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VOL. XXXV, No. 118
Published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Afternoons
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n .■_ ——"J
The Markets.
Cotton, Spot ...— He I
Cotton Seed, per bn._....... 15c j
May Rain Saturday.
Today's North Carolina Weather
Report: Tartly rloudv tonight and
Saturday followed hv rain in west
portion Saturday. Not mueh rhanse
in temperature.
Killing Cases
In Court Here
On October 28
Defendants Will Fare Kilim*
Charge In At Feast Three
C ases, llardin* Judje.
When She next term of superior
eourt convencs-here on Monday, Oi
lober 23, there will be at least three
murder charges on the docket, rhis
is the largest number of murd'r
charges cn a single docket here for
one term in several years and the
session of court will likely draw a
big attendance.
One rase will be that of the State
vs. a. J. (Kid) Hornbuckle. young
pugilist, on the charge of killing
George Scruggs, textile worker, in
east Shelby las-t February’. Horn
buckle escaped shortly after i* is
alleged he inflicted the fatal wound
tout was captured a few weeks back
in Georgia and is now in the coun
ty jail here. The fatal blow v.a •
'aid to have been struck with a
;'ick of cordwood
Other Cases.
In another rase. Cliff Fulleu
wider, colored, is charged with <ui
ing his brother-in-law. a negro by
the name of Wilson, some months
hark. The fatal brawl devc'oprd nvrt
Fullenwider's wife, and the rase
was continued at the last term of
court here.
The other killing charge lias to do
with the fatal assault Upon a i ?gro
man at Grover two years ago. Four
voung white men were implicated
at the time in the fatal assaul, bet
several of the number immad ately
left this section and it was not un
til recently that the last one was
caught and returned here. All tour
are now under bond and the case
is expected to be disposed of at the
court session this month
Judge Harding, officials a' the
court house here say. will likely
preside over the court term.
Junior Order Rally
Here Tuesday Night
Order With 613 Members To Have
A Gel-Acquainted Night
Next Week.
The Shelby Council No. 436 of *’>
•lunior Order will have one of its
most interesting meetings next
Tuesday night, according to lohn
A Liles, councilor of the ordpr.
Six months ago the local council
had only 147 members and now ,t
has 613 members and is still grow
ing This big membership includes
almost every vocation in Shelby and
surrounding territory.
In regards to the meeting Mr
Liles says: "In lieu or the small
weekly sick benefit which we nave
been paying the council is now help
ing its members to pay hospital
bills and without any increase in
dues or additional cost to the mem
bers. The hospitalization plan is
based on information and sugges
tions from the Duke foundation and
is an experiment. It is believed fhat
it will be successful from a finan
cial standpoint and if so will be
adopted permanently.
"Next Tuesday is the night set
apart, for all the members to get
acquainted with each other. The
members will be introduced, one a:
the time, giving name, business en
gaged in and post office address. In
addition to the general introduction
a very important matter is going to
be up for consideration and tor
final vote; Every member is urged
to be present even though they can
not stay through the entire meet
Lyric Theatre Here
To Have Stage Play*
Ream Remodels And Enlarges
Theatre. Stage Hay On
Every Week.
What is really a new Lyric Thea
tre, opens its doors to the public
tonight. The playhouse, under 'he
management of Enos Beam, has
not only been enlarged to double
its former seating capacity, but M.
Beam has added a stage, and Mir
entire house has been renovated
and beautified.
The Lyric formerly rested ten
hundred It will now seat four hun
dred The stage is commodious, and
Mr. Beam announces a stage olay
at the show house every week.
Tonight’s attraction will uieluae
• performance by "Cherokee Hill "
and Hex, bis wonder do;:. "Bill" i
• crack shot, and will give a star
tling exhibition of shooting. The ,»r
eonipanying picture will be Doug
ins Fairbanks' "Don Q '
School Equipment
Here Inadequate,
Supt. Smith States
Toilrt rarilitics Bad l.ibrarv Near
t'sele*. Says Shelby School
V Head
"Toilet facilities at sonic of th«' :
city schools are unspeakably bad !
said Supt. B L. Smith last .nigh;
when he and his principal, M£.
