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VOL. XXXV, No. 139
SHELBY, N. C. MONDAY, NOV. 25, 1929
Cotton, per pound_17c
Cotton Seed __42c
Rain Is Likely.
- Today's North Carolina Weather
Report: Cloudy tonight and Tues
day probably followed by rain with
slowly rising temperature Tuesday..
Veteran Senator Dead.
Washington, Nov. 25.—Death yes
terday removed from the senate the
man who had participated in more
of the political struggles of that
body than any other person in his*
tory-*-8enator Francis E, Warren of
Wyoming. The 85-year-old “dean”
of the senate, who had served con
tinuously since 1895 and for three
years previously, succumbed at 10:93
o'clock yesterday morning to an at
tack of pneumonia after three
weeks' illness starting with bron
chitis. The veteran statesman was
the oldest member of the senate
both in years and length of service,
and was the only member who par
ticipated in the War Between the
States, serving in the Union army
along with Justice Holmes of the
supreme court. Representative Sted
man of North Carolina is a veteran
of the Confederate army.
Dr. F. H. Lackey
Suffers Stroke
Prominent Fallston Physician Par
alyzed On Right Side. In Hos
pital Here.
Dr. P. H. Lackey, of Faliston, one
of Cleveland county's best known
physicians, Is In the Shelby hdefi
tal here In a rather serious condi
tion as the result of a stroke of
paralysis which he suffered about
10:30 Saturday night at his Jime.
Dr. Lackey, who returned last
week from a national meeting of
physicians at Miami, had been in
good spirits and worked all day
Saturday, and had just returned
from a call upon a patient when the
stroke came.
Some Improvement.
At the hospital this morning It
was stated that some Improvement
could be detected in his condition.
He was paralyzed on the right and
has been unconscious and * jeech
less since but today It was sain '.hat
he showed some signs of returning
consciousness as his eyes indicated
that he could recognize some of his
visitors at Intervals.
Mr. W. Pink "King
Is Seriously 111
Condition Of Well Known Shelby
Citizen, Suffering Breakdown,
Is Considered Serious.
The many friends in Shelby and
Over the county of. Mr. W. Pink
King, widely known Shelby mar.
will regret to hear that he Is seri
ously ill at his home on Sumter
street. He Is suffering, his physician
says, from acidosis, or a_form of
nervous collapse.
Mr. King became ill a week or eo
ago, his condition growing worse
Friday and as yet showing little if
any improvement.
Willard Leads Hi.
Company In Sales
Mr. 3. S. Willard, general ;gent
here for the North American In
surance company, ranked second in
sales for the entire United States ir.
October and retained his place in
his company's honored “First Ten”
club. Mr. Willard has mads th*
j “First Ten” each month since he
has been with the company, an un
usual gales record In that he com
petes with agents In every section
of the country.
County Case Before
Industrial Hearing
A Cleveland county case will be
heard by Commissioner T. A. Wil
son, of the state industrial commis
sion, in Shelby on November 30. : is
announced at Raleigh. The case is
listed as that of Dr. L. A. Crowell,
Dr. Hubert Sherrill. Romle Brack
ett against Cleveland Mill and
Power company and carrier. It is
understood here that the hearing is
one that comes under the new in
dustrial insurance plan for em
Court House Closes
Thanksgiving Day
it was announced today that the
offices at the county court r.ouse
here will be closed an Thanksgiving
day, Thursday,
Bants Agent Oft.
Mrs. Irma P. Wallace, county
home agent, states that she wUl iot
carry out her full program of work
this week due to the fact that she
will be completing and giving in
her annual report for which a week
is set aside each year. She will,
however, hold her meeting at Karl I
on Wednesdr i
Cbunty Club To
Be Formed Here
Tuesday Night
The Cleveland County club,
an organization based upon the
principle of the Rutherford
Country club with representa
tives from all sections of the
county, will be definitely form
ed at a meeting to he held
Tuesday night, Nov. 26, at 7:30
in the auditorium of the court
house here.
