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Mr, Williams Celebrates With Birth
day, Young People Entertain,
Personal New*.
(Special to The S{stt\>
Toluc a.Jan 12. -The Young Wo
man’s class of Carpenters Or >ve
Sunday school entertained the
young Men's class last Saturdry
night at the home of Mr and Mrs
Plato Ledford. The nu mbers ot the
Young 'Women’s class that were pres
ent were Mis? Pstell Mull, Mrs Hd
gsr Cook, Mrs. Alvin Propst. Miw
Mary Joyce and Edith t.edf.jrd
Miss Mlttie Pain nnd Miss liter
Propst. The members of the Yo mg
Mans class that were present were
Messrs Alvin Propst, Roy Carpen
ter, Mr Olenard Warliek, Edwin
Seagle, Delmire Propst, Chirrm
Clark, Vernon'Cook; Lester Burn ,
and Woodrow Hoyle. Many tnteres -
tng games were played, after watch
they were invited Into the dini’i'i
room. The table was beautifully de
corted with pink rosebuds and
ferns Refreshments were served
consisting of cake, sandwiches of
all kinds, pickles, fruits and hot
(Of Charlotte M (5.)
Hr uh b At V j
.Mrs. Harmon's Hemstitching
(Under < htuolat,- Shorn
ITostor-r and Knitted (*ood« *i«atl.*
Rr paired.
411 fl«N Must Be lannderftL j
i* a doctor's Prescription tor
Colds & Headaches
tt I* the most speedy remedy known
666 also in Tablets
For Sale CHEAP:
1 large flat top Office Desk
I Allen Parlor Furoacfc, 3
small sheet iron Heater, 1
Incuhator, 81-egg capacity,
1 Sewing Machine.
AH items almost good as
North La Fayette Street
Dr D M Morrison
Located I'petalra Over
Woool worth’s.
Office Days Every Wednesday
And Friday.
Eyes Examined. Glasses Fitted
And Repaired.
Mrs. Cora Moehier, of
601 North New Or lean*
Am, Brinkley, Ark, writes:
*1 waa so constipated
until 1 waa juet sick. I
could not stand to taka
strong medicine, so I de
cided I would tike Black
Draught, and I found it to
ba all right.
*1 would have such dinry
spells, and each bursting
headaches, until I could1
hardly go. But after tak-1
ing a few doses of Black
Draught, 1 would feel just
fine. It is a good medi
cine, and I recommend it
to all who suffer as I did.
It is very easy to recom
mend a medicine that has
done aa much for me as
Black-Draught has done.*
Chocolate, after which they were In
vited back into the parlor and mote
games were enjoyed All that were
present report, a nice time.
Celebrates 86lh Birthday.
Mr. L. M. Williams, an old sol
dier was born January 7th, 1845 and
belonged to Co. F 34th regiment
N Q V , and fought under Captain
David Hoyle during the Civil war.!
He fought In the battle of Clmn
cellousvllle f.i d also In the threej
days battle at Gettysburg He
never was wounded while in service J
and was captured In Ptehet chtsrgc
at Gettysburg Pennsylvania, July
23 1883. He liar been sick but very
little in hts life and con rend the
finest, of print without the old of
glasses, and can beat the* average
person now, walking. "Uncle Mon- !
roe” as he Is called by everybody!
has many friends. This January 7 j
lie celebrated his 86th birthday by
walking two miles to the home of
one of his Lest friends Mrs, Alice
Salt# and spending the evening The
last two trips that he has made
have been followed by two of the
biggest, snows of the winter.
The Intermediate class of girls **!
Carpenters Grove, will entertain
the boys clas.» on next Saturday
night at the home of Miss Vangte
Mr and Mrs. Jim Ward of Vale,
spent last Friday at the horn* of
their daughter Mr. and Mrs. C. O.
Miss Coven.- Hoyle spent last
Saturday with Miss Zeunlrj
Bain. I
Miss Velma Boyles of Lincoln j
county spent Saturday night with!
Miss Vaunetta Boyles,
Master Junior Connor spent . last,I
Wednesday flight with Master Ralph
Mrs. Text.* Boyles Is still quite
ill with tonsllitlcs.
Messrs. Dwight and Fred Wal
ker of Shelby spent last Tuesday
night at the home of Mr and Mrs.
H. E. Hartman.
Beggar Teaches
Things To Judge
Atlanta,-Recorder*John I,, t'one
new to the police court bench
ha» learned about men from
Chastine Logan. his honor said
Judge Cone took over his duties
a few days ago with the announ
cement that the chief qualities for
presiding over the police court are
a sence of humor and an insight in
to the fralllvies of human nature
He believed, he said* he had a fair
measure of both.
