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Methodist Protestant Ministers To
Meet. Two Births. Personal
(Special to The Star.-'
The ministers of the 9th district
of the M. P. conference will meet
at the M. F. church on Blanton St.,
Monday morning at 10 o'clock. The
public is cordially invited. Monday
evening at 7:*5 Rev. N. O. Bethea
of Lexington who has recently made
a tour of the Holy Land will give a
lecture on the holy land. A treat ts
in store for those who hear him.
Sunday evening at 7:45 Rev. C. E.
Ridge of Cleveland charge will
preach .Every one is welcome.
Mrs. J. V. McKinney and children
of Hickory spent last week with her
parehts. Mr. and Mrs. M. Taub.
Mrs. M. Franklin has returned
from a visit to her daughter at East
Mr. Amos Hasting of Newton
spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs.
A. c. Canipc.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lipscomb and
children spent Sunday in Galfney.
Miss OzelJ Bradley of Lattimore
cent the week end with Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Bradley.
Little Miss Rut.i Canipe is spend
ing this week with Mr. and Mrs.
Lionel Crawford of Forest City.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Glenn and
i nilriren and Miss Mildred Ramsey
\ .sitod Mrs. S. L. Gantt of Belwood
Sunday afternoon.
Mesdames B. F. Spake and .1. Mc
Crary and Mira Maude Canipe spent
Sunday with Mrs. W. T. Arledgc ot
Miss Jennie Mae Callahan is at
tending summer school at Cullowhee
state normal.
Misses Mildred Ramsey and Es
her Berm visited Miss Evlyn Mos
ellcr of Lincolnton Thursday.
Little Miss Iris Buchanan of Eaof
■ide is spending a few- days with
little Miss Mary Glenn.
Mrs. W. T. Arledge of Gastonia
spent Wednesday with her parent .
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Spake en Blan
ton street.
Mrs, Ben Gantt rnd children ot
Behvood are spending a few dijs
with her son, Mr. John Gantt .u:
Gardner street. •
Little Miss Jean Ellis spent
Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. 1. J.
Mrs. W. McC. Newton and child
ren and Miss Ethel McMurry of
Spartanburg. S. C.. visited Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Cenipe Friday.
Mrs. Lee Devinney and children,
who have been visiting relatives
near Casar returned home Satur
Little Miss Mildred Cook is spend
ins some time with her grand par
ents near Granite Falls.
Mrs. Mary Houser is spending a
fews days with her daughter, Mrs i
Atwood McDaniel cf Kings Moun
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Buchanan and
Mrs. L. N., Buchanan and children
of Eastside visited Mr and Mrs.
Everett Lee Saturday evening.
Born on Sunday. June 16. to Mr.
and Mrs. John Gantt, on Gardner
street, an eight pound boy. Motuer
and babe are doing fine.
Born Friday. June 14, to Mr. and
Mrs. John Canipe on Blanton street
a dainty baby girl. Mother and babv
are doing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Silver moved
into their new home on Clegg street
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Crawford and
little daughter, Fiances, of Forest
City, were callers in West Shelby
Little Miss Bonnie Lou Smith
spent last week with relatives at
Mrs. M. Walker Is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Charlie Hicks oi
South Shelby.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bradley and
Mildred Canipe spent 8unday even
ing with Mr. John Pruett of Union
(Special to The Star.)
Lattimore, June 20—We were
glad to have Miss Mamie Haggart
and several of the children from
South Mountain with us in Sunday
school last Sunday. Miss Haggart
gave a splendid talk cn "Faith and
Prayer.” The children then gave a
short program which was greatly
Mr, T. C. Siockton and family
were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
J. U Rollins of Mooresboro Sunday.
Mrs. Abram Daves of Film boro Is
spending this week with her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Ramsey.
Quite a number ol people from
here attended the Sperling-Lee
wedding Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Iris Hollins of Mooresboro
was the W eek end guest of Miss
Margaret Stockton.
Miss Vertie Eridgos and Nora
Walker left last week for Asheville
where they will attend summer
school at the normal.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Moorehead,
Mrs. Lawton Blanton rnd children
h spent Tuesday afternoon witb Mr.
Brfsrball Tram Wins Orrr Cleveland
Cloth Mill. Mr. Dover Speaks
On Fathers’ Day.
iSpecial to The Star.'
