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    English As She Is Spoken In 1929.
Chicago.—English as she is spoken
becomes daily more intricate.
A policeman today was explaining
•>ne or the stunts on the program
for the police field meet at Soldier
Field next Saturday, and this is
what he said:
“A cannon fades a mark and
takes it on the lam with the boodle.
’He is tailed by the bulls, duce-cap
pcd, given the weeps by a Niagara
pineapple, and hooked for the rap.”
Translated for the benefit of the
“A gunman holds up a citizen and
runs away with the man's money
He is trailed by police, cornered,
driven from his refuge by tear gas
bombs, and captured for punish
Fast Thirty Anyhow.
"Willie,” said his mother, "go
over and see how old Mrs. Brown is
this morning.''
Willie was back in a few moments
"She says it's none o’ you blam
ed business how old she is,” an
nounced Willie.
h. INN
50 miles from Shelby. A
delightful week-end trip or
evening drive. An Alpine
_setting on beautiful —
Under and by virtue of the power
and authority conferred on the un
dersigned by an order from Hon. H.
F. Sea well, Jr.. U. S. referee l.t
bankruptcy, I will on Saturday,
August 31. 1929, at the hour of 12
o’clock noon, on the vacant lot
near the old sample room, at the
rear of the Hotel Charles in the
city of Shelby, Cleveland county.
North Carolina, offer for public
sale to the highest bidder for cash
the following described property to
| .2 John F. Byers Machine Co.
hoisting engines and complete rigs;
pne Osekosh Mfg. Co. mixer and
boiler, together with other small
•'equipment such as pulleys, cable,
blocks, etc. Any one desiring to see
.this property can do so by applying
to Mr. Charles Burrus, Atty., st
Shelby, N. C.
This August 9. 1929*
1 J. C. PITTMAN, Trustee.
J. W. Stout and Company.
Bankrupts, Sanford, N. C.
August 14-21-26-30.
North Carolina,
Cleveland County.
. In the Superior Court before
the Clerk
Alice Silvey, plaintiff vs. John
Si’vey, defendant.
. The defendant, John Silvey, will
lake notice; that on the 13th day
oL August, 1929, the plaintiff above
named commenced in the Superior
court, of Cleveland county, an ac
tion entitled as above, to obtain an
absolute divorce upon the grounds
of five years separation; and the
said defendant will further take no
' tice that he is required to appear
at the office of the clerk of the
Superior court of said county in the
courthouse in Shelby, N. C., on the
13th day of October, 1929, and an
swer or demur to the complaint of
the plaintiff, or the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief
demanded In said complaint.
Clerk of Superior Court of
Cleveland County, N. C.
\^I. R. Weathers, Atty. for plaintilf.
*1 was so weak," says Mr*.
JosephiiM Cockcroft, of
' Baldock, 8. C, "that I was
not able to do anything.
"At certain
times, I Buffered
dreadfully* with
pains in my back
and aides. My
bead would hurt
—felt like it
would split open.
Spells of weak
ness would last
for weeks.
"I read of Car
duL I sent for a
bottle and began
taking it. My
case was atuoDom, ana at
times I almost lost hope,
but I could see a little im
provement. At last 1 began
tq feel much better. Then I
improved rapidly. For the
last year I have been in
better health than I ever
have been before.
T give the credit to Cor*
dui, for after I had giv
en it a thorough
trial, I got
For CoiwhpMiaw. bw&yhon, Bilwwiao.
Belwood Personal
News Happenings
r . ’
Voung People Enjoy Ice Cream
Supper. Epworth Leaguers On
Picnic. Personals.
(Special to The Star.)
Belwood. Aug. 27.—The young
people's class ot Knob Creel:
church enjoyed an ice cream sup
per Saturday night at the home of
Miss Eloise Deal. A large crowd at
tended and all reported a fine time.
Kadesh, Palm Tree, and Fallston
Epworth Leagues all enjoyed a pic
nic Friday afternoon near Morgan
ton. All the members reported a
wonderful time.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ledford
and children and Mrs. Amos Ledford
of Casar, visited Mrs. Walter Chnp
p. an Saturday afternoon.
