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Mike Proposes Crop Direrficatiou.
flat rock, s. C., febby 18, 1931.
deer mr. editor:—
plese alow me space in yore val
uble paper to rite a peace on goob
er culture, as it now looks like us
farmers will ha fter quit cotton and
ciiverssify by planting diffrent kinds
of crops, and i have chose goobers
for the farmers: you see, he can
feed his hogs as well as the rest oi
the family oh goobers lusted of corn
the best time to plant goobers is
betwixt the dark of the moon and
the second quarter in may, but ap
ril won't be too early if you can get
to same and can find the goobers to
be used, there is several kinds of
goobers suitable to our sandy lomey
soils, but the best one is the Span
ish, however—most goober parchers
have drifted over to the vlrginny, as
it is bigger ansoforth.
the land should be plowed with a
goober plow by turning same after
frost, and then it is a good idea to
have same drug with a spike tooth
borrow, after which you can spread
on a coat of 10 perse nt assid, if you
can find annyboddy selling it on
creddick, but if not—stable manure
will do if you have a nabor with
army to loan you till you buy a mule
and cow. broadcast it in radio style,
that is—all over the hole field.
plant the goobers yore self, and
don't resk this job with the chilluns,
as they will eat same up faster than
they will drop them in to the goober
furrow which you made yore wife
make with the garden hoe. as soon
as possible, kivver them with a 14
tooth rake, or a pitchfork, if you
can borrow one. see that they ain’t
deeper in the ground than yore lit
tle finger.
if the crows is bad about scratch
ing up yore goobers, fix you up a
scare crow, if you have anny extry
clothes to put on same, but if you
have none, just stand out in the
patch yere self, and the crow won't
no the diffrence betwixt you all.
don't thin them out after they come
up, as aomeboddy will always steal
about haff of what you have and
that will leave them to a nice stand,
pull when ripe and eat raw or roast?
that is—for the folks, but the hogs
will eat them Just so. mr. editor, rite
or.foam if you want anny artickles
on other timely vegger tables for
the farmers to diversify with.)
yores trulie,
mike Clark, rfd.
Agriculture Comment,
flat rocit, s. C., lobby 20, 1931.
mr, fed. landbank,
Washington, d. C.
cieer sir:— . .
no doubt, you will be surpprise to
learn that 1 have moved into yore
jivonson farm just below town which
you sold from under him when he
bought that big cadder lack 3 yr.
hence, and quit farming, the sed
farm was vacant, so, as i thought
\ou needed a good tennant i moved
i have ali-eddy done some turning
in the field behind the house and
will comments to clean up briar
patches ansoforth as soon as i can
get a little help, so plese send me 2
matticks and 1 pick and 2 shovels
and some hoie, allso about 1 barrel
cf flour and enough meat to eat
same up with.
i •will plant as mutch cotton as
juu think, the farm bored will al
low; so send about 5 turns of 8-3-3
fcrtylize and 2 turns of soday for
corn and other patches of small
grain, the big field down below the
pastor will be put in peas, if you
v ill send same a little later.
i think the new ground will be
mighty fine for long steepe cotton,
executrix’* notice.
Having qualified as executrix o£ the es
tate o! Sarah Witherspoon, deceased, of
Cleveland county. North Carolina, this Is
to notify all versons having claims against
tue said estate, to present same, to me
properly verified on or before the 13th
nay of February, 1932, or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of any recovery thereof.
.Ml persons owing the sa.d estate will j
please make Immediate settlement to the
undersigned, this February 13, 1931.
o' Estate of Sarah Witherspoon, de
If. It. Weathers. Xtty. Ct Feb 13c
Having qualified as administratrix of
the estate of Tom Vaughn, deceased, late
o Cleveland county. North Carolina. Uils
is to notliy all persons having claims
against the estate of the said deceased to
e hibit them, properly verified, to the
undersigned on or before February 13,
1932. or this notice will be pleaded In Oar
of their recovery. AU persons Indebted to
: aid estate will please make Immediate
This February 13. 1931.
JULIE VAUGHN. Administratrix
of Tom Vaughn, deceased.
