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    Has Had Cucumbers
Nearly Two Week*
Mrs. W. D. Hardin. of Shelby
route two, Informs The Star that
the had new cucumbers, squash
and plenty of green beans from her
garden nearly two weeks ago and
Is ahead of the new encumber
grower reported early this week in
The Star.
Holds Her Clothing.
New York.—Customs officials are
holding six trunks of wearing ap
parel. valued at $5,200, which Mrs
Ector Orr Munn, daughter of tlie
late Rodman Wsnamaker. can re
cover by payment of $10,400 Mrs.
Munn's explanation of her failure
to declare the clothing was that
she had been accustomed to bring
ing her belonging in duty free be
cause her first, husband. Arturo Juan
A. Heeran. was in the Spanish diplo
matic service. Customs officials nl.-o
retained $450 000 worth of Jewel
which Mrs. Munn brought ' with
her, but will return them to her
since she took them from this coun
and Gentlemen:
In accordance with our
policy of selling only the
best building materials,
we are glad to announce
that we can now offer
you Lone Star Cement.
This super-grade cement
has established new
records for quality and
uniformity. Yet it costs
no more than ordinary
r -1
O. E. FORD &
Cement. Lime. Plaster
When we say that there arc
millions of people who
TAKE—hut they’re all in
the cemetery the only liv
ing person that never mak
es a mistake is the one
who doesn’t do anything.
As we’re live ones, and
doing things we make mis
takes but there’s no mis
take in our claim of super
ior Sinclair gas and Opal
ine oil quality. Our long
list of steady and satisfied
patrons attest to the popu
larity with which these pro
ducts*^ hailed.
I nofficial Entry Of Dr. Olin Sawyer
Into Race Further Muddies
Hectic Waters.
Columbia, s. C. Announcement
of the po ;,iblc candidacy of Pi'
Olin 'Sawyer-, surgeon and physician,
of Georgetown, to succeed Governor
I John G Richards, adds a new angle
I to South Carolina politics and brings
| the potential lb t of candidates to
j ten, one more than made the race
in lore.
He is a former mayor of hik town
and at intervals durin;; ihc last
twenty years a representative m the
Reports uiat nr. rawjcr rmra
make t lif* rare have been prevalent
for several weeks and Saturday
while visiting in Columbia. Dr
Sawyer admitted that lie would
like to be ftevernor, said his friends
are trying to Ret, him to make a
formal announcement, and refused
to deny that he will make the rare.
That Dr Sawyer's entrance in tin
race will change the entire complex
of the situation in 1930 Is appar
ent. The Balance of power, which
heretofore has been in the Piedmont
section, will shift to the coastal re
gion for the first primary and pos
sibly vull remain there for the sec
ond primary b>' reason of the fact
that two f 'vortte. :nns from that I
section will rally to their support a
treater percent nr of ballots than
will be divid’d aiming at least l.r*
favontc con.', tn toe P.edmont,
• oast l.rft Out.
Since the election of Duncan C>
Heyward, coastal South Carolina
e ninth's have furnished only one
chief executive. Wilson G. Harvev.1
who Mireerdrd Robert A. Cooper
when the latter resigned to take
a place on lire federal Farm Loan
While ho has not yet made for
mal announcement of his candidacy,
it is practically assured that State
Senator R M Jefferies, ot Waiter
boro. will also seek eloction to
the governor's chair. Senator Jeff
eries Is a native of Gaffney, end
through family connections and
other contacts, will probably reel.,
trr it pood vote In the county,
which will furnish another candi
date for governor in tlie person of
1Lieut.-Governor Thonm IV But
jler. An adjo'ning county, Spartan
Iburg. Is also represented In potential
candidates. Solicitor Ira C. Black
jwood having already announced his
I candidacy. In Greenw ood. runu,r
has It that R K. MeCaslan. chnlr
Iman of the house ways and means
jcommittee, will make the race it
is alto rumored that Mr. McCaslan
may offer for lieutenant governor.
In Laurens county. Carroll 1>
Nance is a possible candidate, al
though he has announced that lie
is “through" with politics.
Over in Lancaster county it Is,
regarded cs a certainty that Roacn
f> Stewart, chairman ct the state
Democratic executive committee,
will seek the gubernatorial toga. C’.
F. Jones chairman of toe state
highway commission, a rUtren of
Lexington *"unty he.- men
tioned for governor . ct h••s re
peatedly denied that he will make
the race.
From present indications Colum
bia will furnish two candidates. A
F Lever, former congressman, and
Clin' T. Grrydcn, close friends of
Senator Cole L. Blrase and Gover
nor Richards.
