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MISS MAYME ROBERTS—Social Editor—Phone 256.
New* Items Telephoned Miss Roberts Will Be Appreciated.
Thursday and Friday 4 p m. Mrs.
D. Z. Newton is entertaining with
bridge at her home on Cleveland
Springs road.
Taul Thilbeck
Beds Miss Holcombe.
Miss Mabel anounees
the marriage of her brother Pan', to
Miss Naomi Halcombe in Gaffney,
S. C., on Saturday August 24. 1929.
Mis* Jackson Weds
Rev. Mr. Stoudenmire.
Mr. and Mrs. Landrum Jackson
announce the marriage of their sif
ter. Bess Jackson, to Rev. Arthur
Thomas Stoudenmire on Tuesday
morning. August, the twenty-sev
enth, at nine o'clock. Baptist
church. Duncan, South Carolina."
The following formed a motor
party to Myrtle Beach last, week
where they spent several days, Mr
and Mrs. j. D. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs
G. B. Hamrick, Mr. and Mrs. D D
Dodd. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dodd and
Miss Eulalia Elliott..
Mr. Arthur Blanton of Greenville,
S. C... and brother. Mr. Hershel
Blanton entertained about twenty
five of their friends and family with
a fish-fry last Saturday evening a'
the home of Mrs. J. C. Dodd A
very delightful evening was spent by
Mr*. Shuford
Has Birthday.
Mrs. Ceph Blanton surprised her
mother, Mrs. Fannie Shuford, on
her birthday yesterday by Inviting
Mesdames H. E Higgins and W II
Thompson to spend the day with
her. Other friends called during
the day and presented her with
flowers and candies.
A large number of Shelby peo
ple will be Interested In the rn
nouncement of the marriage of Miss
Lou VerPlank of Albany, N. Y.. to
Mr. Arthur Ferguson of that city
on June 22. Miss VerPlank spent
one winter with Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Willard and also visited them sev
eral different times here.
Sixth Birthday.
Little John Phifer celebrated his
sixth birthday Thursday at th;
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John R. Phifer on Sumter street. A
number of little friends in the
neighborhood were Invited in and
after a series of games and fun. re
freshments consisting of icc creau;
and cake were served.
Andre ws-Sullivan
Wedding Announcements.
Announcements have been receiv
ed of the marriage of Miss Bessie
Andrews to Mr. E B. Sullivan of
Asheville, which took place in Gaff
ney, S. C„ April 25. The wedding
was kept a secret until last week
Mrs. Sullivan will continue to be in
Shelby and Is with the Betty-Jean
beauty shop.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Buttle were
delightful hosts at a dinner party
Monday evening entertaining at the
Blue Parrot tea room honoring Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Hancock of Oxford
who Rre guests of Mr. and Mrr, D
W. Royster. Covers were laid for
Mr. and Mrs. Hancock, Mr. .»nd
..Mrs. D. W. Royster and Mr. and
Mrs. Suttle
For Week.
Thursday evening.—The Kiwanlt
members, their wives and friends
will enjoy an outing at Pinev etv
lake. A picnic lunch supper will be
aerved by Mrs. Irma Wallace.
Saturday 3 p. m — Miss Virgin' i
Hoey will entertain with bridge at
her home on E. Marion street non
oring Miss Louise Lattimore of For
est City.
Mrs. Roland Elam delight! illy
entertained twelve little girls it
her home Saturday at 4 o’clock
honoring her daughter, Evelyn, on
her eleventh birthday anniversary
Indoor games and contests were
enjoyed, Miss Marie King winning
the prize in the guessing contesi
The dining room was prettily ar
ranged with summer flowers, a
color' note of pink and green pre
dominating. The large white birth
day cake holding the eleven oink
candles graced the center of the
table, which was cut and served
with ice rream and green and rink
mints. The party Included: Misses
rMarie King, Helen Marshall Ham
rick, Marguerite Wall, Ellen L. Gtd
ney, Martha Davis Arrowood, Mlll
cent, Brackett, Mary Margaret Mull,
Justine Grigg, Rebecca Hopper,
Patsy Honeycutt and Evelyn Elam.
Mrs. Elam was assisted by Mrs.
Tom Abernethy in entertaining and
Mrs. Joe Willis of this city an
nounces the marriage of her sister.
Miss Margaret Pritchard to Mr.
Charlie Craig of Gastonia. The
wedding was solemnized at Che;.,or,
S, C.. January 15, 19C7 and was
kepi a secret till Monday of this
week. Mr. and Mrs. Craig are mak
ing their home in Gastonia and
began housekeeping there Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Brocks had.
