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    Revival Closes At
Double Shoals
TMW ti« Baptised Ai Result Of
ItmUag. PnwmIi or People
Marine About.
fSpaolal vo The Star >
Double 3hoal*. July 88.—The re
vival .naeuag cloMd at. the Baptist
church SaSmity morning. Rov. H
K 'Waldrop o( Shelby, did the
preaching. lie brought a powerful
moorage evih morning and eve
ning to the congregation. The pas
tor. Rev, J. W. 8ut4Je, who has been
*tck and remains physically weak
was able to be at moat of the serv
let*. and on Sunday p. m. at 2:30
baptised 10 boys and 3 girls and
the services were ended after
preaching at 3 o'clock. The church
was glad to have each visitor from
the various communities
The teachers meeting will be ai
81* church on Thursday night at
8 o’olock. Each teacher and officer
la urged *o be there,
J. W. Costner is directing a Sun
day school enlargement campaign
at North Brook church In Lincoln
ooimty. running from .Tulv 28 to
August 4.
Miss Grace Toney of the city hoe
V*«al at Oastonla. spent, Friday
night at norae
Mlt- Marr Ruth Toney of Shel
by, spent last week In the romraun
By with ner grandmother, Mrs. A.
A Toney.
tkii Kav Toney spent Wednesday
wish Mary Eskridge
Mi and Mrs. Edd Spangler .spent
Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. S. B
Misses Bessie and Mae Eskridge
.spent, the week-end with Mrs. A. A.
Mr Worth Toney spent Saturday
night with Carl Eskridge.
Misee* Eva Toney. Elizabeth
Bowen spent Thursday nlgght with
Mae and Muriel Eskridge.
Misa Margaret Bclsm spent Tues
day night with Fay Toney.
Miss Flora Ivester of near Bel
wood. apent several days last week
wdth her sister, Mrs. Blain Toney.
Misses Pauline nnd Ruth Ded
mon of Shelby, spent, a few days
In the community visiting relatives.
Mrs H. E. Waldrop and daugh
ter. Mrs. Thackson, rendered spe
cial music on Friday night, to the
delight of the church.
Mary’s Grove Has
Revival Meeting On
(Special to The Star >
The revival meeting began Sun
day • morning July 28 at Mary’s
Grove church. It will continue this
week. Services will be held at 10:30
1n the morning and 8 o'clock in the
Mr. Grady Sellers and family
visited Mr. Miller Sneeds of near
Lineolnton Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Biggerstaff
apent last week with Mr. Blggri
itaff’s parents near Ellenboro.
Miss Lorene Sellers spent Sun
day with Misses Lillie and Willie
Miss Emma Sellers Is visiting rel
atives and friends In the commun
ity this week.
Misses Madge Self and Dona
Beatie visited Miss Eva Kiser Sun
day evening.
Miss Vada Wright, visited friend:
tn Kings Mountain Saturday eve
Miss Edna Norman of Kings
Mountain, and a friend of Bess
emer visited Miss Lillie Huffstetler
6unday evening.
Mr. Cleophus Wright and wife
were visitors of Mr. and Mrs F. W.
Wright Sunday.
Mr. John Black and family at
tended the revival meeting at Falls
ton last week.
Large Snake Hat
Miraculous Cures
An American steamship officer
Juat* xefurnert from Ecuador tarings
beck a tale oi miracles performed in
a hospital in that. South American
eountvy. A ten-foot boa constrictor
Jnio tee cripples ward ot the
hoepttai, and lama men ran and
paralytic* jumped. One man par
•ifted and unstale to move for more
than a year, lumped sit feet from
hia bad to a window. Doctors later
examined him and pronounced him
cored. A general alarm was sound
ed and the snake was killed before
any serious injury was done.
"Nature," said the philosopher,
"always makes compensations. If
one eye loses sight, ths other be
comes stronger; if one loses the
hea-tog of one ear, the other be
comes more acute.”
"I oetleve you're right," eald
an Irishman. "I’ve always no
tieed that -when a man has one
leg short, ths other is longer."
Having Qualified as administrator
of the estate of Carrie Me Bee, de
ceased. late of Cleveland county.
North Carolina, this is to notify all
persons haring claims against the
estate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned at Shelby,
S. C.. on or before the 10th day of
JWy, 1930, or this notice will be
pleaded In bar of their recovery.
