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Ithaca, N. Y—A unique gift to
Cornell University was announced
by President. Farrand
A typewritten letter signed "L.
H. Anon” contained a draft tor
*20,000 draw on a New York bank
and requested that the gift be Rep
lied to the general funds of the un
versity. The donor expressed the j
wish that "this gift remain entirely :
anonymous- and gave no clue to his 1
While the university would like to
express its appreciation to its un
known friend, his wishes will be res
pected and no attempt will be made
to trace the gilt to its source. *
Cornell has had many gifts where
anonymlte was requested but this j
is the first time on record where the |
university has been ufiable to trans
mit its thanks to the donor of a con
siderable sum.
Having qualified as administra
tor of the estate of Mary Ledford
Blanton, deceased, late of Cleveland
county, North Carolina, this Is to j
notify all persons having claims j
against the estate of said deceased i
to exhibit them to the undersigned!
at Lawndale. N C , on or before
the 14th day of October, 1930., or
this notice will be pleaded in bar ot
their recovery. All persons indebted
to said estate will please make im
mediate payment,
This the 12th day of October, 1929
C. M. LEDFORD. AdmlnWtra
tor of the Estate of Mary Led
ford Blanton, deceased.
Newton & Newton.. Attys.
A Well Baby Is A Happy Baby
Dr. Thornton’s Easy Teethar
It used to destroy the germs
that cause stomach and bowel
diseases of teething babies and
older children. It acts cm the
Liver, Kidneys, etc., ridding the
blood and system of Impurities.
Pleasant to take as loaf sugar.
Contains no opiates.
Bold taT druggists or sent direct
for 25c.
CO., Westminster, 8. C.
Need a Laxative
"w* am sm
in oar family for
nineteen yeare. I
have found It of
grant help in rais
ing my family.
"I have given
it to all aix of
my children.
Whenever they
complain of up
a at stomach, or
begin to loo* p«o and sick
hr, I make a tea of Black
Draught and begin giving
it to them. In a day or
two they are all right
"I give it to them for
constipation. and my hus
band and I both take it I
always give it for colds in
winter, for I believe a way
to prevent them ia to keep
the system dean."—Mrs.
Dosbie Terry, 1206 4th Ave*
Decatur, Ala.
•bwU tali. CARDUl hi
Cleveland Cigar
Hotel Charles Bldg., Corner
Trade and W. Warren SU.
.. *
— Or. Charlie H. Harrill —
Dentist —
. Office in Judge Webb Bldg.
\ Qver Stephenson Drug Co.
Office Phone 530, Residence b3'i
^pii iiin.wi.M‘riC [|ij|i' i ~ hi i i ,J
Office Over Woolworth’s.
... ■ .. ...
Around Our TOWN
these typewriter tracks, notes that the American public spends a million j
dollars a week on chewing gum, and then adds ‘ and out of that Bill I
Wrigley couldn't gqt enough to win more than one game from the |
A pretty punchy pun, partner jo u might help us plug up this white j
'Pare some tthie again. I—-—.-...i
Por those holding p similar poli
tical philosophy the colyum would
inlorm that last week's Collier's
had a nice little article entitled
“Seesaw Simmons ’’ As we recall lit;
lives down about Newbern, this
state, and did or didn't do some
thing during the last elect ion.
Thanks, Bub.
That, so-labelled colyum you write
to me isn't so hot.
And t ight often sensible people term
it Just so much rot.
-Bub Buncombe.
And as a potet the anonymous Bub
doesn't seem to have any more
heat than this spasm does aa a
are being quoted it is recalled that
the following statement wfts heard
on a Shelby street last week:
"Well, l notice that Governor
Gardner never sends his personal
counsellor, Judge Townsend, to in
vestigate any of the football games
for him.”
And that remark, our guess Is
was spawned by the recollection
that the governor did not give the
man who made the statement a
job as supreme court Judge—or as
sanitary inspector,
No Need Of It.