M. R. Weathers, Atty. St Feb 13c
Having qualified as executrix of the es
tate.of W. A. Webb, deceased, late of
Cleveland county. North Carolina, tills is
to notify all persons having claims against
the estate of the said deceased to ex
hibit them to the undersigned at Bolling
.'hirings, H. C.. on or before the 3*th clay
of January, 1932, or this notice will be
pleaded In bar of their recovery. All par
sons Indebted to said estate will please
make Immediate payment.
This tne 28th day of January. 1911.
ecutrix of W. A. Wefeb, Deceased,
duma, Hamrick * Harris. Attys.
at ifintPo
so kindly send some long steepe seed
when you send the 2 mules I will
need to work the sed crop with, all
so send about 50 bushels oats and a
milk cow, fresh in, and i can wait
till apull or June for you to ship
the pig so's 1 can diversify and live
at home. mr. carl williams says we
must do that or bust wusser.
ybu might as well send some lum
ber to patch the house with, as it
leaks in every room except the set
ting. and i will need about 50 glass
winder lights, as the green boys have
had throwing-matches at yore house
for the past year, and there ain't a
sollid glass in it, and so is the front
you certainly was lucky to get a
good tennant like me. i will show
you how to grow crops this year if
you will only stick to me with the
rashions ansoforth to work with, i
will need about 250$ in cash, so mail
check at once for that so's i won't
hafter move, rite or foam when to:
look for farm relief.
yores trulle,
mike Olark, rfd.
Special Program At
St. Paul Church
“Onr Church" Is Theme For Pro
gram At St. Paul Methodist
Church Sunday,
A special program with "Our
Church" as the theme will be pre
sented at St. Paul Methodist church
on the Cherryville circuit Sunday,
February 22nd, beginning at 7 p. m.
Song by the congregation, prayer,
scripture reading, piano duet, Misses
Helen and Elizabeth Craft; song by
the congregation; address, Mrs. J.
W. Craft, "How We Built Our Pres
ent Building"; address, “Church
Music," Mr. Boyd Canipe; instru
mental music; address, Rev. W. A.
Kale. "What Is Right With the
Church;" address, “Cooperation,"
Rev. J. W. Bennett; song by the
congregation; benediction.
Welcome! Everyone is invited to
this sendee. The entire community
is interested in the work of the
church, and this program is de
signed to encourage and cheer the
hearts of all church workers.
Our church. Our church is not an
organization which lives upon its
community. Rather it lives for it.
Its purpose is not to get what it can,
but to give what it is able. It is not
a mortgage upon the community,
but a servant of the community. It
thus changes the spirits of men from
selfishness to unselfishness, from
greed to generosity, from narrow
ness to greatness, from sorrow to
Lattimore News
Of Current Week
_ j
\ Win Over Polkvllle and B. S. Mid
gets. Dr. Bridges Returns
From Arizona.
< Special to The Star. '
Lattimore, Feb, 19.—’The L.i.C
more boys defeated Pcilkville Mon
j day night 25 to 18 in a very lnter
l estlng game. The game was class all
the way. .
The Lattimore Midjtt team de
feated Boiling Springs Midgets on
the college court Tuesday nigrst
28-6. Blanton and lowery led the,
The Lattimore School was fortun- |
ate Wednesday morning in having,
Mr Mann from Raleigh to speak in
chapel on ‘•Agriculture''. He made
a very interesting address.
Little Sam Crawley Jr., Is very
sick with influenza at this writing
also. Miss Mary Sue Walker.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fite, Mr. and
Mrs. N. J. Fite and children, visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. Joe Costner at
Henrietta Tuesday night.
Mr. Clifford Harrill spent (lie
day Tuesday with his aunt Mrs.
Martha Wright, at Mooresboro.
Miss Mada Wilson and Mrs. Onnie
Smith took dinner Saturday wHn
their sister, Mrs. E. W Ponder In
Dr. Dwight Bridges has returned
from Phoenix, Ariz., where he was
called to the bedside of Ills uncle,
Mr. Jake Maguess. several days ago.
