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WoHters Council Meets. Personal
News And Events At
Thp Churrh.
(Special to The Star.i ,
The workers council meets next
Saturday night at the church. A
most helpiul program is being ar
ranged. It is hoped that every offi
cer and teacher can be present
ji Mrs. J. C. Washburn and eons,
J Caines and Reburn. John L Mc
(1* Swain, Miss Bertha Hawkins and
iji Mrl.-ft, M. Gardner spent the Eas
ter holidays in Raleigh visiting
Misses Ruby Washburn and Ozelle
■i Gardner students at Meredith col
!;; Mrs, I41U Hamrick, Mrs. W. H.
’ . Gardner. Mrs. 8. W. Greene and
Mrs. J. L. Greene attended the
; jj woman’s missionary meeting at
,;i Elizabeth Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Moore from
y Forest. City were the guests ol Mr.
“If and Mrs. B. -B Moore Sunday,
Misses Maude Mdrehead. Blckn
y Blanton and Gladys Hawkins from
■v Baltimore were welcome B. Y. P. U.
ifj visitors Sunday night,
if| Miss. Vera Dixon who teaches at
i Thomasville spent the holidays
;N with her mother, Mrs. Lula Ham*
:l; rick.
I; Miss Mary Lovelace from Boiling
|:| Springs spent the week-end with
i Misses Mildred and Lillian Caba
Miss Bloom a Wright from Boone
spent the holidays with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wright.
Mr. Herbert Washburn, son of
Mr.’and Mrs. Fred Washburn has
been right sick for several days. Wc
are glad he is improving some.
Mr. and Mrs. Bray Bridges visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. Lane Brooks Sun
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Stockton and
, children, George Thomas, and Miss
Margarettd. Mi. and Mrs. O. O.
Toms and son George William and
jjj Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Washburn and
j son, Eugene, were visitors of Mrs.
Margarettc Stockton Sunday.
!; I Miss Julia Jones and Lala Davis
spent the Week at their respective
' homes.
Mrs. Fred Jackson lias returned
] from the Shelby hospital where she
jj! has been taking treatment. She is
i,j somewhat. Improved.
1 ■ Mr. and Mrs. John Blanton and
children spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Melvin Wilson at Latti
more. 'T-V
; Rev. and Mrs.' tj. G. Washburn
ti and Sarah Louise and Yulan spent
j* Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Garlan
Washburn at Wadcsboro.
Ambush Shooting In
Rutherford County
Single Shot From Ambush Wounds
Three Men. Hidden In
1 Pines.
Si . .
1$ Rutherfordton, April 2 —A single
shoMMoraiadl tired from ambush
C1 Sunday night near the Rutherford
Polk comity line, wounded three
, men Who were walking along the
jt| road. The assailant escaped,
ii The men' are: H. G. Brown, 22,
JjJ who has 50 or more shot in his
jj? neck: L. A. Odel;; 22, seriously
■lj! wounded in the right eye. and Lowe
.1J Owensby, 33, struck in the left eye
by a number of shot.
,■ j Odel's eye was removed at the
'4 local hospital and it, is believed lie
I will recover. OjrenstJy, who is mar
jjl 'led, is undergbing treatment in
The three men all live near Mill
Springs, in Polk county, und are
i;well-known in tills section. A small j
u ■ Clump ot pine* furnished shelter for
the shooting, the motive of which
' remains a mystery. No threat or
i' JH feeling in the community against
;r the trio is reported. They were
walking side by side, and each re
jj ceivad part .of the one load
Now how could the stork make
d sucti'i* mistake us this? I saw i^ a
paper that a child was born in a
't Detroit, hospital while the mother
was an'irtmate of the House of Cor
rection, ‘
- . : to
FRIDAY, APRIL 12. 1929.
ATLANTA, GA. .. $6.50
BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ... $8.50
Tickets on sale April 12th final [
limit good to reach original [•
starting point prior to midnight
Atlanta April 16th. Birmingham
and Chattanooga April 17th.
Tickets good on . all regular
trains both directions i except
Orescent Limited.)
Pine opportunity to visit these
three great Siouthem Cities.
_Round-trip tares on sale from
tOt other Southern Railway
yT%lnta North and South Caro
For detail Information call on
any Southern Railway Agent.
Division Passenger Agent,
Mt. Sinai News
Gleanings Reported
Young People Enjoy Social Given
At Homo Of Reuben McSwain .
Personal Items.
(Special to The Star.)
Shelby. R-2.—The members of
the Junior B Y. P. U. of Mt Sinai
church enjoyed a social given at the
home of Mr. find Mrs, Reuben Mc
. Swain Friday evening Many inter
esting games were played after
! which delicious refreshments were
| served.
