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iL'ANJON. TKe Cliff'Mo Slugger
ic Event
Sla ted To Be Held
Here Tomorrow Nieht
ight< fans-^of Shelby
igdaphlff immediate section have
beet)' taticipating with a great
deal interest comes tomorrow
falghti jwheo the _principal athletic
event} pt staged in the
Thompson building, beginning
promptly at 3 o’clock. Varied
amusettejlts to,suit any and all arc
ot) the Card for the evening and
thd promoteri^Arthur Sides, who
has putTpit*the program under the the American Legion,
says that'the demand fob tickets
is imprededented, a large number
having peen^sold in Chariot*?. Gas
tonia, Kings Mountain and sur
rounding towns.
One otjhe chid affairs, of thej
evening win b^the' wTestling match .
be tween'Romanol f. known as “The
Tarzafl 'of the Apes" and Joe
Turner,_ £est liked of all North
, Carolina i wrestlers.
Next; iij 6rder comes thp 10- I
round bout" between Jack Cunning
ham, known as "The Colored Jack
Dempsey” and Bat Conway, “Col
ored Cyclone. If the fans don't
pet action during this melee> It will
be *, surprise to all concerned.
Holding one of the chief spots
of interest so far as the fight fans
are concerned Is the semi-final be
tween Jack Blanton, the Cliffside
Slugger;! and o. E.Lybrand of Bel
Preliminaries listed for the cve
r 10 consist of bouts between Logan
■ Tube” Carr of Cleveland Cloth
inill and Jerome Spangler of Shel
by; Crown Lynn of Ora mill and
Phate McSwain of South Shelby;
Bob McCurry of Ora mill and Irvin
McSwain of Eastside; Stump Bras
well of McAdenville and Kid Phelps
of Gastonia.
The battle royal between five big
boys will be the most hilarous thing
seen In these parts in many moons
and that alone should be sufficient
to attract many spectators.
Every arrangement will be made
* to have the hall as cool and com
fortable tomorrow night as is
humanly possible and it is promis
ed In advance that the best of
order will prevail. Ladies wilt
be admitted free, according to a
recent statement of the manage
It is said that the promoters
have gone to greater expense on
putting on this athletic program in
Shelby than they have ever en
countered and if the fans do no
respond in liberal measure it will
be a pretty fair indication that
Shelby doesn't care much for the
' fight game.
Thompson building is the place
ind 8 o'clock is the opening hour:
those who have failed to obtain their
t tickets prior to this time might do
well to get them before night as in
dications are that there will be a
crush at the door.
Three Heat Victims.
Detroit, July 24.—Heat claimed
the lives of three Detroit men yes
terday and caused the prostration
of several others as the mercury
tlimbed to a peak of 91 at 4 p m
In Davin Final*
George M. Lott, young Chicago
netrnan, will replace Francis T.
Hunter, court veteran, in the final
round of the Davis Cup play with
France, at Paris. Lott and Tilden
will now tytar the singles burden
of the meet, with Allison and Van
Ryn forming the doubles partner
Crackers Obtain
New Huge Mascot
Atlanta fans recently had their
first view of the largest mascot in
organized hall in the person of Joe
Mullins, "ho joined the club a few
days ago.
Mullins is -even fr^t four inches
high,, weighs 240 pound:, and wears
a No. 16 shoe. He can pick up five
baseballs in cne hand. and also
claims to be able to stand at home
plate and throw a ball over th?
centerfield • fence/ He believes his
presence will help keep the Crackers
in the first division.
Pete And “Snooks” Say They Arc
Willing To Play Just Any
where, Any Time.
No Shelby people douot the
statement that Fred ana Irwin Lax
} ton of Charlotte, are good goiter.-,
—that ly none of the local peopit
acquainted with the ancient and
honorable game—but what all of
the golf fans in Shelby and over
Cleveland county want to know Is
why is it unpossible to make ar
rangements for a match between
Pete and 'Snooks'1 Webb of Shelby
and the Laxton pair in Charlotte’
That has been the burning ques
tion in Shelby for some, weeks now
and it has noi been answered with
any degree of satisfaction to an"
of those concerned.
It will be recalled that arrange- j
ment.s were perfected >or so locrl I
people thought) lor the Laxton!
youngsters to come to Shelby about
three weeks ago to play a match one
Saturday with the two Webb young
sters. but some reason that affair
had to be called off and it was
agreed that, the match would take
place the following Saturday.
At the proper hour the Webb
boys, Pete and Fred, went to the
Country club and there remained
for a good two hours or more but
the young golfers from Charlo* '
failed to put in an appearance and
they have not shown up here yet
so far as is known
Pete and Snooks say that they
are not particular about play'ng
over the Cleveland golf club course.