Mr. Magncss seemed to be improv
ing when Dr. Bridges returned.
Mrs. Julian DeBerry who has been
ill for several days is able to be out
Miss Edith Harrill is visiting Mr.
an$i Mrs. Bruce Hildfbran in Ma
Mrs. Julia Harrill is Improving
after an illness of several days.
Mrs. R. N. Wilson and Miss tme
gene Wilson who have been sick for
some time are improving.
Spare Your Blushes;
A passenger train was getting
ready to leave.
“All right back there?’’ bawled the
“Hoi’ on! Hoi* on!” shrilled a fem
inine voice from outside the waiting
room. “Jess wait till I gets mah
clothes on.”
And then, as the occupants of the
train craned their necks expectant
ly, she appeared with a basketful
of laundry.
The good die young, if they arc I
resolutions.—Oil City Derrick.
Don’t suffer another mtnuto from
blind. Itching, protrud'ng or Heed
ing piles without testing the nonfat
and fastest acting treatment out Dr.
Nixon's Chlnaroid, fortified with
rare, imported Chinese Herb, with
amazing power to reduce swollen,
tissues, brings ease and comfort In
a few minutes, enabling you to work
and enjoy life while It continues it*
soothing, healing action. Don't de
lay. Act In time to avoid a danger
ous and costly operation. Try Dr.
Nixon's Chlnaroid under our guar
antee to satisfy completely and he
worth 1«0 time? tho pmell cost or
your money beck.
We are ac^ministering a new beneficial form of Insur
ance especially designed for textile employees and their
Employees can secure this valued protection 1-ur them
selves and their families at a cost of only a Few Cents
per day and without cost to the management.
No Medical Examination Required!
The Policy Covers: OPERATION and HOSPITAL al
lowances on insured and dependents; MATERNITY fee
for delivery at chHdbirth; BURIAL FUNDS on the in
sured and all members of the family, and a weekly sick
ness and accident indemnity (covering non-occupational
accidents only, supplementing present N. C. Workman's
Compensation Act) of about 2-3 of employees average
These benefits cover the insured and all depend
ents and are written in ONE POLICY.
The total cost of this insurance is paid by those em
ployees who wish to avail themselves of it. The employ
er merely lends his corporate buying power to his em
ployees and cooperates in the collection of premium
through the pay roll.
This kind of policy is written exclusively in its en
tirety by The Provident Life & Accident Insurance Com
pany of Chattanooga, Tenn.—A Southern Institution
serving Southern industries—Since 1887—Enjoys an
“Excellent” rating by Alfred Best report—Its 1930 net
ratio of admitted assets to liabilities is the greatest of
any American or Canadian Company. It is the Pioneer
in the group insurance field. The largest group disabil
ity policy ever written is carried by The Provident,
that of the Southern Railroad and Affiliated Companies,
involving 65,000 employees.
For further information Phone 297, or write
BOX 398, SHELBY, N. C. ‘
Divisional Group Managers for Virginia, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia.
Boiling Springs
News Of Interest
Mr>. Dean White Hostess. Cecelia
Music Club of Shelby Gives
Program. Personals.
(Special to The Star.i
Bolling Springs. Feb. 19.—Mrs,
Dean White was grac> >us hostess to
the Tongues and Neelies,club on
Friday afternoon at 3:30. Quite a
cumber of members and a few in
vited guests enjoyed Mrs. White’s
hospitality. Quilting by machine
was capably demonstrated by Mrs.
Hal Green, following which a social
hour was enjoyed A large Valen'.lno
heart rut In pieces w as Riven each
guest. in putting this together Mrs.
C. C. Goode was found to be most
proficient, and received a lovely
p ita. The hostess, assisted by Miss
Helen Crawford and. Mrs. C. C.
Goode served a delicious salad
course. Mrs, Sheaiy Hammett, a re
cent bride was a special guest of
the occasion.
Economies Club Meets.
