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MRfv UENN URI M, I.ditoi
Telephone The ytm No. <-J bach .Morning u b l.1 o clock.
Mis. Drum can he reached at her home. Phone VU, alternoon and mphis
Apple Blossom
iBy .Tame- Stephen
He thought
of naught
But the Blossom ot it. Applet
He thought ;
Titan aught
That blows on net
Sweetest is that sweet blossom!
-And sweeter than that
is she—
Mow he is made.
And naught's to dot
Howr could he other be siio had
These tweh e
hong months
Thus brooded >01.
And thought
Of naught
But the. Blossom of the Apple!
Circle To Meet
With Mrs. Weathers.
On Monday afternoon at a:30 the
Attic Bostic circle of the First Bap
tist church will meet with Mrs. A.
I* Weathers as h os teas.
Contemporary Book
Club To Meet.
On Tuesday afternoon, a; the
home of Mrs. P. JU Heunessa, Mrs.
Brevard Hcnnessa wlU be hostess to
the members of the Contemporary
book club- Tire hour is 4 o'clock.
Cecelia Music
Club To Meet.
There will be a regular meeting of
the Cecelia music dub on Wednes
day afternoon at 3:30 with Mrs.
WlU Afey as hostess at her lovely
home in Belvedere Heights
Meeting Of American
Homes Department.
On Monday afternoon at the eiub
room at 3:30 the American Homes
department of the Woman's dub
will meet, with Mrs. It. L. Weathers,
Mrs. H. E. Waldrop and Mrs. W. E.
Crowder as joint hostesses. Mrs.
Weathers will be chairman of the
hostess committee.
Lafayette Methodists
Organise Circle.
Last., evening: a group of ladies of
the LaFayette Street Methodist
church met at the home of Mrs. C.
A. Morrison for the purpose of or an aid circle. After organ
isation was completed and an in
i cresting business session held a
social half hour was enjoyed during
which punch and cakes were served.
Cruel la Music Club
(.ires Chapel Program
Fourteen members of »lie Cecelia
Music dub went to Boiling Springs!
oo Wednesday morning where they
sirve a program at the chapel hour
si the college there. The attractive
program rendered consisted of choral
numbers by the entire group, two
solos sung by Mrs. Dale Kilter and
an instrumental solo by Mtv Mary
Helen Lattimore
Mli-lid Banquet
At Hickory.
S|r. ana Mrs H K. Rivlibijuig ana
Mr. and Mrs. Moose went to Hick
ory last night where they were
sweats at a banquet given for man
agers of A. and P stores and their I
vires. Mi. Reeser. assistant superin- j
ie-dent for this territory, and Mrs.!
Reeser were hosts .at their home
The group decided to organize s
i ircU\ including the managers and
their wives, which is to meet once
each month at the homes of the
members in different towns. Mr.
and Mrs. RtChbourg will entertain j
the group next month.
Mrs. C. B. SnUle
CM Hostess.
Oil Thursday afternoon ai her
home in Cleveland Springs Estates
"Mrs. C. B. Suttle was a charming
hostess to the members of the Ish
pening club and a few invited guests.
A delightful program on the drama
was enjoyed, consisting ot two pa
pers. one by Mrs. D. W. Royster on
"Dramatists of the South," in which
she discussed Paul Green and the
Carolina Playmakers, and another
by Mrs. Frank Hoey on "North Car
olina Playwrights." Miss Mary
Moore, of Forest City, gave an at
tractive discussion of current topics,
particularly of music, literature, art
and other such subjects.
Mrs. Suttle was assisted by Mrs.
Jack Dover and Miss Lucy Hamrick
in serving a pretty salad course, a
decorative feature of which was a
sandwich topped with a spray of
Invited guests were Mesdames B.
A. Lefler, Horace Fasom and John
Mrs. Dram Hostess '
To Bridge Club.
On Wednesday aitemoun at her
home on Cleveland Springs road.
