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VOL. XXXV, No. 76
The Markets.
Colton, per pound___ I Hr
Coton Seed, per bu._40 'j
Cloudy And Rain.
Today's North Carolina Wcathrr
Report: Mostly cloudy tonight and
Thursday. Trobably showers in east
and centraJ portions. Somewhat
warmer in west Thursday after
Governor Here.
Governor O. Max Gardner arriv
ed in Shelby last night from the. ex
ecutive offices at Raleigh, spending
the night at his home here. This
afternoon he plans to leave for
Asheville, where Thursday he ad
dresses the North Carolina bankers
Burglaries On
As Doors And
Windows Open
Houses Opened Oue To Warm
Weather Make Entrances
Window,'; and doors left open oy
night of recent weeks due to the
summer weather may bring back
another wave of petty burglaries in
Shelby homes this summer. In fact,
several have already been reported.
Last summer Shelby experienced
a startling series of house burglaries
but just as the burglary wave readi
ed its crest cool weather set in and
windows that had been open with
only the screens as protection were
closed as were doors left open dui
ing the warm weather, and the bur
glary wave subsided as quickly as it,
A Hungry Robber.
One of the robberies reported re
cently was a bit peculiar. Saturday
night the home of Mr. Craig Run
yans on North LaFayctte street was
entered while the family was away
and seemingly the intruder first of
all wanted to eat, and then wanted
to eat again.
Practically everything missed by
the Runyans when they returneJ
home was something to rat. Nearly
all of the eatables remaining from
the last meal were devoured and
the burglar demonstrated a fond
ness for lean meat by stripping a
rooked ham of all the lean and
leaving the fat. Irish potatoes and
other food were carried away to
gether with shoprjjind other wear
ing apparel /t5efon? to Elijah Pal
mer. Vs_
High School Ace*
Oppose Each Other
On Mound Saturday
StaerriD Hamrick To Buck Homer
Smith In Eastside-Cleveland
Cloth Game.
When the Eastside and Cleveland
Cloth mill teams meet each other at
the city park here Saturday after
noon at 3:46, Sherrill Hamrick,
hurling ace of the Shelby high
championship team this spring, will
be on the mound for Eastside ar.d
Homer Smith, the southpaw who
pitched Cherryville to a victory over
Shelby in the title race two years
ago at Gastonia, will be his oppon
ent. Other high school stars who
will appear in the cloth mill lineup
include Rooster Bridges, Milky
Gold and Frank Harreison. together
with Tommy Kerr, State colleg?
Kadesh League To
Give Belwood Play
f Special to The Star >
The Epworth league of Kadesh
church will present a play in the
pel wood school auditorium Satur
day night. June 29. The title is
“Two Days to Marry." The charac
ters in order of apearance are as
follows: j
Simon P. Chase, as black as his
race—Stacy Gantt: James J. Dae.
a. wifeless heir—Ralph Bracket:.
Buford B. Sawyer, a timid lawyer—
Robert Porter: Sadie L. Boise, a
widow by choice—Maie Edwards:
Imogene McShane. the sweet young
thing—Ola Mae Brackett: Walter
M. Blair, a millonaire—Hugh Hoyle
Emily Jane Pink, blacker than ink
—Mary Brackett.
This is a play that everyone wih
en.ioy. It begins with a laugh and
ends with a roar. The public is in
vited. Admission 15 and 25 cent?.
The proceeds will go tor the beneht
of sending delegates to the league
assembly at Lake Junaluska. Juu
Dr. Brewer Speaks
On Junior Order
A large and appreciative audience
beard Dr. Charles E. Brewer, presi
dent of Meredith college, speak at
the Central school auditorium Mon
day evening at 8 o’clock. Prior to
the address, ‘ America" war, sung
lead by Mr Horace Easom after
which Mr. Easom sang. ‘On Tne
Road to Mandalay," accompanied
by Mrs. H. S. Plaster at piano. Tne
Junior Order string band played a
r-imber of selections.
Many Liquor
Cases Here For
Superior Court
Docket For July Term Composed
For Most Part Of Rum Cases.