Several weeks back at a prelim
inary meeting a temporary organi
sation was formed to line up char
ter members from each township of
the county and the date tomorrow’
night set for final formation of the
group. At the preliminary organi
zation Prof. Lawton Blanton, of Lat
timorc, was made temporary chair
man with Mr. J. L. Herndon, of
Grover, as temporary secretary.
Name Officers.
A committee of several members
were appointed to secure charter
members from every township In
the comity to attend the meeting
Tuesday night At this meeting per
manent officers will be elected for
the year, a regular date set for
monthly meetings and other organ
ization detail attended to.
Those interested in the formation
of the club, including Editor H. E.
Price, of Ruthcrfordton, state that
practically enough charter members
have already been signed to assure
the complete organization of the
club Tuesday night. A live county
club means much to a county in
bringing leading citizens in all walks
of life and from all sections in touch
with each other thus inviting them
for the future progress of the en
tire county as a unit, and all in
terested citizens of Cleveland are
urged to attend the meeting.
State Board Gives
County More Funds
To Employ Teachers
Funds Available For 28 Additional
Instructors To Be Paid
By State.
Raleigh.—The state board of
equalization, in closing a two day
session, announced that funds for
the employment of 28 teachers, in
addition to those already allowed by
the state in the distribution of its
funds, have been made available to
the counties since the last meeting
of the board, October 17.
The counties to which funds for
additional teachers have been al
lotted since the last announcement
was made to the press are as foil
lows, one each to Anson, Chatham,
Cleveland, Davidson, Duplin, 3a s
ton Greene Hyde Randolph, Rock
ingham, Sampson, Wake, Wayne;
two each to Catawba, Cumberland,
Johnston, Surry, Vance and Var
ren; and three to Wilkes.
Church Stewards In
Dinner Here Friday
Central Methodist Officials Dine
Together And Talk Over
Church Plans.
The stewards and trustees of «Cen
tral Methodist church joined to
gether in a dinner held Friday night
m the Woman's club at which time
the gathering of church officials
discussed the church program for
the year and other church business.
Rev. L. B. Hayes, new paster of
the church, and Carl Thompson,
president of the Hoey Bible class,
were guests of the gathering. Short
talks were made by a number of
those present while Mr. Thomnscn
outlined an attendance contest
which will be staged by the big
Bible class.
Great French Leader Is Dead
Georges Clemjenceau, the “Tiger of France” is being buried
today in the soil of the country he loved so well and of which
he was a leader in peace and war. Before dying the “Tiger
made his own funeral plans and while dying maintained the
remarkable coolness which has marked his outstanding ca
Bury “Tiger Of France” Today In
Simple Rites In Lonely Wgodland
Jack Yates'Shoot* A
Hole-In-One Shot On
Third Hole Of Course
Jack Yates, thread salesman,
yesterday shot the third hole
in-one ever made on the Clave
Usd Springs golf coarse when
he holed out his mashie shot on
the No. S hole.
This is the same hole on which
Gene Schenck and "Snook”
Webb holed oat their tee shots.
- Playing with Mr. Yates were
Jack Hardigan, Charlie Hub
bard and Pete Webb.
Governor Max Goes
Hunting, Gets Geese
Raleigh.—Governor O. Max Gard
ner is back in his offices hero aft
er delivering an address at B*l
haven Wednesday and going goose
hunting at lake MattamusKeet
Governor Gardner and his party,
Tyre Taylor, his secretary, Fred
Latham, of Beaufort county, O. B.
Moss, Nash county legislator, and
a guide found geese plentiful and
within half an hour after /oing
into their blind the entire party
had bagged the legal limit of five
fowls each. The governor got h!s
five birds in five minutes.
Colored Boy Hurt.
A colored youth, whose name
not been learned, was injured Fri
day night when the truck ioadod
with cotton which he was driving
turned over on the highway near
Shelby. He was taken to the Shci
by hospital but his injuries were uot
The “Ready” boys of the senior'
department of New Hope Sunday
school, Earl, will entertain the sen
ior department Thursday night at
the home of Mr. C. E. Jones,
Shelby Boys Warming Up Yo-Yos
For Star’s Contest On Saturday
Couple Winners In Other Yo-Yo Matches
Will Likely Enter Contest.
