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    White Girl Marries
Negro In New York
New York.—Jerome S. reterson.
22, a negro, and Miss Edith r
Sproul. 31. white, bmh of New York,
were married recently at City
Both are medical students at Col
umbia university. The bride's fath
er. Albert E. Spro'ul; a photographer,
said he approved of the marriage
Bangor, Me.—Evidence that thej
iodfish of Maine waters are ini
league with the rum-runners was'!
found by three Islcboro fishermen.
In the stomach of a seven-pound)
red caught in West Penobscot bay j
they found a scaled bottled of |
whisky—a full quart- bearing an I
:mpoiir.g label. The fish, unlike
most cod. fought like a Penobscot !
salmon and the fishermen were over j
n half-hour getting him into their i
host I
!9x4.10 Speedway _$4.75
Jft*.? Goodyear _ 4.50
10x3 4 Goodyear _ 4.95
r,,x34 Goodyear. O. S._5.35
’9x4 40 Goodyear ....._ 5.95
t( Goodyear _ 6.60
\;i other sires earried in stock at
comparatively LOW TRICES.
1930 Buick Has New Body Lines
The 1910 Bulck make* it* debut
•hi* week on the showroom floor* of
arPt'oxi,T'3t^lv 4,000 dealer* through
out the country and, according to
factory officials at Flint, Michigan,
this new creation will prove one of
the outstanding sensations of the
year in both performance ami
The Buick line, a* in former year*,
I* divided into three series. The
wheelbase and the horsepower of all
model* of the three scries have been
increased. The wheelbase of the si*
model* of (he 40 series ha* been
increased from 116 to 118 inches and
the engine h:;* been stepped op to
801 [> horsepower.
Wheelbase on the two model* in
the series Si.' line i* increased from
121 inches to 124 inches and on the
rt* model* of 60 series from 129
inches to 1 '2 inches. Models in the
10 and 60 series have an engine
v.lvch wid develop 99 horsepo.wer.
Ail models in all series have an actual
speed well up in the seventies.
In addit'on to lengthening the
wheelbase, the car has been built
losver. Bcdv lines and contours have
been refined, the shape of the radl
itor revises!, the margin of the radi
ator shell diminished and thermo
statically operated shutters added to
the front. The result is a ear of
unusual hrautv, fleet lines and
obvious comfort. The body bears the
stamp of Fisher craftsmanship.
Many mechanical advances have
been embodied in the IV fO Hoick.
A steering w heel road-shock elimi
nating device is one of them and this
feature, coupled ss ith a fully adjust
able worm and roller type steering
assembly, makes the new car singu
larly easy to steer and handle at high
speeds on the open road and in slow
moving heavy traffic.
Semi-elliptic springs and double
acting shock absorbers are used,
together with four wheel internal
expansion controlled bervo brakes,
redesigned Itansmission and clutch,
improved rubber mo'or mountings
and a wider and sturdier chassis
frame. A sloping non-glare wind
shield Is another advancement incor
porated in the r.ew Buick.
Performance tests, conducted over
a period of several months at the
General Motors Proving Ground,
have demonstrated that its speed, hill
climbing ability and riding comfort
set a new all-around precedent in the
field of automobile travel.
Drying Up Springs
Of Local Business
Manufacturers Record
Short-sighted to the extreme are
manv of the great corporation?, in
cluding the chain store organiza
tions. which require that mon*v
coll'X'trd throughout tlie country,
instead of being left on deposit in
local banks to furnish a tasks of
credit for loral bus.ness, be rushed
to New York, sometimes by wire
and at other times by air mail or
fast express, in order that, it may
be utilized in supporting the stock
operations of Wall street specula
tors. The head of th~ corporations
responsible for this action do not
seem to comprehend that through
this system they are destroying the
prosperity of the very commumtie
on which their own prosperity de
Even chain stores in a city a;
large as Baltimore are being re
quired to send their money prompt
ly to New York. In some ol the
smaller places throughout the
country, the banks in which local
money has been deposited are re
quested to wile the money to the
New Yo:k office of these ehntn
store- A banker recently told the
editor of the Manufacturers Rec
ord that, one of the big insurant--'
companies of New York last year
•pent $25,000 for the purpose of
having money, rollcctrd at its vari
ous branch offices throughout the
country, wired to New York.