A number of people of this com
Lmunlty attended the Easter can
j tata al the First Baptist church In
. Shelby Sunday evening.
The teachers of the Sunday
school will hold their meeting at
[the church Wednesday evening
They have been meeting in the
homes during the winter months.
Miss Eugenia Rollins was at
home from Fallston to spend the
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Biggerstaff
were visitors in this community
Miss Edna Putnam was at home
from Boiling Springs school during
the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Torrence Bridges
and family recently moved Into this
Miss Ural Rollins spent Friday
night with Miss Maude Rollins of
Miss Rheanm Clary who attends
school at Bolling Springs was at
home to spend the Easter holidays.
Miss Maude Rollins spent Sun
day with her mother Mrs. J. H.
Mr. Andrew Hunt of Shelby spent
Easter Sunday at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Weaver of
Gaffney were visitors in this com
munity Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Rush Rollins and
children were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Hunt Sunday.
Mr. Milan Bridges was at home
from Cha’pel Hill during the Easter
Miss Dorcas Walker, principal of
the' Broad River school, with her
pupils and a number of other
young people of the community
enjoyed a delightful picnic at Sul
phur Springs Monday afternoon.
Under and by virtue of the au
thority conferred upon me in a
deed of trust executed by R. C.
Hicks, widower, and B. C. Hicks,
widower, on the 23rd day of July,
1926, and recorded in book 136, page
230, of the register’s office of
Cleveland county, N. C., default in
payment of the indebtedness there
in secured having been made and
the holder of said indebtedness
having requested foreclosure, I will
Saturday. May 4, 1929.
at 12 o'clock M„ at the court house
door in Shelby, N. C„ sell at pub
lic auction for cash to the highest
bidder the following land, to wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of
land lying in No . 9 township,
Cleveland county, N. C„ containing
128 acres more or less, and being
more particularly described and de
fined as follows: Beginlng at a pine
stump, d: R. Hoyle's heirs’ corner,
and runs with their two lines N. 40
E. 40.3 poles to a stone: thence N.
77'i W. 65>a poles to a pine stump:
thence with Lewis Evans' land S.
39'- W. 39.9 poles to a stone: thence
N. 79’» W. 56.3 poles to a stone;
thence N. 77 W. 28 poles to a stone.
Everurd Killmyre's corner; thence
with his line N. 72 W. 62 poles to a
stone; thence N. 77 w. 77'a poles
to Grassy branch; thence down the
branch 10 poles to the road; thence
with A. S. Peeler's lino N. 68’? W,
12 poles to a hickory; N. 25 W. 9'c
poles to a stone;. N. 77 W. 25 poles
to a persimmon. Amle Peeler's cor
ner; thence with her several lines
S. 10 E. 28 poles to a stone; W. 13
poles to a pine; S. 10 E. 13 poles to
a stone; thence E. 13 poles to a
stone; thence S. 85 E. 28‘i poles to
a stone in the old road; thence
with the old road 8. ft W 25 poles
to a stone; thence S. 29 E. 17 poles
to a stake in the branch: thence B.
6 E. 9 poles to a holly bush, W. J.
Darter's heirs’ corner; thence with
their lines N. 8 E. 36 poles to a
pine stump; S. 77 E. 98's poles to
a stone; thence S. 1 pole to a stake,
Charles Elliott's corner; thence
with his line S, 81 E. 29 poles to a
stake; thence S. 17’a E, 12.3 poles
to a stone, M. G. Canipe's corner;
thence with his line S. 78’» E. 58.2
poles to a stone: thence S. 28 E. 26
poles to a stone; thence S. 75 E. 64
poles to a rock; thence with J. E.
Hoyle's line N. 5 W. 36 poles to a
stone: thence with his line N. 22’i
" 52 \ iK>les to the beginning,
said tract made up of the tracts
conveyed by B. C Hicks to R. C.
Hicks on March 18, 1926, by deed
recorded in book 3-T, page 54; of
the tract deed by C. R. Canipe and
wite to R. c. Hicks November 6,
1917, by deed recorded in book CCC,
paKe 265, and of the tract deeded
by C. S. Lee and wife to R. C.
Hicks. March 22, 1926, and record
ed in book 3-R, page 593, all of
the Cleveland county registry.
The foregoing land will be sold
subject to a prior encumbrance un
der a deed of trust to the North
Carolina Joint Stock land bank
recorded in book 141, page 117, and
a prior encumbrance to E. Worth
Hicks recorded in book 138, page
226. and to unpaid taxes any any
other prior lien, and the purchaser
at said sale, in addition to his bid
will have to satisfy said prior en
cumbrances to perfect his title.
