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    Washington —-At the urgencc of
the clubwomen of the country. Serv
itor Capper. of Kansas plans to in
troduce • uniform marriage and
divorce bill in the senate when it
‘ reconvenes next month,
j "i do not believe that there are
' many thinking men and women in
this country who have not come to
see that one of our great social and
I moral needs is a federal marriage
I end divorce law," says Capper.
"It seems to me thar. there Is ,u>
I greater question before the count.v
today than that of establishing a
sane. Just marriage and divoree lev
which will be alike in all states, on,!
which will do Justice to both parlies
and to the children that arc the
fruit of the union.'*
A constitutional amendment will
be necessary m order that the fed
eral government, may have jurisdlc
.ton over marriage and divorce, and
Senator Capper will introduce such
*n amendment when he introduces'
Need a Laxative
"We haw need
in oar family for
nineteen years, I
haw found it of
great halp to rale,
ing my family.
"l haw given
it to all mt of
my children.
VNTiervever they
complain of ujv
■at atnmneh. oar
begin to look pels and tick
It, i make a tea of Black
Draught and begin airing
It to them. In a day or
two Uwy are all right
"I give it to them for
constipation, and my hus
band and I both taka it I
always give it far colds in
winter, for I believe a way
to prevent them is to keep
the system dean."—Mrs.
Doahie Terry, 1206 4th Ave.,
Decatur, Ala.
(hr marriage and divorce bill. The
Capper bill has the indorsement o:
the Federation of Women's clubs
and the American Bar association
In fact they collaborated in wrUtt”,
the bill.
"The purpose ol the bill is to uiu*
form the laws rather than to re
form them,” say* Mrs. Edward 3.
White, ot Indiana, who was chair
man of the federation's legislative
committee while t lie bill was being
formulated it, will be pushed in
the coming session of congress by
the present, chairman of the com
mittee, Mrs Clarence Fruim, ol
ufiautrr. sincp it uwnw wuc mic
major items in the federation’s iro
gram for the coming season.
There is no similar bill before the
house at the moment, and the
feminine members of the house av
chary of commenting on such a bill
until they have the text before
them. Representative Edith N
Rogers, of Massachusetts, however,
says that, while she is in favor of
uniform marriage and divorce la?,
she thinks the states ought to ac
complish this uniformity, without
further centralization ol power In
(lie federal government
The Capper bill will provide that
ten days must elapse between ap
plication for a marriage license and
the issuance thereof, and applica
tion* will be publicly posted. Di
vorces will be. granted for adultery,
cruelty and inhuman frontmen'
abandonment, failure to provide, in
sanity and conviction oi an in
famous crime Alimony and the
disposition of children will rest jyith
the court.
The object of tire bill is that all
marriage and divorce regulation:,
shall Ire identical tn all states and
territories, tin* purpose being more
important to supporters ot the hill
than the especial features of ‘.he
A »a
Friday, August 9th., 1929
Round Trip Pares From
t Norfolk, Ya. . . 5f 10.7.N
Old Point Comfoil 10.75
Virginia Tkach --11.25
Richmond, Vn.__9.75
Limit 5 Days.
Tickets Good going and
returning regular trains.
Ask Ticket. Agents.
Should this
be forgiven ?
pOR hours she set hr the window*
•* stermg w ith »|«p|tu, unseeing e ves
»s the dun world outside. Should she
tell her husbend-— confess her sin-—
hrrng down upon him the humilution
end esonv of knowing thet *hc bed
sheeted end diehonored him?
"Vou ere the purest, noblest, most
beeutiful women elivc," he hed often
old her. Aod ehe hed glosved with
vide et his loving preise.
But thet sves before she hed met the
iiSvinaring parry law
tence. The mere touch of
btahandhadaet her pulses
to poupdtng—had warned
her of the danger that lav
•head. Again and again
ahe tried to force him our
of her life-rosave herself
before it was too late. But
when Harry finally swept
her tnto bis arms and she
Partial Contents ^
Jor September
My Son's Sin
How Could Any Mto
Refuse Her#
Wbu Opt Wonts Did
For Uni
future Blinded
tot His Brothtr’s Honor
felt his l*p« crushed to her—something
stronger than (ear, more powerful than
loyaltyotdury seemed tooverwhelmher.
“Oh, 1 love youl" he whispered.