The Home Economics club
with Mrs. E B. Hamrick on Mrn
day afternoon February 16. The
subject for the afternoon was sal
ads. Plain slaw was dcmohstrate.l
before the club by Miss Gertie
Greene. Congealed salads were turn
discussed. Following the demonstra
tion Mrs. E. B. Hamrick and Mrs.
Clifford Hamrick served deltcKus
sandwiches and cuke with coffee
The club Is to hold its next, meet
ing with Mrs. Z O. Holland, when
cake making will be the topic.
On Friday afternoon February 27
the club will meet at the public
school for the purpose of exchai’:
iug flowers and shrubs. Those not
exchanged will be idven to the
school for plantlnt? an the ground.
Music Club Precram.
On Wednesday at ihe chapel pe
riod the Cecelia Music club ol f?bel
by delighted an appreciative aud
ience in the auditorium, with a
most enjoyable program It is a
treat to hear these pitted musicians
Two valuable ememberr. of the club.
Mrs. Grady Lovelace rrd Mrs. Will
Arey were former students here
Mrs, Ella R. Pruett had as her
.guests on Friday las:, her mother
Mrs. O, I). Kirby, her sister, M-s..
J S. Wells and Mrs. N. 8. Burgee
all of Gaffney, S. C.
Mr. Claude Blggerstaff is spend
ing awhile with his parents here.
Mi. and Mrs. Lews Blggerstaff, alt
er an absence of seveial years. Mr.
Blggerstaff held a position on an
wenti liner, and has circled the
globe five times. He . an relate some
most Interesting experiences.
We are glad to report that the
j conditions of Mr. If H. Honey cutt
| Is somewhat better at this writing.
Mr. Honeycutt has octn desperate* -
Iv 111, following a se.iou.s opera, 'on I
a* a Spartunburg, rf. C, lyispi'.-a* j
several weeks uro. fires Honeycutt j
has been with him nee Saturday;
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Nicholson, oi
Shelby visited their rurit, Mrs. D.
I Hamrick here Sunday,
Miss Helen Crawford of Chesree
S C„ spent a few days recently
with her .sister, Mrs. Dean White.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our many
friends for the flower* and ilnti
neSs shown us durin? the sickness
and death of our dear mother and
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. McSwain and
Family. adv
Another thing this country needs
is a stood flve-cent tip—Publishers
Greater Savings-'Easier Termsi
AH For
■ 9 ■
Charming: 3-Piece
Walnut Group
This fash! triable group In e*
tretncly low priced tor tomor
row! Ths three-piece eulte of
emart modern design constat*
of bed. room? chert and a
large vanity. Finished In rich
$1.00 DOWN
$1.00 WEEK
Handsome 9-Piece
Dining Suite
Eirtrn savings at this special <•
feature pries, Saturday! This
splendid suite Is veneered with
select walnut combined With
other fine woods, Soomjr buffet, graceful table*" five side chain
ind host chair upholstered In velour and handsome china.
Convenient Terms
Here is one of the most unusual values to be found any
where. This high-class, attractive, finely upholstered 3-piece
suite, with reversible cushions. «***
Rolled spring edges ... ............ ..
5-Piece Decorated
Breakfast Set ....
Beautifully decorated table and four strong
ly made chairs. Your choice of blue, gray,
ivory and orange tinishes, Specially priced
for tom”- • •••.
11.00 Cash—$1.00 Weekly
9xl2 Axniin
ster Rug
Beautiful 9x12 ft. rugs in a
choice of the most wanted
new patterns for Summer.
$1.00 Casli—$1.00 Weekly.
Roomy C/1
Dresserobc *P^OuOU
Just bs pictured—adjustable
mirror, plenty of drawer space,
and a large hanging compart
$1.00 Cash—$1.00 Weekly,
3-Pc. Hand-Woven Fibre Suite— ^
Beautiful Colored Combinations ‘ «3P
J,‘"? ?^ai'm‘M8r three-piece creation is among' the newest arrivals for Summer
hach Piece is made of closely woven fibre beautifully finished. The cushions are
spring filled and covered in fine cretonne.
Z ST $7.95
i size in a choice of pat
■> and colorings. Guaran
qualltyl A rare saving
i.. tomorrow.

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