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    Extra Value
A June Event planned (o show you that we can do hig
things." And wha’t an event we have planned. "e
believe we know merchandise—know values—know
what you want (for we serve you dailyV and in se,^c *
ing and pricing merchandise for this event, we have had
vou in mind. JUNE IS A MONTH 01 MU ER
VALUES. This advertisement will give you some idea
of what we have prepared for you.
Women’s Rayon
Chemise, Bloomers. Step
Ins, Panties
All the dainty pastel colors
that you like. Solid and
combination colors. When
you see these values you
will buy several garments.
Princess Slips
An unusual value in tailor
ed styles. Colors white,
flesh and peach. Sizes 1>6
to 44.
Women’* Voile and
Crepe Underwear
Gowns. Teddies. Step-Ins
Panties, Bloomers
All the new pastel shades.
An offering typical o f
Charles Values for this
June event.
Yard Goods In
Large Assortments
Printed Cretonnes and
Crash. Beautiful colors and
designs. Yard-20c
Mercerized solid-color voile,
40 inches wide, Ribbon Sel
vedge. White and big va
riety of colors. \ ard __ 20c
Washable English Prints,
36 inches wide. Beautiful
assortment of patterns.
“We Expect A
Big Hosiery Month
—for we’re surely offering
wonderful values”
Women’s Full - Fashioned
Pure Thread Silk Hose.
Pair -___’98c
Charles “Perfection Maid”
Chiffon Hosiery for Wom
en. Pair_— $1.24
Sheer weight with unusual
ly excellent wearing quality
Women’s Rayon Hose, Pei
Pair ___49(
Picot top—pointed heel. All
Misses’ 5-8-Length Solid
Color Rayon Hose. Pr. 20c
White, nude, pink and blue.
Sizes 6 to 8 1-2.
Infants’ Plain and Fancy
Socks. Pair _20c
Boys’ Golf Hose—
Pair —25c and 39c
New summer patterns.
Men's Rayon Hose, pr. 20c
Big variety in plain and
fancy colors.
“We can’t imagine any
woman not being interested
in these values.’’
Materials: French Voile
Organdy, Linen and Pon
geen. Sizes: 16 to 44.
An array of smart styles—
wanted colors in choice
summer dresses.
l or This June Event
Men’s Stylish Qftr*
Straw Hats . - wO''
Newest summer QO.
Millinery _ - vOv
Women’s Beautiful Rayon
Women’s Silk d*0.9K
Crepe Dresses - V “
All (he season’s newest
styles and shades. Sizes for
women and misses.
Tennis Shoes. 7C«
Pair _- /DC
For men, women, boys and
Patent Feather
Boston Baps
Table Oilcloth
Window Shades
_ . . PRICES ......
black .....
Patcnl Leather Hat Boxes
Cretonne Lined.
Men’s Rayon
Made of Crown Deluseo
Rayon. Flatlocked seams.
Men's Athletic Union Suits
Made of nainsook. Cut full.
Men’* and Boys’
j Novelty four-in-hands in
new patterns and colors.
Boys’ Good Quality Shirts
and Blouses — 49c
Printed percales and solid
color broadcloths. All sizes.
Well made.
Men’* and Boy*’
Wool materials; eight quar
ter style.
Jockey and Windsor style.
Men’* and Boy*’
l’an and black leathers in
shoes that will give long
wear. All sizes. Except ion
al values.
Cool, comfortable, colorful.
They come in a wide varie
ty of styles and colors—all
tan, various color combin
ations of red, tan. blue,
green, white and patent,
leather. Every pair a real
value. "Lowest Prices in
the city."
1-3 W. Warrent St. Shelby, N. C.
MISS MAYME ROBERTS—Social Editor—Phone 2.>G.
News Items Telephoned Miss Roberts Will Be Appreciated.
Mr*. Morgan
Dives Tarty.
A lovely bridge party was that
Siven by Mrs. Fred Morgan yester
day afternoon at her handsome
lome on Cleveland Springs road at
1 o'clock. The lower floor was dev
)rated with bowls and vases of
gladioli!, roses add sweet peas arid
>ach of the bridge tables were grac
:d with attractive pots of geraniums
which were given for high score
prises at each table. Mrs. Morgan
received her guests in a flowered
rhtffon afternoon gown and nie
sented each of the following honor
geusts with lovely gifts: Mesdamts
O. M. Oardner, Ab Eskridge, Joe
Hill and Connelly Eskridge.