The Ora and Dover ball team won
over Cleveland Cloth team by 7 and
6. Both teams played an excellent
came, but our team scored most in
the last innings. Ths home team
plays Ella Mill team Saturday.
Everybody come.
At the Dover Baptist church cn
last Sunday Fathers Day was ob
served. The program was rendeicd
very beautifuly and was enjoyed by
The program follows: Opening
song, America, congregation: wel
come. Nathan Hardin: song,, “Prod
igal Son," choir; recitation, 'Chums’
Clyde Chapman; quartet. 'Faith of
Our Fathers,” Dover male quartet;
offering, announcements by pastor;
song, “Living For Jesus,” choir; re
citation. “Daddy”, Nellie Webb;
duet. "Don't. You Love Your Daddy
Too,' Estelle Connor. Mrs. E. T.
Bailey: address. J. R. Dover. The
address by Mr. J. R. Dover was
thoroughly enjoyed as his speaking
is always looked forward to with
great pleasure.
Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson
visited his mother near Gaffney
Mr. Pat McBrayer. Mrs. J. R.
Dover. Miss Katherine Dover and
Mr. Charles Dover, Mr. and M:s.
Glenn Blanton were Sunday visitors
at our church.
Mr. and Miw. W. H. Skinner ar.d
children, Yates, Frank and Earl,
and Mr. Julius Bracket of Boiling;
Springs were guests of Mr. and Mrs. j
E. T. Bailey Sunday.
Despite the rain Saturday night
the ice cream and box supper v. as j
a success. Miss Vivian Buice re-;
ceived the cake for being the pret-j
ticst girl. The profits go for the ball \
Mr. J. C. McCraw and Miss Alice
Jones motored to Gaffney Sunday j
and were married. The honeymoon I
is being spent in Asheville this i
week. Their many friends wish them j
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lynn and!
children visited her father. Mi.;
Huffstetler of Kings Mountain over ■
the week-end.
Miss Inez Grigg of Lawndale is
spending some time with her cou-;
sins Misses Faye and Polly Pril- j
Miss Kathryn Buice is visiting
her aunt in Spartanburg.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Southard ar.d
children motored to Cramerton
Mr. and Mrs. Dagin Putnam and
children and Mr. Floyd Dover were
visitors In Greer. 3. C. Sunday
Mrs. Putnam and children remain
ed for a two weeks visit with rela
Mrs. Ivey of Woodruff, S. C. who ,
has been here with her son Mr.
Horace Tuly for several vVeeks re
turned to her home Sunday.
Misses Viola and Lois Moss were
week-end visitors with relatives and
friends at Greer, S. C.
Mr. Bob Padgett and sister, Ida
of Bostic, were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Raynion Johnson Sunday.
Miss Conic Lemons entertained a
number of her friends Saturday
night with a party. Those present
reported a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Whitener and
children visited relatives near
Lawndale Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Waldrop ar.d
children motored to Hendersonville
and Asheville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Wright ar.d
children and Mr. and Mrs. Rufus
Chapman motored to Concord Sun
Litle Missc, Emily and Hargie
Buice returned Sunday from a
week's visit from their aunt in
Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Canipe and
son, Blane. visited relatives at
Lawndale Sunday.
Mrs. J. H. Morrow who lias been
very sick is able to be up again.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pritchard
had as their Sunday dinner guests,
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Devinney. Mr.
and Mrs. Yates Devinney and lti
and Mrs. C. I. Putnam of Boiling
Miss Janie Baldwin of Elkton
was the guest of Mrs. Lillie B. Wil
son during the Postal convention at
Shelby. Miss Baldwin is Postmistress
at Elkton in eastern Carolina while
Mrs. Wilson is the efficient post
mistress of Lattimore.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Harris of the j
Trinity community were guests ol j
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Greene Sunday.
Misses Alice and Clara Poteet
have returned home from Greens
boro where they have been visiting
relatives for two weeks. They were
acccmprnied home by Missc Adele
and Mildred Lippcr who will visit
here for some time.
Mrs. Graham Dellinger and child
ren of Shelby spent Wednesday af
ternoon with Mr. end Mrs. K. It.
Miss Minnie Bell Butler of Mor
ganton is visiting Miss Grace Walk- ,
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Blanton spent
Sunday with Mr. Blanton’s father,
Mr. H. R Blanton of the Beaver
Dam community.
