North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. XXXV. No. 121
FRIDAY, OCT. 11, 1929.
Published Monday, Wednesday and Friday Afternoons
By mall, per year On advance) 9340
Carrier, per year (la advance) W'oo
Cotton, per pound-3 V - c
Cotton Seed, per bu.. Vx
The Weather.
North Carolina parti; cloudy. Not
■o cold in west portion tonight. Sat
urday fair. Slowly rlsinr tempera
ture. j*
Two Die From
Poisoned Meat
At Cliff side
Two More Are 111 In Same Family.
Ate Canned Goods That M ere
Left In Can.
Boyce C, Wyatt and son, Paul, a.e
dead and two small sons, Melvin
and James, are seriously ill in the
Rutherford hospital as a result
of ptomaine poison, according to
Dr. J. M. Allhands of Cliffsidc,
family physician for the Wyatts.
On September 27 the W/£TfM a ro
ily ate some potted ham and
minced meat, it is reported, the
ham being in tin cans. Later in
the day they ate more of the meat,
after it stayed in the tin can open.
Melvin and James took some of it
to school with them. They roon
became ill. Sunday, September 20
Mr. Wyatt took ill, and died Mon
days morning and was buried lues
day. His nine-year-old son, i'ai’l,
died Tuesday morning just 25 hours
after his father passed away. The
mother and two small children ate
s very little of the food and felt nc
ill effects. Wyatt was an employe
of the Cliffslde mills, was 33 years
of age and leaves a widow and
four children.
County Manager
Sick This Week
Is Confined To Bed At Kings Moun
tain Residence. Over
worked At Fair.
The executive head of the Cleve
land county government, Mr. A. E.
Cline, ia this week absent from hi*
office in the court house here, be
ing confined to his home at Kings.
Mountain with illness.
Just when the county manager
will be able to return to his post
is not known as yet, but trends,
who have visited him, hope that he
may be out next week.
A. M. Hamrick, clerk of couvi and
Andy F. Newton, Register of deeds,
who visited Mr. Cline yesterday,
state thatAie is apparently suffer
ing with something resembling the
influenza or grippe. Mr. Cline is al
so president of the Cleveland Coun
ty Fair association and his H'.ness,
it is thought, resulted from long
hours of work during the fair and
the fact that he got wet and con
tinued at work during the rainy
days fair week.
Efirds Get Lease
On Beam Building
According to a 15 year lease re
corded yesterday at the court house.
" Eflrd Department store will move
its Shelby store into the Beam
building now occupied by the Par
agon Department store on January
1. The lease was signed by Zcb and
Enos, Beam, owners of the Bearn
building and is made to Eflrd’s
Department store, J. B. Efird, pres
The Paragon Department store
announced early this week that the
lease on the building and fixtures
were e#Td to a Charlotte chain
store and that the entire stock of
merchandise of the Paragon would
be sold out in a sale beginning next
Thursday. Oct. 17th.
Tt Is learned on good authority
that the Efird Shelby store will
vacate the Blanton building opposite
the square and move into new quar
ters the first of January.
No Service* At The
Central Ch. Saturday
At 2 o’clock today Dr. Boyer, pas
tor of Central Methodist church,
after consultation with Dr. P'ate
Durham announced that there would
be no services at this church on
Saturday. The revival will continue,
however, with services at *he usual
hours on Sunday.
Doctor* To Present
Cancer Prevention
The public is invited to a meet*
log of the physicians who compos
he Cleveland County Medical so
ciety to he held Monday evening at
* o'clock ;n the court house in the
interest of cancer prevention. \evt
seek has been declared cancer pre
vention week by the American Medi
i jal society and local physician* wili
make talks to a public audience on
subject. . • '
Women Club Members Urge
U. S. To Join World Court
Shelby Woman Presides Over Meet
in* With 16 Ciubs In Dis
trict Catherine.
Rutherforil.on, Oct. 10.—Sixteen
out of 22 clubs were represented
here today at the annual conven
tion of the fourth district. North
Carolina Federation of Womens
clubs held at the First Methodist
church. Mrs. Edward M. Land of
Statesville., president of the state
federation, delivered the principal
address of the morning session.
