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MISS MAYME ROBERTS— Social EHitnr—Phonr 256.
News Items Telephoned Miss Roberts Will tie Appreriaten
Of interest will be the followin'?
Mr O P. Irvin announces the rr
Easement of his daughter, Madge, m
Mr, J Lowery Austell of this city
The wedding will be solemnised o'
• t early date
Mrs. W H Yeago honored lie
guests with a delightful riinhc
Wednesday entertaining at )>.■
home on E. Sumter street OoVe>
were laid for Mr and Mrs i M
Washburn, Mrs. Devlin and daugh- j
ter, M4ss hristine Hord of Little >
Rock, Ark. Mr ,t. Y llord and Ml j
end Mrs. Yeago
Mrs. Hney
Gives Bridge Luncheon
Mrs Flay Hoey entertained tIn
South Washington bridge club and
a large number of invited guests
Tuesday morning at her home o i
S DeKalb street with a lovely
bridge Uinehron The living room
and six bridge tables were beau'i
fully decorated with zinnias, ros-s
and gladioli The high score prlz
was von bv Mrs Frank Hoey arn
the low score by Mrs. Madge Webb
Rilrv At the close of the games
the hostess was assisted by ivv
mother Mr C C. Me Braver. Mcs
dames Ernest Hoey. Alton Story, n
W Royster. Frank Hoev and Mi«s
Virginia Hoev In serving a com - i
plrie salad course with accessories
.lurtsnn Circle Of
Elizabeth Mrrt.
The Judson circle of the W M t’
of Elizabeth Church, met with Mrs
J A Cyrus; on Cleveland Spring:
road Monday p m the program
was very much enjoyed. The sub
ject of the lesson being on prayer
Good thoughts were brought out on
prayer; also interesting readings by
the members.
The socta! hour was spent at the
Chocolate Shop where refreshments
were served The members present
were Mrs. Mike L Borders. Mrs. T
C. Gardner. Mrs P M Maunpv.
Mrs John Mauney. Mrs Sammte
Wilson. Mrs. A P Spake. Mi ;
Geo Spake. Mrs Charles Wilson.
Mrs Lonnie Spake. Mrs Mack
Spake. Miss Ella Mae Mauney. Mrs
Ella Roberts. Mrs. J. A Cyrus, Mi ts
Lillian Mayes
Mrs. Fit* U«
Mrs Eitz Lee of Greenwood. R C .
the guest of Mrs. C. B Alexander,
was delightfully honored yesterdav
afternoon by Mrs. Alexander an.I
two daughters. Misses Elizabeth
and Augusta Alexander, with a
pretty bridge party at t,hetr honr'
on W. Marion street The rooms
and tables were arranged wttn
roses, gladioli! and other summer
flowers Sharing honors wirh Mrs
Lee were Mesdames Ed McCurry
and Robert Hord. recent brides, who
w—t each presented with lovely
gifts The high score prize was won
by Mrs B O Stephenson. The host
esses were assisted by Mesdames
Jimmie Blanton and Earl Larkin in
serving a delightful salad course
with accessories.
Birthday W
Mrs. McBride Poston honored he*
little daughter. Martha Jene. with
a pretty party, yesterday afternoon
at 4 o'clock at her home on Cleve
land Springs road In celebration of
her fourth birthday anniversary.
Mrs Poston was assisted in enter
taining the twenty-five little folks
by Mesdames Roland Elam and J.
S. Mull After playing Rames for an
hour or more they were invited t r
the dining room which was arrang
ed with garden flowers. and the
tab’e was centered with the large
whits birthday cake, holding four
tiny pink candles, where pink ir’
cream and cake were served
Little Martha Jene received man'
pretty toys and other gifts.
A wedding of much Interest ani
surprise to Shelby is that of Miss
Mary Helms to Mr Oren Champion
which took place in Gaffney. S C
on July 17.
The bride is the very attractive
and popular daughter of Mrs,
Made Helms of this city She is a
graduate of the Shelby high '•choc'
of the class of 1927.
The groom is the youngest son >1
Mrs. E. P. Champion of near Shel
by. He attended Carolina roller''
last year and since then has been
in business with Mr. Boyce Maunc'
of Shelby.
Their many friends wish them
much happiness and success for the
future. They will make their home
In Shelby.
Mrs. Story
Honors Guest.
Mrs. Alton Story delightfully en
tertained Thursday morning a*
10:30 o'clock at her home on S.
