North Carolina Newspapers

    Around Our TOWN
Shelby Shorts: Say Shelby Isn't a
r*mocratlc town If you desire, but
two members of the board of aider
men roll their own cigarettes
Maynard Washburn and John
Schenck. ji . . . T. W Hamrick
has been selling jewelry in Shelby
for 35 years. Wonder if all the pay
ments have bepn mRde on all the
engagement and wedding ring he
sold the first year he was in busi
ness .... It will not do their credit
rating any particular good, and ti
may mean nothing at all to you
but it Is odd that the two men who
have been in business continuously
in Shelby longer than any others,
T. W. Hamrick and Ebdtoft, arc
' among the best friends this colyum
has. And the initials of both, if
1 you've notified are the, same—T.
Wells and Theodore William . .
Our with is that the gods would
tangle up the natural course of
things and let them sell jewelry and
books for another 33 years .... .
His name isn’t “Mister" but, the ini
tials of the new county Judge are
“M, R." ... The most popular pub
Try Sellers, Shoe Shop for n
change. 2t ad
Notice ta hereby given of the aftSim*
meeting of the stockholders of the Union
Trust company of Shelby N C. for the
election of directors for the ensuing r»i
end for ,mv other business coming helore
the meeting ai their banking house in
Shelby N C . on Tuesday. January Mth
JMt at it o'clock a m
, l Of Chariotta N C.l
nrtimb At
Mrs. Harmon’s Hemstitching
Hinder Chocolate Shoal
Ueslery and Knitted (loads Neatly
SU Base Must tte Laundered.
is a doctor's Prescription tor
Colds & Headaches
It I* the most speedy remedy known
666 also in Tablets
North LaFayette Street
Dr D M Morrison
Located Upstairs Over
Office Days Every Wednesday
And Friday.
Eyes Examined, Glasses Fitted
And Repaired.
"Whih I «u |a#t a girt
at homa," writes Mrs.
B. F. Kiggan, of Baird,
Teiaa, "I took Csrdui for
cramping and pains in
say aids and back, and it
helped me at that tilbe.
"After 1 was married, I
found myself in a weak,
run-down condition. I suf
fered a groat deal with
nay back, which was so
weak it hurt me to get up
or when, I would stand
on say feet. 1 fell off ha
"A friend of mine, see
ing how bad 1 felt, ad
vised me to take Cardni,
which I did. By the time
I had taken two bottles, I
fait stronger and better
than I had in a long time.**
Take Thodford's Black-Drau«riJt
for Gon*ap«tlon. Indication.
>ad BaloMiw*.
Mention on the reading table at the
Key club is W O Snnnedrs' Rltea
beth City Independent .... Rob
ert. Montgomery has quite u follow
ing among the girls about town . . .
The tam and turban fad still spreads
about'Shelby ... , and at least two
brown derbies are being worn every
dnv in the uptown business section.
A couple Cleveland county depu
ties back from a trip to RaMgh
have about the same opinion of the
(general assembly as does this eol
yitm in its pessimistic moods and
that is that the best law passible
would be one making it unlawful to
have another legislature for at least
10 year*.
"We dropped down to the senate
gallery one night while there," one
,ot the deputies said. "Somebody
Jumi>ed up and said he had a short
message from the governor to read,
and he read it. Then another sena
tor popped up nud moved to adjourn
until It o'clock the next day."
In tilts manner the laws of the
great state of North Carolina are
Among the things Fanning Hea
ron, Spartanburg's "Backtrack'' col
umnist, says he will never forget ire
the following: "The tired eyes of
Hoover at Kings Mountain, ’ and
"Governor O. Max Gardner gnaw
ing a drumstick."
In this rolyum's humble -and poor-'
ly cstteemed opinion Hcarson hasn't
an equal In the columntng game in
the south, and his colyum Is one of
the five newspaper features we nev
er miss. The others are McIntyre’s
skits, P. P. A's Conning Tower. Jim
1 Williams’ single block comic strip
“Out Our Way,” and Kin Hubbard's
“Abe Martin” philosophy,
Here’s a typical Backtarck para
"I always—
“Croon softly to myself like Rudy
Vallce when shaving and showering.