All persons Indebted to said es
tate wW please make Immediate
■Moment, This 10th day of July,
ministrator of Corrle Mr
news” hapf
Of Kings Mo
MRS. W. K. CROOK, Reorlei
Item* Of News Will Be Appreciated
Miss Ruth Plonk was the most
attractive hostess to a number of
her friends Tuesday afternoon at
3:30. Bridge was played at six
j tables, after which the hostess serv
ed a delicious frozen salad course,
followed by mints. Miss Carrie
(Mae Baldwin won high score
| prize and Miss Lurilir Canslcr low
score. Among those enjoying Miss
Plonk's hospitality were Miss Fan
ny Carpenter. Miss Jennie Lee Kerr,
Miss Margaret Neisler. Miss Kath
leen Williams, Mrs. Helen Huff
man of'Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. Booth
Gillespie and guests. Misses Carrie
Mae and Ermine Baldwin of Mi.
Gilead, Miss Sara Kate Ormond,
Miss Sara Allison. Miss Mary Plonk,
Miss Pearle Pulton, Mrs, Percy Hil
ling, Mrs C. Troy Carpenter, Mrs.
E A. Smith. Jr . Mrs. J A Neisler,
Mrs p. M. Neisler and Mrs. Ruftio
Plonk. Mrs. Ferguson and Miss
Elizabeth White of Bessemer City
Adelphlan Club Meets.
The membership of the Adclphian
club and a number of invited
guests were most delightfully en
tertained by Mrs Arthur Hav at
her home on Gaston street. Thurs
day afternoon at. 3:30. The home
was attractively arranged with gay
colored garden flowers. After a
short program consisting of a read
ing, “Tlie Octagon House." by Mrs
C T. Carpenter and a vocal solo,
"O Heart Of Mine." by Mrs. P. M.
Npislar. Mrs. W. K. Mauney, ac
compantst. rook was played at eight
tables. Aftrr thp Ramp thp hostess
served sliced ham, tomatoes, slow
and tea followed by a swept course.
Those present were Mrs. P. M.
Nelslnr, Mrs. C T. Carpenter. Mrs.
E. W. C.riffln, Mrs. B. M. Ormond.
Mrs. E L. Campbell, Mrs. M. A
Ware. Mrs. W. P. Fulton, Mrs Joe
Grimes, Mrs. O. C. Farrel. Mrs.
Hayne Blackmer, Mrs. O. B Car
penter. Mrs, Joe Nelsler. Mrs. C E.
Nelsler, Jr., Mrs Houston, Mrs.
Marchee and mother. Mrs Strick
land. Mrs. E L McElroy, and
daughter, Mrs. Crook of Spartan
burg, and Mrs. l,ee, Mrs. J. E An
thony. Mrs. J. O. Hord and sister.
Mrs. John White of Garland. Tex ,
Mrs. E A Smith, jr.. Mrs. D. C
Mauney. Mrs E. A Smith, sr, Mrs.
L. C. Parsons and Mrs. S. A. Lowry,
A pretty party of last week was
the one given by Miss Martha Par
t arson at her home on West. Oo’d
street Thursday afternoon at 3:30.
The home was artistically arrang
ed with bowls an< baskets of flow
ers. Rook was played at three
tables. After a number of progres
sions the hostess assisted by her
mother served a tempting congp-.l
salad course to the following. Miss
Laura Jullletta Mauney, Miss Sara
Virginia Finger, Miss Vida Wrigh.,
Miss Dorothy Patterson. MLs
Mary Francis Hord, Miss Elizabeth
Anthony. Miss Rebbeca Bradford.
Miss Marion Patterson. Mary
Frances McGinnis. Miss Margaret
Plonk, Miss Virginia Parsons and
Miss Ruth Patterson of Rock Hill
A lovely party of last Thursday
afternoon was the one given by Mr-.
M. L Harmon at her home on
West King street. The entire lower
floor was thrown cnsuite and
beautifully arranged with baskets of
bright colored garden flowers. Mrs
George Patterson announced the
following program, a piano solo by
Miss Ruth McGinnis, a reading by
Miss Ozelle Kiser, a piano solo by
Miss Elizabeth White of Bessemer
-Phone 177—
City, a reading, Miss Ruth Herd
The postman then arrived brine
ing a letter to each guest, whicn
whe.i opened read thus, "Mary Ellen
Plonk R Lawrence Lowell. Sept
ember." Mrs. Patterson then toa -
ed the bride and read the poem,
"Some One to Love ’’ The hostess
assisted by Mrs. M. L. Plonk, Mr1;.
Patterson. Miss .Irtte Plonk. Mrs.
Frank Schell of Brandenton, Fla
Miss Mae Plonk served a delicious
congealed salad course followed by
an ice course Among those present
were Miss Mary Plonk, Miss .T. S
Maunev. Mrs, R. C Baker. Mrs.
Sage Fulton. Miss Lottie Goforth.
Mrs J HI Lifford. Mrs. L. P. Baker,
Mrs A M. Huffman, Mrs W K
Crook, Mrs. Campbell Phifer, Mrs
W A Ware. Mrs. Olarencp Plonk.