Mesdames Chas. Williams, R. O.
Stephenson and Gerald Morgan as
sisted the hostess in receiving and
serving a delicious frozen salad
course with accessories.
Out-of-town guests were Mes
dames R S. Lipscomb and B. B
Morgan of Gaffney.
Mesdames Oliver Anthony and
Harry Woodson were charming
hostesses Thursday morning at a
bridge luncheon, honoring Mrs.
Connelly Eskridge, a recent bride
entertaining at the attractive home
of Mrs. Anthony in Belvedere Rairk
The rooms and tables were beauti
fully arranged with quantities of
mixed summer flowers.
The invited guests included the
members of the South Washington
bridge club, Tuesday afternoon
bridge club and a number of visit
ors in the city. The high score
prize was won by Mrs. Dan Frazier
and the honoree was presented with
a crystal goblet. The out-of-town
guests were Mesdames D. C. Rouse.
Joe Hill, of Concord, Mrs. O. Max
Gardner, Miss Jordan of Hartsvilc,
S. C. and Mrs. John Robert Sani3
of Kinston, guest of Mrs. Joe Nash,
The hostesses were assisted by
Mesdames Jesse Washburn. D»^\V.
Royster, Everet Houser and Will
Lineberger in serving a delightful
three course luncheon.
Mrs. Eskridge
Honors Bride.
Mrs. Tom Eskridge was a charm
ing hostess at a lovely bridge party
Wednesday afternoon, entertaining
at her home on West Marion street,
in honor of her sister-in-law. Mis.
Joe Connelly Eskridge, a recent
bride. The home was beautifully
arranged throughout with gorgeous
pink roses and gladiollii and each
of the ten bridge tables was graced
with green a vase of pink rose buds.
Mrs. Eskridge received her guests
in a pink chiffon gown.wlth should
er bouquet of roses and sweet peas
The bride, Mrs. Connelly Eskridge,
was attired in blue chiffon and cor
sage of roses, also sharing honors
were Mrs. Ab Eskridge, of LaFay
ette, Ind., in cream and black lace
and Mrs. Joe Hill, of Concord, wear
ing flowered chiffon.
Little Martha Ann Eskridge,
daughter of the hostess wearing a
dainty frock of pink georgette pass
ed the tally cards.
Mrs. Eskridge presented each of
her honorees with lovely gifts. The
hostess was assisted by Mesdames
Ward and Will Arey, B. T Falls.
Durham Moore and Chas Laugn
ridga in entertaining and serving a
delicious salad course with punch
and home made candies.
Lee-Sperling v
A wedding of outstanding social
prominence and one of beauty and
loveliness was that of Miss Mai -
garet Iva Sperling and Norman
Bennett Lee. which was solemniz
ed Wednesday afternoon at 5 30
o'clock at the handsome home
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mis.
George Sperling on the Fallsron
road. The bride's pastor. Rev. H F.
Waldrop officiated, assisted by Dr
Zeno Wall, pastor of First Baptist
Miss Louise Ritch of Charlotte,
wearing pink georgette and should
er bouquet of sweet peas rendered
the wedding music. Mrs. Grady
Lovelace, gowned in yellow moire
taffeta sang prior to the ceremony
"Because.” and "The Sweetest Story
Ever Told " The wedding marc.i
from Lohengrin wsus used for a pro
cessional and Mendelssohn for the
recessional and during the cere
mony "Believe Me If All Those En
dearing Young Charms," was soft
ly played The bridal party ie
scended the stairway, which was
carpeted in white and the railings
entwined in English ivy and floor
baskets of Queen Ann's lace tied
with tulle, lormed an aisle to the
Improvised altar, which was ar
ranged in the north end of the ’iv
ing room and was made of palms
and ferns and Queen Ann's lace,
with seven branched candlebras
holding lighted tapers, which form
ed a lovely background for the
beautiful ring ceremony.
The bride was given in marrlegc
by her father, Mr. George Elzie
Sperling and the bride groom had
as his best man, Mr. Roy McBray
er. Miss Clara Sperling, sister of
the bride was maid of honor and
Miss Madge Sperling, another sis let
and Miss Grace Blalock of Rich
mond, Va, were bridesmaids. Mrs.