(Private seance at the club at 5:30
this afternoon: please form In the
line to the right; the police cordon
will be raised at ten second Inter
vals to allow the ladles (?) to climb
on the barrel beneath the east win
dow) . . . . Open every window In
the room In which I sleep. (Don't
try climbing in. Mother watches me
very closely. Never shall I forget
that wintry dawn she snatched
Marlene Deltrich off the sill by the
seat of the pants.)"
This from Charlie Pegrnm'a col
yum in The Lenoir News-Topic
about two former citizens of Shelby:
"Senator B. F, Williams, who is
legislating in Raleigh, grew up with
Governor Gardner and now is real
izing a dream he has fostered for
several years— that of serving with
a boyhood chum in state affairs.
“Mr. Williams revealed that Gov
ernor Gardner is the man who
taught him how to box.
“The former mayor’s friends here
are hoping the two gentlemen will
not give an exhibition under the
eapitol dome."
Maybe you’ve heard tills one. and
mayhap* you haven't
! Eddie Cantor, the comedian has
i Wite a family but they’re all girls.
Upon the arrival of the last child—
Cantor tells the story himself—he
was away from home and he await
ed feverishly for some report. He
was worried about his wife who had
been in 111 health, and he, also, felt
that there were enough girls al
ready In his family.
Then came the wire: "It’s a girl
All well."
Cantor’s eyes travelled sadly and
slowly down to the slogan printed
at the bottom of the telegram: "If
you want a boy—cal! Western Un
; The grave. oat In potter's field, of
j the well dressed, mysterious strang
,er who died here last summer after
I mixing watermelon with bootleg
'cawii remains unmarked. Around
I his mound are others also unmark
ed- A lonely, pathetic spot, some
what like the grave of the unknown
warrior at Arlington, but minus the
mysterious grandeur and awe of
that plain marble slab near the Po
The most unusual monument in
Shelby Is that recently erected In
Sunset to the South's famous Dur
ham family, with a bronze tablet
on one side telling of the early Dur
ham who rode horseback from
Rutherford county to New York to
hear Jenny Lind, the Swedish night
ingale sing. The remains of that
stalwart Durham of other days are
not buried there. Hi# is a nameless
grave in tome battlefield in Vir
ginia for at the outset of the Civil
War He enlisted at the age of 58
with four sons under the emblem of
the Lost Cause—the Stars and Bans.
You fellows who sit by the fire
side and discuss the weather with
frequent references to other days
put on your specs and look over
this contribution of Old Man J. w
Bailey, of Hlldebran, as it appeared
in The Morganton News-Herald:
I "When folks tell me this is the
coldest weather they ever saw I tell
them they haven't been living as
long as I have. I remember one
winter that was a good deal colder
than thts one. It was back In the
.eventless, I think. The snow was 3#
Inches deep. The Catawba river froze
over below Bhodblss shoals. Mush
| tee ran Over the shoals and lodged
| below. This froze and more mush
iee lodged which alto froze. It kept
this up until the river got out of
banks. The water ran Into the bot
toms and froze there It was so cold
that much of the timber In the
woods froze. You could hear it pop
ping and cracking while It was
freezing. People going to mill on foot
walked across the Catawba river on
the Ice with their turns of corn on
their shoulders. In the kitchen ut
home the dish-rag would freeze
Quickly hanging on a nail above the
! Trinity Community
[ News Of The Week
(Special to The Star.)
i Miss Etta McSwaln of Moorss
IlKiro is spending some time here
j with relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Austell Lovelace
i spent Saturday night with Mrs. B.
i O. Goode.
j Miss Reba Lovelace was the Sun
day dinner guest of Mary Bridges.
Mr. Dwight Winn called in the aft
Mr. and Mrs. Ford Towery moved
| from our midst last week. He mov
ed down near Gowpens. We regret
very much to give them up.
Mr. Emmet McKinney visited at
Mr. Paul Bridges Monday.
Mr. ti. h warns ana ranmy spent
the day Sunday with Mrs. Harris4
mother, Mrs. J. A. Bridges of Hen
Miss Etta McSwain was the Sun
day dinner guest of Mrs. Mae Jen
Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Green of
Moore: boro were callers of Mr, and
Mrs. John Lovelace Sunday.
Miss Stella Brooks of Shelby
route 4 spent Sunday with Miss Lu
cille Benson.