Mrs. T A McGill. Mrs Rufus Plonk,
Mrs. Junius Aderholdt. Mrs. Percy
Dilllng, Mrs Archie Saunder, Mrs.
Fleming Ramseur, Mrs Paul
Maunev, Mrs. Laura Maunev, Miss
Lucy Kiser, Miss Margaret Ken
drick, Miss Laura Plonk, Miss Ell?
Hannon, Mrs. Fetor Harrlll, Miss
Ozrlle Kiser, Miss Sudie Mae Dry
of Concord. Miss Faith Kohn of
Mt. Holly, Mrs. Rufus Plonk and
Miss Elizabeth White of Bessemer
City, Miss Ruth Hold and Miss
Hut 1 McGinnis
Ms. nnd Mrs Booth Gillespie
most delightfully entertained their
bridge club Thursday evening at
their home on Piedmont avenue
nridge was played at seven tables
after which the hostess served a
salad course followed by peach
short cake. The high score prize
was won by Mrs P M. Neisler and
Mr. Joe Neisler nnd Misses Carrie
Mar and Erminr Baldwin of Ml
Gilead were presented with gifts. I
Those present were. Misses Carrie
Mae and Ermine Baldwin of M'.
Ollead, Mr and Mrs. J. A Neisler,
Mr end Mrs Hayne Blackmer, Mr.
and Mrs Percy Dilling, Mr. and
Mrs P M. Neisler, Mr and Mrs.
Marcher. Mr and Mrs. Ralph
Bearh. Miss Margaret Neisler,
Miss Jennie lee Kerr. Miss Sara
Allison. Miss Ruth Plonk. Miss
Sara Kate Ormond and Messrs.
Kenneth Kirby, Hugh Neisler,
Hugh Ormond, Arnold Kiser, and
Dr Bill Ramseur.
Among those enjoying a swim
and picnic lunch at. Armstrong's
park in Gastonia Friday evening
were. Miss Margaret Neisler. Miss
Jennie Lee Kerr. Miss Fanny Car
penter, Miss Helen Black, Mr. and
Mrs Joe Neisler. Mr. and Mrs. \V
K Crook and Messrs. Frank Love,
Bill Baker. Dr. Bill Ramseur and
Harold Hunnicutt. of Charlotte
Miss Fanny Carpenter, Mrs.
Marcus Carpenter and Mrs M E
Herndon spent Thursday and Fri
day at Little Switzerland.
Mrs Booth Gillespie had as her
guests the past week Misses Carrie
Mae and Ermine Baldwin of Mt.
Mrs J D Smith is in the Merry
hospital in Charlotte where she un
derwent an operation last Monday.
Mrs. Cora Dilling Hunter is
spending some time at Bon darken
attending the conference
Mr. and Mrs. M. A Ware and
Mr. and Mrs. Boyce McGill Spent
last Sunday at Bon darken.
Mr and Mrs. W. K. Crook had
as their guests Sunday, Mr. and
Mrs A. C. Dawson and daughter.
Betty, of Greenville. S. C , and Mrs
W P Crook. Miss Elizabeth Crook
and Mr. C. G. Crook of Charlotte
Big Consolidated School In
No. 8 Opens With 500 Pupils
' Special to The Star )
No 8 Township high school open
ed on Wednesday, J"ly 24 with 481
present the first day. The enroll
ment has Increased now to about
500, and many others are expected to
enter at an early date The school
Is now operating six trucks, trans
porting about 400 pupils.
Last year was a very successful
one with the school, there being 12
high school graduates and several
hundred promotions in the lower
grades. This year promises to be
the most successful school year in
the history of this township since
the high school department has
been made standard, having met
the state requirements and having
hern placed in group two, class A
by state high school inspector, J
L. Memory
The people of this communully
are very proud of this distinction
which very few schools win during
one year's operation. To date there
are enrolled in the high school
About 17 of this number belong to
the senior class and are expected
to graduate next spring. This year
two new departments, agriculture
and bookkeeping, have been added
Both add greatly to the efficiency
or I he school and w ill prove to be
valuable to the community, es
pecially in the field of agriculture
Also a successful year is antici
pated in athletics Last year, many
remember, the entire county was
surprised at the success ol of the
basketball team of No 8 school,
which came very near winning
county honors. Football has not yet
been organized, but we hope that
within another year plans will be
m operation for a grid team, Equip
ment and training are the only
needs in this sport
nans air now being made to level
up the school grounds and later in
the fall shrubbery will be planted
bv the teachers and pupils This
work is badly needed to be done
and will add much to the beauty of
the fine brick building which is the
pride of this community It is hop
ed that all the patrons of the school
will heartily cooperate with the
teachers and pupils in carrying out
the plans which are being made in
this respect
It’s true we are proud of this
fine school, but wc are not content
with our present achievements. We
realize the need of n vocational
building for shop work and home
economics, an indoor basketball
court, and a teachcry. We hope to
to see all these a reality in the near
future, and the writer believes that
the people who have made it pos
sible for such a beautiful school will
not "slow down ’ until these oilier
needs are also added.