Then. Tuesday, appeared a person
who gave his name as Chastine Lo
gon and horns Tarpon Springs, Fla ,
The charges were of soliciting alms
an* disorderly conduct
"If you'll let me off, judge,"
Logan pleaded, “I’ll leave town right
now and won't never bum another
His honor let him off.
Yesterday his honor was walking
along a downtown street when some
one tapped his shoulder with the
plea, "Gimme a dime, boss, I ain't
et for three days."
His honor turned around and re
cognized Logan, but the recognition
was not Immediately mutual.
“Didn't I see you in police court
last night?” asked Judge Cone,
“Yeah, was you there too? And
did you see," Logan asked, confiden
tially, “how that old judge fell for
my hard luck tale? I had to
laugh. . .
Then the recognition became mu
tual. Logan fled. His honor follow
ed, but Logan was faster.
(Special to The Star.S
Jan. 12 -The teachers and offi
cers are meeting Friday evening
with Mr. and Mrs. J W Irvin Miss
Lyda Poston will teach a study
course boolt after the meeting.
Master James Royster has been in
the Shelby hospital with kidney
poison. We are glad he is improving
Miss Minnie Gold spent, the week
end with Miss Ora Jones ot Lattl
Mr. and Mrs. Yates Brooks visit
ed relatives in the community over
the week-end.
Mrs. Vic Bowens and daughter.
Erma. Misses Mabel and Katherine
Hardin visited Miss Fray Cabaniss
who is sick.
Misses Margaret and Pearl Corn
well and Tom Whl nant visited
Misses Luke and Kate Engel of
Asheville Sunday. Miss Margaret
Cornwell will remain over for the
Misses Georgia and Cance Caba
niss isited i..eir aunt, Mrs. Chas.
Cabaniss and family for the week
Shaking bands as with the fin of
of a fish —Virginia Woolf
Having qualified as administratrix of
Iba estate of W. a. Waters, deceaec,-. this
la to notify ail oar sons baring claims
sgalnat tbs said estate to present shew to
ns prsnarly proven on or before tbs 3*nd
day of December 1831. or tbla notlos trill
3* pleaded In bar of any recovery there
of All persons owing the said estate will
■'lease make lmmcd'ate settle-seVit to the
inders itned. Tills December Knd 1830.
hanmc. w AT Kits Administratrix
W. 8. Witters, deceased.
«t ties ase
Ramblin' Bill Recalls Early I
Days Of The Star And Wishes
The Paper The Best Of Luck
He Ha* Been Writing To li For
Near 30 Years. Started
For Iloey.
To The Editor of The Star:
Tn your January 2 Issue I note
that Mr Lee B. Weathers, has been
with the Cleveland Star for twen
ty years and has helped It grow
from a small rural semi-weekly to a
modern and up-to-date newspaper
of this day. This also reminds me
that I have been writing for The
Star for almost thirty years. My
first article or 'piece' ns it was *u'- 1
ed then was accepted by the Hon
Clyde JR. Hoey, when he was editor
and general manager arid preddeiit
sometime about 1903 or 1904. I wrote
up a wedding that happened in No.
s township, and later I wrote up a
few deaths.
1 remember the hours that I
watched and waited for the paper
to arrive at Lawndale in order that
I could read my 'plFce’ arid the de
light I felt when some neighbor
mentioned same in my presence. I
don't think however, that anybody
prophesied that I would ever make
a great newspaperman, although I
entertained early ambitions in that
direction myself for years. Finally I
got my chance. Not with The Star
but. with a metropolitan daily and
ufter a day or two without seeing
many of my articles in print. I ap
proached the editor and inquired
how be expected to keep the cir
culation up on ids paper by neglect
ing to print my write-ups. That was
the first time, I believe, that he
knew just, who I was and he fired
me without any ado whatever and
no comment. I later held a minor
reporter’s Job on another daily, for
just a few days and something I
wrote about a prominent man about
town caused the editor to find out T
was on that paper and I got anoth
er little blue slip attached to my
pay cheek. This almost caused me
to lose ray ambition to become a
great newspaper man. and there Is
one other thing too that I learn
ed about the newspaper business.
This knowledge was gained from a
habit I formed quite early in life
ana that was eating. To be a news
paper man and to eat, you must be
a good new: paper man or you don’t
eat- very regularly, and being fond
of eating I soon gave up my am
bitions to be a gatherer and purvey
or of the news.
