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f The Blameless Bishop |
iW. Tom Bosl in Greensboro News*
A bishop then must be blame
less, the husband of one wife,
viligant, sober, of good beha
vior, given to hospitality, apt to
teach; Not given to wine, no
striker, not greedy of filthy
lucre; but patient, not a braw
ler, not covcteous; One that
ruleth well his own house, hav
ing his children in subjection
with all gravity; (For if a man
know not how to rule his own
house, how shall he take care of
the church of God?) First Tim
othy, III: 2. 3, 4. 5.
The first clerical impulse was
of course a sermon on the impend
ing heresy trial in Gastonia when
the candidates for the electric,
'hair in Ualeigh arc to be examined j
on their theology.
Meanwhile the pagan press ha j
Virginia Lady Wa* Just Drag
ging Around. Health Im
proved Steadily After
She Took Cardui.
Bristol, Va.—“I was just about
down in bed and so weak I was past
going,” writes Mrs. Jennie Goodman,
ol 718 Portsmouth Avenue, tills city.
Mrs. Goodmen says her family was
very uneasy about her condition, as
she seemed so weak and thin.
“I ached all over,” she explains,
“and my back and sides hurt most
of the time.
“I dragged around, and did not
see a day of good health.
“I went to cal1, on one of my
i neighbors, and she remarked about
my looking so bad. She told me to
get a bottle of Cardui and take it.
Next Saturday night, my husband
brought It home to me.
“Before I had taken Cardui a
week. I was feeling much better. I
continued taking it for awhile, as
my health kept on improving.
“I gained in weight, and soon was
feeling like a new person. Since
then I have taken Cardui several
times, and it has always done mo
good. I can recommend it to others.”
Cardui has been in use so long
that Its merit has been proved by
the experience of several genera
tions of women.
A purely vegetable, medicinal tonic.
For sale by all druggists. NC-204
assailed Bishop James Cannon, .fr
aud of this diocesan is im
perative It is a sad day in the
Daily News congregation when the
Gospel*must be shunted and de
scent. into worldly atfairs becomes
a momentary necessity. When
such a crisis as •factional conroi
in the Democratic party arises, it
is the duty of every clergyman to
regard his Church “as sheep going
astray. ’ and as a true bishop and
shepherd ot souls to sec that none
of thorn turn up m the camp of
Smith, Ratbiskit and Company!
Let there be, therefore, no cx
egetical circitmlottutions. What do
the Scriptures say about bishops
and what are the oliiccrs which
they are expected to perform? Al
ways somebody is talking about
Bishop Cannon and intimating that
he is misusing his church for
political purposes. But what of
bishops? What kind of men m ist
they be? St. Paul must have been
a rather successful bishop; indeed
he was the ablest of them all
Nothing that he said about bishops
is lacking in the ecclesiastical
equipment of Bishop James Can
non. jr.. “A bishop must be blame
less.'" Paul declares. Well, doesn't
Bishop Cannon admit that he is
uuuih 11 ss, a nu wihj riiuws ut lit :
than he? He is the only man in
all the world who knows whether
he is blameless or not and he says
lie is In all the long and illus
trious career of Bishop Cannon ir.
politics there is no record that lie
ever blamed himself.
In the second place, the bishop
must be the husband of one wife.
It is understood that this is not
obligatory. He is not required to
have any wite at all. Saint Paul
hah been suspected of bachelor
hood; but if a bishop be luxuriously
inclined, he must have only one
wife. Anybody would know that
Bishop Cannon hasn't more than
one wife: he never hud more than
one. All the evidence tends to
show that no two or more mother.'
in-law ever cramped his style.
In the third place 1 lie bishop
must be vigilant. Is there an
enemy of God and country who will
deny that Bishop Cannon is vigi
lant? Does anybody for a mo
ment think that CarUr Glass and
Governor Harry Byrd are putting
anything over on him?
And fourthly, the bishop must be
“sober." Get your latest cut of
Bishop Cannon and see for your
Stave* Off
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The North Carolina Workman’s Compensation
Act goes into effect July first. If you employ five
or more men you MUST carry insurance. Prepare
NOW for the going into effect of this law.
Let me explain its details to you.
Norfolk - Portsmouth, Richmond, and
Washington, D. C.
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tions call on any Seaboard ticket agent, or
H. A. Harris, Agt. John T. West DPA
self that he Is ‘'sober.” It is a
habit With him, looking sober. His
sobriety actually seems to pain
him. it is so intense.