Mr. Walter McSwain and Bob
Rtppy of Shelby were the Sunday
dinner guests of Mr. Furman Mc
Swain of this place.
Mr. B. B. Harris, Jr., and family
of Avondale spent Sunday with rel
atives here.
Mrs. Bills McWhirter and children
of Shelby spent the week-end here
with her mother Mrs. Furman Mc
Mr. Guy Gillespie and Mias Ethel
Lovelace spent Sunday with Miss
Ruby Green.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hollifield were
callers at the home of Mr. M. M
BeasonV Sunday.
| Mr. and Mrs Charlie Crawford of
Splndale spent the week-end with
! the latter’s mother, Mrs. M. M. Bea
Mr. Colon Goode was the guest
of his parents, Mr, and Mrs. B! O.
Goode Sunday.
Misses Erma and OllJe Bridges
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs
Joe Jenkins.
Miss Stella Brooks of the Beaver
Dam section is spending some time
here with her aunt, Mrs. B. O,
Those on the .sick list at this
writing are: Mrs. Roscoe Bridges,
Misses Helen Callahan and Vonnle
Lee Lovelace and Master Worth
The home of Mr. Jim Gantt was
saddened Monday morning about 3
o’clock when the death angel came
into it and claimed his companion
in death. Mrs. Gantt had been ser
iously 111 for some time. The funeral
will be held «t Sandy Run Baptist
church Tuesday afternoon.
For some years she had been a
faithful member of Trinity Baptist
Mr. Eugene Buchanan of Boiling
Springs ts spending a few days here
with his uncle, Mr Clifford Jolley.
Advertisement* should attract
readers—the old Idea that they
should be tooled is out of date.
What has become of the old
fashioned suitor who gave his best
girl a de luxe Bible for Christmas?
Fable! American candy makers
plan a campaign to persuade chil
dren to ask their parents for candy.
Negotiating a heavyweight cham
pionship bout seems to contain more
problems than a peace conference.
One way to make money to quit
trying to understand how the neigh
bors do it.
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junteed to give almost Instant relief.
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Boosting Gardner
Assembly Message
(Gastonia Gazette)
In our opinion, the message of
Governor Gardner t.o the state leg
islature is one of the strongest in
struments ever penned by a North
Carolina Governor.
We believe the governor Is In
spired by he highest motives and
tntensest desire to be of service to
North Carolina “I have not con
sidered politics, friendships, person
nel, or personality, but have en
deavored to tlie completeness of my
capacity to subordinate everything
and everybody to the welfare of my
state and to the three million North
Carolinian* by whose grace and con
fidence I hold the high office of
Governor," der’ared Governor Oard
ner tn the closing part of his mes
sage. And we believe that the Gov
ernor means every word of that.
Among the high lights of his mes
sage were the recommendation that
there be a salary cut of ten per cent,
in every state employe’s salary, in
cluding all the political sub-dlvls
ions of the state; We heartily agree
with the Governor in this recom
mendation. Everything else is being
cut. Salaried people are In better
shape than anybody else these days
Business has been cut to shreds and
! fortunate Is the mam who has been
working on a good salary. We be
lieve that the example set by the
Governor in recommending salary
cuts for state employes will have a
wholesome effect. It will show the
folks that official North Carolina
i is in earnest about this economy
The recommemdatloh about the
extra cent on gasoline will arouse
much discussion. There are those
who will oppose It, and there are
those who will be In favor of It. If
It can, In any way help reduce the
cost of county government by taking
some of the property off. It will be
J a popular measure. Motorist, how
ever, are Inclined to think that they
are being ta.:ed too. much now.
Another recommendation that will
occasion much talk Is that referring
to the reduction In labor hours per
week, and also that concerning the
abolishment of night work.
Governor Gardner recommends
that night work, for women under
18 be eliminated. We had thought
since the beginning of this night
work talk, that It included the ab
olishment of night work for women
of all ages, with no restrictions as
to age.
If night work for women Is to be
abolished, we believe that all work
by women of whatever age ought to
be Included.
As for the governorSa recommen
dation that the state take over the
county highways, we have not
enought information on this sub
ject to discuss It Intelligently. We
bo not know the details of how this
could be managed.
The message, we are sure, will be
greeted with widespread Interest.
