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    Babe Goes On Spending Orgy
With Mother's Purse And Cash
Washington.—Helen Marie Guck
«r-, five-year-old daughter of Mr
and Mrs. Robert C. Gucker decided
to "step out." Helen became fed
up with things about the house
{Spying her mother's purse, she
coyly extracted $35 and started on
a spending spree.
The mother missed her tiny
daughter, and notified the nearest
police station. Meanwhile, Helen
had fared forth in all her glory,
patronized the candy shops and
gorged herself on hot dogs and
other edibles, without a care in the
Finally, she wound up in a bar
ber shop, where she usually went
for a bob. The barber was a bit
suspicious, when he saw her roll
and found no adult with her. He
too, called the police.
Helen was taken for a bit of a
ride, which she seemed to enjoy.
I, Hugh K. McSwain. a
painter, contractor, offer
for sale high grade Paint
and Varnish and Ka.vser &
Allman (Wall Paper.) All
work guaranteed to be first
class. Phone 127-R.
Hugh K. McSwain,
314 Blanton St.,
Shelby, N. C.
Dr. D. M. Morrison
Eyes Examined. Glasses Filled
And Repaired.
Located In Webb Building. Down
Stairs Next To llanes Shoe
Telephone 585. Shelby, N. C.
Slip queened over all hands at the
station house for an hour, when
"Dad" and “Mom" arrived and es
corted her home, apparently none
the worse for wear.
She still had $32.86 left out of the
$35 borrowed from “Mom's" purse.
Financial Note.
Now Uncle Sam is said to make
ten-thousand dollar bills
I’d like to know how I can make
ten thousand dollars. Bill.
One of the strangest things in
nils world is how unpopular pro
hibition is and how hard it,is for
an anti to get elected.—Dalis News.
A eanatorium is a plRce where
you pay $75 a week for the privi
ledge of living as you would have
:o me if .you had only $75 a month.
Port Arthur News.
Cleveland Bank «t Trust Company,
executor of the will and trustee
of James Franklin Ware, deceas
ed, petitioner,
James Eastham Ware. Rev. W It.
Ware, Mrs. Laura Wells, Dr. A. 11.
Ware and Mrs A. E. Al.spaugh,
To Mrs. A. E. Al.spaugh, non-resi
dent defendant:
You are hereby notified that a
special proceeding has been insti
tuted, as above entitled. In the su
perior court of Cleveland county.
N. C„ for the sale of certain real
estate belonging to the estate of
James Franklin Ware, deceased, for
the purpose of creating assets to
settle Indebtedness existing against
said estate and a petition has been
duly filed in the office of the clerk
of the superior court of Cleveland
county, In which you are named as
one of the defendants; you are
further notified to ap|>eur at the of
fice of the clerk of the supertor
court of Cleveland county, N. C- in
Shelby, N. C, on or before Monday,
June 10, 19119 at 10 a m. and answer
the petition filed therein, or the re
lief prayed for by the petitioner
will be granted. This May 6, 1929.
A. M. HAMRICK. Clerk Su
perior Court, Cleveland Coun
Rybum <fc Hoey, Attys. for Peti
At All Dru( atom. Adult* 73*. Children (Os.
You'll Appreciate lis Worth
Lawndale, June 1st, 7:45 O’Clock
Various Forms of Music, Including Orchestras, Fid
dles, Banjo Pickers and Guitar Pickers.
Several Bands Will Also Compete. $30 in CASH Prizes.
Let Everybody Come For Big Time.
Attention To
Tax Payers
I wish to call your attention to the
making of your tax return for the vear
The law requires every tax payer to
make return during the month of May.
All who have not yet made their return
for this year, are requested to do so at
once without further delay.
The law makes you subject to a pen
alty of $50.00 for failure to list.
County Tax Supervisor.
