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By mall, per year (in advance) $9JO
Carrier, per year (in advance) *3.00
The Markets.
Cation, per pound_He
Co mi Seed, per bu. .40',j
<111 -
Bl Showers Saturday.
T* Slay's North Carolina Weather
Mostly cloudy tonight and
Saturday. Showers in west portion
Sai iprday. Not much change in tera
ould Make
all League
ounty Affair
Cai^dale Club Would Like To Get
In Loop, Perhaps Union, Too.
Want Meeting.
Since the suggestion was made in
ThO Star of Wednesday that the
four textile mill dubs In Shelby
should be formed into a four-club
league so as to promote more base
baU interest, several clubs out in
th# county have indicated that
they would like to get into such a
league. However, no endorsement
has been given so far of the league
plan by any of the four Shelby
At Lawndale, where “Dutch”
Widsnant, former Shelby high star
and later a professional hurler, is
managing a crack amateur team,
there is a desire on the part of the
team and fans there to get into an
amateur county league as proposed,
according to Whisnant and Todd
Caldwell, one of the fans. They sug
gest that a meeting be held in
Shelby of the officals of the club3
here together with representatives
of the Lawndale club and other
county outfits who might desire to
enter a league.
In the Union section of the
county there is another fast baseba’l
aggregation which has been turning
in some of the best games in the
county this summer. “Lefty” Mc
Kee, Virgil MeSwam and other
players well known here are play
ing on the team and the Union
club may also want to enter a
county league for ' one game per
week provided the circuit is organ
Former Pastor At
Boiling Spgs. Dies
Ret. 3. M. Hamrick, Principal Of
Ififh School For a Year, Dead
In Richmond.
The Rev. James M. Hamrick, 5C,
died early Thursday at the home of
his son, Mr. Hamrick, ,a native of
North, in Richmond. Va., was a
graduate of Wake Forest college
and the Southern Theological sem
His last pastorate, which he he’.i
at the time of his death, was the
Schoolfield Baptist church of Dan
ville. He had filled pulpits in Gaff
ney, S. C., Lexington, N. C., and
Mr. Hamrick was principal of the
Boilng 8prings high school for one
year, was pastor of the church there
and a member of the board of trus
tees for a number of years. He is a
native of Rutherford county and
was well'known in , this county.
Cloth Mill Stages
Annual Frolic On
v Thursday, July 4
Baseball. Races, Swimming And Dlv
ing Contests, And Big Dance
The annual frolic or picnic off the
employes of the Cleveland Cloth
mill will be held at Cleveland
Springs on the afternoon and even
ing of Thursday, 4uly 4, it is an
nounced. - M
The program opens at 2 o'clock
with a baseball game between the
married men and trie single men of
the plant? Kb«t, will come a series
of footraces to be followed by three
legged races and wheilbarrow races
for both men and women—men to
be the passengers in tfce wheelbar
row races for the women and girls.
At 4:30 the swimming and diving
contests for bbfh men and women
will be staged. Following the big
company dinner at 6:30 will be the
annual square dance at the Cleve
land Springs hotel.
Cash prizes are to be given in
every contest of £he day.
Two Cart Stolen In
Shelby In Few Days
J. A. Bradford, traveling man of
Statesville, reported to the police
yesterday that his gray body Model
T Ford roadster which he parked at
the curb on West Warren street
while he spent the night at the Ho
tel Charles, was missing the next
morning and is still missing. He Is
offering a reward of $25 for its re
turn. Then on Saturday night a
car belonging to a young man or
the Patterson Springs community
was stolen in Shelby and has not
been heard of since, although of
ficers in all near-by towns have
been asked to keep on the lookout.
King Case To Start
First Thing Monday
In Chester, Stated
Big Trial Likely To Attract Scores
Of People From Shelby Ard
The trial of Rafe B. King, of
Shelby, held in connection with the
death of his wife. Faye Wilson King
former Shelby school teacher, at
Sharon, S. C., last January, will
likely be taken up early in the day
Monday at Chester, S. C., where the
term of district court opens.
The indictment against the Shel
by man was preferred at York,
county seat of the county in which
Mrs. King died, but attorneys for
the defense won their appeal for
moving the trial to another city due
to the fact that they contended
sentiment in York county has been
stirred against their client.
Two Shelby Attorneys.
Among the defense attorneys are
two Shelby lawyers, B T. Falls,
former county judge, and Clyde R.