Fifthly, he must be of good be
haviour. Here again there is a
controversy which he alone can
settle. Other bishops have cen
sured him, eminent laymen hair
denounced his conduct But Bishop
Cannon has not. He is pleased
with his past and will fashion his
future on it. He must be given to!
hospitality. Well, there are many
kinds of it and the Scriptures arc
silent on the sort that a bishop I
must show. If we are going to!
stop with his treatment of Al.
Smith and Tammany then we can
not in truth contend that Bishop
Cannon is very long on hospital
ity. But Smith and Tammany have
neighbors on the New- York stock
exchange. All the evidence is that .
Bishop Cannon was quite hospi-.
table to them.
In the seventh place he must be
“apt to teach ” Well, in the name
of prohibition has he not been call
ing Mr. Raskob the "chamberlain
of the Pope?” Who has been moi ■ j
“apt to teach” religious rancor j
than Bishop Cannon?
Eighth place. "not given to
wine.” No, and wine is not given
to him.
Ninthly, 'no striker. and lie
never has been a striker if he
were in Gastonia lie would not
Tenth, not greedy of filthy lucre.
First place, any lucre that he
touches, whether plucked from 'he
"margins," or picked up from the
sanctified anti-Smith campaign
fund, will be clean.
Eleventh requirement that he be
patient Is so easily met that ref
erence to tt is unnecessary. The
twelfth, that he be "not. a brawler"
is Important. How peace does
brood about him! Bishop Janies
Thomas Helflin isn't less so.
Thirteenth, that he be "not
covetous," is purely relative. All
that he covets is control of Demo
cratic politics in Virginia and
throughout the United States.
Surely that is an honorable desire.
Fourteenth requirement that a
bishop "ruleth well his own house”
unfortunately is too personal lor
comment. But it may be guaran
teed that any bishop who can run
the Democratic party as he docs
should be able to handle his own
household and have ‘ his children
in subjection with all gravity.”
"For,’ 'asks the Apostle parenthet
ically, "if a man know not how
to rule his own house, how shall he
take care of the church of God?”
Or putting It differently, how can
a bishop better take care of the
church than by taking care first
of the Democratic organization?
Therefore, search the Scriptures
and you will find not a word that
condemns Bishop Cannon’s stock
speculations. There are 14 points
not including the interrogation, in
a bishop's qualifications, but not
one stands in the way of stock
gambling. If it be contended that
it is wrong to buy on margins, it
is in order to remark that many a
Christian expects to get eternal
life on far less than Bishop Can
non put into his stock operations.
"Bishop and shepherd of souls?” Of
course he is; .but if he elects to
become one of the fleeced lambs of
Wall street, or, better luck attend
ing him, to travel with the lean
wolves of high finance, St. Paul
interposes no objection.
And neither should the New
York World nor the Herald Trib
une of that same unholy city.
Crops Look Good
At Double Shoals
Regular Monthly Services. Rain
Over Week-End Sends
Cotton Up.
(Special to The Star.l
Double Shoals, June 24.—Regular
monthly services were held at the
Baptist church on Saturday j\n1
Sunday. The pastor brought a great
message on Sunday from Luke, sec
ond chapter, to the delight of the
The rain that fell on Sunday
night was accepted heartily, the
crops look very favorably.
A class in Sunday school training
was taught last week by the pastor
with good attendance each night.
The “Pupils Life” was the lxm
. Also a class in junior B. Y. P. U.
work was taught by L. B. Seism
with a large group of juniors pani
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Spangler of
Shelby spent Sunday in the com
Mrs. A. V. Hasting and children
are spending a few days with Mrs.
Hasting s sister, Mrs. J. W. Costner.
Mr. K. W. Costner returned home
Friday from the U. S. army after
being discharged.
Mr. William Spangler of Greens
boro spent a few days in the com
munity last week, bringing with him
his new bride.
Mr. Spangler has been away from
this community for several years.
He is now located at Greensboro in
the real estate business.
Is a Prescription for
Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dengue,
Bilious Fever and Malaria.
It Is the most speedy remedy known
Try Star Wants Ads
Why Not Organize
City League Here
With Four Teams?
Four Textile Clubs Having Double
header Each Saturday Would
Stir Interest.
• By Renn Drum)
Why shouldn't Shelby have a
tour-club textile league?
The town now has four fairly 11 -
textile mill clubs all looking to*
games and taking the chance ot
picking up Saturday contests wit!:
other independent clubs over the
section not booked for the day.