Reports which drifted into Co
lumbia during the last week are to
the fctfert that Mr. Blackwood might j
make the race for congress again-,;
the incumbent. John J. McSwaui.
If the report is true, there will be
a three-cornered race in the fourth
district, as Olin D. Johnson, mem
ber of the Spartanbuic delegation
in the general assembly, is re
ported to be in the miming.
Governor Richards has made no
official statement in regard to hu
political ambitions. He has been
mentioned as a candidate to op
pose Congressman W. F. Stevenson
in the fifth district, but citizens j
in that section are of the opin
ion that the governor will seek, in
stead, to displace Senator Blease. i
It is considered by some of the ]
political-wise in South Carolina the
governor's break with Senator
lease, occasioned by a difference
of opinion in the matter of the
$65,000,000 road bond bill, is more
serious than it has appeared on j
the surface.
STATE college sti dents
Sttl'f College, Raleigh. June 8.— *
More graduates of North Carolina j
State college this year secured pos- i
itions with engineering, agricultural
and business firms than ever before!
in the institution; 40 years of in
Nearly all of the 220 men who re
ceived degrees, either in the. under
graduate or graduate departments,
have left the campur with their
diplomas for money-making Jobs,
secured for them by thru- knowl
edge gained here.
Reece Barton, of Childress. Texas,
may be 100 years old. but lie still
engages in the strenuous duties of
I r cowboy He says i\e will ' die :n
i the saddle."
Leaves for France
A* a result of a personal guar
antee of his $25,000 bail by a
prominent banker in New
York, Count Maxence De
f’ofigtiae sailed on the S. h>.
Paris for Prance in spite of bis
arrest with 32 others by the
Federal authorities in connec
tion with an international rum
smuggling ring. His'.word of
honor as a nobleman that he
would return in time to face
trial was enough for the bank
er and his bondsman.
Woman Reverses The Usual Order
Reveals She Has Reen Living
WHh Two Husbands.
Usually it Is the man who runs
'two homes, like Jim Bledsoe, the
eaptain of the Steamer Robert .1. which went down on the
Mis 1 . ippi river, “who had a vvlf->
; In New Orleans and another one
In Pike'' but In an amazing case
that, has just come to light at, Ant
werp. Belgium, the usual order tf
things has been reversed, and it
was the woman who did her be,t
to keep two home fires burning
The woman in the case is Mad
ame Heernaerts. who married a
Flemish business tnan nearly 20
years ago. and shortly afterward
developed a love nffam with an
Englishman named Bradley, whom
the "married" while he was serv
ing with the army in the Ypres re
Bradley has Just died in Brus
sels, end it was by the merest
chance that the double life of th"
r oman was discovered
She had two comfortable homes
arid had reared two families, her
frequent absences from one home
or the other being explained by
the fact that she war supposed to
be buyer for a famous lingerie home
in Brussels.,
It is admitted that she was an
ideal housewife and mother and
that both houses wer' well looked
Her explanation of her behavi >r
is that site found that one home
was not enough to occupy her mind
and she felt that if she could make
Iwo men happy and rear two fami
lies he would be doing useful won;
Her legal husband, who now
knows the truth, has expressed his
readiness to forgive and forget, but
the law may not be so accommo
She has had four children by
her legal husband and five as the
result of the bigamous marriage
with Bradley.
Before his death she confessed
to Bradley and lie forgave her.
She now has- revealed Iter secret
to both sets of children and says
that when the courts have finished
with her she is goitv. to unite the
two families under the same roof
with the approval of her legal hus- j
It might be Imagined that in Hie J
case of a woman living in this way :
with two different husbands thei-j
would be com plications over the
paternitv of the two sets of chil
dren. but Madame declares that
there Is no doubt in the mind r,f
her husband or hers*lf about which
children are entitled to the name
of Bradley and which to Heem
Junior Order Notice.
Junior Order council No. 84 will
meet in regular communication
Saturday night, June 15. Business of
the evening will be electing of offi
cers. All members be present and
receive your cigars from the candi
C. A LEDFORD. Councilor j
Depicts Cave Man
In “Family Life”
With Mother, Wife, Baby And, Shown In Habitation At
The Field Museum.
Chicago—The dim past of man
was visualized at the Field Museum
of National History, where a Hie?
size reconstruction of a cave man,
| his family and his habitation was
put on public exhibition.
Tne reconstruction represents one
of the earliest types of man, the ape
like Nrandertlinl of Mousterian man,
who lived In Western Europe do -
ing the last Glacial period. 50.000
years ago and more.
The group Is one of the results of
the recent Captain Marshal Field
archaeological expedition to Europe,
under the leadership of Henry Ford,
a member of the museum's anthro
pological staff.
