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MONDAY. JULY 15. 102!) Published Monday. Wednesday . and Friday Afternoons By man, per year (inadvance) mo
* Carrier, per year (in advance) 13.00
VOL. XXXV, No. 81
The Markets.
Cotton, per pound (__19c
Colon Seed, per buf ......
40! 2
Cloudy Tonight
N. C. clOudy twilight and Tues
day. Probably ov'a.sional showers;
somewhat cooler J tonight in east
and central portions.
With Judg
on the bene
ty recorder’
faced one
recent weeks,
from all over
ncm the C
:r’s vourt
of tfce hea
eks. Jntere
aver ft he ct
orace Kennedy back j
'leveland coun- j
this morning
heaviest dockets of j
nterested spectators
county were in
attendance, participating in various
hearings, and; while the cases tried
were, for the most part, of minor
importance, all the deliberations
were watched with keen interest bv
the cfowd completely filling the
court room auditorium. Judge
Kennedy has been on vacation to
Morehead City and other points.
Local Firemen
To State Meet
Members of the Shelby lire de
partment in fine fettle and spirits
left the city early this morning for
Hendersonville where they go to
attend the four-day session of the
North Carolina firemen convention.
The annual firemen's tournament
is always an event anticipated with
the keenest interest and pleasure
and attracts a large attendance.
Arrangements have been mads
by the officials of the Shelby fire
department by which half the fire
men are to attend the first two
days of the session and then re
turn home, so as to allow the other
half to enjoy the final two days or
.the tournament.
Those leaving here this morning
to attend the first two days includ
ed the following: George Elam, J.
Dover, Everett Dellinger, Taul
Hawkins, R. G. Mauney, George
Johnson, John Stowe, C. H. Esk
ridge and Joseph Carroll.
Those to Igave Wednesday for the
final two days will include: J. L.
McDowell, Charles Magness. Dee
Elmore. J. C. Caskey and Chief J.
R. Robinson.
In addition to the Shelby fire
men, other Shelby city officials and
a part of the public of the city will
endeavor to go to Hendersonville
for a portion of the four-day meet
Time For Filing
Property Ends
Saturday was the final day for
listing property for taxes in Cleve
land county and throughout the
day the office of Tax Supervisor
Newton was thronged with people
anxious to comply with the law
before the closing hour. The stat
utes of the state provide that those
failing to list their property in ac
cordance with the law shall be fin
ed $50 for failure to list the “poll
tax and there shall be added 25 p t
cent to the property valuation.
The tax supervisor says that some
interesting facts are revealed by the
figures filed with him. For in
stance, there appear to be ju r„
about an equal number of automo
bile and dogs returned in Cleve
land county for taxation, this
number being in the neighborhood
of 8,000 while strange to relate,
there are decidedly more people here
owning automobiles than own
watches or clocks of any descrip
Revival Meeting On
At Falhton Church
A revival meeting started at
Fa'.lston Baptist church Sunday
and will run through this week
Services each morning at 10:30 and
each evening at 8. Rev. G. P. Aber
nethy doing preaching and H. B
Easom Is conducting music.
A revival meeting will begin at
Sandy Plains Sunday. July 21. The
pastor. Rev. G. P. Abernethy, will
conduct the meeting.
Former Resident Is
Back On Visit Here
Dr. Allen McBrayer, a native of
Shelby, butt who is now stationed
a Chipley, Fla., where he holds
the post of assistant state veteri
narian of the state of Florida, has
arrived in Shelby for a visit to
-friends and relatives. Dr. McBrayer
has a month’s vacation, a portion
of which he has been spending at
Little Rock, Ark., and from which
point he drove to Shelby. The
young man says he likes his Flor
ida location and work very much.
Lattimore School
To Open August 5th
The Lattimore school which was
scheduled to open July 29th has
been changed to open August 5th,
according to Committeeman Wilson.