Hoey. They will leave Shelby eaily
Monday morning for Chester, they
informed The Star today, and they
will be accompanied by the defend
ant, who has been at the home of
his parents here under a $5,000
Of course the defense attorneys
are not sure that the case will be
gin Monday, but reports coming to
them have it that Solicitor Harry
has declared that he will ask for
the Kin? trial to be taken up for the
first hearing, after the charge of
Judge J. K. Henry to the grand
Jury and the sending of several urg
ent bills before the jury.
To Pick Jury.
venire of 36 Chester county citi
zens have been drawn for jurymen
and the attorneys here are of the
opinion that it will take no great
length of time to select the trial
Jury. The jury will be selected and
charged and the preliminary details
for the trial completed so that the
evidence in the sensational case will
likely he started by Tuesday. Messrs
Hoey and Falls believe.
May Take Week.
Since there are a large number of
witnesses to be heard, reports as to
the number differing, the trial may
take up the full week. The Shelby
attorneys, who are taking a leading
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New Superintendent
Speaker For Rotary
Wank Shelby's Schools To Keep
Pace With Remainder Of
Capt. B. L. Smith, formerly of
Rutherfordton, the rew superin
tendent of the Shelby city school
system, was the chief speaker at the
Rotary club luncheon here today
Messrs. Thad Ford and L. P. Hol
land, members of the city school
board, were also guests of the club.
Dr. Tom Gold, another member of
the board, is a member of the cl.ib.
In a fine address Gapt.. Smith
urged that the Rotary club. the
Kiwanis club, and other civic or
ganizations and citizens generally
strive to have their schools keep
step with other progress of the
town. His talk included several fit
ting illustrations of the worth of
developing the children of aj com
Mr. Wiseman Kendall. Rocky
Mount Rotarian, was a visitor.
Stores Not To Close
A merchant of Shelby, who
personal; circulated a Thursday
closlnf petition In Shelby
Thursday and today, announc
ed this afternoon that the issue
was officially dead.
The merchant said: "Sixty
one of the business men of
Shelby signed the petition, but
it was not unanimous, and those
who signed it did so on the con ■
dition that it would be unani
I have concluded the issue Is I
King's Attorneys
Win Plea To Get
To See Exhibits
Judge Instructs Officials To Send
Records In King Case To Ches
ter County.
York. S. C. .June 27.—An order
requiring the filing with the clerk
of court of Chester county of cer
tain reports and exhibits shown at
the coroner's inquest into the de'hh
of Mrs. Faye Wilson King. for
whose murder her husband. Ra't
King, faces trial, was signed here
today by Judge J. K. Henry after
a hearing in chambers this after
noon at Chester of arguments by
state and defense attorneys.
The order requires that ‘‘clothes
worn by Mrs. Faye Wilson King a<
the time of her death, certain school
books or test papers, a piece of
wood from the carpet strip of tne
cook room at the King home, cer
tain clothes found by the ladles
and referred to by Sheriff Quinn
one undersuit referred to by Sheriff
Quinn as one undersuit, and the re
port of Dr. Brackett or the author
ities of Clemson college in posses
sion of Coroner McCorkle be forth
with filed with the clerk of court,
Chester county, subject to inspec
tion by counsel for state end de
fendant when at least one of coun
sel on each side is present, and to
(Continued on page ten.)
Local Teachers On
Motor Trip Summer
School Enjoying It
Rouge, Curling Irons, And Neck
ties Left Behind By Teachers
Cn Route To California.
Since a dozen of so school teach
ers from "Shelby, Lattimore, Boil
ing Springs and other sections of
Cleveland county are on the sun -
mer school motorcade to California
the following article appearing in
a Nashville, Tenn.. paper telling of
the trip will be of interest here.
Rouge and curling irons, neck
ties and stacomb left beh.nd, 100
girls and boys and young school
teachers made the third night pause
in a summer motor trip at the state
fair grounds here Wednesday, and
tumbled out of their cots and buses ]
early this morning to get ready for
These young people are attending
h »mer school on wheels, and
will receive college credit for the fun
they are having. They are traveling
through the west on a geolo and
(Continued on page ten.)
Pete And “Snook” Webb Take
On Laxton Brothers Saturday
Shelby’* Two Junior Carolina Champ* Will
Play Charlotte’* Brother
« Golfer*.
A gala afternoon for the golf fans
of this section is assured tomorrow,
Saturday, when the Laxton broth*
ers, Irwin and Fred, crack young
Charlote golfers, come here for the
first 18 holes of a 36-hole exhibi
tion match with Shelby’s golfing
pride the young Webb brother1:,
Pete and Fred <Snook.)