Mrs. M. B. Smith and Miss Mada
Wilson spent Thursday with Miss
Lyda Poston of the Zion commun
Ellis Baby Dies,
Beaver Dam News
Jenkins Attends Sunday Sellout.
Visitors In And Out Of That
(Special to 1'hc Star.)
June 20.—’We were glad to have
Mr. Ben Jeaikins of Sandy Plains in
closing service of Sunday school
last Sunday morning. Mr. Jenkins
is our group superintendent. He Is
planning for all Sunday school *,n
groupe 1 to meet at Boiling Springs
Sunday week «fifth Sunday.) We
hope every one who possible can
will plan to go from Beaver Dam
The many friends of Mr. and
Mrs. Guy Ellis sympathize with
them in the death of their little
baby boy, Herman Clifford, iast
Saturday. The baby had been .sick
for some time and all that loving
hands of parents and friends were
done to restore it but God saw best
to take it to be with Him. Funeral
services were conducted by Rev. D.
F. Putnam at Beaver Dam Sunday
afternoon at two o'clock and the
little body was laid to rest under a
mound of beautiful flowers in the
cemetery nearby.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis have the sym
pathy of their many friends.
Mrs. Fletcher McMurry spent last
Saturday night with her son and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Mc
Currv in the Ora mill village.
Miss Zola McCuryr was dinner
guest of her cousin Miss Louise
Blanton last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Larkin McSwain’s
baby has been real sick for some.
We hope for it a speedy recovery.
Mrs. Alonzo Hamrick and daugh
ter Miss Elmire of the Poplar
Springs community visited Mrs
Cleaton Humphries Tuesday after
Prof, and Mrs. O. P. Hamrick and
Mrs. Hamrick's mother, Mis.
Pangle, of Boiling Springs visited
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Blanton last
Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Glasco and
children visited Mrs. Glasco's par
tie daughter, Doris, and Miss Inez
The Dover male quartet, compos
ed of Messrs. C. S. White. Worth
Newton, Robert Mews and Bill
Stockton sang at the South Shelby
Methodist church Sunday right.
Miss Polly Pritchard played the
piano accompaniments.
tents, Mr. and Mrs. E A. Street near
' Shelby Sunday afternoon.
Misses Hannah and Nancy Me
| Curry were guests of Misses Faye
and Ola Lee Glasco last Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. K W McCurry and
children visited Mr. and Mrs. G. 1\
Jarrett and Mr. and Mrs. C E; Mc
Curry and family in Cherryvtlle
last Sunday afternoon.
Dr. and Mrs. W. N. Newton and
children of Spartanburg. S. C. vis
ited Mrs. Nr’vgton’s parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Fletcher McMurrv last Friday.
Mr. Me Murry returned home with
them for a visit.
Miss Frances Doggett spent las',
week-end with Miss Cecelia Padgett.
Misses Mary Lou and Will Ellen
McCurry spent last Sunday wlln
Miss Lena Bridges.
Miss Nannie Jones was the week
end guest of her cousins;
Louise and Thelma Blanton
Miss Rosa Lee Moore visited Miss
Cecelia Padgett last Sunday.
Misses Buna and Beatrice Blan
ton spent last week-end in Shelby
with their cousins Misses Ruby anJ
Made McSwain.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McCurry and
children visited Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
McDaniel near Kings Mountain
Thursday night. Little Denis -Mc
Daniel returned home with his
grandparents for a visit.
Mrs. J. L. Blanton and nieces
Misses Mary Lou and Will Ellen
McCurry accompanied Mr. and Mrs.
Yates Blanton and children to their
home in Carthage Thursday an.l
spent Thursday night. Mr. Blanton
returned home with them Friday.
They made the trip by motor.
Miss Lallagc Walker and Mr. Flav
McSwain from near Bolling Springs
visited Miss Zola McCurry last
ouuuay aitmiumi
Mr. and Mrs. Yates Blanton 'Uid
children, Mrs. J.' h. Blanton and
mother, Mrs. J. L. McCurry spent
Tuesday near Kings Mountain with
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Short and fam
ily. Mrs. McCurry remained over
with her daughter Mrs. Short for a
visit of several weeks.
