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    Children Read A
Million Books
More thin 1.200.000 library books
were read by the children in the
standard elementary schools of the
state during 1928-29. according to
the records just compiled by the
state superintendent of public in
struction, from the reports for
these schools.
In the standard elementary
schools of the state alone, there are
now more than 270,000 volumes with
more than 113,000 of these in the
rural schools. And these carefully
selected, interesting books have
been widely read, for the records
from the schools show more than
70.000 rural children reading li
brary books and 600,000 volumes
loaned during the year.
In the standard elementary
schools tn the cities of the state
there are today more than 165,000
“I WAS (tittering from
stomach trouble, in 19)7,”
uts Mr. C. K. Nelson, a
a work train, I
I) a condition
gave up tad
t. I could not
ditton. Some one told
me about Black-Draught.
1 atarted taking it ta
small doaee after meals.
It helped me, and I went
back to work."
library book:, being read by 60.0001
children. Tho circulation record ol ;
1.200.000 volumes read by rural and!
city children is for the standard I
elementary schools only.
In many other elementary schools I
I throughout the state, libraries arc j
being built up, and the children arc
eagerly taking advantage of the op
portunities offered them for ac
quaintance with good books
Five years ago, except In some of
the cities, very few element a rv
schools had even small libraries, and
only here and there In the rural
schools were books found suitable
for the children beiow the high
school At. that time In the larger
rural schools, there was a total cf
less than 8 000 books for the more
than 100.000 children enrolled
These figures very clearly Indi
cate that the schools are bringing
up a generation of readers.
Alleged Deserter
From Army Taken
Belmont.—Ben C. Reeves, who Is
said to have escaped from United
States service at Fort Benington,
Ga . September 6. 1026. after eleven
months in the Army, was arrested
In Kings Mountain Saturday morn
ing at 10 o'clock, Belmont officer.?,
Caldwell and Leeper. went for him
Monday and took him to Fort
Bragg, turning him over to the
government authorities there.
The young man had lived in Bel
mont at one time, and had come
here Thursday to visit a ulster at
the Eagle mill village. He left
town Saturday morning at 9 o'clock
with another boy on his way West
again, when officers here heard of
It, and officers at Kings Mountain
were on the lookout for him as
he passed through.
r .. 1
Experienced Toppers and
Knitters, Also Loopers.
Wanted Experienced Fix
ers on S. & W., B-5 Machin
es.* Apply in person.
Marion Knitting
Mills, Inc.
Is a Prescription for
Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dengue,
Bilious FeTer and Malaria.
It Is the most speedy remedy known
Eskridge News
VOL. 1.
JULY 26, 192!).
NO. 26.
On Wednesday of this week
the 2 millionth Model "A" Ford
rolled off of the assembly line in
Detroit. It took Mr. Ford thir
teen months to build the first
million of the Model ‘‘A,-1 and It
only required six months and
twenty days to build the second
It takes enthusiastic public ap
proval to enable Mr. Ford and
his dealers to produce and sell
one million cars in six months
and twenty days. Mr. Ford said
that the next million will be
built in less than six months.
Teacher: •'Which Is farther
kway, Africa or the moon?”
Small boy: ••'Africa.”
"Africa? What makes you
think that?" •
■ ‘ Cause we can see the moon
and we can't aee Africa "
There were 3403 New Ford cars
sold In North Carolina during
the month of June. Our nearest
competitive make sold 1324. Ford
liked only 4# cars doubling the
number sold by the nearest com
petitor. These figures were tak
en from the records of the Title
Department of the Motor Ve
hicle Bureau.
A living room is just, a detour
on the route from the bedroom
to the garage.
Minister: 'Let. me hear how
far you can count ”
Little Bov: “One, two. three,
four, five, six. seven, eight, nine,
ten. Jack. Queen. King, and
We recently delivered Mr.
George Alexander a New Stand
ard Coupe. George knows a fine
automobile as well as he knows
fine jewelry. Stop in and ask
him what he thinks of both.
We deliered Mr. H. S. Speck
his second Model "A Tudor Se
dan the other day. If oner you
own a Model "A" you will always
want to come back.
Knox Hardin: “This is my la
vorite month. I wish it would
last forever.”
George Elam. ‘Yes, I have a
note due the first- of the month
If you are Interested tn a Used
Qar either for yourself or for
some of your renters it will pay
you to stop tn and see what we
have. We have some very good
bargains In Used Cars at the
present time.