One Killing.
The docket of the July term of
superior court, which convenes her.’
the last week in the month, will
come near har ing more liquor ca-ses
for trial than any docket in several
years, according to officials about
the court house.
The majority of these cases, of
course, are appeals from the coun
ty court wherein dozens of defend
ants were tried when Police Chief
Poston and his officers staged a
clean-up of the booze traffic some
weeks back Some of the defendants
appealing to the higher court from
the sentences of Judge Horace Ken
nedy are out on bond awaiting their
second trial late next month, while
others are passing the sultry sum
mer days in the county jail.
One Major Case.
So far as the court records show
the-e is only one major case to be
heard, this being the recent slav
ing of Forrest Wilson, colored youth,
by his brother-in-law. Cliff Fullen
wider in the Hopewell churchyard
The defendant is out on a $5,000
bail working his crop until the court
term arrives.
Eight June Brides
Made For Cleveland
At Gaffney Bureau
C'levrl.Yd County Couples Married
Ijist Week At Gretna
Cleveland county has eight more
June brides this week than at the
beginning of last week, thanks to
the marriage mart at Gaffney
South Carolina.
Cleveland county couples married
there last week are listed as fol
lows. Melton Garmon and Ruby
Roberson, of Shelby; Drury How
ard Lee, of Boiling Springs, and
Lila Beason. of Cliffside;; Grady
Ross, of Grover, and Elsie Putnam,
of Blacksburg; Clarence Allen, of
Shelby, and Inez Smith, of Vale;
George Walker and Birdie Beern
garner. of Shelby; Darwin Francis
Clary and Mattie Bailey, of Shelby;
Duard Walker and Lizzie Mae Rob
bins, of Shelby.
Kiwanians To Play
Rotary On July 4
In Morning Contest
Unless something develops before
that date to cause a change in the
contest the big baseball game *v
tween the Kiwanis and Rotary
clubs of Shelby will be played on
the morning of July Fourth. Ti e
two clubs have appointed commit
tees to arrange details for the sport
event and It has been agreed that
the proceeds of the game will
turned over to the entertainment
committee preparing for the Span
ish-American war veterans conven
tion to be used in defraying a por
tion of the expenses for the barbecue
for the visiting veterans. Since the
business houses of the town will be
closed for the day and since the
gate receipts are to be used for a
community boost a large crowd vs
anticipated. Members of both clubs
are now practising regularly in trie
Cotton Market
(By John F. Clark and Co.)
Cotton was quoted at noon on
New- York exchange:
July 18.18, October 18 65. Yester
day's close: July 18.12. October
Eight p m. weather map clear
west cloudy, east raining at Atlan
ta. Macon and Savannah, rain fj 1
recorded Abilene .10, Amarillo .08
Atlanta .53, Little Rock .94. Macon
.36. Montgomery 93. Raleigh .16.
Shreveport .16. Vicksburg .12. Fore
cast, Eastern belt shower western
fair. Memphis Review in Journal
of Commerce says crop conditions
again show improvement in most
states, showers hurt prospects in
eastern belt. Boll weevil is the sub
ject of major interest in nearly all
sections. Better demand in Wor.h
street for wide gray goods, other
lines quiet prices steady.
Weekly weather report today like
ly to be favorable except what it
may have tn sav about the weevil
Prefer purchase: soft cpoi-..
At Sharon Sunday.
Rev. D. F. Carvcy of McAdenvil.e
will preach at Sharon Methodist
church next Sunday morning at 11
Will Discuss Big Navy Cu*
This excellent poi.rait is me rtce.ii n i\»tnsa\ Mac
Donald. Prime Minister of Great I’ritain, and shows him 1 a
meditative post. MacDonald and Ambassador C. G. Dawes
will soon meec 1a lengthy discussion ol naval reductions
along the lines ut U»< recent Kellogg pa..t.
