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    Highs Slug A Win
Over Cherryville
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"Mud" Poston, the remainder of the
scoring being cre'dited to expensive
oobbles by the highly rated Shelby
The box score of the clash fol
Shelby AB B B E
Bridges, 2b __ 5 3 2 1
Parris, c___4 111
Lee. sa _5 4 4 2
Harrelson, lb___ 6 3 3 0
Bumgardner, cf- 6 2 2 0
Gold, 3b ... 6 2 4 3
Holick, If_4 0 2 0
Rippy, rf__ 6 0 0 0
Poeton, p .........-4 110
Total 46 16 19 7
Cherryvfll# AB R n E
Harrelson, cf ..5 1 0 1.
Self, bs . 5 0 0 0
Carpenter, If ........ 2 3 O u
Vandyke, 2b_.... 5 10 1
Hefner, lb_...—- 4 12 0
Kiser, rf__3 0 11
Wells, 3b_3 10 1
Seagle, c ......_— 3 10 1
Sellers, p .......-4 10 2
Totals 34 9 3 7
Stolen bases—Parris, Lee.' Bum
gardner and Gold. Sacrifice hits—
Farris (2), Hulick (2), Poston,
Protracted Meeting Is Closed. Per
sonal And Social Items Of
(Special to The StarA
Boiling Springs, April 2.—Mrs. M
A Jolley delightfully entertained
the children of the upper grades of
Trinity school, where she is prin
cipal, at her home Saturday after
noon from two to six. The home
was attractively arranged in beau
tiful spring flowers and potted
plants. Games were played and
two contests were engaged in. A
most delightful afternoon was spent
by all these young folks.
Mrs. Jolley was assisted by Miss
Malina Jolley in serving delicious
Miss Lucille Hamrick who teaches
at Mt. Airy spent a few days of the
past week with home folks here.
Messrs. Charles Hamrick and
John Hamrick of Wake Forest col
lege spent Easter holidays here at
their homes.
Miss Elizabeth Hamrick of Mere
dith college and Miss Evelyn Hug
gins of Coker college spent the
Easter holidays with their parents
Miss Lucille Hamrick who Is
taking a teacher training course in
Rutherfordton and Miss Thelma
Jolley who is taking a similar train
ing in Shelby are observing in the
public school here.
Miss Winfrey Hamrick of Char
lotte spent the week-end here with
her father, Mi’s. E. D. Hamrick.
Mr. Grover McSwain of High
Point spent the week-end here
with relatives.
Mr. Jesse Jenkins and children
of Hendersonville and Mr. Davis
Greene of Cliffside were visitors
here Saturday.
Mrs. Lee Henderson and little
grandson, Kenneth Ellis of Spar
tanburg, S C. who have been visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lee here re
turned home Saturday.
Miss Clara Crabtree spent the
Easter holidays with her home
folks near Rutherfordton.
Prof. H. G. Hammett spent Sun
day at his home near Chesnee, S. C.
The following teachers at the
public school took their children on
an Easter egg hunt Friday: Misses
Jessie Henderson, Johnnie Maie
McBrayer, Lucille Buchanan and
Mrs. H. B. Greene.
The children enjoyed the outing
and there was much excitement
during the hunt for the eggs. Prizes
were given the ones who found the
most eggs. Races were run and
games were played until time to go
Dr. Everette Biggerstafr' of Spin
dale spent the week-end here with
his parents.
Mrs. J. L. Pruette and family
spent Sunday night in Shelby with
Dr. and Mrs. B. M. Jarrett.
Miss Ruby Hamrick of Shelby
attended the revival services here
Tuesday night, She sang a solo
which was enjoyed and appreciated
by all who heard her.
Alvcrose Greene who has been
bothered for some time with an
infected hand is getting along nice
ly at the present. He returned home
from the Shelby hospital last Wed
Miss Nora Ellis of Mt, Sinai spent
Easter with Miss Velma Greene.
The protracted meeting which ha
Ijeeai going on here for over a wee:
will close tonight. Dr. A. C. Bovver
of Gastonia, has been brlnginf
some wonderful messages to the
people every morning and evening
Many have already offered them
selves as candidates for baptism
This is proving to be a W’onderful
Mr. Davis is visiting his son Dr.
J. B. Dav)6 here.
Lattimore Community News
Of Social and Personal Items
(Special to The Star.)
Lattimore, April 2.—Mrs. Addie
Jones and Miss Marie Hamrick en
tertaiped the children of their Sun
day school classes with an egg hunt
at the home of Mrs, Julia Harrill
Saturday afternoon. About 30 were
present. Much fun ensued when
the hunt Was on for the eggs.
Johr. Blanton, jr. won first prize
for finding the most eggs while
Dora Bell McArthur won second
Fiddlers Take In S1U2.