Mrs. I Aura Price who has been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McCurry
and other relatives accompanied
Mr. and Mrs. McCurry to Cherry
ville Sunday afternoon and is visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McCurry
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Yates Blanton and
children from 8tate*ville spent last
Sunady with Mrs. Blanton's parents
Mr. and Mrs. Cicero Bridges. Mr.
Blanton returned home Sunday aft
ernoon but Mrs. Blanton and chil
The North Carolina Workman's Compensation
Act goes into effect July first. If you employ five
or more men you MUST carry insurance. Prepare
NOW for the going into effect of this law.
Let me explain its details to you.
Eskridge News
VOL. 1.
JUNE 21, 1929
NO. 22
You can now get your New i
Ford with a half year license tag, I
the State has granted ten days
grace as tags are not supposed to
be sold until July 1st.
Joe Turner says: “The stork is
the funniest bird alive. It kids
the world.”
The Whiteway Pressing Club
has added to their fleet a New
Model “A” Panel Delivery. Louis
Hamrick knows what kind of
service the public wants. Let him
dry clean and press the suits
and dresses.
Doctor Gold: “Brown knowi
exactly when, where anti how he
will die.”
DeWitt Quinn: “How does he
know all that?’’
Dr. Gold: "The Judge told
The Lawndale Ice Company,
managed by Mr. Hal Gclienck. is
now delivering their ice on a Ne v
Model “AA” Truck. Hal knows
his business in both ice md cot
Heard in the Stephenson Drug
"I want some pedwrr.
' Mennens?”
“No. Vimens."
“No. I'll take it with me '
The Postmaster? Convention
was a big advertisement /or
Shelby, the Spanish war veterans
will be with us soon. Everyone
give them te glad hand and a
good time. It will pay well.
Real towns are not made by men
Lest somebody else get ahead.
If everyone works and nobody
You can raise a town from the
Charlie Washburn of The Shel
by Milk Plant has just put into
service a New Model ‘A" Ford
Milk delivery with a special body
painted in white with Metal
Floor. Both Charlie’s Milk and
the Ford is Sanitary. Give Char
lie a trial. You will like his milk
and service.
Tomorrow is too late to do
your best.
Mayor McMurry says: "Some
fellows run for political office
just to find out how' mean they
have been
Don't think he is in flic motor
car business just because you
have learned that he operates a
truck farm.
We have some real bar Jains in
used cars and trucks. Look over
our goods and get our prices.
I bought my girl some garters.
At Woolworth’s five and ten,
Che gave them to h*r mother.
That's the last I'll tee of them.
Cee our Chevrolet Used Sedan
if you want a real bargain.
Come down to our garage and
let us tell you something that
you didn't know about the New
Ford Cars and Trucks.
Icircn remained o\ er lor a week’s
; visit.
Mr and Mrs.' Heywood Po en'
| spent last week-end with Mrs. Po
i teat's parents, Mr. arid Mrs. bob
Mr. and Mrs. Gleim Blant. ti.
! Misses Elmirc Hamrick and K . \
I Hamrick of Shelby visited Mr and
Mrs. G. T. Jariett in Cherryvdie
last Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W W. Jones of the
| Poplar Springs community visited
, Mrs. Zcb Blanton Sunday after
Lawyers Make Just
27 Runs To Capture
Game From Doctors
(Continued From Page One'
thr first frame.'Then the barrister* i
turned in right more in the second,
five mpre in. the third and two in I
the fourth. Again in the fourth the |
doctors pushed over another. Neilh- !
er team scored in the fifth. Ttie doc- j
tors mnde one in tlie sixth and the !
lawyers made five. The medico* j
made two more in the seventh rr.d
the lawyers were held seorele \ In
the eighth and ninth the law 'r ■
scored three for each frame, end
the. physicians perked up and pu. li
ed over eight in each inning.
Apparently every doctor and dm-!
tist as well as every lawyer prop- j
erly licensed took part in the gam;' I
so it is impossible to give all iti ■ j
ltne-up change- However, tin ’
opening line-up follows:
Lawyers: M. Weathers, lb; O bis !
Mull, cf; B. E. Williams, ss; H»r- |
ace Kennedy, c; A1 Bennett, p: I
McBrayer. 3b: Clint Newton. ?b:
Bynum Weathers, rf; Peyton Me
Swain, If.