She outlined the alms and pur
poses of ihe federation, advocated
a survey of women in industry and
discussed prison reforms and law
observance. Mrs. J. M. Hobgood
of Farmville, second vice president
of the state organization, deliv
ered a most interesting address.
Miss Gertrude Weill of Golds
boro. spoke in the afternoon and
advocated a survey of women fa
industry and endorsed the pioposal
for the accession of the U. S. into
the world court and urged that the
senate ratify without delay the new
protocol. Dallas won the atten
dance banner while Bessemer City
wins the convention next year
Shelby Woman Presides
Miss Kibler. chairman of library
work spoke and showed the great
need of more rural libraries i'i this
state, showing that North Caioltna
ranked 47 in rural libraries.
A bounteous box lunch was served
in the dining room of the church.
Mts. W. T. Alexander of She'by,
president, presided over the con
vention. Resolutions of love and
respect were adopted in honor of
the late Sallie Southal Cotton,
"beloved mother of the federation’’
as she is called, who died last
! spring. Resolutions urging that the
U. S. Join the worl<Tcourt and the
senate to ratify without delay th?
newr protocol, when presented, were
Durham Dedicates
Poem To Home
That Community Is Sweetest And
Highest That Has Been
Mother Lap.
A beautiful home coming poem,
expressing the sentiment of Dr.
Plato Durham, native of Cleveland
county and now one of the leading
divines in the South, was read by
Dr. Durham last night before the
Kiwanis club and dedicated to his
native county. The Kiwanis club
members, many of whom knew Dr.
Durham in his boyhood, sat en
raptured as he read the beautiful
sentiment written at the request of
Hon. Josephus Daniels of RalPigh,
for state wide home coming to he
observed next week in North Caro
The poem will be published In
The Star and preserved by those
who honor Cleveland county and
revere its sweet memories.
A Saeret Spot.
"Cleveland county has been a
sacred spot to me for many, many
years,” said Dr. Durham. He re
called his early training at Kings
Mountain, his boyhood walks to £1
Bethel church where lie buried five
generations of his family. “It seems
rest to me to get back where the
caravan of our fathers rested many
years ago,” he Said. He urged that
Shelby grow In beauty in order thct
the thoroughfares may never escape
the memory of its children. Each
man and woman should see to it
that the public schools are like
golden gates aswing and that chil
dren should be taught to honor and
hold high those men in exalted noc
itlon and see to It that the breath
of the everlasting God are breathed
into them and that the church bells
of the community sound with the
melody of Heaven. He reached the
height of eloquence when he de
clared that the “community is high
est and sweetest that has the best
mother lap.”
Mr. W. E. Jordon was in charge
of program which began early' in
order that Dr. Durham might meet
his engagement at Central Metho
dist church where he is can<3uctir>g
a revival meeting.
Mike Austell made a hip fo
Charlotte yesterday, attending the
Ringling Brothers circus.
More Unusual
County Names
Recently the "Around Our
Town” column of The Star
published a list of unusual
names In Cleveland county,
and the list was far from
complete, if all the unusual
names to be found in the
county are included, accord
ing to Dr. E. B. Lattimore. ...
“First of all,” said the phy
sician in naming over the un
usual names in his acquain
ance, “there is Amos Ketter.”
Other nanseaJte listed were:
Orange Peeler, O. B. Jolly,
Pink White and Gray Green.
He also listed the name of
D. D. Dodd, a Cleveland man
who uses only two letters to
spell his entire name, and G
I. Grigg, who needs only three
letters out of the alphabet to
spell his name.
Parent - Teachers
To Meet Jointly
There will be a Joint meeting of
all Parent-Teachers association of
Shelby at the high school audito
rium Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock
according to an announcement made
today by Mrs. Rush Thompson. All
school patrons are urged to be pres
ent to discuss whether to have a
high school association or a town
council meeting every quarter.
Rutherfordton.—D. C. Whittaker
of Cliffside, is the new commander
of Fred Williams post No. 75, Amer
ican Legion for the ensuing vear.
following an election of officers just
held by the post.