We believe it will be the Instrument
of bringing to pass much needed
Bomb Kills One.
New Delhi, India.—Two persons
were wounded and one fatally in
jured when a bomb exploded In the
Delhi Central station.
State Ol North Carolina,
Department of State. r
To All To Whom These Prosente May
Whereas, tt appear! to my eatlsfaction,
by duly authenticated record of the pro
ceedings for the voluntary dissolution
thereof by the unanimous consent of all
the stockholders, deposited in my office,
that the Suburban-Mutual Electric Light
and Power company, a corporation of this
state, whose principal office is situated at
No. — street. In the city of She'by,
county of Cleveland, etate of North Caro
lina (Joe X. Blanton being the agent
therein and In charge thereof, upon whom
process may be served, has complied with
the requirements of chapter SS. Consolidat
ed Statutea, entitled ‘'Corporations," pre
liminary to the Issuing of this Certificate
of Dissolution:
Now Therefore, L J. A. Hartness, secre
tary of state of North Carolina, do hereby
certify that the said corporation did, on
the lath day of January, 1931, file In my
oDlce a duly executed and attested con
sent tn writing to the dissolution of said
corporation, executed by all the stock
holders thereof, which said consent and!
the record of the proceedings aforesaid
are now on file In my said office as pro
vided by law.
In testimony whereof, I have hereto set
my hand and affixed my official seal at
Raleigh, this lath day of January, A. D.
(Signed) 3, A HARTNESS.
Secretary of State.
St Jan 18c
tinder and By virtue ol an order of the
superior eourt of Cleveland county. N C.,
made m epecial proceeding, entitled C F.
McSwaln, administrator of Ath T. Ellis,
deceased, at at. vs. J. D. Bills, minor de
fendant," I will sell to the highest bid
der, subject to the terms of sale herein
after set forth, on the premises of the
said Ath T, Bills, deceased, In No. 3 town
ship. one-half mile south of ratterson
Springs. N. C-, on
Monday, February Jnd, 1031,
at 11 o'clock, a m.. or within legal hours,
the following described real estate, to
Lying and being in No 3 township,
Cleveland county, N. C., and described by
metes and bounds as follows.
Beginning at a stone pile hear the
branch. R J. Neal's corner, snd runs
thence with Ills line and Joe Ellis' line
south 37-40 w. SOM feet to an Iron stake
tn Patterson Sorlngs-Qrover road, the
same being Joe Ellis and R J Neal’s cor
ner; thence with Neal's line south «« W
Ml 8 feet to an Iron stake. Lowery's and
Neal's corner: thence with Lowery's line
N, 3,25 W. 931 teet to Lowery’s and J. W
Sills corner; thence with Bills* tine and
the east edge of said road south 38-10 IS.
<2« leet to an Iron stake on the eaat edge
of road, same being J. W. Bills corner:
thence with his line N. 28-30 B 1304.5 ft to
a stone, his corner tn Neals line; thence
with Neal’s line 8 84-40 E. 333 feet to the
beginning, containing 30.4 acres, more or
Terms of sale. One-half cash on day of
sale, balance payable 13 months from said
data, deferred payment bearing Interest at
t nsreant per annum, with the prlvilegr
of purehese to pay off In full end reoeive
deed at once, after confirmation of sale
This the 3lst day of December. 1930.
C. F McBwaln. Administrator of
Ath T Ellis, dec'd
Bynum K Weathers, Atty. 4t Jan 2c
Mi'Brmyer School Roll.
The following is the honor roll
'or the McBrayer school:
First grade: Ben Sisk, Columbus
Hhurch, Ray Randall Green, Ran
dall Gibson, George Ware, Evelyn
Evans, Doris Rippy.
Second grade: Mary Ruth Daves,
Blondean Evans, Ruby Allen, Ethel
Srotts, Ocle Sisk, Willie G. Griffin,
Horace Ware, Robert Church,
Third grade; Noble Evans.
Fourth grade: Alma Rippy, Her
man Allen.
Fifth grade: Ray Moore, Inez
Ware, A. V. Allen, Mary Belle Hum
phries, Howard Sisk, Hilton Putnam,
Enoch Church.
Sixth grade: Nettie Allen, Mary
Sue Blanton, Floyd Sisk, Roy
Seventh grade: Arnold Hopper,
Joe Davidson, Martin Elliott.