Books Received
At Library Here
Books ordered by the Shelby
public library and received May 17
The Ordeal of Richard Ferrel, 2
copies—George Meredith; Wash
ington's Farewell Address; Webster’s
Bunker Hill Oration; Burke’s Speech
on Conciliation; The Lyric South—
Addison Hibbard, two copies; Henry
Esmond—Wm. M. Thackeray; Van
ity Fair—Wm. M. Thackeray, two
copies; The Prince and the Pauper
—Mark Twain, two copies; Othello
—Shakespeare; The Main Without
a Country—Edward E, Hale.
Books For Boys and Girls
Emmeline—Elsie Llngmaster; Out
of the Storm—Marcia MacDonald,
The Haunted Ship—Kate Tucker;
Betty Leicester—Sarah Orne Jew
New Fiction.
Dark Hester—Anne Douglas Sedg
wick; The Father—Katharine H
Brown; Green Thursday—Julia
Peterkin; Scarlet Sister Mary—Julia
Peterkin; Tile Pathway—Henry
Williamson; Son of the Gods—Rex
Beach; Mamba's Daughters—Du
Bose Heyward; The Storm House—
Kathleen Norris; My Best Girl—
Kathleen Norris; The Buffer—Alice
Hegun Rice; Rhinestones—Margaret
Wildcnner; The Village Doctor—
Sheila Kaye Smith; Glorious Betsy
—Arline DeHaas; The Jade Neck
lace—Ffmberton Glnther; Lllic
Time—Guy Fowler; At the South
Gate—Grace Richmond; The Secret
Stair—Pemberton Glnther; Joshuas
Vision—William L. Lockle; First
Love—E. M. Delaficld.
■ ■
Bury Mrs. Lookado
At Mount Moriah
(Special to The Star.)
Mrs. W W Lookadoo died at her
home on May 9 near Beaver Dam
and was buried at Old Mount Mor
iah Methodist church, May 10,
where she joined at the age of 14.
She lived a faithful Christian life.
She was the daughter of Mr. G.
W. Ledford of the ML Moriah
community. She was married to Mr.
W. W. Lookadoo hr the year 1904
and to this union were born ten
children. Three of them died In in
fancy and she leaves her father,
husband and seven children to
mourn her passing. She died a few
days after the birth of her last
son from high blood pressure and
heart trouble. She was 41 years. 11
months and 26 days of age at her
She had five sisters and four
brothers and three sister; preceded
her to the grave some years ago.
Two sisters and two brothers still
She was a noble Christian and
a great blessing in the community
In which she lived. Just before her
death she called her father, hus
band and children to her bedside
and exorted them to live a Christ
ian life and meet her in heaven.
She assured them that she was
ready and anxious to go to her
heavenly reward. Her remains was
buried at old Mt. Moriah where she
belongs. Her pastor, Rev. Mr. Ridge
conducted tho funeral services, to
gether with a large throng of peo
ple and friends gathered to pay
their last respect.
Having: this day qualified as ex
ecutrix of the last will and testa
ment of Ida L. Humphries, late of
Cleveland county, N. C.. this is to
notify all persons having claims
against said estate to present same
properly proven to the undersign
ed on or before the 8th day of May,
1930 or this notice will be plead in
bar of their recovery. All persons
Indebted to said estate will please
make immediate settlement.
This the 8th day of May. 1929.
NOLDS, Executrix, Gaffney,
S. C„ Route 1.
B. E. Williams, Atty.
Taxi Driver Goes Back To
Medicine He Had Taken
When a Boy to Find
Ntcholasville, Ky—"Running a
taxi is my business, and I am called
out at all times, sometimes Just be
fore meal time, and this makes my
eating as well as my sleeping very
irregular,” says Mr. Jesse Dickerson,
of 502 Central Avenue, this city.
“I had indigestion, on account of
this irregularity. I would feel very
uncomfortable after meals. I would
be constipated and have dizziness.
“I knew I had to take something.
I remembered how, when at home
before I was married, my mother
would give us Black-Draught, and
how she believed in it.