Would it not be considerably
more convenient and could not
more baseball fever be stirred up in
Shelby if the four clubs were o: -
ganized into a league with a propr.r
schedule so that they might play
each other each Saturday at the
city park
Would Draw Crowds.
Tile idea, or plan of the writer is
that only one game be played each
week by each club, as the members
of all four teams are employed
the week, but the schedule should
be arranged for a double-header
each Saturday, thus permitting ail
four teams to play.
The four clubs referred to are the
Cleveland Cloth mill team. the
Dover-Ora team managed by Casey
Morris, the Eastyide mill club, and
the Soutli Shelby team. Suppose
that on the first Saturday the
Eastside team would play the South
Shelby team in the first game of a
double-header, beginning at 3
o’clock, with the Cleveland Cloth
team meeting the Dover-Ora ag
gregation in the second game. A
double-header of that type each
Saturday would without doubt draw
big crowds to the city park. And
therein, we believe, enters another
important factor of an organized
league. At present only one of th"
four clubs may use the city park
each Saturday, This means that
the other clubs must play cn
grounds where there are no fences
and admission is hard to collect, or
must play away from home. With
the four clubs playing in a double
header each Saturday at the city
park with good crowds attending
at 50 cents per admission—and any
baseball ian in town will pay that
to see a good double-header—the
four teams could split the gate re
ceipts each Saturday after the
games and thus realize enougn
money to defray their expenses.
Why Not Try It?
From every angle it appears as il
more baseball interest could be
worked up throughout the city
with the league plan than at. pres
ent and likewise the league plan
would give the city amusement for
the summer without the expense
that goes with keeping up an up
town team.
About One Hold-Rack.
One draw-back that may keep
some of the mills from endorsing
the league idea as suggested her«
will likely be the matter of expense.
In the past, we are informed, such
a league held sway for a time in
Shelby and the interest in the race
became so heated that the teams
began to employ professional and
semi-professional players to come
to town and play with their team,-.
Avoiding such an occurrence Should
a league be formed this year would
be no hard matter. Strict rules and
regulations should be set down ao
the beginning of the season and
adhered to. If formed there should
be a board of directors, made up of
a representative from each mill and
one uptown man not interested in
either team as head. The day the
league is formed the manager of
each club should be forced to sub
mit a list of his players. Then the
league ruling should be that no
other players should be employed
or used during the season. In
players, now employes of some of
the mills, should become sick or
leave town the matter of replacing
the absent players should be taken
up before the directors to be sure
that no “ringers” are run in to
Under and by virtue of the au
thority contained in a certain deed
oi trust recorded in book 153 ol
deeds on page 20 in the office of
the register of deeds of Cleveland
county. North Carolina, the under
signed trustee will sell on July 10,
1029 at 2 o'clock to the highest
bidder for cash at the court house
door in the town of Shelby the fol
lowing described real estate:
Being a part of the H. Clay Cox
land lying in the western part of
the town of Shelby, N. C., on an
alley on the northern side of high
way 20, and more particularly de
scribed as follows:
Beginning at a stake. Rush Pad
gett’s present northeast corner;
thence north 2 east 50 feet to a
stake, a new division line; thence
south 87.75 west 165.8 feet to a new
corner in the Wilson and Cox line:
thence south 1 1-3 west 50 feet to a
Stake, Padgetts old corner in Wil
son's line: thence north 87.75 east
165.8 feet to the place of beginning,
Seme being that lot of land con
veyed to Rush Padgett and wife.
Carrie Padgett by deed recorded in
book 3-W at page 517 in the office
of the register of deeds of Cleveland
county, North Carolina, reference
to which Is hereby had.
This June 5, 1929.
Sunday Nigh! Singing Drawing
Many. People Coming And
fining There.
• Special to The Star.'
The Sunday night singing is pro
gressing nicely and we are glad to
see such a lArge crowd attending.
Mr. and Mrs L A Smith spent j
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. B B
Mrs. liartha Whisnant. teacher of
the junior Sunday school class en
tertained all her pupils at her home
last Saturday afternoon .
Mr and Mrs J. L Hopper and
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Hopper spent
last Saturday night with Mr. and
Mrs Gardie Hopper at Patterson
Mr and Mrs. W A Barnett, of
Salisbury spent Iasi Thursday
night with Mr. and Mrs. D. G.
Mr and Mrs Lee Lovelace of For
est City spent the week-end with
Mr and Mrs. John Harrill.
