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    Upsets Feature 2nd Night’s Play
In Cage Tourney; 4 Teams Remain
Polkville, Belwood. Shelby And
Fallslon Beach Semi-Finals.
Fast Games.
Polkville lurnrti in an ii|wl
victory over Kings Mountain.
Belwood stopped Grover, a dark
horse favorite, and Shelby eli
minated Waeo in the second
round of the county-wide bas
ketball meet at the Shelbv tin
can last' night.
After Shelby had eliminated Lat
tlmore. Grover and Kings Mountain
were considered the strongest threats
!n the tourney, but Polkville and
Belwood, playing consistent biusket
ball behind Beam and Peeler sprung j
a double surprise
Polkville beat Kings Mountain 20
bo 15. Belwood stopped Grover 22
♦o 20. and Shelby clicked in top
form to deteat Waeo 50 to 11
Me Swain Stars.
For the second straight night
Capt. Shorty McSwatn. of the Shel
by quint, was an outstanding star
Last, night, he dropped 13 points
through the basket to tie W. Clay,
of Fallslon, for high scoring honors
of the tournament. Devine, flee;
Shelby forward ranked next to him
with on even dozen points. Beiua.!
Polkville forward, tossed in 11 of,
his team's 20 points, and Peeler. |
Belwood guard, shot 0 ol his team ,
23 points against Grover
Polkvillr-KinKs Mtn.
Polkvillr ,
Beam, f . .. ,11
Origg, f . ..2 j
Green, e.. 5 '
McIntyre, g . .. .. 0
DcPrlest, g . ..... . ■>
C. Beam, g . .. ... : .... . u
Palmer, g 0:
Total . . 201
Kings Mountain
Stowe, t . . 5!
Rinehart, f .... o
Finley, f . , ... o
Williams, c . .... . ... . . si
Houser, g ....... . .... 2;
Crawford, g .« . .... 3
Lathau, g _ 2
McDaniel, g ... ..._ 0
Black, g . .... ....... flj
Total’ .... ts
ttrlwood-Grnver (lame
« Behroed
Cook, 1 ... 4
Prepst, f ...
’> Willis, c . . 4
6. wiiits, g. a |
Dellinger, g . .... . 3!
Peeler. ,g , . ...... S;
Total jla
Blalock, f ... 10
Rlnkleton, 1 0
Gold, f __ 0
Haudall. c ... . . ....... . 0
Crisp, g . -...... . t>|
Neal, g „ .... . . 41
Total 1 jo
Shelby-Waco Game
Devine, r 1^'
Oonnor. I . . ij
McSvvain. f .. ...._..... 13 i
Austell, t ..._..... 41
Q. Brown, c..j» |
Poston, c. 21
Eskridge, g . _... ... J
Corbett, g . ..............._ o
R. Btown. g ..... _g
Total . ... . So!
Howell, f . _„__ ,,
Oline. f .
Smith, c..... o
Stroupe g __ ...._ ()
Goforth, g .. .. . g
Total . 11
Auto Accidents
Claim 54 Lives
(he cars were reported as behuTlrR
toxicated Of the 253 accidents re
ported. 199 were non-fatal. A total1
of 358 cars were involved in these
accidents, 67 being involved in fatal
accidents and 291 m non-iaml
Twenty-two persons were killed in
collision accidents of various sorts.
Of these sixteen were killed and 162
injured in collisions with other au
tomobiles: one was killed and ten
injured in collisions with horse
drawn vehicles: three were killed
and five injured in collisions with
trains at crossings; two were killed
and 20 injured hi collisions with
fixed objects, such as telephone
poles or trees; five were injured in
collisions with street cars. Eleven
were killed and to injured in nou
colUsion crashes.
J. C. Penney Co.
Earns $2.88 Share
Net earnings of Lhe 0 C. Penney
Cc.. alter all charges and taxes «n :
. after deductions lor preferred sbx:k
dividends, for the year ending net
31. 1930 totaled 87.096 892.10.
This was equivalent to $2.88 e
'share on the shares ot
common stock, after allowing
193,730.00 for preferred .stock divi
Tourney Gaines On Here Tonight
lorn- county cage teams will
meet at the Shelby high tin ran
tonight in the semi-final round
of the annual county-wide bas
ketball tournament. The double
header will start at 7 o'clock.
First game: Uelwood vs. folk*
.Second game; Falls', on vs.
Saturday night the two win
ners in tonight’s game will play
for the county title. The cham
pionship game will start at 8
Shelby, Fallston, Waco Win In
First Round Of Cage Tourney;
Fallston Boy Tops All Scorers
W. I lay Iwp'i In 1!* Points. tallN
more And Shelby In Great
Hat lie.