In the work of the expedition and
the preparation of the group the
museum has had the cooperation of
leading anthropologists of England
and France. Including Prof. Sir Ar
thur Keith, president of the Royal
College of Surgeons, and Prof. G
Elliott-Smlth of Unhcrslty College.
London; Abbe Henri Breule and
Prof. Marcelhn Boule of Paris.
New York The Sculptor.
The designer and sculptor of the
group is Frederick Blaschke of Cold
Spring. N, Y., who accompanied the
expedition to Europe and has spent
more than two years on the wor!;.
With a painted background, the
sec nee represents ;n three di
mensions a .Neanderthal man's cave
at L.c Moustter, in the Dordogne
region of Southwest France.
The figures consist of a man
about 35 yenrs old, a boy about id,
a woman about 30. with a baby in
her arms, and an older woman
They have all been carefully re
constructed from measurements,
casts and models made of Neander
thal skulls and skeletons found Ir,
various localities of Europe.
The figure, are represented as eiir
gaged in occupations typical of their
tini" and stage of development.
The man, outside the entraaice of
the cave, lias just returned from
hunting. With one hand he grasps
the antlers of a reindeer, killed wi ll
a stone implement, red with blood,
in his other hand
me woman with the baby is on
her way out from the inner recesses
of tire cave. Near by the bov Is
gnawing hungrily on a bone. The
older woman is squatting beside a
fire cleaning fat from a skin.
Racial Lineaments Shown.
Special Neanderthal characteris
tics depicted include prominent and
continuous brow ridges extending
from temple to temple; short, thick
necks with heads thrown forward
; because of a peculiar construction
(of the spinal column which made
| erect standing impossible; broad,
j flat noses and bent knees, like a
1 gorilla's.
The bodies were short and stout.
The hands were extremely large, the
arms relatively shorter than the legs
and the shin bones shorter than the
thigh bones.
f lie heads of these people rvere
proportionately large, and the sire
of their brains was not much below
that of modern man's, according to
Dr. Oliver C. Farrington, curator <T
Flint implements obtained from
one of the caves at Le Moustier are
scattered about on the floor of the
reproduced cave. The background
depicts the cold, rocky landscape
on the bank of th? Vezere Five.,
where this rock shelter ttacds.
The exhibit has been installed in
the Finest R. Graham Hall of
Historical Geology of the museum,
which contains also the skeletons o'
prehistoric animals, some of which
Are believed to have been contemp
orary with the Neanderthal race,
and a series of large paintings de
pleting the development of life
from its earliest epochs down to the
age of man.
Kentucky Lady Wat Seriously
111 for Months Bat Was
Finally Relieved By
Lawreneeburg, Ky—"At a time In
my life, when my health was under
going a serious change," says Mrs.
J. O. Ray, who Uvea near here, "I
found Cardul to be of the greatwt
benefit to me. I was seriously ill
for about two months, and for sev
eral months I was not well. My
nerves were all unstrung. I could
not bear the least noise around me.
I could not sleep.
"My head ached until it seemed
as If it would burst. My feet and
limbs swelled dreadfully. I felt
tired all the time. When I was up,
I dragged around the house, but
most of the time I spent on the bed.
“1 got Cardui and began taking it
regularly. Very soon I could see
that it was helping me. 1 began to
sleep better and eat more. The
awful nervousness got better.
"When I had finished the first
bottle. I was much better than I
had been for many weeks I wsa
so encouraged that I kept right cm.
Before very long I was doing all
my housework and was feeling quite
Thousands of other women have
been helped by Cardui after long
suffering from weakness and ner
Zog Rules Singled-Han ded,
Works 18 Hours Each Day
Self Made Kin* of Albania Already
lias Title of World’s Hardest
Working Monarch
I --
Tirana, Albania. King Zog, the
first, Albania self-made sover
! elgn, although on the throne less
I than a year has won the title of
; the hardest working monarch in
the world.
T Eighteen hours of unremitting
toll daily with ten minutes of
exercise every two hours in the sc
j elusion of his white stucco palace
here is what he considers an or
[ dinary day's work. The king gets up
1 with the mountain eagles at six, sips
a cup of Turkish coffee, puffs a
I cigarette and plunges immediately
j into work With the exception of a
| few minutes visit to his mother io
I whom he is deeply attached he
j never leaves his desk until mid
His only diversion is occasional I
play in the closely guarded' palace
grounds with his favorite dogs. Ln
the evening the long labors are
broken only when the king plays his
favorite American melodies on nls
American phonograph prociirred for
him by Minister Hart
The Alabaman monarch's friends
say he lacks the faculty of delegat
ing tasks to others, even to his min
isters Therefore he insists on doing
! everything personally and running
the country virtually single handed.
