SOCIETY News MISS MAYAlE ROBERTS—Social Editor—Phone 25f». News Items Telephoned Miss Roberts Will Be Appreciated. Misses Cornwell dive' Easter Party. Misses Margaret and Pearl Corn veil delightfully entertained about fifty of their friends Saturday aft ernoon at their home at Lawndale, with an Easter egg hunt, maish mrllow and weiner roast. Many dif ferent games were enjoyed. Book Club. Mrs Jesse Washburn will be hostess to the Contemporary Rook club Tuesday afternoon .it 4 o'clock at her home on the Cleveland Springs road. Mo4hers Cltitr Tuesday 3:30 p. m The Mothers club will meet with Mr, Durham Moore at her home on W Marion street Instead of Mr DeWitl Qtpnn Impelling Chib. ^Thursday 3 30 p m Tile tshpen lrtg1 club will meet with .Miss Kliza betih Roberts at her home on S. Washington street, Suprise Birthday Party. Misses Leonral Turner. Connr Blanton. Wilin' May Hughe:, sur prised Miss Virginia Terry Inst Mon day when her little school mates Ksi’e her an Easter party. They all had a lovely tune. Little Virginia is Recovering nicely from her rerrni sickness. Social Calendar For Week. Tuesday 3.30 p. m The D. A. R will meet at the club room. Mrs. K S Royster, Chatman of hostess committee. Wednesday 3.30 p m The Ce celia Music club will meet with Mrs. Thad Ford at her home on Sea board avenue. ■fhursdav 3:30 p m. The after noon division No. 1 of the Woman s club will meet at the club room. Mrs. Chas. Wells, chairman of hos tess committee. r. t. a. Meeting. The regular monthly meeting ot the P. T. A. of South Shelby school will be held Tuesday evening at 7 30 o'clock at the building with Mrs. Rush Padgett, the president, presiding. An interesting program has been arranged Music will be fur ntshed by the Toy symphony or chestra, composed of 40 boys of the primary department. The boys chorus will also render several sel ections. Miss Elizabeth Brown of the high school faculty, who is a delightful reader w'ill give several humorous selections A large and increased attendanee is urged at this meeting. Mr. L. A. Kiser Weds Miss Cline Miss Novella Cline and Mr. I A Kiser were quietly married Satur day evening at 8 orlock by Rev W E Lowe at his home on Cleve land. Springs road. Only a few friends witnessed the ceremony. Mrs. Kiser is the attractive daugh ter of the late Mr. John Cline. She wore a tan crepe ensemble with hat and accessories to match Im mediately after the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Kiser left for their home near Lincolnton. where they will go to housekeeping at once. Mr. Kiser j is a progressive farmer of Lincoln county. Mr*. Ri!cv Honors Mrs, Gardner And Bridge Club. The Webb-Gardnrr home on 1 South Washington street was never: Wore attractive than on Friday I afternoon. when Mrs, Madge Webb! Riley charmingly entertained the j members of the South Washington ■ Bridge club, honoring her sister ! Mrs. Max Gardner of Raleigh, who' Is spending the Easter holidays a: j home. Mrs. Riiev wearing a tan georgette and lace gown, received her guests in the spacious recep tion hall, which was decorated with Easter lilies and yellow jonquills. Mrs Gardner was beautiful in an Imported cobalt blue chiffon cos tume with pearls. Mcsdames J. 1 Webb. J. A. Darwin and Gene Burgess assisted in receiving. The south parlor was arranged with pink and white snap dragons and peach blossoms, The live bridge tables were placed in the dining room and living room which were arranged with silver baskets and vases Of white lilacs, sptrea and yel low joptjutls. The dining table was coveretf with a lace piece and cen tered-with a huge silver bowl or white lilacs and jonquils, with small silver' bowls of the same flowers on each end of the table, with silver candle sticks holding yellow tapers The guests found their places with the most attractive hand-painted place cards in Easter designs. Mrs. Gardner was presented witli a pair Of dresden figurines. Mrs. Livy Hunter won high score and was presented with a heart shaped sat in box of candy, with a bunch of j ^ ■ .. ...... ....... _ > violets on top. Mrs. Wiliam Mc Cord won low score and was gi'cn n small box of candy In the same design. The most attractive Easter favor* were given, little high top ped Easter bonnet- Mrs Riley was assisted by her mother. Mrs. J. L. Webb, ,T. A. Darwin