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    Cotton Is Growing Fast. Mr. Esley
Cabanlss Taken Suddenly III.
(Special to The Star.)
Jure 20.—Crops in this section are
late but cotton is beginning to grew
mighty fast.
Miss Ethel Wright, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wright Is sick
tilth typhoid fever. Also Mr. Jctf
Wright is sick. Hope they soon im
There was a birthday dinner at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ess Cah
nnis3 last Sunday. A large crowd
was present and a most bountiful
dinner was served.
All the children were there ex
cept Mr. S. J. Cabaniss and Mrs.
W. E Wright. There were at hdme
on account of sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymon Washburn
of Shelby were visitors in the com
munity Sunday.
Messrs. Whitney and Gerald
Perry, of Raleigh, were week-i r.d
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Washburn.
Prof, and Mrs. V. C. Taylor and
children, V. C,, jr. and Glenn, were
visitors in the community Sunday
Friends of Esley Cabaniss will be
sorry to learn that he was taken
suddenly ill yesterday. His condition
is considered quite serious.
Miss Willoree Calton will enter
tain the young peoples department
of the Sunday school at her lovely
home next Friday night. The young
folks are looking forward to it with
much pleasure.
Misses Reba Moore. Eliza Brooks,
Bertha Hawkins and Ruby Wash
burn and Messrs. John L. McSwa'n,
Rebum Washburn and Whitney and
Gerald Perry formed a very pleas
ant motor party to Chimney Roe!;
and Lake Lure Monday.
Mr. Bate Blanton has been sick
but we are glad he is able to be out
Mr. S. J. Cabaniss has been In
right bad condition. He almost 1 J.r-t
the use of one leg. We are glad he
is very much improved.
Radio Program For
Four-H Club Girls
Mrs. Irma P. Wallace, Cleveland
county home demonstration agent,
has been mailed the following radio
program which should be of inter
est to club girls in the county:
The following program will be
broadcast from 10 to 11 p. m.
Eastern Standard time. This pro
gram will be broadcast from .he
National 4-H club camp in Wash
ington, D. C. on June 22. 1929.
The program:
10:00—Introduction by announc
10:02—Music—Marine band.
10:07—Opening address by Pre
siding Officer Dr. C. W. Warbuton.
10:09—Address—IsaDel Bevicr —
Prof. Emeritus home economics,
University of Illinois.
10:14—Marine band soloist.
10:17—Dr, A. R. Mann, dean, New
York State college of agriculture.
10:22—Camp trophy winner—girl
10:25—Camp trophy winner—boy.
10:30—Music—Marine band
10:35—Address — Mrs. Herbert
10:50—Marine band soloist.
10:53—4-H club pledge, led by C.
B. Smith.
10:54—Dreaming song by all clubs
led by R. A. Turner.
10:58— Star Spangled Banner
Marine band.
The main speaker will be Mr.,.
Herbert Hoover who will speak in
person at the club banquet and Dr.
C. W. Warburton will be master of
ceremonies. The program will be
broadcast from the following sta
WRC Washington, WGY Schenec
tady, WCAE Pittsburg. KPRC Hou
ston. WRVA Richmond. WHAS
Louisville, WMC Memphis. WSB
Atlanta and others.
Dr. C. B. Smith would like to have
a report from every club who tunes
in on this program. The penal'/
postcard may be used in reporting
this program.
Cards Of Thanks.
We wish to thank our many
friends and relatives for their kind
ness shown us during the illness
and death of our baby daughter,
Marie Weaver.
Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Weaver.
Try Star Wants Ads.
Issac Shelby Flour
Is Used In Cleveland
County Than Any Other
Two Flours that are Sold
In This Section.
Dependable Goodness
And Wholesomeness Are
The Reasons.
\ “ ^
Eagle Roller Mill Company
If you do not notify the Industrial Commission of
your wishes regarding—
By July 1st you are subject to a penalty—
We suggest that you see or ’Phone us to take care
of your requirements immediately.