Mrs. Carter Blanton spent the
week-end with her mother Mrs.
Daisy Micham who is leaving this
week for Red Springs to visit her
daughter, Mrs. S A. Jarrett.
A large crowd from Sharon at
tended a party given by Miss Mabel
Ledford of the Dover Mill Saturday
Miss Nellie Sue Barnett spen,
Saturday night with Miss Beulah
Messrs. Floyd Queen. Horae?
Barnett and Robert. Dover, jr. mo'
ored to Salisbury Saturday to take
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barnett who
spent last week with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kinkatd and
little daughter of Bessemer City
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. D. D. Dodd
Mr Leonard Patterson spent Sat
urday night with Mr. Ed McCarthy.
Miss Ozell Barnett spent Satur
day night with Miss Hattie Mae
and Susie Green
Messrs. Kern Green and Ralph
Smith spent Sunday with Mr. Law
rence Morehead.
Mr and Mrs. J. F. Dodd spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D. D.
chase up the expenses and spoil the
amateur idea of the league.
Should the plan appeal t.o the
several clubs and mill officials the
writer will gladly assist in what
ever manner possible in organizing
the circuit and in giving it publicity,
for it Is undisputed that a cltv
the size of Shelby needs baseball of
some type, and we believe the above
plan would give the fans of th“
town some very interesting diamond
sport for the year. If officials of
the mills and the managers of the
clubs are interested a meeting may
be held at. any time desired in the
offices of The Star to organize the
league and formulate a schedule.
Having qualified as administra
tor of the estate of S. J. Bingham,
deceased, this Is to hereby notify all
persons indebted to said estate to
make payment of such indebted
ness immediately to me; and this is
to notify all, persons holding claims
against said esetate to file same
with me on or before the 17th day
of April. 1930, or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of recovery thereon.
tate of S. J. Bingham, deed.
Newton & Newton, Attys.
A Testing Machine
To test your Starters,
Coils, Generators. We
have installed this ma
chine to serve you.
Come, and take ad
vantage of it.
Telephone 737
Trade St. Behind .The
Mr. Cecil Simmons spent Satur
day night with Gaither Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Ouss Phillips of
Cltffside spent Saturday night with
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Harnett.
Mr. and Mrs. W G Hopper and
children visited Mr. and. Mrs. Gar
die Hopper Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. T Blanton spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Mart
We are glad to know that Mr,
Grover Hamrick who got hurt last
week is getting along fine.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie and Mr. and
Mrs Rob Dover and children at
tended the funeral of their sister
Sunday at Kings Mountain
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Morehead vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Morehead 1
Misses Agnoha and Virginia ;
Green spent Sunday niter noon with
Mtss Lily Hollifleld
Mr. and Mrs J. I Hopper, Mtss
Reulaii Simmons and 'Nellie Sue
Barnett spent Simday afternoon
with Miss Johnsy Blanton.
Mr. and Mrs Eric Blanton spent
Sunday with Mr. Monroe Blanton.
Mr. and Mrs. Fay Lemons visited
her father Sunday,
Mr. J s Blanion visited his
brother Mr. B. B. Blanton Friday
Mrs Dora Lovelare and daughter
Miss Julia Mae, of Splndala visited
her sister over the week-end, Mrs.
B. B. Blanton.
Mr. and Mrs. E W T. Ledbetter
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Grover Hamrick.
Mr. and Mrs G V Hawkins, ot
Shelby, spent awhile Sunday after
noon with Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Blan
Miss Nellie Sue Barnett visited
her sister, Mrs. J. B. Jones latt
Mr. and Mrs. Cole Blanton vis
ited their parents. Mr. and Mrs. B
B. Blanton Sunday.
Try Star Wants Ads.
"Amen!" Would Say The Farmer.
The Marshville Home.
The bean beetle is destroying the
beans, the boll weevil the cotton,
bud worms and other Insects work
ing various kinds of crops, but what
we've always wanted to see is some
pest that will put wild onions out
of business.
