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    Revival Meeting Closes. Several At
Opening Of St. Paul's New
(Special to The Star.)
Beams Mill. Aug 6.—The revival
meeting closed Saturday night a
great success. The pastor, Rev. G. r.
Abernethy, did the preaching.
Mr. and Mrs. .J L. Calhoun of
Norfolk, Va , and Mrs. L. C. Dal
ton and children of Portsmouth, are
spending some time with their par
ents, Mr and Mrs. Caleb Hoyle.
Mrs. Ed Crawford and children of
Gastonia, spent the week end with
her mother, Mrs. J. Y. Elliott.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver Willis are
spending some time with Mr. and
Mrs. Gaston Hoyle.
Miss Helen Seism spent last week
with Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie Elliott.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hoyle visited
Mr. and Mrs Audrey Turner of Hick
or.v last Wednesday
Miss Lena Williams and Miss Vel
va Hamrick were the dinner guests
of Misses Eleanor and Vevette El
liott Sunday.
Miss Annie Laurel and Josephine
Beam visited Miss Ruby Wright last
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bridges of
Shelby spent Sunday night with Mr.
and Mrs. Grady Hoyle.
Muss Dovie Barnett spent Tues
day night with Misses Ethel and
Mattie Williams.
Miss Eloice Royster and Nellie
Stanley of Fallston visited Miss
Beatrice Hendrick last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Carpenter
were the dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Caleb Hoyle Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Grigs also
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Williams visited
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Williams last
w eek.
Several from this community at
tended the opening of the new
church Sunday at St. Paul.
Gastonia. Aug. 6. Louis Wrst
brork. 19-year-old Gastonia negro,
who was arrested in Baltimore, Md.,
Friday and brought back to Gas
tonia last night by Plainclothc,small
Adam Hord. will be given a hear
ing in recorder's court today on a
charge of murdering Edgar Meore,
negro, in a fight here a week or
more ago.
Hendersonville, Aug. 6.—The coun
ty-wide tax rate for Henderson for
the current year has been establish
ed at $1.87 by the commissioners.
It is based on estimated required
expenditures of $523,600, and a val
uation for the county which has,
through the collation of tax valua
tion figures, been placed at twenty
eight million dollars.
Although the valuation last year
was $29,622,000 and the rate was $2
the assessed valuation is more than
a million and a half dollars less
than it was last year, and the coun
ty commissioners have reduced the
flat rate in the county by 13 cents
Greenville, Aug 6 -Complying
with a request from the board of
aldermen of Greenville that they do
nate a site for the erection of the
$50,000 Sheppard Memorial Library
a gift to this city by Harper D. Shep
pard, of Hanover, Penn., members
of the board of trustees of the city
schools in session today tendered
the old Evans street school site, with
certain conditions set forth in reso
lution to be presented to the board
of aldermen at their meeting on
Thursday evening.
Every short lot must go regardless of price in order to
give ample room for our mammoth Fall Stock which is al
ready arriving.
In high, medium and low
heels. Patents, Satins, Kids,
79c $1-69 & $2-39
Double Warp, lily white
13c EACH
Good quality, all sizes
Solids and fancies, rayon.
Giving away—
42x36 - Hemmed
Real light shades, irregu
lars. The last you will get
10c pair
All colors and sizes. 80c
49c PAIR
Fancy rolled - Colored tops
40 dozen
5c PA,R
Slightly soiled - Good
Colors, white, flesh and
peach. Sizes 2 to 10.
The Best To Be Had at
Sixteen Hundred and Twenty pairs of our Famous $1.00
Full Fashion Silk Hose. Colors: White. Flesh, Flesh Pink,
Nude, Atmosphere, Champagne, Dorado. Kid. Sand. The
cream of the real light shades. WHY PAY MORE.
Grover Column Of Late
Community Happenings
(Special to The Start
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Mullinax. and
two daughters. Miss Aline and
Evelylinc, and little Miss Alweda
Hollins, a grand daughter, spent
part of last week at Myrtle Beach.
Mr. Herbert Hogue and Miss
! Elizabeth Falls of Clover, S C
spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs
' Ophelia Rollins.
Mr. J. A. Dover of Charlotte,
spent part of last week in Grover
with his father. Mr. W. A. Dovrr.
Mr. and Mrs A H Hollins and
family are spending part of this
week at Wrlghtsville Beach
Hev. T. P. Dendy. accompanied bv
Mrs Dendy and daughter. Miss
Elizabeth spent last week at
Wrlghtsville Beach
Mr. and Mrs n i. rocxrr mo
tored to Charleston. S C . for their
vacation and they report pood roads
and a fine time throughout the
trip. There are many points of in
terest in this old southern city by
the sea
Mr. and Mrs Avcrv Hardin, and
little son came over from Lenoir
recentlv to visit the formers mother
Mrs. C M. HaVdin.
Mr. R. B. Keeter of Shelby ac
companied by his wife, and little
daughter Betty Lou. spent Sunday
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.
S. Keeter.
Kermit Keeter of Shelby was a
visitor to our town Sunday and at
t.eded services at the Baptist church.
