were to live close to Nature, keeping all of Nature's rules, I suppose we might live on for a hundred years or more, possessing all the functions and capable of all the activities of youth. The very fact that we do not live to such an age. and in advance age do not possess such health as I have indicated, is our own fault or the fault of our parents. The system must have an ample supply of me various substances which are used in the tissues of the body. Not -< alone must it have an ample supply, but it must not have an over supply. If too much of a given mineral is constantly fed, there may be a deposit of the surplus in some part of the body. In this wav the artery ■walls may be overcrowded with the mineral supply. If the intestinal tract is not prop WEAK, RUN-DOWN Alabama Lady Could Hardly Lift Her Head. Began To Feel Stronger After Taking Cardui. Loxley, Ala.—"I was In an awful bad state of health," says Mrs Charles Jerkins, of this place. “1 ' was all run-down and weak as could be. I did not have the strength oi a kitten. Some days X could hardly lift my head from the pillow. "I looked like a skeleton, I was so thin and haggard. It took all my will power to drag myself around the house. I never walked any far ther than I had to. for it hurt me to stand on my feet. “My back and sides hurt me until I thought I could not stand it. “I saw myself growing gradually weaker and I did not know what tc * do. I tried several things but nothing helped me. “One day I read about how othei women had been helped by taking Cardui, so I thought I would try it I found it a splendid medicine. Af ter I began to take it, I soon began to feel stronger and able to dc things. “From that time to the present I have taken Cardui several times when I was run-down in health. It has never failed to help me.” Cardui should help you, too. I j crly cleansed, there is decomposi tion of the fecal substance. Poisons 'are developed and these are car ried by the blood stream to every part of the body. Some of these poisons may be stimulants which excite the brain and interfere with sleep. Nine times out of ten persons who suffer from sleeplessness are consti pated. There is no relief for the sleeplessness until the constipation is overcome. Poisons developed in the body 1 either in the intestinal tract, or in I FLOWERS < [ Corsages, Bouquets and I Funeral Designs a Special i ty. Complete line of Cut ! Flowers. I SHELBY FLOWER SHOP — PHONE 580 — 1 “Say It With Flowers”— The Gift Supreme. ^ WEBB & WEBB — REAL ESTATE — Farms and City Property See GEO. P. or E. L. WEBB UNION TRUST BLDG. SHELBY — Telephone 454-J — !« ■■■ the tonsils, or the teeth, or the gall bladder, may be carried to the nerv ous system. As tlie result, there may be an inflammation in the nerve. This is called "neuritis." To avoid hardening of the arteries and sleeplessness, and neuritis and headache, it is important to have free elimination from the intestines and kidneys. It is important to make sure there are no centers of infec tion It is important to live in such a way as to get a right amount of good food, fresh air sunlight and exercise. Answers To Health Queries. A. R. Q.—What will relieve the pain caused by gall stones? What will clear up the condition? How long can a patient suffering from gall stones live? A.—Application of heat and cor rective diet should bring about in creased comfort. Careful diet and general care, such as avoidance of constipation, proper exercise, etc, should all bring about results. In definitely For further particulars send a self-addressed stamped en velope and repeat your question. J. C. Q.—Will the removal of dis eased tonsils restore or improve the hearing? A.—Ves, in some Instances. X. Y. Q— Would you advise the immediate removal of a lump In the breast? The patient is a woman of 50 years of age. Is this condition always cancerous or is there a pos sibility of something less serious? Would such a condition be apt to be brought on by violent continuous work or exercise? A.—Yes. Such conditions are not necessarily of a cancerous nature, but a growth of any kind should al was have careful medical attention. No. W. F W. Q—What causes the back of my head and neck to ache? A—Very often indigestion will produce this symptom. The diet should be corrected and attention given to the proper elimination of the intestinal tract. For full par ticulars send a self-addressed stamped envelope and repeat your question. H. L. M. Q —What causes night sweats and what is the best remedy? 