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« contributor known to newspaper readers ;iII eve. North■'•Carolina .n
rending over the list, of Shelby men . head1 r.ncl hearts, are ni'-un ci
for sums front $30,000 up, Informs that tie parries not a dime f|l iiv-u:
f.nre. And thereto hangs a story a.'ta'c *>t how.doctors iiiey err.
"When I was 3*> year* old. or ,iu '
half the age l am now . ' he relates.
"I decided to take out tome in v- :
ancr. I secured my blanks and
everything and visited the office pi
a physician. Alter a thorough, ex
amination of my body, the phv i
etan shook his head sadly and m
formed me that, much to hi\ regret. .
he found that my heart was too big I
a risk for the insurance company ,
to take on
‘‘That worried me for n time, tor
being told that your heart c likely
to cease pumping at. any moment i>
far from chef ring news Gradual!', ,
I let the information slip my min'd
and. as a natural procedure, kept
on living Of course, 1 did not, secure j
the insurance. and have seeded
none since But, in glancing over
this list of Shelby men with 'arge
insurance policies. It occurs to me
that, that doctor might not. h r. e1
done such a had job for his tnsur- |
a rice company in passing me up
"You sec. the doctor who refus
ed to endorse me ior insurance lias
bcni dciWI tor nutu.v years In tael
hf died before In wa. liif. and
1 am null navigating. at 72. I ma>
not be vri'v loti v. but that dames *
on.1 lira it w inch was too risky fir
I!ir m.n.nanrr company ;Ui year.;
BS'o. bas done a fairly good job if
it to la;
irig the (rri!t outbreak uf labor
troubles at Main n also rocalle1 to
Corn Cracker Hint Cap! W I R
Bell, prominent Cleveland . county
educator in the old days, prophesied
llie present labor troubles in tini
state more than a score of .ears
At a putilie gathering 20 odd
years back in Rutherford county.
Corn. Cracker who was also one of
the scorned apostles urging better
educational facilities for the masse,
in the then benighted North Caro
lina. remembers that Capt Re!!, lo
whose memory a monument no.v
stands on the Central high school
rnmpus here, declared In a spc'c.i
Shelby People To Have Privilege Of Expressing T heir Beati
tude For Beneficial Results Obtained From
Famous Medicine.
Free Bottle To Former Users
Headquarters. Paul Webb & Son. All Former Patrons
Invited To (’all On Him Saturday,
October 5<h.
His coming visit at this tline is
for th* purpose of explaining and
directing the use of the new fa
mous remedy. Miller’s Herb Kx
tract, formerly known as Herb
•Juice, In person, to as many as po- -
sidle during his stay In the city
that they may properly take the
medicine to obtain the best results
His headquarters will be at Pnv.
Webb and Son. The public may c ill
on the special expert only on Sat
urday from 9am until 6 p. m . toi
this special offer.
We request that you takp up fu*f
as little time as possible asking
questions, as his time is limited and
hundreds will seek his advice Un
derstand there is no charge tor hr.
[ to heed (hr Jaws.of nature. Mot hr.
j Nature prowldcd a remedy for y oitt
! escape, through diliecnt research of
eminent chemists nature herbs have
been properly blended into pleasant
liquid preparation Miller's >!e. i
Extract, formerly ' known as Hero
Juice—the most remarkable em
edy yet discovered for constipation,
inactive liver, coated tongue, slom
arh and bowel disorders These ail
ments are now being quickly over
come since the discovery of this
famous remedy It is said to be the
most effective pleasant laxative
discovered for constipation C.!ea'ia
and purities the entire system b>'
its free action on the bowls Thou
sands of Shelby r it liens have ’fen
benefited or restored to health
Mn. F. It. WOODY
service. of course. and*to those thal |
have used this medicine with bene
ficial resu'.ts and are willing to tes
tify to that fact publicly a full-sired !
bottle will be given free.
