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    Ma’m’seUe n s. Fraulem
Brown eyes, dark brown hair
and rosy cheeks of pretty Mad
emoiselle Jeanne Julian, chosen
as the most beautiful girl in
t rance and selected to represent
her country in the Internation
► al Beauty Tournament of Eu
rope will find a keen competitor j
in the blond flaxen hair and i
radiant smile of Fraulein Ruth |
Ingrid Richard (insetj, chosen
a. “Miss Germany of 1931.”
Webb Theatre
Constance Bennett
Star of “Common Clay”
“Three Faces East”
Also A Funny Comedy And Acts.
—- 10c and 25c —
Webb Theatre
All day long the clothes', we wear are subjected
to the grindhig action of particles of grit and dust
which gather in the fabric—
1 here is just one way of slapping this grinding
—to wash away tins dust and grit.
1 hat is what modern dry-cleaning does; grease,
soil, dirt—all the little enemies which constantly
attack our garments—are carried away during the
process of cleaning—
Do you wonoer that clothes which are dry-clean-'
ed regularly not only look much better, but wear
Resolve today to give youi clothes this benefit.
5,000 Homes Receive T he Star Every Other
Day—Mr. Merchant Get Your Message To
The Home Through The Star—You Will Get
Result# That Will Satisfy.
LOCAL and*
Masters Edwin and Eugene Joins
pi La turn ore, spent last week-end
with their grandparents, Mr, ami
Mrs. O. P, Clreene, on 6he 1 by R-5.
B. L. Smith, superintendent of the
Shelby city schools, H. Gvlgg,;
county superintendent of schools
and Claude Grigg. guperintendeiv:, of
the Kings Mountain city schools
left Saturday for Detroit, Michigan,
tc attend the Natlonm Educational
association convention which holds
forth there this week.
Mr. and Mrs.; A. H. Morgan mu
children spent Sunday with rela
tives at Union Mills.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Proctor, of
Spindale spent. Sunday here With
his brother. Mr. Proctor is feiaht |
agent for the Southern at tliali
Mrs. Claude Grigg, of Kings i
Mountain, Is spendlr,* this week
h.cre with Mrs. Horace Grigg,
Mr. Harris Ligon. v ho is a *>lu
dent at Duke University, spent the
week-end * here with his .parents.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Ligon.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hull, of Char- I
iotte, spent Sunday here with Mrs.j
Hull's parents, Sir. and Mrs, L. E.'
Mr, tuid Mrs, O. M. Mull and Miss i
Montrose Mull arc back at home j
after being away for more than a!
week. Mr. Muil is Washington and j
New York, and Mrs. Mull and Miss j
Mull in Raleigh.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kendall have'
a* , their guests the litter's father,
Mr, F. P. Thomas, ar.d sister. M4a
Annie Thomas, of Ric'geway. They
v,ill return to tlleir home this aty. -
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hamilton, of
Charlotte, were in Slir.lby Saturday
afternoon. Mrs. Hamilton having
come over for the tea given by Miss
es Mary Adelaide and Minnie Etidins
Miss Margaret Blanton. Mr. W,,1- ;
ism Blanton, and Mrs. D. H. San
ford. went to Hender.cnville Satur
day t# visit the latter's sister, Mr., P.
E. Rollins, and Mr. Rollins. Mist;
Blanton and Mr. Blanton return: d
home Sunday while Mrs. Shuford
will spend seme time in Henderson-.
Mrs. Jack Stevens, tt Green-bo.o,
will arrive here this afternoon to
spend this week with her sister. Mrs.
Draper Wood and Mr. Wood.
Mrs. Grover Beam is back at
home after spending more than two
v eeks with her father. Mr. J. D. Pit*,
at Glenn Alpine. Mr. Beam went un
to spend the week-end with them
and brought Mrs, Beam home yes
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brabble sprat
'he week-end in Cha.iottc.