The fiddlers convention which
was sponsored by the young Tar
Heel farmers and given in the aud
itorium Saturday evening was a
decided success. $102 was realized.
Proceeds goes for the benefit of the
agriculture department.
Mr, and Mrs. F. S. Crowder have
'as their guests this week Mr. and
Mrs. Morgan and children of Ports
mouth, Va., and Mr Hastings of
Elizabeth City, father of Mrs.
Miss Imogene Wilson, a member
of the teacher training class of
Shelby is doing practice teaching
in the first grade for two weeks.
Prof. E. M Wilson spent the Ea -
ter holidays at his home in Fall
Home For Easter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T, Canipe and
Miss Maude Canipe spent Sunday
afternoon with Mr. and Mr. R. L.
Gold of Grover.
Misses Katie Maie Toms, Mada
Wilson and Mrs. M. B. Smith at
tended Easter services at the First
Baptist church in Shelby Sunday.
Miss Burnette Hunt motored to
Meredith college, Raleigh, yester
day after spending the Haster
holidays with her parents, Dr. and
Mrs. R L. Hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Orcn Hamrick were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Ram
sey Sunday afternoon,
i Mr. J. L. Hunt and family were
dinner guests of Mr and Mrs.
Franklin Harrill Sunday,
i Mrs. P. D. Crowder who has been
quite ill seems to be improving,
j Mrs. Edgar Shytle and children
of Chimney Rock are spending a
few days with Prof, and Mrs. Law
ton Blanton.
Miss Dorcas Harrill spent tin.'1
week-end in Shelby with her
grandfather, Mr J. B. Daniil.
Mr, and Mrs .T H Schmid! of
Virginia and Herman and James
Early of Oxford wen guests of Mr
and Mrs. Yates MeSV.iiu during
the week-end
Mr. and Mrs I C Toms were
dinner guests Sunday of Mrs
Georgia Gold of New House
Mr. and Mrs. Btuiyan 11ntrill of
Glenwood spent the week-end with
Rev. and Mrs. I. D. Harrill.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A Jones and
’Children and Miss Zepher Ree Love
lace of Ellenboro were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lovelace Han
Mr. and Mrs W A. Crowder had
as their dinner guests Sunday: Mr.
and Mrs. Maleom Wilson, Mr. and
Mrs. Dent Harris, Mr. and Mrs. A.
L. Calton, Mr. and Mrs Morgan
and daughters, Dorothy and Gen
eva, of Portsmouth. Va, and Mr.
Hastings of Elizabeth City.
Misses Nora and Annie Lee
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. J H. Schmidt,
Herman and Jame Far!: and Mr.
Yates McSwain spent Sunday in
Mr. and Mrs. William Butler of
Morganton. Mr. and Mrs. 2eb
Whitener of New House were din
ner guests of Mrs. Zulin Walker
Mrs M. L. Morehead of Avon
dale 13 spending n few days with
her son Mr. J. E ATorehead.
Miss Mary Agnes Lattirnorc and
guest, Miss Olympia Flcetus of
Mars Hill college spent the Easter
holidays with Mr. and Mrs. J. B
Lattimore. Miss Flcetus is Spanish
and her home is in Central Amer
Coach A. C Hood spent the week
end at hts home near Hickory.
Home Coming.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Beam of Shel
by and Mr. and Mrs. 1. H Harrill
were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs.
S. C. Rayburn Sunday.
Sunday was homecoming day for
the children and grandchildren of
Mrs. Julia Harrill. Among those
j present were: Dr. and Mrs. C. H.
| Harrill of Shelby, Messrs. I,. R. and
Howard Harrill of Raleigh. Mrs.
William Davis and children of
Charlotte, Miss Burnette Hunt of
Meredith college, Mr. and Mrs
John Harrill and children, Mr. and
Mrs. John Blanton and children.
Dr. and Mrs It. L. Hunt of Latti
Prof, and Mrs. V. C. Taylor and
children spent the week-end with
Prof. Taylor's brother Mr. and Mrs.
A. A. Taylor Of Mt. Airy,
' Father-Son Banquet.
The young Tar Heel farmers of
the Lattimore school gave their
l annual father and son banquet cm
[last Thursday night.
About 60 were present. Wyan
Washburn acted ns toastmaster and
proved himself a splendid enter*
tamer. Mr. J. M Osteen, district
[ supervisor, was present, also Messrs.|
\ E. Cline. Ivey Willis and N. W.
Washburn. Short talks on agricul
ture were made by each of these
men Prof. Lawton Blanton spoke
on the influence of the agriculture
course in keeping the farm boy at
home. Waiter Davis gave a review
of the work since the department
was established in the Lattimore
The banquet was prepared and
served by Miss Pound and the home j
economics class.
Baltimore.—John Morton, circus
! Riant, drank 20 pints of whiskey in
j 20 hours last Wednesday.