The youngsters, all of whom are
or have been champions, will tee eff
at the first hole at Cleveland
Springs at 3:30 in the afternoon
,and a message sent to the Webbs
today by the Laxtons had it that
the local youngsters, who can spot
any golfers hereabouts several holes
and lick them handilv. better be
playing in top form or be prepared
to take a licking.
Three of the four youngsters have
held the junior Carolinas cham
pionship and the exhibition match
should be one of the best ever stag
ed ir. this section of the state and
will golf fans from other nearby
cities and towns as well as from
Shelby anti Charlotte Pel* Webb
won the junior title from Irwin
Laxton in 1928 and dropped it this
year to Ills brother. Fred Webb, on
the Sedgefield course at Greensboro
Fred Laxton does not have the golf
ing record of his brother, Irwin,
who is ithe Charlotte city cham
pion, but is considered one of the
Queen City’s best golfers.
There will be no cha'ge for wit
nessing t*-e crack golfing match
and fh» Shelby pub ic is invited to
the course.
New Employes
Of City Take
Office Monday
Ligon Clerk, Moore Policeman,
Spangler Street Supervisor. Miss
Reinhart Resigns.
Several changes in the list ol
names of the payroll of the Shelhv
city government will be made Mon
day since this month ends ihe
month’s notice to employes who
are taking up other work.
Mr. L. E. Ligon will on Monday
take the office as city clerk suc
ceeding Mr. Fred P. Culbreth, who
goes with an auditing firm. Another
new clerk is to be employed by May
or McMurry as Miss Bessie Rein
hart, who has been assistant clerk
for two years, resigned this week to
accept, it is understood a position
with the Dover mill office.
Mr. Ernest Spangler will take
tC*r duties of street work over
seer succeeding Mr. Nelson Self
who is now employed as a brfad
salesman. Mr. Self left the city em- J
ploy last Monday.
Deputy Sheriff Marshall Moore, i j
former police officer, will also go
to work for the city Monday don
ning one of the blue uniforms worn
by Police Chief Poston's force. A
report on the street last week that
Mr. Moore might not accept, the
position as policeman is erroneous
according to Mayor McMurry.
Mr. Sylvanus Gardner, better
knowm as Squire Gardner, who re
signs Monday as head of the gar
bage and trash department, will be
come head of the Wilson Coal com
pany which opens a coal yard here
at the Seaboard depot. The Wilson
Coal company has places at Forest
City and Rutherford and is Just
entering Shelby. A. R. Beam of
Forest City is manager of the three
Much Interest In
Contest Tomorrow
Eastside-Cleveland Cloth Game Ex
pected To Be Tight Baseball
The basebaU game scheduled at
the city park here Saturday after
noon between the fast Cleveland
Cloth mill team and the strong
Eastside club is attracting consider
able interest among baseball fans.
Sherrill Hamrick, who hurled Shel
by High to a state title, will be on
the mound for the Eastsiders while
Home Smith, "not A1 but just plain
Homer of Cherryville,” is scheduled
to throw them up from the fork side
for the cloth mill boys.
Resident of the two textile vil
lages are keyed up to an enthusias
tic pitch over the contest while the
uptown section is interested due to
the fact that several of Casey Mor
ris’ high school champions will be
in the two lineups.
Mrs. McCord Attends
Brother’s Funeral
W. B. Riley, brother of Mrs. Mm.
A. McCord. S. Washington street,
was found dead in bed at his home
at Hodges, S. C., early Wednesday
morning. He. had been suffering
with kidney trouble and complica
tions. Mr. Riley was the youngest
brother of Mrs. McCord and was a
prominent merchant and farmer at
Hodges. He was 50 years of age
and the v ivit-ral was held at h'.s
home Thursday afternoon, attend
ing by Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McCord
and son Riley of Sheloy
Pendleton’s Help
On Theatre Music
Pendletons have pulled a stunt
at the Webb theatre, which givnt a
variation to the many forms of
phonograph operation. Putting a
small portable phonograph in the
operator's booth at the theatre, they
connected it with a full toned com
bination radio and electrola locat
ed behind the screen. Thus the op
erator in the booth, can perform
rpon the larger instrument located
on the stage of the theatre. The de
vice works effectively, and the ef
fects are as pleasing as the idee is
Home Coming At
Pleasant Hill Church
Home coming and dedication «
erclaes will he held at Pleasant Hiil
Baptist church Sunday, June 30.
where a new church building has
recently been erected. Song servl'-j
begins at 10 o’clock, followed by
speaking by former pastors at 10:30
Rev. J. B. Davis of Boiling Springs
will deliver a sermon at 11 o'clock
and this will be followed by a pic
nic dinner at noon and another
song service in the afternoon
He’* Rich With
12 Grandparents
Eddie Ledbetter claims a record.