Abernethy spoke before the Kiwan:
club to better acquaint the business
men of Shelby with the school sit
uation here. Mr J A. Lyles was in '
charge of program and so inter
esting were the facts revealed bv
Abernethy and Smith that the ,
time was extended over the usual j
hour's program.
"What I say should not be ''li
en as a reflection or criticism on
past officials, but we have an ohh
gation to meet and are trying to I
meet it in the best possible aay.
said Professor Smith. Fully 600 j
books in our library eould be thrown
away for they are useless. They
should be substituted with good
reference books to help the nhi!
dren We are offering courses in
science with little or no equipment
A class of 60 in biology has only
one microscope Desks are cut and
mutilated and arc in no condition
to breed good citizenship. During
the heavy rains, water stood four
inches deep in one place through
which the children had to go to
get to their rooms and I persona'iy
lifted the class one by one over th,*
pond of water."
Shelby's Low Rating.
“In a news story published if
The Star on Wednesday it wai re
vealed that the efficiency of the
Shelby high school ranks third from
the bottom and that 30 per cent of
our graduates fail ui accredited col
leges. We would resent it if we are
to’d that our children are not as
bright as children in other cities
To meet this situation for ineffi
cient work, we need better buildin°s
and equipment and we are dung
ing our method to gi- . personal in
struction to pupils and groups of
pupils and supervising their studies.
New Alarm System.
“I have assumed an obligation of
$200 for an alarm system tha^ w'K
'Continued on page eleven.)
Physicians Here To
Have Open Meeting
In Fight On Cancer
County Physicians To Cooperate !n
National Cancer Week.
Next week is the week set aside
by the United States Cancer Con
trol organization as a week in which
to educate citizens to the import
ance of getting early control ever
the disease, and the Cleveland
County Medical society announces
that it will cooperate in the move
The cooperation of county phvsi
! cians will be to the extent that
they plan to hold a public meeting,
probably on Monday. October 14, at
which tim» they will give a program
i for the information of the average
citizen about cancer. Medical gen
ius has not as yet found a method
which will unfailingly combat, or
i completely cure cancer, but It is
[ known that cases treated early
enough, or soon after the outset
! may be halted, or practically cured.
| This public program will be for the
j purpose of acquainting citizens of
j the county with this important
Genteel Vagabond
Prepares For 1 he
End Of The Trail
Harry t'nllenividrr, Author, A-tor.
And Troubadour, Wants Old j
Swecthrart To Sing.
Harry Fullenwidcr. "genteel vag
abond." author, soldier of fortune,
and ore of the outstanding chara -
ter? ever turned out bv this town;
of odd personages, is preparing for :
hi.s final wandering the trip into,
the Hereafter.
These preparations upon the nart
of the aging Spanish-American war ,
veteran. w ho m hi.s 67 years of i
wandering has been a writer, a
Shakespearean actor, a troubado; ;
and a soldier, including the writing j
of his last will and testament—s !
peculiarly interesting document m ■
iliat the precise 's'king interesting
old fellow has little to bequea'h
other than the profits which mas
accrue from his best known book
"31 Years of Genteel Vagabond
ing . and the experience and wis
dom acquired by a troubadour of
the old days
Fife Of Wandering.
In early manhood Harry Fullen
wider. Beau Brumme! of this his
toric town named for a Revolution- j
■ Way hero, and a member of one j
of the South's mast prominent farm
lies. left, his home and his friends j
here to lead a life of wandering 1
Thirty-one years he spent follow
ing the cal', of the wanderlust, but ,
gradually age began to take tome !
of the lure and anticipated pleas- ;
ures out of the winding road ahead. 1
| and the wandering actor became '■
| en inmate of the home for Spanish
i American veterans in Virginia. Since
I that time his summers have beer j
'•pf'nt in Shelby, where he has come 1
to be as much of a character with
the younger generation as he was
with the old Shelby of three and
four decades ago. His winters ar»
spent with pals of his soldiering
days in the Virginia home.
Recently, however. the years
spent in wandering have taken
their toll and "the genteel vaga
bond" feels that he is nearing the
| end of the trail. It may be a year,
| or two years, or. perhaps. Just a
! few week', but the author. who
| assembled into a book the varied
! and interesting experiences of V
i years of travel, has been engaged;
(Continued on page eleven !