The two pupils making highest
grades In the elementary grades
during the fourth month were: Ar
nold Hopper, seventh grade; Hilton
Putnam, fourth grade.
Disarmament Is like a formal par
ty in fashionable society. Nobody
wants to arrive until everybody else
is there.—Peoria Star.
A country has about hit bottom
when an honest man is the only one
who doesn't know how to keep out
of Jail.—New Haven Register.
Did you know, that perry Sellers
is running a shoe shop at the Bus
Station? Well he Is and a mighty
handy place too 2tad
Adult9 Contract Children’$
Diteatte . t j
Adult* e*o, *fid do, contract many
children’s diseases. And, usually, they
suffer from them much more than
children do. For instance, many adults
contract worms, an ailment usually I
associated with children. Sometimes ;
they suffer intensely and take expen- ! i
dive medical treatments, without real}
sing that worms are the cause of their !
trouble*. Yet. the symptoms are the
same as in children, loss of appetite
and weight, grinding the teeth and rest
less sleep, itching of the noee and anus, ;
and abdominal pains. And, the same j
medicine that surely and hormleselv ex
pels round and pin worms from children I
will do the same for adults — White’s !
Cream Vermifuge, which you can get M
Paul Webb and Son and Cleve
land Drug Co.
11 Year* Constipation
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“For 11 years I tried to get rid of
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Adlerika, made me regular.”
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er thought were In your system. Let
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Only (Oo at
The merceutile Dartnerahip ■ heretofore
existing between Cohen Bros, 'in the op
eration of Store! at Shelby. N C., Bel
mont, N. C.. and Lincoln ton, N, C„ has
this day been dissolved.
Under the terms of dissolution Harry S.
Cohen becomes the sole owner of the store
at Shelby. N, C., and will collect any in
debtedness due said store and settle lia
bilities ol same
Kll and Lnearus Cohen become the sole
owners of the store at Belmont, N. C., and
will collect any Indebtedness due said
store and settle liabilities of same
Saul M. Cohen becomes the owner of the
store at Lincolnton. N C.. and will col
lect any indebtedness due said store and
settle liabilities of same.
In the future each store will be respon
sible for Ita own obllations and the part
nership heretofore eelsting has been this
day terminated.
This January 1st. 1931,
♦t Jan l<c
(First Published in Cleveland Star. Jan- .
uary 16, 1931.i
By virtue of the power ol sale contain
ed in a certain deed of trust executed by
Mrs Claudia Sieuman Abernathy and
husband. R M Abernathy to me as trus
tee, securing an Indebtedness to Clarence
D. Spangler, said deed of trust being re
corded In booh 163. page 386 of te regis
ter’s office of Cleveland county, North
Carolina, and default having been made In
the payment of said indebtedness, and
having been called upon lo execuis the
trust, I, as trustee will sell at 12 o'clock
M., on
Monday, February lath. 1931
at the court house door In Shelby. N. .C.,
for cash to the highest bidder, subject to
two prior deeds of trust held by the Shel
by Building and Loan Association. Shel
by, N. C , and recorded In book 163, page
305, and book 145, page 258. of the reg
ister’s office of Cleveland county, N, C,
also, subject to any- and all taxes and
prior liens and encumbrances, the fol
lowing described real estate:
Located in No. 6 township, Cleveland
county, N. C.. In the town of Shelby. Be
ginning at a stake at the Intersection of
Eastside road and Buttle street, and runs
thence with Eastside road N. 2'a W 100
feet to a stake, corner of lot No 11. thenco
with line of Idt No. 11 west 110 feet to a
stake, corner of lot sold to J. H Whit
worth and wife Eva Mary Whitworth,
thence with Whitworth's line B 2'j E.
100 feet to the north edge of Buttle street,
thence with North edge of Buttle street
east 110 feet to the beginning, being the
property conveyed to Clyde Short and wife
Alda Short by Y. M CHadden and wile,
Ethel J. Gladden by deed dated January
28, 1925, and recorded In the office of
regleter of deade for Cleveland county. N
C.. In book 3-Q at page 234, to which
reference U hereby made.