Whether it is state-wide or nation
wide. his parents do not know, but
Eddie has an even dozen grand
parents. yet none to '-pare. He is the'
18 months old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Ledbetter who live in the
Shelby Mill village and gives the
names of the dozen to prove nis
His grandaprents are as follows
Mr and Mrs. F. M. Ledbetter,
Shelby R-3.
His great grand parents are Mr.
and Mrs. E W. T. Ledbetter of
Shelby R-2; Mr and Mrs. G. O.
Pearson of Shelby R-3; Mr. and
Mrs George Green of Boiling
To fill out the dozen he has two
step grand parents. Mr. and Mrs
Jamer, Moore, of Shelby R-3 and
all dozen are living
Association Meet
Of Sunday Schools
At Boiling Springs
Page. Easom And Davis On Pro
gram There Sunday. All Day
Session On.
An all-day session of Group one
of the Kings Mountain Baptist
Sunday School aaaociaioo will be
held at BoiKng Springs the coming
Sunday. Juni 30. according to Mr.
B. P. Jenkins, group superintendent.
In addition to the departmental
work and study there willlbe an
address at 11:20 in tha morning by
G. G. Page, associational superin
tendent. At 1:15 there will be an
address by Horace B. Easom, of the
First Baptist church of 8helby,
and an address by Dr. J. B Davij,
president, of Boiling Springs col
lege. at 2 o'clock. The session will
adjourn at 3 oclock.
Want* To Make An
Industrial Survey
E. G Curtis, representing the
Craig P Gilbert company of Wash
ington. D. C., addressed about 18
representative citizens in the court
house last night when he presented
to them the matter of his company
making an industrial survey of the
city, the charge for which would be
$300. Such a survey. Mr. Craig says,
would gather all the information
possible about the city and compile
it In a pamphlet for use in at
tracting industries and outside capt.
Ayer* Will Preach
Here Thi* Sunday
Forest City.—Dr. Zeno Wall, pas
tor of the First, Baptist church of
Shelby will preach a special mem
orial sermon here next, Sunday at
the. Baptist church, at 11 o’clock.
All ex-service men, wives, widows,
sisters, brothers, mothers and other
relatives of ex-service men are urg
ed to be present, at this service. Dr.
W. A. Ayers will preach at the same
hour at Shelby, exchanging pulpits
with Dr. Wall.
Crowds Coming For
Route Hearing Here
Several hundred citizens of
lower Cleveland will he in Shel
by Tuesday and deeply interest
ed in the hearing and arguments
here about the routing of High
way 18 from Shelby to the South
Carolina line. Citizens of the
Earl and Patterson Springs sec
tions and from various portions
of No. one. two, and three
townships will attend according
to information given The tSar.
Highway Chairman R. A.
Doughton and two district com
missioners will preside at the
hearing. Unofficial information
also has it that one or two local
attorneys have been employed
to present the arguments and
appeals for the two prospective
15-Cent Tax
Cut Here Seen
By A. E. Cline
County Ruvinevt Managrr Hay*
Prospect* Now Point To Good
Slash In Tat Rate.
“A rountv-wide tax reduction
of I.V In Cleveland county look-,
possible now,” said A. E. Cline,
chairman of thp board of coun
ty commissioners, speaking last
night before (he Klwanl* club.
In the Woman's club building
where the elub members were
served a delirious meal by one
of the dlvtsinos.
"The best that can be done on
schools is to reduce the tax lrom
60c to 54c, while the one cent tax
on gasoline for roads will permit, a
reduction of about 9c. We have
been doing our best, to practice
economy and efficiency and stimu
late progress but we don't want to
progress faster than we can finance.
For the last few years the county
ha* not. had a deficit in any fund
and has none this year, except in
the bridge fund caused by the
floods of last summer.''