2. —Would decayed teeth be re sponsible in any way? 3. —What causes water on the knee? A.—May be due to weakness, a ruan-down system, nervousness or a possible lung condition. Examina tion will determine the necessary treatment. 2—The decayed teeth may be causing infection in your system and this in turn would undermine the general health. The teeth should have attention. E. E. Q—What can be done for chronic catarrh of the throat and bronchial tubes? What climate is advised under the circumstances? A.—The general health should re ceive first attention. A high, dry climate where there is plenty of sunlight should be most, helpful. For further particulars send a self-ad dressed, stamped envelope and re peat your question. i __ , The Farmer’s Best Friend ■Against His Worst Enemy! EASIER WORK _No horses to feed morning or night. A springy, comfortable seat to ride in all day long, surging power under your giasp, a tractor you can steer with one hand you are independent ot extra help, youi work is done better, quicker and cheaper and you have more leisure to enjoy life. BIGGER PAY With “CATERPILLAR” traction you are able to do work on time—to beat bad weather, pull bigger and deeper-set tools; you ride a seed bed without packing the soil, or plow without riding in a furrow. The non-slip traction of a “CATERPIIL LAR” means fuel economy and extra pow er for big tools. You farm thoroughly. Your work is more timely, you do more work, you save men and minutes. The re wards of sure traction and plentiful pow er mean bigger crops and bigger pay. AND—YOU LIVE! Local Representative A. E. FINLEY HOTEL CHARLES. SHELBY, N. C. Anderson Tractor & Equipment Co. clo. 1 w. Chapel Road. >i. Biltraore. IV, C. ' Phone 5268. Something To Think About April Fool! -■= liy I5runo Lessing — April is All Fools’ Day. In observ* I ancc of this holiday many people i love lo play pranks upon their cred-, ulous and gullible friends. You re ceive a mysterious telephone rail I asking you to telephone to a cer tain number and ask for Mr. Fish. You find it is the Aquarium. Or you are Ird into telephoning to the weather bureau and asking for Mr. Snow. Some ingenious folks offer their friends cakes made of rubber or put a seidlitz powder into a salt cellar. He are a playful people, with a mild sense of humor and many of us love this sort of thing. The joke lies in crying "April Fool!" when tfie victim realizes that lie has been duped. Why not make this a national holiday upon which all people can review the various occasions when they were duped and cry ••April Fool!'' to themselves? Many people believed that Pro hibition would the use of alcohol, diminish crime and elevate the country's standard of morality. Gaze upon the picture today! Crime debauchery, drunkenness. poison ing, corruption everywhere. April Fool! We absolve churches from taxa tion because they are a link be tween us and the next world. They are spiritual institutions whose pur pose it is to prepare us for a fu ture life. Instead of which, these churches accumulate billions and billions of dollars worth of earthly goods. And support or attack can didates for public office. We spend billions of dollars for public schools in order to give our children an education. As a result of a century of the kind of educa tion which they have received, the popular impression throughout the land, today, is that Babe Ruth is greater than Mozart! that Bill Hart is greater than Shakespeare and that Henry Ford is wiser than Aris totle. April Fool! We waste millions of dollars and billions of hours every year watch ing paid performers play baseball and football and other games when we could have so much fun and add so much to our health by play ing these games ourselves. We pay millions of dollars to al dermen and legislators and con gressmen to make laws for us, and we let them make laws which we do not like and which we refuse to obey. We want our wives and our sis ters and our sweethearts to behave themselves, yet we go to theatres and cabarets to see creatures whose principal asset is their misbehavior. We stay up when we ought to go to bed. We stay in bed when we ought to get up. We eat things that we know are not good for us— which the silliest dog or duck would refuse to do Aprjl Fool! One could stretch out, ad In finitum, the silly doings of hu manity which, if we enjoy that kind of humor, provide a vastly better excuse for crying ‘'April Fool!" than the spectacle of the Took Soda 20 Years For Gas—Stops Now "For 20 years I took soda for in digestion and stomach gas. One bot tle of Adlerika brought me com plete relief.”