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It’s Just Next Week—The Big Cleveland County Fair, “Carolinas Greatest”
The Markets.
Cotton (Spoti ..18',c
Cotton Seed, per bu. . 10' ac
Light Frost Likely.
Today's North Carolina Weather
Report: Partly rloudy and cooler,
possibly light frost in extreme west
portion tonight. Thursday fair,
eooler in east portion.
B. S. College
In Easy Game
Facklev's Baptist Tram Drubs
Dallas High By A « To 0
Tire first football encounter of
the year in this section of the Car
olina? turned out to be a veritable
pigskin landslide at Boiling Springs
junior college yesterday when
B'.ainey Rackley s eleven ran rough
shod over the Dallas high school
team by a mere 67 to 0 score.
Although the opposition to the
Baptist collegians was a light high
school eleven, fans and supporters
of the school are about ready to be
lieve that the former Wake Forest
star has som<* threatening scoring
punch out at. the junior college. It
takes an exceptionally good team to
make ten touchdowns on any type
of opposition, particularly when i*
is the first game of the year.
Stroud A Star.
Coach Rackley attributed his vic
tory to a heavy charging line, speedy
backs and "Just high school opposi
tion," but when the game is re
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Young Smyre Tells
Of World Jamboree
rirdmont Scout Council Compris
ing Five Counties Holds
Meeting Here.
Gratifying reports of the work of
the Piedmont Boy Scouts of Amer
ica. Piedmont council, were heard
here last night at a meeting of of
ficials from the five counties of
Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln. Ruth
erford and Polk. Editor J. W. Ad
kins of Gastonia presided and a
feature of the meeting was the re
port of the World Scout ^mboree
held at Burkenliead. England, dur
ing the summer, this meeting being
attended by 60,000 scouts from 11
nations and 12 possessions.
Young Fted Smyre, Jr., of Gas
tonia, was one of the few scouts
from North Carolina to attend and
he praised Uncle Sam for providing
the best quarters of any nation
represented and thanked the men
of the Piedmont council for spon
soring the splendid work which is
being carried on through R. M
Schiele, scout executive. "That jam
boree created a world-wide good
feeling not only among the boys,
but among the leaders of the na
tions of the world,” declared Young
Smyre, clad in regulation scout uni
Piedmont council has 1375 scouts
and 45 troops were represented in
camp at Tryon during the summer
when 700 scouts attended. Repres
entative business men from the five
counties were here last night at the '
dinner served at Hotel Charles and :
went over the work of the past and ;
planned for greater things in the I
future. The key note of the meeting
seemed to be a lack of scout lead- ,
ers who will make the sacrifice fjr
the young manhood of this section |
in training them in scouting.
The next meeting of th« council ]
will be held here about th? middie j
of October.
Recorder Holds An
All Day Court On
Tuesday; 17 Trials
Court Hour? Jammed. Every Seat
FtJled For Increasing Grind
Of County Court.
County recorders court in Cleve
land county has grown to be almost [
a* important, if not as important as
superior court—that is, from the i
standpoint of interest and the num
ber of cases.
Usually the Monday docket, with
“the week-end after" imbibers and
their headaches, takes up the major
portions of the day, but here Tues
day the county session ground away !
nearly all day. beginning at 10 in
the morning and holding forth un
til after 3 in the afternoon.
Every seat. ii> the main courtroom
and in (lie negro gallery was filled j
with spectators. or witnesses, to I
hear the 17 cases which'were dis- 1
posed of. These cases, according *o
Judge Horace Kennedy and Solici
tor P. C. Gardner, dealt for the .nost
part with prohibit.on law violations ]
end worthless checks, although;
quite a number ot the c„ses had to ‘
do with an alleged disturbance o:
rpligious worship at a colored
church in the Lawndale section re
cently. j
Metts Coming
Tuesday About
Cavalry Troops
Wants Shelby Proposition For Troop
Presented To Him
J Van P. Melts, adjutant general
of North Carolin.t. will be in Shelby
next Tuesday afternoon , and eve
ning to consult with local men
about, the proposal to establish 1
cavalry troop of the national guard
Some months back information
coming to Shelby had it that a
troop of cavalry yvould be organiz
ed in this section and several Shel
by and Cleveland county men with
cavalry experience during or prior ]
to the World war immediately in
terested themselves in applying for
the troop location here
Since that time other towns and
cities in the section have also ask
ed for the troop. At present at
least three other cities—Charlotte.
Winston-Salem and Marion—are
asking for the troop
Wants Drtails.
