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    Veteran Gridders Play Here Saturday In College Clash i
The Rah-Rah Outfit
Comes Here Saturday,
Lenoir Rhyne College President To
Permit Students To Visit
I.Special to The Star.!
Hickory.—Students wishing to
attend thr Lenoir Rhyne-Preshv
trrian college football game in
Shelby Saturday will be given
permission to leave the rollegr
for the game. President Schaef
fer announced.
A large number of (hr stu
dents are expected to attend
the game and veil for their
team an the Mountain Bears
open the football season on thr
Cleveland county lair grounds.
By a rerent decree only 500 Mos
lem religious teachers will be per
mitted tn Turkey.
fr .—^
Schedule Of Sport
Event Hereabouts
The Shelby highs are playing
Rrlniont Abbry at the rlt'y
park here today.
Iiirk (itiilrys l.cnoir Rhyne
eleven will meet ITesbvIerian
i ellrgr in Ibis -erlton’s filsl col
lege football game at thr < lrsr
land County l air tomorrow■.
Davidson and < lemso.n will
plav In t harlnttc Saturday
Mrs Robert I-elsner ol Chicago'
failed In tier efforts In compel her \
husband to support her because >hr
asked him to leave home twelve !
years ago, Since that time Ftlsncr \
has become wealth','.
Chicory with Coffer, as in our (fold Ribbon
Blend, means double strength and double econo
my* The delightful (fold Ribbon Brand adds zest
to the coffee taste and is widely praised for its
health value. Try if for your next breakfast.
m. «. ...
(.old Ribbon
( 11 HAND )
mu get moiejor
your dollar in..
America’s finest
i Otkhtnd All-American Sit stands
loot unmteilMbty a* America's finest me
dhan-priced automobile. Its value suprem
acy has been nUblitbed by facta revealed in
ennpariaon of the All-American Sit with
twmiy other medium-priced au tomobilcs — the most
i analysis of motor car values of which we
r all the remits of this comparison with
i and point out what the information it provides
sfto you as a buyer of a medium-^ndeed car.
i you have aeen how on every basis of compari
aon the All-American Sit towers above its field—you
'I™ with us that you get more for your dollar
In America’s finest medium-priced automobile.
ProoJ of Oakland F alue Superiority
The totting fac«a ware otaainerffroia a ermrpenarm «f the Oakland All- American
■* wttk JO ceber (nadtem-pneed autaaobUea. AU told. S7» tndjridual coropen
*** *** nu^*‘ ^ ttiaae, Oakland pruvol to be diatlnct1 y euperlor to 451 ct
-1-47 par aent The 10 can eorohined wore at beat rnual to Oakland on i*2 »
AJ-V) par east. And U ad the JO ware hither priced than Oakland.
,_, . . _ kw pncriaOtk
Uorf hat ■ wheelbase Iom u o*k
Und V which i« 117 inches That ear
raquue* a turning circle to the left of
41 feat as compared with Oakland •
SB teec Sir higher priced cart have
ahorter wheelbases.
Oakland's lit cubic inch piston dis
placement is greater than 11 of the 10
cara in its price field. Of the S rrme .n
• y much higher priced
BRAKES Only OikUoi) atv1 or*,
other car in it* ftrii
of brakes which
fVktaod employ a And do ear In fh§
6eld equal* Oakland s 290 aquara
tochetof brake band arm. Oakland «
•fianU emergency brake operate* oa
tb« itirjmiiiioo. Seven cart in lh«
fteld have no M-parata emarnervy
brvba, although thraa of litem eic-od
Oakland m prua.
FISHER BODY Only Oakland
ami two other
cart in the held offer txxi.ei by Fiihrr.
And one of the two i< nearly * 00
h-ther in rnce than Oakland. Of the
IS c*~» *1 h have lane * .-nti bolea.
It are priced vievt lav All
American Su.
J#**-. frlliTj eW«u,
fcmjun «ni N*f
Tim* Pmytnmtt fkn
y*U a* 11*1 <f. o to
*'k«® to nvtTioi •ntofDoS«.|«
"•»»*»• . . . 0«Ua«u4 .
oelivarad {trice* inrJud* only
• uilmrix*c| rhargnft* fr*» freight
•”** «r>«i th<* rhtrt* for
anjr *<M«t ftciai irrra—ricj wt
laindai d**ir*4.