If you are not enjoying goo t
health you are not living right tic
cording to a statement made by the
Herb Juice company's representa
tive. You have violated some law ot
nature. Mother Nature supplies
every being with the necessity to
sustain Its natural existence. If you
are unhealthy, you are unnatural,
living wrong, violating nature?
laws. Maybe,. you eat too much,
drink too much or fail to sleep reg
ularly or take the proper cxc xbe
or you may have allowed your sys
tem to become contaminated with
poison, maybe through neglect Yon
are a victim to the menace to
health, constipation. Authentic,
now contend that 80 percent of on
human ailments are caused row
constipation, brought on by failutc
since its introduction herr The v -
tal needs for suffering humanity)
are supplied in this great nature'.,
remedy. If your health is bad or i
you don't tee! right. have a taik
">th the Herb Juice company rep
resentative You owe it to you: el!
and to your family to be healtny.
Herb Extract was formerly called
Herb Juice.” and you don't need
any pills with this medicine, its
a real medicine within itself. ;
antcetl to give results A medicine
veal enn take three ,or four bottles j
without scettig any results is not1
much of a medicine See the spe
cial reprcscrUatne direct from tl<
laboratories at his headquarter at
Paul Webb and Son. Shelby. N c.
where he is now explaining the
merits of this medicine.
Ihoc la lined by thou ;uuf>, «< tn,.
most effective, agreeable tonic lax
ative on the market, proven satis
factory and beneficial for o\ u a
million people Iasi jc.n Ach.
that In the years to come the yju'h
would be torn asunder by labor dis
turbances such as were then trou
bling tire East and North.
“Agitators in those days," Corn
Cracker reminds, "were not. yet
known as Bolsheviks, but as anat-j
chists and nihilists, Capt. Beil told
his audience, a big portion of which j
wa adverse to his p'ea for taxa- i
lion for education, tliat sooner or j
later, as the south gradually be
came an industrial section, the an'* |
arehists and nihilists would be j
down here. And his contention w;.sj
that education of all classes, edu
cation by taxation, would do more
to thwart the amis of these anar
chists, which we now call 'reds.'
when they came, thfin anything
"Right often since then; par* - j
cnlarly of recent months, I lia\ :
thought about the true prophee 1
Capt. Bell made more than a score
of years ago. Ills fight to raise 'he '
educational standards of this «te.te|
were to a degree successful, bur not j
so much as they might be
morning ;ecclvcd the follovjnsi
night letter from Jesse Washburn.1
former Shelby young man who Is
now an oil distributor at High
Point "Please announce to the re
tire world that I hare a seven-!
pound daughter Ziegfeld is bidding)
for her for 1949. She has advised I
me that she will not consider matri
mony with any member of the Key
chib Regards.”
The same to you. papa’
personal items In The Star, an
adopted citizen of Shelby, calls at
tention to the fact that Cleveland
county people have many unusual
given names.
There's Void Humphries, who
; lives m No. 1 township; Zero lluff
■ man. Zero Mull and Zero New'on.
Mir latter a Shelby attorney, there
are Sum Bridges, Iron Hull and
Dont Wesson, and also a young girl
! student at Boding Springs eoiieg?
b.v the name of Ima Carpenter.
Many others might be added to
the list, bul the above is anip'e
proof that Cleveland county could
form a right interesting Names is
■ Names club.
Former Huns
Buddying With
Doughboy Vets
! Lancaster. bk V -As far as this
pleasant, city is concerned. tl.e
World war and it's international
rivalries have been completely fnr
. gotten.
Nine former members of the Im
perial Germany army of WiLtepn
! II. living in Lancaster, have rs ab
; lished themselves as the boon ccin
pantcuns of the former douglmoys.
gobs and leathernecks of the local
; American Legion post
Ever since last Memorial Dev,
| when the Lcgionaircs invit’d the
| former German soldiers to march
with them in the parade, the Ger
man war veterans have been ottu
; dies of their former enemies. A
number of them have attended
1 meetings or the Legion post here
'and all'of them have been -nte.r
rained in the homes of the Legior
I men
One of the Germans is Ric tun'd
Engelfrtend. who was at one 'jme
known as the youngest pilot in the
German an forces. He spoke . t a
Legion meeting recently, desenmng
his experiences as a membet of a
German combat patrol on the east
ern front. It happened that ail of
Engelfriend s serv ice w as again.- '
the Russians, so that none of his
war endeavors had been directed
agninst the Americans who ma:i» tip
his audience.