“Why struggle agaiost a love like
ours? Why—"
But read the atory —and then ask
yourself; Can < women really love her
husband end take even a temporary in
terest in another man? Should an err
ing wife tell her husband? Has she
any right to expect his forciveness?
Don t miss this young
wife's surelin* storv en
titled “Love s Greet Sec
rifice," in Septerabet
True Story Megeiine.
Turn in on tin Thu Stay
Hhw br»ttk»!t ti'tfy FnJaj
nth tur W*OR snd r*t
Lo.kinita Chsw. Ctmuli
Ytnr Psptr fur Ex set Tim*.
Out Nowt
True Story
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final return limit of August 14th. Tickets good in Pull
man cars on payment of regular pullman fare.
For further information and pullman reservations call
on any Seaboard ticket agent or
H. A. HARRIS. Agent. JOHN T. WEST. I). P. A.
Shelby, N. C. Raleigh, N. C.
^ _ /I
Dr. Copeland, Commenting on the Report That
Diabetes Is on Increase, Agrees That General Die
tary Knowledge Will Help Prevent This Disease.
United States Senator from New York.
Former Commissioner of Health, Hew York City■
IN a recent report of n great life insurance company appears this
significant statement: “It Is our best judgment that diabetes is
on the increase, in spite of the use of insulin.’’
“But why?’’ you will ask. “Because of the dietary excesses prac
ticed by tha American people.
This report shows that for the first three
months of 1929. the death rate from diabetes
iras in excess of 23 for each 100,000 of the popu
lation. It ia feared that this year will show the
highest percentage of death* ever recorded from
this cause. ....
Overindulgence in food and drink is regarded
as the chief factor in producing the disease.
Hut bore la a comforting statement: “This is
one of the diseases which, among older people,
may be prevented by popular education."
Nature ia more than generous. She Is even
prodigal in bestowing her gifts. She has equipped
the body with organs and parts that are capable
of supplying all the digestive substance* that are
needed by reasonably sensible human beings. She
even prepares for moderate excesses.
All of us ore Interested in the experiments
made to refuel th* airships. Without fuel there must com* an *na
to any flight. The refueling experiment* have proven that the machine
itself is capable of sustained flying far beyond the time necessary to
half ’round th# world, or even more. The present problem is to
find a way for on* airship to carry*
l ha necessary fuel for eucb a pro
longed flight.
In a sons* the body la tike the air
ship With Ha present equipment
for th* auppiy of digeaUv* materials,
it cannot go beyond th* normal
field of II* flight*. Insulin helps to
refuel, but unfortunately. Ill use Is
not suitabla for every casa. Con
aonuantly, it la not safe to overdo
tha thing* that rnav rosuli In thi*
form of physical disaster. The eon
sumption of food muat b« limited to
aurh quantities as can ba bandied
bv lha digestive organs.
Many chemical wonders are per
formed wilhin th* body. One of
tharu U the manufacture in the
"•pancreas" —• the "sweet-bread'’ — of
an Important aubstanca. This Is
added to the food content of the In
testinal tract, fnr tha purpnee of
making tha augar we *at acceptable
to the blood and body. Without an
abundance of thla pancreatic sub
stance. Ultra ante a eerie* of symp
lomi resulting In Impaired health
This tr diabetaa.
This disease may raault Irons one
of two causes—a deerena* in th*
quantity of th* pancreatic chemical
cr tha habitual eating of foods in
agrees of the quantity that can be
I acted upon by thi* chemical. Pcs
| slbly both causes may eslsf, with
increased probability of aarloua
Diabetes is only pns of th* had re
sults that follow overindulgenao in
food and drink Temperance is the
only rule of safety.
£ Ansvrra to lloaltli Queries 1
B. H. Q —Hew murh should a
girl aged 17, a f»*t • inches tall
A,—She should weigh about K*
M. B O —What causes ee« to
w.ik* up in the morning with a
severe heartache?
■5 —What cau*ea Itching of th*
A —Th* common causes of head
ache are ty* *iraln. Infected taeth,
tonaila and sinuses constipation.
*uto-iruo»leaUon, Indication or natal
I. —This may he due to auto-tn
toaicalion. intestinal disturbances or
to soms food poisoning, Certain dis
eases of the nervous system may
also causa this condition
* • •
C. T. Q—Does an acid condition
of the system produce, a rad rash
over the entire body, causing eices
*iva irritation?