Mrs. Renn Drum was hostess to the
members of the Tuesday Afternoon
bridge club and a few invited guests.
Mias Mlillcent Blanton as guest
honor Small wedding bells were
jitscd as (allies. Three tables were
I arranged lor bridge and when card?
I were laid aside and scores added
(Miss' Blanton was found to hart
scored highest and received a stnal
! vanity. She was also given a pair oJ
ho c as a guest prize. Mrs. Rot
Lnney, of Monroe, wlvo is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Dover here, re
ceived a linen handkerchief as Hie
econd high score award. ?
Mrs. Shem Blackley and Mrs. R
\V. Morris assisted the hostess in
serving a salad course with coffee,
followed by a, sweet course.
Those playing were: Misses Mllli
eent and Caroline Blanton, Mrs.
Lnney, Mrs. Oliver Anthony, Mlsse:
Minnie Eddins and Mary Adelaide
Roberts. Mrs. Aaron Quinn, Mrs
i Gerald Morgan. Mrs. Ben Buttle
| Mrs. Robert Woods, Mrs. Willis Mc
Murry, and Mrs. Draper Wood.
Mathers To Be
! Entertained.
Mrs. Claude Mabry and Mrs. L.oj
Thompson will entertain the moth
ers of the cradle roll and beginner;
departments of the Methodise
church on Monday afternoon ai
3:30. All mothers who have chlldrer
tin these departments are eordlallj
| invited and urged to be present.
Music And Arts
Division Meets.
On Wednesday afternoon at tin
club room Mesdames B. O. Steph
enson, Paul Webb, Jr., and Vic to:
Wray were Joint hostesses at a love
ly meeting of the music and art
’ division of the Woman's club. Aftei
n short business meeting the pro
gram was begun with a paper or
"The Life and Works of Rob Ro;
Perry," written by Mrs. Jear
Schenck and read by Miss Ellzabett
Roberts. Miss Mary Adelaide Rob
erts sang a sOng composed by Perry
; for which she was accompanied b;
Miss Minnie Eddins Roberts. A
sketch of the "Lives of W. W. Tur
rentine and Lockwood Robbins’’ was
given by Mrs. Esley Pendleton. A
solo, “Dreaming,” by Turrentlne wa:
sung by Miss Minnie Eddins Robert
with Miss Mary Adelaide Robert'
ns accompanist. Mias Esther Ann
Quinn played a piano solo, which
closed a very enjoyable program.
'Die hostesses served simple but
delicious refreshments consisting oi
sandwiches and tea.
Lovely Party
For Mian Blanton.
Mrs. B. O. Stephenson was a grac
ious hostess on Thursday afternoon
at a pretty bridge and rook party in
compliment to Miss Millicent Blan
ton. whose wedding will take place
next week. Graceful vases of sweet
peas and gypsophila centered each
of the eight tables arranged in the
spacious rooms. The bridal idea was
carried out in the most exquisite
detail in tallies, refreshments and
gift wrappings. After several pro
gressions when scores were adder!
Mrs. Oliver Anthony was fortunate
enough to have piled up high score
and received a pretty box of sta
tionery. Miss Blanton was gvien a
tlonery. Miss Blanton was given a
Out-of-town guests present espec
ially for the occasion were: Mrs.
Stephenson's uunt, Mrs. B B. Mor
gan, and Miss Blanton's aunt,, Mrs.
Charles Humes, both of Gaffney, S.
The hostess was assisted by Mrs.
F R. Morgan. Mrs. Gerald Morgan
and Mrs, Charles Williams in serv
ing a delicious salad course follow
ed by a sweet course consisting of
ice cream wedding bells with pink
and green iced cakes.
I’. T. A. Organized
At Dover School.
On Monday afternoon the teach
ers ami a number of patrons of the
Dover school held a meeting at the
school for the purpose of organizing
a parent teacher association. An at
tractive and instructive program was
given, including talks by Mrs. C. M.