and Miss Stella Murchison in serving two delightful courses of -refreshments. emphasiz ing the color scheme of white, yel low and green of the decorations. The mints were m yellow, embossed with while and green lilies of the valley. All of the members of the bridge club were present, the only out of town members, being Mrs. 1 tyv Hunter of Spartanburg and Mi o M. Gardner of Kaloigh. AGED VETERANS OF IHE COUP) Corn Cracker Reeallx Some Of The Heroes Of The Sixties And I’ay Tributes To Them. editor Cleveland Star: While people differ as to a sur er,■sxful life, let me cast my vote for die thin Kiev line that constitutes the remaining heroes that followed the varying fortunes of the Stars and Bars of the Southern Confeder acy. Many of the bravest of the brave sleep the sleep that knows no waking on the battlefields of Vir ginia; while the moan'ng pings chanted their last solemn requiem As a class they were exponents of gallant rourage; and their feats of arms were not excelled by the heroic three hundred at Thermo palen. the rhargrof the light Bri gade at Balklava, nor the Imperial Guard at Waterloo; where forever set the star of destiny of die im perial Corsican But with their gallant, achieve ments following the waning for tunes of Lee and Jackson—their greatest glory was in the victories of peace—when the Bonnie Blue flag was forever furled by the pall bearers of the Lost Cause "Fields diat, ran red with blood in April yielded a bountiful harvest in June, and horses that trans ported the flying artillery to the scene of action in early spring walked in the furrow to produce the fruits of the husbandmen " The writer has travelled extensively over the south, and was reared in a border state that furnished men for both the Blue and the Grey. With very few exceptions, those heroes of the Confederacy had the daunt less spirit that wrung success from apparent defeat-and to their lab ors and executive we arc Indebted for the miracle of the New South Look at the achievements of the late Julian S. Carr. Hts spirit of patriotism caused him to leave the state university for the tented field; and from Appomattox lie tramped homeward m tattered rags and barefoot. Hr became a leading captain of Industry, help ed his unfortunate comrades in distress and misfortune, and scat tered ttie fame and picture of the Durham Bull all over the union. With a matchless benevolence, he gat e of his bounty to every college in the state, to Chapel Hill, and schools of humbler degree; as veil as to every church that *as in need of assistance. The last time the writer met him. he was fUianc ing five or six deserving boys and girls in securing a college educa tion. Especially in the Carolina*, the miracle of improvement reminds the beholder of the wand of en-" chantment. Instead of all the whirring spindles and clacking looms being found in Massachus etts. just cast your eves upon the mills of North and South Carolina Instead of pointing to IOelaware as the home of fine luscious peaches, po with me to the wonderful or chards of Central Georgia nnd the Sandhills of North Carlina. In road of telling the pupils of our public schools about the stupendous activity of manufacturing in Low ell. we commend you to High Point. Durham and other places. For quite a while these old heroes were neglected by a set of parsi monious lawmakers; but now they receive a respectable pension. Now, let every man that wore the grey in Cleveland county be paid this pension If they endured the priva tions of camp life and ever faced the enemy, let. every fnult and foible be forgotten Simon refer, a man of lofty physical courage de nied His Lord and swore like a seaman. Did he ever falter after baptism of the Holy Spu-it at Pen tecost? Let the last davs of these grand old heroes be their best clays; for taps' will soon sound over their pulseless forms as they are borne to the “City of the dead." Among the living are, Captain Ed Dixon, Fallston. aged 96; Cap tain Devaney Parker, aged 92, who lives alternately at Shelby and S. C.; Maj. O. D. Price, Lattimore. aged 85; James C. Elliott, Latti At The Theatres T if Webb is featuring the Do | melodrama "The v.vucsj i : . as a headliner today Mid tomorrow Says the press sheet describing this latest DcMille ef fort "The master of