Gurley Pins Hopes On Vets
To Beat Scrappy P. C. Team
Hager, Jones, MauiifV, and
she user lii Rackfirld
Lutheran Eleven.
Mnl- I
I or
football lum who see Sat
urday's i on test at the fur
grounds between l.enoir Rhyne
and I’. will see two veteran
teams In action. The Mountain
Rears, coached by l>lck Gurley,
will be iclerans for the most
part of football warfare, while
Matter Johnson, Presbyterian
coach, will send Ills best pros
pects against the Lutheran
eleven as the score of a sea
son's opener Is often usril to ad
judge the strength of an eleven
l.enoir Ithvne and P I', have
never met before, but football
strategists consider the elevens
about evenly matched.
Hickory Drilling behind barred
doors. the Mountain Bears of Lenoir
Rhyne college are rounding up their
practise sessions preparing for the
opening game of the season to be
played on the fair grounds at Shel
by Saturday, September '48 when
the Bears tackle Presbyterian epl
lege eleven
Cnarh Ourley has high hopes of |
a victory over tire South Carolina i
combination, and with about 20 vci -
erans eligible for the battle. will
throw his entire veteran strength
into the opening contest
Realizing the importance of the
game and the thought that me of
the largest football crowd, of ‘he
season will . witness the [ray. the
[ Mountain Bears are hard at work,
running plays, scrimmaging, pa. ■
tnp. punting and tackling a' they
prepare tor the invasion of the
Shclbv field Mote than 20 0(10 fans
are expected to attend the game
which will feature the closing day
attractions of the Cleveland County
Early indications point to a vet
eran realm of lrttcrnien for the
Shelby came C'lovd Hager, veteran
quarterback, is assured of his post
since Gibbs DcHitxns. his position
mate, will be ineligible for the tilt
while Lester "Spring” .lone- tripie
t hreat of the barkfield. will si art
in his fullback post with Malcolm
noose, another hefty candidate ir
Carl Mauney rnd Howard Hoi- j
shotiser. letternaen. are favored to'
take their old positions as half
The line will be built around sev
eral tettermen anti outstanding can
didates with Razz” Miller taking
the renter post with Hatfield and j
Wright in reserve. Captain Jack j
Kiser and Ham Lemon will get ;
the ends. both. Lemon and KLci j
placed on the 1928 combination '
Kiser has been working in the bacs- |
tteld some during practise and may
be shifted during the game Sat
Big Banks Ritchie, hefty 204
pound tackle, is assured of his old [
position, while Frank Poovcy, lf>7 j
pounder, and Cnarlcs Sucre, an
other hefty candidate, fight for tin-j
other tackle post
The scramble continued for the j
guard positions with McAllister and
Rhodes, two veterans, leading the
candidates for the posts. while.
Rhyne. Kiser and Russell will prob
ably alternate with the guard can
didates for honors. Mesimcr is run
ning the regulars a race for a tackle
The reserve strength or the bars- ;
field will include Dennv Troutman.
Johnnv Coulter. Dermont Svrlec
Rood and Reese.
China Seeks Even
Break For Girlies '
Shanghai—One of the hope. of '
the Nationalists is to give the bah ' i
girl epual right* with the hebv hov
The Chinese hoc for aces had had i
much the best of It all around,
He is lonced for and prayed lor
and when he arrives he is pam-|
pcred and spoiled. Wage carriers are
the thing out here—the boys earn
much more than girls. It has been
the custom of centuries a girl
is not wanted, but the new regim’
would change all this, or at least
put all the little Chinese misses on
an equal footing, in parental eyes,
with the tiny male members of the j
Round-Trip Fares Front:
Atlanta, Ga._$6,50
Birmingham, Ala. __ $8.50
Chattanooga, Tenn. _ $8.50
Tickets on sale October
-ith. Final limit Atlanta, ,
October 8th. Birmingham |
and Chattanooga. October
Slant Killback
Here On Saturday
Le'ler "Sprig" .tours (above) will
lie the outstanding performer in
tomorrow's tarn? at (ho fair
grounds herp hetwrrn Lenoir
Ithyne and P. C. Jones, who weighs
1S7 pounds. will bo I hr principal
punter and baekfield man of I lie
I rnoir Rhyne rlevrn. \ native of
Illinois hr may reach All-State
baekfield fame this year.
Cures Ilv Snake-Fright.