Doctors: Tom Gold, ss: Austin
Lackey, 3b; D. F. Moore, rf; Hugh
Plaster, c; Ben Gold, lb; R C.
HIrks. If; Hoyt Dixon. 2b; Sam
Schenck, cf; Tommy Mitchell, p
From the gate receipts after tl •
expenses of the hilarious contest
were pRtd the evening division cf
the Woman's club received around
$90 cash profits.
< AROIJNA, TO ISSFE $15,00(1
Be It Ordained By the Board Of
Aldermen of the City Of Shelby,
North Carolina:
Section 1. That the city of Shel
by. North Carolina do issue its bonds
pursuant to the provisions of the
Municipal Finance Art to an amount
not exceeding $15,000.00 for the pur
pose of extension of the present
water supply and distribution sys
Seoton 2. That a tax sufficient to ]
pay the principal and interest of tno
bonds shall be annually levied and
Section 3. That a statement of
the debt, of the municipality iviis
been filed with the clerk and is
open to public Inspection
Section 4. That this ordinance
hall take <vffect thirty days afmr
Its first publication, unless in the
meantime a petition for its subrhis
bon to tile voters is filed under ;iid|
Municipal Finance Art, and that in
such event it shall take elfert whm
approved by the \oters of the mun
ielpality at an election as provided
for In said Municipal Finance Act.
The forpgoing ordinance >> as j
passed on the 18th day of June,
1929, and was first pub'*died on the
21st day of June, 192ft.
Any action or proceeding ques
tioning the validity of said ordin
ance must be commenced wit Inn 29
days after it* first publication.
2t. F. P CULBRETH Clerk.
Division No. 5 Meets
With Waco Baptists
Division No 5 of the Kings Moun
tain W. M. U. will meet with the
Waco Baptist church Sunday June
23, at 3 p tn. A program is being
prepared. The following churches
arc urged to attend
Pleasant Drove, Waco, New Pro.
Penny Column
located in McCormick count?,
S. C., ‘5 1 -2 miles from towO*
u o n d healthy community*
small dwelling, small barn, 25
acres in cultivation, lac# lies
well in j;ood state of cultiva
tion, cnouyh cord wood on
place to pay for it, rented this
year for one bale of cotton.
Price $.‘150.00. Guaranteed ti
tle. Will pay any sane man’s
expenses who looks it over
and says not worth the mon
ey. See Anthony & Harris or
Write G. Allen Hanks, Green
wood, S. C. 2t-lp
pcct, North Brook. Buffalo, Wallace
drove and Fall*ton.
Mrs. K G. Spurling, Dlv. Sunt,
Present this advertisement and 08c to Cleveland Drujj Co. Saturday and receive
One 1-Oz. bottle Black Narcissus Perfume, value .$3.00
One Full Size Box Black Narcissus Face Powder, value . $2.00
This two-piece set of famous black Narcissus
Specialties for small advertising price of only
98c. Get yours now. Limit two sets t^ a cus
tomer. Never before sold at this price. Don’t
confuse this with previous perfume sales. Sup
ply limited. Come early.
Q1 Power Detection and the
lVlUdCL y J. new -45 tubes plus four
timed stages of radio frequency enables Majestic to
produce the most powerful and selective radio set ever
built. Absolutely no hum and no oscillation at any
wave length. Automatic sensitivity control gives uni
form sensitivity and amplification in both high and
low wave lengths. Improved Majestic Super-Dynamic
Speaker. Extra heavy, sturdy Majestic Power-Pack,
with positive voltage-ballast, insures long life and safety.
Early English design cabinet of American Walnut.
Instrument panel overlaid with genuine imported
Australian Lacewcod. Escutch
eon plate and knobs finished
in genuine silver . • . . .
produce the most powerful and selective radio setever
bililt. Absolutely no hum and no oscillation^anany
wave length. Automatic sensitivity control gives uni*
form sensitivity and amplification in both high and
low wave lengths. Improved Majestic Super-Dynamic
Speaker. Extra heavy, sturdy Majestic Power-Pack,
with positive voltage-ballast, insures long life and safety.
Jacobean period cabinet of American Walnut. Doors
of matched butt walnut with overlays on doors and
interior panel of genuine imported Australian Lace
wood. Escutcheon plate, knobs ^ ^ ^ g a*
and door pulls finished in
sen uine silver ......
These Two Models Now On Display

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