Mrs. Charles B. Webb. Qf B'r
mingham, who will be dame of hon
or in the Thompson-Blanton wed
ding. will arrive her? tomorrow to
spend the remainder cl the weak
with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. LeGrand left
yesterday for Georgia where they
will visit Mrs, LeGrand's relatives,
Mr. and Mrs. L .R. ft. Thorn villa
Cornerin' had as their guests yes
terday Mr. and Mrs. \V. L. Collin;,
of Lincolnton
Mr. W. T, Sinclair, of. Chanblte.,
spent the week-end here as guest cl
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Laughridge.
Miss Ray Gibbs, student at Mar;,;
Hilt college, spent the reek-end r.t j
heme with her parent;. Dr. and Mrs.'
E. W. Gibb;.
Misses Elizabeth Roberts, May me
Cubaniss. Mesdames I. O. H>'-• ir
nr,d Roy Newman are spending to
day in Charlotte.
Miss Edith Reid Rarnscur ,p:y;t
the week-end at home with her
mother, Mrs. Walter namseur. She
is a student at Queens-Chieora cel -
lege, in Charlotte.
Messrs John Mull, Carr Mull and
Clarence Mull went to Winston-Sal
em yesterday to visit their fattier,
Mr. Ambrose Mull, wno is recovering
from a recent operation In a.hos
pital there. The Messrs. Mull were
accompanied to Wlmirn by Mr.
John McCIurd.
Mrs. John McCIurd and Mus
Willard Powers, ot Jiutherfordton
atove over to Belmont on Sunday
Pljere they tislted Mrs. J. D. Tuck
er, They were accompanied as Jar
is Gastonia by Mrs. L. E Powers. oJ
Rvtherlordtcn, and Mrs. MU'*n
f coper, of New Oriesw, who visit
sd friends there.
Miss Lois Oreer, of Spartanburg,
spent the week r>nd l,e-e with M!;<■
ter!rude Tsvlor
MtiS MilHccIH MoGcw. oi Ga'f
ney, S. C.. has returned to ee
home after spending several w
here with her aunt, Mrs, Dennh .A
Et am, and Mr. Beam.
Friend.-, ft Mr. ITu.i. Logan .will
be glad to learn ^har he is some
what Improved and t« able tv> be m/.
today aft<i being dl for smvai
Mr. S, F Hoey spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs, ’ Floyd O.
Smith In Bristol. Ve. Mrs. Hot’
who had been spending last week
with them, returned home w .tli M l
Kory ye frriiay
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Roberts, ot ;
McAdenvillc. spent' the week-■.■nil I
here with the latter , mother, Mi
Frank Whisnatu, Mrs. Roberts came I
over Saturday afternoon Tor iK
tea given by the Mtsses Robert - in'
honor of Miss Millicent Blanton.
Mrs, William Andrews, and
sen, Billy, spent Saturday in States
ville where the went to visit &Vj.
Andrews’ mother, Mr. E. E. Ha.-ris,
who is In a hospital there, iler
friends here Will be ’ lad to 1;;:C\>
that she is getting alongnicely,
Mr; Lowery Suttle .-pent the wi -k
end at liclne with Mr,-. Suttle tm\
Mrs. W. J Erwin, f Great Falls.
S. C.. remained at home' to sne-nd
this week here with her parents.
Rev. and Mrs. John -Suttle. Mr. il.iv
win returned home yesterday alt r
spending the week-end here
Mrs. Ted Fashion has gone to
Miami. Fla'.. to spend a month with
her sister. Mrs. Joe Turner.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nash .uvd
Mrs. Renn Drum went, to Columbia
8 C., on Saturday to see Mrs. R N.
Gurley who is critically ill in Tie
Cclumbla hospital there They r**
Turned to Rock Hill'Saturday nitht
v lieic Mi, and Mrs, Mash spent the
• eek-end with .Dr. ant Mis Davit
l yle, and Mrs. Drum visited her ■ i
i Mr John r CiouiOl). ami M.
t in don. near -Rock Hi”
Me:- r- Charlie. Frank and VvMl
(' Miy.i'H spent last week vitmh'y
Her . rind Mrs. E.-S. Elliott in Louh
v We Ky
It'll Quinn McCombs and JiUl*
on. Gilbert Dudley, vh Hickory, w
pending tins weak fear# with Mrs
McCombs’ mother. Mrs. J. O. Dud'ey
Mr. McCombs came over with them
votrrdiw but returned home last
I fiends here will be happy tv
know that Mrs, Madge Webb Rllcv
and her mother, Mrs. James I>. Weuo
are both lip again and feeling much j
better, alter ill recently with j
inlhieiWn, r.t the Governor's man
sion in, Raleigh where they r.
pending the winter.