Under and by virtue of the au
thority contained in a certain deed
of trust recorded in book 145 of
deeds, page 142. In the office of the
register of deeds of Cleveland coun
ty. North Carolina, the undersign
ed trustee will sell on July 10, 1929
at 2 o’clock p. m. at the court house
dcor in the town of Shelby to the
highest bidder for cash the follow
ing described real estate:
Beginning at. an iron slake, Flor
ence Morrison's corner in Maggie
cniith old line: thence with said
line N. 2 cast 50 feet to a stake in
said line; thetiee a new divi
sion line south 87 v west. 105 8 feet
to a stake in J. S. Wilson's line;
thence with said line south 11 1-3
west 138'“a feet to a stake in said
line; thence a new line north 86'i
east 102 feet to a stake in Florence
Morrison's line, now Roscoe Lutz'
line; thence with sa'd line north
tO in*
east 63 feet to a stake, their cor
ner; thence with Florence Morri
son s line, now Roscoe Lute's line
north 84'j east 65 feet to the be
ginning, and being all that lot con
veyed to Rush Padgett and wife,
Carrie Padgett by H Clay Cox and
wt'e by deed dated April 8, 1027 and
recorded in book MMM at page
644 tn the ottice of the regie ter of
dn rts of Cleveland county, to Which
d ed and record thereof reference
is hereby made for further Identi
fication and description of said lot.
This June 5, 1929,
A Baptist co-educational junior college in the Pied
mont. midway between Charlotte and Asheville. Offers
four years of high school and two years of college work,
with junior college diplomas leading toward B. A. and
B. S. Degrees.
Special courses in Music, Domestic Science, Express
ion, and Art.
Healthful location, strong faculty, modem conven
iences, reasonable rates.
Session begins September 3, 1929.
For catalog and information apply to J. B. DAVIS,
President, Boiling Springs, N. C.
A Summer Trip To HAVANA, CUBA
Ancient, Historic, Exotic and Gay—Capital City of the
Republic of Cuba.
Contrary to the general impression, the climate fit
Cuba is pleasant during the summer. The hotel rates
are unusually low, and a trip can be made there at small,
Average summer temperatures, as famished by, Belen
College Observatory are as follows:
, i . Minimum
June « 76.14
July ^V-V- * 7S.8
August ** 75.7
89.02 '
September ' ' *" 75.07
The nights are always cool, and pleasant, due to the
ever present Trade Winds which sweep in from the
All Year Tourists Fares to Havana are in effect via
all railroads, going either to Port Tampa or Key West
thence P. & O. Steamship Co. Popular excursions at half
fare or less are also offered by the rail lines at intervale
during the summer season. Stop overs permitted at' ajl’
points in Florida. Consult your local ticket agent or pas
senger agent for detailed information.
Steamer reservations made, descriptive literature, ho
tel rates and any further information desired will be
cheerfully furnished upon application to:
“Shortest Sea Route To Cuba”
Florida Natl. Bank Bldg., Jacksonville, Fla.
With more than, a
million Frigidaires»» me
we announce a second
National "Cold Control”
See the “Cold Control” in actual
operation. See how delicious frozen
desserts are made. Taste them. Get
the free souvenir book containing
recipes. See the “Million Model”
rngidaire now on
special display for
the first time in
this city. Will you
be our guest?
Starting Tuesday
for 8 days only
! The "Million ModeT Frigid
I aireAP-4. Finiihod in porco
I lain enamel inaido ana oat.
I Only $205* puta itiny our home.
fH|l<Un h» the “Cold Control
for /eater /rooming of lee catM end
dmmmrts. Thim n In addition tm
the ttandord temperature rafaiator
which automatically hold* an arma
temperature In the Sood coetpert
PF.OPLEevery where are talking about
the sensational Frigidaire “Cold
Control.” People everywhere want to
see it. They want to know more about
it. They want to find out what it does.
Never in the history of electric refrlger
SPECIAL OFFER to all who
buy Frigidaire before 10p.m. July 3
Ws want you to hare your Frifidilr* during the
summer. It is to our mutual advantage to have
you place your order now. And so we have arranged
to make a special offer to all who buy Frigidaire
before 10 p. m.. Wednesday, July 3rd, Let us tell
you about this offer.
ation has any single improvement
created such widespread enthusiasm.
It has helped make possible the sale
of the millionth Frigidaire.
So again we are giving a special 8-day
demonstration. We are showing how
the “Cold Control” gives faster freez
ing of ice cubes, salads and desserts*
We are showing how it gives you Frigid
aire-frozen delicacies that could never
be made before. We are showing how
it adds to the pleasure and convenience
of automatic refrigeration.
Spend at least a few minutes in our
display room sometime this week. Wo
will be open evenings until 10 o’clock*
Arey Refrigerating Co.
Phone 280. 115 South Washington St. Shelhy, N. C.
In both the household mnd commercial fields Frigidaire leads in sales to customers

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