L. H. Ledford also a sister of bride
was dame of honor. The grooms
men were Dr. Dwight Bridges of
Lattlmore and Heyward Sperling,
brother of the bride. The bride
wore a handsome gown of ivory
satin, the bodice embroidered in
seed pearls and the circular skirt
with flounces of lacc made short m
front and very long io back. The
illusion veil was worn cap fashion
was edged in real lace and caught
on either side with orange blossoms,
her white satin slippers were trim
med with rosettes of lace and orange
blossoms and she carried a shower
bouquet of roses, orchids and val
ley lilies. The maid of honor and
bridesmaids wore organdy dresses,
made with tight bodices with full
ruffled skirts and slippers of the
same shade and carried arm bou
quets of mixed summer flowers tied
with tulle the color of their dresses
Miss Clara Sperling wore green or
gandy. Miss Madge Sperling orchid
and Miss Blalock lavendar. The
dame of honor wore blue georgette
with ruffled skirt of lace and un
even hemline and her bouquet was
tied with pink.
Little Betty Jane Lutz, beautiful
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forest
Lutz daintily dressed in yellow
chiffon with ruffled skirt and rose
bud trtmfnlng, was the flower girl.
Reception Follows.
Immediately after the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Sperling gave a re
ception. Mr. and Mrs. Sperling and
the bridal party received in the liv
ing room. Mrs. Sperling wearing
powder blue georgette with shoulder
corsage of sweet peas and roses.
Receiving at the front door were
Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon Sperling
of Lenoir and Mr. and Mrs. C. B.
Suttlc. Receiving in the gift room
were • Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Suttle
Serving delicious green and white
cream with Individual angel food
cakes with designs of green on top
were: Misses Sarah Lee Hamrick,
Laleen Origg. Macie Sperling, Selma
Branton. Lalage Sperling and Mrs
Roland Elam. The punch bowl was
arranged in the sun room on a
beautiful table decorated with Ivy
gladioli and presided over by Misses
Kathleen Hord and Mary C. Ham
rick. After the reception, Mr. and
Mrs, Lee left by motor for a short
honeymoon trip and on their re
turn will go to housekeeping in
their handsome new English bri;k
bungalow at Lattimore. Mrs. Lee's
traveling dress was a navy blue
georgette ensemble with shoes and
hat to match.
Bride And Bridegroom.
The bride is the second daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. George Sperling
and is a beautiful young woman of
a winning personality. She is a
graduate of Bolling Springs Junior
college and also the State Teachers
training college of Fredrick, Va
The bride groom is the only son of
Dr. and Mrs. L. V. Lee of Lattimore.
He was educated at Boiling Springs
Junior college and the University
of North Carolina. Mr. Lee is a
representatve of the Pan-American
Life Insurance Co. with headquar
ters in Shelby.
Jersey Picks Boy
For Edison Shoes
East Orange lad Who Has Saved
$1,800 For Education Becomes
New York—Tall and loose-.lointfd
and bearing a resemblance to Lin
coln, according to his friends—al
though taking a better picture than
did Abraham—John Osborn Reid,
thirteen, of East Orange high school
will represent New Jersey when
Thomas A. Edison lines up his like
liest youths to select one to follow
in his footsteps.
Reid from his earlv grammar
school days has hopec to attend
Sheffield Scientific school at Yale.
With this in view he has spent his
spare time earning money. Now he
has $1,800 saved for his education.
If Mr. Edison selects him he won't
need to spend this sum, as one of
the things the inventor has prom
ised his outstanding American
youth is a college education.
New Jersey’s standard bearer has
had a distinguished career in high
school, climaxed by the Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute each year to
the outstanding mathematician of
East Orange high school.
John is the son of Mr. and Mrs
George C Reid of No. 51 Cleveland
Terrace. East Orange. His father is
an importer and member of the firm
of Schlicter & Company of No. 20
West 37th Street.
Announcement of *he choice of
Reidd was made by Dr. Charles H.
Elliott, New' Jersey state commis
sioner of education. The New Jersey
alternate will be Ahlborn Wheeler
of Montclair. Both will meet Mr.
Edison at East Orange, where the
gray haired genius will select the
one he desires to educate by a meth
od not yet known.
Star Advertising Pays
Broadcasting I
Tune In On g
1 to 1:30 p. m. every day
Except Saturday and Sun
day. The Montgomery
Ward Hour.