magnificent spectacle creates the most sensa tional melodrama of al time—De M. le lavishes embellishment with terrific action " Jeame Macpherson wrote the scenario, and Pathe is the release Lina Basqucttc is one of the stars, with Marie Prcvost and Eddie Quitlan in the cast. It is a thrilling story, set against a background of great elaborateness. That inimitable screen humanist Jean Hersholt is the headliner in the two-day bill i Monday and Tuesday) at the Princess. "The Younger Generation" is the play— a Fannie Hurst story. Ricardo Cor tez is a feature player. It is a hu man interest drama of love, sac rifice and devotion a tale of childhood love that surmounts all obstacles and endures great sacri fices to find happiness and the dawn of a new day. It is tense, dramatic, emotional. A play for all who enjoy the theatre. Penny Column EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPH IC at Montgomery Ward <V Co. Apply at crnce. 2t lc VISIT WEBBERS SERVICE station at the Log Cabin Just above Moorcsboro. Barbecue, hot dogs, groceries, gas and oils. Alma Web ber. proprietor. 9t lp STRAYED SATURDAY : ONE red sow pig with small black spots on right hind leg. Notify Zeb C. Mauney. 3t lc OATS IN 50 BUSH EL lots or more. Spe cial prices. D. A. Beam & Sons, Phone 130. 6t-lc FOR RENT: TWO UNFURNISH ed rooms, convenient to bath, at $3.50 per week. Phone 649, Mrs. D. A. Tedder. 3t lc COTTON SEED: 1 1-16 INCH lint. Cleveland Big Boll improved. From heavy yield fields. Reclaimed sacked $1.25 per bushel. C. S. Young Shelby. 4t lp Charles V. Riton of St. Paul charged in his divorce suit that his wife made him live in the cellar. Mrs. Mary Mann. 100. of Belfast appeared in court to prosecute her 75-year-old son for abusive lan guage. more R-l, aged 84; Thomas G. Phllbeck, Lawndale, aged 84; Capt. A. M. Lattimore, Lattimore. aged 83; John M. Morris, Moorcsboro, aged 83. Of course there are others but. remember a man over 80 has become enfeebled by age and ar duous labors. M L. WHITE. Auto Deaths On Increase In U. S. Increase of 7 Per Cent Over I!):!* Figures Represented—73 Per sons Died Each Day. Hartford, Conn.—An insur ance company, in a statement issued recently, declared that approximately 27,500 persons were killed in motor vehicle ac cidents last year. This toll of life is more than seven per rent greater than the number who met death in mo tor vehicle accidents in 1927. If a similar inrrease should be re ported this year, it would mean the death of nearly 30,000 per sons. One Death To 900 Car*. With approximately twenty five million motor vehicles reg istered in the country at the close of last year, a fatality toll of approximately 27,500 means the death of one person for ap proximately every 900 cars. On an average, also, 73 persons were killed in motor vehicle accidents during each day of last year. In 1927 the total number of person* killed In motor vehicle accidents was 23,533. Herman Freed of New \ork on | retiring front the florist business | gave his shop valued at $25,000 to | five women employes. NOTICE OF RESALE OF I.ANO. Under an order of the superior court of Cleveland county, N. C. made in special proceeding entitled Alice Newton, et al vs. Cohen Hor ton and Edward Horton, minors, the undersigned commissioner will offer for lesale at the court house door in Shelby, N. C. at public auc tion, to the highest bidder at 12 M, on April 16. 1929, the following de scribed tract of land lying in No. 8 township, Cleveland county. N. C. and known as the E. Plato Horton home place: Beginning on a stone. Towery’s corner, and runs thence N. 55 W. 55 poles to a stake at the branch, formerly a gum; thence down the branch as it meanders N. 53 E. 19 poles to a maple; thence N. 30 W. 9 poles to a post oak; thence N. 88 E. 23 poles to a hickory; thence N. 30 E. 52 poles to a rock pile; thence S. 80 W 71 poles to a chestnut; thence S. 40 W. 41 1-6 poles to a rock pile; thence S. 53 W. 33** poles to a stone in the road; thence S. 43 E. 24 poles to a stone; thence S. 14 E. 43 poles to a stone; thence S. 61 W. 28 poles to a stone; thence S. 45 W. 23 poles to a stone; thence S. 28 W. 42 poles to a stene; thence S. 3 VV. 62 poles to the center of the river; thence down the river as it meanders N. 60 E. 94 poles to the mouth of Powells branch; thence up the branch as it meanders N. 15 E. 84 poles to a white oak stump on the left hand prong; thence N. 42 E. 42 poles to a stump by the road; thence N. 21 E. 22 poles io the be ginning, containing 128 acres, more or less. Terms of sale: one-third cash, balance in one and two years from date of sale. Bid starts at $5260.50 This the 1st day of April. 