Thev say that if the young golfers
in Charlotte feel that this would
give the Shelby players an advan
tage, they are perfectly willing to
come to Charlotte and play
over the course there, or they are
willing to meet the Laxton boys on
any neutral course. In other words,
they don't care where they play so
they get a chance to play. Shelby -
I course is agreeable to Pete and
Snooks. but likewise agreeable is
Gastonia, or if that doesn’t suit, any
course in Charlotte.
The young chaps from Shelby are
in earnest about wanting to get
the match staged and so they are
willing to leave all arrangements to
the Laxtons and let Fred and Irwin
select the date and the place.
It might be mentioned just here
that Pete Webb is 16 years old, and
that "Fred or “Snooks” as he is
known to all his friends, is 14. but
they have demonstrated the fact,
time and time again that they can
hold their own with all comers.
Error Is Made In
League Schedule
It has been discovered that an er
ror was made in the published sche
dule for the Cleveland County Base
ball league as regards the last game
to be played this season. That sche
dule as originally published shows
the Boiling Springs team playing at
two different places the same after
noon, which is, of course, incorrect.
The final game of the season will
be played on Saturday, August 31
and will be between the following
teams at the points designated.
Lily Mill versus Eastside Mill at
Cleveland Cloth Mill versus Dover
at Shelby.
Knob Creek versus Lawndale ad
Knob Creek.
Boiling 8prtngs versus Union at
Captain Ross G. Hoyt, attempt
ing a round trip flight from New
York to Nome, Alaska, crashed near
Edmonton, Alberta, on the third leg
of the return trip. He left Mitchell
Field. N. Y. Thursday and expected
to get back to New York Wednes
Sets Southern Record
'The*reported price of $12,500 in
coin of the realm paid to the
Tampa club, of the Southern
League, by John McGraw, of the
Giants, for the services of Wat
lie Brush, above, is the highest
price ever paid for a player from
this loop. Brush, for ,all his
slight build, is piling up an en
viable record in the minors and
should be a big help to the
Giants, if he live? up to aihance
reports, when the team comes to
the home stretch. *
< International Nrwsrtsl)
Robinson Urges
Use Of Care In
Choosing Umps
“I regret very much that a
certain amount of dissatisfac
tion has appeared relative to
the umpiring done in some of
the games played thus far in
the Cleveland County iBaseball
League,” said President J. R.
Robinson this morning. “It Is
up to the teams to obtain the
right sort of men for umpires
and I hope that from this
time forward they will endea
vor to use a little more care
in making their selections -
than has been the case here
tofore. Plenty of good men
%re available and I want to
see the league function with
out friction, hut I realize that
if we get poor umpiring, we
are going to have poor ball
games. I certainly hope that
all managers will try to use
more care In the future in
getting the right sort of men
for this important work.”
City Park To.
See Twin Bill
Dick Norment. the one arm and
one legged boy from Lumberton is
slated to hurl for the Cleveland
Cloth mill team in the opener
against the Lily Mill club at Shelby
park tomorrow.
This will give the fans hereabout
a chance to see the much talked of
high school pitcher in afction once
more. He has lost one game out of
seven starts.
Dover-Ora plays Eastside in the
nightcap. This promises to be
worth the price of the ticket alon<"
First game is to be called prompt
ly at 2:30 and all ladies are to be
admitted fre<>
Fast Games On Tap Over
County League Tomorrow
Attendance Growing l.argrr Anil
Keener Rivalry Bring M a n i -
> tested By Clubs.
An increasing amount of interest
is being evidenced by the fans ami
the officials of the Cleveland Base
ball league in the various games be
ing played in the circuit and Pres
ident Robinson and those associated
with him in forming the league say
that they feel much encouraged.
They feel that Shelby and the rural
sections holding membership in th:
league are having an opportunity
to see as good amateur baseball this
season as any other towns and com
munities in this section and that
the fans should take advantage of
this opportunity by turning out in
large numbers.
The a t t e n'd a nee has been
thoroughly gratifying thus far, about
$100 having been taken in at the
gate cn one recent Saturday at the
Shelby park and this is about as
good as some of the South Atlantic
league teams have been known tt
do cn some days.
Saturday's schedule calls for sonr:
hot games in the Cleveland county
league and there should be big
crowds in all the parks where con
tests are to be played. The follow
ing is the schedule for the approach
ing games tomorrow:
Lily mill versus the Cleve
land Cloth mill at Shelby.
Eastside mill versus Dover
Ora at Shelby.
Knob Creek versus Cnion at
Lawndale versus Bolling
Springs at Bolling Springs.