DeKalb street with a lovely bridge
party honoring her house guest,
Mbw Ruth Beam of Cherryville.
I The rooms weye decorated «t' i
quantities .of mixed summer flowers
The se\en Undue table,s were glar
ed with yellow i,res, holding r.V
•'iioi.Ins and. lace fern The honoree
was presented with a beautiful
boudoir pillow Miss Rub.v McBrav
er with a gue -I lowel for high sco'v
| prise and M s. Vic k Wray a greet,
•vase tor low score prize
The Hostess was assisted bv Mr
Flav Hoey and Miss Mary Whisnar.'
in serving a delicious salad course
with date loaf and puneh
At The Theatres
K»n Maynard, western sta- of hr
first magnitude, imp of the mosi
Stirling figures in the world of ac
tion on the screen, is the headliner
at iIn Webb today and tomorrow
in "The Royal Rider "
A good comedy offsets this ac
tion picture, and the Fables |iep up
the interest The “Pirates of Pana
ma." a serial also adds interest.
Thr Billie Dove picture of yester
day and the day before was highly
praised by Miss Dove's partisans,
who number practically nil theatre
goers Ollier big attractions arc
scheduled for early runs
New oil well.1, have been discover
ed on lands belonging to the ihrl
verslty of Texas at Austin A well
in Pecos county is turning out 20(1
barrels of oil per day and will add
miir.i lo the coffers of the univer
Nicholas .1 Sinnott, judge of the
court of claims for many years and
a former congressman from Oregon
died at his home m Washington
Penny Column
"twenty five oITthTr
TY crates of Cantaloupes for
sale at SI.00 crate. See I’ink
Riviere at Major Hopper's
Store. It
Boy Scout News
(By V. C. Mason, Jr,>
Reorganization of Troop 8.
Bov Scout troop 8 of the Cleve
land Cloth mill has been reorgan
i?r<1 and Is doing some fine work
This troop is meeting for the pres
ent at the Jefferson school build
ing with V. C. Mason. Jr., as scout
master The time of meeting is even
Tuesday night at. 7:30. There are
sixteen members of tnis troop at
the present time They are as fol
lows: J C. Matiney, Edward Cars
well. Ernest Pettigrew. Roy Sweezy,
t.uther Fleming, Colin Wright,
Banks Cashion. William Crocker,
Floyd Moore, J W. Smith, Moyle
Alexander and Curtis Hiatt. All
these boys ere working on t.lirir
second class scouts when hev go
to camp in August. This troop en
joyed a fine outing in the matin,”'
of a hike last Friday afternoon to
troop 2’s cabin
Troop Hvf.
Eighteen members of troop five
are leaving for camp next week
This was the same number we hart
last rear Those who will make the
trip are V C Mason, Jr;, scout
master; Elgin Carothers, George
Cabaniss. Hal McKinney, John
Hoyle, Robert, Toms. S M Blan
ton. William Ingram, Jr, Colbert
McKV'Rht, .1 R Crow, Edwin Gib
son. Tom Cottle, Joe Laughridge,
Ed Past, Jr Charles Roberts, Joe
McGinnis. Mai Spangler, John Mc
Clurd Jr We are giving a scout
play Sunday night at R o'clock at
Central Methodist church All Boy
Scouts in town are urged to eome
This play will be given at ramp next
Troop One.
Troop one of the Presbyterian
church will go to camp next week.
This troop is under the efficient
scoutmaster. Hugh Arrowood, and
tbev are making great progress t i
scout work
All scoutmasters are urged to
elect reporters for their troops and
have them send in news items to V.
C. Mason, Jr Every scout and
leader must have a medical exam
ination before going to ramp this
The accident, to the Zepchn prob
ably prevented some New York
tabloid from tarrying a signed stoiv
by the gorilla Miami New.,
We are receiving bids on new
cruisers,so as to get them done m
time to throw them on the next
naval conference scrapheap.—Dallas
The ground in the interior coun
try of Alaska sometimes freezes to
unknown depths
J. B. NOLAN CO. Inc.,
()iu> good 10 room residence on Marietta Street,
modern in every particular, and is a First class structure,
two Oaths. Lot 65x117 feet. This property can be sold
at $7,500.00. Will trade for a Rood farm.
One modern 5 room bouse on Hillcrest. The house
is complete in every respect and will please the most par
ticular buyer. Price $2,900.00. We can arrange easy
terms on this house.
One Rood vacant lot in West Shelby, 43x116 feet
deep. Price $800.00, or we will trade for property of
equal value. See us about this lot.