New York Times
Violent shock lid s somei lines hern
known to cure where medical treat
mrnt has failed A sudden fright is
the traditional prescription for. hic
cough.'. Air plane rides with ■ hair
raising loops and drops have beep
known to cure deafness Hopeless
paralytics have beep known to lead
from their beds when a : udden fire
threatened Iheir lives.
Utilizing this principle physicians
oi tiim.vaqul loosed a iur.c-foo’-lone
boa constrictor m the paralytic
ward of the Civil Hospital Terri
fied by ihe monster several patients
forgot their ailment .. rushed from
their cots to doors and windows and
fought each oilier in their frantic
attempts to escape Those who were
unable to leave their beds were has
tily reassured by attendants that the
snake was really quite harmless.
By this means it was discovered
that, some of the patients had been
shamming. Others, really mental
eases, were definitely cured by real
izing that they actually could move
arms and legs.
A former royal castle neal- SaJr
burg, Austria, will be converted into
a meat packing establishment.
Manager Of Great
Baseball Team Dead
Miller Huggins. "Mighty Atom Of
Pa sr ball." I,uses Fight For
. Life.
NP«: York -Miller Huggins, the
Mighty Atom" of baseball is dead.
The bantamweight manager who
knew how to handle (he heavy-j
weight home run king, who manip-(
uk ted the play of the most power-j
fill'lram ever known to baseball.'
winning six, pennants and three
world championships in right years
with the New York Yankees, died
Wednesday afternoon at St. Vin
cents hospital.
The end to one of the most re
markable careers of major league
leadership, one which saw; Huggins
battle against obstacles to produce
the richest and greatest club of
modern times, came at 3:16 p. m.
The diminutive manager had
fought a gallant but losing fight
against a complication of maladies.
He was 40 years old.
Ill J.rss Than Week.
Huggins became seriously ill less
than a week ago. He was removed
to The hospital only last Friday and
then mainly at the insistence of Dr
Edward IT. King club physician of
the Yankees, who realized the little
man was in dangerous condition
He had suffered from a protractrd
cold which developed into influenza.
A slight infection of the face devel
oped rrvsrpelas and it was the com
bination of ailments that, rapicNy
undermined his resistance
Four blood transfusions were
made within flic lar! two days m
an effort lo save' the manager's life.
| but ar no time did he rally sufit
iCiently.lo develop much hope for
i his recovery. Death was directly due
j to pyaemia, thawoccss of blood
; forming organisms in the blood.
' with infection of the face, and ge
denia, the filling of the lungs with
I water, as contributory causes
Ton Weak For Crisis,
j Huggins, an unyielding fighter on
I the diamond, nervous and aggress
ive even though he never sought the
limelight, did not have the nervous
energy or the physical stamina to
t win his last battle. Never really ro
bust although of wirv build, he had
exhausted in a ma jor league career
of 25 years most of the strength
which he so badly needed in the
crisis Nevertheless he fought hard
for life and with characteristic
gameness, just as he fought hard
for everything he won on the base
ball field At the bedside when the
end ea me were Mr and Mrs Arthur
Huggins, his brother and sister-in
law; Myrtle Huggins, his sister, and
the Rev .! K Trice of the Wash
ington Heights Methodist Episcopal
Col. Jaeob Ruppert. the wealthy
brewer who selected Huggins ns
manager cf the Yankees U years
tago, backed him to the limr through
varying fortunes and made millions
through tlie successes of the club
had spent most of the morning at
the hospital, along with Edward G.
Barrow, his business manager. They
had left ihp hospital tor lunch
shortly before the end came.
Grief-stricken, both shared keen
ly dip regret that was universal to
night throughout the baseball
world The spontaneous character
of tributes from friends leaders, and
To bring hens quickly through the molt, and to
put them buck on their Job with lot* of vim and
vigor, une thin famous “Fifty-Fifty’* plan.
It’s easy—just feed a mixture of
These I wo fwds give just what the hea needs to build new
feathers, new blood, and they tone up her system so that
she soon is active and eager to lay. Both scientific rations,
designed to do a special job, in combination they make an
iincqualed ration for bringing hens through the non-pro •
duetive period in the, shortest possible time. We have the*?
good feeds waiting for you.
For Sale 1>n
McKNIGHT & CO., lne.
[rivals of Huggins in many a •Bril
liant baseball conflict all testified to
the high regard in which he was i
held. .It was an- especially hard!
blow to Colonel Ruppert, whose per- j
sonal conlidenre in 'Hue' under,
any and all circumstances was re
warded bv the remarkable triumph;
of the Yankees.