Stroup, Miss Agnes McBrayer and
Rev. W. A. Clam. Officers for the
infant organization were elected as
follows: Mrs. Andrew Pritchard,
president: Mrs. J. E. Kiser, vice
president; Mrs. Neal Maser, secre
tary; anti Mrs Delia Miller, treas
urer. More than 30 interested per
sons were present to form the nu
cleus of this new group.
[ When the organization was com
pleted the guests were invited into
| the fourth grade room, which was
attractively decorated appropriate
to the Washington’s birthday season
where they were served punch and
little cakes. Members of the faculty,
including Mrs. Hartness Gibson,
Mrs. Novella Costner. Mrs. Clyde
Bridges. Mrs. G. T. Grcenway and
Mrs. E. T. Bailey, served, while Mrs.
Yates McSwain and Miss Ruby Ir
vin, also faculty members, acted as
hostesses and bade the guests good
i The first regular meeting of the
organization will be held next Mon
day afternoon tn the school audi
torium at 3 o’clock
When Captain Campbell does 313
miles an hour to his racer through
traffic, that will be n*ws.
Beaver Dam
|iEvents Of Week
j Sunday being such a beautiful
;day we had a very good
at Sunday school.
Our B. Y. P. U.':> are moving along
• nicely. We hope to neate new jn
)terest as spring draws near. We are
I planning to take our • pageant" to
pit. Zion Sunday night and we are
j anxious for every one who has a
part in this play to go if possible,
i The program committee met with
Miss Nancy McCirrry Wednesda :
n.ght and with the help of tne
president, they planned the pro
grams for the month of March.
Mr, and Mrs. D. F. Putnam wore
caller.; in the community Tuesday
and Wednesday evening,
i Miss Nora Walker has been aick
for a few days and not able to
teach school, but Is aole to be back,
now we are glad to hole. Her sis
ter Miss Willie Walker has been
supplying for tier.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Glascoe of Dou
ble Springs community visited the,:
parents, Sunday night. We were
giad to have them visit our B. V. P.
U„ Sunday night,
Mr. C. E. McCurry and daughter.!
Miss Tuilie and Mrs. Lewis Mc
Curry and Miss Ruby Alran, of
Cherryville, visited at the bedside of
Mr. MeCurry's mother, Mrs. J. L. Me
Curry, Saturday evening. Friends of
Mi's. McCurry will be glad to know
she is some better. Alter a couple
weeks illness with a heart attack.
Mr. Albert McGinnis has accept r
ed a position with Palmer's grocery
store, working on Saturday’s only.
Mr. K. W. McCurry and son and
daughter Hoyt and Nancy, motored
down to Carthage Thursday to sec
Mr. and Mrs. F. Y. Blanton. Mrs.
Blanton is very ill with flu, their
attractive little daughters Betty Jo
1 and Nancy Broach returned home
with them Thursday night and
will spend some time with their
grandparents, Mr, ana Mrs. J. L,
Mrs. D. J. Glascoe Is spending
this week with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Eli Street near Shelby.
Mrs. Zeb Blanton and sons Huron
and Charles and nieces Missis
Mary Lou and Nancy McCurry at
tended the funeral of their cousin,
Mr. Boyd Willis at Si. Peters Mon
I aay,
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Short Hid
daughter, Peart, and Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Short and baby, Hender
son, of Roanoke. Va., arrived last
Thursday night to Visit their mother
and grandmother. Mrs. J. L. M>
Curry, for a few days. They all ie
turned to Roanoke Sunday except
Mrs. R. ti. Short, wtio will spend
some time with her mother, Mrs.
MeCurry and other relatives.
Miss Bertha Hawkins of Double
Springs was the attractive week-end
guest of Miss Mertlce Bridges,
Mrs. A. D. Callahan and Mrs. £.
D Humphries visited Mrs. Garland
Bowen Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Chariie Yarbrough
end family, of Zion community,
spent Sunday evening with Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Blanton.