Last year, as memory serves, the
Shelby srhool board regulated that
none of the local school marnv;
!houid stay out with their sheik
friends In a huddle party after
midnight, for tear that such dis
sipation might hamper their teach
ing ability on the following day.
This year the srhool board passed
no such regulations, and from vari
ous and sundry reports such a reg
ulation would be entirely unneces
sary this year. When Supt. B, n
Smith gets through working his
teachers during the day. these v.
end s. reports have it,, they’re
Teady to hit the hay long before "tho
stroke of 12—even if John Gilbert
were on hand and needed little
curls twisted in his appealing
moustache. & y
_ ' * " T
Squire Cling Eskridge gets tired of
this world, and we hope itNl h"
many years before he tires, the peo
ple of No. 7 township should erect
a monument honoring- his loyalty
to his home section. Every taxpay
ing season lie faithfully reminds
tlie "boys* about the sheriff's of
fice that ‘‘old No. 7" always <eads
the way in taxpaying., indicating
thereby the dependable and staunch
citizenship of the section. Fellows
who migrated from Nos. 9. 10. 11
and other townships just as faith
fully argue with him lor their sec
tions, but, when the arguments»gtf
warm Squire rails on the sheriff to
pull nut the tax books and let die
figures talk.
Who's The Champion?
Yo-yos are still selling bv the
gross in Shelby, and many chubby
Stomach Trouble
If you suffer from gas. bloating,
heartburn, acid, or sick stomach,
bcacuse of dyspesia. try Uie Oioten
15 Minute Test. Absoluately harm
less. Works fast. Five positive di
gestive aids in pleasant tablet
form. No soda, dopes or laxative.
Get Diotex from your druggist for
only 60c. Try it. See how fast It
works. Money back if It doesn’t
give stomach comfort in 15 minutes,
and soon help restore good diges- |
tion. ~
I y<tia I . IMnkham's
\i'di’labk* (ompoomi
Women Suffering
Bladder Irritation
If functional Bladder Irritation
disturbs your sleep, or causes Burn
ing or Itching Sensation, Backache,
Leg Pains, or fauscular aches, mak
ing you feel tired, depressed, and
discouraged, why not try the Cyatez
48 Hour TeBt? Don’t give up. Get
Cyatez today at any drug store. Put
it to the test. See for yourself how
quickly It works. Money back if It
doesn’t bring quick improvement,
and satisfy you completely. Try
Cyatez today. Only 60c,
faced children recently have been
receiving extra Ice cream cones :o
permit their dads and mothers to
play with their toys. The latest riv
al of the Yo-yo is the Ro-ro top
And since the yo-yo craze has Shel
by yoing around on its head, what
about staging a yo-yo yoing cham
pionship on the court square?
A couple of school superintend
ents have been telling us lately
what is wrong with our schools. We
don't kno^-, fcfr from the failure
standpoint the same tire, apoar
ently, was flat in the school we at
tended. But we notice that a test
paper handed in by a ninth-grad-v
spelled the name of the subject on
which the test was given as “aleger
ba.” Perhaps it’s because a new
subject like that is In the curri
Electric Current Bill Cut Two Bil
lion A Year. Science Due Pub
lic Support.
Research in the industries is
accomplishing; enormous savings
to the public, General John .1.
('arty, , vice president of the
American Telephone and Tel
egraph company declares in a
foreword to a collection of Pop
lar Engineering Foundation, the
research organization of the ma -
jor engineering societies.
“It is sometimes instructive 'o ap
praise the value of scientific re
search, in pecuniary terms,” General
Carty says. “For example, take me
very great improvements in electric
power and electric lighting which
have been made by the industrial
scientists during the last twenty-five
Helps Human Achievement.
‘‘Were it not for these improve
ment* tlje bid which the public is
now paying for electric current
would be greater by more than
000,000.000 a year. A similar story
could be told p| the results of scien
tific research conducted on the tele
phone industry and in the chemicii
and metallurgical Industries
- "But the higher values of scienM ■
fic research must be stated in tirms
of human achievements, the elimi
nation of poverty and disease, the
advancement of learning, the growth
of right, living and good understand
ing among men. Scientific research
is indispensable to the attainment of
all these ends.