“So I decided to take it again. It
sure did me good. I am glad to let
others know what a good laxative
Black-Draught is. It clears up a
dull headache, and makes me feel
like a new person.”
Thousands of other men and
women find Black-Draught a great
help in relieving common ailments,
due to indigestion, constipation and
In thousands of families, Thed
ford’s Black-Draught has a comer
all its own on the medicine shelf.
In use nearly 100 years. Safe,
efficient, reliable.
Bold everywhere. Try ttL NC-liJ
tor Comtipstioo
igdtpettion Bilioutnctt
Thedford i
tun him
Dr. Davis Will Speak. Other News
Of No. One Town
(Special to The Star.)
Memorial services will be held at
Camp Creek Baptist church next
Saturday. The memorial sermon
will be preached by the Rev. Will
Tate of Pacolet, S. C. at 11 o'clock.
At 12 we will decorate the graves,
then have dinner. After dinner Dr
Davis of Boiling Springs Junior
college will speak also the Hon.
Clyde R. Hoey is expected to speak
There will be a number of noted
singers present, among them Profs.
Leroy Jolley, Hustler Ruppe, J. B
Ruppo, Carl Jordan and possibly
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Byars visit
ed their son, Sewell, at the Chester,
S. C. hospital last Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert McCraw of
daffney. S. C. visited relatives here
during the week-end.
Mr. Robert Jolley and family
spent last Saturday night with Mr.
and Mrs. Noah Jolley of Trinity.
Mr. Thurman Byars and Mr.
Tom Barnes visited friends in the
mountains of Western N. C. last
Mr. Rester Bailey and family vis
ited Mrs. Poole near Gastonia Sun
Those going up to High Shoal
for the singing Sunday night were
Messrs. Gould Hamrick, Dillard
Bridges, Howard Bailey, Collis
Jones. Thurman and Emmitt Brid
ges, Broadus and Richard Earls,
Clay Hawkins, Freeman Bailey,
Misses Virginia Byars and Inez
Davis, and Mr. and Mrs. Blain
Davis, Mr. Ralph Ruppe. Misses
Lois, Vemie and Frances Phillips.
Mr. and Mrs. Darric Martin and
son, Paul, of Shelby, visited Mr.
Martin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Martin Sunday.
Mrs. David Bailey returned home
last Tuesday from the hospital at
Shelby. She is getting along nicely.
‘Mr. and Mrs. Pink Bailey of
Whitmire, S. C. visited Mr. and
Mrs. Rome Davis Sunday.
A number of peopel of this com5
munity attended the memorial at
Lavonia church last Saturday. A
large crowd was present. The mem
orial sermon was preached by the
Rev. I. D. Harrill of Lattimore.
Mr. and Mrs. Blain Davis spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.
Dee Byars.
Miss Myrl Bridges spent the
week-end with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Sum Bridges.
A number of people of this com
munity attended the memorial at
Grassy Pond church Sunday.
Poplar Springs To
Have Memorial Day
Flint Hill Organizes B. Y. F. U.
Personal Items Of
(Special to The Star.l
Memorial services will be held at
Poplar Springs church May 26.
Everybody Is cordially invited to
We are glad to know that Flint
Hill has organized a B Y. P. U. Al
though we regret that it will take
a number of members from our
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wallace and
children visited Mrs. Wallace's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Led
ford of near Dover Sunday.
Miss Kate Allen was the dinner
guest of Miss Lillie Martin Sun
Prof. Lawton Blanton of Lattl
more was a visitor in the commun
ity Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lane Brooks and
little son, Jennings of the Double
Springs community visited at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Pruitt
Friends of little Miss Annie Mae
Jones will regret to know that she
is sick at this writing. We hope she
will soon be out again.
Mr. Alvie Jones delightfully en
tertained the young people with a
party at his home Saturday even
ing. A number of interesting games
Were played and the evening was
much enjoyed by all.
Mr, and Mrs. R. B. Patrick and
family attended memorial services
at Grassy Pond Sunday Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold JCincade and
little daughter Ivagene spent the
week-end with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. D. D. Dodd.
