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    Iowa Farms, Chicago
Gunmen-Back Home
How Much It Takes
Doubt* Trip By Motor Aero** Con
tinent Costs Far Cess Than
Thought By Many.
caving South Pakota. quite a
tanning state itself. the tout isi
heading east strikes Iowa, the farm
ing paradise In the 8toux Falls-Sio -x
City section, about the most frit IP
belt of all as it leads to the Miss
issippi river.
At Dubuque. Iowa, the transcon
tinental traveller crosses the Miss
issippi for the second time, bnt the
Father of Waters hardly appears to
be the same stream as was crossed
at New Orleans, where it If at its
widest before reaching the Guii;
neither does it seem to be the sam'
big river which the Southerner
often crosses at Memphis and .at
Nature's Checkerboard.
Before reaching the Mississippi,
however, between the Missouri and
the Mississippi. the car winds
through the great wheat and corn
fields which have made Iowa the
wealthiest farm region in the world
and one of the . most prosperous
states In the union, although Iowa,
like other agrarian regions, must
worry about prtees—wheat and corn
prices instead of cotton prices. The
fields, stretching across the fertile
plains as far as the eye can see, re
semble huge checker-boards with
gigantic checks of yellow and green,
both colors varying In shade ac
cording to the nature of the gra'n,
or whether the green check may he
corn or some clover crop. Not an
men oi iann seems wastca »uu ui*
fertlllty of the soil as evidenced by
the com and wheat seems almost
unbelievable. For mile after mile
the corn rows stretch every direc
tion, the big stalk and ears resem
bling corn on our rich, bottom lands
of the South, while In this section
we have not wheat to compare with
the Iowa grain. Here and there, on
the hog market as well as the grain
market. Practically all the farming
is done upon a large scale with
modern machinery, and where plow
ing la being done the traveller sel
dom sees the plowman walking. If
he Is not aboard a tractor, he is
riding a two-horse plow. Cro,s
Iowa from any side and It is easy
to understand why the majority of
the wealthy folks playing abot t
Long Beach, California, arc retired
Iowa farmers, and one also com
prehends how they are able to tell
the Long Beach city fathers that
'•we'll take our 52 million dollars
out of your banks unless you per
mit us to pitch horseshoes In your
Chicago's Gunmen.
that the chief objection to
the modern house is that it
has only one decent closet,
and it’s called the break
fast room; the rest of the
rooms are so small that the
dog has to wag his tail up
and down because there
isn’t room for him to wag
it sidewise.
We haven’t the room here
to tell you about the merits
of Sinclair gas and Opaline
oil, but we will guarantee
these products unreserved
ly. Motorists who have
years of driving experience
know the difference in ac
celeration and response
these products assure.
Two disappointments, or. rather, j
pleasures. of the writer s trip across i
the continent and back were the j
paucity of rattlesnakes crawling |
| over vour rot In the west, and or |
1 gunmen taking cracks at you u!
| Chicago.
Leaving Iowa the tourist car
erosscs Into Illinois and It isn't long
until Ohlen go is renrhrd from the
west side, stipposcd’y the hang-out
of the gunmen and bandits. Cicero,
Chicago suburb to the west, is the
den of the killers, but very fe.v move
hearses arc seen moving about
there than may be seen in North
Carolina. Perhaps because automo
biles do not kill as many there.
Iu fact, Chicago apparently pays
less attention to the gun mi n than
the outsiders. Chi's crime wave is
more or less overrated. We have
several cities In the South where
the homicide rate, in proportion to'
the population, is considerably
larger. In two days and nights spent
wandering about Scarface A1 Ca
pone’s town we failed to hear a sin
gle gun fire, and did not see a sin
gle hold-up. except the experience
of paying the meal check in sored
of the eating houses. The killings
tl ere arc not played up as much in
the home papers as they are In
dalltes of outside cities, particularly
down South where we count on the
Chicago gunmen to make material
for about, half of our big headlines
A machine gun party there getv
about as much space In the Chicago
papers as does a Shelby sportin';
victory in the Charlotte papers.