During this school year the fol-1
lowing organizations are expected,
to be effected: Parent-Teachers' As
sociation, Dramatic dub. Glee club,
Literary societies and a Young
Tar Heel Farmers' club Plans to en
large the library are also In oper
ation. with one hundred books to
be added during the summer
months. A good book or the priee
of one would be a nice and helpful
gift to the school.
We. wish to congratulate Mr. Jam
es L. Dennis and his co-teachers for
their splendid achievements last
year. Riid we, as patrons of the
school, pledge them our hearty sup
port in the future Following is a
list of this year’s teachers and their
subjects, etc :
James L. Dennis, graduate of j
Newberry college and several sum
mers of graduate work at U N C..
principal; C. W. Harrill, A. B. from
Wake Forest, teacher of science; E
L. Dillingham of Asheville, gradu
ate of State college, teacher of agri
culture and athletic coach; Miss
Mardecia Faker, graduate of N C
C. W, teacher of English and
French; Miss Ethel Reinhart, grad
uate of Lenoir-Rhine college, teach
er of history and english. Elemen
tary teachers: N A. Mess, seventh
grade; Miss Ruth Smith, sixth
grade: Miss Pauline Waddell, fifth
grade; Miss Odessa Moss, fourth
and fifth grades; Mrs. W. H. Cov
ington, fourth grade; Miss Della
Powell, third grade; Mrs. Plato
Elliott, second grade; Miss Margar
et Kennedy, second grade; Mrs
Blanche Lattimore. first grade; Miss
Lizzie Mae Lee. first grade; Miss
Alice Potent, music.
Try Star Wants Ads.
At All Drug Storn, Adults 75o, Children «0e.
You'tl Appreciate Its Worth
Farm Board Passes
Up Rest For Work
Washington.—Buried deep in work
at the end of its first week, the
federal farm board passed up the
half holiday enjoyed by other gov
ernment workers to go ahead with
its task of organization.
The Florida lrnit emergency
caused by the fruit fly, is the
first and only specific proposition
to gain the attention of the board.
The Floridians were told to get
all state agencies together 01
tiie question of relief for inarke -
ing and to reappear on Monday
Pending further consideration of
the Florida situation, the board
tackled again its problem of deter
minating a general policy for the
uplift of agriculture and for liandl
mg tlie $150,000,000 as its disposal
for loans.
Hit Right Back.
The janitor's little boy, vert
black, was nicknamed “Midnight
by his white friends. He didn'i
nnnd their calling him that, be1
when one day one of his own^ai
excldimcd, “Hello, Midnight!" hi
retorted indignantly:
"itouse jes, about quarter t(
twelve yo’self.”
Thv Key...
-To the National
An Exceediiiir'.' Controversial Topic
Treated In An Exceptionally Intelli*
gent Manner.
ivou 7/ All Be Interested to
Know the Facts
“The inside of Prohibition”
lly The Person Most Capa : Of Revealing the Truth
Former Assistant U. S. Attorney General In Charge Of Prohibition
She tells the whole unvarnished story of eight years of enforcing the
eighteenth amendment . . .the great job of trying to make America
dry. She tells the truth as she saw it. She tells about:
"The Bootlegger who reached flip par of a pre-ldent"
' l lie politicians who demoralized the government enforcement staff*
' The 'higher-lips’ who protec ted crooked officers'*
* I he intertill! dissension that liroke down the morale'*
'The up-hill fight to clean out the nooks"
"The many hard-won cases’*
' The victory of Miami"
'Damming the hlg leaks'*
"The war with the racketeer-**
"The battles with rum-ruunns"
Is Prohibition Enforrahtr
1' thr Cioiernmrnt Winnin
IVhat Is thp Outlook
Indeed a Thrilling Tale And You’ll
Surely Want To Read It—Beginning
Next Monday In—..
The Charlotte Newj
“Greater Charlotte's Home Newspaperff
Circulation Department
Charlotte .Sens, c harlmte, \ i
I am Interested In this s*rte«, ef articles "The Inside Of Pro
hibition," which begins tn THE CHARLOTTE NEWS next. Men-,
day. Flea, - hay.e your .carrier deliver paper to tny address be
low. for which I agree tn pay News carrier 20c weekly.
Name ...
Vddress ................. ...
Tear, Sign
And Mail
This Coupon
O'Brine and Jackscn Flying The

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