One modern 6 room brick residence on North Wash
ington street, lot 50x185 feet deep. Nice shade and a
double garage. This is a fine piece of property. Price
One nice 6 room residence on North Washington
street, modern in every respect. Lot 62x174 feet. Good
terms can be arranRed on this modern home. Price
On fairly good four room house in West Shelby, in
pood condition, and in good neighborhood. We will sell
this house for $1,100.00, or we will trade for other
We are offering for sale 125 feet of the best vacant
residential property in Shelby, located on North Wash
ington street. We will cut this property in two lots, to
suit the buyer. Price $50.00 per front foot.
47 acres in I.ogan store township, Rutherford
count.v. nar Spindale. Good five room house and out
buildings. This is good land and the location is the best.
Price $45.00 per acre. We can arrange easy terms on
this farm.
72 acres in Logan's Store Township. Rutherford
county, on Highway No. 181. and is known as the F. Ii.
Logart land. Good 6 room house and outbuildings. This
is a good farm and will suit any one looking for a good
farm at a bargain. Price $65.00 per acre.
We confidently believe that now is the best time to
I uy, and we tool that you will save money by buying
your property now.
U e handle all kinds of property. If you are inter
ested in selling or trading your property see us.
J. B. NOLAN CO. Inc.,
StlELBY, N. (\
Study Course Well Attended. Party;
On Trip To Mountains. B. V.
P. l\ On Pirnic.
'Special tr> The Star.'
July 2ft.— Tlie farmers in our I
community are about done wito |
their field work. Crops in this see-i
tion are growing fast and there is |
bright prospect for "good harvest
The study course taught bv
Miss Faye Glasco has been well a' j
tended the interest has been goof i
The examination will be given Frt- ;
day night. July 26.
Misses Ola and Fay Glasco,
had as their guest Tuesday and 1
Wednesday their cousin. Miss Aims I
Rell who is spending her vacation!
from the Baptist hospital with |
horn® folks near Shelby
Miss Cecelia Padgett has
visiting her school mates in
around Shelby this week.
Mrs R. W MeCurry and son
Dan spent (lie first part of the
week in Cherryville with Mr. and
Mrs G T Jarrett, Mrs MeCurry s
brother Mr. MeCurry and three
children motored to Cherryville
Wednesday night and accompanied
them home
Miss Padgett from near
Rutherfordton is visiting her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A H Padgett
and other relatives.
The following enjoyed a trip to
the mountains Wednesday: Misses
Faye and O'.n Lee Glasco and guest.
Miss Alma Bell, Misses Hannah and
Nancy McCurry and guest, Miss
Bertie Lee Throat Messrs. Alley
Jones. Ralph Callahan. Bill Glas
co, Fletcher. Albert and Gilbert M -
Ginnis They visited Chimney Rock,
Asheville. Marion. Bridgewater.
Ridgecrest and other points of in
Mr Fletcher McGinnis remained
over at Ridgecrest for the Sunday
school superintendent conference
which convenes there this week.
Every member of the party report
ed a very delightful trip
Miss Libbv McCurry spent last
Sunday in Cherryville the guest
of her friend Miss Annie VanDyke.
The junior B Y. P. U. enjoyed a
picnic near Mr. O. Z. Morgan's
Wednesday evening Interesting
games were enjoyed for awhile aft
er which the picnic supper brought
by all the boys and girls was served.
Such a bountiful supper of various
good things to cat as was brought
Every one present seemed to enjoy
themselves very much After the
lunch watermelon, fruit, and candy
was served There was a few mem
bers absent and these were missed
very much. A nice box of things was
sent to little Olin Humphries who
has been sick and could not attend.
Those present were as follows
Misses Sarah Doggett. Edna Brooks,
Ida McMurry. Vernell Padgett.
Margaret Mauney, Pearl, Bright
and Evelyn Glasco, Mary Lou and
Will Ellen McCurry. Messrs. Du
faye and Eugene Hamrick. Doris
Brooks. Ernest McGinnis. Robert
Padgett and Robert Morgan
Miss Selma Callahan had as her
dinner guests Sunday the follow
ing girls: Misses Pearl and Bryte I
Glasco. Lena Bridges. Mary Lou I
and Willrllen McCurry.
Miss Lena Bridges is spending'
this week with her sister Mrs, Er
nest Navy ol the Dovrr Mill village.