Red yo-yos, blue yo-yos, big
yo-yos and little yo-yos are be
ing tossed about all Shelby
streets this week as scores of
Shelby and Cleveland county
youths get in training for the
yo-yo contest The Star will
stage at the rear of The Star
office nest Saturday afternoon
at 1:30.
A three dollar cash prise will
go to the endurance champion,
-or the one who yo-yos the long
est, while a two dollar cash
prize will be awarded the boy
who can exhibit the most fancy
yo-yoing. Judges of the contest
will be Attorney A1 Bennett and
Mike H. Austell. Any Shelby or
Cleveland county boy may en
ter without charge by register
ing his name and address and
the school he represent*, If de
sired, at The Star office.
Two youths who have already
won yo-yoing contests here may
bring their yo-yoing ability into
the contest. Evans Logan, whd
won a contest at a local theatre,
is sure to enter, while Colbert
McKnlght, said to be one of the
best at the Shelby High school,
may also enter.
Funeral Of Fiery French Leader
Today. Held Hi* Nerre
Until Death,
Paris, Nov. 25.—Georges Cle;nt
ceau, the father of victory, iris suf
ferings ended early Sunday by death
which closed 88 years of a lighting
life, last night was being taxon for
eternal rest in the loneliness of a
little wood near Mouchamps lii his
beloved vendee.
The man who had been a firm and
fiery premier for France in her irial
of the World war rode through the
darkness In an automobile heaiie
over 250 miles of road toward the
southeast to a spot within 30 miles
of the sea he loved so well.
To Be Burled Today.
There he will be buried today
under tire trees in a grave that h>s
chauffeur and friend, M. Brabant,
dug for him yesterday. He will on
ter the soil of his France for which
he had fought so vigorously at a
spot he himself had selected. The
grave will be marked by a alone
friends had sent from Greece which
he had erected several years ago
with few if any sharing his secret
Buried Upright.
He will be burled upright, as his
father was before him.
What he desired above all was to
carry out to the end his appearance
of a hard exterior, which all knew
covered a warm heart. He lived and
wanted to die” a man.” In one of Ills
last lucid moments on his deathbed,
he said, “I want no women; I want
no tears. Let mo die before tnon.”
Burial To Be Simple.
Clemenceau in death as in life
rejected ostentation and ceremony.
He asked that when death came to
him that he should be permitted
merely to disappear. He wished a
funeral as quiet, as drab, as bare as
those for a million of “his boys” kill
ed In the long struggle which his
leadership helped turn to a triumph
and caused a then feverishly grate
ful parliament to acclaim him
“father of victory.”
Hoey Class To. Put
On Contest With A
Class In Charlotte
Central Methodist Class Here To
Contest Attendance With Ivey
Claw There,
Two. of the largest Bible casses
in the North Carolina Methodist
church will compete with each other
in attendance when next Sunday
morning the Clyde Hoey class of
the Central Methodist church here
enters an attendance contest with
the big Ivey class of the Tfjon
street church Charlotte.
The two classes have about the
same enrollment and average attend
ance. The contest will carry over a
period of three months, according
to Carl Thompson, president of
Hoey class, and the hour those at
tending the class arrive each Son
day morning will also figure in Ut r
contest outcome
Churches Here
Have Services
Central'Methodist Service At t And
Presbyterian At 10. Collections
For Orphans.
Shelby hu no set program tor
the observance of Thanksgiving
other than special services
Thursday morning by two of
the uptown churches, Cen rml
Methodist and the ITesbyter
ian church.
The remainder of the day In both
town and county will likely ^«c
many family reunions held for
Thanksgiving dinners, scores of
hunters out after quail and rabbits
and many others attending footba'l
games at Chapel Hill, at Davidson
and elsewhere. Quite a number of
county people will see the Csrolln
Vlrginla gridiron classic at Chape'.
Kill, some going down by auto and
others by special trains, whhe a
good number will drive to Davidson
in the afternoon for the annual bat
tle between the Wildcats and Duke
Early Morn Service.
The Thanksgiving service at Cen
tral Methodist church, Rev. L. B.