“According to the vision of science
life must no longer be regarded ns
a struggle among men for a limit
ed store where one mans gain or'
one nation's gain must be another's
loss. Under the banner of scientific
research we are asked to join with
our feliow-men utilizing the bound
less forces of nature. Such is the
message of 'Research Narratives.'
Pleads For Support.
“American business and commerce
and industry and the American pub
lic should be urged to give a scien
tific research in our universities
and else-where that support which
it so greatly needs. ‘Science, -aid
Pasteur, is the soul of the prosperity
of nations and the living source of
all progress.'
“For all of the benefits which it
confers upon us science asks only
that we provide its zealous workers
with the opportunity to multiply
their efforts in our behalf.
“The progress of scientific re
search in our country depends in
the last analysis, upon the support
which it receives from the pufciic.
"There is no lack of problems to
be solved, all of which in one way
or another, affect the welfare of the
nation, and there will be no lack
of competent scientific investigators
who will solve'them ir the necessary
financial support la provided.
Highball Good For
Old Folks, He States
Chicago.—Moderate use of alcohol
during or after middle age was rec
ommended by Dr. Edward Martin
of Philadelphia, former president of
American college of surgeons, at the
Uth annual clinical congress here
Dr. Martin said he emphatically dis
approved use of alcohol by younger
“Liquor prolongs life and adds
to its joys,” observed Dr. Martin,
who is white haired and 70. "but
it must be used moderately.”
“When a man is fatigued, one
high ball is an excellent tonic, but
.it must not be too vhigh'. when.
you have had a drink, you have
had enough.'*
Should Have Law For Klimination
Of Incompetent Drivers And
System Checking:.
Raleigh.- After three to have an
individual driver's license, way pa
trol. during which some 50,000 cats
have been stopped for violations cf
some*sort, mostly for incorrect
lighting, and more than 1,000 arrests
made, the outstanding need is for
a state-wide drivers' license law, ac
cording to Captain Charles D. Farm
er, commander of the patrol.
No matter how vigilant the patrol
men may be. how many cars they
may stop or how many drivers they
may arrest, until there is a drivers’
license law through which tne pa
trolmen cap check up on violations,
there will continue to be dangerous
and reckless driving, according fo
Captain Farmer. If there was a law'
compelling every driver to have an
individual driver’s license thejj it
would be possible for a patrolman
and for the highway patrol gener
ally to keep track of the motorists
stopped and warned, and see how
many of these became "repeaters”
—that is, how many are habitual
violators Of the motor laws. But
under the present law's there is no
way to check up on “repeaters. ’
Although the report for Septem
ber is not yet quite complete, the
figures from eight of the nine hien
way districts show that 17.533 auto
rpoblles were stopped and warned
during September and that 444 driv
ers were actually arrested, according
to Captain Farmer. But there was
no way of telling how many, if
any of these, had ever been stop
ped and warned before, though it is
possible to check up on the arrests.
However, one thing can be done
that is not being done that will be
a great benefit to the state, ac
cording to Captain Farmer. And
that is if the cities and towns, re
quiring drivers’ licenses will com
pel every applicant to demonstrate
his or her ability to drive an auto
mobile before issuing these licenses,
and require the police department
to see that no one drives a car in
any of these cities and towns with
out a driver’s license.
"At the present time, these mu
nicipal drivers’ licenses are purely
revenue-raising propositions, arid it
is only necessary to pay the *1 or
$2 for the card and license tag to
get the license,” said Capt. Farmer,
“as no effort Is made to examine
the ability of the applicants to
actually drive automobiles. As a
result, these drivers’ licenses arc
meaningless and of no value ex
cept that they produce revenue
"If however, each city and town
that now requires such licenses
would actually carry out the spirit
of the law and require each ap
plicant to prove his or her ability to
drive an automobile before issuing
a license, and then require the
police departments to strictly en
force the law, this alone would c’im
inate nearly 50 per cent of the care
less and dangerous driving in the
state and go a long way toward
making the streets and highways
Indications are, however, that the
Trustee’s Sale.