This school has an enrollment of 7E0
and starts early because it suspends
school work for about six weeks dur
ing the cotton harvest to allow the
ehlltiren to help in the field.
Preacher Pays
Brief Visit To
King In Prison
Report Of Disagreement Among
Defense Attorneys Meets
Stout Denial.
Chester. S. C.. July 13 —Reports
received here tonight that some
of the defense counsel in the Rate
King case would not take part in
efforts to obtain a new trial for
the condemned man. sentenced to
be electrocuted on September 20.
were vigorously denied by the local
defense counsel.
Every member of the staff which
appeared in the trial, it was stat
ed. will work to help the doomed
man obtain a new trial, and if
they are successful before the
state supreme court the same at
torneys will battle again for him
in court here. How the report got
started could not be learned, and
the brakes were quickly applied to
the flying rumor which was said
to have been heard in several
King spent a quiet day in the
Chester prison He said he was
feeling fine. Despite his troubles
he is optimistic and cheerful.
The prison chaplain. Rev. James
Ellison Jones, a Baptist minister,
visited him in his cage for the
first time today, and read to him
the 51st Psalm, wherein David ex
pressed his great sorrow to God
and showing divine forgiveness for
his double sin of violation of the
seventh commandment with Bath
sheba, wife of Uriah, and sending
her husband to the front of the j
battle to be killed.
The minister had a long talk and !
prayer with the doomed man. He
said King was very receptive to the
talk, prayer and discripture, ar.u
begged him to come to sec him
New Money About
Exhausted Here
Shelby banks report that their
supply of new currency of the small
er size received here last week, has
been practically exhausted. All of
the new $1 have been paid out and
while the banks have a few of the
$10 and $20 denomi:~itions, these
are just about exhausted. The new
size currency was received by the
First National Tank of Shelby and
the Cleveland Bank & Trust Com
pany and there was said to have
been a brisk demand from the very
start when the public became aware
the new money was available. One
of the local banks received a total
of $12,000 and it was gobbled up in
short order.
Local bankers say that while the
money has been paid to individuals,
it certainly has not attained any
general circulation and those fortu
nate enough to get a supply of the
new bills appear to be keeping them
for souvenirs. •
First Prize Winner*
On Coal Guess Split
The pile of coal placed in the
show window at the Gilmer old
store room by the Nat Bowman
Coal Co. brought fourth several
thousand guessers at the weight.
The pile contained 2145 pounds and
the two nearest to perfect were
Dwight Humphries and*J. L. Put
nam, both of whom guessed 2144.
They decided to split the first prize
which was a ton of egg coal. Oth
ers winners were P. H. Jones sec
ond. Robert Hord third, Mrs. L. A
Gettys fourth, C. R. Doggett fifth
and Mozell Brackett sixth.
Many Register For
Election On Bonds
L. Z. Hoffman, registrar for the
special school bond election to be
held in township No. 6 was engag
ed all day Saturday in issuing reg
istration certificates at the tem
porary offices in the court house
and Mr. Hoffman reported at the
close of the business day that a
number of certificates had been ob
tained by interested voters. There,;
istration books are to be. open for
only one more Saturday
Dr. H. A. Newell of Henderson
was a Shelby visitor today, calling
on members of the American legion.
Dr. Henderson is one of the lead
ing candidates for commander of
the American legion of the state,
the convention to be held at Ra
leigh. August 25th to 27th, inclus
— Fliers Set Endurance Record —
Loren Mendell and R. B. Reinhart after (lyinj the Angeleno for 240 hours and 44 minutes and srtting a
new high mark for refueling tests, landed their plane last Friday afternoon at Culver City. Cal. They
flew a total of 19,160 mile*. Picture above shows plane being refueled while In the air, and inset, the
two aviators.
Cleveland County Citizens
Give Sentiments On Levies
For Hospital And Workers
Refused Use Of Car, Boy
Shoots And Wounds Father
Perry Philbeck Empties One Barrel Of Shot
Gun Into Parent’s Face And Neck. Makes
Escape And Is Still Being Sought All Over
The County.