The intermediate B. Y. P. U. en
joyed a social at the home of Miss
Selma Callahan Tuesday night.
Games and contests were enjoy ad
during the evening, and at the qiote
ci the evening delicious refresh
ments were served, consisting of hot
chocolate and cake and marshmal
lows; Every one enjo.ed the even
ing very much.
Mrs. F. D. Humphries also enter
tained the Junior B. Y. P. U. with
t> Valentine party at her home Fri
day night. The children enjoyed an
evening of fun. A Valentine box
was enjoyed as much as most any
thing as valentines wore handed out
to everyone present. At the close oi
the hour, the hostess served lie
cream and cake and candy.
Miss Mortice Bridget! delightfully
entertained a large crowd of young
people with a party Saturday night
in honor of her guest. Miss Beuhn
Hawkins. Games, contests ana
music were enjoyed by all present.
Everybody reported a most enjoyaole
Mr. S. A, Jarrett of Charlotte and
Mr. G. L. Jarrett of Cherryvllle vis
ited Mr. R; W. McCurry Sunday
Mr. Jasper Green of the Ora
jtnill spent the week-end with Mr.
| ITomer Hamrick.
Messrs. Ralph Callahan and IVu
man Bridges spent Saturday night
with Messrs Albert and Gilbert Mc
Ginnis. 1
Tin Pan Alley is said to be cap;-:
talking the latest Hollywood inci
dent with a new tune. "Keaton on j
the Keys."
Penny Column |
phone. Call 611. It 20e j
white gold frame, blue leather ease.
Finder please return to O. E. Ford
Co. It 20p
family coat of arms and decorate
vour wedding invitations. Mrs. P. L.
Hennessa. tf 20e
wugon, also good rubber tired bug. j
S3’ cheap. M. A. Joiley, Bolling |
Springs, N. C. 2t-20p !
Five Convicted For
Setting Firest Fires
Morgauton, Feb. J7.*-Sentences!
joi one year each on the county j
jcsds, pronounced against five
young men from Burke county for
Incendiarism in retting fire tt
woods, is one of the aftermaths of
the severe outbreak r f forest fires
recently experienced in the south’
mountains of Burke end Rutber
lord counties, according to a report
made public today by the depart
ment of conservation and develop
ment in Raleigh.
The sentences, according to con
servation officials, are among the
heaviest ever imposed in tills state
on a similar charge. According to
th? report of the trial, the senten
ces were made more severe than
isual because of the lecords of the
j defendants.
| Lon Royster Has
Always Been Live- j
i Sets a Fine Example for Others in
! The County. Has 55 Acres in
Small Grain.
ton Royster, prominent and suc
cessful farmer In the Beams Mill
Iallston community a as. a live-at
home farmer before Governor Gard
ner thought of the idea as a means
of bringing- the country safely
through a period of depression. Ev
ery since he started farming, lie
has made it a practice to raise
enough food and feed to provide
for the plantation’s needs and has
something to sell on the market ail
the year round.
Mr. Royster determined to cu
his cotton acreage last fall, when he
£<>* ed 40 acres in small grain, lie
raises some cotton, out his land is
built up and with Intensified cul
tivation, he gets a bale to the acre,
or thereabouts, raising about 55
bales a year. Mr. Royster is a grain
farmer and has been since he
started farming for himself. His
first year on the farm, he raised
sorghum, hogs, cows, peas, wheat
and oats and put his attention to
these rather than all of his ener
gies to cotton and as a result, he
has prospered and added consider
able acreage to his holdings.
When asked if he ever tried lei
pedeza which is encouraged in the
county this year. Mr. Royster re
plied: "Yes. I have raised it and it
is a fine soil builder.’’ He has 14
head of cattle, about. 8 hogs and
never goes to market for anything
that can be produced On the farm.