Mr. Cline was speaking somewhat
in answer to a resolution recently
passed by the Kiwanis club, favor
ing the county matching a state
fund to provide a county health
nurse in Cleveland. "Such an offi
cer would no doubt be a fine step
and I and the other commission
ers. Dr. Gold and R L. Weathers
favor such a move, but we think it
would be useless to provide the
nurse without funds with which to
work and to carry on this import
ant. mission. It would mean tax
money which we do not have. Folks
need and expect a tax reduction, but
If they are willing to pay for pro
gress such as a health nurse, health
officer and match the *25,000 Duke
gift to the hospital, we are willing
to make the levy in the interest of
health as we are authorized to do by
law, if the citizens are willing.’
Mr. Cline praised hts associates
on the board. Commissioners Gold
and Weathers and commended
Supt. J. H. Grigg as one of the
"best, most efficient and economi
cal school heads in the state." "Our
county government is moving along
smoothly and our commissioners
are always willing to Join every for.
ward movement that, can be financ
ed and that is backed by the sym
pathy of the tax payers, whom we
represent. We are willing to levy if
the folks are willing to pay. We
are doing our level best to give good
county government and our tax rate
is comparatively low. with a reduc
tion last year of three cents and
one In the offing this year of from
14 to 15 cents.
Postmasters Send
Praise To Shelby
For Entertainment
Mr. W. B Knowles, of Wallace,
retiring president of the Nortn
Carolina Postmasters League, has
sent the following letter to Mayor
S. A. McMurry expressing his ap
preciation of the entertainment
given his convention here recently:
“In behalf of the North Caro
lina state branch of the National
League of district postmasters, as
sembled in your grand city on tae
14 and 15th of June, I wish to
thank you for your kindness and
generous hospitality during our
short stay.
“We greatly enjoyed our brief
visit and hope we shall be privt:
edged to come that, way again.”
Big Speakers For
Vets Here July 8-9
Berry Mintz Gets
First Bloom In
To Star Officers
Berry Mint*. highly re
spected colored farmer who
live* west of Earl In No. 3
township, yesterday brought
In thr first cotton bloom of
the season for this county.
The bloom was first noticed
Wednesday evening, accord
ing to Berry, but hr did not
hear about The Star’s offer
of a three-months subscrip
tion to the paper for the first
bloom until yesterday.
Berry owns his own land and
Is a successful farmer.
Warning Issued To
Auto Owners Who
Have No New Tags
City Privilege License Taxes And
New Auto Plate* Must Be
Tatd By August 1.
A warning from Mayor S A. Me
Murry and City Clerk Fred P. Ct;l
breth is published In today's Star
to eitiaens who have not paid their
privilege license tag* and have not
purchased the city license plates for
the automobiles and motor cars for
this year, the old plates going out
at the end of the month.
A five per cent penalty will be ad
ded to unpaid privilege taxes on
August 1. it is announced.
So far only a little over 300 of
the city auto license plates have
been sold, according to Clerk Cul
breth. This means that more than
1,000 auto owners in the city are
violating the city law by not pur
chasing the new plates. There are
approximately 1,500 motor cars In
the city. It Is estimated, as 1,301
city auto tags were sold last yaaj.
There will be a five per cent, penalty
on all license plates purchased aft
er August 1, slso, it is announced.
. .. ■ k...
Dr. Platter Buys
I. C. Griffin Home
Dr H S Plaster has purchased
the home of Mr. I. C. Griffin r.n
South Washington street and will
occupy the same next week. The
Plasters have rented all of the house
but two rooms to Mr. and Mn.
Harry Speck with whom they will
Mr. Griffin, former superintend
ent of city schools left a few weeks
ago to enter upon his new duties
at the University of North Caro
lina and has purchased a home
there. Mrs. Griffin will Join him,
moving the household effects this
week and they will keep house at
Chapel Hill and have with them
their son, I. C Griffin, Jr., who will
enter the university next Fall us
a student.
Rev. and Mrs Allen Lortmer and
child who have been visiting Mrs,
Lorimer's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Griffin, left this morning for their
home in New England.
California has not yet been invad
ed by the Mediterranean fruit fly,
which is bringing distress to Flor
ida. Is it possible that the Western
oranges have no insects appeal”—
The New Yorker.