Three Grid Game*
j Billed Near Here
Three grid contests—two
I being played today and one
i tomorrow—this week-end aie
j near enough to Shelby to |
j 1 draw many local fans.
The crippled Shelby highs
are this afternoon playing
Forest City at Forest City,
while the Boiling Springs
Junior college eleven is this
afternoon clashing with Gaff
I ney high at Gaffney.
Tomorrow afternoon the
; | Davidson Wildcats ami
j Wofford hook up at Spartan
burg—a nearby game which
i will draw many local fans.
Dr. Plato Durham Opens Series
Of Services Here Sunday Morn
Nationally Prominent Minister And
Native Of Shelby Will Do
The Preaching.
The Central Methodist churen
evangelistic services will begin Sun
1 day morning, October 6. and con
tinue throughout the week, with Dr
Tlato Durham, of Fmorv university
1 doing the preaching
Pr. Durham, a native of Shelby
and son of Capt. Plato Durham,
- Confederate captain and leading
‘ Cleveland county citizen, is one of
| the best known orators and mmis
i ters in America today. He was the
J chief speaker at the unveiling •>'.
; the Stone Mountain memorial and
(since that time, the speech being
j broadcast by radio, he has be"n u.
I wjrlr rlrm. iul for r\v icr
| ice:-. Due to hi:- own brilliance a
well as the family connections he
has in this section the services he
will conduct here are attracting in
terest throughout several counMes.
Night Services.
Dr Durham will preach both
Sunday morning and night, but for
the remainder of the week there
will be services only at 7:30 each
Dr. H. K. Boyer pastor of the
church, and church officials. *r* ex
pecting one of the best, meetings in
the history of the church and peo
ple of all denominations are urged
to hear Dr. Durham since he >s a i
native of the county and a mem- |
her of a family which was prom
inently connected with the eavW 1
history of Cleveland,
Mr. Horace Easom of thr First !
r.npti t church will have charge c,i
the nv,nir. during the week. ,
Gastonia Strikers Released in New Trial
Above are the nine Gastonia striker* who were mem
bers of the original sixteen held and tried for the
murder of Police Chief Aderholt. of Gastonia. N. 0.,
who were released by the court for lack of evidence.
Below are the remaining seven whn mu ! 'land trial
for the murder. It necrs*itatcd only two hours to
secure a jury for the new trial.
HCMk' InttnutionsJ N»w»r»'
Young Sharon Man Drowned
At McAdenville Early Today
Guy Morehead Loses Life Wliitr In
Southern Bell Employ. Body
Not Recovered.
Guy Morehead son of Mr and
Mrs Seth Morehead. of the Sharon j
section, was drowned this morning
in South Pork river at McAdenvilV
in Gaston county when a boat
capsized as Morehead and his co-1
worker, a your.? man by the name j
of Lackey, said to be from near
Kings Mountain. were clearing
wires and poles in a raging stream
of water for the Southern Bell
Telephone company.
Body Not Recovered.
At noon today, young Morehead s
body had not been recovered, a~
cording to a telephone message to
The Star from Gastonia.
Young Morehead was working
with a crew of linemen for the
Southern Bell Telephone G» and
the crew had gone to McAdenviHe
where South Fork was raging be
cause of the heavy rains. Debrts
carried In the stream had caught
on the wires and poles and More
head and Lackey took to a small
boat to clean out the lines. Some
distance from the bank, the boat
capsized in the fast moving ctu
rent and both Morehead and Lac
key were precipitated into the
water'. Lackey reached the shore
and looked back just in time to se->
Morehead submerge only 15 or :>0
feet from the shore Lackey t'h-n
plunged in to get Morehead out
Morehead did not come to the sur
face again and his companion could
not locate him.
Searching Parlies Out.
Presumably he was carried down
the raging streams and searching
parties were still trying to iixate
the body at noon today. Members
of the Charlotte fire departmerr
and Boy Scouts from Gaston ami
Mecklenburg counties were patroll
ing the banks and searching the
stream for the body.
When the news was received V
The Star office this morning, the
parents in the Sharon community
(Continued on page eleven.'