The purchaser. In order to secure t
good title, will have to pay, In addition to
his hid. all taxes and prior liens and en
This January lath 1931
41 Jan 18c
Mooresboro Route 2
Items Of Interest;
Frasiers Return From Funeral In
Georgia. Mrs. Ganit Dead.
Personal Items.
j. __
Mooresboro, R-2, Jan, 15.—Mr. j
and Mrs Spear Frasier and children
also Mrs. M. C. Frasier left Satur
1 day night for Gainesville, Georgia,
I to attend the funeral ol Mrs. Spear
I Frasier’s mother. They returned
Monday night.
The many friends of Mr. J. N.
Gantt, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Gantt sympathize with them in the
loss of their wife and mother. She
was before marriage Miss Hassle
Jane Wood. She died Monday morn
ing about two o'clock at the age of
68 years. She is survived by her hus
band and one son. Two children
preceded her to the grave several
yeafs ago. Also surviving are six
grandchildren and one great grand
child, and a host of friends. Mrs.
Gantt was held In high esteem by
all who knew her.
The men of the community served
as pallbearers were M. C. Frasier,
A. W. Hamrick, Fuller Bridges. Ken
Harrlll arid Jim Taylor,
i Misses Odenia Hamrick, Lorrine
j Greene and Katherine Harrlll help
ed relatives carry beautiful floral
offerings. The funeral was held
Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock
and was conducted by Rev. M M.
Huntley and N. L. Wright of Ruth
erfordton. Interment was In the
Sandy Run cemetery.
Mr. Hightower of Henrietta was
the undertaker In charge.
Misses Ola and Odenia Hamrick
visited Miss Esther Bailey Sunday
Mrs. J N. Bridges and children
J. N., jc. and Lenoir returned home
Sunday afternoon after spending
the past three weeks with her moth
er hr Raleigh.
Mrs. A. E PhMBeck and children,!
Selma and Ross, spent last Thurs
day with her mother, Mrs. A W
Mr. S. D. Bridges visited Mr. and
Mrs. Calup Smarts Sunday after
Mr, Burriel Blanton of the Trin
ity section spent last Thursday
night with Mr. A W. Hamrick
Mr. and Mrs. J. N Bridges and
children are visiting relatievs near
Mr. Reid Smart of the Race Path
section was a caller In the commun
ity Sunday afternoon.
Mr. H. S. Jolley and son, Mere
dith. of Cliffside, Mr. and Mrs. M.
C. Frasier and son, Clyde, Miss
j Minnie Bridges spent the day Wed
nesday with Mr. and Mrs. A. W
Misses Lucy Lattimore, Janet
Falls and Louise Roberts, *teact>#rs
at Mooresboro, visited home^iii this _
.section Sunday afternoon.
ring neck pheasants for chitk
2ns. Charles I. Dover. lt-16e
by Cleveland Hard
ware People. lte
at Cleveland Hard
ware Co. Washburn’s.
a little cheaper at the
Cleveland Hardware
Co. Washburn’s Plan.
Plows and Repairs
are sold by Cleveland
Hardware Co. Wash
burn’s. ltc
NO. 2
Tomato Soup 4 cans 29c
Pink Salmon n«.i tail can He
4 lbs. 25c
2 lbs. 25c
pound 5c
8 O'CLOCK COFFEE 3 lbs. 69c
N. B. C. Puritan Cookies lb. pkg. 19c
QUAKER OATS 3 small pkgs. 25c
Del Monte
Large can 29c
Del Monte
Large can 19c
Del Monte
No. 1 can .. 23c
2No- 25 c
1 cans
No. 1 Can ...
Bantam Corn
No. 2 can 15c
Iona Brand
Large can 15c
Pound.. 3c
SNOWDRIFT 6 lb. bucket 79c
OCTAGON SOAP Large Cake 5c
BEEF STEAK - lb. ., 25c
Round, Sirloin, Tenderloin
Pure Pork Sausage, lb. 17£c
Mackerel Steak - lb... 17|c
PORK RIBS - lb.17c
LETTUCE - Head . 5c
ORANGES — Dcz. 10c
CELERY - Stalk . 10c
Pota.tco - Irish, 7 lbs. . ?5c
Grapefruit6 for . 25c
Tomatoes - 3 lbs. ....... 25c
GR* 4T
Ath antiic $ Pa cific co

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