Chicago rates next to New York
as wir largest, city and In many re
spects pushes the little ol* whoopee
town for honors. Chicago's shop
ping district along State street is
Just about as beautiful, In its style,
as are Broadway and Fifth avenue*.
New York's Riverside Drive hardly
holds a candle to the Lake Shore
drive along Michigan Boulevard in
Just what the outstanding points
of Interest are there. It is hard to
say. Chicago has a galaxy of such.
Right now It Is the North Side
baseball park, where William Wrig
ley's Cubs are about to win the
city's first baseball pennant in
many years, and the manner in
which the Chicago iolkr are (licking
the turnstiles gt Wrigley’s Field in
dicates that, the World Series Is al
ready going on. Mr. Wrtgley. w'T.
parked back and let the rest of us
chew gum to make his millions, cer
tainly knows his advertising In
Chicago he has them believing that
one baseball game per day la as
necessary for the health as Is a stick
of spearmint after each meal. On
one day each week he turns the
ladles in free even though Chicago
is so exetted over Roger Hornsby
and Hack Wilson that nearly a'l
the women folks would be there if
they had to pay their own way. On
certain Monday’s each month tho
big park is overflowing with young
boys. One learns, upon lnquu-y, that
Wrigley gets them to Sunday school
as well as to the ball park Each
boy in Sunday school on the day
before Mondny's game gets a free
pass to the game next day.
Going to the Lake Shore Drive
the sightseer goes by, and should
stop at the Art Museum where the
millions of the city have assembled
some of the most costly and beau
tiful art works of the world.
Everyone, oi course, wno rocs id
Chicago wants, first of all, to get
the low-down on "the loop.” This
widely known feature of the city Is
the elevated railway which serves
the heart of the city. The business
district, as some may Imagine, is
not erected in a loop plan. The
elevated merely winds around the
heart of the business center in a
circle, certain cars being loop cars
going all the way around the clrcl®.
while the express cars l ranch off to
the right here and there going out
into the outlying business dialric
and the residential sections.
From Chicago to Sheltv by motor
Is only two days driving, but pjettv
stiff days The preferred route is by
i way of Indianapolis. Indiana, and
Cincinnati, Ohio, then down into
Kentucky by way of Paris and Lex
ington blue grass section to Middles
boro and Newport, then into Ashe
ville. Incidentally the mountain re
gion about Cumberland Gap, where
the three states—Kentucky. Ten
nessee. and Virginia—run to a peak.
| By Men M ho Know How.
Any Job. Large or Small.
All work guaranteed. Why
risk chances of being over
charged? We give you the
price before doing the work.
Call us and let us estimate
your work.
Smith Plumbing
is as beautiful as most any of the
scenic points In the west. And, of i
course, none of the bleak rock clh'U
in the high Sierras and the Rockies
have anything on North Carolina's
Blue Ridge for appearances.
Making Such A Trip.
The customary remark about
transcontinental motor jaunt >s
'Tve always wanted to make it, bn*
it is too expensive.'’ Added to that
is the query: “Well, the main thin,;
I am interested in is the cost. I may
make it some day?" Here come a
few secrets. It doesn’t cost a for
tune to see the west by motor, nit
if you arc willing to keep away fro.n
the high priced hotels, and that
doesn't mean stay in uncomfortable
surroundings. Due to the increasing
popularity of motor cars travel is
far less cost’y and far more con
venient now than ever before, par
ticularly along the main-travelled
highways and trains of the west. As
has been recounted heretofore,
nearly every town and city along
the main trails have tourtst camps.
That means more than camping
ground, for it includes comfortable
sanitary cabins which may be rent
ed. two people to each cabin, for >1
to 2 per night. That gives you cook
ing privileges, saving outside meals.