Night-Prowling Spook Gets
Nerve Of Blacks In Shelby
Superstition, rxcept that mart/
'colored people say that it is mo.'
real than superstition. is helping
the Shelby police department main
tain order and law observance ln
Shelby after midnight of recent
To be right frank about It. It is
a spook.
For more than a week eerie tales
have been related in the early ingot
hours around at Truelove's “Little
Harlem," and along the rows of
colored residences in Freedman, the
Quarry section, and along about
Red Row. Tales of a silent, cloaked
thing that, slips in and about the
back streets and alleys of Shelby
along about midnight and for some
time thereafter. One or two daring
colored youths, so the story go^s.
have determined on a couple of oc
casions they Paddocked home after
trailing the cloaked figure, looking
a bit like a man and a bit like a
woman, to the colored cemetery in
east Shelby where without warning
it disappeared with a ••poof” Ln a
small cloud of smoke.
Be the mysterious figure what it
may. police officers sas that the
hilarity in "Little Harlem" and at
other gathering places in Shelby
for the colored race, ends earlier a*
night than ever before and thn
hilarious ones lose no time about
getting home, and the route home
is usually selected by as many street
lights as is possible. Even hard
boiled black boys keyed up to a
razor-fighting pitch by canned heat,
denatured, or what-have-you. are
not a bit fond of stopping about
the alleyways, be it human or a visi
tor from the spirit world, they're
satisfied to go along and learn no
more about it, by close acquaintance
And the cops are saying nary a
word. Tbey'v* seen, and they're
not superstitious, some mysterious
carrying-on. but as long as thp un
known. intentionally or uninten
tionally. helps them patrol their
beats and maintain order. what,
have they to kick about even if Hi a
new member of the force is garbed
in grave-yard garments?
However, some of the people about
| town, who would talk cold. hard
: facts even in a sociable game amid
.inert. CUSiQffiera-m. au. undertaking
parlor, have a solution for the mys
! tery which is sending the colored
romeos home from their dales ot
an early hour, and their solution is
that the figure slipping in and out
I alleys, dodging contact with other
! humans, peering in windows and
seeing what it may see. is nothing
!other than a colored woman who=?
I husband .is fond of high life, and
the inviting smile of flashing white
teeth of other dusky damsels And
when she finds this husband of
hers, who keeps late hours, recl.n
ing in the arms of one of his girls,
these folks say that she'll be any
thing else but a spook when she
starts making ghosts in her own
family with a razor bearing an un
canny edge.
So. digest or construe the yam
as you may. but. without doubt tlie
eerie story is the weird topic of tor
cooks, the brick-layers, the labo -
ers, and the colored south about
Warlick Home Hit
By Lightning Bolt
The home of Mr. W. H. Warlick
in the Belwood section was struck
by lightning last Sunday afternoon,
the bolt tearing up several planks
in the kitchen and shocking sever? 1
members of the family.
Mr. Wilson Wellmon and his two
seated cn a swing and the two ch’.l
I dren were knocked out of the swing
I by the shock.
Epworth League To
Meet At Lawndale
j The Cleveland county Epworth
league union will hold its regular
monthly meeting at the Lawndaie
Methodist church at Lawndale Fri
day right, June 28 at 8 o'clock. All
chapters are urged to send deio
eates. This is a very important
I meeting because of the election of
officers for anothrr year.
How’s This? Can’t Hunt In
Airplanes In North Carolina
Raleigh.—North Carolina lawmak
ers keep strictly abreast of ihe
times and often set the pace lor
legislators from other states.
An instance of this is seen In
the act regulating aircraft pilots,
and airports passed by the general
assembly of 19^3 in which the hunt
ing of birds and animals from en
plane is made a in-sdemeanor.
Although no instance of hunt
ing in this manner has been re
corded in the state, the genera! as
sembly. as shown in the law. rea -
lised the possibilities • of gr^at
j slaughter of wild life in case sucn
J a method might be pursued, and in
interest of conservation has pre
cluded its adoption ir. any future
Section 10, Chapter 130. reads
as follow:-: ' Any aeronaut or pa v
enger who, while in flight within
: this state, shall intentionally k'l!
or attempt to kill any birds or ani
mals shall be guilty of a misde
meanor and punishable by a flue
of not more than fifty dollars or by
imprisonment for not more Utah
thirty days, or both.”