Suggestions For
Mens fine quality Rayon
Shirts. Looks like silk. Flat
knit, tubular bound neck and
arm hole. Heavy weights, new
colors in white, golden corn
and flesh. $1.25 values for
89c each
Men's Shorts in new fancy
patterns and assorted colors.
Genuine Broadcloth — thrcc
button yoke top. adjustaable
tics at sides and pleats over
hips. Sizes 28 to 44. Real val
ues _ 49c and 69c
Brays’ fancy Shirts in assort
ed patterns, sizes 22 to 28 inch
waist ... . 49c each
Boys’ Shirts, white cotton
Swiss rib knit, sizes 24 to
34 ....25c each
Pajama Check union suits 45c
in one
of these
$4-95 $5"
in Sport Hats
spells smartness
Pelt hats in white or sun
tan colors choose smartly
modernistic bands, unus
ual buckles for their trim
ming. Off the face and
brimmed models, youthful
and sophisticated.
Nothing is lovelier for summer wear than cool, sleeveless
frocks of washable silk. See our large assortment in pastel
and suntan shades . . every model fashion-right.
Sweaters and Skirt Ensembles
Sweaters of light fleecy yarns with patterns worked
in lustrous rayon. Slipover and cardigan styles in
gay suntans.
Skirts to match
in silk or jersey.
Feel Right
Look Right
Serve the Family Chilled FresH Foods
on Summer Days—from a
i 4
Windsor Refrigerator
50-lb Capacity
Cool light woolens tailored into suits for
men who want to feel right and look
right. You'll like the conservative cuts,
the light and dark shades . . you'll be
delighted witK our lower price.
$27“° <
bargain value!
Protect healthu and
tempt jaded appetite*
with delicious, cold
foods . . kept sanitary
and fresh in a white
enameled steel-lined re
frigerator. Proper In
sulation and construc
tion will help to save on
ice bills!
Now Guaranteed For Ten Years
... As advertised in ..
.limp 1 1929.
The New
WARDWAY Electric
fi to 8
Also Sold on Easy Payments
$5.00 Down — $6.00 Monthly
Conserve your time and energy! Let
the Wardway Gjjator do your family
washing . . cheaply, quickly (3 to 7
minutes). No center post; all copper
tub; 8-position Instant release wring
er; splash-proof motor.
All the features of Washers selling for
$50 to $100 more.
Ash ase — Golden Oak
A1 Espinosa Golf Club
In the rough, on the fairway or the green
these clubs come through every time. Oxidized
steel shafts, perfect balance, they're made to low
er your scores, and priced to save you half.
Midiron Niblic
Driver $7*10 Spoon
Mashie Each
M. W.-100, Guaranteed
100 Holes
M. W.-75, Guaranteed
75 Holes
M. W.-50, Regular 50e
Drive around on your old tires.
Drive away on your new Riversides.
Well mount them for you free.
Riverside Performance lor 17 years proves beyond a question of doubt its first line qual
ity. Riverside prices prove just as convincingly you can buy a truly fine tire at a money
saving price. Equip today.
Balloon Full Size Cords High Pressure O. S. Cords
Tire Sixes Tire Prices Tube Prices Tire Sizes Tire Prices Tube Prices
29 x 4.40. 4-ply ..*5.98 *1.20
29 x 4.50, 4-ply . 6.85 1.25
29 x 5.00, 4-ply . 8.60 1.45
.70 x 4.50, 4-ply. 6.98 1.30
30 x 4.75, 4-ply. 8.55 1.50
30 x 5.25, 6-ply.. 11.85 1.75
30 x 6.00, 6-ply. 13.45 2.10
31 x 5.25, 6-ply. 12.45 1.80
32 x 6.00, 6-ply . 13.85 2.20
33 x 6.00, 6-ply. 14.05 2.25
30 x 3 cL, 4-ply.. *4.83 * .95
30 x 3 1-2 cU 4-ply- 5.25 1.08
30 x 3 1-2 ss., 4-ply_ 6.75 1.08
31 x 4 ss., 5-ply. 9.15 1-50
33 x 4 1-2 ss., 6-ply_ 14.25 2.05
32 x 4 1-2 ss., 6-ply .... 13.75 1.95
30 x 3 1-2 cl., reg._ 5.15 1.00
or Your Money Back
139-141 S. LaFAYETTE ST.
8 A. M. TO 9 P. M. SATURDAY.

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