In a letter of those interested
here Adjutant General Metts says
that on Monday he will begin a torn
of the four cities wanting the trooo
to decide just which one can offer J
the best facilities and prospects for
establishing a troop. Ke will reacn
Shelby about noon Tuesday, or
shortly thereafter, and at a meeting
with leaders interested desires that
actual facts be placed before him as
to prospects for officer and enlist
ed personnel, armory and stable
equipment, and finances
Meeting Called.
All local young men, particulars
ex-service men. who would be inter
ested in enlisting in the troop, if
established here, are asked to meet
at the Company K armory Tuesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock Ex-service
men not interested in enlisting but
who may offer advice about -the
establishment of the troop are also 1
urged to attend the meeting.
County Deputies In
Session Here; Talk
By Newton Made
One of the first meetings of nil
law enforcement officers, working
under Sheriff Irvin M. Allen. In
some time was held last night at
the sheriff's office in the court
house here. Twenty-six deputies
were present in addition to the
An interesting talk on law en
forcement and an explanation of
the law was made by Attorney J. C.
Newton, and this uras followed by a
talk by Sheriff Allen in which he
outlined and urged cooperation
upon the part of his force in en •
forcing the law
Dr. Wall To Begin A
Revival At Oxford!
__ i
Dr. Zeno Wall, pastor of the First
Baptist church of Shelby leaves tIre
last of the week for Oxford wheio
he will conduct a revival meeting at
the First Baptist church from Sept.
22 to October 3.
Gardner Says Troops Were Held
Ready Last Saturday At Gastonia
Raleigh,—Although local authori
ties of Gaston county declined to
request troops last Saturday upon
orders of Governor Gardner the
Gastonia company of the national
guard was mobilized in its armory
subject to call at the time of the
advertised meeting of the National
Textile Workers' union at South
Gastonia which was to have been
addressed by communist speakers.
This was learned this week tor
the first time from Governor Gard
ner. At the time the chief executive
merely announced that he had dis
patched Judge N A. Townsend,
executive counsel, to the scene with '
instructions to prevent any riot in
connection with the meeting. ;
“X instruced Judge Townsend to '
inform the civil authorities that!
troops would be sent if they request
ed, which is the only was they could
be sent," said the governor today.
“I was informed that no troo-is
were needed, but I had the Gastonia
comp ray held in readiness.
“The shooting of the woman oc
curred some miles avav from wheto
trouble was expected and 1 do not ;
think that troops in South Gastonia
could have had any effect on the
halting of the truck at West Gas
tonia. four miles away, or the shoot
ing of the woman on the highway
some miles beyond "
All other issues raised at Gastonia
have now been submerged by the su
preme issue of lawlessness," the gov
ernor declared today.
“Questions of the stretch out.
communism and all other questions
raised can be settled in the calm
light of reason, but when the fabric
of the law is urakrnrd all other
evils flow from it," declared the ex
"The situation in the state now
only involves the supremacy of the
law and it shall be kept supreme,
he stated emphatically.
Governor Gardner, when read the !
statement issued at Charlotte to
night by Bill Dunne, secretary ot
the communist party in America, in
which Dunne charged that th?
-statement issued by the governor
Saturday night "is condoning the
vhe'e m nder scheme here." to; t
the Associated Press that he had no
comment to make on the matter.
Gastonia Riots Brinu
Death and Suffering
When anti-communist demonstrators at Gastonia.
C., shot into a truck containing striking textile work
ers killing Mrs. Ella May Wiggins, they left these lit
tle children motherless. They are left to right. Albert,
3, Myrtle, 11, holding; 13 month* old Chalady, and
Minnie. 6. (Insetl Bill Dunee, secretary of the Com
munist Tarty of America, reported missing after the
strike disorders at Charlotte, N. C.
Conspiracy Charges
Dropped Against 8;
Wells An Atheist
Judgment Suspended
For Deputy Tried On
False Arrest Count
In county court here yesterday
Deputy Sheriff Bob Kendrick was
found guilty of a charge of false ar
rest. false imprisonment, and as
sault. but due to the nature of the
offensp. which it is said was not
intentional, judgment was suspend
ed by Recorder Horace Kennedy.
The charge developed over the ar
rest last week of Lloyd Hopper' in
east Shelby. A warrant was sent to
this state from South Carolina for
Hopper Deputy Kendrick thinking,
it is said, that the South Carolina
warrant could be served in this state
if endorsed by a local magistrate,
carried it to a magistrate and then
moved on to make the arrest. Such
a procedure, however, is illegal here
and the false arrest charge followed
Riot Gun* Warrant Withdrawn.