Big Show To
Play Cleveland
Fair This Fall
Rubin And Cherry Shows. Best
Known In Country, Booked
By Port on.
A tented show better known then
any other in America is to plav the
Cleveland county fair this fall, ae
cording to Secretary J Siblev Do:
ton. who announces that he has
booked the Rubin and Cherry sin v
for the big fair week |
The date of the annual even! j
which draws thousands of people to
Shelby and Cleveland county will
I fall on the usual week, the las*1
week in September, the 24th through
the 28th.
In addition to booking the main 1
show for the midway Secretary Dor- j
ton is busy lining up the free at- ;
tractions, sideline amusements ant: .
other details o( the big (arm week
Chicago Paper
On Tea Party
Tribune Airs It* View* On En- l
(crtalnment of Nerrn Con
gressman's Wife.
(By .T A. Livingston? in
News and Observer.'
Washington. June 24—“The worst
thing that could happen to the Re
publican party would be to carry the
Southern states again in the con
ditions attending its Southern suc
cesses ot last November." says th"
Chicago Tribune, which has long
been noted for its hatred of fl c
South, in commenting editorially on
the White House.
‘If Mrs. Hoover's tea party ha.
! driven Southern fanatics away tr im
j union and association with northern
fanatics it has been the best use of
tea since the night it was thrown
into Boston harbor.” the editorial
concludes after a bitter attack on
Bishop Cannon and other Hoover
ites in the South.
"It has in the North all of tha*
stripe of citizenship that a pa-'v
can contain and live.” caustically
complains The Tribune. “When the
shotgun which terrorizes the blai k
is combined with the shotgun which
kills a white, a party of homicide
has been formed.,
‘‘The Southern Democrats who
voted for A1 Smith, who stood by
their loyalties, their traditions and
their principles could be taken l«:o
the Republican party without de
stroying it, but the Southern rene
gades w-ho damned themselves and
the party they adopted by bolting
their own. merely added Southern
intolerance to northern bigotry.
Southern illiteracy to northern ig
norance and southern cruelty t>
nortnern barbarity.”
The Tribune does not blame Mrs
Hoover for entertaining the wife of
Congressman De Priest, as it says U
was the natural thing for a negro
district in Chicago to elect a negro ;
congressman and the White Hous" j
either had to do the natural thing j
or make an incident which wouii |
disclose the Inequality of citizens i
before the government.
“The conditions of while supre
macy in the South are not so pre
carious that, they are threatened
by a White House invitation,” the
editorial states. “The negroes are
subdued. They do not. look for so
cial equality and they do not have
political equality."
It concedes that the North does
not grant the negro social equality,
but adds that It does not do so much
talking about it as the South does.
It. thinks that De Priest made the
worst of the White House affair and
showed himself lacking in taste,
judgment and discretion, hut says
this would astound no one familial
with Chicago politics.
Cline Owens Lee's hitting streak
in the Southeastern league with the
Columbus club has been stopped
but by old Jupiter Pluvjus and not
the pitchers of the league who have
already learned that the Shelby
high school boy is not particular
about what type of pitching he lias
to face. The Columbus club was
scheduled to play Montgomery, the
league leaders, in Columbus Monday
and Tuesday with a double header
today. But it rained Monday and a
double bill was on for both Tues
day and Wednesday Then it rain
ed there again y'e£t«rd.ay. Per ha vs
the w-eai her will permit the double
bill on for today
Hill Hudson Jr . and Mae Wilkins
jr.. have returned from a visit to
friends in Wadesboro. this state.
Mac jr.. is visiting his grandparents
Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Wilkins here.
Will Teach Aviation
At N. C. State Collefte
I.. L. V,« OH.AN
Theta expert* In mechanical en
gineering will teach aeronautical en
gineering at N. C. State College at
Raleigh, beginning In September.