These camps usually have hot and
cold showers and nearly every ac
commodation known to modern
man. Fact Is, when you start out to
see the west, you will find that nine
out of ten see it that way. The ma
Jorlty ol tne people you meet are
dressed in khaki or other clothing
for hard wear, because, even if you
travel hotel style, it is impossible to
remain "dolled up.” Such a trip, if
you look at all the people doing the
same thing, is much like a picnic
back here, except on a larger scale,
and the tourists are dressed accord
ingly. It Isn't an odd sight to see
the car of a millionaire pull into a
tourist camp at night. It’s too much
trouble even for the wealthy to go
into a hotel, change clothes entire
ly and then change back again to
make an early start next dav.
And here, with the above facts
stated, is the only Information, no
doubt, in this entire narrative of a
long motor trip which will be of
much Interest: Four people in c
good car (a car that is not break
ing down every day) may go to the
west coast and back, pay all ac
tual expenses and sight-seeing
fares on $125 per person. That in?
eludes park entrance fees, boat
fares, eating and sleeping expense,
and all the incidentals. Just a little
more, if you cart: to investigate,
than a one-way railroad ticket
without a Pullman or anything to
eat, and seeing no sights except
from the window. The above figure
gives plenty of leeway for trouble.
With proper economy the trip may
be made for less than $100 per per
son—believe it or not.
And that estimate, if you please,
does not merely cover a straiglK
across trip to California and back.
It covers travelling across 21 states
and Mexico and visiting all the na
tional parks and scenic points with
in a hundred miles on each side of
the highway, and a week’s playing
up and down the Pacific coast. Our
route not only crossed the continent
two ways, but near three ways, from
Carolina to California In en east
iwest direction and from Mexico to
Montana t bordering on Canada) in
a north-south direction. Here are
the states covered by tie 8,700
mtle trip; South Carolina, Georgia,
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisana,
Texas, the Republic of Mexi o. New
Mexico, Arizona, California Nevada,
Utah, Idaho. Montana. Wyoming,
South Dakota. Iowa, Illonois, In
diana Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Hope you enjoyed the buggy ride!
6-Cent Pension For
4$ Years Of Service
t Guilford. England—What Is b«
ilieved to be the world’s smallest
pension Is collected here weekly by
Charles Pearce. 12, retired railwav
employe. A veteran of 40 years
service, he draws 8 cents a week.
He explained that the company
originally paid him I2.4A. a week.
Later he qualified for a govern
ment old age pension ol $2.4U,
whereupon his railroad pension was
reduced by that amount.
It is not the amount that lead's
him to collect his due. but the fact
that so long as he co'lects it he re
mains on the company's b<K>ks. And
j while on the books he Is entitled to
| one free pass a year, with the pri
vilege of quarter-fare tickets for
; family.
Buncombe-farmers have begun tr
handle their farm woodlots accord
ing to methods advocated by ex
tension forester, R. W. Graeber.
For The Best Shoe
Rebuilt And New
Shoes For Sale.
Also Headquarters
For Singer Sewing
Machines & Parts.
West Marion St. 3rd
Door From Western
Shelby, N. C.
Ike’s Tale
Deer Star Reeders:
After the June bugs came our old
hen went tu layin eggs. Sal has
been doing a big thing this sum
mer a-washin clothes fur the ar
bors. so we decided tu get out and
take a vacation as is common with
all us rich fo'ks. you know. Thar 13
so many places tu go tu these times
that hit is hard tu tell which is the
best place tu vacation at. Fur my
part I’d Just as soon a tuck hit rite j
here at Casar a-drinking and i
chawin' tebeccer with the boys. But I
Sal wanted tu go way off outen the i
state tu sum of these big places
like Lawndale or Shelby. She sed
Lawndale wuz a good place i”
tu but I sed hit wernt't on account
of the Schencks and Walter Lee and
sum more folks who live down thar
on the banks of First Broad. Shel
by is a purty place If hit warn't fur
that old court house and jail they've
got down thar
I never could understand why j
sick a purty town as 8he!by would I
build a Jail or court house in hit.