,. --- •
Haskctball quints rcpresent
ii>K tlie I-nl 1st on, Waco and
Shelby school,s survived the first
round of tlir annual county
wide basketball tournament in
the tin ean here Wednesday
Fail'dou deieuted Casus 41 to 7;
Waco stopped Mooresboro 38 to 18
and ShelUjk barely nosed otfl Lat
timoro 17 to 16.
Many Features.
Tlu- lift,thin# play In tin; three
games on the opening night was
thrilling throughout with the uip
and-tuek struggle between Laui
mole ami Shelby offering the great
est thrill. Several individual per
formers and some freak playing
claimed a considerable share of the
limelight, however, s
The three outstanding Individual
performers before the big crowd in
the tin can were W. Clay, Fallstoii.r
Dead-Eye Dick; Cant. Shorty Mc
Swaltt or the Shelby quint, and
Martin, Lattimore guard
Some Shooter.
Clay, the Pull.ton forward, got a
good lead on other players in the
tournament by shooting 19 points in
his first night’s play. Young Clay
tossed eight field goals and three
fouls in the basket. With his goal
shooting setting a pare for the Pall
ston five his team became n dark
hor.te threat for the county title.
Shelby’s one-point, win over Bal
timore hinged to a great exten*
about the magnificent floor play of
the blonde captain. Time and time
again he retrieved the ball when it
seemed headed for the LattimoTe
basket and in addition to his floor
war! he led the Shelby team in
scoring. Martin, the flashy Lafti
tnore guard, bore the brunt of his
team s defensive play as well ns
scoring six points to tie with Brooks,
a forWAiti, for Baltimore scoring
Ml MI'llt umils,
In Kullston's 41 to 7 victory over
Ctwar the Casar quint failed to score
a single field goal, all seven points
being checked up trom the free shot
In Waco's victory over Moores
boro Howell, forward. led the scor
ing with 10 points. Cline came next
with eight points. DePriest with
eight points topped the Mooresboro
loops tors.
Williams of Pa list on ranked next
to W. Clay Ut scoring with eight
points, white Self, a guard, tossed
In three of Coaai 7 points.
, Fast Play.
The Shelby-Lattimore game, the
big game of the opening evening,
was a nerve-wracking affair from
whistle to whistle. One team would
snap in a goal and forge ahead,
then the other quint would unleash
un offensive drive that resulted in a
goal and the lead switching. Lat*l
more retained a tea.) iho major por
tion of the evening, but a final
spurt in the closing minutes of the
game by Eskridge, R. Brown end
Connor sent Shelby one point up.
The scoring plays were no; the onlv
ones which produced thrills. It was
out on tlic floor amid a rapid past
ing attack, clever dribbling* and
speedy covering on the deiense that
Davis. Lattimore center, and Mc
Swaiu. Shelby forward, spurred
their quints into freneled effov's.
Botli plays, incidentally, were re
moved from the game, for personal
Line-up for Fallston-Casar game:
t allslon
W. Clay, t . . .L... IS
Williams, f __......._....._ 9
Wa.lker, f .____ 2
Hunt, c . 0
| Polls, g : •—_3
iR. Clay -g .. I
I| Dixon, g .. _..._ 1
Portenbury, g .• . ... e
! Total . . . .. 41
H. Prttitt, f . .. ............... o
Newton, f - ........._........ 2
Parker, f ._......_...._ 1.
Newton, e, . _ 0
Page, g _..... 0
O. Pruitt, g . ... j
is. Pruitt, g . ... 0
Self, g . . ..-.. 3
Total . .xv_... 7
Mooresboro-Waco Game
rWaco -
Howell f . . .... Ui
Cline, f .. .... h
Smith, c ....., _. .. l
StroujM', g .......... ..._ 4
Goforth, g _ .....5
Putnam, g ... q
Tot u! 28
Bridget, f ... _ i
DeFriest. f .. __......___ 0
DaPriest ,f . .. 3
Matheney, f . .......... ....... 0
Hun-ill, c .. ...... 2
Ellis, K ....... j
Green, g 0
Total 13
Sliolby-l.atUmorr. t
Devine, 1 0
McSwain, f_ .... 3
Poston, f . ....... .... 8
G7 Brown, c
R. Brown, K ... ... 4
Eskridge, g !4
». ■ ■■ —
Total ...:. . __ 17
Callahan, f .... *
Brooks, f . 3
Davis, c . __ 1
Moreheacl, g .'..
Martin, g . _
Total . . . .. .id
Storekeeper Poston Referee;
236 Attain Honor
Roll For Month In
City Public School?