, By virtue of the power and au
thority vested in me as trustee in
a certain deed of trust, executed the
16th day of March, 1928, by Ida Al
lison Humphries to secure an in
debtedness to J. A. McCraw, which
deed of trust is recorded in book
152. page 12, of the office of the
register for Cleveland county, N. C„
and default having been made in
the payment of the indebtedness,
thereby secured, and demand hav
ing been made upon me to execute
the trust, I will sell to the highest
bidder at the court house door in
Slielby. on,
Monday, November 4, 1939, at
12 o’clock.
or within legal hours, the following
described real estate to-wit:
All that certain parcel of land
situate in Cleveland county, North
Carolina, In No. 1 township, adjoin
ing lands of S. Bridges, Kester
Hamrick, A. G. Humphries. Estate
of Plato Allison, and others; con
taining 16.62 1-2 acres of land more
or less. Being a portion of the land
conveyed to Ida Allison by Plato
Allison, Commissioner, In deed dat
ed January 11, 1912, and recorded
in office of register of deeds for
Cleveland county. North Carolina, in
book 3-P. page 225.
This the 28th day of September,
B. T. FALLS, Trustee.
Opens nostrils,
checks head pains
clean head, note
and throat. First
treatment proree
it A Physician’s
L—SI-JsUK Jt. {mildmr
§trvngth) 1*r
various municipalities will continue
to regard thqir drivers’ license or
dinances merely as revenue raising
measures until the state passes a
drivers’ license law.
It will be remembered that the
highway patrol bill introduced in
the 1929 general assembly soon
sored by the Carolina Motor club,
called ior a state-wide drivers’
license, which would have financed
the patrol. But the general assem
bly was afraid of the political ef
fect of this part of the bill end
finally adopted the miniature pa
trol bill in which the state high
way commission would bear the en
tire cost of the highway patrol.
It Is believed now, however, among
those who have followed the prog
ress of the present patrol, that the
next general assembly will not only
materially increase the size of the
patrol, but that it will also add a
requirement for a state-wide driv
ers’ license. In order to give the
patrol an adequate check on high
way violations and In order to elim
inate those who are physically,
mentally or temperamentally un
fit to drive automobiles.
He Liked It.
i _
There was a worried look on the
grocer’s face as he raced, hatless,
down the street, and ran up the
steps of a suburban home.
"I'm sorry to say there’s been a
slight mistake, Mrs. Grumm,” he
panted. ‘‘You ordered two pounds
of oatmeal yesterday and, by mis
take, my apprentice put up some
sawdust that our grapes came pack
ed in.”
The lady leaned back on the door
post and for fully three minutes in
dulged in a laugh that brought all
her neighbors to the rescue. "Well,
that's downright funny.” she ob
served when she could speak.
"Funny?” queried the grocer,
“Yes, funnyl Here we’ve been
married 12 years and my husbard
has never paid me a compliment till
this mortiing at' breakfast, when
blest if he didn’t pass his plate for
Another of that sawdust, and told
me it reminded him of the porridge
his mother used to make’”
They’re Cute, Anyway.
Peeved Dad: "I can see right
through your chorus girl's intrigue,
my son.”
Loversick boy: "I know. Dad, but
they all dress that way these days.”
Your insistence on high
quality gas and oil at the
lowest price within reason.
and OPALINE OIL is to
prove to your own satisfac
tion the advantages of sup
eriority in both quality and
purity. Sinclair Gas and
Opaline Oil is more than
you expect in every re
Oil Co.
Thomas Hilton, 16, of Mattoon,
111., was fined $50 for fastening a
lighted paper to a cat’s tail.
Commissioner’s Sale Of Land.
Under and by virtue of an order
of the superior court made in spe
cial proceedings, entitled “D. P.
Wright and wife, S. J, Wright vs. W.