Star’s Subscription
Agent Now In Field
Mr P. S. Gettys. who for
many years has been The Star s
subscription agent is now in Ui
field, soliciting new and renewal
subscriptions. It is hoped that
as many as can. will pay Mr
Gettys when he calls You are
at liberty to pay at The St ir
office when In Shelbv or nml
your subscription direr).
The date your paper cxpir"
If sent to you by mail, bears a
label showing tile date of ex
piration. "Joe Doc—lODcc'-D '
means that the expiration date
will be 10th day of December.
11)39. the first numerals indi
cating the day of the liloiitll
the last numerals' the year. Hr
Gettys a! o has a list ol prrsro'
riilr eribers showing expiration
date ■>.
Shelby Women Were
Not Robbed Thursday
Reports in Sheltjv early today
had it that Mrs. J H Grigg Mrs j
Carl Webb and M:s Ed Post, prom
inent Shelby women, were held up
and robbed between Charlotte and t
Gastonia yesterday. These reports.:
however, were declared to be un
true today by the three women j
I hev were stopped by several men I
in another car who argued aoout
the right-of-way in the highway. I
but. there was no semblance of a
robbery or an attempted robbery.
According to the Shelby women'
they were driving in the fast raf-•
tic channel of the Wilkinson boule
vard when they heard a horn blow
behind them They were not quite '
making 43 miles per hour, the sup
posed speed of the fast channel. |
and after hearing the horn behind ,
again they pulled over to the slow j
traffic channel on the right. The :
car behind them shot ahead pulled 1
over in front of them, stopped sud
denly and forced the Shelby car t
stop. The men in the other es
then alighted and made some re
marks to the Shelby women aboir
their not pulling over sooner and
permitting the car occupied by the
men to pass From that inciden'
developed the reports here today of
the robbery.
Woman Hit By
i Car Last Night
Mrs. Clarence Brain Severely In
Jurrd When Struck By Car
On W. Warren Street
Mrs. Clarence Beam, who lives In
i West Shelby near highway 20. s in
: the Shelby hospital today with four
' or five broken ribs and other paiu
I ful bruises as the result of being
S struck by an automobile on Wot
I Warren street last night
! The auto which struck Mrs
| Beam was driven by Mr. W. E.
1 Stubbs. Shelby saw-mill operator,
and the accident occurred just
about 7 o'clock.
According to Stubbs and other
witnesses, the Stubbs car was ap
proaching another car, the lights
of which somewhat blinded him.
and just before his car struck Mis
f Beam the driver noticed a smau
i child run part of tlie way across
the road ahead of him. He kept hr;
1 cyps, he said, on the child fearing
I that it might run in the path of his
leaf nr the car lie was meeting
j About that time, lie said. Mr:
Beam stepped m front of his « ji
j and was hit. Presumably she start
, cd across the street alter the child
The injured woman was knockel
! several feet down the street, ah
! ambulance was called and she was
rushed to the hospital, those who
I witnessed the accident feat me if
first that she was more seriously
Jury For Aderholt
Trial Is Complete
stair Will Begin Evidence Today In
Second Trial For Aderholt
Chariots. Oct 4—The Jury
try the seven labor agitators an 1
strikers (o’- second degree murder
m connection ^slth the fatal ahoo_
ing of O. F Aderholt. Gastonia ;
chief of police, was completed late ,
yesterday afternooev Court then i
recessed until today when the pros
ecution began ns presentation of |
Nine farmers. a wealthy re'(red
merchants, a rural mail carrier and
an employe in an automobile as
sembly plant, chosen alter twe
rtays of effort, formed the jury.
Prosecution attorneys announced 1
after court had taken its recess that
their evidence will be presented ;
practically the same manner it .
presented in the former trial wnic.i \
came to an abrupt halt when one
of the jurors became insane, neces
sitating declaration of a mistrial.
Dr. Branch Talks
On Care Of Teeth
Dr E A. Branch, dental special
ist from the state department of
health spoke at. the high school
during, the assembly period Mon
day morning on “The Healthy Boy
and Girl. ■ Ap Economic Asset "
Dr. Branch urged the necessity rf
educational preparation for life and
called to the attention of his audi
ence the increased cost to the pub
lic on account of retardation, fail
ure to progress from grade to
grade normally. He attributed 'his
in part to defective teeth, resulting
in bad health.