[ It made him very drunk in all
Ins 640 pounds; besides, it made
him very warm, so to cool off
he took off all his clothes and
walked about in his lodging house
in nature's garment. This gave him
a very bad cold which quickly de
i eloped into pneumonia. and on
Thursday night he died.
( Chief Inspector Henry has sent a
telegram to a number of cities in
the cast and south asking the po
lice to try to locate his relative.
Morton, who was 36, is believed to
have come from Atlanta.
A Flyer's Farewell.
Mexico City.—An aviator's battle
farewell: 'Kiss Mv Mother for Me:
Let. Them Give Her My Pension."
struck by rebel bullets, Captain
Manuel R. Monterruvlo. observer,
wrote n note and passed it to the
pilot. Then he died.
Atwater Keivt
In a beautiful wood cabinet
with built-in Atwater Kent
Electro-Dynamic Speaker.
Convenient Payments
■Come Today!
MODEL 46. Um
tube*, Hi.
Speaker, $34.
Model 155
Cheat Type
You must listen
to this amazing set!
Hearing radio programs through the new Atwater Kent Electro
Dynamic is like hearing them in the studio. Every note—high
or low—of every instrument is true.
It is Electro-Dynamic radio perfected—and made with Atwater
Kent precision—513 tests and inspections—famous the world over.
You can have it in the cabinet illustrated—or in other handsome
models—at the low price that the big demand makes possible.
Headquarters For Mens and Boys* Comfortale Anbd Durable Everyday Wear
ing Apparel At A Very Substantial Saining Apparel At A Very Substantial Savin
g• _
An especially desirable shirt of
strong ehambray with improved
construction that improves the ser
vice it gives. They will withstand
the strenuous activity of growing
Tom Sawyer Wash Suits
And Play Suits
Toth .Saw/ER1?^;
We are receiving new shipments
of Wash Suits every week. Come
in and look our assortment over.
They are tailored better and priced
cheaper than you can make them
at home. All Tom Sawyer Boys’
Wear is guaranteed to wear—•
98c t0 $2.98
Jack and Jill Athletic
Union Suits For Boys*
And Girls
Good quality 88 square Pajama
Check, Nainsook or English Broad
cloth, full cut standard sizes. Pearl
button front. Web insertion in back
relieves strain. These suits are us
ually sold at a much higher figure.
Our special saving 49 C
Boys’ Linen Knickers &
Flapper Pants
Our Knickers are made in Plus 4
and regular style, with the new
elastic feature cuff. Flapper Pants,
the most economical spring and
summer wear for active boys—
98c 0 $2.50
Canvas & Leather Palm
Work Gloves
With or without cuffs. Wear them
i /Olarl.v and protect your hands
from cuts and bruises. The leath
er face stands the wear for a long
Canvas Shoes At Low
Cool, comfortable, inexpensive.
Ideal footwear for spring and sum
mer including styles for “Gym”,
and Athletic purposes. There is a
style to please mother, dad, the
children. We promise you a lot
of shoe value for little money.
Boys’ “Pointer Brand”
10c 10 49c
.-Ik •
Such workmanship wins the keen
eyes of women customers who note
instanly the superior workmanship
on “Pointed” Brand Overalls. They
know that the turned edges and
careful stitching mean extra
strength and longer life. In the
the face of such superiority price
is not discussed—
Men’s “Jiant Jim” Work
Triple stiiched double pocket, built
to meet the workman’s needs. Far
superior to work shirts such as are
ordinarily offered at our price.
Cut to fit better, made of materials
to wear better. Made strong where
the strain is greatest. Buy several
for the coming /%
months- VvC
Men’s Athletic Union
Suits -
Made of fine count Pajama Check®
and Broadcloths. Cut full and
roomy to give freedom and com
fort. Reinforced in back to insure
longer wear. Men like its wear and
they like its economy too. Buy a
supply now. —
49c ‘ $1.49
Men’® All Leather Plow
Made over the blucher or bal styl
es with composition or leather sol
es. These are shoes which give you
the most possible comfort and
wear for your money—
$1.9810 $3.48
Men’s 8-Oz. Blue Buckle
Guaranteed Overalls .
"Strong for work.” "Made good t®
make good.” High back or suspen
der style. Good features about
Blue Buckle Overalls. They ar®
extra heavy, full cut everywhere*
deep heavy drill pocket, back pock
et doubles with same 8 oz. mater
ial, double thickness suspenders,
extra big high cut bib, heavy brass
buckles and buttons, double pock
ets on bib, and above all extra low
priced. All sizes in waist and
Men’s, Ladies*, & Child
ren’s Harvest Hats
Let these hats, woven of tough
cool grasses protect you. The breez
es can get through but the sun
19c t0 49c

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