However. Mr. Weathers, and hts
predecessors, and his present staff
of able assistants deserve much
credit for the Job that they have
put over with the Cleveland Star.
It has done more good for Cleveland
county, for Shelby and for the state
of North Carolina than anything
that L can think of just now. It has
been ft great solace and inspiration
to me through many years of trav
els and wanderings over the globe
It has been a link in that chain of
memories that connects me with my
boyhood days in the state I shah
always love- North Carolina. It has
ibeen an inspiration to me through j
many hardships and has helped me
over many obstacles of life. It has
| staved off despair many times when
I-——— -—
Like A New Man
Says Merchant
•'This Sargoai is the best medi
cine that ever came to Durham
and I tell everybody that comes in
my store about it. A bad case of
flu five years ago left me weak and I
badly rundown I couldn't eat a !
meal without suffering with indS> j
gestion. I was troubled with con- j
stlpatlon and had headaches most ;
all the time Nothing helped me un- !
til I took Sargon and Sargon Plus. I
"All my troubles are gone ow j
and 1 feel like a man ‘made over .
again ’ It’s great to sleep good all
night, get up in the morning wtth I
a clear head, cat a hearty brenkfcrt, |
and have the energy to put tn a (
big day’s work. That’s what Sargon
did for met Since taking Sargon ■
Pills my bowels are as regular as
clockwork. Now my wife Is fakin';
Sargon and getting the same won
derful benefits that I did.” J E.
Williams, 221 Laurel St, Durham,
grocery merchant.
Sargon is sold in Shelby by the
Cleveland Drug Co., and in Kings
Mountain by Summers Drug Co !
advt I
I was almost ready to give up the
fight for life with the monster tub
erculosis, which I hove conquered
nut here in the desert, at last. It al
ways brought a ray of sunshine and
a fragrance of the sunny south to
rue In many climes and it has fol
lowed me almost everywhere I have
been even to the battle
fields of France and through the
desert and mountains of old Me*- 1
ico. My children have liwrned to;
love It and now that they are old
enough to read and to understand
they even fight for possession of it
when It arrives. Deny me The Star
and you have taken a ray of sun
bine out of my life that could
never be replaced with anything
When we are young, we usually
entertain thoughts that some day
we will go off somewhere and ac
complish something big. Mr. Weath
ers, jcame back home and accom
plished something big. He has chis
!ed iv niche in the very hall of fame
itself with his wonderful paper. The
paper with a heart, and soul—the
very pulse of the best community on
the earDi, Shelby, and Cleveland
county, and the state.
The Star has been and is a bal
ance wheel in the affairs of the
county and state and the very main
spring of society. Its policy has
been one of righteousness itself, of
fairness and justice, and no man
could crave any greater honor In
this world than to be mentione.d In
this worthy journal when he passes
on to that great beyond from which
no mortal has ever returned.
Mr, Weathers, and your worthy
staff of workers, we salute you for
the unexcelled service that you have
rendered with your noble paper and
may you grow and grow in power
and fame until your noble service
will be recognized around the
Wishing you one and all and the
many readers of The Star a most
Happy and Prosperous New Year, I
will bid you a cheerful "Adios” and
so long.
P. O. Box 1632,
Phoenix, Arizona
January 6, 1931.
V <W •w aw *-• --
Ike’s Tale
Deer Star Reeders:
Taint wuth tellln of couarse, but
Bill ’lowed maybe sum of ’em mood
like tu hear how everything wuz
comin on up hear at Casar. Well
the da alter Chrismus they didn’t
bother about tryin tu get me rous
ed up—In fact they say thar wuz
not over half a dazone men able tu
"It their britches on all the way
frum hear 'o Shelby. I wuzn't tu
say sick nor these other folks were
not exactly sick; but I wuz jlsl a
lying thar a rceling good an a feel'n
bad at the same time. I didn't know
whar Sal wuz nor I didn’t care, fur
hie and Gus Richard an Palmer
Hoyle had dun got tu the stage
whar "Not a wave of truble rolled
across our peaceful breases,” as the
poet sez. Me an Palmer don’t hold
no Job that won’t admit of us tak
ing a little Chrismus anytime ol
year we please—we celebrate In Au
gust jist the same as In Decem
ber; an off an on all through tire
year, fur we haint no respecter of
the 25 of December. But Gus is one
of these here Rural route fellers
that go about doin good, and who
loves everybody unless hit Is their
| wives; so the next day they give
Notice Is hereby given that I have this
lay quallfletl as administrator with the
a 1U annexed ol the estate of William
Ensley McSwatn, late of Cleveland coun
ty, N C . and all persons indebted to said
estate will make Immediate payment to
the undersigned All persons having
claims against said estate will present
them to me properly proven for payment
on or before January 10th. 193J. or this
notice will be pleaded In bar of their re
covery. This January loth. 1931.