—John B. Hardy. Adlerika relieves gas and sour stomach at once. Acting on BOTH upper and lower bowel, it removes old waste matter you never thought was in your system. Let Adlerika give your stomach and bowels a REAL cleaning and see how good you feel. Overcomes constipation. Paul Webb Pharmacy. adv. ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTICE Having qualified as administra tor of the estate of John H. Gar ver, deceased, late of Cleveland county, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having claims against the estate of said deceased to exhibit them to undersigned at Lawndale, N. C„ on or before March 18, 1930, on his notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate pay ment. This March 18. 1929. A. A GARVER, Administrator of John H. Garver, Jno. P. Mull, Atty. DR. H. D. WILSON Optometrist. Eyes Glasses Examined Fitted Dependable Eye Examina tion and Quality Glasses. Office Over Paul Webb’s. I* poor dupe who finds mucilage In liis hair ionic. Bui perhaps It Is all summed up in the exclamation of Puck, in A Midsummer Night's Dream, by W Shakespeare, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" Bowk Borrowers Honest. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Lyle Stephenson of Kansas City, in this state, who Is given to col lecting a library for himself, noting the other day that his shelves dis closed great vacant spaces, consid ered the situation. It was not that he needed new books: it was that his old volumes had been borrowed - and not returned. Mr. Stephen son's confusion was acute. Ho didn’t remember who had borrowed which books: he couldn’t think of all his borrowers, or remember flic titles of his missing books. How was lie to reach his public? Being an ad vertising man he ran true to type. He inserted little ads in a news paper. Books began to come in five at a time. Some be had forgotten lie owned came back. Each post brought him old friends. The result is that Mr. Stephenson is convinced that book borrowers are honest. His discovery Is of an tconclastic age. When book borrow ers will return books of (heir own volition, honesty still is triumphant and faith in human nature survives. We salute the book borrowers of Kansas City. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Having qualified as administra tor of the estate of Bert H. Ham rick, deceased. late of Cleveland county. North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having claims against the estate of said deceased to exhibit them to the undersigned at Bolling Springs, N, C. on or before the 15th day of March. 1930, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons in debted to said estate will please make immediate payment. This 15th day of March. 1929. W. C. HAMRICK. Admr. Quinn, Hamrick A- Harris, Attys. TRESTLE'S SALE OF LAND. Under the powe- of sale contain ed in a certain deed of trust, ex ecuted by Alma Webber and wife, Hettle Webber, to Chickamauga Trust company, trustee, for Pru dential Insurance company of Amerira. on November 14. 1924, to secure a note of $1000 00 of same date, said deed of trust being on record In the office of the regis try of Cleveland county. North Carolina, hi book 131, page 47, and said note and deed of trust not having been paid as therein pro vided, and the holder of said note having requested the undersigned to foreclase said deed of trust, the undersigned, as trustee as afore said, will offer for sale at public r.—.. THE PERSON WHO HAS NOTHING Is Usually The One Who Does All The Damage. Your Only Safe guard is Insurance With CHAS. A. HOEY Try Star Want* Ad*. auction to the highest bidder at the court house door in Shelby, N. C. at ttl m. April 27. 