Mrs. L. C. Hamrick had as dinner
guests for Sunday Mr. C. O. Ham
bright of Greenville, S. C , and 1
Ollie Harris of Shelby,
Miss Marveda Turner of Morgan -
ton, spent several days recently with
her grand parents Mr. and Mrs. D.
J. Keeter.
Muss Marie Martin of Spartan
burg. S. C., came over to visit her
sister, Mrs. D A. Moss the latter
part of the week.
Mr and Mrs R. Pinkelton was in
Greensboro over the week-end on
account of the death of Mr Pink
elton's sister-in-law Mrs. Charley
Pinkelton. They were accompanied
by two of their children Jack and
Mr. and Mrs Rube Rollins and
family are spending a few days
this week at Wrightsville Beach.
Mrs. Clifford Hamilton of Clay
ton and her little daughter Jean
were a recent visitor in the home of
her parents Mr. and Mrs. D. J.
On Fishing Trip.
Rev. W. E. Furcron and family
and Mr. C. E. Byers and family.
Mr. John Dixon and Mrs. Charley
Moss and family went to Bridgewa
ter last week for a. fish fry and
they were successful in making a
fine catch. Altogether it was a de
1 lightful outing.
Rev. Amos Clary of Greensboro,
Va., filled the pulpit of the First
Baptist church of Blacksburg last
Sunday. He was a dinner guest of
Mrs. Q. E. Byers together with his
mother who is Mrs. Byers’ aunt.
We were delighted to meet this
) friend of other days again and
made him promise to return in the
near future and preach for us at
Handsome New Home.
I Mr C. F. Hambright is building
a nine room residence for himself
and family on Bob Vance street.
It is brick veneered with slate roof
and the very latest in modern
equipment, two bath rooms, electric
lights double pipe vapor heating
system and when finished will be
one of the finest homes in this sec
tion. Mr. W. T. Duncan of Gaffney
is the contractor and is giving this
building his personal supervision.
I Mill Running Fine.
In this day of strech out systems
and strikes and general unrest in
the textile plants over the country,
it is indeed a Joy to visit the Min
ettc Mill here in Grover. Mr. C. F.
Harry the genial president, is all
smiles when talking of this plant
and he ran well afford to smile, for
! this plant has one of the finest
’ records of any industry in the south,
for the past six years it has run
continuously night and day without
a break and it has trebled its floor
space and machinery in that time.
It is now housed in one of the
finest plants in the country and
they have now 72 looms. The last
installment of looms were Cromp
ton-Knowles, latest four-box mag
azine type and are motor driven.
The dyeing system is the very last
word In equipment, their weekly
out put is 6,0000 pounds of rayon
filling and 3,500 pounds of cotton
and mercerized warp. They man
ufacture the highest class of rayon
draperies, bed spreads, luncheon
sets „and mattress ticking, and with
enough orders already booked for
the next six months It is no wonder
that every one connected with this
enterprise is happy. No stretch-out
system, no dissatisfied help, no
shoddy work
Mr. E O. Becknell is general su
perintendent, assisted In the man
agement. by H. H. Becknell and W
E. Davis. Mr. W. S. Hicks, is su
perintendent of the finishing de
partment and he has such splen
did help in his department that he
has the smile that wont come off.
Grover is Justly proud of Mr. Harry
and this splendid plant.
The Peoples Drug store has re
cently added an up to date Built
Rite soda fount, and that is at
present the drawing card for young
and old alike.
Mrs. Oro tills Head. Sinking School
Marts. Picnic Planned.
' Sperta! to Tlie Star >
The singing school started last ,
Monday r.t Camp Creek with Prof
Leroy .lollcv in charge,
Mr and Mrs. Darrle Martin and
son. Paul of Shelby, spep' last Sun- j
day at Mr F.ari Bridges
Miss Selma Surratt of Grassy '
Pond. S C spent, last Friday night |
with Miss Exie Humphries
The girls Sunday school class of
Camp Creek are giving an Ice cream
supper next Saturday night, at. Mr.
Kester Hamrick's Spring This class
is taught by Mr. Garland Hamrick
and is trying to raise money to buy
heat of some form for their room
bv fall of the year. Everybody in
vited to come
Mr. Roland Hamrick spent the
week-end at Mr Kester Hamrick
Miss Exie Humphries spent the
week-end with Miss Selma Surratt
of Grassy Pond, 9 C
Miss Myrtle Bridges of Spai tan
burg. S. C„ spent the week-end
with home folks
Mr. Harry Abernathy of Spartan
burg, S. C , spent, last week with his
grandmother. Mrs C. Jones,
Mr. Void Humphries and sisters
of Hickory Grove, spent last Sun
day at, Mr Guy Humphries
A number of people from here
attended the funeral of Mrs. Cleo
Ellis at Boiling Springs last. Satur
day morning at 11 a. in. Mrs. Ellis
was making her home with her son.