Mr and Mrs' Coleman Brooks
spent Sunday with Mrs Brooks'
parents. Mr and Mrs. Alfred Calla
Messrs Truman Bridges and
Tyree Greene have gone to Ra
leigh to work
Mr. and Mrs Ralph Hamrick and
sons Willard and Hoyt spent the
week-end in Charlotte witn Mr
and Mrs J B McGinnis.
Miss Ethel Humphries entertain
ed a number of her friends with a
party Saturday night. A number of
young people were present All
present reported a very enjoyable
Home Burns While
Owners On Vacation
fhivous Parker New Bungalow
Burned At Toluca. Birthday
Party For Miss Mull.
‘Special to The Star.'
Toluca, July 25—Last Saturday
evening, July 21, Mrs. Geo. P. Mull
gave a birthday party at her home
for her little 7 year old niece, Vir
ginia Mull, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Otis Mull.
Among those attending were her
little cousins. Marvin and Demar
Boyles. Ruth and Glenn Peeler.
Maggie and Novella Boyles. Ruth
and Eunice Hoyle. Others were
Vertie Hicks, Inez Wright, Helen
Goodson and Ruth Smith.
The marshmallow birthday cake
was very pretty, containing seven
candles. The little ones enjoyed a
very delicious dinner prepared by
Mrs. Mull.
Mr. Chivous Parker and familv
left Monday for a mountain trip
and returned Tuesday very much
saddened by the destruction of the;r
pretty new home and new barn by
fire. The fire was of unknown ori
gin. The burning occurred Monday
night. All the furniture of the house
burned except a talking machine.
Misses Annie Mae and Mildred
Kee of Huntersville spent the past
week with their cousins Misses Mary
and Joyce Ledford and attended re
vival services at Carpenters Grove
Mr and Mrs. Clinton Goodson of
Hickory spent last Saturday night
at the home of their uncle and
aunt. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Costner.
Mrs. S A. Sain spent last Sunday
afternoon at the home of her
daughter Mrs Odus Norman of Bel
Mrs. Texie Boyles had as her
guest last Sunday her aunt, Mrs.
Mintie Boyles from Cherryville.
Misses Beatrice and Lyla Barton,
daughters of Rev. Mr Barton, of
Charlotte, spent some time the past
week visiting Misses Ima Carpenter.
Mary Ledford and Corene Hoyle and
attending revival services at Car
penters Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. B G Yarbro visit
ed at the home of Mr. S. A Sain
last Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Alice Sain has been with
her daughter. Mrs. Maurice War
lick of near Casar for the past
while. The old stork visited at their
home a few days ago leaving a baby
Mr. and Mrs. Wytle Costner of
Double Shoals also Mr, and Mrs
Clarence Mode and family spent
last Saturday night at the home of
their parents, Mr and Mrs J. I
Mrs. T. J. Vickers and little son,
Jacob, of Shelby, are spending this
week with parents, Mr. and Mrs. J
M. Carpenter and attending revival
services at Carpenters Grove.
Pageant Next Sunday
At Pleasant Ridge
On next Sunday evening at 3
o'clock the young people, of Shady
Grove church near Cherryville will
present in the Pleasant Ridge
church a brief playlet consisting
mainly of an original pageant rep
resenting "The Ten Virgins'’ of Mat
thews 25. Immediately after this
playlet the pastor will speak, basing
his talk upon this wall-known
parable of the Ten Virgins.
The protracted meeting begins
at Pleasant Ridge Sunday with the
11 o'clock service
Forest City. July 24—Mrs. R. W.
Carswell, of this city. Is exhibiting
two fine tomatoes, grown by her
this week. The two tomatoes weigh
two and one-half pounds. Th;
largest weighs one and one-half
pounds, while the smaller or.e
weighs one pound
Mrs. Carswell grew these toma
toes in her garden. They are un
doubtedly the largest and finest to
matoes grown in Rutherford coun
Special Selling
--Three Great Groups
—including nearly every smart summer
style, color and material. T
The loveliest creations in Wash Silks and
Prints. And don’t forget
you may take advantage
of our Easy Terms even
at this low price.
Wash Silk Dresses . , . Georgettes . , .
Chiffons ... are all included in these two
groups. Come in this week . , , buy sev
eral at these prices.
$9-95 & $14-95
Wright-Baker Co.
107 N. L’aFayette St,
blue, Green. Red.
49c t0$2.95
Odds and Ends.
(Only a few left.)
Large Bath
Towels, all colors
Sizes up to 48.
(All Sizes.)
Shoes and Oxfords
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