1939. j c. NEWTON, Commissioner New ten & Newton, Attys. Manager Scott Off Youngster Finds F V. Sectt. manager of the local j; c. Penney Co. store lett Satur day tor Al'anta, Ga , to attend the annual spring convention of the organization which will cpen April 1, m the Atlanta Biltmore. The convention, which is one of fourteen, covering the entire coun try will be headed by Lew V. Day, director of personnel, chairman: George H. Bushnell. vice president; W. A Reynolds, sales department, and E. C. Ruffner, district mana ger will be present from the New York office. The first two days will be devot ed to business sessions in the morning and general conferences between store managers and de partment managers from the home office in the afternoon. On Tuesday evening ihcre will be a banquet at the hotel with a short program of inspirational nature followed by the initiation of new managers into the J. C. Penney Co. ranks. A feature of the business ses sions in the morning program of the first two days will be talks by store managers. Three managers will be selected by store managers. Three managers will be selected for each of the fourteen convention points. Following the business sessions, four days will be devoted to spring buying. Recent developments in the J. C. Penney company include the ac quisition of 117 stores throughout the mid-West and West and the opening of 65 new stores in the gen eral expansion program to include 500 new locations during the pres ent calendar year. Sales of the J. C. Penney Co. for the year passed, were in excess of *176,000,000 according to Mr. Scott and the quota established for this year is $215,000,000. Total number of stores now in cluded in the J. C. Penney Co. ranks is 1212 with increases being recorded each month. Retiring Officer • Gives Town Boost To the Editor of The Star: I just want to say to the good people of Shelby that I knew only two people here when I came to town as a policeman but in the near two years I have been here I have become acquainted with hundreds and I certainly consider the town a hospitable place to live. I have enjoyed my work as an oilicer here, land I want to thank the citizens of the town for the many kind acts and courtesies they have extended me. H. Xj. COOK. (Mr. Cook, who has been a mem ber of the city police force for many months, left the forcre Saturday'. Miss Aileen Murray of New York blind since childhood was married to Alexander Forson, who is deaf and dumb. — Miss Hazel Cooke of San Fran cisco was put to work helping the steward* aboard the liner Tahiti be cause she was a stowaway. Sale Of “Humdinger” HOUSE DRESSES —x AT THE PARAGON $1 .OO (Sizes 14 to 46) “Humdinger” house dresses ior one Dollar, representing the seas ons’ outstanding value. You’ve bought dollar dresses before and we’ve sold dollar dresses before but, frankly these surpass all numbers we’ve ever had at this price. Neat styles, some trim med with organdie and other? harmonizing colors. Some have short sleeves and others have none. SEE THEM IN THE WINDOW And come in and select yours while the selection is best. the Paragon Dept. Store SHIRS COMING HERE SATURDAY Caravan Of Rrd Fmnl Nobles Will Stop An Hour In Shelby And Stage A Parade. iSpecial to The Star.) Charlotte, April 1.—Oasis temple will put Ftutherfordton "on the map" of the mystic shrine next Saturday when a caravan of red fezzed nobles, led by Lee A. Folger, of this city, potentate, will invade the town to join with the shriners and blue lodge Masons of that sec tion in what will be the most color ful and interesting fraternal event ever held there. Potentate Folger's caravan will halt en route to spend an hour in Shelby to "put on" a spectacular parade by the uniformed bodies of the temple and to present a concert program by the band. The motorized caravan will form at 1 P. M. in Charlotte, with the arrival at Shelby scheduled for 3 o'clock. The potentate's announce