Said to have become enraged because his father would
not permit him to use the family automobile yesterday.
Perry Philbeck, 17 years of age, shot and seriously wounded
his father, John Philbeck. 40, at their home at the Monroe
Poston plantation, about one and one-half miles from Shelby,
at 9 o’clock yesterday morning.
i sea snot uun,
The youth employed a shot gun
and the entire load of a barrel took
effect in his father's face, neck and
shoulder. The injured man was
rushed to the Shelby hospital where
hospital attaches said this morn
ing that he will recover unless
complications set in.
Young Philbeck agreed to accom
pany the county officers to the
county jail here and aid start witu
them in an automobile, but when
at a filling station near the edge
of the city, he asked to get out a
few minutes and made good his es
cape. No trace has been obtained of
him since that time, although of
ficers have scoured the entire
county and are still prosecuting a
vigorous search for him. It is be
lieved that he will be apprehended
within a few hours.
Mother Took Hand.*
Reports have it that the youth
was advised by his mother, ‘ Ask
your daddy to let you use the auto
mobile and if he won’t do it. then
jump on him and beat him up'' but
instead of taking this advice the
boy secured the shot gun and em
ployed that weapon.
Several Shelby anti Cleveland
county officers went .‘o the scene of
the shooting, these including Chi»f
of Police Poston, Patrolman Put
nam, Sheriff Alien and others and
they are prosecuting the search for
the youth all over this section. The
general opinion is that he is stili
in Cleveland county and the offi
cers are confident that he will he
taken into custory before very long
Hudson Hartgrove, W. D. Bab
ilngton and Claude Hamrick were
visitors in Charlotte Sunday
Man Arrested With
Four Pints On Him
Lonnie Cooper, white man mho
claims to hail from Alabama, was
arrested at Beam's corner in the
heart of the business section of ttu
city Saturday, with four pints of
liquor on his person. The arrest
was made bv Patrolman Putnam
and the accused, being unable to
give bond, was placed in the coun
ty bastile. It is said that Coopei
had cut a hole in his vest and had
two pints of the contraband con
cealed therein and the other twe
pints were in his hip pockets. He
said he had contemplated dispos
ing of his wares to the thirsty here
at 2 per throwt
I —.....
Big Fight Program Planned Here
Cheering news to all the fight
fans of Shelby and vicinity is con
tained in the announcement made
here this morning by Arthur Sid*s
to the effect that he Is arranging a
gala occasion, to be presented iui
der the auspices of the American
Legion post on Saturday. July 20 o.
the following Saturday. July 27.
and it is predicted that this will
be one of the most largely attended
athletic events Shelby has ever
seen. The promoter in question has
gone to great expense to obtain th?
best available talent for tnls af
fair. and if Shelby people fail to
patronize this event, it will t -t be
because second raters are on the
card. The men who are to exhibit
their wares here, both boxing and j
wrestling, are among the top-notch-j
ers and the fight fans of the city
are probably going to appreciate
Headlining the coining attraction
will be the initial apcparance in
Shelby of Jack Cunningham, her
alded over the country as the
"Colored Ark Dempsey." who will
take on Sam Brown of Winston
Salem in a 10-round bout. The twj
negroes are Heavyweights, Cunning
ham weighing in at 185 and Brown
at 200. Cunningham is a college
graduate and has already made a
great'name for himself as a fight
er, while Brown, who has seived in
the United States navy, is known
as the "Winston Wildcat." This go
promises to be one of the best ex
hibiUrns ever seen in Shelby.
One of the preliminary bout a wUlj
be between Logan "Baby" Carr and
Jerome Spangler. These two bovi
are Shelby products and are fav
orites with all the fans here. They
will weigh in at about 135 pounds
and will step six rounds.