♦ -
We delivered the A. Blanton
Grocery Company, of Shelby,
Marlon, and several other good
town, their third Model "AA"
Truck. We do not know how
many Model "AA" trucks they
have but. we do know that- this
is the third one bought from us.
and they are very enthusiastic
over the service they have re
ceived from the Ford.
We have also delivered the
following In the last few days:
Mr. J. Bynum Crow, Shelby
N. C., Tudor Sedan.
Mr. <3. H. Holcombe. Cleveland
Cloth Mill, Sport Roadster.
Mr. Tom Sweezy. Fallston, N.
C., Sport Roadster.
Mr. Ransom A. McEntire, No,
5. Shelby. N, C. Sport Coupe.
Mrs. A. F. McSwain. Route 1,
Lattimore. N. C , Tudor Sedan.
Mr. R. Horn. Lattimore. N
C. Tudor Sedan.
Mr. J B Francis, Shelby, N
C., Fordor Sedan.
Shelby Cotton Mill. Shelby, N.
C„ Model "AA Truck.
Do not put off buying your car
until Fall as we are expecting a
shortage of cars this fall. If you
wait till fall to buy your New
Ford you will probably have to
wait a few- weeks for your car
after you decide to buy it as we
always have a shortage in the
"Did you say gpur husband has
been deceiving you?”
Ves, the brute, he has been
walking to the office and spend-,
inc the bus fare I gave him
every morning.”
We will be glad to let you try
out one of the New Ford cars at
your earliest convenience. Let us
know when it will be convenient
Hon. D. W. Sorrell, State council
lor of the Junior Order, who will
deliver a short address at the in
itiation ceremonies of the local
Junior Order Monday night. Mr
Sorrell is a prominent attorney of
Durham, is past, gTand chancellor
of the K. of P. for this state, anJ
is prominent in civic and social
circles oi his city.
.1. G. Jones Celebrates Jfith Birth
clay. Personals Of 1’eoplr
Coming and Going.
(Special to The Star'
Mr and Mrs. W E. Canipe and
children have returned from a visit
to relatives near Toluca
Misses Onie and Ollir Mae Brid
ges spent n few days the past week
with Mr and Mrs. J, B Owens of
Sunshine. They were accompanied
by Miss Pearl Hefner.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S Derrick and
Mt.vs Marjorie Derrick and Misses
Onie and Olhe Mae Bridges spent
Sunday in Spartanburg with Mrs
Derrick's mother, Mrs. Rtcherson
Mrs. C. D. Weast .pent Monday
and Tuesday with her sister Mr:
A. c. Canipe.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lipscomb anti
children spent Sunday with rela
tives in Gaffney. ,
Misses Marjorie Derrick. OUn
Mac and Ouie Bridges and Pearl
Hefner visited Mrs Myrtle Holland
Mr. and Mrs V C Peeler and
little daughter. Mary Sue of Char
lotte, spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. W. G. Whitworth.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sellers and
daughter. Miss Susan and Miss
Alice Huffman spent Sunday with
his parents Mr. and Mrs. L. Sellers
of Cherryville
Mrs. M E. Bowling and daughter
Miss Dollie visited relatives .n
Gaffney and Charlotte the past
Master Jack Gantt of Behvood
spent the past week will! Mr and
Mrs. J. T. Ramsey.
Mrs. Q A Gantt and sister. Mis.
Joana of Kenver. Ky.. visited Miss
Verda Ramsey Tuesday.
Master Ralph Kale and little
Miss Juanita Kale spent'a part of
the past week with their grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sneed near
Mr. R. K McKinney and Mrs
Round Trip Tares And
Leave Sched. Rt. Tare
Rock Hill 7:00 AM $2.50
York 7:30 AM 2.50
Sharon 7:40 AM 2.50 j
Blacksburg 8:25 AM 2.25
Shelby 9:20 AM 2.00
Lattimore 9:45 AM 2.00
Mooresboro 9:55 AM 2.00
‘Forest City 10:20 AM 1.75
Spindale 10:25 AM 1,75
Rutherf’n 10:45 AM 1.75
Thermal C’ 11:15 AM 1.75
Marion 12:10 PM 1.50
Arrive Asheville 1 :40 P.
M. Returning special train
leaveS Asheville 7:15 P. M.
same date.
High class coach accom
modations for white and
colored. Plenty of room
for everybody. Refresh
ment car. Spend the day in
the “Land of the Sky.”