If you employ five or more people you are requir
ed to take the insurance. If you employ less than
five you may elect to take the insurance.
We have all necessary blanks for you to sign.
5$ . $%»'t >* COMPANY
Wm. Lineberger, Pres. R. E. Campbell, Vice-Pres.
J. J. Lattimore, Sec.-Treas. J. L. Suttle, Ins. Mgr,
Around Our TOWN
PUT IT DOWN in your record books that the years 1928-29 nave
been and arc big years hi tire history of Shelby achievements
With the chamber of commerce on the blink and no paid pub
licity agent to herald the town's remarkable accomplishments, the coi
yum takes it upon itself to do the brodcasting. Perhaps if there is a
balance in the city treasury at the end of the year Htzzoncr, Mayer |
McMurry, will reward us, but more than likely he will not, so we do it
for our own gratification. Those of you who care to listen may stand ny
others may sign off at their own pleasure.
The majority of the things whicn
a chamber of commerce booklet
would list in the booster pamphlet
have actually been realized in 10*9
although some of the achievements
got underway in 1928.
First of all, there is the 1928 cot
ton crop, the actual figures of which
were not known until this spring.
Those figures, y'know, carried the
information that Cleveland county
produced more cotton than any
other county in the state.
In 1928, too, Oliver Maxmillian
Gardner, up to that time generally
known in the public prints as ‘‘the
Shelby lawyer-farmer," was elec.ed
governor of North Carolina, but he
did not take office as chief execu
tive of the state until 1929.
A pretty good start so far, eh.’
Another Shelby citizen, Odus M.
Mull, in 1928 became head of the
Democratic party in the state and
today retains the chairmanship with
no one calling for his scalp as some
are for the forelock of Mr. Raskob.
Last week our boss, Lee B. Weath
ers, gave up the reins as president
of the North Carolina Press associa
tion. having served in that capacity
during the recent year.
Then along early in the spring
this year Prof. W. T. Sinclair took
a group of young Shelby high
school musicians down to Greens
boro and won the state band cham
pionship for class B schools.
Just a few weeks later Casey
Morris’ Shelby high baseball team
travelled down to Chapel Hill 3nd
won the state high school baseball
championship for all groups with
all comers welcome.
Then last week a lreckie-faced
young Shelby boy, who held the
Junior Carolinas golf championship,
borrowed an kutomoble and carried
his kid brother with him down to
the Sedgefleld golf course at
Greensboro for the annual Junior
Carolinas tourney. When they re
turned back with him—this time
not in the possession of Pete Webb,
but in the keeping of the younger
brother Fred.
This week Vera Arwood, 14-yeai
old local girl, by virtue of her es
say on cooperative farming and
marketing here, was one of the lour
contestants in the entire state to
compete for national essay honors
at Raleigh.
In the two-year period Shelby
people and institutions have car
ried off numerous other honors of
lesser importance than state titles
and offices, but the above list is
pretty good material for the boost
er to tell his hearers Just what
Shelby has contributed to the state
in one year.
this department. some of them
pleasant, and others not so pleas
ant. For instance, the other day
after Mrs. Hoover entertained the
negro congressman's wife at the
White House it was reported that
Senator Cole Blease had introduced
a resolution concerning the event
on the senate floor. We looked in
vain In the newspapers for the re
solution which was entitled "Nigger
In the White House" but we failed
to find it. And it seems as if oth 3f3
also looked as quite a number have
asked that we try to dig it up in
some manner.
Well, after a search, here it is,
and for the benefit of the critical
we'll add that it was published by
the New York Herald-Tribune, a
Republican paper and staunch sup
porter of Mr. Hoover and not by
some pesky Democratic sheet:
"Whereas, it has been reported in
the press and otherwise that cn
Thursday, June 13, 1929, Mrs. Her
bert Hoover, wife of the president of
the United States, entertained at
dinner the negro wife of a negro
congressman named De Priest, who
represents a negro congressional
district in Chicago, and that the
wife of the attorney general and of
the secretary of the navy were seat
ed at the table, and that the negro
woman sat on Mrs. Hoover’s right
as her equal and as the guest of
honor; now, therefore, be it. resolv
ed. that in order to keep the con
dtion at the White House becom
ing as follows:
Things at the White House
Looking mighty curious.