Hayes, pastor, announces, will be
held at 8 o’clock Thursday morning.
The President’s Thanksgiving proc
lamation with congregational re
sponses and a special musical pro
gram will feature the etrvlce.
At 10 o'clock a Thanksgiving ser
vice will bf held at the Pres'ryter
lan church* R is announced by Rev.
H.-N. McDlannid, pastor. It is at this
time that Presbyterians make their
annual offering to the orphanage at
Barium Springs, all members or the
church being asked for the equal
of one day's wages for the upkeep
of the orphans.
The First Baptist church will not
have a special service on Thanks
giving day, according to Dr. Zero
Wail, pastor, as the church program
yesterday was In keeping with the
Thanksgiving holidays. During tills
week the Baptists will jnakB iheir
annual collections for the orphans.
The njajartty of the other church
es to the county held Thanksgiving
services yesterday or will do so neat
Sunday with a few having services
on Thursday.
Schools To Close.
The city schools will have two
holidays, Supt. B. L. Smith slating
today that school would close with
the regular session Wednesday aft
ernoon and would not reopen until
Monday morning. At the assembly
hour Wednesday morning prac Ucaily
all »pf the schools will put on
a Thanksgiving program, while In
several of the sohools the annuo',
custom of taking a Thanksgiving
offering for the poor of the city will
be followed.
Boiling Springs Is
Loser In Snow Game
Rackley Eleven Outplayed By Ap
palachian On Gridiron Cov
ered With Snow.
Boone, Nov. 24.—On a snow cover
ed field, Appalachian State colleso
defeated Boiling Springs college by
a margin of one touchdown. The
Mountaineers outplayed their rivals
throughout the whole game, but
Boiling Springs put up a 3crappy
resistance holding whenever 'heir
goal line was in danger.
In the first period the Moun
taineers carried the ball to tire 12
yard line but the big Red ‘earn
braced and held for downs and kick
ed out of danger. The second period
was about even but featured with
a kicking duel between O'Hale surd
Eanes, with a margin In favor of the
A pass, O'Hare to Walker, le
sulted in a 30-yard gain. Hants
made eight yards off tackle and
Hinson three through the line. Wa
ters carried the ball to the 12-yard
line and Hinson made it first down
on the eight-yard lice.
Boiling Springs braced, but a pass
O’Hare to Walker was completed for
a touchdown. Try for extra ;.oint
Robinson, Coble and Cheattv play
ed a line defensive game for Doting
Springs. For the Mountaineers the
work of Faulkerscn, Canipe, Pyatte
and MacDonald,.in the line was of a
high order.
Will Select Carrier
For Bel wood Route
A rural carrier for the Bclwood
office will be selected by the Civil
Service commission soon, it was an
nounced today.
The examination will be ti» Id at
Shelby and applications must be in
by December 2".
Female Aviator
In Department
Of Commerce
Miu Frances Jackson of Washing*
ton, D. C., who made har first solo
flight a few days ago. She is the
only woman in tka Aeronautical
Branch of the Commerce Depart
1 went trim haa taken op aviation. |
1 InUrmtlonal NmnS
Native Of Shelby
Passes In Raleigh
John A. Window, Veteran Railroad
Engineer, Buried At Ham
let On Saturday.
Many Shelby people will regret to
hear that Mr. John A. Winslow,
veteran railroad engineer who was
bom and reared on North LaFay
ette street In Shelby, died last
Thursday In the Rex hospital at
Raleigh after an extended Illness.
The deceased was the son ol H.
K. Winslow and his mother before
marriage was a Spurting. The fam
ily Is well remembered here. The
Hamlet paper speaking of his death
“John Winslow was one of the
most popular railroad men who ever
lived In Hamlet. For many years he
has been an engineer, bis seniority
rating giving him some of the best
runs. For many years he lived here
and ran out of this terminal. Then
for some time he was at the b ulast
pit at LUeeville, and for two Y'ars
or more had lived In Raleigh run
ning out of that point.
"Deceased was about 48 years of
age. He is survived by his wife, one
little girl nine years old. Several
brothers, half brothers, and sisters
survive, including Sam Winslow -nd
Mrs. Walter Scott of Hamlet; J. H.