This March 30, 1929.
' Drinking Dry’s Tip
Caused Fatal Raid
Aurora, III.—Eugene Boyd
Fairchild, undercover dry agent
whose tip resulted in the mur
der for a gallon raid on the
home of Mrs. Lillian De King,
was revealed as a false swearer
and habitual drunkard.
| Assistant Attorney General C. W.
| Hadley, who is investigating the
| circumstances of the fatal raid,
put Fairchild through a severe
grilling and elicited the admts.'.Aon
(hat the agent did not buy liquor
from Mrs. De King as he stated in
his affidavit for a search warrant.
The investigators also learned that
Fairchild's former wife, now living
in Geneva, obtained a divorce more
than n year ago because of his in
These developments, following so
closely upon the killing of Mrs. De
King and the beating of her hus
band by the raiders, have almost
caused a collapse of prohibition en
forcement in Kane county. The drys
are taking the repeated blows upon
their administration of the law
without offering a comeback.
The story of how the evidence
leading to the raid was obtained
was revealed by Hadley’s examina
tion of Fairchild.
"Did you make the liquor pur
chase as described in your affida
vit?” Hadley asked.
“Not personally,” Fairchild ad
mitted after trying vainly to avoid
the question, "but it was made all
Me torn oi meeting a stranger in
Batavia and their search lor some
thing to drink. They drove to Au
rora and tried several places there,
but failed.
"I suggested we try De King."
Fairchild continued, ‘so I drove
there and stopped the car near the
oil station. 1 gave this fellow X was
with $5 to make the buy. I told him
to see If he could get a pint."
"A few minutes later my friend
came back and said: "We’re fixed
up." So we got back in the car and
drove away. When we were about
half a mile down the road my
friend gave me $3 change from my
$5 and produced the flask.
"I told him to take a drink first.
Then he handed the bottle to me. I
told him it was rotten stuff. Well,
we drank about half of it and I put
the rest in my pocket for evidence."
Further examination by Hadley
revealed that Fairchild’s supposed
friend, who proved to be Philip
Johnson, twenty-seven, son of a
gasoline station owner In Batavia,
told him a woman about fifty years
sold him the liquor. Mrs. De King
was thirty-five. Fairchild admitted
he, himself, did not see the seller
Singing Convention
At Beaver Dam 7th
Mr. J. C. Bridges, director of the
Union singing convention asks The
Star to announce that a singing
will be held at the Beaver Dam
church next Sunday, April 7th, be
ginning at 1:30 o'clock. It is expect
ed that Prof. Wade Humphries and
his singers from Gaffney, also
Prof. Ed Sarratt and his singers
lrom Grassy Pond and Prof. H. H.
Rupe and his singers from Chero
kee church, S. C., and a lot of
other singers from South Carolina
will be present. Mr. Bridges says a
mast enjoyable time Is promised
and the public is cordially invited.
Shelby Hospital
Patients Listed
The following were patients in
the Shelby hospital up to last
Mr. Palmer Blanton, Shelby R-l;
Mr. Louis Sneed, Cherryville; Mr.
George Gantt, Lawndale R-2; Mr.
Robert Curry, Shelby; Mrs. L. P.
Yarboro, Shelby R-4; Mrs. J. M.
Ledford, 3helby R-l; Mr. B. F.
Spangler, Shelby; Mr. Mode Car
penter, Shelby; Mr. Noah Lail,
Moorcsboro, R-l; Mr. Monroe Dixon
Lawndale, R-2; Master Henry
Harrill. Shelby R-4; Mr. Oscar Pal
mer, Shelby; Little Annie Austell,
Shelby; Mrs. D. Floyd McSwain,
Earl; Lola Howard, (col) Lawn
dale; Marie Saddler (col) Blacks
Declaimers Contest
Begins At 6:30 p. m.
The county-wide declaimers con
test which was to be held at 8
o'clock Saturday evening, April 6,
in the Bolling Springs college audi
torium will be held at 6:30 o’clock,
because the hour announced prev
iously comflicts with the protract
ed services which are being held in
the church.
Whether A. W. Jacksan of Cleve
land is of Scotch extraction is not
stated but he is disposed to get his
money’s worth in any event. When
his wife wanted a dime to pay for
looking at the moon through a tele
scope hfe refused because the moon
was only a quarter full.
of the whiskey.
Roy Smith, the deputy, who is
alleged to have killed Mrs. De King
and who was in turn shot by her
twelve year old son, Gerald, was
reported out of danger at the hos
pital in Elgin.