Nigger running everywhere
White people furious.
Niggers in the hallway
Taking off their wraps.
Niggers In the billard roor
Shootng game of craps.
Not a room in the White House
Without niggers many;
Baby in the nursery
Nigger pickaninny.
“That the President and Mrs.
Hoover be requested to remember
that the bouse in which they are
Saves Pitcher’* Wife
Richard Paul, aged 13, of Lin
coln, Neb., son of Adjutant
General Paul of the Nabraska
National Guard, is in line for
a life-saving medal for his
bravery in rescuing Mrs.
Grover Cleveland Alexander,
wife of the famous St. Louis
pitcher, from the Platte river.
(InUrutioDil NmrMlI
(Special to The Star/*
Boiling Springs, June 20.—The
Woman's Missionary society has en
joyed two splendid meetings during
the month of June. The regular
meeting was in charge of the Fannie
Heck circle. The program consisted
of a pageant, put on by the young
er members of the group, which
brought out in a striking way the
work of the missionaries on the var
ious foreign fields.
On Sunday afternoon the society
met in the church for a memorial
service for Miss Fannie Heck. It was
a joint meeting of the W. M. S.
and Sunbeams. The children took
charge of the first part of the pr>
gram and gave a splendid perform
ance under the leadership of Mrs.
R. D. Hord and Mrs. Clifford Ham
rick, Mrs. M. A. Jolley and Mrs. O
P. Hamrick gave interesting talks
on the church in Japan which is
to be erected in memory of Miss
Heck by the women of the South
ern Baptist convention.
The senior club will meet with
Mrs. J. L. Jenkins on Friday after
noon fro mfour to six.
There will be a meeting of al the
missionary societies of this division
at Sandy Plains on the fourth Sun
day afternoon. A number of Boiling
Springs people are to appear on the
On the fifth Sunday in June the
Sunday schools of this division will
meet for an all day session with the
Boiling Springs church. Dinner will
be served on the ground.
Miss Lucile Buchanan had as her
week-end guests Miss Exie Hum
phries and Miss Eloise Hamrick of
No. 1 township.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Summerlin and
family spent the past week-end in
Kannapolis visiting Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Keever.
Mrs. Clint Crabtree and children
of Tampa, Fla., who have been vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. Hal B. Greene
here and Mr. and Mrs. Linney Haw
kins of Forest City returned home
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Summerlm
had as their guests Monday Mi.
and Mrs. Glenn Summerlin of For
est City.
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Doty of
the Sandy Plains community visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Walker Sun
Evelyn, the little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs Lawrence Greene is sick
Mrs. J. M. Walker who is et
tending summer school at Lenolr
Rhyne college, Hickory, spent the
week-end here.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allie and
Mrs. Flora Lemons of Trough. S. C.
spent Sunday with Mrs. Ida Mc
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hord sp?nt
Friday In Spartanburg.
temporarily residing is the White
House and that Virginia, Texas.
Florida, Tennessee and North Car
olina contributed to their becoming
its custodians.'’ - - ^
Mr. And Mrs. Aydlotte Arp Visitors
From l tali. Bostic From Cline
Visit A ustells.
(Special to The Star '
Mr and Mrs. Wade Bostic and
daughter cf China, Mr. and Mir.
Eskridge of Shelby, were the din
ner purs!, of Mr S. H. Austell
Mr. and Mrs. John Byers of Char
lotte. and Mr. S. If. Austell were
the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs
W C. Sarratte.
Mr. and Mrs. I? L Niehols and
little daughter, Dorris. Mrs. B. F.