ELIJAH MrSWAIN, Administrator
with the will annexed of William
Ensley McSwain. dec'd.
Hybtirn A Hoey, Attys. 8t Jan 14p
“Believe It or Not*’
New Low Prices
Never before have you been able to buy
Guaranteed Quality Tire* at *uch low
prices. Only our connection with the
Manufacturer enables us to offer you
Quality Tires at these Ridiculously Low
29 x 4.40 . . . $4*98
29 x 4.50 . . . $5.60
28 x 4.75 • . . $6.65
SO x 5*00 . . . $7.10
- Other Sizes In Proportion —
Shelby Hardware Co.
him hot coffee tu drink and rubbed
him up hill till they* got him t.i
whar he could sorter tell tuther
frum which, if you’d give .;im
plenty of time Gus went on his
route as usual that da an folks no*
ttced that his car stayed in the ro.ttf
about as much as hit did in the
tields but he tuck lots of nigh cuts.
Part of his nail wuz delivered ir.
the owners box, but most of hit he
put intu places not approved of by
the government. Thar wuz a holler
log whar a possum had denned up
in ever since the blgk snow’. So Gus
put John S. Hunt's Star in the den
becase he 'lowed the possum wuz
gittln behind with waht wuz join
on in Cleveland county. Sal had him
tu git sum lasers tu cook til' I
could git back on my job, when Gus her on .other side of Wards
crick, he made her a present of
waht mail he had left; but when she
opemed hit up hit wuz mostly duns
and statements fur folks tu come
an pay what they owed. (This is the
last of Gus fur this time.)
Sal kept a good fire day and •v‘
an spread down a pile of old sacks,
so me an Palmer fared fine consid
erin hit wuz such a cold time. Most
of folks perdlrted that we wood not
see our shaders till long about
ground "hog day—which comes on
the 2 day of Feb. this year, but we
wuz able tu be up an about in
time to see the old year go out. Hit
shore Is good stuff that can make
a man forglt all about hard
fur a week at a stretch, then fetc-i
him back good as ever agin; nor
'taint jist everybody that can bea ■
Uncle Dave Fortenberry a makin
that kind. Thar is sum poweiful
purty gals aiound Casar, and Sal
looked fur a lot of ’’em tti git mar
ried enduring the holidays, but .1
told her she needn't think them
gals wuz as big fools as she wuz
when she wuz a gal. Everybody ;;p
here seemed tu enjoy their Chris
nius fine, or at least I’m shore (
did, but tu save my life I'can't re
member a thing about it no way,
but I’m purty certain hit is all ove
with. The rest of the folks air all
well and wants you tu come tu see
'em if you air ever up in here arcur
Casar. IKE
Oji Sunday afternoon Mr. Pink
ney Anthony and Miss Ollie Mav
Black of the Mount Zion cominun -
tty of Gaston county. north of
ICherryville. were happily married,
at the home of Rev. D. P. Putnam
ion West Watten street.
The Poor Again.
Blessed are the poor. They can
tell their creditors they are broke
without lying about it.—The Little
Rock, Arkansas, Democrat.
Shelby will make progress In 1931
if everybody will work hard and
forget to be envious of his neigh
bor’s good fortune.
We Pill Any
For A Registered
It’s Rising Time
For Aggressive Business Men
THIS is one of the times when it seems expedient to
call attention to the obvious. Good business is now
fifteen months nearer revival than it was in October,
1929. There are more people in this land of ours
now than then, more people in the Shelby trading
area, more money piling up in savings accounts and
insurance, and more shelves yawning for new stocks
of merchandise.
And, in the meantime, commodity consumption has
been going on at a rapid pace.
It is the combination of these obvious facts that
spells opportunity for the Aggressive Business Man
of 1931. A year from now, some men will look
backward and wonder why they missed out: others
will make progress, usmg opportunity for their in
centive. In times like these, the seeds of prosperity
and growth are most enduringly sown. And now,
in almost every line, the businesses that a^e heeding
opportunity by WORKING instead of WISHING
are becoming depression-proof and flourishing.
The Star feels kinship with every Cleveland “con
cern that has the vision and the will to Prosper. It
offers the advertiser now—when needed—an in
fluential, powerful and resnected medium for
carrying his message to more than 20,000 readers
within this trading radius. Begin now to lay your
foundation for 1931 and the prosperous years to
follow. Use Star Advertising regularly and ade

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