Marion Scimut Loads in N'ufmber »i
Pupils. .South Shelby Ranks
In the graded schools of Shelfv
236 students made the honor roll
during the fifth school month, ac
cording to the monthly report Is
sued today.
Ttffc Marion sohool aith B9 hor.o-/
students led with the South Shel
by school placing second with 33,
Washington School.
Margaret Long, Jeanette Maun
ey, Billy Grlgg, Bynum Weathers jr.
Billy Max Dixon. Betty Dorto.i,
Monraret Jones, Mareie Weathei3.
Margaret Webb, O. P. Smith. Patsy
Mauney, Sara Mull. Isabel Miller
Phyllis Yates, Frederick McBraycr,
Billy Smart. Buth Dixon, Mary'
Emma Grant, Ponder Reba Saun
ders. Ann Smart, Nellie James
Stroup, Ruth Mull, Inez Armour,
Jeanette Post, Alplronsine Harris,
Pantha Weathers, Richard Jones,
Clifford Parker. M. G. Beattie,
Keith Shull, Tennte Miller
Graham School.
Lardy n Bowman. Marjorie Lee
Boling. L M. Peeler, Melvin Net
tles. Helen Bradshaw, Margaret
Moore. Me It a Runyans, Marie Ham
rick, Ray Francis, Forrest Glaser,
Bruce Morgan, Mildred Cook, Mar
tha Ann Eskridge, Mary Glenn
Mildred McArthur, Dora MeSwtdn,
George Morgan. Virginia Toms, A-.iu
Wall, j. D, H&mbright, Thomas Esk
ridge, Margaret Lee Champion,
Fred Callahan, Jan» Washburn.
Ruby Morgan, Evans lackey, N. C\
Blanton. Jack Baber Anna' l m
Sallle Mullinax. Chat'Of, Broad,vr ,
Hill Hudson. Fell Connor, Orison
Jefferson i hoot
Doris Ballinger. Mary Bra/ .1,
Ruby Garvci. Jackie Gladden, id
zabeth Holland. Doris EskritiuL.,
Sara Parker, Clyde Reynold?. Daisy
Senders. June Balleugei. Minn e
Lee Blanton. Selma Moore. Vela
Beattie, Doris Me:ton, Malcolm
Walden, Edna Wriglu. Margie-i
Brassed, Eva Baldwin, Beatrice
Beaman. Betty McFkUs. Nellie
Frtoe, Mildred Cobb, Louise Smi h,
Rajiuond Webb, Hazel Bridges, 0,< -
ear Williams. Elizabeth , Sweezy,
Trula Mae Dixon. Virginia Fair,
la Fayette School.
Catherine Faust, Madeline Rabb,
Ethel Lowrance. Peggy Colene Hunr
singer. Jack Hollifield. Ruth Walker
Ruth Btewart, Zeb Beam. Elmer
Padget, Lewis Stewart, Joe &Ic
| Whiner. Martha Carroll Fanning,
Emma Wease. Sussle Wright, My'tie
Hull, Edith Maloney, Elton Stew
- art. Bonnie Daybeny, MUlon1*
; Hick*.
Marion School.
James Bly Hamrick, James Pat
itersoft, Tyson Taylor. James M
jhalley, Virginia Quinn Willie Jean
Robinson. Anna Lou Toms Jean
This Girl Tosses’ Em In
.SARAH ORMAND, Kings Mountain high sextette
star, scored 45 points in a game against Forest City.
She is shown with the ball below. Inset photo is of Sadie
Lineberger of the Charlote Comptometer team who has
scored as high as 52 points in one game and last year
scored a total of 456 points in 21 games—Observer
! _---—--__
Hardin, Charles Be*.;, Mary Lena
Harmon, Evangeline Palmer, J. C.
Champion Jr., Leroy May hew. Hugh
Mauney. Betty Branton, Laniar
Dover. Newton McDiarinid. Eugene
Tiddy, Shirley Blanton, Helen
Mauney, Margaret Nell Putnam, !
Betty Tiddy, Gloria Nicholson,
Clara Lee Fitch, Beth McSwain,
Elva Ann Thompson, Jane Wilson,
Benjamin Gold, Katherine Bridges
Emma Jo Beam, Sue Wilson, Julia
Smith. Pauline Bess, Rosemary
Faudel, Dorothy Simmons. Walter
Lnughridge, Henry Quinn, Ruth
Hamrick Jr„ Wilson McDiarmid.
John Schenck. Martha Davis Ar
rowood, CaUiirine Bailey. Edith
Fitch, Carolyn Mabry, Virginia Mc
Neely, Margaret White, Martna
Yeago. Margaret Elliott, Evelyn !