Wells An Unbeliever, Testi
mony Out.
fharlotte. Sept. 18.—Seven de
fendants were bound over to su
perior rnurt here yesterday by
Judge Thomas J. Shaw in connec
tion with the anti-communistic mob
episode across Gaston and .Meck
lenburg counties in which P«en
Wells, union organizrr. was flogged.
In announcing the bond after his
investigation into the mob aetivi
tics the veteran jurist declared
that mob violence in North Caro
lina would not be tolerated.
Those bound over included sup
erintendents and employes of the
Loray mill. Seven of those held
were dismissed, this number includ
ing Solicitor Carpenter and Major
A. L. Ruhvinkle. who had been
charged with accompanying the
Charlotte, Sept. 17 —The charge j
of conspiracy to overthrow the state
government, prrlerred last Friday!
against eight textile union workers !
and Communists was nolle pressed
when they appeared in city re
corder's court yesterday for prelim
inary hearing.
City Solicitor Oliver Litaker, when
court convened this morning, toH
City Recorder K. M Currie that the
warrant had been withdrawn. A. x:
Justice, who had been retained to
assist in prosecuting the men told
the judge that for “some reason"
the state had been unable to secure
the need evidence.
The men were C M Lell, C D
Saylor, George Saul, Paul Sheppard.
Taylor Shytle. Dewey Martin. John
Gibson and Etlev Ritch
Seven of the men were arrested
at a rooming house here Thursday;
night and a quantity of arms and
ammunition seised. The eighth
man, Savior, was arrested some
hours later
At. tire time of their arrest, n
charge was placed against them.
Judge Thomas J. Shaw, investigal
ing mob activities at Gastonia anci
Charlotte, threatened to release Lell
and Saylor unless some charge was
made against them and just before j
the hour he had set in his ultima
tum the charge of conspiracy w is
placed against them.
J. Frank Flowers,one of the In
ternational Labor Defense attorn-" s f
<Oou! tnued on page leu i
Gas Plant Matter
Before Kiwanians
sturkey To Talk Gas Franchise
Before Club And City Offi
cials Thursday.
Chas M. Sturkcy, of Lexington,
will appear before the Shelby Ki
wanis club at its meeting Thursday
evening at the Cleveland Springs
hotel to discuss a gas plant and
franchise for Shelby.
Mayor S A. McMurrv and the
board of aldermen will be present
as guests of the club to hear the
Sturkey talk. Tlie program is in
charge of Ear! Hamrick.
Couples From This
Section Married In
Gaffney Last Week
The following couples from this
etton. according to the Gaffney
Ledger secured marriage license in
Gaffney last week:
Dewey Jones and Amanda Good
man, both of Kings Mountain:
Robert Green and Pearl Peterson,
both of Kings Mountain, Ford Big
gerstaff and Janie Turner, both of
Bostic: Joseph Bunyan Brooks, cf
Ellenboro. and Essie Faye Lovelace
of Mooro.boro.
Officers Rounding
Up Fair “Spirits”
Fair Joy Water, Stored I p For
Event, Falling Into Clutches
Of law.
Thcip will bp joy water along the
midway at the county fair next
week, and, again. there will be
some joy water which will never
get there. Shelby and county offi
cers have been rounding up quite a
bit of fair spirits this week.
Yesterday Police Chief McBride
Poston and Deputy Mike H. Austell
found and captured a five gallon
charred keg full of whiskey in the
home cf Willie Hamrick, colored, in
the Flatrock section Willie was
not at home when the callers ar
rived, and hasn’t been since.
Monday Police Chief Posion and
Deputy Ed Dixon captured a gal
lon and a little more in the room
of O C. (Footsv) Mullinax. taxi
driver, at the Colonial service sta
tion rooming house. Mullinax was
fined $150 and the costs in county
court yesterday. Another capture of
i gallon in a five-gallon glass demi
john was made Monday afternoo j
n the South Shelby section by Deo ;
(ties Bob Kendrick and Harvey
Harrelson. The owner of the whis
;r_y was not at linnir at the lime
met has not been captured
Truck Drivers
Make Plea For
School Youths
I'rgr Motorists Of County Tn Hr
Careful About Passing I oadrd
.School Buses.
"Watch the white flat and
atop your automobile." That's
the ppeal 41 driver* of Cleve
land rountv school (rucks made
this wrrk to the people of
Cleveland county after holding
a meeting In Shelby to discuss
the safe transportation of school
Following up a resolution passed
In the county board ol education
in the boards last meeting. the
truck drivers declared that, here
after they would use a white flic
as a signal every time the school
buses were stopped to take on 01
unload school children
Near Accidents
"We hope the motorists, of tin.
county will watch those (lags nnn
observe the law by stopping." Ill’
drivers urge ' Several times ahead
this year we have had near senoti
accidents because passing motorists
refused to stop for the school buses,
and on some occasions even refus
ed to slow.''