Miss Peal Gantt was the supper
guest of Miss Ethel Norman Sat
Mrs. Salon Deal spent the week
end with Mrs. Hugh Hunt of Lin
Misses Ruth and Dorothy Greene
and Mayo Gantt spent Sunday aft
ernoon with Misses Hazel and Ruby
Mr. and Mrs. DecBtur Elmore of
Shelby visited Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Richard Sunday afternoon.
Miss Catherine HuBDara spent
Saturday afternoon with her cous
ins. Misses Dorothy and Rosemary
Mrs. Mary Proctor is spending
awhile with her sister, Mrs. Sam
Taley of Vale.
Miss Helen Sain of Toluca spent
Tuesday night with Misses Rose
mary and Dorothy Peeler.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Richard
and son. W. C.. spent a few days
last week with Mr. and Mrs. Law
rence Walker of near Casar.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Peeler of
Washington visited relatives in the
community last week;
Mr. Leo Greene spent Monday
night with Mr. Garland New'ton.
Mrs. Eugene Joynes and sister,
Miss Pearl Gantt spent Wednesday
night With Mr. and Mrs. Plato
Gantt of Vale.
Mrs. Lewis Greene spent Wednes
day night with her mother Mrs
Bridges of Shelby.
Mrs. Bruce Fortenberry and
daughter and Miss Johnnie Forten
berry visited Miss B. C. Turner
Monday afternoon.
Mr. Solon Deal of Rockdale spent
Tuesday night with Messrs. Leo and
Hubert Greene.
Mr. Mayberry Wise and son Loy,
of Vale, were visitors in the com -,
niunity Monday ’afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Olen Murry anil
children of Fallston, spent Sunday
afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. C. G
Misses Georgie and Pansy Queen
visited Misses Annie and Eva Rich
ard Sunday afternoon.
Misses Ruth and Vera Hartman
visited Misses Nanie Lou and Lorcnc
Goodman Sunday afternoon.
Messrs. Quincy Hartman and Lee
McMurry spent last week in Lex
ington and High Point.
Mr. and Mrs. John Queen and
children spent Sunday afternoon in
Shelby with relatives .
Mr. Robert Wilson spent a few
days last week with Messrs. Dever
and Leo Greene.
Mr. and Mrs. Griffin Johnson of
Lawndale visited Mr. and Mrs
John Queen Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Dock Willis of Lincolnton
visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Willis Sunday afternoon.
Miss Meril Houser and Estelle
Bess of Vale, spent the week-end
with Miss Maie Edwards.
Mrs. Jake Fortenberry is spend
ing sometime with Mr. and Mrs.
Bill Fortenberry of Shelby.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Fortenberry
and children of Lawndale spent
Sunday afternoon with Mr. and
Mrs. Jake Fortenberry.
Misses Ola Maie and Mary Brack -
ette and Maie Edwards spent last
Tuesday with Miss Jessie Dixon of
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fortenberry and
son and Mr. Jake White and
daughter Elsie of Shelby, spent last
Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
Jake Fortenberry.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Higgins of
Spartanburg, and Mr. and Mrs.
Gaither Higgins spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Peeler.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Smith and
children of Fallston spent Sunday
afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Mack
Mrs. Molly Parham and children
of Kannapolis, and Mrs. Lou Led
ford of Beams Mill spent last Fri
day night with Mr. and Mrs. Mack
Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Lackey of
Fallston visited Mr. and Mrs. B P.
Peeler Sunday afternoon.
Miss Maie Edwards spent Monday
afternoon with Miss Johnnie For
Administrator’s Notice.
Having thus day qualified ss ad
ministrator of the estate of John
L. Shade, deceased of Cleveland
county, North Carolina, this is to no*
tify all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased
to exhibit them to the undersigned
on or before the 12th day of August
1930, or this notice will be pleaded
In bar of their recovery. All per
sons indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment.
This the 12th day of August, 1929.
Administrator of John L,
Shade, Deceased.
Miss Eva Mae Hopper and Mrs.
Nealy Addy were two of about thirty
guests at a gorgeous birthday din
ner Sunday which was held at Miss
Hopper's home near Boiling Springs
and in honor of her brother and
grandmother. During the afternoon
music, swimming and watermelon
slicing were enjoyed. Miss Hopper
and Mrs. Addy reported a wonder
ful time.