The post decided today to hold
its annual banquet here November
The other officers elected ore: W.
C. Barnes, Rutherfordton, and C. B
Edwards, Cliffside, vice command
ers; Philip Norris, Rutherfordton.
adjutant; F. S. Hall, Avondale,
chaplatn; S. P. Dunagan, service of
ficer; R. E. Price, historian: S. I..
Powers, bugler; and D. S. Wilkins,
sergcant-at-arms, all of Rutherford
Popular Local Barber Dies
Following Tonsil Operation
Twit tv Green Dies In Charlotte
Sanitorium. Wanted To Be
come A Minister.
Twttty Green, a popular young
barber,died Friday afternoon in the
Charlotte Sanitorium at 5 o'c’otk
following an operation there on
Wednesday afternoon for the re
moval of tonsils. His death was a
shock for him many friends in
Shelby and upper Cleveland, he
having lived at Fallston for awhile.
For three years he had worked In
the McWhirter Brothers Palace
Barber shop here and was a mem
ber of the city fire depai tment
Young Green was 22 years of rge.
Young Green went to Charlotte
Wednesday morning and was oper
ated on by a Charlotte specialist
that afternoon. He had expect! d to
recover rapidly and witness the cir
cus Thursday. After the opB\itii»'i
he bled profusely and the nurse hi
charge of the rase called the rpt’
jitlng physician back, but lie re
port he was “engaged on im
portant business” and sent ano her
physician. After his death, a num
ber of physicians gathered to de
termine the cause of his unexpected
Native Of Lincoln.
Ambrose McWhirter with whom
young Qreen worked here in the
barber shop was in Charlotte jay
terday afternoon and remained with
the body until his parents, Mr ar.d
Mrs. Sid Green reached his be 'side
from their home near Vale in uo
per Lincoln county.
It is understood that Mr. Grean
thought of studying for the -iin
istry. He was a fine young fellow
and greatly beloved by his host Pi
friends. He was a member of Fal’s
ton Baptist church, but the inner a’,
and interment will take place at
El Bethel church near LawiKUtr on
Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock the
services to be conducted by' Rev
Rush Padgett. Besides his ir “nt ,
a number of brothers and sitters
A1 Gets His
M Simmons, » member of ihf
Athletics home run pair of Foxx
] and Simmons, secured hi* first
! homer of the world’s series in
Wednesday’s game when he banged
one over the righttield gate with
one on. Foxx secured his second
homer of the series In the third in
ning of the same game.
Third Contest
Of Series On
» 4
\ Athletics, Two Up, Take On Cubl
In Home Park At Phllly
This Afternoon.
Philadelphia, Oct. 11.—Back In
their own backyard and two game*
. up, Connie Mack's Philadelphia
Athletics are this afternoon bat
ting the Chicago Cubs In the third
game of the world’s series. Yester
day there was no game as the two
clubs moved to Philadelphia from
Hammering three Cub pitchers
the Athletics, led by Jimmy Pox and
Ai Simmons, both of whom hit
home runs, defeated the Cubs
Wednesday in Chicago 9 to 3.
George Earns haw started on the
mound for the Athletics but after
striking gout seven hitters in torn
and two-thirds innings he wes
taken out and replaced by Robert
Moses Grove, the left hander who
throws the fastest ball in the game.
Groves struck out six more Cub
slugggers. Malone started for the
Cubs, gave away to Blake, then
Carlson replaced Blake, and ITehf
took Carlsons place to finish the
Forty-nine thousand people sew
Wednesday’s game and paid $217,311
to do so.
Star Service To
Baptists Praised
Account Of Convention, Written,
Printed And Papers Delivered
In Two Hours.
Service to Baptists in. session at
Boiling Springs Tuesday and
Wedneday when the Kings
Mountain Baptist association met in
annual session brought forth a vote
of thanks to The Star from the
Baptists delegates. The Star waged
a campaign for books for the Jun
ior college library and received over
a thousand volumes as a result.