Winston-Salem. — Receivership
proceedings instituted ift United
States district court in Delaware by
Gilmers. Inc., a holding corporation
chartered under Delaware laws, will
be contested by .minority stockhold
ers charging fraud and conspiracy
to the major stockholders, and also
that the move is an effort to
squeeze the smaller ones out, said
J. L. Gilmer, former president, in a
statement given out here today.
The Delaware corporation peti
tioned receivership Saturday.
J. Rogers Holcomb was named re
ceiver for the company by Judge
Morris of the federal court at Wil
mington, Del. A complaint filed by
Michael J. Hannahan, of New York
on behalf of the stockholders and
of the concern was $168,294.06.
Under the power of sale con
tained in a certain deed of trust
executed by Louis P. Ponder, single,
to Union Trust company of Mary
land and Insured Mortgage Bond
corporation of North Carolina, Inc
as trustees, which deed of trust is
of record in office of the registry of
Cleveland county, N. C- in book 155,
page 75, said deed of trust having
been given to secure notes therein
described, and the said Louis P.
Ponder not having paid said notes
according to the terms of same, and
the holder of same having request
ed foreclosure of said deed of trust,
the undersigned trustees will offer
for sale for cash at public auction
to the highest bidder at the court
house door in Shelby, N. C- at 12
in. May 4, 1929, the following de
scribed lot or parcel of land, situ
ated just east of the city of Shelby,
N. C., and being lot No. 9 in block
B of Cleveland Heights, developed
by Gardner and Mull, plat of same
being of record in the aforesaid of
fice in plat book 2, page 21.
Begining at a stake in east edge
of state highway No. 20, or the
Asheville - Charlotte - Wilmington
highway at a point which is locat
ed 1T2 feet from J. A. Wilson-Sam
uel Green old line, and runs thence
N. 43 deg. 39 min. E. 204 feet to a
stake in the line of lot No. 22;
thence with the lines of lots Nos.
22 and 23, S. 43 deg. 36 min. E. 60
feet to a stake, comer of lot No.
8 in line of lot No. 23; thence with
the line of lot No. 8 S. 46 deg. 30
min. W. 197 ft. to a stake in the east
edge of state highway No. 20, the
same being corner of lot No. 8;
thence with the east edge of said
highway No. 20, 50 feet to the be
Newton & Newton, Attys.
Buy Your Spring Clothes
PRICED — $14.95 to $29.50
Most of these have two pairs of trousers.
Or a long and short. Priced to please.
Good quality broadcloth shirts made to fit,
guaranteed fast colors—Selling at $1.00.
Phillips*Jones, Van Heusen collarite shirts
—the newest and best thing yet in a soft
collar shirt. Now oti sale at—
— $2.00 — $2.50 and $3.50 —
We are opening up today a big ship
* ment of Etchison Straw Hats. They
come in all the latest models for the
Reese No-Wrinkle Neckwear
For Men
As good as many that sell for $1.50 to
$2.00. Try one and be convinced.
Silk Dresses from $3.89 Up
Spring Coats. $4.98 Up
In Front of First Baptist Church. SHELBY, N. C.
^ *
High Point Enterprise.
Political observers at Washington;
profess amazement at the direct- i
ness of President Hoover’s attack
on the Republican organizations in:
several southern states. South Car
olina, Georgia and Mississippi Re
publicans are Informed that they
must offer better men for offices or
patronage will be taken out of their!
hands entirely and jobs allocated
through the civil service commis-!
This will be powerfully distaste
ful to those who have been engi
neers of the skeleton outfits of the
G. O. P. in the three states but who
can fail to see that Mr. Hoover is
pursuing a course directed to
changing the political complexion
of the south. Clearly he is not con
tent with having gained the sup
port of several states of Dixie in
the 1928 election but purposes to
make permanent the split in the i
solid south if possible.
Mrs. Mary Clayton of Chicago j
walked into a police station and
tried to buy a bottle of beer, and
was kept there overnight.
Senora Marla Gonzales, aged 66,
of Barcelona, who married for the
second time a year ago. is the moth
er of triplets. V
> .""
dry cleaners and hat
Now permanently and conveniently
located in the new
126 South Washington St.
With a modern plant, in a modern
setting, we are prepared to serve you
promptly and efficiently. Give us a
call. Telephone No. 666.
While They
* ' ;1 • -:v
2 for $25.00
These suits—Michael-Stern, Kuppenheimer, Society
Brand, and other high grade makes—went like hot cakes
during our sale. But we added a number more from our
Regular stock.
If you don’t want two yourself—bring a friend. The
price of one is
These suits are well cut, well made, and every thread
wool. This is the best bargain we have offered in the store.

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