6s their dinner guests Tuesday Mr.
and Mrs. Lane Brooks and little son,
Jennings, Mr and Mrs. M. M. Gold
and daughter. Hub.v. Mrs. D. G.
Washburn. Sarah, Mrs. Garlon
Washburn and Garlon. jr., Mrs. C.
A Hamrick and Miss Vera Dixon,
Mrs. J D. Lee. Miss Eliza Brooks,
Miss Bertha Hawkins nnd Mr. Will
Mrs. Williams Hostess
To Isprning Club.
Mrs. Charlie Williams wa. a
charming hostess to the members of
the Ishpening club Tuesday after
noon at 11:30 o'clock, entertaining
at the Blue Parrot Tea room which
was gaily decorated with quanti
ties of lovely roses. The four bridge
tables were also graced with vases
of rosebuds. The high score prize
was won by Miss Mary Moore of
Forest City and the low score prize
by Mrs. Pitt Beam At the close of
the afternoon a delicious salad and
ice course was served.
Carver- Snider
Coming as a surprise to her many
friends and relatives, was the mar
riage of Mrs. Madge Thompson
Carver to Mr. Abel Heist Snider on
August. 10. the ceremony quietly
solemnized In Pontiac, Mich. After
a short visit to Mr. Snider's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Snider in Hes
peler Ontario, Canada. Mrs. Snider
came on home. Mr. Snider being
unable to accompany her on ac
count of business arrangements. He
will loin her at a very early date
and they will make their home In
Shelby for the present, with Mrs
Snider's mother. Mrs. W. H Thomp
Mrs. Iloev
Clives Luncheon.
Mrs. Jack Miller of Griffin, Ga.
who has been spending some t.nre
with her sisters in the city, . was
charmingly honored yesterday with
a 1 o'clock luncheon by Mrs. C. R.
Hoey at her handsome home on W.
Marlon street. The dining table was
covered with an exquisite lace cloth
and graced with vases of pink radi
ance roses and clematis. An elegant
five course luncheon was beautifully
served to the following: Mcsdames
Miller, T J. Babtngton, R. L. Ar
mour, John McClurd, John Shan
onhouse. Misses Gussle Sisk, Mayme
Hardin. Elora Alexander. Jessie
Hamrick and Mrs. Hoey. Following
the luncheon rook was played and
a delightful afternoon spent.
Messrs. Wren -and Earl Honeyedtt
have returned from a visit with
relatives at Madison.
Miss Mary Brockwell and Mr
Hoyt Brockwell of Mars Hill college.
Miss Ruby Fowler of Union, S. C.,
and Mr. Theron King of Sanford.
Fla., spent the week-end here with
Miss Sedalia Propst.
Miss Sara Palmer returned last
night from a visit to Miss Hath? >.ne
Caldwell in Blacksburg.
Mesdames Roland Holland and
J. T. Jones spent today at Avondale
i attending the W. M. U. of 'he
1 Sandy Run association
Mrs D I>. Weaver was the guest
of her sister. Mrs. H. Morehead in
Charlotte Sunday.
Mechanics W. B Nix. J. Y. Irvin,
Misses Lucille and Rosalynd ix
and Thelma Young spent Monday
in Charlotte.
Mesdames Kate L. North. Ray
mond Carroll. Misses Egberta North
and Mildred Weaver were Char
lotte visitors yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hancock of
Oxford left today for their home
after a two weeks visit to Mr. and
Mrs. D. W. Royster.
Two Motor Cars Collide On Na
tional Highway. Four Additions
To Church.
(Special to The Star t
Grover, Aug. 27.—The Men's Bible
class of the Grover Baptist church
enjoyed a fish fry at Dover's lake
last Friday night. This was the
supper that’ the reds gave to the
blues; he blues having outstripped
the reds in their race for new mem
bers last quarter.
The correspondent from Boiling
Springs made a mistake last week
in reporting that the three banners
were awarded to the unions of Earl.
These banners went to the junior,
Intermediate and senior unions of
There was quite a serious wreck
on the national highway in front of
Bookouts mill last Fttday when a
Ford touring car driven by Marcel
Fortune, of Grover, collided with an
Oldsmoblle driven by D. H. Harr's,
of Cramcrton. There were eleven
people in the car driven by Mr.!
Harris, six adults and five children !
Several of them were pretty badly
cut and bruised. They were taxer,
over to the Peoples drug store where
Dr. Oates gave them the necessary
medical attention. Mr. Fortune es
caped unhurt.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hambright and
daughter. Mary Frances, accompan
ied by Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Connelly
and daughter, Hazel, all of Atlanta.