Engelfriend expects to gr 1-i,
final American citleenshtp papers
soon, and as soon as he ha > them
hopes to enter some branch oi . na
The other eight German veter
ans served in the infantry, ar"Pc v
and machine gun battalions. Three I
of them bear wounds sustained in
action, and five of them are proud i
possessors of the Iron Cross.
Karl Bnmning, late of the sui
cide squad." as the machine gun
companies in the German arm :
were called, is the original hard luck
member of the group He was
wounded three times. the last,
wound bring received on the morn
ing of Nov. 11. 1918. a brief nour o
so before the armistice end-d a'l
hostilities. This Iasi wound nearly
cost him his life, and he was kep j
in a hospital for a year bv it.
Two of the men have their final j
American citizenship papers, ana ;
all the rest have their first paper; !
They arc establishing themselves
here as industrious, hard-working
residents, and Lancaster is glad of
their presence. George Kcehnlein.
w ho saw .nervier in France anti Rus
sia. was wounded and won an iron
Cross, is a butcher. August -S, ■'<.
who fought m France. Russia
Serbia and Italy, is a baker
Other members of the group arc
Gustave 3och. a former non-com
missioned officer, who holds doth
the Iron Cross and the V/urtem
berg medal; Bert Rauycynk, vl.o
served in France and Russia and
won the Iron Cross; Albert Po \ [
who was cited for bravery oil tee
Russian front: Frederick ' ;
and Karl Fries
Ike’s Tale
Deer Star Reeders:
Mr and Sal went tu tltc fair last i
Satterday an seed everybody else
thar—fur wide Ls the gate and \
broad is the way that leads to 11>e
Cleveland county fair and many;
there be which go in thereat. Every
body had a big time while hit tast
ed but now its over with and it
pears like starvation had struck the
whole county, especially here whar
I stay. Sal sez we will get ove; hit
by Christmas but I don't know fur
the worst fs tu cum yit.
I dont remember ever seeing a.i j
much devi'ment agoin on at one j
time in my life before, as I seed
last Satterday, hit reached all 'hr
way from the main building clear
on past the grandstand and way j
out in the future years. Thar wuz j
the most tilings tu ride on of any |
place In the world. I reckon thar
wuz little old tent shows every
whar, with folks cookin' an eatin
all in between and people, a sea of
'em Jist about the same as the
Atlanta ocean.
Down on the lower side a gang
of darkles wood run out on the
front porch of a place and sing and
dance around awhile then go bar*
inside, an everybody wood roller 'em
tu see how hit wound up.
Everybody wuz a riding on sump
thin or another. Not fur from the
wild west show, I seed about half
a dozen white gals come out and
stand an look around like gals duz
when they air a lookin fur thier
fellows. They wuz shore purty os
they stood thar with paint all over
thier faces and with nothing at all
over thier legs. I started to git up
close tu see if I knowed any of ’em
but Sal grabbed me and pulled me
along atter her, fur she don't much
like fur me tu associate with there
kind. I went on with her jist like 1
didn't rare a durn about them sals
till I got a chance tu slip, off from
her. fhen I hit it back hi whar 1
could look at them a plenty. I got
up a rhat with 'em and the way I
told lies wuz a scandal. I told them
1 wuz not married and if they ever
got up about Casar tu be shore and
i come tu see me an Sal. Sal !s ny
I sister, l told 'em.
Hit made me sorter mean tu
think how easy I worked the trick
on Sal, so I started In tu have a bi?
time with every woman I seed *ha
had little enough sense tu fool With
me. I bought cue gal 5 cents worth
of popcorn, another sum lemonade.