The state law. school officials re
mind. is that any motor vehicb
upon the highway must come to .»
full stop when it approaches r
school bus which is loading or un
loading children Very few Cleve
land county or North Carolina citi
zens, the bus drivers say. are com
plying with this law.
‘‘When a ear zips past us when
children are crossing the road to
get on. or after having unloaded
I from the truck, we know nearly al
! ways that it is a North Carolina
j car,'* the bus drivers say, "for the
autos from the east come to a stop
1 every time. They have a similar law
! up there and they observe It seem-.
! to us that the people of Cleveland
county should be at least as parti
cular about saving the lives of their
children rs are motorists from dis
tant states.
"Watch the white flag—and stop!
Tom Abernethy New
I Legion Post Leader
Ex-Service Men Hope To Enlarge
Organization During Tear.
Installation Soon.
Tom Abernethy. former adjutart
of the post, was elected commander
of the Warren Hoyle American
Legion post at a meeting held last
night in the court house here He
succeeds Mike H. Austell as com
Other officers named were: J H
Grtgg and W. S Beam, vice-com
manders; Henry Mills, adjutant.
Basil Goode, finance officer, W. T
Alexander, sergeant-at-arms: C. B
McBrayer, service officer; O. W
Powell, guardianship officer; Ches
Woodson, athletic officer: Res O.
Hamrick, welfare officer; Fran<
Petway, membership officer; W R
Gary, publicity officer; and Buck
Archer, Americanism officer.
In connection with the making of
an athletic officer the local legion
post hopes next year to have a jun
ior baseball team from Shelby ro
compete In the national Legion
baseball series
Plans were discussed at the meet
ing, which was well attended, to in
crease the membership of the poy
and to make it a more important
factor in the life of the city and
Sophisticated Shelby! Objects
Not To Bare Legs, Sun-Backs
No Appeal To City Father* During
Summer To Curb Latent
Visitors from (lie big rities may,
label Shelby a tank (own anri a hay* i
srrri burg, From the standpoint of j
size and appearance the home town
may appear as such to the city,
people accustomed to counting pop-1
ulation in hundreds of thousands, j
But when it comes to being mod - j
ern, and stylish--and even broad- j
minded—Shelby may class herself
as stylish and a bit sophisticated
The city fathers of the town will j
tell you that. They have reason ip '
know. While numerous other towns
and cities in the south. and else,
where, have heard kicks this sum-,
mrr from the conservative citizens 1
about the audacity of stockinglcss j
limbs and low cut sun-back dresses,
not a single complaint, has been fil
ed before Shelby's board of ald-’
men about the nerve shown by the
young ladies of the town in keeping
step with the latest in styles.
That’s the word from the aider
men. "Not a single time" city had
officials say, "has anyone asked us
to keep bare legs and sun-tanned
backs off the streets of Shelby'
And now the twang and zip of fall
is in the air and sun-backs will oe !
giving away to fur coats—or fur ‘
collars—and the bare limbs will be
seeking a little more protection by
encasing themselves in sheer silk ;
?r rayon. I
Kidnap And Beat
Kings Mtn. Union
Leader Last Night
Tessner Dumped In S. C. After Beating,
Catches Ride To Charlotte. Was Taken
Away In Night Clothes. Union Speakers
Stand at Kings Mountain Dynamited Also.
Cleo Trssnrr, alleged organir
er and tabor agitator tor the
National Trxtilr Worker* union,
wa* taken from his home on i
Piedmont avenue at King*
Mountain this morning about I
o'dork by 5 men. who dragged
him into a ear, beating him as
they carried him. and taken tor
a ride near Gaffney, across the
South Carolina line, where he
was dumped.
Tesiner, now undergoing
medical treatment In a Char
lotte hotel, says that after being
badly beaten up and dumped
from the rar that he was told
by the five men, who kidnapped
him and beat him to run, and
as he ran hr said they shot at
Shortly thereafter, about 3 o'clock
in the morning, he hailed a passim:
truck, driven by two negroes, ami
rode with them to Charlotte, bor
rowing a pair of overalls eh route,
he said
Tes.ner was badly bruised from
head to (ret:
Dynamite Platform.