Counting his family and his ten
ants whom he “runs,’’ he is feeding
33 people. This does not include
one tenant family who make their
own supplies. All hands are busy in
season and out on the farm. They
arc now ditching and draining bot
tom lands, tending to the live stock
and marketing milk. Much of the
ice cream sold on the Shelby imr
ket Is made from m-.k from the
Royster farm.
No, Mr. Royster dOe* not need lo
join the live-at-homo program. He
is already a member of the live at
home club and tone who has dem
onstrated the soundness of the prop
Cleaning Lespedera.
I _
Lespedesa seed cleaners are run
ning day and night in Union ccun- j
ty these days and hundreds of bush
els of surplus seed has been sold by;
| the growers. I
Dover And Ora
News Of Interest
‘Special to The Star.*
Feb. 19.—It is a surprise to the
many friends of Mr. George Holt oi
Hie Ora mill village and Miss Grace,
Martin of South Shelby to hear that
they were married quietly Sunday.
Messrs. Fred Waddell and Melvin
Miller and Misses Macie Sisk andi
Mary Helen Tate motored to Chim-j
ney Rock Sunday.
Miss Lois Hu ice spent Saturday*
night with Miss Gladys Waddell and j
accompanied her, Mr. Wilbur Elan-1
ton and Mr. Waddell to Lawrence,
S. C. on Sunday. On their return j
Mrs. Waddell's mother accompanied j
them back to Shelby where she will i
spend some time.
The many friends of Mrs. Jen-j
kins will be glad to hear that shej
i3 much improved.
Mr. ana Mrs. J. E, Kimbrell andj
Mr.,- and Mrs. Eff Lindsey motored!
to Lowell Saturday afternoon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Quint Shytle aid
little daughter spent Sunday with!
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kimbrell.
Mr .and Mrs. Harley Waddell!
spent Sunday at the home of Mrs.!
Wa*ddell's sisters in Spartanburg.
The many friends of Mr. Curry
and family are very sorry to hear
that they have moved. Their future
home is on S. DeKalb street.
Miss Beatrice Connor of EcLney
vllle was the week-end guest of
Misses Mary Helen and Austine
“The Overworked”
Dr. Wall’s Theme
“Why He Quit At The Evening
Hour," Night. Subject. Splendid j
■’The Overworked,” will be the
subject of Rev. Zeno Wall, in the
service at the First Baptist church5
Sunday morning at eleven o’clock.
The Bible school will open the.
day's program at tr.e church at 1
9:30 o’clock. A warm invitation is!
extended to everyone to be present,
when the Bible will be taught to all j
In the evening at 6:30 o’clock, the ,
sixteen B. Y. P. U.’s will meet for:
the training programs. Four hun
dred are expected next Sunday 1
Tire subject of Dr. Wall for the
scvent-thirty hour in the church
auditorium, will be “Why He Quit
At The Evening Hour.”
Mr. Easom announces the follow
ing splendid musical programs:!
11:00 o’clock, Anthem, “He Shall’
Come Down Like Rain,” Buck; Of
fertory number, “Lift Thine Eyes
To The Mountains," Mendelssohn,
by a sextet. Evening, ":30 o’clock:
Song service, of old familiar hymns.
Booster ctybs, large chorus and con
gregation taking part. Anthem,
“Jesus, Lover Of My Soul,” Williams I
b ythe choir Offertory number, male j
chorus, “Hallelujah For The Cross,’';
McGrahahan. The public Is invited
to all services of the church.
__ I
Less Than 2 Percent Loss.
-Nash county poultrymen have
started their brooders for the new!
crop of baby chicks and out of 333
chicks put under brooders to date
the death loss has been less than
two percent.
Every year is leap year for the
pedestrian—Ohio State Journal.
YOU must see our new Fashion
Fair shoes ... The season's
smartest creations in the most
careful blending of leathers and
every little detail daintily styled
to beautifully odorn the feet of
the modern lady.
Mott Stylet Priced et
A. V. Wray & 6 Sons
SHelby, N. C.