Funeral Services.
Funeral services were held at 2
p. m. Friday at, the Church of the
Transfiguration, with Dr. Fnce, a
close personal friend of Huggins, of
ficiating, the body will he taken
Friday afternoon io Cincinnati,
Huggins' birthplace, where final ser
vices will be held Sunday afternoon
Forgot His New Role.
A minister who had given up hi.
former position as a magistrate' in
order to enter the ministry, w >
conducting his first marriage serv
Wilt thou have this man to Ire
thy wedded husband? he asked the
And you, he continued, addre. -
ing the bridegroom, what have you
to say in your defense?
Issac Shelby Flour
Is Used In Cleveland
Counly Than Any Other
Two Flours that are Sold
In This Section.
Dependable Goodness
And Wholcsomeness Are
The Reasons.
Eagle Roller Mill Company
The Name RIVERSIDE on a Tire
the same as STERLING on Silver
Quality Through and Through
• • • •
i«r 50,000 miles
30*3* 6^£* U<
2=»x4406^pty 9.W
10x450 •• IL)S
29*475 “ ItM
3>*S.OO “ IMS
30*5.50 “ ino
33*6.00 “ 14.S5
32*6.50 " U.oo
32*6.75 8-ply lfc.6S
CturaatMd to 16,000 fflilCS
30*530 •• io.w
30*3 * 4-ply (SUM
ft SO
29x440 4qrfy S.79
.30x430 " 6.99
29x475 - VtB
30*5.00 “ M9
33x6.006-pty IMS
.32*630 “ ms
32*6.75 - 17-05
to to^WO miles
JOxi'* 4-ply J4M 30*5.00 4-ply *7.05
32*4 S J 4 -ply TOO ^1 *5J10 ' 7JS
29*440 - 4.00 31*5.25 “ fc.S5
30x450 “ S.S9 i 32*6.00 - 10,79
29x4.75 - fc.S9i33*6J» “ 10.49
WITH every leadin': tirp company making and selling
at least three different qualities of tires . . . at as
many different prices . . . how i« the motorist to know
what quality to buy? Or what quality he gets uhen fie
does buy?
Montgomery Ward & Co., too, sells three different
qualities of tires, but we remove all guesswork bv sell
ing each quality under a definite measure of service—
the mileage guarantee.
The Super-Service RIVERSIDE — unconditionally guar~
anteeel for 30.000 miles-is as fine a tire as money can
buy. It is in the same superior class as any of the lead
ing so-called "Super” or "De Luxe” Tires-in everything
but its price, which is greatly less than other tires of
identical quality.
The Regular fUVERSIPE— guaranteed for 16,000 miles
- is a first line, first quality tire in every respect, and even
though the price is low (about the same price as the
second lines of leadingnroducers),the RIVERSIDE should
never he confused with second or third quality tires of
other manufacturers.
The IV guaranteed for 10,000 miles— is th#
outstanding tire in tne low-price field—and for quality
and serviee easily outclasses many other tires selling at
considerably higher prices.
If vou like to know beforehand the quality of the tires
you buv and if you want to save $2 to $15 pier tire—visit
our store and inspect the complete Riverside line—in all
sizes to fit all cars - ALL TIRES MOUNTED FREE.
Don't Pay More For Any Other Tire Unless More Mites Are Gaaranteedl
NOW h the dm* to get that
nr* Notiwt. for trouble-free
wimet dnviog. Boy the
RIVER 511 IE De Lone. .Sm
peady half the price of others t
Seme rated electrical sac as
battery originally fnroiahed
with yoor car. ret has half
again as much cold-weather
f/cM>*r~ because of ocw pfrrtf
UlUn# compound. Uacs only
finest reef v wmreron. Ceee is
acid-proof. Puses the fneu
IJ. S, Amr Vibration Test.
Case tested ituev sheets sad
electrirsl leakage under 20,000
vote Extretnety low in priev.
ret (unaned foe two years'
Sires for ad can-at a series
on each tire Allowance for
roan oM battery; no chares
fnrtoatslUiicu Sec the RIVER
SIDE Dt Luc today I
STORE HOURS: S A. M. to G P. M. S A. M. to 9 P. M. SATURDAY.
i ljJ-lAl S. LaPAlLIiE ST, SHELBY, N. C. PHONE NO, 167, t

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