Self, Kathryn Spake, Theresa Pay
seur. Sarah Esther Dover,, Louise
Hardin, Nancy Jane Lineberger,
Mary Hiott, Katheryn Dellinger,
Justine Grigg. Lloyd Bost, Join
Dorsey, Clyde Grigg. Juanita Esk
ridge, Germaine Gold, Elizabeth
Harris, Eleanor Hoey, Marie King,
Nancy McGowan, Will Arey Jr., Jcck
Palmer. Margaret Tedder.
South Shelby School.
Janice Lee Whisnant, Ella Mac |
Grant, Elizabeth Tritt, Helen Yar
borough. Annie Mae Hudson, Geor
gie Dayberry, John Anderson,
Charles Warren, Broaous Hopper,
Beatrice Chapman, Elizabeth Blan
ton, Virginia Gladden, Dwight Led
better, Mozelle Poole, Roy Sue Tur
ner, Catherine Waters. Ruth Wes ,i
; ers, Christine Allen, Marjorie Blan- 1
ton, May bell Devon. Virginia Co:
j dch, Ruth Adams, Fiances Jones
Yileen Rainey, Aileen Patterson,
vdeliue Reinhardt, Donald Edmond
son. lily Hamrick. Arlan Kenned'
Clifford Tessener, Everett Patters m,
!Z W. Watts, Ernest McSwain Al
fred, Pair is, James Blanton, Edna
Melton, Pauline Stewart, Margate‘
Eiauton, Pauline Beam. Ida Helen
Iliughos, Mary Sue Morehead, Eve-i
! lyn Taylor’, Boyce Brown, Gladys i
i Anderson. Evelyn Gibson, Hester!
; McSwain. Ethel Patterson, Mildred
1 Whltener, Julian Byers, Edwin
; Crane, James Barnett, Kathami.
] Black Eva Lane Jones.
Mrs. McDaniel Is
Buried Wednesday
Kings Mountain, Feb. 20—Funer
>al services for Mrs. Lola McDaniel,
(age 25. who died at her home in.
Kings Mountain Tuesday afternoon!
at 3 o'clock, were conducted at the
First Baptist church here Wednes-j
clay afternoon at 3:30 o’clock. Dr. C.j
J. Black, pastor of the First Baptist
church of Bessemer City, & former
pastor of the deceased, officiated.
; Burial was in Mountain Rest ceme
tery here.
Surviving are her husband Joe
McDaniel, two children, Joe, jr. and
Mary Sue McDaniel, her father and
mother, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Styers,
of Kings Mountain, four brothers,
Austin Styers, Robert Styers, John,
Styers and Bruce Styers and two
sisters, Margaret and Nettie Styers.;
all of Kings Mountain.
A crowd estimated at 1,600 at
tended the meeting of Harold C.
<01d Wayside) Brown, at the Cen
tral school auditorium here Tuesday
night. From ail reports this is the
largest crowd ever to gather at the
Central auditorium. Admission was
free but a free will offering was
taken for Brown to carry on his
work of spreading smiles and sun
shine to shut-ins and the sum of
*66.50 was taken. The entertain
ment given was one of the best ever
given at the school. .
Mr. Gardner Buried
At Double Springs
(Special to The Star.)
Double Springs, Feb. 19.—Mr. |
Francis Gardner, formerly of this
community but who lived near Lot-!
tlmore at the time of his death, will
be buried In the Double Springs
cemetery this afternoon. He is the
father of Messrs. W. H. and J. M.
Gardner. The community very deep
ly sympathizes with them in the
loss of their noble father.
Miss Reba Lee, student nurse at
the Pryor hospital, at Chester, S. C.,
returned home Sunday after spend-!
ing last week with her class mate
Miss Helen Howell, of Hickory
Grove, 8. C.
Misses Olhe Mae and Onnie Brid
ges visited their sister. Mrs. Holland
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Greene. Miss
Janie and Mr. Oliu Greene, Mrs. Y.
W. Blanton and daughter, Dorothy,
and Misses Ruby Washburn and
Eliza Brooks were dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Bridges Sunday.
Misses Onnie and Ollie Mae Brid
ges and Dorothy Washburn
Sunday with Misses Selma and Lu
cille McSwain.
Mrs. E. J. Reynolds and Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Teal of Cherokee, S. C.i
were guests of Mrs. Nannie Bridges)
Mr. and Mrs. Odus McSwain and
children spent the day Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hembree.
Miss Julia Jones recently entered
the Shelby hospital as a student
Mrs, B. B. Moore who has been
sick for sometime is Improving.