Are the people responsible for
this condition so short-sighted, so
narrow-visioned and so thoughtless
of general prosperity upon which
their prosperity must inevitably de
pend in the end. they cannot see
that in this way they are drying
up the springs which should irrigate
imd fertilize the prosperity of the
local communities in which th! ->
money is paid to the insurance
agencies, to the chain stores and to
other interests? This condition T»
as bad as to expect a cow to fur
nish an abundant supply of milk
even when all food has been taken
from her, leaving her no suste
nance from which to create mite.
The situation is so lamentable and
of such extreme importance to the
country that, unless some plan Is
found to overcome this difficulty,
and entirely new, banking system
may have to be devised by which
money will remain dispersed
throughout the country and not be
concentrated in the vast centers of
wealth. The enormous business of
the insurance companies, of the
chain stores and all kindred or
ganizations, absorbing a very large
proportion of the entire money of
the country, may in the end prove
disastrous to national prosperity
unless the men at the head of the.e
organizations are wise enough to]
alter their poliry of drawing money
away from the country Into t' c
great maw of Wall street's absorbing
power lor the temporary gain o'
lending on;.call at. exorbitant rates
of interest
If the Federal Reserve lxiard can
not meet this situation, then some
new financial system must tie d"- ]
vised 'o .save the country from this
dynamic, power for evil
Meet Of B. Y. P. U.
Slated For Aug. 18
Ellenboro. July 24.—The B Y. s».
U of the Sandy Run association
will meet, with Bethel rhiirch at
Ellenboro August 18 This com
prises the counties of Rutherford.
Cleveland, and Polk The following
churches will be represented, eac i
one to send two delegates: Alexan
der, Adaville, Bethel. Bosti Bctn
any, Big Springs, Broad River. Cane
Creek Caroleen Cliffside, Concord.
Drewrv Dobbins. Fair View, Forest
City, Florence, Hayes Memorial,
j Henrietta, High Shoals. Holsv
Springs, Mt. Pleasant (Cleveland
jand Rutherford', Sanov Run, Shi
iloh, Spindale, Sulphur Springs and
Trinity. Talks will be made by Revs,
jJames Ivey, of Raleigh, and W.
|Tate of Parolrt Mills. Caroleen will
give a demonstration of B Y P. lb
|work. Special music, will be given by
ja trained choir, in charge of Pi >
| lessor Blanton. About sno are ex
ipected for this mBe'lng.
Try Star Want* Ads.
may we iiaul your
refrigerator to the
/rT rjf
for your
Model H-73
OL might possibly get $5 for your
old refrigerator from the junk
We will allow: you $25 for it!
Eventually, you 'will buy an electric
refrigerator. But if you are truly thrifty
you will consider buying one, not
"eventually” but now. ;/f >;{.%>■;, ,
Consider this: Instead of selling your
ice box to the junk man for a few dob
lars, you may (for the next few weeks
only) trade it in for #25 as the full
down payment on the new, nationally,
famous Holmes Electric Refrigerator,
Model H-43. There isn't one rent of
cash to pay down, and the remaining
payments arc moderate.
What will we do with your old ice box?
Bum it— in one giant bonfire, along
with every other old, germ-breeding
refrigerator turned in to us!
In six months, the Holmes has become
one of the most outstanding, most
sought after electric refrigerators in
the country. It represents the highest
achievement of years of research. It
sets new standards for compactness,
beauty and sheer, utter simplicity. It
is backed by a double guarantee.
Art ntnr! This offer will definitely
expire very soon! Come in, see the
Holmes, check it point by point.
»i if flfi IE Si
Shelby Hardware Co.
Hollywood One of (hr really ,
fascinating stories m Hollywood i
Alice White Much lias been writ*]
ten about Alice Much of the copy
has earned a si mrr The White gnl
has -stood' out as the Cinderella of i
the screen even in her stellar glory. !
They've railed her dumb And
hayw ire. They've even sniffed at. j
her picture. How does the e, I j
away with It?" The answers were!
not always pretty
Alice knew what they said. She
didn't rare much. One saw this
by her her conversation, the
vague stories bandied around about
It was approximately a year ns >
that Alice's contract with First Na-j
ttonal neared completion Tti
was no talk of renewal H’r chic,'
■service to the studio bad bem play
ing ' atmosphere " In the tea' - taken
of newconuu.