Mr.. Edward Bryon. formerly with
the Charles store of Newbern. this
state, has been appointed assistant
manager, under E. A. Milliken. of
the local store of the Charles chain.
Sheriff And 53
Others Arrested
In Marion Battle
Football Star Of
Shelby High Under
Operation 1 uesday
Mielhr High Eleven Weakenrd liv
Absener Of Alfird Eskridge.
I ullbaek.
Thr Shrlby tilfilt football eleven
which'started the season with only
two experienced backflcld men is
today weaker than at the beginning
of the season as both experienced
backs are out of the lineup and will
be for weeks
Tuesday. Alfred Eskridge full
back arid the tone remamln; veiei
an in the baekfleld was carried to'
the Shelln hospital for an ap
pendicitis operation Reports from
the hospital state that he is re
covering nicely following t he opera -
t ion
Zeno Wall quarterback and me .
Other hackiicld veteran, tins been
m crutches since thr first week cr I
practice when lie wrenched a tente
mjtirrd last summer With tooth
Wall and Eskridge out Couch Mor
ris will have Rippy, sub quarter of
last year, to tire as tlie center of ,
Ins attack in the game with Fore ;
City, and m llie line the only ex
perienced players me Wilson, cen
ter, and Farris and McSwani ends
Cup Winning Dogs
At Fair Dog Show
_ |
Kings Muntain Dog' Carry Off
Two ( ups. Henrietta
Dog Wins.
Winners in tlie do? show held s'
the Cleveland County Fair, or lath
er the rup winners as the ouls'and
ing dogs, are announced as follows
by Harry Hudson director of the
show: Best male bird dost owned by
Sam Suber. Kints Mountain: best
female bird dog owned by Cha< I.
Dover. Shelby: best male fox nouTJd
owned by the Kings Mountain Ken
nel club; best female fox hound
owned by Joe Costner. Henrietta;
best dost ol other breeds an Eng
lish bull owned by William An
drews of Shelby.
There were about 300 or more
uttered in the show one of the big
gest ever put on in this section,
with bird doRs outnumbering the
46 Divorce* -4n
County In 2 Years
Forty-six divorces were
granted in Cleveland county
during 1927 and 1918, ac
cording to statistics assem
bled by the department of
commerce. and although
numerous South Carolinians
come hrre to be divorced
Cleveland ranks low among
the larger populated counties
of North Carolina In divorces.
Clay and Currituck coun
ties with only one divorce each
in two years rank the lowert
in divorces, while Meeklen -
burg with 131 in 1928 anil
Buncombe with 114 last vear
lead the state.
In the entire state last year
there were 1.609 divorres.
Rutherford Plans To Stage
Its Biggest Fair This Year
Fifteen Exhibits Already Sreurrd.
Feature Free Arts
Forest City.—Fifteen communiy
and individual exhibits have ai
! ready been secured for the Ruther
! ford county fair, which will be held
| this year. October 22 to 26 A num
' ber of features have been added 10
, the fair that lytve never been seer.
' here or any fair in an adjo ning
| county, it is said.
The free arts and fireworks, will
be the most elaborate ever seer,
here, according to F. F Patton,
| secretary of the fair association.
These two items alone cost approx
imately $2,000 says Mr. Patton.
The community and indivi lust
exhibits entered Unis far arc the
exhibits of the Oakland, Mt Pleas
ant. Watkins. Harris. Central Hijrh
Flleriboro. West End. Fore.l City
and Alexander iommunities, and
an exhibit placed under the super
vision of the state forest and same
I warden, for the North Carolina de
partment of conservation and de
velopment Individual exhibits will
! be placed by L. S. Nash. Ruther*
! ton R-l; Mrs. Monroe McDonald.
: Forest Citv R-2; Mrs. Morgan cf
Sandy Much: D. E. Haynes, J. E.
Cole. Win. Chatman and G. W.
Dlvinney of Rutherfordton, R-l.
and James Burgess of Union Milts
Several other community exhibits
have been promised.