A.—Tea Correct your dist and
avoid constipation. For further par
ticulars send self-addressed stamped
•nvelopt and repeat your question.
• • •
J. S. Q.—What do you advise for
superfluous hair?
A.—Send self-addressed, stamped
fnvelopo for full particulars and re
peat your question.
m » *
J. ft Q.—What will increase the
growth of the eyebrows?
A —Apply one per cent yellnw
oside of mercury ointment at night.
M M. Q—What do jou advise
for perspiring hands?
A.—Hatha the hand* in wm
water to which a little alum has
been added.
A N Q—What do you adilse for
A —For full particular e>-nd self
addressed, stamped envelope and re
peat your quaatton.
F. n Q.—What should a girl
weigh who is II years old and » feet
2 Inches tail?
A—For her sge and height sh*
should weigh about Ilf pounds
J S. Q—What *hould a h*n
weigh who is IS years old and 5 fset
S inches i*ll?
A.—For your age and height you
should weish about 13U pounds
Conyfffdt <*>.>, Nmmp***.* fniur* '■*<v
tIMW HUB.. BL.1 JUJU-. ,111 um n r
Department Heads To Back
Economy Plan For Gardner
Egg Prices To Rise;
I Poultry To Decline
I Willi increased supplies of poul
■ 1i y In prospect tins fall and winter,
| ihr mid-summer outlook report of
the bureau of agricultural cconorn*
; ics secs consequent reductions
poultry prices probable. Egg sup
plies are expected to remain low
and egg prices to be well main
tained through the fall but prob
able production increases In the
late winter md spring seem likely
to reduce prices somewhat below
the level of a year earlier, unless
an exceptional proportion of the
flocks arc marketed thla fall.
There was an Increase of 10
per cent in young chickens on
hand July 1 over a year ago, in
dicating larger marketings of
poultry this fall and winter.
Smaller expected layings dome
the last half of the year than the
same period last year and ex
tremely light storage reserves point
to higher egg prices this fall with
prices probably dropping slightly i'
the expected winter increase of
production materializes.
Fanny's Golden Star 839581, a
purebred Jersey cow owned by J.
O. Lutz of Newton has won the
American Jersey Cattle Club Gold
Medal for her excellent production
record recently completed Start
ing at the age of five years and
five months Golden star producer
a total of 661 95 pounds of butter
fat and 14.123 pounds of mills tn
305 days. She was with calf 190
days of the test. To maintain this
fine record her yield of butter
fat was above the 53 pound mark
every complete month of the ten
reached 84.63 pounds in her best
Golden Star was previously
tested and starting at the age of
4 years and 3 months she produce!
556.09 pounds of butterfat and 11.•
463 of milk. This new medal w in -
ner is only one of the heavy pro
ducers in Mr. Lutz's herd.
Raleigh —Full cooperation in. Gov
ernor Gardner's economy plan for
Itlxe next two years in order (a
| avoid an apparent deficit of ntarlv
11-’,000,000 at the end of the period.
I was promised by heads of depart
j inents and agencies at a meeting
j this morning at which Judge N. A
(Townsend executive councel, placed
! before them the conditions, in he
absence of Governor Gardner.
Judge Townsend read the state
ment Governor Gardner made to the
heads of the state's educational
charitable and correctional institu
tions last week and rxplauicd Ine
statement. P. H, Williams, assist
ant director of the budget and Cap
tain Nathan OBerry also spoke of
financial status of the state while A.
J. Maxwell, commissioner of reve
nue, spoke briefly on the collections.
Baxter Durham, state auditor, along
with others, spoke briefly.
Fullest cooperation in holding
expenditures, not only within the
appropriations, but within the ex
pected revenues, is expected from
all spending agencies of the state,
voluntarily, thus avoiding a hort
rontal percentage cut made by the
governor, as director of the budget.
Judge Townsend Is assured.
my sum want nos
A Well Baby U A Happy Baby
Dr. Thornton's Easy Teether
!a used to destroy the germs
that cause stomach and bowel
diseases of teething babies and
older children. It acts on the
Liver, Kidneys, etc., ridding the
blood and system of impurities.
Pleasant to take as loaf sugar.
Contains no opiates.
Sold by druggists or sent direct
for 25c.
CO., Westminster, S. C.
"Dad" Wilder Believed Mr Was i
Stricken Because Of
His Sins.