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Nicholson Were
week-end visitors of home folk at
Westminister. S. C. They were
joined at Gaffney by their aunt,
Mrs. D. P. Grant and cousin. Mrs.
Shelton Pryor who also visited
nieces and nephews here at the
home of Mr. and Mrs R. A. Alleu.
Mrs. Grant, was very much inter
ested in the work at Cleveland
Cloth mill. It was quite different
from one, alone, taking the raw
wool from the sheep's back, color
ing and finishing the material all
in the home. It was from the old
Nicholson home that the weaver did
her own designing and finishing
materials and made suits out ot
the fashionable color "gray” for
Governor Ansel, senators and oth
er distinguished men of Soutn
Carolina, n was crus same 100m
that made ‘‘all wool roll blankets"
in that day which sold for fifteen
dollars a pair. We ere very sorry
that this good lady failed to see
any of the finished materials from
Cleveland Cloth Mill
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Carzine spent
last week with Mr. and Mrs E. O
Smith. Mrs. Carzine is a sister of
Mr Smith
*Mr. and Mrs. E. G Smith were
visitors in Charlotte over the week
end. They visited Mrs. Evelyn
Nokes another sister of Mr. Smi‘h
who was there for a while from
Norfolk, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reynolds,
little son and Miss Isoline Wilson
spent Sunday with Mrs. Reynolds''
daughter of Lowell.
Mrs. Hester McSwain, daughter
and son spent Sunday in Lowell.
Misses Tessie and Della Lail ard
Evelyn Beatie motored to Tincview
Lake Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Louis Burgers and children'
of Greenville, are spending th-*
w-eek with her mother Mrs. Tram
Mr. and Mrs. Ralpn Pnrkpr and'
family spent the week-end in
Greenville, visiting idatives and.
Mr. and Mrs. J. £ Ross and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Lybrand
motored to Boiling Springs, 8. C-.
Sunday to visit the graves of Mrs.
Ross' parents and then on to Fair
forest to visit relati- cs.
Mrs. Bert Gardo's mother of
Cramerton is spending the week
with her.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Scw"ll have
returned to their home In Phila
delphia after a few days stay with
Mrs. Sewell's mother Mrs. Tyner.
Everyone is invited to attend the
revival meeting which Mr. R; R
Cook is holding this week at Wal
lace Grove. To those who are n,i
familiar with Wallace Grove, may
find the place better by knowing
that it is near Mr. Green’s home
and also near the place where a
church was burned some time ago.
Mr. and Mrs. John Green and Mr.
Homer Smith attended the funeral,
of Mr. Green's grandmother at;
Forest City Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wilson and
little daughter spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Green at New
Miss Ruth Walker was the guest
of Miss Sybil * Brown Saturday
Miss Myrtle Spillar of Greenville.
S. C., was the week-end guest of
her cousin Miss Helen Ballard.
Miss Sybil Brown was the dinner
guest of Miss Ruth Walker Sun
Everyone w^ir disappointed not to
have seen the Cleveland Cloth
MiU-Eastside game Saturday aft
ernoon on account of the rain. It
had been the most anticipated
game of the whole season but we've
got that to look forward to for
next Saturday. Everyone is invited,
do not miss it.
Hens in demonstration, flocks
throughout North Carolina laid an
average of 16 eggs a bird and paid
about 21 cents each above feed
cost during July.
Try Star Want* Ads. j
Eighteen Additions To Church As
■ Result Of Revival. Road
Forces Working.
(Special to The Star.'
Soar, Aug. 26.—The revival meet
ing closed Saturday morning with
18 additions to the church. Our pas
tor, Rev. J. W. Sutt'.e preacher!
some helpful and inspiring t ser
mons which were n great blessing
to us. Rev. Frank Putnam was
present Friday evening and filled
the pulpit. He preached a great
The many friends of Miss Lily
Allen met at her home Saturday
evening and gave her a surprise
birthday party. There were quite a
number of young people present
and a very enjoyable time was had
playing games etc.