Ask Ticket Agents,
Marvin MeSwaln and Miss Anni
belle MeSwaln spent Saturday at
Blowing Rock
Messrs. Palmer McSwam. Ar
thur Hicks and Paul Roberts spent
Saturday night with Mr. Green
Hicks of Hickory.
Mr and Mrs. R H Ledbetter
spent Friday at Chimney Ro'k,
Mr. and Mrs Troy Hicks and
children spent a part of the paot
week at Charleston
Mr Pink Shytle and Miss Shir
lev Shytle and Quint Shvtle and
Mrs. Boyd Toney and little daugh
ter visited a part of the past week
at. Charleston.
Mr Guy Workman and children
spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Q.
W. Ramsey.
Mr. and Mrs. J T Ramsey and
Miss Mildred Ramsey spent Tues
day in Taylorsville where Miss Mil
dred will teach school this com
ing session,
Mr. and Mrs A Chandler and
Minnie Wilhelm visited relatives in
Charlotte and Fort Mills the past
Mr W. G. Whitworth and Homer
and Messrs Frank Baber and John
MeFnrley spent last Thursday at
Miss Mildred Ramsey spent the
past week-end with her aunt Mrs.
S. L. Gantt of Belwood. 1
About 75 relatives of Mr. J G
Jones gathered at his home on S
Morgan street Sunday to celebrat"
his 76th birthday. A bountiful
feast was spread and thoroughly
enjoyed by all present. They wish
ed Mr. Jones many more happy
birthdays and a safe voyage to the
next, mile post of his days.
Mr and Mrs. C. L. Ramsey have
moved into their home on Cleve
land Springs road recently pur
chased from Mr. J G. Dudley, jr.
Leaguers And Scouts
To Give Play Sunday
“Today the World Calls,” Is the
name of a pageant of modern mis
sions to be given at Central Meth
6dist church, Sunday night, July
”8 at 8 o'clock by the dramatic club
of the Epworth league of that
Those taking part in the play are
as follows: A Young Chinese, Juan
ita Cline; Hindu. Helen Bess: Jap
anese, Lois B Scott; Mexican, Mar
garet Watson; European Emigrant,
Alice Goode King: Negro, Amanda
Hams: Southern Mountaineer,
Nancy Coble; American Christian
ity, Marietta Hoyle. The gospel
messengers are: Peace, Marjie Ri
viere; Justice, Mary Louise Dorsey;
Brotherhood, Edwina Gidney; Un
derstanding. Mildred Laughridge;
Cooperation. Sara Riviere: Sacri
fice. Sara Harris; Service, Esther
“A Strenuous Afternoon” is the
name of the play to be presented
by the Boy Scouts of troop 5 of Cen
tral Methodist church at the same
hour. The characters are as follows:
Scoutmaster. V. C. Mason, jr; as
sistant scoutmaster. S. M. Blanton;
three patrol leaders, John Hovle.
Ed Post, jr, and John McClurd, jr.:
scouts of Eagle. Buffalo and Wolf
Patrols, all bovs in the troop, farm
er. Elgin Carothcrs; tough. Tom
Cottle: orderly. Charles Roberts;
little scouts. Joe McGinnis and
William Ingrain
The public Is cordially invited to
attend this service.
Farmers and county agents of the
sandhill section met at Carthage re
cently to discuss the pure se -d pro
gram advocated by Governor O
Max Gardner.
(Special to The Star.'
Next Sunday will be preaching at
Camp Creek. Sunday school will be
held at 9:30 and preaching at 11
U. n. invited to attend both .serv
Mrs. Everett e Whisnant and chil
dren spent last Tuesday with Mr,
and Mrs Roy Allison of Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Haney Smith at
Kings Mountain are spending this
week with Mr and Mrs. Will Bo
Mr. Thurman Byars. Misses Exit
Humphries, Eloise Hamrick, Wilma
and Myrtle Horton were visitors at
Mr. Johnnie Greene’s of Boiling
Springs, Sunday afternoon.
Those visiting at Mr. Rome Davis’
Sunday were, Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Price, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Price.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Humphries of
Gaffney, Mr, Thurman Byars, Miss
Exie Humphries, Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert McCraw. Mr Robert Jolley
Misses Aileen Jolley, Neressa Hum
phries, and Mr. Herman Humphries,
Mr. Tom Barnes has accepted
a position at Gaffney
Misses Wilma and Myrtle Horton
of Cherokee spent last week-end
with Miss Eloise Hamrick.