Hoey Among Big Array Of
Lawyers In Adderholt Case
Gastonia Council Votes 18.000 Fund
To Pay Lawyers In
Charlotte, June 27.—Attorneys an
pearing as special prosecutors in
the trial of murder and assault cases
against strikers and leaders held in
connection with the fatal shooting
of Gastonia's police chief, O. F. Ad
derholt, on June 7, have all be'n
employed by the city of Gastonia, it
was said yesterday by Mayer E. B
While no definite sum has been
appropriated for the attorneys' fees
and no agreement has been reach
ed between the city end the law
yers, the fees will be taken care cf
out of an emergency fund of $8,000
included in the 1929-30 budget whico
passed second reading last night,
the Gastonia mayor explained In a
long distance telephone conversa
tion. The same fund will take care
of hospital and medical expenses of
officers who were injured at the
same time Chief Adderholt was kill
ed, he continued.
In addition to A. E. Woltz. city
attorney. George B. Mason, city so
licitor, and his assistant, and May •
or Denny, himself a lawyer. Solici
tor John G. Carpenter is being as
sisted by six lawyers retained by the
city of Gastonia. The special pros
ecuting attorneys are: A. G Man
gum. Ernest R. Warren, R. G. Ter
ry, Maj. A. L. Bui winkle, MaJ.
Stephen B. Dolley, all of Gastonia,
and Clyde R. Hoey of Shelby.
Major Bulwinkle. while in Char
lotte yesterday, said that none of
the prosecuting attorneys had been
retained by mill interests as had
been rumored, although Major Bul
winkle has represented the Manvllle
Jenckes company, owners of the
Loray mill where the strike wu
called in April, prior to the present
Mayor Denny last night denied
reports that the property on which
the shooting occurred would be :e
(Continued on page ten.)
Governor Gardner, A Vet Hkaself
Coming; Commissioner-In
Chfef Coming Also.
A number of distinguished per*
son ages will be In Shelby to taki
part In the program of the annual
encampment of North Carolina
veterans of the Spanish-Am eric an
war, which will be held hem Mon
day and Tuesday, July M,
The speakers will include Gover
nor o. Max Oardner, who sms a
teamster in an XlUnoia regimen#
during the conflict, although he was
only in his teens; and Col. W. L.
Grayson. comminder-ln-chleX of all
the Spanish-American war Veterans
tn this country.
Congressman Chaa, A. Jonas id
also booked for a talk, while lepra*
aentatlves of the pengloo and veter
ans bureau will tell of the progress
being made in hospitalisation and
pension work. i
Parade And Bangdet.
The early bulletins sent out by
the acting commander for the
state. Capt. H, W. Edmond*. £ of
Charlotte, states that there win hi
a big parade on Tuesday aftempos
with floats, automobiles and bands,
and the parade is to be followed by
a big dance at the Cleveland
Springs hotel and a mammoth herb*
cue supper tendered by civic ore
gsnlzatlons of Shelby as the cltyTl
formal bit of hospitality.
Entertain Women.
A free motion picture of “Room*
veit's Rough Rites” at San Juan
hill will be shown, and the vtgglng
ladle? win be given an entertain*
ment at the Woman's chib rooms.
In the Masonic temple by the 8hel«
by Auxiliary of the Spanish-Amerl
can war and the members of the
Woman's club.
The headquarters for the two day
convention, or reunion, wdl lbestthe
Hotel Charles and aU vteRtat dele.
An outstanding company
sanution of the boys who
in the conflict from IMS
will be 30 members of Ofcpt
nah’s old Company ~H“
A prise will be offered 1
company having the greatesl
her in the giand paradeTu®
noon, while ancfber prise wil
the single company havini
greatest number of’their oh
pany in attendance.
Officials hi charge of thy
talnment here state that n
the visitors to the biggest v<
non Shelby has had to w
start coming in Sunday nig*
, The program of
for the two big day;
died by the Spaniah
eram here in th*
Gardner camp assist
tary. Kiwania. anil
along with other c
organizations. Mae
Jenkins, R. E. Can
Logan and J. F, Ri
tng leading roiea in
city for the Invasion
of M.
Miss Essie
daughter of Mr,
Burgess, well
family, died early
ing at the home of her .parents al
ter an illness of more than a year.
Funeral services were held this
afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Sec-.
ond Baptist church with Rev, Rush
Padgett conducting the services
Interment was in the Soar ceme
In addition to her bereaved par
ents Miss Burgess is survived tv
three brothers. Claude and John of
Hickory; and Orady, of Mexico: al
so two sisters. Mrs. Tom Dixon,
of the Sinai section, and Mrs, D L.
Grant, of Shelby. . J
Cleveland To Get
State Road Money
Raleigh* June 2T.-Oounti*s
North Carolina* Wilt »ce
first money from the
county aid road hind Am
has been aonoupoed
Ross, at
way com

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