Miss Bloom a Wright and Mr. and
Mrs. Elijah Brooks and daughter,
Genelle, spent Friday with Mr. and
Mrs. Harlie Wright, of Shelby.
We are sorry Mrs. B. Cabaniss is
sick at this writing.
Mr. Woodrow Humphries spent
Saturday night with Mr. Worth
Miss Beatrice Cabaniss was a
welcome visitor at B. Y. P. U. Sun
day night.
Miss Annie Davis spent last week
with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
O. A. Hamrick near Hollis.
Misses Beatrice Blanton, Kathleen
Griffin, Edna Griffin, Lois Brooks,
and Vela Covington visited Misses
Annie and Faithe Davis Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Brooks and
daughter visited Mr. and Mrs. M.
Brooks Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Lane Brooks spent
Bunday with Mr. and Mrs. Grady
Mr. and Mrs. John Moore visited
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Hawkins Sunday.
A number of the young people of
the community attended a party at
the home of Miss Myrtlce Bridges in
the Beaver Dam community last
Saturday night.
Mrs. Roland Hamrick and sons,
Tommy and Marks, of Shelby, spent
some time this week with the for
mer’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. B.
First Sunday is lent. Sunday
school at ten o’clock. Teachers and
classes for all. Morning worship, 11
o’clock. Subject: “How To Win.”
Luther league, 6:30, "Our Schools
in Japan.” A live program for wide
awake young people.
Evening worship, 7:30. Subject:
“The Only Son.”
Pleaching by the pastor, Rev. N.
D. Yount. The place, the Episcopal
church. A, hearty welcome awaits
Eskridge News
/OL. 2.
FEB. 2 0. 1931
NO, 5
Do you have your car serviced
and lubricated by competent men
who understand their business
and have had the proper train*
ing to give you and your car
proper attention and service?
We have the very latest
equipment and have Ford train
ed mechanics to solve your car
service and lubrication problem.
Mother: “If you get a Job in
the chorus. I hope you won’t wear
Daughter: “Oh, they don’t
wear them any more.”
Mother: “Well, I'm very much
relieved to hear ibat.”
“How did you get your wife to
quit burning the toast?”
“I told her that; it did not
match the kitchen."
Have you actually given the
Ne wModel A Ford a thorough
test? If you haven’t, it will be a
pleasure for us to furnish you a
car to test in any way that you
may desire.
"How long has your cook been
with you?”
"Oh, about three husbands.'’
“Now. Johnny, what do you
think a land flowing with milk
and honey would he like?”
Have you looked over the New
Victoria Coupe? This is the lat
est addition to the Model A line
of PeLuxe Cars. We have a New
Victoria Coupe on display in our
showroom and will welcome the
opportunity to show you this
wonderful New Car and let you
drive it.
If you are considering the pur
chase of a new car. buy it from
a responsible dealer and let re
sponsible mechanics give It the
necessary service and lubrication
Salesman: “Is your mother en
Johnny: “I think she's mar
Artist, talking to his model:
“I wish you wouldn't wear such
tight garters—
Artist (looking more closely):
“And for goodness sake quit sit
ting on those cane bottom
Come around and try out the
New Model A Ford Car, it will
be a pleasure for us to furnish
you a car.
Shelby, N. C.
Presenting Smart
Spring Coats
at impressive low prices
9.90... 14.7S
These coats predict a succeswul season tor everyone ... they
are so smart and so extremely low-priced! Flattering scarf
collars are important and sleeves have definite style interest.
The slender belted silhouette is universally becoming. Sport*
aad dress types of new, soft woolens and tweeds.
We are pleased to announce the ar
rival of a shipment of Beautiful new
Coats especially designed for the
larger woman.
Come In And See them.
Shelby is now the thirteenth town in
North Carolina in the rating of news
paper circulation, as revealed in re
cent official audit figures for the
Shelby’s Cleveland Star is a highly respected
source of information for more than five thoOs
and families in Cleveland County alone. The Star
is a home newspaper. Parents and children read
it and have faith in it. Special correspondents
from every community, nook and corner of Cleve
land County keep the columns of The Star alive
with interesting happenings in their respective
communities. The Star is used as the only com
plete news letter from home to those who have
moved away from Cleveland. It is thorough in
its news coverage, reliable always for its facts
and resourceful to reader-consumer for its adver
tising columns.
The Star is a powerful medium that carries the
advertiser’s message to fertile fields of buying
power. It maintains an audience of more than
twenty thousand prospective buyers three times
every week, fifty-two weeks to the year.
Your message will get a hearing
when it appears in The Star. Try, if
you will, to find an influential med
ium for advertising that costs as lit
tle as the newsy columns of

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