Ga . were week-end guests of Mr.
Hambrlghts parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. H Hambright..
Mr. and Mrs. ,1. G. White spent
last week motoring in Virginia, vis
iting many points of interest In the
Shenandoah valley and on tnon
return they accompanied by Mrs.
White's nephew. N. C. Sheppered of
Stewart. Va.. who will spend sortie
time with relatives and friends in
Little Miss Will-Ed Furcron enter -
taincd a number of her classmates
at her home on the night of the 16th
of August this being her twelfth
birthday. After a .round of merry
making. games, etc., refreshments
were served. The little hostess re
ceived many nice and useful pres
Mr, and Mrs. Monroe Beam spent
the day with relatives in Lincolnton
last Thursday.
Mr and Mrs. Raymond Frazier,
of Charlotte, were guests last weev
or Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bridges.
Messrs. Landus Ellis, Frank -°p
perd. and Buford Hambright were
in Wilmington last Wednesday and
Thursday attending the Feast of the
There were four additions to the
membership of Grover Baptis*
church last Sunday at the mottiinr
service. This makes 45 add* tons
since the first of the year. The hours
for the night services have been
changed to 7:30 instead of 8 oclock
We are using the prayer meeting
Miour to study some subjects select
|ed that is of genereal interest and
| we believe it will help you to at
tend these Thursday night services
Our Deputy Mr. Charley * Sliep
pered caught another two-pint, boot
legger last week and put him under
bond until he could be brought to
trial in Shelby.
A large number of our young
folks attended the ice cream sup
per at Mount Paran last Saturday
Mr. Lewis Forney of Cincinatit is
visiting his family on E. Marion
Mr. A. V. Wray, of A V. Wray
and 6 sons, is back from a buying
trip north, which carried him as far
as New York city. Mr. Wray was
accompanied by his son. George
Wray, who is still in the markets
being located today in Baltimore.
Miss Bessie McBrayer. popular
cashier at Campbell’s, is back at her
desk after a ten days’ vacation, part
of which was spent on a visit to
her sister at Columbia, S. C.
I -
Miss Elizabeth Ebeltoft and Miss
Elizabeth Hall returned Sunday
morning from a delightful trip to
New York. Miss Hall left this morn
ing for her home in Hickory.
Mrs. Robert Stokes and daugh
ter. Miss Effie Stokes, of Charlotte,
visited Mrs. T, W. Ebeltoft the first
I of the week.
Mrs. L. M McKensie of German
(ton. is spending this week with her
sister, Mrs. W. D Bablngton.
Mrs. J. C. Bundy of Charlotte ind
| guest, Mrs J. H. Hill of Gcrmanton
| spent last Thursday with Mr. and
I Mrs. W. D Babington.
J Miss Miliicent McCraw of Gaff
| ney. S. C. is spending a week with
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Beam in
Beaumonde Terraces. Miss McCraw
is a niece of Mrs. Beam. *
Double Shoals News
Of Current Week
Methodist Sunday School Goes On
Picnic To Dairy Farm. Per
sonal Items.
i Special to The Star t
Double Shoals, Aug. 27,—Reg^ar
monthly service was held on Sun
day afternoon with the pastor pres
ent who preached from Psalm: “T
will lift up mine eyes unto the hills
from whence conieth my help.” I'he
sermon was highly appreciated by
the congregation.
The Methodist Sunday school
vent on a picnic a few days ago toj
Shuford's dairy farm and report aj
fine trip.
John Peeler and son Clyde went j
on a mountain trip last week visit
ing Asheville. Johnson City, and
Knoxville. Tenn., and other point.1
Mr. and Mrs. A. P Shytles of
Shelby spent Saturday and Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Champion.
Mrs. Barabara Towery and fam
i'y visited relatives in Parksville, S.
C. last week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Prank Lank
ford on August 17, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L Spangler and
children spent a part of last week
on the coast, carrying Miss Tolar,
a former school teacher here, back
home after spending a while visit
ing around the Piedmont vicinity.
Mr and Mrs. J T. Spangler of
Shelby spent Friday night with their
children, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Span
g'er. ■
Little Miss Bettie Sue Spangler
spent a part of last week with
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. B
Mrs W K White and Miss
Magratha Hamrick of Kings Moun
tain and Gastonia spent last Thrus
day night and Friday with Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Costner.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Spangler, Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Cornwell are spend
ing today near Waco visiting Mr.
and Mrs Yates Spurlin.
Little Miss Yvonne Cornwell has
it-covered fropi scarlet fever and Is
ready to return back to school.