Me and Sal wuz at the Jail one day
last spring tu see her brother who
wuz boardin’ thar awhile, and I’ll
swear I never seed ns tough look
ing set of men In all my life. After
we came out of jail we went up tu
the court house and went through
hit and I’ll be durned If them fel
lers down thar In jail wuz half as
tough lookin’ as the men they've
got in the court house in the rooms
downstairs, you know under these
conditions we knew hit wuz risky
tu go, but we tuck a chance any
way and went on. The first man
we seed wuz this here red headed
Joshua Lattlmore who commanded
us tu stand still till he could fetch
up all his friends and present ’em
tu Sal. Zero Huffman lives sum
whar in the wilderness of Soutn
Shelby, and we started down tu eat
dinner and supper an breakfast wiih
him, fur he is of our kind an wuz
raised near Carpenters Knob. A
police told us Zero wuz not at home
—that him and sum officers went
down to Raleigh about a year ago
—that the other fellers came back
and left Zero down thar a-workin’
at hard labor. Him and Josh wuz
all the fellers we knowed, so thar
weren’t nothin at all tu do only
santer round, silly like, and set on
the benches under the trees and talk
tu Oeorge Peeler an them other
fellers; then^go out tu the foun
tain and git a drink of water an
look at the post office and Pcnnev’s
store. The first, nlte out at sea we
slept on the grass under a tree on
the lawn Jist in front of the house
whar the Star gits printed. I wuz
fur goin over tu the hotel at Cleve
land Springs but when Sal counted
our money we jist had enough tu
take us back tu Casar a walking, so
we slept out in the grate open
spaces, as hit were.
Shelby shore is a big place with
lots of stores and fine dressed men
—the gals is so saving of their
clothes that they jist wear a little
of 'em at a time—a wrist watch
sum beads and a belt is a plenty
till hit begins tif frost. Hit wuz
Tuesday when we went down and
we could a-ben a-looktn at things
Town Of Lattimorr, N. C.
Notice is hereby given that a spe
cial election will be held in the
town of Lattimore on the 26th day
of September, 1929, for the purpose
of voting on the question as to
whether or not the town of Latti
more shall sell its electric trans
mission, distribution and lighting
system, and all casements, con
tracts. rights of way and personal
property constituting same, and all
property used or held for use, in
connection with the operation and
maintenance of same, including the
transmission line from the town of
Moores boro to the town of Lattt
more. and also including all rights
of Vay necessary for the mainten
ance and operation of said trans
mission line, for the price of
HUNDRED ($18,000.00) DOLLARS
in cash. Ballots will be used, one
reading "For Sale of Electric Sys
tem to Southern Public Utilities
Company,” and the other “Against
Sale of Electric System to the
Southern Public Utilities Company.’
The election shall be held from
eight o'clock a. m. until sunset on
the said 26th day of September. 1929
The poling place for said election
will be at Lattimore, N. C., in build
ing over Union Trust Co.
A new registration of the voters
shall be had for said election, and
the books for said new registration
shall be opened on the 26th day of
August, 1929, and closed on the
25th day of September, 192S, and
said registration books shall be m
the possession of Forrest Walker, at
his place of business on Main
street in Lattimore. All by order of
a resolution passed by the mayor
and board of aldermen of the town
of Lattimore, N. C. on the 19th day
of August, 1929
W, s WALKER Town Clerk
It 21c.
till Saturday, I reckon but Sal had
planned tu wash on Friday fur Andy
Warlick and I wuz a-gittln home
sick fur a drink of whisky; so we
had tu go. A year from now we
hope tu go again fur tliar is sum
things about our visit that we can t
forget—sum of hit wuz pleasant an
sum of hit wuz tuther way.