They will offer fundamental course*
to student* dealring to enter avia
tion. Several students have already
enrolled. * ..
Forest City Man
Dies From Wreck
Tommy Harrlll, Fores! City Mer
chant, Struek By Car; Ne
groes Arrested.
Forest. City. June 24.—'Tommy
Harrill of this city ciietl at the
Rutherford hospital this morning:
about 9 o'clock of Injuries received
Saturday afternoon about 4 o'clock
while standing at the rear of a true a
which was run into bv a touring
car occupied by two negroes, jam-*
mtng Mr. Harrill against the back]
of the truck.
Mr. Harrill did not think he was j
hurt seriously and when Chief o'
Police Price visited him Saturday i
afternoon about arresting the n«-1
groes he told him to wait until h* !
was able to get up that he wasn't
hurt badly. He was carried to the
hospital Sunday afternoon for an
operation It was found that his
intestines had been tern in several
places. He died this morning.
He is survived by his widow and
nine children
Funeral services will be held
Tuesday at Pleasant Grove Metho
dist church
The two negroes were arrested on
a charge of murder immediately aft
er Mr. Harrill died. Diras Logan
was the owner of the car while
other negro, Johnnie Humphries
was drivivng.
A preliminary hearing will prob
ably be held next week before the
county recorder.
Mrs. Marion Putnam and Marion
Ross, Jr.. of Charlotte, arc visiting
Mrs. G P. Hamrick.
Doughton Is Coming
With Others To City
For Highway Hearing
Star Will Give A
Prize For First
Cotton Bloom I n
Whal ('Irvrland county cot
ton farmer will have the fii»t
cotton bloom of the season In
Ills field*?
This year, since blooms
will he reported soon. The
Star will jive a three months
subscription to the farmer re
porting the first bloom at the
newspaper office.
What Of Bridge
Over River On
New Route 18
South Carolina Not Prepared Now
To Meet New Highway With
Bridge. M.ljf Cse Bravo?
If the three highway commission
ers who meet here Tuesday morn
ing to decide the routing of the
new highway 1R south front Shelby
really do roach a definite decision
after hearing various appeals, and
the new highway is eventually con
structed, how will traffic passing
over the highway get across Broad
That phase of the county's out
standing road controversy is being
discussed considerably in recent
days tn view of the fact that the
routing will likely be settled soon
Over Both Routes.
The recent survey of the highway
by state engineers mapped out two
prospective routes between Shelby
and the South Carolina line, on by
the Ert] section and the other
more to the right, bu' both the
routes come back together some
distance below Earl and to the
right Which is to say that by ei
ther route decided upon the new
highway apparently will reach
Broad river and the South Caro
lina line at the same place. The
route made by the survey reaches
the South Carolina line before It
does the river, and that means that
the bridge construction is up to the
Sou'll Carolina end, but there is
no bridge there.
Futhermore reports from Soutn
Carolina for several weeks past have
had It that South Carolina highway
officials have no Idea of building a
bridge at that point soon, nor have
the officials of Cherokee county.
So. when the highway is built. If
such conditions prevail. how wifi
the motorists travelling south over
No. 18 cross the river and continue
their journey?
The query may be only a bugaboo
in all the controversy about the
highway routing but it crops up in
nearly every argument. How are
you going to get across when you
get there?
liravo Bridge.
Among officials here it is unof
ficially stated—none of them arc
talking for publication since there
is a division of opinion—that South
Carolina authorities, state or Chero
kee county, have urged that when
the new highway is constructed
that a road be run up to the pres
ent Dravo bridge for the crossing
until the state can see its way clear
to build a bridge and meet the road
from the South Carolina side.
The bridge problem may even
tually prove no problem at all but
every likelihood is that it will bob
up during the highway confab here
Lawn Party.
There will be a lawn party at the
Palm Tree church tomorrow even
ing. and those sponsoring the en
tertainment are planning a gala
event. The Epworth league is stag
ing the affair for the benefit of the
church Everybody is invited.