The Cleveland Star wishes to urge
that the official scorers of the
league pay a little more attention
to keeping the scores correctly and
getting the proper records to this
newspaper office on Saturday night
Some of the teams have neglected
to comply with this request and
the result has been that possibly
the league standings as published In
this newspaper and as understood
by the league officials may be
wrong. If the official scores arc
not furnished here, it is natural!','
out of the question to give any
team credit for, the proper number
of victories or to chiuge any dmi
with the propei number of defeats
Greensboro baseball tans are said
to be seeking a berth in the South
Atlantic league for next season. It
Is a known fart that Greensboro
has had pretty hard work ba'ancing
her finances even In the Pledinon*
circuit, so It Is difficult to under
stand how she could hope to keep up
her end In a faster circuit.
Shelby fans had wanted pro
fessional baseball earlier in the
summer, but since the beginning
of the Cleveland county league,
with two good double headers
staged at the Shelby park Sat
urday afternoons, It has become
evident that the professional
game Isn’t needed here. The
amateurs are playing as good
ball as anyone should want to
No Josephine, a fan doesn t keep
rou from getting hot. Not if it Is
he kind that frams you on the back
,\hen the local slugger clouts a home
• • •
Shelby golf lovers don't doubt
that the last on kids over In/
Charlotte ran play good golf,
hut they know equally well that
Pete and Fred Webb of Shelby
can play a stellar brand of the
same game and to save U( we
can’t understand why the four
boys can’t get together and ar
range an exhibition. The local
youths say they are ready and
have been ready but don’t ap
pear to be able to obtain any
satisfaction from the Charlotte
lads. That affair would draw
a big gallery, either In Shelby
or In Charlotte and everyone
would welcome the announce
ment that It was going t^be
Far be It from us to tell the Char
lotte newspaper sport wTlters how
to handle their jobs; but we do wish
they would learn the name of the
Cuban pitcher they acquired not so
long ago from Spartanburg. Botn
papers over there insist on spelling
hta name John Eckelson. whereas
the swarthy hurler told the writer,
in the best language the Cuban has
at his command, that his correct
name is Juan Ekelson Small ma'
ter, perhaps, but IX Ekelson ever
goes up to the big time, as he has
a very good chance of doing, the
record should be straight.
The Atlanta Cracker* of the.
Southern league have obtained
a player weighing 225 pounds
and standing seven feet two
inches in his stocking feet (that
is, if he wears any sox). We
presume the idea is to scare
the other club to death.
Shelby baseball fans take a lot
of Interest In the South Atlantic
league, almost as much as they
would if Shelby had a berth in that
circuit. They would for some
enterprising sports writer to sit
down and spend a day compiling a
list of all former Sally stars now
shining In the major show. It Is
safe to say that there have been
more ball players graduated from
’the South Atlantic circuit to the ma
jor leagues than from all other
leagues put together
The splendid (fame of tennis
may be on the wane in some
sections of the country, but that
isn’t true in Shelby. More and
more devotees are appearing
here dally and the only trouble
is a lack of courts. If sufficient
courts were provided. there
would be even more interest in
the sport and it would he a fine
thing for all concerned.
There Is every reason to believe
that the biggest, crowd ever seen at
an athletic event of that kind will
gather in Shelby Saturday night for
the combined wrestling-boxing ex
hibition to be staged here under the
auspices of the American Legion.
With Romanoff. Joe Turner, the
two negro heavyweights, to sav
nothing of the boys in the pre
liminaries, signed for an appearance
here tomorrow night, there should
be a tremendous crowd on hand.
This isn't a*ty small town exhib'
tion, by any manner of means, and
fans will be here from Charlotte.
Gastonia, and all the other near
by hamlets. Grapevine wireless re
ports say that the tickets are go
ing fast
More than 1.500 convicts in Clin
ton prison at Dannemora, N. Y.,
made a break for liberty yesterde.v
following a revolt. The 124 officers
of the prison manned the walls
with rifles, revolvers and machine
guns and kept'the mob at bay. State
troopers were called on to help the
prison officials to control the si*
uation. Two convicts were killed.
Forest Wardens In
This State Named
Raleigh. July 24.—Appointment ct
four county forest wardens in coun
ties which have recently provided
fore fire protecton was announced to
day by Chas. H. Flory, assistant
forester In charge of fire control.
County forest wardens appointed
are as follows: Washington. Hnr v
Stall; Warren, E H. Pennell; Rich
mond, O. A Seawall; and Colum
bus. M. Formyduval All of these
newly appointed officials are also
serving aa county game wardens.