Belwood Section
Events Of Week
Prayer Service To Start At Knob
Creek. Mrs. Wessley Wellmon
In Ifospita1.
Bel wood, Feb. IS: Knob Creek;
Sunday .school is progressing nicely
under our Supt. M. P. Deal. We are
going to start prayer services next]
Sunday night. The public is invited j
to attend all the services.
The juniors ui Belwood high
school entertained the seniors with
a Valentine party last Friday night
at the home of Miss Edith Ledford . j
Games and contests were played
during the evening Delicious re-:
freshments were served.
The friends of Mrs. Worth Cari- j
ipe will be glad to know she is ini- j
proving nicely at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Porter and
family spent Sunday with relatives
in Earl.
Mrs. Jasper Childress has return
home after spending several days
with her sisters, Mrs! .*. Vum Ledford
of the Delight section.
Among those calling at the home*
of Mr.and Mrs.Mack Smith were;
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cline and chil-j
dren of Lawndale and Mr. and Mrs. I
John Wright of Shelby and Mr.
Lector Ledford of Lincolhton and
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Toney and chil
dren and Miss Weathers of Shelby
and Mr. Pressley Smith of Hickory.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee MoEntlre of
Toluca and Mrs. Hazel Houser of
Baltimore were visitors at the home
of Mrs. M. J. Wellmon Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bingham and
Miss Alma and Mr. Ezria Bingham
of Fallston spent Sunday afternoon
with Mr. and Mrs. Will Willis.
Mrs. Mary Proctor spent a few
days last week with Mr. and Mrs.
M. L. Willis of Lincolnton.
Misses Pearl and Mayo Gantt vis
ited Miss Pansy Queen of near
Law'ndale Sunday afternoon.
Misses Madeline Porter and Mar
tha Falls spent the week-end with
Miss Ruth Spur ling of Lawndale.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Willis and
children of Lincolnton spent last
Thursday with Mrs. Willis’ mother,
Mrs, S. L. Gantt.
Mr. Pressley Smith of Hickory
spent Tuesday with his parents,]
Mr. and Mrs, Mack Smith.
The many friends of Mrs. Wessley
Wellmon will be sorry to learn of:
her illness in the Lincolnton hos-l
Mr. Jim Gantt of Mcfcresboro was]
the dinner guest of Mr. and Mfs.j
C. T. Goodman Wednesday.
Boy* essay on a goose: "The g^o.
is a low heavy set bird, composed
mostly of meat and leathers. II.
head set: on one end and he set
on account of the dampness' in t:'1
on acocunt of the dampness in ;h’
moisture in which lie lives. There
ain’t no space bctwtn ills toes and
he carries a balloon in liis stcmac
to keep him from sinking. A goo «
has two legs on his running geo"
that they came near missing hi;
body. Some geese when they gc
big are called ganders. Ganders
don't have to set or hatch, but just
loaf, eat, and go swimming. If l
was a goose I'd rather be a gander.
Dr. D. M. Morrison
Woolworth Bldg. Shelby, N. C
Office Days: Wednesday And
Eyes Examined, Glasses Fitted
And Repaired.
Double Bill — 2 Features
He's out to shoot
up gloom — aid
how he does it is
one grand iaff
thrill for you
when you see Jack
Oakie —
>* MO»MCT10h
•iMcru tr
J. 1 HtCpm
T€#m iiticr
SHOWS 1 TO 11 P. M
Ed E\ ,ni{, *t>D
‘The llUu V?NT!
The pE . LuLove’
Ever f^ure
;««* KSs**
, <eni 0 f vJc. sys.
ZtZ s^‘t
1 *-o ve!’*
V°'"- toy
as y.
e ,s Taj
l°U7U Qfctl
\ovei ‘^Glaspeiiv
H,}d loses' i0,). J°vq—.
gambles ‘ ',a’uu8hter
}vm$ ’ tw. |°ve—-arid
br?ught to via-rfeters
rln th* most y Ufe
• 10-55,

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