The piece de resistance of the
evening will be the wrestling match,
two out. of three, between George
Romanoff and Joe Turner. Roma
noff, said to be a magnificent spec
imen of manhood, played the part
of Tarzan in "Tarzan of the Apes,”
motion picture sensation, whi'c
everybody in North Carolina knows
Joe Turner and knows what sort of
wrestler he is.
Present indications are that the
Thompson building auditorium will
be taxed to its utmost capacity
when tlic bell rings to start the
events of this ambitious program, j
Newspaper Endeavors To Ascertain
Taxpayers Wishes On
Health Work.
Several days ago The Cleve
land Star addressed 100 let
ters to citizens in widely sepa
rated sections of the county
making inquiry as to the posi
\ tion taken by the recipients on
the matter of Cleveland county
devoting five cents per $100 tax
valuation to the matter of pub
lic health in this county. The
proposal would not contemplate
adding the five cents, but on
the o\hcr hand, would take
that portion from the pro
posed 15 cents per $100 decrease
to be made In the county tax.
It Is explained that the coun
ty tax rate is to be reduced 15
cents per $100 valuation as a
result of the increased equali
zation fund and the fund to be
derived from the gasoline tax
and the idea as advanced is
that this reduction in Cleve
land county be made only 10
cents per $100 instead of 15
cents per $100, the five cents to
be used for employing a county
health nurse, a full time county
health director, and building
a county addition to the hos
pital here. If the county au
thorizes the sum of $3,750 for
a health nurse and health di
rector, a like sum will be pro
vided by the state, and the
Duke Endowment fund has
made offer to Shelby that if
this county will supply $25,000
(Continued on page twelve.)
Truck License
Case Appealed
In S. Carolina
High* as Ttepartment There Not
Satisfaction With Injunction
Of Jurist.
Cleveland county people and oth
ers in North Carolina have beer,
laboring under the impression that
the matter of South Carolina re
quiring all North Carolina trucks
entering that state to buy another
state license had been settled, but
It now appears that this was In er
ror. The state highway commission
of South Carolina has given official
notice that it plans to appeal from
the recent injunction issued by
Judge Thomas S. Seasc at Gaffney
in which Judge Sease held that
South Carolina had no right, to col
lect such license fees, and therefor"
the case will have to be argued in
The following is a dispatch from
Gaffney on the subject:
“George W Speer, attorney here
for the Ray Contracting company
of Charlotte, has been notilied by
the attorney general's office at Co
lumbia that the state highway
commission Is to appeal the truck
license law decision of Judge
Thomas Sease of Spartanburg, w’hn
granted a temporary injunction to
the Charlotte concern a few day?
ago and allowed that company to
operate in South Carolina without
buying Palmetto state license*
Their trucks are equipped with
North Carolina tags. The state
wt:i be allowed 30 days In which to
file Its case of exceptions to the
order handed down by Judge SfR*e
Mr. Speer said. Trial of the cas‘
by the supreme court, has caused
considerable Interest here.’’
Nail In Foot, Blood
Poison, Death Results
Little Hilda Edmondson twelve
year old daughter of Mr, and Mr;.
Prank Edmondson of the Lily Mill
village stuck a nail in her foot a
few weeks ago and blood poison
set in, with the result I hat the child
died Friday of last week at the
Shelby ho.^>ital where It was a pa
tient for a day or so. The accident
happened about July 4th and it
looked for awhile that the injury
would amount to nothing, but in
fection caused blood poison and the
little girl suffered intensely until
death relieved her pain.
The funeral was conducted Sat
urday morning at 10 o'clock at
the home of the parents by Re".
T. B Johnson of LaFayette Stre-i
Metnodist church and interment
was in Sunset cemetery. The ch'lri
is survived by its parents, three sis
ters, Annie, Ellie and Ora Bell and
four brothers, Willie, Walter, Bovd
and Donald. She was dearly be
loved by all who knew her and wit!
be greatly missed in the commun
ity. Serving as pall bearers were
her school mates.