Fred, near Gaffney, but was well
known here having lived In this
community for several years. Her
husband died last spring and was
buried at Boiling Springs. She is
survived by the following children,
Love of this place, Fred of near
Gaffney, Early of Alabama. Ola of
Gaffney route 1, and Efflc of
Cltffstde, and Tobe. Mrs. Ellis was
79 years of age.
Messrs. Blaine Davis. Dillard
Bridges and Bate Blanton were
visitors in Spartanburg, S C., last
Mrs. Ola Christie and children
are spending this week with her
sisters at Converse.
Those visiting at Mr. Dee Byars
last Sunday were Mr and Mrs.
Thamcr Humphries, Herman and |
Neressa Humphries. Onie and Flay
Humphries, Mr. and Mrs. Bulo
Earls, Mr. A. Humphries
A number of our people attended
preaching at Grassy Pond last Sun
day night.
Misses Lillie and Eula Bailey
spent Sunday night with Musses
Inez and Bunah Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Rome Davis and
children spent last Sunday after
noon at Mr. Frank Baileys.
Mr. and Mrs. Void Bailey visited
in Cliffside Sunday.
Revival meeting will begin at
Camp Creek Sunday. There will be
two services daily, one at 11 a m.
and one at 7:30 p. m.
Miss Lucille Huskey spent last
Sunday and Sunday night with Miss
Mayme Earl.
Mr. Carl Huskey and family spent
last Monday with Mr. and Mrs.
Guy Humphries.
Mr. and Mrs. Furman Jolley of
Ellenboro, spent last Wednesday at
Mr. W. W. Hawkins.
Mr; Thurman Byars Is playing
ball with the Cliffside team. They
are expecting to play the New York
Blooker Girls next Thursday after
noon. A number from here will at
Mr.. Bryon Hawkins visited his
sister. Dessie of Ellenboro, the first
of last week.
Miss Viola Bridges is improving
after having the mumps.
Messrs. Bulo. Richard and
Broadus Earls, Clay Hawkins and
Collis Jones attended the singing
school at Flint Hill last week.
Aged Folk In Quest
Of Marriage Papers
Gaffney Ledger:
For he first time In several
months the office of Probate Judge
Lake W. Stroup was invaded this
week-end by old age in quest of a
marriage license The couple was
Pink Kiser, of Forest City, who gave
his age as 70, and Martha Mc
Daniel, of Spindale, who claimed to
be 66. Other white men and wom
en who bought licenses were:
Glenn Queen and Vertie Self,
both of Casar.
Emmett Norman and Ruby Turn
er. both of Lawndale
Bill Blanton and Marjorie Sum
mey, both of Gastonia,
Theodore Lovelare and Nora
Pruitt, both of Henrietta
John Frank Gamble, and Minnie
Lee Davis, both of Kings Mountain.
Pink Kiser, Forest Oity. and
Martha McDaniel, Spindale.
Ralph Horton, Forest City, and
Louise Wood, Shelby.
Candler Strickland and Ola De
vine, both of Shelby.
Benjamin Porter and Ava Cook,
both of Shelby.
Try Star Want# Ads.
All Summer
V2 Original Price
— GROUP 1 —
ALL $12.95 DRESSES NOW.$6.50
— GROUP 2 —
ALL $19.95 DRESSES NOW ... $10.00
r i . i
ThB food opinion of Oldsmobile
that itinvariably expressed when the
diacusaion tuma to motor cara is con
clusive evidence of the increaaing
public favor thia fine car it winning
throughout America.
8uch priceleaa good will can be
achieved in only one way — the con
tinued satisfaction of thousands of
owners over a long period of time.
This satisfaction and enthusiasm on
the part of Oldsmobile owners have
been expressed time and again—not
only from one neighbor to another
— but in the multitude of written
mess axes which flow constantly into
the Oldsmobile factory.
Oldsmobile owners are loyal because
they know that Oldsmobile is loyal to
its owners. The exhilaration of Olds
mobile performance—its brilliant
speed, power, and getaway — is theirs
to enjoy, day after day. The roomy
comfort of Oldsmobile's bodies by
aiaflaman nryf through nl^mohila dealers.
At $1599 frr all model*, f. o. b. factory. Lancia*.
Michigan, ft la ae outstanding in value in its 6a!3
•e the popular OMimMt Six. the 6ne cur of low
Fisher— the rutful (riding MM
vided by wide, deep-cushioned i
and four Loveioy hydraulic shock
absorbers — the luxury of richly fur*
niahed interiors add infinite pleasure
to their motoring. And above all, they
have absolute confidence in their care
—confidence that is born of months
and years of faithful service.
Yet these splendid qualities—and the
additional advantages of handling
ease, parking ease, and operating ecac*>
omy—are available in Oldamobile Me
remarkably low price.
Good will—good words—and unhrefw
sal good opinion unmistakably stamp
this Oldsmobile as a fine car—an ante*
mobile that will serve you long and
well. Study the facts yourself. Drive
the car and examine its many points
of merit. Make critical comparisons.
And then you will agree, with thou
sands of owners, that Oldsmobile hss
fully earned this widespread
/ * k /«*«* t—*««. SSsSilissS
so*.*«« s*.

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