On Wednesday the last day of
the association, a reporter left Boil
ing Springs with notes on the high
spots of the meeting and in two
hours and ten minutes after nis de
parture, the reporter was back In
the Memorial Hall ready to dis
tribute free 300 copies of The Star
carrying a detailed account of the
association's meeting. In this chort
interval the reporter drove to Shel
by, wrote a 1.500 word news item,
which was put in type and through
the half dozen processes necessary
before printing and the big 24 page
press rolled out the entire issue of
over 5.000 copies in forty minutes
after starting.
Three hundred copies of The Ster
were given free to the delegates in
attendance upon the two asebcia
I tions, the issue carrying news of the
| high lights of the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wagner, Miss
Elizabeth Roberts and Louis Rob
erts leave early tomorrow f ir
Athens. G».. to attend the Ynh
| Georgia football game.
City To Sell
Property For
Taxes Nov. 11 j
Several t housand Dollars Worth Ot
Shelby Property Advertised
In Paper Today.
Friday, November 11 la |oin(
to be more than Armistice Day
| in Shelby.
On that date the city of Shel
by plans to sell thousands of dol- ,
lara worth of Shelby property. |
most of which Is residential
property, in order to collect
around £5 or 39 thousand dol
lars In unpaid property <*nd j
street taxes.
A list of the property, as is re- t
! qulred by law is published In to
day's Star by city officials.
It was announced last week
by city officials that the prop
erty would be advertised then
I but a delay In arranging the list
of unpaid taxes caused the ad
vertisement to be carried over
until this week. ‘We've waived
about as long as we can to col
lect," officials say, "and adver
i Using and selling the property
seems about the only way out
The sale will be held at noon
! on November 11 In front bf tbr
court house, and a coincidence
j In that it Is being held on Ar
misUce Day is that auction safes
are always held on the west side
j of the court house where •»
erected the memorial to the
Cleveland county veterans in the
World war.
Oil Stove Causes
First Shelby Fire
Since July 17th
When an oil stove flared up
about 7:30 Wednesday night in
the Lee Wray residence on North
Morgan street it brought out
ihe Shelby fire trucks for their
| first taste of action since July
I !’
The blase was quickly ex
tinguished and resulted in lit
tle damage, but the alarm was
enotigh to mar a record of near
three months In Shelby without
an alarin. In one more week It
would have been exactly three
months since the fire depart
i ment received a call within the
| city limits.
Baptists Asked
To Help College
$5,500 Yearly\
$5,500 Annually Neeeesary To Keep
Boiling Springs A Junior
When the cause of Christian 2<?u
cation was* presented Wednesday
afternoon to the delegates of the
Sandy Run and Kings Mountain
Baptists associations meeting in
joint session at Boiling Springs, a
resolution was offered by Judge.B.
T. Palls and unanimously passed,
asking the churches of the associa
tion to raise $5,h00 necessary to keep
the Boiling Springs junior college
in the standard class.
Dr. Zeno Wall, Dr. Ayers, O. P
Hamrick, J H. Quinn and others
made strong appeals for Christian
education and It was significant to
Mr. Quinn, chairman of the board
of trustees that the meeting
Wednesday was on the twenty-fifth
anniversary of the adoption of a
resolution at Zoar church, leading
to the founding of a Baptise school
for this territory.
Judge Falls pointed out that in
order for Boiling Springs to main
tain its rank as a junior college it
must have a fixed income in $10,000.
Prof. O. P. Hamrick of the college
faculty started out threg weeks ago
in a subscription campaign %nd
raised $6,000. The school needs $6.
500 a year until the endowment *s
$10,000, so the resolution by Judge
Falls asks that each church raise
above Its budget a sufficient amount:
to meet this aobligation. A commit
tee will be appointed to determine
what the quota of each church is.
The following were elected trus
tees of Boiling Springs for the en
suing year. J. W. Suttle, Z. R. Wal
ker, W. W. Washburn, D Fletcher
Hord and Zeno Wall.
Mesdames H L. Hunt and l|plph
Ballentine and guest. Mrs. Harry r
Bnllentine of Hagerstown. Md , are ;
| spending today in Charlotte.