Jones returned to the village Tues
day from a weeks' visit to Atlanta.
Mr. Rufus JMoss who has accept
ed a position m Shelby, spent Sat
urday night with his mother, Mrs
T. M Moss
The Misses Bettis attended the
postmasters' convention in Shelby
last week
The district B, Y. P U. group met
Tuesday evening with New Hope
church. Rev. Rush Bageit was
speaker for the evening. New Hope
scored the highest grade and .vas
given the banner
Little Betty Washburn of Shelby,
spent last week in the village.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Earl and
family, and Miss Thelma Earl of
Shelby were the dinner guests of
Mr and Mrs. W. D. Earl Sunday.
Mr. Hcrvey Nichols who holds a
position in Charlotte spent Sunday
here with Ills parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R E. Nichols.
Mr. and Mrs. O. F Austell Low
ery and Joseph Austell, Mary Sue
and Violet. Austell motored to
Chimney Rock Sunday for the day.
Mfrs Mary Lowe Bettis spent the
week-end at the home of Mrs. By
num Mauneys.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Callahan.
Mrs. Loyd Wylie and daughter,
lima, spent Sunday In Charlotte.
Miss Ethleen Nichols returned to
Spartanburg Monday after spending
a week's vacation in the village.
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Aydlotte of
Utah, are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. E. H. Sepaugh
Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford, Mr.
and Mrs. Ruffin Crawford and
daughter, Gwendolyn, motored to
Asheville Sunday to see Miss Free
love Crawford, who is a patient
Mr. Anthony Lavendar and Mr.
Baxter Bettis made a business trip
to York and Clover last week.
Mrs. D. J. Trent who has been
visiting relatives In Cliffside return
ed to the village Monday.
Mrs. George Washburn and
daughter of Shelby, spent Tuesday
in the village.
Slowing lip The Workman.
(From The Wall St. Journal'
Normally there is very little de
«L-e in Industry to slow' up the
speedy workman, but tn Hawaii an
Instance occurred where it was
necessary to slow up a workman to
teach other workmen how to work.
In a sugar cane field, one work
man’s output exceeded that of the
others, and the company which
employed him desired to have the
other laborers follow his example.
His movements, however, were too
rapid to follow, and It would have
been difficult to explain verbally to
the other laborers his method.
Therefore, a motion picture of the
fast worker was made, and run olf
in slow' speed to show the others
his method of operation, with very
excellent results.
is a Prescription for
Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dengue,
Bilious Fever and Malaria.
It is the most speedy remedy known
Louisiana Lady States That
The First Bottle of Cardui
She Took, Helped
Her. ,
Montgomery, La.—“I waa to a
dreadfully run-down condition.”
says Mrs. Charles L. Lacroix, of this
city. “I suffered a great deal of
pain. I was In misery all over. I
could not sit up and I could not/lie
down. I couldn’t sleep and at times
I would have dreadful vomiting
spells. The aches and pains seemed
to cover my whole body.
"I had taken Cardui, off and on,
since 1903. It had always done me
good, so when I got In this bad con
dition, I thought I would take it
"One night, my husband brought
me home six bottles of Cardui and
I began to take It. I could tell that
I was Improving from the first bot
tle. but I kept on taking the medi
cine. for I knew that I needed a
tonic that would build me up an/<
strengthen me where I was weak
and run-down. That Is exactly
what Cardui did for me. After I
had finished the sixth bottle I felt
fine. I feel truly thankful lor what
Cardui has done for me, for I could
not have gone on living in th* des
perate condition I was in.”
Cardui is a harmless extract of
valuable, medicinal herbs, and acts
Maty’s Grove Day
For Children 23rd
There will be children's day at
! Mary's Grove church Sunday June
.23. The program will begin at
10 30.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sellers spent
the week-eml with Mr, Sellers' par
ents, Mr. Mid Mrs. Tom Sellers.
Mrs. D. J. Barrette spent Sat
urday night In Hickory.