Masonic Meeting
Draws Attention
Much Interest is being manifest
ed all over the Cleveland county
district meeting to be held in Cleve
land Springs hotel here next Wed
nesday night at 8 o'clock at which
time two high state officials, the
Grand Master and the Grand sec
retaary. will be in attendance. J. F’.
Roberts, district deputy grand mas
ter for this district, has issued an
appeal to all. Masons in Cleveland
county to mrke every effort to be
in attendance. The program has
been arranged with unusual care
and promises to be interesting and
instructive throughout. It is a fore
gone conclusion that the attend
ance from all sections of the coun
ty will be large.
Man Arrested Here
For Theft Of Cows
To Serve Life Term
Cleveland Officers Bag South Carolinian
Wh6 Violated His Parole. Cherryville Man
Operating Truck Taken Into Custody On
The Same Charge.
Free of parole from the Greenville County, S. C„ chain
Kang where he was serving a life sentence for the murder of
“ negros, Charlie Martin, white man. was arrested here Fri
day by Sheriff I. M. Allen and deputies on a charge of steal
ing two cow's in South Carolina and has been sent back to
South Carolina, where he will be sent back to the ohaingang
for the remainder of his life, his parole being automatically
revoked by his arrest here. Taken into custody by the Cleve
land county officers at the same time was Arthur Hallman,
Cherryville man. and he likewise was takeif back to South
( arolina to stand trial on a charge of having been implicated
in the theft of the South Carolina cows.
Playing Dates
Are Announced
By League Head
rirvrlftnd County l.raiur Srhrdulr
For July And August Is
Now Complete.
J R Robinson, president of the
Cleveland county baseball league,
which got away to a most auspici
ous start Saturday, has completed
the work of drafting the playing
schedule for the remainder of the
summer months and has given same
to The Star for publication. Mr.
Robtnson suggests that all the clubs
in the league clip the following and
preserve same so that they will
know from week to week what
clubs are playing:
Saturday July 20.
Lily-Union at Shelby; Cleveland
Knob Creek at Shelby: Eastslde
Boiling Springs at Boiling Springs;
Dover-Lawndale at Lawndale.
Saturday July 27.
Lily Mill-Cleveland Cloth at
Shelby; Eastside-Dover at Shelby;
Knob Creek-Union at Union;
Lawndale-Boiling Springs at Boil
ings Springs.
Saturday August 3.
Lily Mill-Eastside at Shelby:
Cleveland Cloth Mill-Dover at She)
by; Knob Creek-Boiling Springs ai
Knob Creek; Lawndale-Union at
Saturday August 10.
Lily Mill-Bolllng Springs at
Boiling Springs; Cleveland Cloth
Mill-Lawndale at Lawndale; Eaat
slde-Unlon at Shelby; Dover-Knob
Creek at Shelby.
Saturday August 17.
Lily Mill-Lawndale at Shelby;
Cleveland Cloth-Boiling Springs at
Shelby; Eastside-Knob Creek at
Knob Creek; Dover-Union at Un
Saturday August 24.
Lily MUl-Dover at Shelby; Cleve
land Cloth-E&stside at Shelby;
Knob Creck-Boiilng Springs at
Boiling Springs; Lawndale-Unicn
at Lawndale.
Saturday August 31.
Lil^ Mill-Eastside at Shelby;
Cleveland Cloth-Dover at Shelby;
Knob Creek-Boiling Springs at
Creek; Bolling Springs-Unlon at
Each Shelby team plays away
from Shelby twice In eight weeks.
Kings Mountain Is
Scene Of 2 Raids
Kings Mountain policr officer, I
have been unusually active during
the past few days in waging war on
liquor dealers, with the result that
they had several defendants in
county court here today charging
possession of contraband.