Mr. Z. L. Searcy, the music teach
er who has been with us tor the
past three weeks, left for his home
at Urec Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Okley Jones was again a
most welcomed visitor at the Tues- ,
day morning service. He is visiting
at the home of Mr. Mr. D. Hum
Mr. George Horn of South Shel
by was a welcomed guest at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Henderson
Champion Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wacaster and
little daughter Margaret were guests
of Mr. and Mrs, S. B. Hamrick
Thursday.-'They were also present
at the revival services.
Miss Etta McSwain of Trinity Is
visiting at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Redman Davidson.
Miss Frances McSwain of Moores
boro. is visiting relatives in the com ■
m unity.
Miss Flora Hamrick of Grover, *s
spending a week in the community'
as a guest of Miss Elsie Hamrick.
Mrs. Boyd Hill and two children
of South Carolina arrived Monday
to spend a fortnight with her pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson
Mrs. T. D. Hamrick who is known
and loved by all in this section is
seriously ill at the home of her
sdhrMr Demus Hamrick at Morgan
Mr. Garland McEntire and Mr.
Elvin Barnetfe spent several days
visiting in Charlotte and other
points near there.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil , Humphries
were visitors iri* Grover last Sun
Miss Evelyn Beam of South Shel
by i»spendln#sev*x»Mi«** with her
aunt, Mrs. S. B. Hamrick In order
to attend the revival services.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. North War
ren a fine baby August 19.
Miss Brace Sailers of Union com
munity has been spending a weak
visiting relatives in the neighbor
Mr. and Mrs. George Spake visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Hughes F. i
day. We are always glad to wel
come' tTietri to our community.
Misses Ruth and Eva Allen of
Eliabeth community have just re
turned home after en extended visit
to their sister, Mrs. Carver Bridges.1
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Blanton were
welcomed guests at the home of
their mother, Mrs. F. F. Poston
Rev. and Mrs. Lowell Barnette of
SOUTHERN railway
Washington, D. C.$13.00
Norfolk, Va.$10.75
Old Point Comfort_$10.75
Virginia Beach _.... 511."5
Richmond, Va._... .. $9.75
Tickets good going and return
ing regular trains.
At All Druf Stow. Adult* 75*, Chlldrt* to*.
You’ll Appreciate Its Worth
Beams Mill community have been
spending several days with their pa*
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Arvllla Mc
| Swain.
Mr. Carver McSwaln of Hickory
has been spending his vacation a'
the home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Arvllla McSwaln.
Mr. Dan Davidson left Monday
for Richmond, Va„ where he ex
pects to Work for several weeks,
Miss Pearl Glascoe of Beaver Dam
community has been spending .sev
eral days at the home of her grand
parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Street and
family left Monday for their home
at Savannah, Ga. They were ac
companied by Mr Fred Belle who
expects to spend a fortnight there
as their guest.
Miss Elsie Hamrick left Sunday
for Kings Mountain where she ex
pects to be a guest at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Will Humphries for
several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Spake Of
Elizabeth community were welcomed
.visitors at the preaching service
Thursday morning.
Mr. William Peterson of Kings
Mountain was a welcomed guest at
the home of Mr. Thomas Ware
Sunday. He was accompanied by
his brother, Theodore.
Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Humphries
of Grover were welcomed guest at
the home of their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. F. Humphries.
Mr. Gold Ledbetter tame home
with Mr. David Rlee from Marion
to spend the week-end.
Work has been begun on Hickory
Creek Bridge near here. This bride?
is on number 18 which is being
built through our community.
They’ll Be Hitched.
Edmonton, Alberta.—Two athle
tic stars, especially good on defense,
are to wed. Eddie Shore of the Bos
ton Bruins, star defense man of the
National Hockey league, is engaged
to Miss Kate McRea, defense star
of the Edmonton Commercial Grads
bksketball champions.
Executor's Notice.
Having qualified as executor of
the will of Alice Prances Green, de
ceased. late of Cleveland county, N
C., this is to notify all persons hav
ing claims against the estate cf
said deceased, to exhibit them to
the undersigned at Shelby. N. C.,
on or before the 13:h day of August,
1930, or this notice will be pleaded
in bar of their recovery. All per
sons indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment of
such indebtedness.