ment. made public here tonight, said "ladies are especially invited to accompany the nobles." All nobles who may receive information in any way concerning the pilgrimage are invited to share the pleasures of the occasion, it was added. Immediately after arrival, the pa rade will be held in Rutherfordton. A delegation from that town will meet Potentate Folger at Spindale. After the march through the down town streets of Rutherfordton. a band concert, an exhlbtion drill by the patrol, and a program by the Oasis bell ringers will be given in the open air. An interesting feature of the afternoon will be the pre sentation by Mayor Justice of the ‘key” to Rutherfordton to Poten-, tate Folger. Reports indicate that key is of large dimensions, A picnic dinner will be served to the Shrin ers in the early evening. At 6:45 P. M., the caravan, rein forced by shriners and Masons of that section, will move to Lake Lure, where a ball will be given in the hotel there. Admission will be by Blue Lodge or Shrine member ship card. A motion picture, “An Even Chance,“ dealing with the problem of the crippled child and produced especially for the Mystic Shrine, will be shown at Rutherfordton in connection with the visit of the Shriners. The Mystic Shrine is op erating a great chain of hospitals, the nearest one being at Greenville, S. C. Potentate Folger and mem bers of Oasis Temple's divan are particularly anxious to promote the work of alleviating the suffering of crippled children in this territory. He regards the work as one of the greatest of humanitarian activities, and, like many other leaders in the Mystic Shrine, locks into the future to the time when such a hospital will be located ill the territory of every one of the temples of the order. Cotton Association Opens Essay Contest The second annual contest in es say writing for North Carolina boys and girls will be held this spring', says Mr, C. C. Horn, district agent. | The N. C. Cotton Growers associa tion and the American Cotton Growers exchange will co-operate in offering prizes to the winners. The subject for thd essays will be “Cooperative organizing, standard izing and merchandising.” Mr. Horn district agent, who has an office in the Lineberger building has a lot of folders outlining the rules of the contest and giving the range of prizes in the form of cash, medals, trips, and ^chool awards. Nobel Tarbell, 51, of Kenosha, Wis., rides a bicycle tor health, safety and economy. Last year he made 9.855 miles at an expense of $10.55. E. K. Wherry of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, received a check recently for a days work done 48 years ago. A romance begun 54 years ago at Vanrralia, 111., resulted in the mar riage of G. D. Steinhauser. 78, of Vandalia and Mrs. Mary Herman, 70, of Springfield, Mo. NEW INTEREST PERIOD BEGINS MONDAY. APRIL FIRST IN OUR Savings Department Deposits made up through April 5th will bear interest from April First. Open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT at THIS BANK NOW or add to your Savings Account as the case may be. SAVE AND GET AHEAD. Savings Department. Cleveland Bank & Trust Co. Shelby, N. C. Deposits Made This Week Will Draw Interest From April 1. The PRINCESS Theatre HOME OF SOUND, SINGING, TALKING PICTURES. SPECIAL TONIGHT AND TOMORROW A Drama With Dialogue Sequences — Talking And Action. m JEAN HERS HOLT UNA BASQUETTE RICARDO CORTEZ A tender and beautiful story of a love that sur mounted all obstacles and endured great sac rifices to reach the goal of real happiness! Brings a tear to your eye and causes a lump to rise in your throat! Poignant drama that finds a way right into your Heart! Tense Dialogue! Superb Musical Score! Catchy Theme Song! Sound Effects! a FRANK R. CAPRA i PRODUCTION __ L A COLUMBIA. TALKING PICTURE/ General Admission — Matinee . 10-30c. Night .... 10-40c COMING SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY “TRIAL MARRIAGE” Another Top Notcher Synchronized With Dialogue, Music Score, Songs And Sound Effects. WATCH FOR THESE SOUND AND TALKING PICTURES SOON: “Carnation Kid,” “Submarine,” “Abies’ Irish Rose,” “Wolf Song,” “Night Club,” “Molly and Me,” “Hole In The Wall,” “The Letter,” “Wings,” “The Wild Party,” “Sins of the Father.”

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