Mi\ L. O. Huntcy, 61 . Sparta a
l'l.'ig. Is spending thi - week ncr
'\ lU.i her parents, Cnpi and Mr . J
r Robert,.
DePricst’s Oft ice.
Mr. A. B. O DePriest, justice of
tlu peace and notary public. La
rented and moved into the office in
the. R E. Campbell ..raiex to the
Courtview lintel, formerly occupied
bv Newton and New on nttorr
Penny Column
steam heated apartment with pri
vate bath. Hot and cold water.
Available Feb. 2(5. Apply Green Lan
tern Tea Room. • lit 23c
ior hall Tuesday evening:, Feb, it.
See further announcement in this
paper. It 23c
Owner may get same by paving for
this ad and upkeep. Grady Smith,
route 1, Shelby, It 23p
At The Theaters
The Lyric'opened .* new bill ol
t utertainmeht today with Buck
Tones in the lead in “The Lone
Rider, ' it colorful stoi v of the days
of '4!t claiming strong situations,
;lining action and a climatic punch
Buck's co-star is Vo a Reynolds
Three shorts make a completely di
versified program: they arc "The
Leather Pushers,” cat toon comely
with Oswald, and “Phantom of llie
West' with Tom Tyl r
Constance Bonnet , already' : tar
oi several dramas, comes to the
Webb today in “Three Faces East,''
at' MOM picture equally as Impon
. hi as the successful stage ploy oi’
Mu’ came name. Constance portrays
a spy disguised as a >ar nurse, em
p'oyod in the British "and Oern’a’i
Intelligence Service ; rui i: featur'd
with Eric von Stroheim, Anthotv
Busheli. prominent n> the *.i:
Disraeli ' film, completes the cen
tral cast for “Three races East.'’
The Ruth chattel ton who lived
with her mother In New York to:
more than six months on a Weekly
Mpend of ten dollars. is now the
wonder woman of the screen Who
spans two generations In playin'
the dual role of mother and daugh
;cr in “The Right To Love," a'story
front Susan Clasped novel, “Brook
Evans." Mias Chatterton was awuto
ed the honor of playing in the first
picture over filmed with the Lev.
loctrle system of noiseless recoili
ng. The Right To l/cve opened at
the Carolina this after noon for a
tun of two day*.
A urgrrm Is the aonor. of a
pluy. Will he select a plaster cast?
A famous music publisher n’.ud
vend worthy philanthropies. I,
imnained for the facetious head
line writer to remark - that lie bere
' filed Charities to the unie-cf $103,
Then: there was the 'nuns'Scotch*
mull who took up economics in the
belief it would give nun some no.’
Ideas on thrift.
Owen £), Young :-a;. • lie is pot .<
candidate for prendr. He'll stick
!ii, his Plans.
Novel Honeymoons A micl Strange Scenes
Marriage of Betty Zane Grey and Trip to Tropical Waters
Recalls the Desert Honeymoon of Colonel and Mrs.
Lindbergh and the No Less Romantic South Sea
Romance of Lord and Lady Hastings.
Kr u>tJ Hki
Marshall Field m
Col. 5 Miss CA.Undbergh[
| Mr 4 Mjzs*
i Carney
Cord# Lady
New York—All the world loves a
lover, and next to a lover it loves a
honeymooner. In fact, appearances
to ihe contrary, this old»sphere upon
which-we live is incurably romantic.
For that reason it will be thrilled by
news of the novel honeymoon em
barked upon by Betty Zanc Grey,
daughter oT the celebrated novelist,
and her brand new hubby, Robert
W. Carney.
The couple were married at the
home of the bride’s parents at Al
tadena, Calif., and decided to spend
their honeymoon fishing in tropical
waters. But the happy pair are not!
following precedent by seeking se
clusion. Not indeed. They will be;
accompanied by a chemist, a half!
dozen scientists, a father-in-law and
a crew of 37 men. The honeymoon1
will, in fact, be a scientific fishing
A little over a year ago the heart !
of our cynical old world went pit-a- j
pat as it watched the progress of
tiie honeymoon of the most roman
tic figure of our generation, Col.'