Tlir kidnapping of Ti* nor was
one oT two incidents of tin* night
m Kings Mountain. where somn
i trouble was anticipated Rfter re
1 ports were broadcast that the tex
i tile organizers were shifting their
j lieadquartcrs from Gastonia to the
' east, Cleveland comity town,
i The other happening was the
I dynamiting of the speakers plat
form at tlie union assembly ground,
on a vacant lot on the Cherryville
road near the northeastern limits i
! of Kuigs Mountain. The stand, a !
small wooden affair, was blown tol
j bits, nearby residents said. about
1 30 this morning, or 20 or 30 min- I
utes after Mrs Tessnrr said her
! husband was carried from their 1
: home by the unknown men.
Wife Tells Of Kidnapping.
Around 2 o'clock this morning i
Mrs. Tessner got in touch with Po- I
lice Chief Hedrick, of Kings Moun- |
tain. Policeman Creel Ware and I
other officers there and told them j
of the kidnapping They immediate- j
ly began a search southeast of 1
Kings Mountain for the missing
man. the rar which carried him
away having been said to go In tha1
Mrs Tessner's story was that
about 1 o'clock five husky men.
dressed in overalls and driving a
Chevrolet touring car. drove up in
front of the home on Piedmont
avenue. where the Tessners had
moved after being ejected from the
Cora mill residence. Two of the
men. she said, came to the door
and called out that they were dep
uty sheriffs and had papers for her j
husband. They urged him. she said,
to come out. but he refused to get
out of bed and do so
Drug Out?
Then, she said, the two joined by
the three others came on into tne
house dragged her husband from the
bed. and carried him from the
house without giving him time to
dress. Between the house and the
street, w’here the car was, she said i
they began to beat and abuse him !
Throwing him into the car the five j
men piled in after him. she said, j
ami drove hurriedly away. She has
not seen her husband since.
Nh-k Sanders, who lives next door
to the Tesaners in the Wilson house,
heard the commotion, according to
Policeman Ware, and looked out of
his window to sec the car and tha
'ti-ange men Mrs. Tcssner did not
recognize them and neither did
Sanders, the officers said. None of
the five was masked, it was stated.
ft was thought about Kings
Mountain this morning, according
to remarks made to a Star writer,
'hat the same men who kidnapped
Tcssner might, have turned about
and driven back to the northeast
corner of town where they dyna
mited the union speakers platform.
Asks Aid Of Sheriff.
Kings Mountain officers failing
to find any trace of the missing
union man last night and early to
day. Mrs. Tcssner came to Shelby
about 11 o'clock and appealed to
Sheriff Irvin Allen far him to aid
in searching for her husband. Sher
iff Allen immediately left for King*
Mountain to investigate. Shortly
later it was learned that Tcssner
was in Charlotte.
Reeognied Them?
Tessner. according to reports
from Charlotte, said that he could
identify two of the men who car
ried him away. They told him. he
said, that they were anti-commun
ists from Gastonia and meant to
drive every one of his kind from the
section, whether or not they we-e
in Gaston county.
Tessner came to Kings Mountain
several weeks back from Maryland.
Since the textile labor, disturbances
in Gaston county he had been dis
tributing literature for the N. T. W.
U , it is said. Some weeks back he
was discharged or left the employ
of the Cora mill. in northeast
Kings Mountain, and near where
the speakers stand, which was dy
namited, was located. Shortly there
after he was taken into recorder'a
court and tried for trespassing on
the Cora mill property, where it ■*
said he continued to distribute lit
erature He was acquitted on the
trespass charge, but was then ar
rested and placed in Jail here for
operating his car with a Maryland
tag. He was fined S25 by Recorder
Horace Kennedy and the ftne. re
ports here had it. was paid by the
union On the same day he was
arrested on the license charge of
ficers served ejectment papers upon
him and removed his household
goods from the Cora mill residence.
After leaving Jail here Tessner
moved Into the house on Piedmont
street where he was living when
About the scene of the union lot,
where the platform was blown ut>,
very little was known about the in
cident. The proprietor of a store
operated next door, together witn
other citizens living nearby, stated
that they heard the blast, but after
being aroused could see no one
about scene.
Strike Leaders
Removal There Reported But Can*
not Be Located. One-Day
Strike Fails.
Kings Mountain. Sept. 18.—Citi
zens of nearby towns and section.',
kept hearing reports yesterday that
thp headquarters office of the Na
tional Textile Workers’ union, which
has been connected with much of
the labor disturbances In Gaston
county, had been moved from Gas
tonia to Kings Mountain. But it
the union headquarters of the strika
agitators has been shifted to Cleve
land county, nothing definite con
cerning its location could be learned
by newspapermen and others her*
yesterday evening. V
After the scheduled^* anti-Com
munistic and N T. w. U. gathering
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