Friday afternoon police officers
of Kings Mountain made a search
at the home of General Hoard in
Kings Mountain but lound no H
quo.-. Nothing daunted, the offi
cers lay in wait and Friday night
they arrested General Hoard and
Graoy Joy as they were loading
two and one-half gallons of whis
key into a new Chevrolet coach. The
liquor and car were seized and the
two defendants Jailed.
The officers also searched the
Harvey Hanner home wherr th-sy
found a trap door in the wall and
discovered two pints of whisky and
a pint of wine. Albert and Claude
Hanner w:ere taken into custody
and brought into rourt here today
Kings Mountain officers taking
part hi the raids were Chief of
Police C. S. Hedrick and Police
man H. G. Ware and H. C. Hicks
Texas goat-raisers are demanding
increased protection, and congress
would do well to conside' tne
claim This tariff is going to need
a scapegoat.--Louisville Courier
When Sheriff Cliff Bramlett of
Greenville county arrived here to
lake his prisoner* back to the Pel.
metto state he was accompanied txr
the owner of the two cows and that
worthy, after ascertaining: that tt
would cost *30 or *40 to Uke the
cows back to South Carolina, sold
the animal* to Sheriff Allen. He
•said that he got more out of the
deal In this way than wOuld have
been possible had he atood the ex
pense of taking them back by true*.
Ran Oat Of Gas.
It appeara that Martin and Hall
man arrived in Cleveland county
early Friday morning, hauling the
two cows in a truck, said to be" the
property of Hallman. They axe re
ported to have run out of gas at ,a
point about three and one-half
miles from Shelby and placed the
cows In the barn of a Mr. Tram
mel. after which they came to Sha'
by and attempted to dispose of the
bovines. One of the men they ap
proached in an effort to make the
aale became susplci9us and rotlfM
the sheriffs office wi^ the mult
that Sheriff Allen began to investi
gate. He finally located Martin
and although that Individual gave
several fictitious names, the sheriff
found the peroie document from
the South Carolina authorities and
Martin admitted hia identity. He
was placed in the county .tall and
a search was started for Martin.
He was finally located and etatpsan
that he was Innocent* party to
the transaction and that the truck ■
he was driving was the property
of the town clerk of CherryrlUe.
The sheriff ascertained, however,
that the license tag had been dis
figured. a 4 being changed to a I.
and accordingly Hallman was alio
placed in Jail.
Many Other Warrants.
Inquiry made by Oheriff Allen ovfe?
the telephone elicitodthe Inforiie
tlon that two cows had been Meted
in Greenville county and that of
ficers there were seeking the lost
animals. When informed that
Martin was being held here, they
ssid that the man in question had
been convicted of killing twtT ne
groes in South Carolina and had
been sentence* serve the * M
mainder of his life on the Green
ville county chain gang. They satd
that he served about three and
one-half years of the life sentence
and that about four months ago he
was paroled by Governor John G.
Richards during good behavior. The
Greenville officers also vol untewed
the information that they had been
conducting an exhaustive search
for Martin, as they are ' holding
about 25 warrants against him .to
South Carolina, charging a num
ber of offenses. However. It- is not
probable that he will be tried on
any of the latter charges, as he
faces spending the remainder of his
life on the Greenville chaingang by
having forfeited his parole.
Patrolman Makes
\y Initial Arrest
Justice of the Peace Sylvanus
Gardner of Shelby ’had the dis
tinction last week of trying the first
case brought by North Carolina
state highway patrolmen against
any mot%£ist, according to Vest
available information. Prank Baber.
Shelby man who bought a new
automobile July 1 and had failed
to obtain any license tag therefor,
was arrested by Patrolman Moors
and taken before the local juatlce
for trial. Sentence was imposed
that the defendant pay a fine of
flO and costa, the 910 to be sus
pended if a license tag was obtain
ed before the car was moved and
this was complied with.
The new patrolman have been
spending all their time in issuing
warnings to auto owners and
drivers and it is stated op good au-,
thoritv that the Shelby aroost «u J
the lint made in the state.

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