Mr. Herman Humphries is spend
ing this week with his brother Hom
er. at Gaffney.
Those calling at Mr. Dee Byars
Sunday were. Mr. and Mrs. Cleo
Pruette of Boiling Springs. Mr. Will
Humphries of Cliffside, Mrs. Jul
ius Price of Gaffney, Mesdames
Rome and Blaine Davis, Misses
Aileen Jolley, Neressa Humphries.
Ferleen Davis and Messrs Ftnnle
and Winfred Dans. Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Hawkins.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCraw
spent last Saturday right at Mr.
Andrew McCraw's of Robles.
Misses Inez and Bunah Davt,
| spent last week-end at Mr Frank
\ Bailey's.
Mrs Ola Christie and children arc
spending this week at Converse.
S. C.
Mr. and Mrs Bob Ledfoid ami
children ate visiting relatives n
j Lyman. S. C.
Mrs. Wayne Allison and children
of Florida, are visiting relatives
| here.
i Children of Miss Eloise Hamrick’s
! Sunday school class together with
! her motored to Irene Park for a
, picnic last Tuesday afternoon. All
(reported a fine time.
1 Misses Martha Allison and Min
i nie Greene visited Mrs. Dee Byars
| Wednesday.
Gastonia Voters
Favor Structure
Gastonia. July 24.—Citizens of
Gastonia yesterday approved a bon '
issue of $75,000 for construction of a
municipal building as a memorial
to World war soldiers and sailors of
Gaston county. The bond issue wav
carried by a vote of 745 out of a
registration of 812.
By virtue of an order of the su
perior court, in special proceedin'?
entitled "Nora Leister an£ W. i3.
Martin, executors, et al. vs. Gazzie
Martin, et al.” I will sell to the
highest bidder at the court house
door In Shelby, on Monday, Aug
ust 19. 1929, at 12 o'clock or within
legal hours, the following real es
tate and personal property, to wit:
First lot: One house and lot in
the town of. Mooresboro on the east
j side of Gillespie street, beginning at
an iron stake in Dr. E. W. Gibbs’
line and running thence with said
line S. 33 W. (va. 1 1-4) 120 feet to
an iron stake in street and in the
Berry Green old line: thence with
said old line N. 54 W. 174 feet to an
iron stake in west edge of Gillespie
street. W. W. Green's corner: thence
along Gillespie’s street N. 34*1-4 E.
120 feet to an iron stake about three
feet from west edge of saia street;
thence a new line S. 54 E. 174 feet to
the beginning, containing 20880
square feet more or less. Magnetic
bearings as found July, 1915.
Second Lot: Same being that lot
deeded W. A. Martin by A. B. C.
DePriest and.recorded in book 2-Z,
page 82 of the office of the register
for Cleveland county. North Caro
lina, Beginning at a stake on north
edge of Church street at corner of
brick building used for storing bug
gies and runs thence N. 34 1-4 E.
along with west edge of brick wall
191 feet to a stake on south edge of
Shelby-RutherfordWi road; thence
N. 56 3-4 W. 49 feet with street *o
a stake, Martin and Brothers cor
ner; thence S 34 1-4 W. 191 feet
with Martin's line to a stake on edge
of street; thence S. 55 3-4 E. vl
feet to the beginning, containing
9359 square feet. Same being lot
No. 2 in deed made by S. S. Roy
ster and wife and D. B. McBrayer
and wife and registered January 31,
1910, in book 2-V. page 193.
Also the following personal prop
erty :
5 shares of the capital stock of
Farmers and Merchants bank of
Mooresboro, N. C.
1 share of the capital stock of
Mooresboro Cotton Oil mill,
One $50 00 Liberty bond of Unit
ed States government.
Terms of sale: One-third cash
day of sale, balance December 1
Deferred payment to bear 6 per
cent interest. Title reserved until I
full purchase money is paid.
This the 18th day of July, 1929.
Route Two Shelby
Personal Mention ;
(Special to The Star t
Shelby R-2.—Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Hardin and family spent Sunday in
South Carolina.
Mrs. Jerome Wilson is sick at
this writing. We hope for her a
speedy recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Reep and Mrs
Lennis Anthony and little son cf
Lin coin ton spent awhile Sunday aft
ernoon with Mr. and Mrs. W. D
Mr. and Mrs G. W. Ellis and
Eamily and Miss Kate and Milan j
Bridges motored to Chimney Rock I
Mr. and Mrs. J. C Kee of Hun- j
iersville arrived Thursday to spend
their vacation with Mr. and Mrs.