The free aeta will be furnished by
(he Iltagland Hippodrome At'ra
tions, Inc., and will consist of Rom
an and standing chariot rvees.
guideless wonder. high school,
horses, mule derby, auto polo, push j
ball game by six horses. Russian j
leaping hounds, bucking mule and I
bucking Ford, together with a -om
edy act. Each of the above will be ■
seen in a separate act. Fireworks
will be a feature at night.
Judge Maiding Holding Inquiry,
Public Funeral For Four
Slain Strikers.
(Special to The Star.!
Marion. Oct. 4.—The court
inquiry Into the strike clash
which took a toll of four lives
here early Wednesday continu
ed today, hut up to noon very
little testimony had been intro
duced other than that of phy
sicians who testified as lo the
nature of the wounds received
by the men killed.
Marion and the section around
Marion mill Ullage, where the clash
occurred, were quiet today with tnt*
national guard companies patrolling
thr mill village.
Marion, -Or1. 4 - This city urickiM*.
with tragedy resulting from labor
troubles was quiet last, nign*. anti
early today following the arrev*
yesterday afternoon of the sheriff
of McDowell county, nine of his
deputies. (our mill officials. f>*i»
mill employe end 38 striker* on
charges growing out of the lotllig
Wednesday morning which te-uli
rd tn the deaths of four men. th#
last one having died from his
wounds Thursday morning
The Marion Manufacturing com
pany's mill was running as usual,
while 110 national guardsmen pa
trolled the strike area, and no more
deaths were expected among tire
group of nine wounded men and a
woman who are stall in the nospi
The mill re-opened yesterdav
morning without a picket line at
its gates, strike leaders saying that
.Judge N A. Townsend, executi'-e
counsel of Governor Gardner, re
fused to allow it
Harding In Court
The 53 men arrested will ho
heard before Judge W F. Haid'ng
of Charlotte, who has been ho'dinrr
court at Morganton and who came
to Marion at the request of Gover
nor Gardner to direct the investiga
tion and act as magistrate sitting
at a special court here, which was
to supplant the coroner's probe of
the riot. Judge Harding convene 1
court at 3:20 yesterday, talcing tip
the investigation where the coroner
left off
The 38 strikers. charged ‘with
rioting, inciting to rebellion, assault,
resisting arrest. and breach of
peace, were released during the
afternoon under bond of $500. Thu
sheriff, his deputies, and the mi!!
officials were given their freedom
under $2,000 bond.
Sheriff O. F. Adkins, the depu
ties sheriff and mill men were ar
rested on warrants sworn out by
G A. Braaley, a strike aympathiwi.
charging them with murder and
conspiracy to murder. The list in
cludes Sheriff Adkins, and the foi
'.owing deputies: Broad . Robin*.
William Biggcrstaff. Chalers Tat*.
Alley Stephe. David Jarrett. Jim
Owens. Taylor Greene.. Ed Cannon,
and Seaglc Halliburton. The mill
workers arrested are Adam Hunt,
mill superintendent; John Sneddy,
foreman of the card room; William
Twiggs, foreman: Forest Smith,
mechanic; and Webb Fender, mill
Strikers Arrested.
The strikers are: Charles Fits*
gcrald. Tilden Carver, Spurgeon
Bradley. Jeter Paris, Sambo Dun
(Cantinued on page eleven.’
Grade Of Cotton
Hurt Over County
Doubtful If Crop Will Come t:p To
Record Mark Set Last
• __
The biggest damage done by tht
lecent rains to the Cleveland coun
ty cotton crop will be the lowering
of the grade of cotton, according
to farmers and cotton buyers.
Due however, to the invasion of
the boll weevil and the rotting dam
age brought about by the rains,
general estimates here this week
can hardly see the present crop
surpassing the 53,000-baIc mark
last year, while many are of th*
opinion ihat the crop this year will
not equal that of last year and .ns*
do well to reach 50,000 bales.
The grade of the county cotton
was lowered, it is said, because cl
the rain seeping in cracked bolls.
Very little of this cotton will rot, i*
is thought, due to the sunshin#
which this week followed the rain*,
but the quality will be hurt af
much of the cotton in the cracked
bolls Is turning blue.

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