But if he governs Albania on a
one-man basis he has anything but
the appearance of a dictator. His
soft features, aquiline nose, delicate
mouth, blonde hair, tiny chestnut
moustache, striking dignity and re
served aristocratic air suggest rather
a French or Austrian nobleman who
never had to sear a hand or furrow
a brow by daily toil. Europe's new
est sovereign, however, is no dil
letante or parlor king He rules nr,
million subjects with a firm and
inflexible but just hand and sets .he
kingdom a shining example by his,
ceaseless toil.
Aitnougn <sog was converted vir-1
tually over night by his adherents |
from an ordinary tribal chieftan to
the power and glory of a monarch,
those who are privileged to meet
him are struck by his regal man
ner. pervading charm, graciousness ;
and geniality. When the Associated I
Press correspondent visited the j
This is to hereby notify all persons in
the City of Shelby, North Carolina, who
are behind in the payment of the assess*
ments for street and sidewalk pavements
that said delinquent payments must be
made within the next fifteen (15) days.
Unless same is done, the City will be forc
ed to take legal action to collect said as
By order of the Board of Aldermen.
This June the 11th, 1929.
S. A. McMURRY, Mayor.
F. P. Culbreth, Clerk-Trcas.
palace today he found the king
petting and playing with a group
of huge mountain eagles which ue
tamed himself.
“As Albania is a country of high
crags and peaks," the king said smil
ingly in excellent German, "we
have almost as many eagles here as
j you lia\e sparrows m America.
| Like eagles the world over, the Al
, banian eagle vs proud, defiant,
! courageous and independent. There
! fore we made it the symbol of our
[national liberty just as the United
States. My people bring them to nie
in such numbers as gifts that I
now have enough to export some to
America. Then laughingly the king
added,” but I know the American
people already have enough eagles
and enough liberty."
Church Meeting
At Double Shoals
(Special to The StarV
Double Shoals.—The associations!
Sunday school meeting met with
the Double Shoals church on Sun
day with Supt. a. a. Page m
charge. subjects on
Sunday school was discussed, a good
crowd was present.
Mrs. ft. L. Eskridge and Muss
Florence Seism have gone to
Thomasville to attend a meeting In
W. M. U. work.
There will be a B. Y. P. U. social
on the church grounds on Saturday
night for the Juniors. A large crowd
of juniors are expected to enjoy the
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Page and
Misses Vangie Peeler and Muriel
Eskridge were the dinner guests on
Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cost
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Spangler and
children spent Sunday with Mr
and Mrs. S. B. Eskridge.
A class in Sunday school train
ing will be taught the week follow
and L. B. Seism will teach a class
and L. B. Seism wil teach a class
in junior B. Y. P. U. work.
Star Advertising Pays
You can be so distressed with gas and fullness that you think your
heart is going to stop beating.
Your stomach may be so distended that your breathing le short and
You are dizzy and pray for quick relief—what's to be.done!
Just one dessert spoonful of Lee's Laxative Compound and Cathartic
and in ten minutes the gas disappears, the pressing on the heart ceases
and you can breathe deeply and naturally.
Oh! What blessed relief; but why not get rid of such attacks alto
gether? Why have chronic indigestion at all?
With this wonderful medicine you ran banish Indigestion or dyspep
sia or any abnormal condition that keeps the stomach in constant rebel
lion and one bottle will prove it.
And how happy you will be when your stomach is as good as new.
for then dizziness, nervousness, sleeplessness, headache and other ail
ments caused by a disordered stomach will disappear and you Will be
your old. happy, contented self again. PAUL WEBB <Se SON Drug
Store and every regular pharmacist guarantees one bottle of Lee'* Laxa
tive Compound Cathartic to show the way to stomach comfort.
In exchange for this Conpon and $1.25 You are hereby anther*
izcd to deliver to the bearer, one $1.25 Bottle of Lee'* Compound
and one $1.00 Bottle of Lee’s Antiseptic Liniment.
DOVER & WALKER, Spartanburg, S. C., and Lynchburg, Va.
Saturday is Southern
Goodyear Day
The lUttitrotiom it from <w> arlitt’t tketch
of the completed Caitdem Plant
As Goodyear Dealers in Shelby we want to
mark the early opening of the new Southern
Goodyear Plant at Gadsden, Alabama, with a
little celebration of our own.
We arc naming Saturday, June 15, Southern
Goodyear Day and we’ll offer special values
in Goodyear tires in a great one day sale.
We want to show oar appreciation for the
establishment of this great plant in the Sonth
and we Intend to make Saturday a record
Come in and see ns Saturday. You can’t af
ford to overlook sueh outstanding values as
Goodyears at the prices we will offer.

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