David Hardin.
Mr. and Mrs. George Irvin of
Forest City spent the afternoon ;
Sunday with Mr and Mrs. W W !
Cardenas, Cuba.—A typhoid fever,
epidemic which has caused tlv’
Cuban federal sanitation corps to
isolate this city took its first life.
Dassio Garcia Saurez, seven-year
old son of a prominent family, dint
early this morning after a two days'
Illness. Of the 73 known cases,
eight are reported incurable
Six new cases were being investi
gated this morning.
A cordon of municipal police, ru
ral guards and soldiers, stationed
along highways leading to the city
and at railroad stations, today pre
vented anyone from entering the
fever-infested city.
Each day witnesses long lines uf
resident before the public clinie
where compulsory vaccination is
given. The city water supply, held
responsible for the epidemic is be
ing chlorinated.
Forest City. July 24.—Services at
the First Methodist church of this
city, have been suspended for th?
past four weeks, in order that the
pastor, Rev. M. F. Moores. mlgh<
be able to take a vacation to re-1
cuperate from a recent, illness.
„ Mr. Moores has announced that
hr is finishing his vacation this j
week and will be in the pulpit next!
Sunday morning and evening. Rev 1
Mr. Moores states that he is veiyJ
gratetul for the rest given him b\ 1
the church and that he hopes the1
members are as anxious as he is tv
be back in their places In the
50 miles from Shelby. A i
delightful week-end trip or
evening drive. An Alpine i
setting on beautiful j
Radio Clerk: “I suppose
you are interested in the
new Electric Radios?”
Custotner: “I’d like a
demonstration of one that
works by gas if it’s any
There's nothing cheap a
bout the quality of SIN
OIL. These products have
been proven by test to be
everything we claim for
them. Their purity and pep
means greater satisfaction
and service to you.
Oil Co.
You save in purchase price when
you buy a Pontiac Big Six—be
cause no other car offering com
parable advantages can be bought
for less than a thousand dollars.
You save also' in operating costs
and in depreciation. In other
■words, you save in every May M-ilh
the Pontiac Big Six—America’s
biggest motor car value!
And here is what you enjoy!
More Speed
More Power
More Snap
More Style
More Safety
More C'omfort
More Value
A’o Increase in Prices?
Even though salea of
I ho Pontiac Big Sit
hate shattered all
earlier Pontiac records
—and eten though the
talus offered by this
car is without parallel
todaj-—the Pontiac Big
Sit continue* to sell for
the prices at tv hie h it
vas Introduced. Therm
has been no increase in
Pontiac prices!
Prices, $745 to SMS, ( a.
b. Pontiac, Mich., plus
delivery charges•
Bumpers, spring covere
and Lovejoy shock ab
ear here regular equip-’
merit at slight extra
cost. General Motors
Time Payment Plan
available et minimum
Consider the delivered
price as well as the list
price when comparing
automobile values . . .
Oaklend-Pont iar deliv
ered price* include only
reasonable charges
for handling and for ft.
nsneing when theTims
Payment Plan is uawL
i mNfiKr>u;zu
Sia pi nrierSiiit^
You bet this sale cf summer suits is timely. You have more than
a month to enjoy a summer suit this season as well as all next
summer. They're suits you'll really enjoy wearing, too , . , their
fine cool fabrics and smart style keep you feeling and looking your
Tropical Worsteds
CM light long Hearing wool incom
parably cool and styled right. In
light and dark shades.
The value of a lifetime pt
Kant Krush Suits
Ravocools . . fine durable light
weight fabrics at a saving you
can't overlook.
Shirt Reductions
Madrases. Percales,. Bcradclr'lr,
year round weigms
Wonderful values at
98c to $3.35
You ran always depend on
i soft Milan for smartness
and coolness. Get yours for
next season now.
Easy fitting, cool feel
ing straws; smart late
season models; just con
servative enc^» to in
sure tlieir being good
style next season.
98c to $1.89
These Sennit Straw sailors
have good lines and a
tool light weight you'll en
loy wearing. They're $5
139-141 S LaFayette St. Shelby, N. C PHONE No. 167
Store Hours: 8 A. M. to 6 P.M. 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. Saturday.
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