Mitt Julia Bradham. of Rocky Mount, winner of tbo “Mlsa Personality"
son lest at Carlin'a Park, Baltimore, Maryland, last fall, has been named
as “Queen of the State Fair,” and will entertain the visitors and the fa*r
with songs and dances every night at the free act aland.
Miss Bradham wa* named “Miss North Carolina" by Governor 0. Max
Gardner, before entering the eontest at Baltimore, and she is the official
Sweetheart for the North Carolina Stato Homecoming Week, la addition,
the it the national Sweetheart of the American Business Clubs.,
Miss Bradham. who turned down an offer to appear in one of Earl
Carroll's revues, in order to continue her studies in the Koeky Mount
High School, will come to Ra'.eigh only in the evening, from Monday
October 14 to Friday Oetobcr 18. On the test day of j,ha fair, Bbttti^ay.
October '19, she will appear in both the afternoon and evening. No dif
ftenlty will be experienced in hearing her songs, as the grandstand at the
fair grounds hat been equipped with loud speaking devices, which wUHnot
iscd for the free nets, but also to announce racing rneulta. ( •
Big Tri-Motored Planes In Ford
Air Tour Roared By Thursday
City Give* $3,000 To
Family Of Aderholt
New Gastonia Fund Rales Total
Compensation To
Gastonia.—By virtue of the action
of the city council Tuesday right j
in regular session, the widow and !
family of the late Chief Aderholt. j
slain on the night of June 7 in a
riot at union headquarters her?, will
receive as a supplemental fund to
the amount of $3,000 raised by the
Dally Gazette during the pas , sum
mer. enough to make out the total
of $6,000.
This was done by reason of the
fact that the chief's family would
have benefitted to the amount of
$8,000 through the workmens' com
pensation act which went into ef
fect on July 1, only three weeks aft
er the death of Mr. Aderhoh, the
cost of this would have been borne
by the city of Gastonia.
The Gazette fund for the Arier
holt family totaled $3,086.70. Hence
the amount to be given by the city
payable in the sum of $72 monthly
will be $2,013.30.
Giant Plane.* Were In Lap Of Tour
Between Winston-Salem And
Greenville Yesterday.
Shelby and Cleveland county peo
ple had a little air circus of thltr
own yesterday afternoon about 3
o'clock when more than a dOJ»n of
the 28 planes in the Ford air tour
roared over Shelby going from Win
ston-Salem to Greenville.
The big planes, the majoiitv of
which were trl-motored. glistened
above town in the bright rays of
the afternoon sun. but none of them
hesitated in the flight over, all hop
ing to hold their places in the rar.p
from Winston to the Greenvillte
The tour started in Philadelphia,
raced to Baltimore, from Baltimore
to Richmond and then to Winston
before starting the Greenville leg of
the flight.
One of the planes, a Fatr.hi'.d.
was piloted by a woman, Mrs. fteftn
Miller. At Richmond • in landing
Mrs. Miller did a ground loop, en
dangering herself and plane, to
keep from hitting a small bov on
(Continued on page nine.)
Local Legion Post Hopes To Build
Own Building During Next Year
Will Stage Drive To Get Every
Cleveland County Ex-Service
Man In Port.
The local organization of the
World War veterans, the Warren
Hoyle post of the American Legion
hopes during the appro? "hing year
of 1930 to build a hut, or a build
ing of its own on the legion prop
erty on East Warren street. This
was made known here today by of
ficials of the post who are no.v ore
paring for a big membership cam
Want Them AIL
"We want to get every ex-service
man in Cleveland county into the;
Legion during the remainder of this j
year and 1930, and we are going to
do our best to attain our amtvfcc on. ’
Legion officials stated.
"We believe any ex-service man;
who gives it proper thought wfil '<
agree that it is to his benefit and)
also to his pals of war days to be
come a member of the legion. This
organization is now doing a won
derful work for its disabled buddies
of the big scrap. Many of them who
are disabled have not as yet receiv
ed compensation. The legion is do
ing all it can for these buddies, f-jr
their wives and their children
What's more the legion is lighting
in every possible manner to get the
con)f>ensatlon these disabled buddies
deserve—and the stronger the or
ganization becomes the easier it will
be to get justice for all concerned
With a building of our own ehih
recreational features we hope to
make a membership in the local
post more attractive to cx-service
men in addition to showing fhem
how all ex-service men benefit by
joining the legion.”