! then I got a ballon fur a swee,
| looking little silly that I had never
i seen before.
After I got shet of Sal I enjoyed
the fair the most I ever did. and if
mv money hadn t a give out I ood
a bought up the whole thing. Thar
, I went up the midway a having
[ fun with all the gals—X jist know
ed that Sal wuz a running cverv
where a hunting fur me and mad a
the dickens. Just as I got even with
the Fcrrtsh wheel I heard Walter
Lee a doing sum of his big laugh
ing and that' shore ctiuf wuz him
and Sal a taking a ride! I min''
done nothing about hit yet but if
Walter don't soon do sumpthin fit
pro\e that his character is good. I
aim tu let hint get acquainted with
Horace Kennedy. IKE.
Red Ryan, imprisoned at Kings
ton, Ont , for banditry, has invent
ed a burglar proof lock for mail
If so start ten shares
with us this week and at.
the end of 332 weeks you’ll
have $1,000.00— All you
have to do is to carry ton
shares by depositing with
us $2.50 per week for 332
weeks—you will only pay
in during the time $830.00,
the difference $170.00 is
profit to you.
—then carry twenty shar
es at $5.00 per week—and
if you w/nt $5,000.00, car
ry fifty shares at $12.50
per week and so on.
You Can Do It If
You Have The Will
—and it tatSes a will to !
save. We can only tjoint 'I
the way. The rest depends
upon you. Our October ser- j
ies is open for you now. We j1
should like to tell you more J
about it. Hundreds of peo
ple are carrying R & L.
shares. Why not you ?
J. I,. Sl'TTl.K, Secretary.
Building & Loan
Office With
Chicago.—The freshman ques
tionnaire which all must answer
before registration at the Univer
sity of Chicago is arousing criticism
in the class.
Among the questions are:
Are you shocked when sex prob
lems are discussed or when risque
stones are told?
"Do you love your mother or your
father better?
"Have any of your ancestors been
"Have any of your family ever
had the drug habit?
"Is your mother satisfied with
her lot in life?
"Are you shy?
"Are" you apt to become frighten
ed in the dark’
•‘Were you the scapegoat of the
■ Have you ever experienced a
complete lapse of memory?”
Sealed bids will be received by
the board of aldermen of the city of
Shelby at the mayor's office in
Shelby, N. C. until 12 o’clock noon
on the 5th day of October, 1929 for
the purchase of $58,000 school bonds
of the Shelby special charter school
district number thirty-three, dated
September 1, 1929 and payable
$2,000 annually September 1, 1932
to 1951 inclusive and $3,000 annual
ly September 1, 1952 to 1957 in
clusive, both principal and semi
annual interest payable in gold at
Chase National bank, New York
City, N. Y. Bidders are invited to
name the rate of interest 'n their
bids in multiples < one quarter ol
1 per cent, must not exceed six per
cent, and as between bidders nam
ing the same rate of interest the
amount of premium will determine
the award. The city will furnish the
bonds and opinion of Messrs.
Storey, Thorndike. Palmer and
Dodge. Attys.. Boston. Mass. Bond
will bo sold upon scaled bids with
no auction.
Bidders must present with their
bids a certified check upon an in
corporated bank or trust company
unconditionally payable to the or
der of the city for 2 percent of the
face value of bonds bid for to se
cure the district against any loss
from failure of the bidder to Com
ply with the terms of his bid The
right is reserved to reject all bid'.
L. E. LIGON. City Clerk
K auditor's Notice.
Having qualified an exetuiois of
the estate of J. M. Blanton; de
ceased, late of Cleveland county,
North Carolina, this is to notify all
persons havin' claims against the
estate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned at Shelby,
N. C„ on or before September ti.
1930 or this notice will be pleaded:
in bar of then recovery.
All persons indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate
This September 4, 1939.
Executors of the estate of
3 M. Blanton, deceased
•Tho. p. Mully, Atty.
Having qualified as administra
trix of the estate of W. R. Poston,
deceased, late of Cleveland county.