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Hoyle and
I Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Huffstetler spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D. A.
Mias Lorene Sel.lers spent Satin -
day night with Miss Lillie Huff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Biggerstatf
and Miss Georgia Black spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. John Mc
Mr. and Mrs. Evans Costner and
Mr. and Mrs F W. Wright, Mr.
and Mrs. B. A. Smith was the din
ner guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. A
Sellers Sunday.
Miss Emma Sellers and Mr. Josh
Beam visited Miss Mamie Nlell S’.mi
day evening.
Misses Edith and Bertha Sellers
had as their guest Sunday Miss
Madge Self.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Carall and
children visited Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Sellers Sunday.
Miss Lillie Huffstetler spent Sun
day with Miss Mamie Nelli.
Bernice Rutherford, 14-year-old
Chicago girl, is recovering from
severe burns, after her mother gave
skin for grafting and blood for
transfusion to save her life.
George Wolf of Cleveland County
sells from $20 to $25 worth of but
ter and buttermilk each week from
three good cows fed with home
grown feed.
Under and by virtue of a mort
gage deed with power of sale there
in contained, executed by J. F.
Jenkins and wife, Avalona Jenkins,
of Cherokee county, South Caro
lina of the one part to J. Cl. White
to secure and indebtedness of $993.01
and recorded In the office of the
Register of Deeds for Cleveland
county In book of mortgages 108,
page 397 and default m the payment
of indebtedness thereby secured
having been made, I, the undersign,
J. G White, mortgagee, will on
Monday, the 15th day of July, 1929,
at the court house door In the town
of Shelby. North Carolina, at 12
o'clock, noon or within legal hotirs
sell the land encumbered by said
mortgagee to secure funds with
which to pay sold indebtedness,
which land Is situated In the East
edge of the town of Grover, In
Cleveland county. North Carolina,
and being lots numbers one and
two In block two; lots two. three,
four, five, six, and seven In block
three; lots ten and eleven In block
lour, of the J. F. Jenkins land as
platted by J. R. Edmonds, C. E.,
which platt Is recorded In the of
fice of the Register of Deeds for
Cleveland county In Book 83, page
654 to which platt and record ref
erence is made for further descrip
Terms of sale cash. This June 11,
J. O. WHITE, Mortgagee.
O. M. Mull, Attorney for Mortgagee.
The test
the Best
in town
29x4.40 Speedway _$4.75
30x3 Goodyear __ 4.5$
30x3'i Goodyrar _..... 4.95
30x3'j Goodyear, O. S._5.35
29x4.40 Goodyrar_.... 5.95
30x4.50 Goodyrar _ 6.60
All other slxe* carried In stock at
comparatively LOW PRICES.
The Tire of,Tires
The 30th ’Anniversary Achieve
ment of the World*s
Largest Rubber
"Cleats” of
dig in, grip,
and permit
safe stops
Like great “cleats’* or “spikes” on the
soles of a mountain-climber’s shoes,
those big sharp-pointed, sharp-edged
and extra deep-cut cross-blocks of
tough rubber DOWN THE CENTER
of a Goodyear DOUBLE EAGLE tire,
dig in and take hold on the slipperiest
pavements or the worst roads.
Here is THE tire for you who cannot
always “pick” ypur roads — who
edition of the famous Goodyear All
Weather Tread which for more than
20 years has proved the world’s safest
and best non-skid tread.
Compare these deep-cut “cleats” with
the “sled-runner” ribs of shallow in
dentations you see IN THE CEN
TERS of other treads.
Come in and examine a DOUBLE
EAGLE. Let us show you the one
and only tire on the market that is
built 100% without a cost limitation
of any kind.
Trade Your Tires that Slip for Tires that Grip!
We’ll buy the mileage left in your present slippery tread tires, and
apply safe new Goodyears. Lowest prices in 30 years now prevail.
Quality highest in history. And a guarantee for life against any
and all defects.

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