Shelby Masons Install New
Officers Here Friday Night
th» elected officers oJ
Cleveland lodge 20? A F A- A M
rill b» ms'aUed a' a bt- Masonic
meeting in the Blue room of the
Masonic temple here Friday night,
it is announced by Russel Laugh
ridge. secretary of the lodge
The regular mouthly business
meeting will b* held m addition o
the installation ceremonies. and a
new feature for the local lodge Is tj
be given. This featuri of the pro
gram. never staged here, is expected
to draw a large proportion of the
lodge membership U> the meeting
1 — —
Will Prlvr Over PrnaprrUvr High
way 1R Routes. Hear Appeal*
In Afternoon.
Hon n A. Doughten. chairman
of the N. C. highway com mission,
will accompany the. two district
commissioners to Shelby next Tues
day. July 2. to decide the routing of
highway 13 from Shelby to the
Sou'h Carolina line, according to
information reaching The Star to
day. The commissioner named ty
the highway board to accompany
him are Mr. Stlkeleather. of tho
ninth district, and Mr. McGirt, of
the third district.
The party will reach Shelby
about 10 30 in the morning and will
driic over the two prospective
routes before hearing arguments
and appeals in the court hou>*
Tuesday afternoon.
Plan Outlined.
Mr. Houghton's letter to The St*”*
dated June 25. follows:
' Acknowledge receipt of your let
ter of the 24th Inst.. I beg to advice
ihat a committee selected by the
state highway commission, consirl
ii•* of myself as chairman, and
Messrs. Stlkeleather of the ninth
district and McGirt of the third
district, expect to proceed to Shelby
and reach there on Tuesday, Jui7
2 by 10 30 a m.
"We will then probably drive
over, and view the suggested rou es
for the state highway from Shelby
to the South Carolina line. In the
afternoon at the courthouse we will
hear from those advocating tne
route located by the state highway
engineers, and those advocating *
different route by. or near, Earl, cr
anything that may throw light
upon the interest of Cleveland coun
ty in the location of this highway."
Patrolmen Take
Shelby By Toot*
Screaming Sirrns Of New Highway
Patrol Rous? Local Citleans
The latest pride of Tarheelia,
North Carolina's newly created
highway patrol, screamed and toot
ed its way through Shelby yester
day evening shortly after six o'clock.
The motorcade traversing the
state to impress would-be speeders
and violators of highways laws, was
composed of Capt. Parmer leading
the parade in his car. followed by
his nine lieutenants In their cara
and the 26 uniformed patrolmen on
their motorcycles.
The motorcade did not even pause
in the governor’s home town hut
the screaming sirens on the 2*
motorcycles and the tooting horns
on the 10 cars of the officials caus
ed many citizens not living on
highway 20 to think that the city a
big fire siren had discovered a lit
ter of little sirens and the wholw
group had started tc howl and
shriek at the same time.
County Gardener*
Take Early Start
New Corn And Tomatoes Being Re
ported. Mrs. Gantt Sells
Many Beans.
The enterprising &ardne-s of
Cleveland county are in for a big
year seemingly.
Mrs. E. G. Gantt, of Lawndale,
who was the first to report straw
berries this season, gathered a half
bushel of ripe tomatoes from her
garden yesterday. She has already
gathered and sold 450 gallons of
beans in two weeks.
Mrs. F. M. Newton, of Casar. an
other early gardener, reports that
she had new corn and tomatoes
from her garden Sunday and Mon
An entirely different kind of feed
store, known as the Staf-O-Lif®
Feed store, Is to be opened in Shel
by this week. This store is located
at the corner of Marion and Mor
gan streets and a fresh stock cf
Staf-O-Life stock and poultry feed
and Milk-Flo dairy feed has just
been unloaded from the Roya'.
Staf-O-Life mills, the south’* larg
est manufacturer of mixed feeds.
This store will be operated on a
strictly cash and carry basis, get
ting feeds to the consumer by the
most, direct possible route, tharab?
giving consumers the benefit of ten
low prices on quality products, it it
announced. A special opening day
feature is announced for Friday an!

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