And then Famous Flavors pm
chascd "Gentlemen Prefer Hloncies
They nerded a Dorothy. Alice way
tested. She cot the part It was a
lucrative way for her to conclude
her F N Contract; Shortly afl*r
her contract expired without being
Ahce was worried She believed
what people said They couldn't all
be wrong How did she get by?
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'
reached the public The White girl
profited Congratulatory letlrrs
pouted in First National perked
up. startled Alice had actually
clicked She actually had a follow
ing. and a large following. Una. -
nis'tomed studio speed. She was
offered a new contract at the same
salary stipulated in the option that
had been dropped $600 a week.
Ahce grabbed it, thankful for the
She was shoved into stardom
Frankly, she didn t know what tt
was all about. She just saw, sud
denly, that, she was the cinematic,
center of five celluloid reels She
learned slowly They still talked
about her. Alices personality will
always be the target for rcmmeti'
until she graduates lrom mental
Happen? m
But she did her best She worked
like a buck private in her last pic
ture, wherein she was called upon
to be a versatile musical comedy
trouper as well as lalky actress.
About this nme she met. Sid
Bartlett. Sid is tall and dean cut.
He looks others straight in the eye
He knows what it's all about. He
is known on the New York stagt
.Sid is a singer with a grand voice.
He met a lot of girls in Hollywood
He met Alice White They liked
| each other. The like grew to
friendship. It may have grown into
i love. One can t say for sure.
! Ahce intrigued Sid So did the
1 gossipy stories about l.rr. He has
1 discovered the stories to be founded
on verbal troth for the most part.
He has found, too. that there are
glimmermg depths to the girl,
depths befogged by uncertainty,
fluttery humor, tear. They've been
going together several months now
Alice has changed She's getting
acquainted with herself, which \> j
always a shock, it one wait* to ;
long. She's passed that, stage. Sh • !
has quieted. One doesn't hear hot
nervous giggle in public any more
She's stopped playing up to a cOid
Last week First National rit -
stroyed her old contract, dcstroyc i
it, before it expired. She has a nee
one and her salary has shot to ton:
plump figures a week A man who
really knows motion pictures said j
to me recently that if Alice Whi'e I
keeps her feet on the ground and
her head out ol the clouds withhi
two years she will he among th ’
biggest box office attractions the
screen has ever known
It's fascinating drama to see a
youngster survive extravagant pc
siflage and character stripping ol
conversational Hollywood. It’s fas
cinating, too, to realize that mil
lions of picture goers elect whop* .
they choose to stellar heights, re- j
aardless of native prejudice, pro ot
Sixteenth Child
For Hamlet Couple
Hamlet -The .sixteenth child was
born to Chief of Police end Mr.
T W Miller last week This makes
13 boys tor the chief, besides his
three fine daughters He hash t
fully decided but thinks he wi'I
name the latest arrival for Max
| WO ( lllf'AOO RANKS Ml Rfh.
into $2?o,i»on.on(< concern
Chicago, July 23. Consolidation
,,f i|V Foreman National bank and
the State Bank of Chicago was
completed tonight giving the new
organization total assets of $220, and making it the third
largest bank in Chicago.
Ti nners of ihc consolidation sent
he Stale bank's stock up more than
ttmi a share today to a high prtre
.f TO-iO after selling at $290 last
Harold F Foreman, president of
[he Foreman institution. will be
■hairman of the new boatd ivrul
Walter W Head president or the
Stats bank, becomes president of the
Birthday Dinner.
Friends of d ° Hartman. *3
rear ; of age w ho lives near Toluca
are planning to give hint a big
birthday dinner on the first. Sun
day in August, which will he Aug «
and they urge the general public to
attend and bring well filled basket
so that thr occasion may be man*
a big success for all concerned.
Salr Of Valuable Farm Properly.
Under and bv virtue of tlie au
thority conferred upon us tn a deed
of trust executed by F. M. Bartee
nnd wife, Bertha Bartee oti the
lRth day of November 1926, and re
corded in book of mortgages 141.j
pace 223, we will on
Monday. 29th day of July, 1929
at 12 o'clock noon
at courthouse door tn Shelby.