1929. (or cash, the following described tract of land: Lying in No, 4 township, Cleve land county. North Carolina. Be ginning at a poplar, D. J. William's corner and corner of lot No, 2, and running thence with William's line north 40 degres west 52 poles cross ing two branches to a post oak, down, his corner: thence with his line south 70 degrees west 31 poles to a large pine, his corner; thence north 26'5 degrees west 35'i poles to a small gum, P. H. Watterson's corner; thence with his line north 76 degrees cast 00 poles to where the small branch runs Into the big branch: thence up the small branch as It. meanders 60 poles to where an old line crosses near a large pine; thence S. 29'j degrees east 19 poles to a stake In an old road on the old line; thence with said line and road north 66 degrees cast 98>i poles, crossing public road, to a black oak, now down, P. H. Wat terson's and Collin's corner; thence with Collin's line south 71 degrees east. 38 poles to Gamble's corner on Collin's line: thence with Gamble's Une south 42 \ degrees west 16 j poles to a stake at the road, Gam ble's corner and corner of lot No. 3; thence with line of lot No. 3 south 52'i degrees west 75 poles to a stake, corner of lots No*. 3 and 3: thence with line of lot No. 2 south 60 degrees west 80 poles to the beginning, containing 62 acres, more or less. This the 23rd day of March ,1929. CHICAMAUGA TRUST COM PANY, Trustee. Newton <$c Newton. Attorneys for Trustee. DAN FRAZIER Civil Engineer And Surveyor Farm Surveys, Sub-divis ions, Pints and General Engineering Practice. - Phone 417 - *' . . J MAUNEY AUTO SUPPLY CO. CAN SAVE YOU MONEY ON Batteries Fan Belts Radiators Tools Brake Linings Tops Piston Rings Side Curtains Pistons Radio Supplies GET OUR PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY. — PHONE 518 — 1 C Stock Car Records set during Challenger Week by dealers and owners under official observation of newspapers, police, safety and underwriters* officials $PEED///> to 70 Ji.PH. Lafay ette, Ind.— 72 M.P.H. Birmingham, Ala. —71 M. P. H. Cape Girardeau, Mo.—72 M. P. H. Little Rock, Ark.-71 M. P. H. Pittsburg—72 M.P.H. South Bend,Ind.— nVl M. P. H. Des Moines-71 M. P. H. Salt Lake City-72 M. P. H. El Paso, Texas —71 Vi M. P. H. Omaha-72 M. P. H. Providence, R. I.—71 M. P. H. RELIABI LITY Saginaw, Michi gan—24-hour non-stop run covering 1259 miles averaging 52.5 M.P.H. Grand Rapids —Petoskey and return, 461 miles in 8 hours, 5 0 minutes, ice-rutted road. Duluth to Minne apolis and return over icy roads, 344 miles in fc hours and 28 minutes. Salt Lake City— Ogden to Bear River City and return, 72.3 miles in 70 minutes and 30 seconds. Note these LOCAL RECORDS SPEED: 72 Miles Per Hour. RELIABILITY: Charlotte to Asheville in 2 Hours, 45 min utes. ACCELERATION: Standing Start to 58 M. P. H. in 27 Sec onds. ECONOMY: 20 Miles Per Gal lon. HILL CLIMBING San Francisco— Essex wins Oakland Enquirer Trophy for fastest time from the Toll House to top of Mt. Diablo—23 minutes and 3.2 seconds, beating the world record by 23.4 seconds. To top of Mt.Baldy, 8.05 miles with hairpin turns in 10 minutes 16.4 seconds. Fastest time ever recorded, lowers record of well known eight-cylinder car. ACCELERATION Ala.—Standing start to 50 M.P. H. in 14.2 seconds. From 10 to 70 M. P. H. In 19.2 seconds. Little Rock, Arkansas—Standing start to 60 M.P. H. in 26 seconds. St. Lous —Standing start to 60 M. P. H. in23 seconds. BRAKES Detroit—From 45 miles an hour to stop in 25 feet; from 35 miles to stop in 18 feet. Dayton, Ohio—From 30 miles an hour to stop in 1 second. New Or leans— 35 miles an hour to stop in 29 feet. ECONOMY In more than 300 reported tests during Challenger Week, the gasoline consumption averaged above 20 miles a gallon. These testa ranged from reliability runs to speed trials of 70 mile* an hour, hill-climbs, traffic tests, etc. NOT JUST A SIX But a SHPIU SIX A SUPER-SEX motor—70 mile* an hotir— M miles an hour all day long—in getaway it challenge* any car u any price —it challenge* all in climbing hills. Remember it la built by Hudson under famous Super-Six patents. That if why it ia so smooth ap powerful—no one can copy or match ic 695 AMD AT FACTOR* Coach. •69S| XPM«.Ce^i>.fi«Wn—»n. •695 | Coup* (wfclt r—tl» mat). $7251 Standard Sedan, •795jTo»mSrd«fcS«*<* Eoadatar, $850: OmaalMa r'"wn <•**■ D. H. CLINE, Dealer W. WARREN ST. TELEPHONE 687. , c .. . SHELBY, N. C. «*

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