J. Wright and others,” the under
signed commissioner will offer for
sale at public auction to the highest
bidder on the premises of the late
R. H. Wright on the
9th day of November, 1929, at 12 in.
the following described lots of land:
Lot No. 1: Beginning at an iron
stake, Will Wright’s comer, and run
ning thence N. 13 east 65 poles to a
stake in old road; thence south 85
west 47 1-4 poles to a stake; thence
north 89 1-2 west 18 poles to a stake
in old road; thence north 25 3-4 west
35 1-2 poles to a stone or chestnut
comer; thence south 84 1-2 east 53
poles to a stone; thence south 3 1-4
west 21 2-3 poles to an iron stake;
thence north 89 1-2 east 15 1-2 poles
to the place of beginning, containing
18 1-2 acres, more or less.
Lot No. 2: Beginning at a stake in
the old road, second corner of lot
No. 1 above, running thence north
13 east 82 3-4 poles to an iron stake;
thence north 88 east 65 poles to an
iron stake in the old line; thence
north 13 1-2 east 72 1-2 poles to a
willow stake in branch; thence up
the branch as it meanders to a
small poplar on north bank of
branch; thence south 25 3-4 east
159 poles to a stake in the road;
thence south 89 1-2 east 18 poles to
a stake; thence north 25 east 47 1-2
poles to the beginning, containing
66 1-2 acres, more or less.
Lot No. 3; Beginning at the bridge
place on the east bank of Buffalo
Creek, and running thence down the
east bank of said creek, 35 1-2 poles
to a stone; thence south 38 1-2 west
1 2-3 poles across the creek to a
stone; thence north 81 west 16 poles
to a maple; thence south 34 west
7 1-2 poles to a stake in Carpenter’s
line; thence north 43 5-6 west 23 1-2
poles to a stone; thence north 35
east 7 1-2 poles to a poplar; thence
north 2 1-5 east 33 1-4 poles to a
white oak on the east bank of the
creek; thence following the east
bank of creek to the beginning, con
taining by estimation 5 1-16 acres,
more ox less.
All the aforesaid land lies in No.
9 township, Cleveland county, North
Carolina, and is a part of the estate
of the late R. H. Wright. Terms of
sale 1-3 cash, the remainder in one
and two years.
This October 4th, 1929.
R. A. LACKEY, Commissioner.
J. H. Quinn and
Newton & Newton, Attys.
Farms and City Property
— Telephone 454-J —
Have Your Eyes Examined
DRS. H. D. & R. L.
Office Over Paul Webb &
Son's Drug Store.
Civil Engineer And
Farm Surveys, Sub-divis
ions, Plats and General
Engineering Practice.
- Phone 417 - ‘
. ...- —■
1 111 "i—"
T. W. Ebeltoft
Grocer and Book
Phone — 82
We Want You To Be One Of Our Satis
fied Customers.
=- PHONE 130 —
LEAVE SHELBY:—9:45 a. m.;.l:45 p. m..; 3:15 p.
m.; 8:45 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY:—7:50 a. m.; 10:50 a. m.; 12:50 p.
m.; 2:50 p. m.;4:50 p. m.; 6:50 p. m.: 9:50 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY:—10:50 a. m.; 2:50 p. m.
LEAVE SHELBY:—7:50 a. m.; 70:50 a. m.; 2:50
p. m.
Attention Ladies
Free instructions are now being given in
the art of Plastic Clay and Clay Molding.
We teach you to decorate many useful ar
ticles for the home and for gifts, in a few
Classes daily from 9 to 6 o’clock for the
next two weeks only. Make your Christ
mas presents now.
Next To Betty-Jean Beauty Shoppe
Wed. Oct.«0
And Trained Animal Shows
olMMl affncatkar o( wondtrfal partorminc BkphuiU. Ham*. Poo
Mankajr*. Baautlfal Tropical Bird*.—taa«M and Oar Inc Act*. ,
Won dart ol Blcyclltti. High Wire Dim
A SHOW -9? ’ STUPENDOUS surprise
(wrltal NM, N»4 C«tl, «XC«M.|. An Hm«i «a>- --„ u, .. A,W
*>«■.< « —■ T. * ifim—
We Never

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