Riehton Miss —A shrine of pen- !
anec was closed here late yesterday j
evening with the interment of J. T
Wilder, former logging superinten
dent for the Riehton Lumber com
pany and for the past three vrais
1 total invalid. All business houses
m Riehton were closed as the town
paid tribute to "Dad" Wild:1. V
exemplary life.
Wilder had been a resident of this
community for many years and sev
eral years ago lie was stricken with
a form of rheumatism which grad
ually grew so serious that Uire'
years ago he was confined to im
bed. and 18 months ago he became
paralyzed and was unable to move
hand or foot
Soon after hb misfortune over
took him. Wilder declared that lie
was quite certain that He was be
ing providentially punished because
lie had spent a good portion of his
life in disobedience to an early call
to the ministry.
Although his body was useless, hh
mind was unusually active amt in
the midst of intense sufferings he
maintained a cheerful and hopeful
spirit. Bo firmly did he believe in
divine manifestation in his afflic
tion and so faithfully did he hold
to his religious faith, that his 'vd
stde became a community shrine
Visitors came from distant points
to visit him- Ministers of vary in:
faiths came to sit at his bedside to
talk of their religion and to pray
with "Daddy" Wilder.
When “Dad" finally passed ay
Tuesday night, this entire commun
ity went into mourning. Funeral
services were held at the Bap 1st
church with Rrv. J. II. Cothen of
Experienced Toppers and
Knitters, Also Loopers.
Wanted Experienced Fix
ers on S. & W., B*5 Machin
es. Apply in person.
Marion Knitting
Mills, Inc.
Wilminston.—Alleging her hus
band died from wounds inflicted by
D. J Hall, of Chadboiun. who with
out warning and with malice, Mr-s
Ruby L. Sellers, administratrix,
has started suit in New Hanovi r
county superior court against Ha'l
in an effort to collect $50,000 dam
ages for the death of Robert u.
Sellers, 45 years old, who died in
the hospital here July 9, after hav- i
ing been wounded at a filling sta
tion near Chadbourn May 28, The
plaintiff alleges that on the morn
ing of May 28, her husband in ‘he
company of two other men drove
up to a filling station in Columbus
county to purchase gasoline While
there, the complaint, alleges, Kail,
without warning and with malice, j
whiperi a pistol into play and fired
upon her husband, seriously wound
ing him.
Blessed Are The Merciful.
The officer of the day was :u
riinrd to be punctilious, and when ,
an officer gets that way, >ou kiipv.
how inclined he can b*
"That man on post nmnbci four
let a soldier go through Uie line
last night, without cha'lengin? him,
he announced “What's the idea?''*
‘‘Aw, have a heart, Skipper
pleaded the corporal ol the guard
"He's only been In the army a
couple of weeks and still gets his
general orders mixed up with the
The Kodiak bear is the large.t
carnivorous land mammal in ex
Star Advertising Pays
is a Prescription for
Colds, (irippe. Flu, Dengue,
Bilious Fever and Malaria.
It is the most speedy remedy known
i) t nine.-' mini ouemy.
delightful'k-'.'iul trip or
evening drive . An Alpine
_ netting' oil beuuliiul __
Tobacco curing and grading lia
now begun in earnest in all parti
of the state. Growers are encourag
ed by the good prices prevailing >n
the Georgia markets.
August 10th, 1020.
Round Trip Fare From
Limit 18 Day?,
Tickets good going and
returning regular trains—
(Except Crescent Limited.)
i ...
I I me opportunity to visit
New York at small expense.
A: k Ticket Agents.
Meet Me At The—
Where You Get The Most And Best Ice Cream
For Your Money. Good Place To Rest.
— Always Welcome —
L ngineers
vJ Endorse
At a Fair Price
30c per Quart
All Grades
At the Si in of
the Oran it Disc
~ /
-Automotive Engineer.
agree that the properly blended two-base oil is
the best for the modern automobile motor.
We are taking the best properties of the paraffine
and naphthene base crudes and blending them into
an ideal automobile lubricant—eliminating many
of the objectionable features of single ^ase oil*
made from either crude.
Reducing Carbon Deposits
Minimizing Crankcase Dilutio
Increasing Heat Resistance
We urge you to test
Gulf Supreme Motor Oil
Any GulJ Station or Dealer
Manufacturers of the
Famous Gulf Venom Insecticide
Aug. S, 1929

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