We are sorry to note that Mrs. P.
P. Hawkins is sick at this writing.
The only ambition in life a pa
per napkin has is to get down off
a diner's lap and play on the floor.
—Kay Features.
Having qualified as administra
tor of the estate of S. J. Bingham,
deceased, this is to hereby notify all
persons Indebted to said estate to
make payment of such indebted
ness immediately to me; and this Is
to notify all persons holding claims
against said esetate to file same
with me on or before the 17th day
of April, 1930, or this notice will be
pleaded In bar of recovery thereon.
tate of S. J. Bingham, deed.
■Newton & Newton, Attys.
Visitors Attend Exercises. Many
Are Attending Boiling
Spring Finals.
(Special to The Star'
Shelby, R-2.—A large crowd at
tended the memorial services at Mt.
Sinai church Sunday. Among the
visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Grady
Putnam of Durham, Mrs. Baxter
Putnam of Shelby, Mr. and Mrs.
L E Weaver, and Mrs. Josle Gram
lin of Gaffney and Mr. and Mrs.
Brainard Westmoreland of Char
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Turner
and children, Misses Kathleen and
Grace and Master Richard Turner,
and Miss Lucy Wright of Ellenboro
visited Mrs. J. H. Rollins and family
Miss Davie Putnam of Ruther
fordton was a visitor in this com
munity Sunday.
A number of people from this sec
tion attended the singing at Dou
ble Shoals Sunday.
Miss Oneda Putnam is at home
from Borne where she has been
attending school.
Misses Eugenia and Buna Rollins
and Mr. Coran Rollins were visitors
in Gaffney Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Hamrick
and daughter, Miss Selma Hamrick,
visited Mr and Mrs. W. L. Harrlll
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ellis attend
ed memorial services at Fallston
Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn Putnam
and little daughter of Lattimore
visited relatives in this community
A number of people from this sec
tion are attending the commence
ment at Boiling Springs school this
Mr. and Mrs. Glee Bridges of
Kings Mountain spent Sunday in
this community.
Ninety thousand New Yorkers are
living through the bootlegging busi
ness, we are told. And this does not
say anything of the undertakers.
$20,000.00 COUNTY OF CLEVE
Sealed bids addressed to the un
dersigned will be received by the
board of commissioners of Cleve
land county at the office of the
county commissioners at the court
house in Shelby. N. C„ until 2 p. m.,
Friday, May 24, 1929,
for the purchase of a $20,000.00 note
or notes aggregating said sum, dat
ed June 1. 1929. and falling due
June 1, 1930, interest payable semi
annually, said note or notes to be
issued for borrowed money in anti
cipation of the receipts of the pro
ceeds sale of $20,000.00 bridge bonds
authorized by an order of govern
ing body of said county finally
passed on January 21, 1929.
Bidders are invited to name the
rate of interest not exceeding 6 per
cent, which said note or notes shall
bear and whether the issue is de
sired in one or more notes. The
right is reserved to reject all bids.
A certified check payable to the'
board of commissioners of Cleve
land county for two per cent of the
note must accompany the bid.
Dated May 8. 1929.
A. F. NEWTON, Clerk Board
Commissioners, Shelby, N. C.
Having this day qualified as ad
ministrator of the estate of Martha
Canipe, deceased, late of Cleveland
county, N. C„ this is to notify all
persons having claims against said
estate to present them to me prop
erly proven on or before the 16th
day of April, 1930 or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of recovery there-,
of. All persons owing the said es
tate will make immediate settle
ment to the undersigned. This April
16, 1929
HOSE BEAVER, Administra
tor of Martha Canipe, deceas
ed. pd.
tht day with
Give them
candy to go with
lunch-it's good
for them
We sell the best
Hollingsworth Candies
A Specialty.