This the 13th day of August,
Executor of will of Alice
Frances Green, deceased.
Newton <5s Newton, Attorneys. .. ..
All About Rudy.
New York.—Up rises Mrs. Charles
A. Vallee with a snappy comeback to
Bert. Lown. who is suing her son
: Rudy, jazz favorite, Lown said he
found out that. Rudy was clever and
showed him how to make money
"So this man Lown said he de
tected the kid's class, did he?" ask
ed Mrs. Vallee. ‘‘Well. I made that
same discovery 25 years ago."
W A. Ybrk has been elected presi
dent and I. F. Armfield, secretary
of the Surry county board ol agri
Commissioner's Sale Of Land.
By virtue of a decree made In
special proceeding entitled Alice
Eskridge, widow, vs. Maggie L. Hop
per and husband. Stowe Hopper, by
the clerk of superior court of Cleve
land county, N. C.. on August 7.
1920, I as commissioner will offer
for sale at public auction, to the
highest bidder, lor cash at the court
house door In- Shelby, N. C.. at 12
nr., Monday September 16, 1929, t ie
following described real eslntr:
Lying In No. 6 and No, 9 town
ship. Cleveland county, N. C.. and
being the dower interest of N R
London, deceased, in the lands of
her late husband, C. L. London,
and being described by metes and
bounds as follows:
Beginning at a hickory on the
south side of a branch, the Esk
ridge corner, and runs S. E. 65 poles
to a white oak, one of the original
corners: thence S. 72 W, 262 poles
to a stake on bank of river; thence
up the river as it meanders 66 poles
to a stake In Eskridge's line; thence
with said line N. 72 E. to the be
ginning, containing 107 acres, more
or leas.
This the 8th day of August, 1929
J. C. NEWTON. Commissioner.
Newton & Newton, Attys.
North Carolina. Cleveland County.
In the Superior Court.
J. B. Strange, plaintiff; Ellle Gib
son Strange, defendant.
The defendant herein, Elite Gib
son Strange, will take notice that
an action, above styled, has been
commenced in the superior court of
Cleveland county, N. C, of which
Shelby is the county scat, wherein
the plaintiff petitions for an ab
solute divorce on the grounds of
adultery and other statutory
charges; and said defendant named
will take notice that she is requir
ed to appear at the court house in
said city, and at the. office of the
clerk of court thereof, on or before
the 28th day of September and
answer or demur to the complaint,
or that the plaintiff will apply at.
term for the relief demanded in
said complaint. This 7th day of
August, 1029.
Clerk of Superior CourJ.
W. S. Beam, Atty. for plaintiff.
Willie Was (<<hh1.
Mother: "Were you good at the
Willie: "Yes didn'5t ask twice
for anything at the table?"
Willie: "No , I didn't. I asked
once and they didn’t hear me, so I
helped myself."
66 6
Is a Prescription tar
('olds, Grippe, Fla, Dengue,
Bilious Fever and Malaria.
It Is the most speedy remedy knows
PAY If Oil
fine screen Copper Half-tones
•'NewspaperHalf-tones -Zinc
Cititan Buildino'' ''
Telephone 676 Asheville.N.C.,
Shelby to Washington_.... I_$13.00
Shelby to Portsmouth___$10.75
Shelby to Richmond_-_• $9.75
Tickets will be sold for all trains August 31st, with
final return limit of September 5th, tickets good in pull
man cars on payment regular pullman fare.
For further information and pullman reservations
call on any Seaboard ticket agent, or
Shelby, N. C.
Raleigh, N. C.
The Two-Base Oil
^R.EFINED from the very best properties of Paraffine and naph
thene base crudes “GULF SUPREME” possesses all the good and
none of the bad features of the single base oils refined from either
crude. CThe heat of high-speed . . . high compression motors
carbonizes many single base oils and reduces others to a ve$y
thin consistency... in either case reducing efficiency of the motor.
You will find “GULF SUPREME"
" just the oil for your motor. At
any Gulf Service Station or Dealer
Gulf Refining Come
Manufacturers of the Famous Qulf Venom Insectici

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