Cleveland county, sell at public
auction for cash to the highest bid
der the following land, to-wit:
Being Joined on th“ N. by John
Whelehel nnd Berry Green, on the
E by John Welrhel, on the S. by
Hub Crawley and Carl Huskle, and
on the W. by Tink Cobb; and b;
ing composed of those two tracts of
land conveyed to F. Marlon Bartree
by V. A. Humphries by deed reg
istered in book "NNN" page 431;
and by G. E. Scruggs and wife, by
deed registered tn book-page
nf the office of the register of deeds
of Cleveland county. N. C„ and be
ing described by metes and bounds
as follows:
Tract No. 1: Beginning on a
birch, Berry Green's corner on the
E. side of Ashworth creek, and run
ning thence N. 65 1-2 W. 56 1-2
poles with Burt Green's line to a
stone, his corner: thence N. 1 1-2
E. 94 poles with R. L. Cobb's line to
a maple. Cobb and Rupp's corner;
thence S. 89 1-2 E. 22 1-2 poles to
Ashworth creek. Berry Green s
corner; thence up Ashworth creek
Berry Green's line to the beginning,
containing Thirty-Two and Two
Thirds i32 2-3) acres.
Tract No. 2: Beginning at a pn t
oak stump and runs thence N. 3800
E. 7 78 rhs. to a stone; thence E.
41 00 E 7 30 chs. to a stone; thence
S. 13.45 E 13.00 chs. to a stone;
thence S. 50.15 W. 15.05 chs. to
thence S. 50 50.15 W. 15.05 chs. to
a poplar; thence N. 87.24 W. 12.80
chs. to a red oak; thence N. 77.30
W. 1090 chs. to a stone; thence N
55.15 \V. 1 45 chs. to a stake in
Ashworth creek; thence N. 33 30 E
4 50 chs. to a stake; thence N. 22.00
E. 5.50 chp. to a stake; thence E.
5.25 chs. to a stone; thence N. 48 00
E. 9 95 chs. to an iron stake; thence
N. 46 45 W. 4.80 chs. to the place
of beginning, containing Forty-Five
and 42-100 <45 42 acres.)
This sale is made by reason of
the failure of F. M. Bartee and wife,
Bertha Bartee to pay off and dis
charge the indebtedness secured by
said deed of trust to the Nor’h
Carolina Joint Land Bank of Dur
A deposit of 10 per cent will be
required from the purchaser at the
mis uie lain aay or June iajs.
OF DURHAM, Trustee,
Durham. N. C,
Bynum E. Weathers. Atty.
Your tongue
tells when you
Coated tongue, dry mouth,
bad breath, muddy skin,
groggy nerves and sour
stomach suggest its use.
Norfolk, Portsmouth & Richmond, Va.
Shelby to Portsmouth _ _$10.75
Shelby In Richmond -$9.75
Shelby to Old Point Comfort ___$10.75
Shelby to Virginia Reach . ... --$11.25
Tickets will bo sold for all trains August 9th. with
final return limit of August 14th. Tickets good in Pull
man cars on payment of regular pullman fare.
For further information and pullman reservations call
on any Seaboard ticket agent, or
JOHN T. WKST. 1). P. A.
Raleigh, N.
H. A. HARRIS. Agent.
Shelby, N. C.
5,000 Home* Receive The Star Every Other;
Day—Mr. Merchant Get Your Message To
The Home Through The Star—You Will Get
Results That Will Satisfy. _
sax m
price range
the four /
The Chevrolet Six Is scoring a sensational
nationwide success because it provides
everything you want In a fine, sturdy auto
mobile— yet it actually sells in the price
range of the four.
you can now buy in the
Six-Cylinder Smoothness
The Inherent balance of sii-cylinder,valve
in-head design assures the smooth, velvety
flow of power that distinguishes the fine
Six-Cylinder Acceleration
A non-detonating, high-compression cyl
inder head and automatic acceleration
pump give the new Chevrolet Six remark
able qualities of acceleration.
Better than 20 Miles to the Gallon
Chevrolet engineers spent years of research
and development to perfect a six-cylinder
motor that delivers better than twenty
miles to the gallon.
Beautiful Fisher Bodies
Rare beauty, smartness and comfort are
provided in the Bodies by Fisher. Hardwood
and steel construction gives them unusual
strength and safety.
Amazing Low Prices—Easy Terms
Roadster .
Phaeton • •
Coach .. • i
Sedan ...
Th* .Spurt
Cabriolet .
. *525
. *525
The Convert"
ible Landau •
The Sedan
The Lifthf
Delivery Chaeele«
The I ^ Ton
Chaeele ... •
The 14 Ton
('.hanli With Ceb *
All prices J o. v factory, Hint* Michigan
Crawford Chevrolet
Co., Inc.

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