Were back agin whar all is bliss
Our feet no more shall roam—
The secret of hit all is this
Here's Casar—friends and home
Clover Hill Observe*
S. S. Day Sept. 1st
Lawndale. R-l.—On Sunday, Sep
tember 1 at 11 o'clock Clover Hill
Sunday school will observe Sunday
school day. The program consists
of singing and a play, “With One
Intent." The play is a demonstra
tion of the Sunday school in var
ious departments and including the
different ages of Sunday school
An attractive feature of the pro
gram is an address following the
play by Prof. H. M. Loy of Shelby.
The public is cordially invited.
No Salesman Need Apply.
Suitor—“Sir, I have an attach
ment for your daughter.”
Her Father—"Young man. when
my daughter needs accessories. I’ll
buy them lor her.”
Notice is hereby given that A. E.
Cline, chairman of the board of
commissioners is empowered to ne
gotiate and dispose of a note in the
amount of twenty-five thousand
($25,000) and no-100 dollars of the
county of Cleveland to be issued for
the purpose of paying appropriations
for the current fiscal year in anti
cipation of the collection of taxes
and other revenue for school pur
poses. Said note maturing in not
over four months from date of is
sue. Said note will be negotiated
and disposed of after August 30,
1929. By order of the board.
A. F. NEWTON, Clerk .
•••who else wants FREE COAL?
TIME ia flying! Only three more day# to secure Free
Coal. When we close our doors on Saturday night, we
will also close the Free Coal Club for 1929.
Better make sure that you get in on this generous offer by
coming in at once and joining the Club. The membership
lee is only fx, and that, ot course, is applied on
•he purchase price of your Heatrola. In the Fall,
sve will install the llcatrola in your home—and tho
coal man will deliver a ton of Free Coal to your
bin (one-half ton with the Heatrola Junior).
Then, when winter comes, how you will enjoy
the Heatrola, with its cozy, whole-house warmth,
Its beauty, its fuel economy. If you are not sure
you'11 get to see us before Saturday night, tele*
phone and we’ll come to see you.
ohelby Hardware Co.
&o» 6-D—the netv deluxe
ffeatrola. Advanced en
gineering in a cabinet
of Btrininjit medernltHa
★ ★ ★ ★
TVaoa pricoa f.a. b. latch Fac
tory, ipactal aouipmaat axtra.
hUrqvolto Mhmd print
inclada only nawnibli
chargat far dalivary and
financing. Canvanianl farmt
eon bn arraitgad an thn lib
oral G. M. A. C. Tina Fay
nanl Flaa.
Cantidar thn dalinarad pHea
a» wall a* tha Ik* pnet whan
tom pari ng automat It aval uaa.
There's o remarkable new kind of performance In
the moderate-price field—MARQUETTE perform
ance! Another triumph of Butck engineering and
Bukk craftsmanship. Dashing new response ...
thrilling new speed ... amazing new power ...
surprising new economy. A leader's mastery of
every phase of action! Discover it for yourself
today--drive this great performer.
Take the wheel of a Marquette and feel it lift you
in a smooth surge of speed from 10 to 60 miles an
hour in 31 seconds. Experience its perfect road
ability that lets you fairly float along at 60 or 70
miles an hour in complete comfort and security.
Try it on the steepest hill and know its great re
serves of power.
No other automobile in its price range has an
engine of *socfi*'large * phtaf* <_ „
remarkable enteprerf, diutgoo(i
holslery—or it*
windshield. < „_,__
field can offer a full quota of the
that provide the most'thorough i
motoring satisfaction^
See this splendid new'* cot.* _
smartly-tailored, low sewing Bodies hr ffdien.
its handsome finish and appointment!
visions for complete comfoit . . _ its.
refinements and improvements that
superiority complete.
See the Marquette today. Compose it wUi-HMT
other car in its doss. Drive this great perfanawSH
ond discover the thrill that only a winnerkacyl
Canadwr DKijion of General Me ton
McLeughlm-4uick, Othawa, Out Corporation
MiiVMn at
J. Lawrence Lackey
Shelby - North Carolina

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