Kansac City, Mo.—The fate of lost
handkerchiefs is rarely known, but
those that disappear from the poc
kets of University of Missouri stu
dents may be destined to become a
part of a pair of “'souvenir paja
mas.” Since only sixteen hand
kerchiefs are needed, discrimination
is used and only those belonging
to “‘good dates,” campus leaders,
such as “ M” men, are taken.
The idea of making the pa
jamas first suggested itself to a
university girl when she noticed
she unintentionally had acquired
several men's handkerchiefs. They
were rather nice ones and it seem
ed a shame not to use them for
something, and then came the big
Man so Nervous Gets
Sore When Spoken To
“It actually irritated me to have
anyone talk to me, I was so nerv
ous. Vinol ended this and I feel
wonderful now.”—Wm. Fahy.
Vinol is a compound of iron,
phosphates, cod liver peptone, etc.
The very FIRST bottle makes you
sleep better and have a BIG appe
tite. Nervous, easily tired people
are surprised how QUICK the iron,
phosphates, etc., give new life and
pep. Vinol tastes delicious. Quinn’s
Drug Store. adv.
Jacksonville, Fla. __ $15.50
Tampa, Fla._$23.00
Miami, Fla._$25.50
Savannah, Ga_ $7.50
Brunswick, Ga._$12.50
Havana, Cuba_$50.25
Round trip fares on sale
to other important points
in Florida.
Tickets on sale May 25th,
good on all regular trains
returning tickets to Savan
nah limit 7 days, Bruns
wick, Jacksonville 8 days,
Tampa and Miami 12 days
and Havana 19 days in ad
dition to date of sale.
Excellent service —
through sleeping cars.
For detail information
call on any Southern Rail
way Agent.
Division Passenger Agent,
Charlotte, N. C.
SHOPS; City Calls A Halt
Paris.—So many Frenchmen have
been pawning their automobiles
that the city pawnshop has had to
call a halt. ‘ My Aunt,” as the Paris
pawnshop is called, has no more
room in her garage.
The city has decided to build a
garage to hold 600 cars. It will be
a good investment, for the muni
+ .
For Up-To-Date Shoe Re
pairing. Also Rebuilt And
New Shoes For Sale At
Bargain 1’rices. Call In
And Look Them Over.
West Marion Street, Third
Door From Western Union,
cipality makes more than $60.00i>
a year clear profit on the vehi
cles of those compelled to resume
the status ol pedestrians.
Is Usually The One
Who Does All The
Your Only Safe
guard is Insurance
400 Pounds ICE COUPONS
And We Allow $5 to $10 For Your
Old Refrigerator
Start The Spring
And Summer
Season with
At Factory Prices. Pure Cork, All
Metal Refrigerators atid Ice Boxes.
Payments Weekly.
On display at Rutherfordton, Forest
City, Spindale, Shelby and Chimney
C H R Y S LE R "75”
f.o.b. factory
The Chrysler "75”
Royal Sedan is a
well'groomed car.
The moment you look at it you
get the impression of personality,
refinement and capability.
The very first mile you drive
it or ride in it confirms the
impression that its appearance
gives. You find its performance
all that the name Chrysler im*
plies in flexible power, eager
speed and easy control.
You find its riding qualities
well beyond any previous ex*
perience or expectation.
And, probably you will find
the low price — $1535 f. o. b.
factory— the climax of all the
surprises that this remarkable
car has in store for you.
A demonstration will con'
vince you that Chrysler per
form an ce cannot be had in any
other car at any price.
2 8 4
Interior appointments in formal good taste +>
Broadcloth or fine mohair upholstery, in har
mony with exterior color combinations, optional
without extra cost Interior fittings of
artistic pattern, richly finished -<••>- Padded
armrests and a broad, carpeted footrail,
both ornamental and comfortable Deep, soft
cushion springs, insuring complete relaxation.
Chrysler '•65”—$1040 Chrysler “75”— $1535
to $1145 Six Body Styles to $1795 Eight Body Stylet
All prices f. o. b. factory
George Thompson Motor Co.
SHELBY, - - N. C.

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