Wlpslow of Portsmouth: E. L. Wins
loW of Asheville; Miss Chrlss'e
Winslow of Asheboro and Mrs. Hln
ley who lives in California.
"He was a zealous member of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engi
neers and had served the local lodge
as chief engineer some years ago.
The Brotherhood had charge of the
funeral service here Saturday.’*
King Appeal Up In^
January, Is Report
Arguments In Sooth Carolina Su
preme Coart Will Bo Heard
Early Next Year.
York. 8. C.—Arguments tor a
new trial in the Rate King murder
case will riot be heufrd by the sta e
supreme court before January or
February, it was learned here. King
was convicted of the murder of bis
wife, Faye Wilson King, at ih- July
term of court in Chester. He is now
a prisoner in the state penitentiary.
There will be an oyster supper
given by Junior Order of Baltimore
Thursday night at 6 p. m. All Jun
iors and their wives * are invited
Prof. Lawton Blanton will speak or
his trip West.
Adjustment Near In
Big Building Crash
Suits; Halts Trials
Agreement Practically Reached In Seven Ot
Eight Suits Resulting From Building Crash
A Year Ago When Seven Were Killed*
Details Withheld Until Final Action Ii
The special term of Superior court which was to hava
convened here today week to hear the big damage suits re
sulting from the building crash here in August 1928, W which
seven lives were lost, will not likely be held according to well
founded reports here today.
County Will Make
60,000 Bales, Says
A. W. MrMwrry, Cotton Broker, Be*
Here* Cleveland Formers
Headed For New Record.
Cleveland county will make «0,
000 bales of cotton and possibly a
little more In the opinion of A. W.
McMurry, local cotton broker and
mill man.
In view of the fact that over 40.
000 bales were ginned up to mid
November Mr. McMurry Is of the
opinion that 30.000 more bates will
be ginned by the time the final gin
ning report Is Issued next March
despite the fact that the recent
rain, sleet and snow further hand
icapped fanners In picking after
they had already been held back
near two weeks because of rain.
Third To Go.
It was almost two weeks ago that
; the ginning report had 40,000 bales
ginned in the county and Mr. Mo
Murry’s conservative opinion la that
at least one-third of the total crop
had not been picked and ginned at
that time.
A. & P. Opened 2nd
Store Here Saturday
The Orest Atlantic and Paclfb
Tea company, known to the world
popularly as the A & P, rwung open
the doors of ttyi second store In
Shelby Saturday morhing. Mr. H. E.
Ricbbourg, who for more than five
years, has managed the main A <fc P
store here, is In charge of this new
enterprise. The store is located on
North L&Fayette street, In the
former Major Hopper stand.
The new store is In every way
up to the high A & P standard of
excellence. The stock is large,
varied and well displayed, and the
physical appearance of the new
place Is very attractive.
The fact that the A &P ms pu;
store number two In the city. Is
evidence of its growth and sound
ness. Mr. Richbourg, discussing the
enterprise Saturday, said he expects
to make It the same successful in
stitution that he built In store num
ber one.
Freezing Weather
Brings Shoppers In
Shelby was thronged with shop*
pers Saturday, the Inclement weath
er bringing many shoppers to town
Instead of keeping them away. Dua
to the sleet and rain which Trace
farm work was at a standstill dur
ing the day and where roads were
not too slick the majority of the
county braved the cold snap and
came to Shelby shopping for the
day. Although it is a month today
until Christdtas quite a bit of gift
shopping is already going on and
for the remaining weeks Shelby
merchants anticipate a rushing busi
Kings Mountain Celebration
Committee Named For Event
Organization Perfected At Char
lotte. Cleveland Men Named
On Body.
Charlotte.—Concrete plans *or ths
Kings Mountain battleground s°s
qui-centennlal celebration next Oc
tober 7, were formulated at a
meeting of the general committee
from the two Carolina* Thursday
at the Charlotte chamber of com
On the motion of Mrs. R.