Charles. Lindbergh. Ltndy, -as was*
fitting, took his bride on an aerial!
tour And what a tour Starting1
from Miami, Fla., the couple flew *!
7.000-mile course around the Carri-i
bean Sea and South America and'
back to their starting point.
Later in the year they flow mtoj
the heart of the Arizona desert and !
explored the Canvon Del ifucrto foi l
traces of an ancient American civ
ilization. What's more, they found
what they went after. They brought
back many photographs of ancient
Indian ruins and several specimens
of pottery which had been fashioned
by a vanished tace.
Can you imagine our grandfath
ers' sage remarks on hearing the
modern honeymoon method—“Hon
eymoons ain't what they used to
be?" or to stretch your imagination
a little farther; can you picture
grandmother with her wasp-walsted
wedding gown, complete with bus
tle and ail the upholstery that went
with a bride's get-up in the not-so
gay nineties, on her way to hunt
lions and tigers in the miasmie
Jungles of wildest Africa? That was
the exciting type of honeymoon
chosen by Mrs. Marshall Field.
Mr. Field was married in Lon
don, Eng., last August and being one
of the world's wealthiest men was in
b position to gratify any whim or
desire of his bride, the former Mrs. I
Dudley Coats, a close friend of the I
Prince of Wales; so When the new!
Mrs- Field decided that she wanted1
to hunt lions and elephants and’
thing* on their honeymoon, the;
bridegroom fell to with the idea and i
the newlyweds climbed aboard an!
airplane and headed for darkest Af-)
ricu. |
Well the honeymoon hunt turned'
•'it to be leu inoi< thrilling toon]
either of the honeymoouers intend
ed it should be. On one of their
flights over the big game country
Uielr plane crashed but fortunately
no one was injured.
The scene changes to a tiny South
Sea Island, so small, that it is
scarcely visible on a map. It is far
from ship lanes and farther still
from the gay night life of London
and New York. The mellow moon
shines through the leafy bowers
o'vershadowtng two figures dancing
to the erie music of native musi
cians. They are Lord and Lady
Hastings enjoying that strange
honeymoon tipon which they set
forth far from fashionable May
Use your imagination again and
speculate as to what grandpa would
say when lie heard the news: “I
knew no good would come of those
new-fangled ideas.”
But whatever grandpa says the
world will still go on loving lovers
and breathlessly following the ad
ventures of modern honeymoopers,
whether they fly ip planes or de
cide to go for a submarine trip
Now there s a swell idea for » pro.
gressive bridal couple. It hunt b»r,
done yet and fame wait* for the
pioneer who has the originality to
dash from the altar uboard his
trusty sub and spend his honeymoon
down in The territory ruled Over bv
navy Jones. j
Do you Heck ideas for gilt giving? Then turn your
foo-tsteps hither; bond your gaze upon our show
cases, bedecked with beaming items of brilliant
beauty. YuUr eye will be charmed with the soft
splendor of shilling silver, or with the sparkle of
brilliantly-set gems . . . and with the mute appeal
of popular price tag*.
SILVERWAKE-Neu and Select—
Men'., . it more than
.keep# your appearance
, rijirh'P from day to clay!
! E x p e r t cleaning and
blocking preserves the
original shape ami at
tractiveness of your hat
and actually makes it
last longer—
Quality Cleaners
The Wonder Woman of the Screen
in the First Picture Ever Filmed with
the Marvelous New Western Elec
tric System cr No*.-Recording!
“The Right to Love"
lhe First Lady of the screen in a dual char
acterization—in an amazing flesh-and-blood
drama—searching the heart of every woman
who loves, has loved—or hopes to love! Ruth’s
first dual role as a gift to the world: as her
own daughter—two vivid, vibrant portrayals
in one amazing picture!
— PRICES: 10c ANT) 25c _

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