North Carolina, this is to notify all
persons having claims against the
estate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned adminis
tratrix on or before the 20th day of
September, 1930, or this notice w ill
be pleaded in bar of their recovery
All persons indebted to said estate
will make immediate payment to
the undersigned.
This 20th day of Sept . 1929
C B McBraver, Atty
A Well Baby Is A Happy Baby
Dr. Thornton's Easy Teether
is used to destroy the germs
that causa stomach and bowel
diseases of teething babies and
older children. It acts on the
Liver, Kidneys, etc., ridding the
blood and system of impurities.
Pleasant to take as loaf sugar.
Contains no opiates.
Sold by druggists or sent direct
for 25c.
CO., Westminster, 8. C.
i Star Advertising Pays
Administrators’ .Nolire
Having qualified as administra
tors-with-the-will-annexed of the
estate of J. L. Parker, deceased, late
of Cleveland county, N. C., this Is
to notify all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased
to exhhibit them to the undersigned
at Shelby. N. C.. on or before the
10th day of September. 1930, or this
notice will be pleaded in bar of
their recovery. All persons indebted
to said estate will.please make im
mediate payment
This the 10th day of September
Administrators-with-the-w ill-an
nexed of J. L. Parker, deceased.
Try Star Wants Ads.
Round-Trip Fares From
Atlanta, Ga._$6.50
Birmingham, Ala._$8.5'‘L
Chattanooga, Tenn. _ $8.5
Tickets on sale Octobc
4th. Final limit Atlanta
October 8th. Birmingham )
and Chattanooga, Octobc !
Issac Shelby Flour
' i
Is Used In Cleveland
County Than Any Other
Two Flours that are Sold
In This Section.
Dependable Goodness
And Wholesomeness Arc
The Reasons.
Eagle Roller Mill Company
N\>t many of the hundreds of thousands who have purchased
the Pontiac Big Six selected it simply because it i: so inex
pensive to own. Most of them bought it because they were
attracted by its big car performance, its big car style, its big
car safety and riding ease. But it is a fact, nevertheless, that
with a Pontiac Big Six you actually save nioncx. ^ on rave—
When you buy
The Pontiac Big Six costs less to
buy—not because it io the lowest
priced car you can get—bu t because
it is the lowest-priced car ever pro
duced which offers so many advan
tages. Try to find similar adran>
• ages in another car—and you m U!
find that the car huh ofTi-rs them
costs hundreds of dollars more
to buy than Pontiac.
ten you drive
i<’U save la operation and main
tenance witli a Pontiac 3ig Si*.
During 1923, a large public util
company operated 99b auto
mobiler of 33 different make*.
According to its figures, it* Pontiac*
cost one cent less per mile to oper
ate than any other lout-priced sii*
When uou trade it in
Yon save with n v *r >vhen "you
■ re ready for ■ new car. The
demand for u<*<J Pontiac*
has always n. »rd»<i ihecTail
able supply. And thsf. menus that
you save on your Portiac Si*
even on the day you trade it in.
A ear which combines such inur
ing economy with all of Pontiac’*
additional desirable qualities must
command your attention. Come in
to see and drive the Pontiac Big Six.
'• ttrtS, f m.b
^•ek„ p!u« dmUw*r-r c\+rrmt. Bumper*,
apriMs c**er$ rnnM Lmrna .<y * li»dl *b*erl^r*
rrj-iL*- 1 a* ilijh* «tatrm araf
G*nt*« M «<uri fimi Fm+ Plan mmmtl
*>> '• df hi niMU'lt «A»#.
Cseesidar tbs MmpW pr**a as maO as ike
Ugt I t m. b ) pries tabs* eamjwaseg avis
•asbi'e mkiss fleklsr-d "anets- 4?'
erael gripse iaelvjs salt atiiksnesti ekmrgee
far ft right and daUa* r* and the thjtrge fat
»■•' edduisnel <ir finannng
A. B. C. Motor 4k Tire Co.
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