Selection of the game wardens t >
fill the position of forest warden
also, according to the assistant for
ester, follows the policy of the d ■
partment of conservation and de
velopment in combining the two
offices under the same official
wherever practicable and to thr in
terest of both services
Six prohibition agents. live of
them negroes, raided what, Is satrt
to have been the biggest speake v
In New York on Friday, There nr >
150 customers In the place when the
officers took charge All the cus
tomers were allowed to leave, white
two big trucks were loaded with
barrels, kegs, etc, of illicit liquor
and lurnlshtngs.
notice of sale of land.
Under and by virtue of the au
thority conferred by deed of trust
by E. Durham Whisnant and wife.
Evte Whisnant. to the First Na
tional hank of Durham. N. C., trus
tee, dated September 1, 1928, and
recorded in book 150, page 340.
Cleveland county registry, the First
National bank of Durham, N. C,
trustee, will on
AUGUST 27. 1920.
at, the court house door In Cleve
land county, sell at public auction
for cash to the highest bidder the
following described property:
kill '!-"-!■—I--S-LLLILI
Beginning s', ,1 it.tkr on the
south edge of Highland avenue the !
northwest, corner of lot. No 82, awl
runs thence with the east line oi
satd lot south 221 cast, lliO feet to i
la stake In Oeorge Pendleton/ line, I
[thence with this line north i>7 , east
SO feet to a stake in die we; • hue ot
lot No. 79; said lot. No 7) bein’!
now owned by J A Peeler thence'
with said line of said lot north 22'
west 160 feet to a stake in the south'!
edge of Highland avenue: them'”
with said edge of said avenue soul :
67\ west 50 feet to the place of be
Same being lots No 80 and 81 of
the Lackey-Thompson property a
plat of which Is of record In bools
of plats No. 1 at page 82 In the of
llcc of the register of deeds ol
Cleveland county. North Carolina*
reference to which plat and record
e hereby made for further identU
Oration and description of said tw<|
Tins sale is made on account o|
default in the payment of the in*
debtedness secured by the said deed!
of trust.
The the 23rd day of July, 1920.
LINA, Trustee
n H Covington, Attorneys,
Durham N, C.
Aon arr hereby authorised to deliver one $1.00 bottle of Lee's Antisep
tic Oil and liniment FREE with each bottle of Lees Laxative Com
pound and Cathartic. A $2.25 VALUE FOR $1.25.
Money Hark If lee's Laxative Compound And Cathartic Doesn't Give
You Relief. A Proven Remedy That Helps You. And Doe* It
Hence It Is unexcelled in the treatment of Indication, Acid Stomach,
Dyspepsia, Smir Stomach. Foul Breath, Oas. Nausea. Gastritis, Sick
Headache. Constipation and Rheumatism <riue to acid condition) and
broadly speaking, all those stomach and intestinal ills due to or *0
companird by acidity or food fermentation.
Many human ills have their start in the stomach. There are so mu OR
things which directly or indirectly affect the digestive system and produce
one or other forms of stomach or intestinal trouble Poorly-cooked or
wrong food, hasty gulping or overeating; worry, over-work, over-expos
ure, these are frequently the principal causes.
No matter what the first cause the developed cwiditlon in moat cases
Is identical It ts simply this too much acid develops in the stomach,
hence, too. in the urine This acid is usually chargeable with those
stomach troubles variously called Dyspepsia. Gastritis. Flatulency. In
digestion. Heartburn, etc ' '
Excess acid turns one s food into a souring, fermenting rnaiw, which de
velops gas and more acid Some time the gas is formed so speedily and
and In such qimntiiies that tt disturbs the stomach to a degree leading
to dangerous pressure again i the heart and the serious possibility of pal
A very grave danger lie in the fact that the same acid, which causes
most of the trouble, now attacks and inflames the delicate membranes
of the stomach, making the lining sore and raw. eventually leading trt
gravely dangerous stomach ulcers
Big Card Of Boxing And Wrestling Here Saturday Night
George Romanoff "Tarzan of fhe Apes,” who will meet Joe Turner, middleweight
champion of the world Saturday evening at 8 o’clock at the Thompson hall in a two out oi
three wrestling match. Also ten rounds of fast mauling between Jack Cunningham, the
colored edition of Jack Dempsey and Bat Conway, another colored Cyclone. The semi-final
feature in this wrestling and boxing exhibition staged by Arthur Sides will be the appear
ance of Jack Blanton the Cliffside Slugger, and O. E. Lybrand of Belmont.
Preliminaries listed for the evening consist of bouts between Logan “Babe” Carr Of
Cleveland Cloth mill and Jerome Spangler of Shelby ; Crown Lynn of Ora mill and Phate
McSwain of South Shelby; Bob McCurry of Ora mil! and Irin McSwain of Eastside; Stump
Braswell of McAdenville and Kid Phelps of Gastonia. adv,

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