Bratton of York, 8. C., president of
the Kings Mountain battle ground
association, the old steering com
mittee of three members from each
of the North Carolina counties of
Mecklenburg, Gaston and Cleve'and
and the South Carolina counties of
Cherokee and York will be retained
as the general committee of the
Major A. L. 8ulwinkle of Gas
tonia, former congressman from
this district, suggested that the gov
ernors of North and South Carolina
be asked to appoint as a special
celebration committee 11 members
from each of the respective states.
May Invite Governors.
Later the general committee plans
to ask the governors of other ctf
the 13 original colonies to attend
the celebration along with repres
entative committees, if they tare to
appoint delegations.
The committee elected W. H. Mc
Ginnis, mayor Kings Mountain, as
secretary and treasurer of the cele
bration and Dr. J. B. John: on.
mayor of Rock Hill, a C. was fam
ed chairman of the finance coir
(Contlnued on page nine.)
These report*, unofficially vert*
fled, have it that adjustment term*
have practically been reached to the
majority of the outstanding suite.
Attorneys employed In the eolt*
held several conference* together
here last week and at the final
conference. It la understood, an
agreement between all parties cod*
earned was reached, hut as several
details remain to be worked out and
as all the legal technicalities have
not been arranged, according to re*
ports, attorneys to the matter re*
fuse to make a definite announce*
ment, yet such a statement may b*
Issued by them this week.
The seven major suite were those
filed to connection with the death oi
six white people to the crash and
the fatal Injuries of a colored man,
who died some time later. Othee
suits dealt with Injuries received
and damages caused by the aemto.
The suits were filed by relative* «8
administrators of the eetategdf Mia*
Ora Eskridge, Alex Hoyle, end Guy
Green, First National bank em*
ployes who were killed: and Ml
Blanton, Carl Blanton and Clyda
Carpenter, all resident* of the coun
ty who met death to the crash; and
a colored laborer who died eg the
hospital some weeks later from his
The damage asked to the suits
totalled between a quarter and a
half million (Mian.
The main defendant* named were
Luts A Wabb, contractors;; John &
Me Knight, and the city of Shelby
via the building inspector.
Many Atteneya.
Something like a dosen attorney*,
from Shelby, Charlotte. Morg&nton.
Lincoln ton and elsewhere were em
ployed to the suits, the list toclud*
Ing Congressman Chas. A. Jonas, of
The special term to dispose of th#
suits was set lor last Ootofccr but
was later changed to the first weed
in December and Judg*T. L, John*
son, of Lumberton, was expected td
preside at the term.
Amounts Net Given.
Although attorneys will not deft*
nitely verify the compromises reach*
ed and will not as yet make publltf
the amounts said to have heed
agreed upon In each case, they dd
say that the special court cession
will not likely convene Monday.
Aderholt Trial To
Cost Gaston $6,0
Charlotte.—The Gastonla-Ader
holt murder trial, tried In Mecklcn
burg In September and October. wJJ
cost Gaston county upward of $5,000
according to Incomplete figures
compiled in the office of the coun
ty accountant, Floyd M. Gresham*
The definite figures totaled $5.40%
of which $3,324 has already beext
paid. In addition there will be ■ 1,«
000 or more clerical and other ex
pense yet to be presented. These
figures will not be available until
the appea has been perfected.
The incomplete total Includes the
judge’s salary, Jury fees, stenograph
ic services, the jury's hotel Mil, ex
tra janitors, and one medical fee oS
$25—that of the physician who ex
amined J. G. Campbell, the juror
who went Insane.
Red CroM Campaign
Runt Through Week
Quota For Shelby And County Not
Yet Complete. Citizens Urged
To Give.
The Red Crow roll coll for Shel
by »nd Cleveland county will bo
continued this week. It was stated
today by Chairman Henry B. Ed
wards. Due to the bed weather Fri
day and Saturday canvassers tn
unable to make a complete can vase
of the town and the canvassing
will continue this wee$.
Cltlsens of Shelby and the county
who have not contributed and aid
not seen this week ore urged. bj>
Red Cross officials here, to seihl hi
their annual membership contrtbtte
tion to the treasurer, Attorney D.
z Newton. *

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