At The Theatres
"Two Weeks Off." starring the
popular favorites, Jack Mulhall and
Dorothy MackaU'l. is the feature
picture today and tomorrow at the
Webb. It's a First National, direct
ed by William Beaudine. According
to the press sheet, this is the theme
of the picture: Arc vacation ro
mances, real love affairs? Is the iast
vacation kiss forgotten the first day
back at work? See what happens
to Darling Dorothy when she Tails
in love with a vacation "show off."
Bebe Daniels has turned to the
newspapers for the theme of her
latest, ripping, thrilling comedy,
"What a Night!" which opens for
a two day run at the Princess tlic
tre Thursday. It is said to be the
best comedy-melodrama that has
appeared here in seme time and
during the next two days of its
local run, "What a Night!" is bound
to thrill thousands more.
Excitement, thrills, laughter and
love make up the adventure which
this dashing star evokes in this
story of newspaper life and news
paper doings. Crooked politicians,
gang leaders, reporters and Bebe,
herself, make up its characters. It
is the talc of a "big scoop" which
the newspaper tries unsuccessfully
to break until Miss Daniels' blun
dering efforts as a reporter uncov
ers the necessary data.
Everything you ask
Face Powder
Face powder should
be perfectly suited t(\the
tone of your skin. It should
not rub off. It must be deli
cately perfumed, and imper
vious to moisture. Dorothy
Gray's Day Powder in four
charmingshades delightfully
combines all these^-alities.
At our
i oilet Goods Department
- PONE 65 -
No Fear.
From the Philadelphia Star.
Producers do not need to fear
i saturation of the market when they
learn that only 30 per cent of Amer
I ican homes have radios, only 50 per
cent of homes have washing ma
chines. only 5 per cent of homes
have electric refrigeration. And as
for motor car saturation, no danger
of that so long as man's imagina
tion is such that he wants a new
car every time a new model comes
out. whether he needs it or not.
Wichita, Kas.—Night fliers over
Wichita soon will be guided by a
powerful beacon light similar to
that used at Croydon airdrome,
Located atop a 40-foot tower 6l
the roof of the Beacon building the
light will be visible more than 100
miles away. An automatic clock will
turn it on at dusk and off at day
That is what our dry cleaning service means to you.
We renew the fresh, smart look'to clothing. Get out
your fall things and send them to us. We will send back
something closely akin to a new autumn outfit.
Beck & Pratt
-PHONE 666 --
10 - 20 CENTS
Bumping the humps with a
gay guide to fun! She spills
into love in a riot of thrills!
There’s “Swim Girl, Swim”
and “Hot News” and a
i whole lot more in ‘‘What a
Added ,
“Summer Saps”
A Rich Comedy
Every Wednesday
10c TO ALL
“We Thank You”
409 South Main Street
Reidsville, N. C.
"Going Forward"
Eight Reasons Why CAROLINA
Students Succeed
/"*—1. Our courses of study are standard.
^ based upon texts and systems that
have received international endorse
ment and adoption.
A—2. Our study-practice method of
training develops unusual ability in
thinking and rare skill in doing.
D—3. Our instructors are experts, and
our advisers, among the leading busi
ness and professional men of the
Q—4. Our students’ efforts are careful
ly supervised, corectcd and returned
for review and improvement.
I —5. Our students have access to a busi
ness-legal library of exceptional val
ue; also to timely solutions of mod
ern business problems through such
magazines as System. Forbes and
Printers’ Ink.
6. Our cxtra-curricula activities offer
unusual opportunities for the devel
opment of supreme poise and pow
M—7. Our affiliation with large corpor
ations in nearby cities enables us to
desirable positions.
A -8. Our ideal is embodied in that per
fect slogan. ‘ He profits most who
serves best;” and it is our constant
aim to inculcate this idea and ideal
on the minds of our students.
Investigate today and matriculate right
409 South Main Street
Reidsville, N. C.
Phone 476
'■ •..•. ' ■ — ■
Fresh out of the cases.
They’re as new as the sea
The Two Trousers Suits (
offered in all the new style
patterns and shades for
Grey, Tan, Brown and
Blue—and ALL SIZES.
$9.95 - $13.95
$19.95 - $24.95
Acorn Super-Quality Shoes are recog
nized for their Style, Quality, Low Prices
by the wise and trinity
buyers. Every pair is
$2*98 to $4.98
25c 35c 45c and 85c
All New Patterns and shades
to select from...
Also $1.29 to $1.95
Genuine Felt Hats
$1.59t0 $4.98
Wonderful variety of
stunning models to se
lect from.
$4.95t0 $14.95

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