Frank Petway, membership offi
cial who attended the convention in
Louisville, is directing the member
ship campaign. I
Morehead Body
Found; Funeral
Held At Sharon
Body Of C'ennty Boy, Drown ed I in
Friday, Came To Surface Near
Highway 20 Bridge.
After being lost in a swollen
stream for five days the body ol
Guy Morehead. 22-year-»ld 3haror
boy, who was drowned last Friday
at McAdenvIlle was found Wedne«
day afternoon just after it came tc
the surface in the South Fork river
The body was first seen by Ksrl
Rhyne, of Belmont, as it float'd
near • the bridge, over the Sou I
Fork Highway 20 close to AfcAden
vllle. It was only a few bunder;’
yards down stream from where t;.
yduth drowned.
Many At Funeral.
Funeral services were held /ertrr
day afternoon at 3 o’clock at Sh-trcvi
church with a large crowd of hi
home section friends attending the
service. The drowned youth w*.»
the son of Mr. and Mys. Seth Motr
head and was known througnou;
the entire section as well as n
8helby and other parts of the ooun
ty. and he was popular with all win
knew him.
■ k, '**§ \ ,,
Lone Search Mate.
Early last Friday morning youiw
Morebead. who wag a lineman fm i
the Southern Bell Telephone com- ^
pany along with another lineman
B C. Lackey, were cent to Mr
Adenvllle to help clear up the tele
phone damage resulting from the
heavy rains and flooded streams
The two men were in a boat rid
ing out into the awoUen river when
the boat capsiud. Both started
; wirrunlng for the bank, but More
, head, presumably weighed down fcv
: his belt and working tools, was U'
rble to make it and sank. Lackey
' arted back for bis pal but the
oody did nob come up any nur-e
Day and Right searching parties
continued to search, and It was
thought that the body would come
to the surface within three dayc as
it has been noticed that drowned
bodies usually come up within thrr*
days, a legendary connection :4th
Christ's resurrection after tore*
days. But at the end of three days
and of four day* the body was not
found, many Cleveland count7 peo
ple joining in the search over the t
week-end. Of the search the Char-..
lotte Observer say4: v r |
"Seldom has such a Search en
gaged the attention of so many
people. At any hour of the day
hundreds could be seen on both
sides of the stfeam and In boats,
looking for the floating body of the
young man. Employes of the tele
phone company, mill workers and
others helped.” • ,
Young Morehead had Just been
transferred to the Charlotte branch
of the telephone company from
Charleston a few days prior to his
downing. His mother at Aharon re
ceived -a letter from him the day
before he was drowned telling of th«
transfer. t ; j. -1||
Shelby Fftns Takes
* Pullman To Game*
Twenty-Seven Local gridiron TtK
Seeing Tech-Csrolina Struggle
• On Today-V *
Shelby foot bull fan*, 27 In num
ber. left here late yesterday aft
ernoon on a specially chartered
Pullman car to attend the Georgia
Tech-Carollaa football game in At
lanta today, and the Georgia-Yale
game in Athens tomorrow. The lo
cal Pullman was hooked on to a spe
cial train of cars carrying football
fans at Charlotte.
A score or more of other •hc'hy
and Cleveland county fans made the
trip to Atlanta for the game by au
Toluca Get* Vi*it
From A Strange Cat
Beautifully Spotted Cat Turns To
Anything Bnt Beautiful
fn Smell.
Reports reaching Shelby from
Toluca section tell of the finding
by Mr. S. A. Sain one night recent
ly of a strange eat in his i.huck
Mr. Sain gave the animal the
once-over, noticed that it was'
beautifully spotted, black and white
and then made a dive for frpsh air.
It was tJte first polecat, or skunk,
ever seen in the Toluca communlt, .
the species of the animal * “
identified by 1ft. % M.
85-year-o!d visitor in the Sain i
when the polecat was killed.

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